Tuesday, August 20, 2019

If She Only Could, She'd Make a Deal With God. #BB21

Things were getting really boring in the house.  I went a day or so without even thinking about Big Brother.  It seems unreal that there is still way over a month until the season is over, but it feels like it's been years since the season premiere.  Maybe some of these house guests would have been more engaging players if they were blended in to a different season.  Maybe they would have tried harder harder, or just tried to keep information to themselves.

I don't want any of them to win.  Nope.  None of them.

I missed all of the excitement last night, the excitement that probably spelled doom for the Production team, and caused the live feeds to abruptly shut down, and for the house guests to likely be scolded and reminded that the penalties for talking about it would be harsh and swift.  But really, what could Production do to them at this point?  The production company still has over a month's worth of TV programming to deliver to the network.  I can't imagine what it feels like trudging through the parking lot to go to work each day, knowing you have to immerse yourself in this in order to pay your bills.

OK. Here's The Deal:  Someone apparently put together a plan to fly a drone over the backyard and deliver a recorded message about Tommy and Christie.  This person is taking credit for the idea, and may or may not be an actual friend of Kathryn.  But the indignation doesn't ring true for me because Kathryn knew Holly beforehand, too, and has gloated about fooling Production several times on the live feeds.  It's not like Kathryn is some innocent lamb in this scenario.

And to further expound on the Less-Than-Innocent-Kathryn, during the preseason, Brent from RHAP was sort of frantic about spilling all sorts of information about the casting decisions.  I wasn't sure I believed all of it, but I knew that Brent believed all of it.  I wondered if someone was feeding him false information in the way that some Big Brother "fans" like to grab as much preseason attention as they can, while they can.

But much of it has turned out to be true.  Or mostly true.  That doesn't mean it was the right thing to do, but it was done, and now we're going to talk about it.  Basically, Brent said that he heard that Kathryn and/or people connected to her exposed this BB-potential contestant's chatter and got them taken off the cast.  We don't really KNOW that this girl exposed her own casting info, or if she was actually in serious contention to receive a key.  Or what any other casting decisions might have been at that time, because it does seem questionable that this Jenna Jackson girl would be cast alongside Kathryn, because their backgrounds obviously intersect and they seem like the same sort of casting archetype.  It's hard to know who would get the credit for this casting change, even if it did happen.

PLUS:  What is the evidence that casting WOULD care about this, since they obviously DIDN'T care about all of the other casting issues?  Why would one situation be a problem while the others weren't?


I wasn't watching the live feeds, but apparently Nicole was laying in the hammock, and Cliff, Tommy and Jackson were also in the backyard when the drone flew over.  The house guests aren't allowed to talk about the incident, and we're not allowed to listen to them not talk about it.  This is consistent with prior seasons, where we can only speculate about what was said and who heard it.  And the house guests are often so startled by the situation that they don't always correctly hear and absorb the information as the sender intended.

This tweeter implies that Jackson wasn't in the backyard at the time, but as we'll see shortly, the person responsible for this claims he was indeed out there, because what we see on the live feeds is on a short time delay.  I believe that, because all broadcast TV is on a time delay, I think.

This Reddit post mentions the video (audio only, really) clip that is floating around today.  I tweeted that out earlier today so if you can find that, you can listen for yourself.  It's eerie and if any of the house guests did hear it, there is no mistaking Christie's voice in the Diary Room, discussing the pros and cons of having Tommy in the house with her.

Every BB fan commenting has a different story about who was back there, and what they heard.  If Cliff can tell us after the season ends, I'm sure he will tell us.  If only Cliff and Tommy know about it, I'm sure Cliff realizes the blackmail potential there, using the knowledge to make sure Tommy keeps Cliff in the game.  Because I'm sure Cliff knows Tommy is coming for him.  That's been Tommy's plan for a long time.

In this video, Holly asks Jackson if he heard what was said and Jackson makes some sounds in response.  And let's chat for a moment about Holly's ridiculous Dorothy hairstyle.  The Sunday night show was very shady towards Holly because there were several tight, quick camera shots of Holly flipping and flopping her hair around, making sure it was arranged just so.  That's her story line.  Flipping her way-too-long extensions around in her Frontierland scenes with Jackson, setting up her own camera shots.  I watched Holly complain at least a month ago to Kathryn that all of her DR sessions involved "questions about some dude", rather than her game play, but I guess she wasn't that upset about it.  Not enough to want to change anything.

This person started posting on JokersUpdate (the Discussion section) last night to claim their role in the caper.  I also saw a series of posts on Reddit under another name (of course) that dated back several weeks ago, claiming they were cooking up a scheme and looking for LA-based fans who would be willing to help.

On the short clip I tweeted out, we didn't hear the entire message.  But what business did Christie and Tommy own together?  Was it a lemonade stand in grade school or something?  Because I know nothing about that situation.  It was definitely a DJ-type voice though.

Here are more one-line posts from this same "guy".  Whoever it is, their name is definitely not "Roger Graimes".  Just saying.  What "monitor" are they referring to though?  If they are implying they saw Jackson on the live feeds, that would not have been the case, since the fans watching at home couldn't see Jackson yet on the live feeds, assuming the time delay claim is accurate.

And this "Roger Graimes" was getting all cranky with the Jokers posters.

So, I definitely believe that some information was transmitted to the house guests in the backyard.  And I definitely believe Production tried to nip it in the bud by making everyone shut up and go to sleep.  Or to just get in bed, with the appearance of sleep.  Production's main concern is continuing to deliver the TV episodes, with content that is believable by the viewing public.  People like us, chatting about this don't factor into the equation.

After the PoV ceremony yesterday, Christie was relatively calm, seeming to accept that she would indeed be sitting on the block for the live show and probably headed to the Jury to join her friend Jack and frenemy Kathryn.

And to expand what I told you earlier, about the claims that Kathryn somehow ensured that Jenna Jackson got cut from this cast, Brent from RHAP also claimed that Christie was inserted into the action to fill Jenna's empty spot.  I don't know if that is true, but I did hear with my own ears Christie whisper to someone that she was an alternate this season.  It might have been on the live feeds, or one of the live feed snippets featured on the Big Brother Gossip podcast, but I think she was talking to Tommy at the time, and I definitely heard her say it.  Maybe that was part of the reason Christie kept saying that this was all meant to be for her, some sort of miracle.  It was God's plan for Christie to play and win this game.

Christie was very fun to watch this summer, with all of the self-absorbed chatter, bossy conduct, and of course the tears.   I am very forgiving of the house guests if I find them genuine and entertaining, and Christie was both.  She seems to believe every word she says, which is amazing.

If Christie knows her situation with Tommy has blown up, maybe she should try to use this in her eviction speech, saying everybody knows that both she and Tommy will go on the block every week until one or both of them have been evicted, and that nobody on the Jury would award either one of them the Big Money due to the advantage they have.

Why not try it?  What has Christie got to lose?  Because otherwise, she's already lost.

The Sunday night episode introduced Analyse the Idiot to the CBS audience.  I did like the footage of her in her chicken costume, because I've already told you her personality improved at least 75% since she was forced to wear that and cook all of those egg dishes.

I liked the footage of her working the cameras in the dining room, too, clucking at them and standing up to get closer.  I'm sure Production was thankful that Sys is the one who won that punishment, because at least it was a way to get a few minutes of continuous usable footage of her without having to bleep her constant use of the word "fucking" every other third word.  And it is "literally" every second word, of course.  Chicken language is much easier to edit, with less bleeping.  Bok bok.

I can't get on board with these pants, though.  They look like something you'd wear to the pool party in Las Vegas, competing for attention in a sea of bare skin.

What a mess.  What a wreck.

But he has a decent chance to get to the end of this thing.  If we ever have a double eviction (next week, maybe?) then he'll be a target.  But Nick likes to compete, and if he can win the HoH or PoV then I think he can slide right through to the finale.

At some point, Nick obviously started taking pointers about eating cucumbers from Jackson.  I do not endorse this method of cucumber-eating.

This was Jackson after the nomination ceremony, dutifully putting the key box back in place.  This was actually a good haircut for Jackson, but I'm not sure who was handling the clippers.  Jessica offered to give the guys haircuts for the first live show, but I don't think that went well.  Tommy had to do a lot of fixing afterwards.

Christie claims she knew she was Jackson's target, but Analyse was shocked to learn she would sit on the block with Christie.  She spoke with Jackson earlier and felt good about the week because he assured her she was not the target.

I thought Christie took it pretty well, considering how she acted the week that Nick was the HoH and she freaked out about how she thought he was going on the block, due to the way he greeted her that morning and how he likes brussell sprouts and all.

Remember the early weeks of the game when Analyse was Holly's shadow, following her around all day?  Well, I guess that stopped when Holly started hanging out with Jackson all of the time.

Holly tries to spend time with the group throughout the day, if only for a few minutes to sort of take the temperature of the room.  And she swore to Analyse and Christie that she didn't know what the nominations were going to be.

Tommy must be feeling good about this, knowing that Christie is the target and that once she's gone, he'll have one solid vote to win on the Jury, and his daily stress managing Christie will be over.

And Jackson later told Holly that he had some work to do with Sys, because he didn't give her any warning that that she would be on the block.  Jackson realized they had five days before the live show, and that they would have time to spend outdoors, where it's much easier to chat without being overheard.

Jackson: I don't think there is any need to rush those conversations.

This is how Holly chooses to "relax" in the kitchen area in front of the entire cast.  We know you've staked your claim on him Holly, there is no need to drape yourself all over him like this.

It seems like months ago that Jackson wanted to break up with Holly because she refused to keep having sex on the live feeds.  But it was only two weeks ago and the problem is apparently not an issue for Holly now.  They even engaged in obvious carnal activities in the downstairs bedroom while Christie and Sys were talking in the bed next to them.  Yep, that happened.

If Production has the guts, they should make a montage out of that situation.  We've seen Jackson eating and saying the same stupid cliches over and over, but why don't they show Holly's best moments?

I know everyone likes to talk about Christie's eating, so I thought this was a golden opportunity to preserve these moments for eternity.  Or as long as the internet exists.

It's a chewing problem, for sure, but also a biting issue as well.  Perhaps it's also the way she holds her fork.  Maybe that is the source of the problem.

I used to work with a Chinese girl and she would often take me to the best, most authentic places to eat lunch.  I was pretty proud of the way I could use chopsticks but this girl told me if I went to her home and held my chopsticks like that in front of her family, her mother would be horrified.  So maybe I was Being a Christie with the chopsticks, assuming any position was a good position when eating utensils are concerned.  Because clearly, it isn't.  That same girl taught me to say some very filthy phrases in Mandarin, but unfortunately I forgot that important information.

I mean, there's got to be a better way, right?  A more delicate solution?

I think we can all agree Christie isn't one to put on a lot of airs and graces.  The other day she said her friends are going to bring a whole suitcase full of marijuana over to her house when the season is over.  That sounds fun to me.

Nick told Anaylse that he was sad she was on the block, but reassured her she would be safe.  He also swore he'd take her off the block if she picked him and he won PoV.  Analyse was pretty sure that she would be safe, though, so she wanted whoever won to save Christie instead of her.  But of course that didn't happen.

Jackson won the PoV, of course, and let his nominations ride.  As we knew he would, no matter what sort of chatter he entertained during that long Saturday night to Monday morning stretch between the end of the PoV competition and the PoV ceremony.

Sure, Christie tried, she tried to make a case to get herself off the block, but in the end she knows she's the target.  She tried to point the gun at Nick, but Jackson already promised Nick he's safe this week.  And Nick and Jackson both promised each other that they wouldn't target the other if next week is the Double Eviction.  Both guys said they want to compete against the best for the title.

Someone needs to take Jessica out of this game.  She's a wild card who can't be trusted as far as an alliance goes or using good judgement with regard to maintaining confidential information.  I'm sure Production is alarmed at the thought of Jessica winning this thing.  She's a nice girl but has horrible instincts where this game is concerned.

Nick knows Jessica talks crap about him all of the time.  He's aware of that and said he'd target her if he could.  But that seems like a wasted HoH, doesn't it?

Cliff Hogg needs to go. That's what I think.  He's proven himself and had a productive summer in the house.  He did enough to feel good about everything so he can just take his stuffed owl and go.  And he will surely be a vocal part of the Big Brother community for as long as he'd like to be after this season is over.

Let's not forget about the food situation.  Jackson still has plenty of watermelon to eat in there, that's for sure.  I find watermelon to be so variable, though.  As Jerry Seinfeld says, "fruit is a gamble, you know that going in".

I bought a seedless watermelon this week and tried to use Jackson's slicing techniques.  I ended up with a lake of watermelon juice all over my cutting board and kitchen countertops.  And the chopped up fruit looks pretty, but it wasn't as sweet as it was supposed to be.

But the fruit out there in California is always the best.  They get to eat it when it's nice and fresh, before it takes the long hot ride across the country to get to places like Atlanta.  I can't imagine eating a whole watermelon by myself though, even in a week.  I'm going to try and blend it up in a spinach smoothie tomorrow and see how that goes.

This is the PoV costume that Holly wore to play.  The theme of the competition was some sort of beach or pool theme, and I think once again they had to stack up some things, maybe with a hard puzzle.  Nick and Jackson later said that it was Christie's competition to win, so who knows what that means.

After Jackson won, some of the cast blew off steam playing around.  Tommy picked up Nicole and ran like the beginning of Baywatch and somehow Holly got involved, too.  Christie was very upset about this, apparently, because her fate was sealed but people were smiling and having fun.  I'm sure she was dramatic and all, but I could understand being upset about people being insensitive about her plight.

Holly took the watermelon juice and mixed it with juice from a jar of jalapenos to make some sort of a spicy mocktail.  She went into the bedroom to ask Analyse and Christie if they wanted to try it but both said "no thank you".  Then Sys RAILED on Holly after she left the room, thinking Holly was being insensitive to them, saying she hated Holly's voice and the way she walked, too.

Today Holly told Jackson that she thinks one reason why Analyse started disliking her is because of the difference in the two couples' relationships.

Holly:  Her relationship with Jack was obviously just physical.  And our relationship....we connected on several different points and I think she wishes her relationship was like that.

Nick made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and ate it in his usual glum fashion.

Cliff enjoyed cereal and some of the only entertaining reading material they are allowed to have in the house.

I think this is a sandwich Cliff is laying waste to here.  He usually eats breakfast sandwiches but just talked to the cameras about wanting a ham and cheese sandwich but he was too comfortable under his Pendleton blanket in the Boat Room to want to get up and make it.

Weeks ago they house guests named the fish after themselves, based on their own personality traits and the way the fish conduct themselves in the tank.

Yesterday they noticed "Nicole" was floating at the top, obviously dead.  They had some sort of lockdown earlier today and they think it was to allow someone to come in and remove "Nicole" from the tank.  Tommy also thinks the tank looks cleaner, so maybe they cleaned it up, too.

Then they fed the fish and watched in horror as "Holly" only got a small bit of food.  "Holly" is always fighting for a few scraps of food and Holly thinks that it's not enough for "Holly" to only have a small bite of food every other day or so.

Nick noted that "Jack" was over on the side, and "don't care about nothing".  And "Jackson" always eats everything in there.  They called out to Production, saying they need more food for the fish.  What they have isn't enough.  But that's the way life is.  Not everyone gets what they need handed to them.  Sometimes you have to fight for it. It's the law of natural selection.

Christie has started a little war against Nick, based on her view that he is throwing comps to allow both sides to target each other while he keeps skating by every week. She told Nick specifically that she is going to blow up his game, but I'm not sure why she felt the need to tell him that.  

Because Nick is getting out in front of the problem, talking openly about things Christie has said to him throughout the season.  He had a long conversation with Nicole about it.  Nicole, who hasn't done one damn thing all season.  Except trust the wrong people. Over and over.

Analyse came upstairs to ask openly if Christie is still the target, and how much she needs to campaign.  Nick ended up telling her about how Christie wanted to target Jack and Jackson, and you could see Sys started to get a little heated about it, wanting to know exactly which week this all happened.

(It started during Christie's HoH reign, the very first cycle of the game.  Remember when she wanted to put Jack on the block after the PoV?)

Nick:  She said she didn't want to go to the final six with the showmances.  She's always said that, too.

Sys:  Yeah, that makes sense.  But I didn't think she was targeting Jack.

A few minutes ago Nicole was talking to Nick about how she was dreading having to sit through all of the campaigning, and now here she is, sitting with Christie who says no one wants to sit with her, and it's like she is contagious.  She knows she's the target and it just isn't fair.

Christie:  I love this game so much and I wanted to come in here and play my ass off.  But now I'm on the block and I'm the target and no one wants to talk to me about it.  It's just obvious I'm the target.

Nicole:  I'm sorry Christie.

Christie said she told Nick that she's going to be campaigning against him the whole time.  She's going to let people know what he's up to in there, throwing comps so everybody else can go against each other.

(That sounds like a good plan to me.  Nick lost his two allies weeks ago and was generally assumed to be a sure target for eviction before Jury.  So even if he's making personal mistakes left and right he's still doing something right in the game.)

The whole cast ended up gathering in the living room to listen to the conversation.  Sys wanted to be there, because she's on the block too, and Nick wanted to be there, to monitor what Christie has to say about him.  And Tommy had to put himself in the middle of everything, of course, and Cliff wanted to keep tabs on everything, too.

They want Big Brother to show them a movie on the TV screen today, or even a stand up comedy special.  Jackson would even take a silent Disney cartoon at this point, he says.



Kaycee continues to be kind to fans everywhere she goes.  I guess the bun is unmistakable.


The other day, I heard this song playing in LA Fitness, over my own music blaring in my earbuds.  I took it as a sign, because this used to be one of my big songs. I was very, very shy growing up and learned to play one of two songs in my head when I had to walk into a crowded room or a situation where I felt intimidated, usually by boys.  It just gave me courage somehow and I'm pretty sure my posture was different because I could feel people looking at me and I suddenly understood they were admiring me, not being critical.

The version in my head was the original Kate Bush song, of course, but this cover is pretty good.  It's very Kate-like, actually.  I love the drum beat.  I can feel it in my throat when I turn the music up really loud.  It's a song to strut to, definitely.

I've come a long, long way since those days of being so shy.  I'm still shy, but only in certain situations.  But I do recommend picking songs that make you feel powerful and playing them in your head when you  need to.  It takes your mind off of being self-conscious and creates a little swagger.  I did it with my imagination, not earbuds and a smartphone, but you do you, people.

(The other song I played in my head was Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.)


Supposedly the master bath construction was to be finished this week, but now maybe next week.  We're trying to put all the pieces together but it's a challenge getting everything we need.  For example the accent light was installed yesterday but the special bulbs it came with had two out of four broken inside the glass tubes.  So they look good, but they don't work.  And some of the shower fixtures can't be installed because the people at F_______  E______ ordered the wrong plumbing pieces.

The TDH GC came over today to make an appearance and to measure for the three mirrors over the sinks and makeup table.  I was talking smack about the customer service at F________  E_______  and said the girl I spoke with  "was fucking stupid but I'm used to talking to people who aren't as smart as I am" and then he said "_______, you really are a jewel. I have to tell you that."

That's good, right?

I replayed what he said in my head while he was going on about how many inches the beveled mirror would be from the wall and when I realized he was asking for my approval I told him I wasn't listening to him and we both started laughing.  It's hopeless but it's fun.