Saturday, August 31, 2019

Fresh Out of F*cks This Season. LITERALLY. #BB21

It's hard for me to believe that this season is nearing the end, because in a sense I don't feel like it ever really got off the ground.  It's been such a strange season for me.  Last season was one of the best for me because I was interested in the game and also the house guests up until the very end of the season.

But this year?  Not so much.

I'm having a lot of trouble motivating myself to post, or even to watch the live feeds.  It's a burden, to be honest.  Is it just me?  I appreciate all of the regular readers here who have loyally read all of my ramblings for so many years and apologize for the disruption in service.  I really thought that I would be stuck to the computer for much longer periods of time due to the renovation projects in my house, but that hasn't been the case at all.

And as I try to focus on typing, a major hurricane is threatening the East Coast and will ruin lots of lives in Florida, Georgia and/or the Carolinas, a gunman shot up a high school football stadium in Texas last night, and three gunmen in two cars are driving around Texas shooting motorists and have yet to be apprehended.  (UPDATE:  One of the killers has been shot, apparently.)

So it's all a mess everywhere. And Nick was voted out last Thursday and is gone from the game.  This is Nick in his bed in the hours leading up to the last live show, talking to Nicole who took his departure very hard later in the evening.  She made several attempts to keep him in the game, but in the end it wasn't enough.

Before the live show everyone milled around the kitchen, all aware that Christie would survive another live show on the block but being respectful of the situation for Nick's sake.  Nick was very disappointed in Tommy for telling Nick that he planned to vote in Christie's favor, because he had already promised her he would.

That is going to hurt Tommy's chance to win the game if he makes it to the Finale, because he has offended Nick greatly and Nick will surely point out to Jack and Analyse in the Jury that Tommy voted for them to leave, too.

And I'm sure you know that Jackson, yes JACKSON won the HoH, which was indeed The Wall.  Tommy was the last person up there with him and although I watched live, I don't remember how the end came, but Tommy had been making noises up there like he wanted to make a deal with Jackson.

So now the last three HoHs have been Jackson, Holly, and now Jackson again.  I'm going to make some ugly remarks now, so if you are the sensitive type or some sort of Holly fan, go ahead and hit your scroll button.

If I have to see Holly pull her legs up to straddle Jackson during a hug one more time, I really might vomit.  I CAN'T STAND to listen to Holly talk.  She sounds like she has her jaw wired shut and her whole Frontier Land persona makes me cringe so hard.

WHAT IN THE HELL IS HOLLY'S GOAL?  Is she trying to be an actress?  A model?  The Bachelorette?  What is she trying to prove wearing this outfit?

When Holly was HoH the first time, I told you about a conversation she had with Kathryn about how she was so glad to finally be getting some genuine game-related questions in her DR sessions instead of just questions about "some dude".  Well, now she's complaining about the same thing, after the DR asked her questions about whether she thought Jackson's mother would like her or not.

Holly knows that Jackson is getting "cute" segments on the CBS episodes and that she is seen as a supporting role to his leading actor.  What did she expect, though?  Spending HOURS each day on her makeup and strutting around in her Forever 21 Final Clearance clothing?   The CBS episodes always show her fussing with her hair, because that's what Holly always does, try to arrange her hair to look a certain way on camera.

Get over yourself Holly.  You LITERALLY made your bed with "Mickey" (***cringe***) so now you LITERALLY need to live in it.  If you're smart, you will make the move to evict him because he may beat you in the end so you'll have to take the backseat (LITERALLY, probably) to him once again.

(Have you noticed that the CBS show, along with many others, is chock full of LITERALLY LITERALLY LITERALLY now that people hear other people saying it so they start saying it too and now that word is like a runaway train barreling down the tracks, feeling more like ACTUALLY now. Sorry, Webster.)

The live feeds are full of scenes like this one.  And the same old problem from weeks ago has resurfaced, because now Holly is upset again about the live feeds watching her have sex with Jackson.  And she's upset that Jackson has mentioned taking showers with Holly to the other house guests.

Um....she's walking around straddling and hanging all over Jackson most of the time we see her on the feeds, so does she expect us to believe that is not happening?

I would just like to point out that during the two seasons they played together, Jeff and Jordan barely as much as KISSED in the Big Brother house, because Jordan had strict rules about that and made promises about it to her family before BB11.  She and Jeff were a semi-casual showmance back then, but during BB13 when they had already been dating for quite a while Jordan refused to even get under the same blanket with Jeff when they shared a bed.  She wanted to make it clear that they were a couple who would not be sharing intimate moments on TV.

So it's possible, people. And look what they ended up with. EVERYTHING. These two have EVERYTHING together.

Yes, this is Jessica looking disgusted by the mess greeting her in the kitchen.  This was the morning after the live show, I think, so I guess anyone but Jessica or Nick is responsible for leaving so many dirty dishes laying around.

Jessica tackled the problem, though, slowly making her way through that overcrowded sink.  That whole pie situation made a big mess in the house that they are still trying to clean up.  That whipped cream made everything smell sour, as you might imagine, and messed up towels and the bedding, too.

Yes Holly, you are on camera now and we see your overly-exaggerated expressions.  There is a You Tube video floating around of Holly doing a charitable deed on Thanksgiving, loading up bags of items to take down to the homeless camps.  Now, that's a nice deed and I commend her for that.  But why make a You Tube video documenting the process?  She clearly had someone with her holding the camera, particularly in the car, but I never saw mention of that person.

It's still a good deed, even if you're using it for self-promotion, but I can't give her full credit for it.  She still spoke in that Wired Jaw fashion, but her face seemed different.  Full of Botox, maybe, but just another of the many Faces of Holly.

The watermelon eating NEVER stops.  What a goddamned freak.  I mean, really.

Okay, I'll say it:  I LOVE CHRISTIE.  She's in there getting things done, riding the block for the third week in a row.  I don't want to see her go because she's the only one left in the house that I will stop and watch when I see her on the feeds.

You know, I have two other posts chock full of pictures that I just haven't been able to finish in the last week.  I was having a lot of trouble motivating myself to post, so I decided to make an "I HATE" post with a special section for each house guest, but I decided it was too negative and mean.  So I guess I just unloaded on Holly instead.

Okay, I don't hate Nicole.  She is a sweet girl who had a great makeover this week.  But I forget about her all of the time because she's been like an extra on set, ready to shoot scenes with anyone else on the casting call sheet.

But of course there was a huge alliance at the beginning of the game that excluded her from the action, and she has only been chosen to play in one PoV so far in the game, (UNTIL TODAY) and only then because she was on the block.  And she got some good camera time on the CBS shows this week, so I guess it's her time to shine.

But really, that is Production trying to play catch up with her, since it does look like she will be in the game until the end.  No one expects her to win, but that might be the reason why she could win.  I'd be happy with that.  At least she's genuine, not trying to put on a show for anybody.

And I'll say the same thing for Christie, too.  But everybody else in there gets on my last nerve.

One of the house happenings the Reddit crowd is tracking is how long Holly will go without washing her dirty hair.  She keeps using dry shampoo and apparently even Jackson has been making comments about how she keeps scratching her head.

Christie had some funny commentary a day or so ago about how in the early days of the game the house guests were saying Tommy is really an investment banker or something.  She talked about him walking around doing splits and dancing, saying "oh yeah of course Tommy is a stockbroker" and they all laughed.  And Tommy did a flip flop into a bunch of other dance moves and it was pretty impressive.  He hasn't been working out at all but he can still just bust out the tumbling moves anytime he wants too, apparently.

Cliff said that Tommy is appearing in the Off-Broadway show, "She'll Do", which is a riff on Pretty Woman, of course.  It really was hilarious.

Cliff reported that the wake up songs yesterday were:

*  Ain't No Mountain High Enough
*  Enter Sandman
*  Bennie & The Jets

He enjoyed all of the songs but didn't see the connection or meaning behind them.  Holly is also irritated because one morning Production played one of Jackson's wake up song requests, but not hers.  They're trolling you, Holly.

Maybe the joke is on me and Holly will win Big Brother 21.  I'll just laugh and change the channel, though.  And turn the page, too.

This shirt is interesting.  I think I like it but the tan lines would be brutal.

After the live show and HoH competition, Christie and Nicole started talking about how much they miss their families, and feel the pain in a way that feels unbearable.  They both started bawling and just let go and cried.

Then BB played one of the recorded announcements they have chambered:  BIG BROTHER LOVES YOU.

So that's fun.  Since Production obviously has very little interesting footage for the TV shows, maybe we'll see that on the show.  Who doesn't love crying girls?  It's the latest rage.

The segments that showed the pie throwing were unbearable to me.  Why is that considered funny?  And the whole "clown in the mirror" stuff?  Why is that funny?

I guess this show really caters to a certain segment of the TV market.  Let's just put it that way.  I can't take it with all of the corny sound effects and syrupy music.  If it weren't for the live feeds I don't think I would have watched the TV show much at all.

As the house guests waited around Friday for nominations, Christie did have a mini-meltdown because she knew she would go on the block.  Tommy was grim as he tried to reassure her.  He's had to do this so many times.  Tommy is a big target now, and I'm sure he knows that.

I wish Tommy would be real in the Diary Room, not putting on a show but just breaking it down in an authentic manner.  I know we saw a DR session where he said the Zingbot missed a lot of opportunities to slam Christie, but I think he was reading a script.  He's said that before, that he takes direction from the DR and covers the lines they want him to say.

That should be obvious to you, when you watch the show.  Cliff does it too, with his corny lines about "before the wife", but why is that funny?

Nick didn't do the corny stuff in the DR.  He was who he was, and that really angered certain pockets of the fan base.  And Christie doesn't need her DR session content prepared for her, either.  She has plenty to say and always an interesting way to say it.

So I don't want Christie to go.  I like the people who are real.  Even if that means Real Awful.  I want to see real people who play the game and experience real emotions when they speak privately to us in the DR.

I can't remember why I took this picture.  But they were sitting around waiting for nominations and having an interesting conversation, I think.  But I guess it wasn't interesting enough for me to remember.

I've been very distracted with stuff in my house and also the fall tax season.  There is a tax filing deadline coming up on Sept 15th for the business income tax clients who filed an extension. And those clients are often the hardest to deal with, because they procrastinate and I have to pester them constantly to follow up but it is in their best interest to listen to me.  And they know that.  That's my job.

CPA = Certified Pain in the Ass

Nominations happened.  And it was just as expected.  Jackson said that Jessica is on the block because she's said she would nominate men if she won HoH, or something like that. Jackson has said that he knows Jessica is a bigger threat in the memory and mental competitions than Christie is, so he really wants Jessica to leave the game this week.  She's his real target.

Christie is a changeling who looks different depending on her mood.  Sometimes she wears make up and sometimes she doesn't.  That's pretty real.  I appreciate Christie giving us so much entertainment this season.  Even all of her haters have to agree that she's always interesting.

The house guests commented on the pictures, particularly the color of Christie's hair and Jessica giving "model face" in every photo. No one cried, that I could see, anyway.


The live feeds were down for hours on Saturday, and when they returned just now it was indeed the Hide and Go Veto competition, and the house is a big mess.

I don't think anybody threw food around, or spilled milk on purpose, like we've seen in previous seasons.

Tommy won the PoV, so now he has to show his cards with regard to Christie.  Unless he decides not to use it, which might be interesting.

I tried to take a picture of the living room, but it looked like it usually does, not too messy to me.  Everyone walked around and showed the others where their hiding spot was, but I didn't hear Tommy talk about his.

I'm sure he did, but I didn't hear it.

And this is Jessica's stink face. The "what a mess" face that we saw earlier.  I don't know if she knows she's the target, and I'm not sure what she would do if she did know.

More live feed gold, people.  Yippy yahoo.


Here's a youthful looking Cliff Hogg, easily the star of that page of his college yearbook.

I'm kind of worried about Julie, ya'll.  This looks like an edibles session gone wrong.


I have been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey for the first time in a long time and zoning out to her new CD Norman Fucking Rockwell.  I love this video and just her overall vibe.  It's a long song but you can listen while you read on about my personal life.

If you're into that, of course.  And surprisingly quite a few readers are, so thanks for that.


So, the master bath renovation is virtually complete, and the last week was certainly interesting. I'm thrilled with the way it all looks, but have been sort of timid about moving back downstairs because, GET THIS, a new project is starting on Wednesday and I'll need to move back upstairs for another week or so and probably won't even be able to walk through the bedroom at all.

Yep, the Italians are coming on Wednesday to put down hardwood floors in the master bedroom.  Right now there is old carpet on the floor, so the hardwoods will be a better flow into the new bathroom based on the advice of the TDH GC, who knows about resale value and works on homes much bigger and more expensive than mine at least half of the time.

This is the new shower.  I don't have the balls to post the before picture, but trust that it was built 20 years ago and came with the house when I bought it.  The niche for shampoo and stuff is on the other side of the wall so it's not visible at first glance (LOVE THAT), and the stripes carry through that area, too.

The TDH GC gave me some homework to do before he comes back on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I am supposed to take a bunch of showers and then let him know how I like the water pressure, temperature, and also let him know if I want the glass shower doors adjusted based on any water landing outside the doors.  I'm also supposed to be evaluating the LED can lighting because he can apparently pull down the cans and adjust the lighting from the "daylight" setting to one of several other choices.  I barely even understand that because while he tells me all of this I'm just staring at him and trying not to spill my beverage because apparently things get tilty with me sometimes.

That door on the right is the closet.


Here is a better look.  He installed new doors that don't take up so much room on the other side.  The door that used to be there was a standard-size door that opened to the right and took up a lot of space when it was open.  I'm getting new shelving from Home Depot for the back wall and right side.  You can't see the shelves and hanging bars on the left, but they're there.

The TDH GC stood in the same spot from this camera angle last week and watched me march in and open the doors.  He noticed that I had to reach around with my left hand to feel for the light switch, so he came back the next day to install a motion sensor so I don't have to fumble for the switch at all.  Now I just walk in there and the LED lights turn on, and turn off about 15 seconds after I leave the room.

He seems to really love this part of the project, and watches closely to see if he's making his clients happy and if he can improve on anything.  I hung out in the room with them a few times last week watching them work and we had a lot of fun telling stories and talking crap about all the people that we think are idiots.  (Apparently when I said someone at F________ E_______was "fucking stupid but please excuse my French" that apparently broke down a wall with the TDH GC because I guess he got a peek behind the Corporate manners and he liked it.)

The floors in the bath (but not the closet) are heated, and that is the temperature control you see on the right there, above the towel rack.  And yes that is a Lacoste towel, but please don't judge.  I'm not a label person but I love a well-made bath towel.  It's very soft and they did a great job with the facing (?) on the borders.


I wanted to show the full view of the wall on the left, but since the wall is covered with mirrors I couldn't find a way to keep myself out of it.  But there is another vanity and sink just like this one on the other side of the makeup table.  There used to be a whirlpool tub in that blank space below that crazy lighting piece but I never liked it so we got rid of it and made the shower another foot bigger.  There is a velvet chair on order that will match my tuffet (see previous post) that will go in that space.

The Italians who are doing the hardwoods in the bedroom aren't connected with the TDH GC, so I can tell he feels a bit territorial about that process, asking me questions as if The Italians are idiots who haven't already done the floors and stairs of at least six of my neighbors. He asked me if the finish was going to match the rest of the wood floors downstairs and I said "yes".  (DUH.  OF COURSE.)  And he told me what their schedule should be, and how long it should take them.  He's alpha-ing them already and I love it.

The new barn door that will lead into the bathroom is going to wait until the bedroom floors are done, so that means at least two more days of "work" with the TDH GC.  He's going to drop off the door on Tuesday or Wednesday and put it in my garage (I'm guessing Wednesday since he knows The Italians will be here that day. LOL.) and then I'll just let him know when I'm ready for the door to be installed.


So, I was thinking we'd maybe make out one day and have a rather torrid affair after construction was over.  But there may be a plot twist. On Wednesday he let me know he'd be coming back on Thursday alone to wrap up some things and pick up tools that have been in my garage for months now.

It felt different.  He was nervous, I think.  I hung out with him most of the time he was here, and he started telling me about how he loves to be outdoors and the set up in his backyard, with those heaters you see on bar patios during the winter.  Even TV outdoors, too, so that's interesting.  Then he told me about his parents and what their life is like in his home country in Europe and how he feels about visiting them and how he sits on their city balcony.  And also some of his father's health problems and some small conflicts they have now and how he knows his father is right.

Then when we were wrapping up, it was so awkward because we were just standing at the edge of the foyer leaning on the bar in the kitchen and he said one of his guys said yesterday that he wished all of their clients were like me, because I guess I didn't give them drama and headaches like many other clients and let's face it, I'm nice to them and I'm cute.  Then he said he wanted to send the guy who referred me to him a bottle of vodka or something to thank him for bringing me into his life while we're just standing there locking eyes.  I told him the whole story of the referral, with the parts he didn't know.  He only knew Part #3.

Basically, as follows:

1.  I have a client I met out walking my dog years ago (John) who is now a friend who comes over to do handyman type stuff for me on the weekends when he's not golfing.  I know John renovated his bathroom a few years ago so in February when he dropped off his tax stuff I asked him for the contractor's name.  John started asking me questions about the project, like what type of renovation and how much work and didn't I know that would be expensive, and so forth. I never got the name from him.

2.  In April my front door suddenly stopped opening and thank god I could get out of the house through the garage.  John came over to help me and ended up having to take the front door off the hinges and install another handle and lock, etc.  I asked John AGAIN for the contractor referral  and he asked me the same fatherly questions about what I wanted and how I should go about it and he'd give me the name later and so on.  I never got the name from John and was finally like WHATEVER I guess this guy's name is a FUCKING SECRET or something.

(Then I went down the road with two different contractors that my gut told me weren't the right people to work with so I sort of put the project on the back burner mentally until I came up with another option.)

3.  When the Elton John movie came out (Rocket Man) I spontaneously decided I wanted to see it on opening weekend.  So on Sunday I pulled up the website of our nearby theater where you sit in an incredibly comfortable seat and just press a button on your TV tray and a server appears to take your cocktail and food order, like magic.  There was a showing beginning in the next hour, with only three seats left.  So I randomly picked one of those seats and scrambled around getting ready to go.  I got to my seat when the previews were showing, so I was eyeballing my menu looking for options I could eat and I heard someone whispering to me saying, "is that you?" and I looked to my left and it was John and John's wife sitting in the seat right next to me.  So we watched the movie and when it was over we chatted and I asked him ONE MORE TIME for the GOD DAMNED NAME  (but I didn't say it like that, of course)  and he once again said he'd get it to me.  But by the time I got home he emailed me the TDH GC's name and number.  And one week later I called and left a message.  And then one day after that the TDH GC called me and we made an appointment to meet. I think it was June 20th.

While I was telling him all of this I thought damn I've been talking a long time and he was leaning over and I was trying to finish a sentence about how I knew it was a strong referral and when I met him I just knew he was the right guy because I felt it and there was a moment when he nodded and he had to feel the crackle of energy between us.  He's a big hugger, which I love, and there were at least four hugs but I don't remember why or when the first two started.  But on the first (or second?) I got on my tippy toes and my right cheek was right there on his right cheek and I was shocked when the hug ended and I could still feel the way his face felt against mine.  And then like a dumbass I think I put a hand on my face where his cheek was, right there in front of him.

The third hug was a strong squeeze on both sides, and I said "________ you're a sweetheart" and then he was walking towards the door saying he tries really hard to be a sweetheart and when his hand was on the front door he turned and said he almost forgot and came back for hug #4 and said he needed his check.  So I pulled it out of my pocket and gave it to him. I tried to give it to him the day before, but he didn't want it.

And then he left my house, and left town on Friday for a fishing trip.  That's his thing.  Fishing.  I know my vegan friends would hate that, but as a hobby I sort of like it.  He's not sitting at home playing video games or playing golf all day and there are no whores out on the lake, or in the boat.  That I know of, anyway.