Wednesday, August 7, 2019

What a Wicked Game to Play. #BB21

Some people never learn.  I guess old habits are hard to break.  And just like in real life, actions speak louder than words in the Big Brother house.  People can make all the promises they want, particularly if someone on the other side has the power.  But once that power has evaporated, it's easy to see who meant what they said, and who didn't.

Basically, once the PoV ceremony is over each week, the HoH's power to influence the game ends, and it ends in a big way, because they can't even play for HoH the following week.  So after Jessica chose not to use the PoV that she won, Jack and Jackson were left on the block, so now another type of game has kicked off.  Let's call it The Quest for Votes, also known as Scrambling in the Face of Disaster.

The camera focused on Holly, who looked great with a new hairstyle, taking center stage in front of members of her old alliance in the so-called "Leper Lounge", making an impassioned speech about how it has hurt her so much to be suddenly separated from the people she spent forty-something days with, only to feel like a pariah due to her connection with Jackson.

She said it breaks her heart that Jack and Jackson are both on the block, and no matter what happens this week, she'd like to see a version of the rest of the game where they aren't all working against each other.

Unfortunately Tommy has to play out this exciting turn of events wearing this ridiculous costume. Jack has nicknamed him "Tommy Brocket" and the name certainly fits.  You can hear the relief in his voice as Tommy says he agrees, and doesn't want them to take sides against each other, because they need each other right now.

Holly:  Jack, I'm just gutted to see you on the block next to Jackson.  That PoV meeting was really tense and I'm glad it's over, but I know it's selfish to say that in front of Jack.

Tommy:  I'm sorry you boys are both on the block, but I feel the same way Holly does.  I'd like to find a way we can come back together to play this game because we all need each other.

This is some picture, isn't it?

I don't know what Anaylse is thinking, but I'm sure Jack is full of regret for an impulsive change of heart in the hours before last week's live show.  But he should remember that Jackson had already decided that the Six Shooters alliance was over, wanting to oppose Christie.  So either way Jack would be losing an ally and a friend in the game.

Jack offered to leave the room since he's on the block, but someone said twice that they wished Jackson was in the room with them.  When I heard them say that, alarm bells went off in my head, knowing that the rest of the house must know exactly who was up in the Leper Lounge, and what they were up to.

Tommy offered to go downstairs to get Jackson twice before the group agreed that was a good idea.  I lost eyes on Tommy then, but apparently he found Jackson sitting upstairs and quickly brought him in and he sat next to Holly.

Then Christie chimed in, saying she's very sorry for saying some of the things she said, and it was a bad chain of events and she regrets the part she played in the drama.

Downstairs the mood is very somber, as Nicole, Cliff, Jessica and Kat sat at the dining table and watched people gather upstairs in a meeting they weren't a part of.  When Jackson joined the group one of them (Jessica, I think) said, "I guess we really are bottom feeders".

The situation back in the Leper Lounge was intense as Jackson told Christie that he'd like to say his piece, but he's not going to talk over her.  (In the past few days Jackson has been talking about how loud and obnoxious Christie is, seemingly glad he doesn't need to put up with her anymore.)

Jackson:  You'll see when you watch it back what I said and what I didn't say.  I didn't hear something and then go immediately run with it. But it is what it is.  And I don't like the way you've attacked my character and called me a snake, and a fuck and and a liar....

Christie:  I apologized for the fuck two seconds after I said it...(LOL just that word, huh Christie?)

Jackson:  ....and I pray for you.  I hope  you are able to find peace.

And then he left.  And I'm sure the room felt despair as they realized they were split without hope of working together.  Could this have helped Jack though?  Should they reconsider evicting Jackson since he won't work with them?

Downstairs Nicole said it's very awkward down there, but she's used to feeling like that.  In a situation like this, you'd think the four of them could use their number as a strength.  They believe they have Nick's vote, who was in the Diary Room or asleep during this situation, but I think in a normal season one of them could easily pull over at least one person from the opposing alliance.  Because there are people on the opposing alliance who feel they are on the bottom of the heap, and could hide their vote and blame it on someone else.

For example, Jessica is strongly connected to Kat.  And Cliff is, as well.  But what they don't know of course, is that Kathryn and Holly have a pre-game connection which would make those negotiations a lost cause.  (They've certainly heard chatter about the pre-game connection, but the girls have tried to talk their way out of it.)

And we saw Sam go to Tommy last week to tell him how Christie had been disloyal to her team.  But of course, because Tommy is connected to Christie from their outside lives, there was no question that Tommy wouldn't tell Christie as soon as he could.

MY POINT, ONCE AGAIN:  The same old point all of us are talking about.  The pre-season connections between these house guests that are incidental to the game have ruined the game.  We could have had so many flips and permutations that were thwarted by sloppy casting.  Maybe the pool of potential BB cast members has slowly dried up, who knows.  The casting department has to run every potential house guest through the network vetting process for final approval....the network likes to see people who look a certain way for marketing purposes.  This probably has more of an impact on the situation than we know.  It's a shallow, shallow world.

So Jackson left the Leper Lounge and sat at the chess board alone, probably dying for a snack but there were probably too many people around downstairs to really enjoy the binge.  I had to switch to the Quad Cam to keep an eye on all of the action.  Sometimes the timing of events in the house seems scripted, but it isn't.  Sometimes everything just happens at the same time.

And Tommy tries to game too hard at times like these, coming in with a mop and a bucket and furiously trying to scrub up yet another mess made by Christie.  He tried to patch things up with Jackson, who returned to his lair as soon as everyone else left.  Tommy clearly wants the team to stay together, but Jackson wasn't having it.

In his defense, Jackson already tried the team thing, and it blew up in his face.  I think Jackson's pride plays a big role here, but maybe he does realize that the rest of the group will now target each other instead of him, for a few weeks, anyway.

On the other two cameras, Cliff and Kathryn met in the Storage Room where Cliff scoffed at the way Jack has been mingling with everybody today, calling it "Jack's Apology and Humility Tour".

Kathryn:  I don't really mind people meeting behind closed doors, but the last time those six got together, they tried to evict me!

Then the Bad News just kept piling on Tommy's helmeted-head, as Kathryn told him that everybody saw him leave the meeting to fetch Jackson,  and this made everyone else feel excluded again.  You could feel the desperation from Tommy as he apologized, saying he wasn't thinking of anybody else at that time and he's very sorry about it.

The excuse that is being given is that they just wanted to apologize to Jackson and clear the air.  But it was probably clear from the way Jackson entered and exited the room so quickly that the apology, if true, was not accepted.

We need to keep an eye on Tommy, because I think he is destined for more stress ahead.  If chosen for the Field Trip, and I think there is a pretty good chance he will be chosen, he's going to react in a "Grande Style" to that, and then his face is going to fall as soon as he hears that two of the outcomes are negative.  It's going to take all of his acting skills to get through it all without breaking down.

The next series of pictures is from yesterday afternoon.  I think I know what is going on in the house, but I did miss some action due to circumstances inside my house that are out of my control.

Here's the Deal:  I think Jack is still going to be evicted, but he's going to put up a fight.  And new rivalries and targets have emerged.  Everyone seems to just assume that Thursday night will be a Double Eviction, but it's not.  Julie always pimps the Double Eviction out the week before to get the fans primed for excitement.  Instead, we'll be Field-Tripping.

I wonder if we'll get to see the Field Trip results in real time?  Or will the feeds somehow be dark until the big reveal?  I guess we'll see.

Sys is sad about Jack leaving, and has had several outbursts saying that she just wants to spend time with him and is sick of all of the game talk.  She even did some housework yesterday, but not much.  I just heard Jessica, Nicole and Kat saying that people may have criticized Kemi for not doing any work in the kitchen, but Sys has been in the house weeks longer than Kemi and hasn't washed one damn dish.

Nick skimmed the pool in this unfortunate hat.  Nick's haters have been saying "NICK IS NEXT TO GO" for weeks now, but somehow he's right in the mix and everyone around him seems to be a bigger target right now than he is.  He's playing a dangerous game in some ways, but isn't that what we want?

I've been up since 3:30 AM EST today, and on the feeds just now I listened to the girls talk in the HoH room and the chatter was interesting.  Nicole was talking about how disingenuous the big alliance is, and how much horrible smack they were talking about Nick during last week's PoV competition when he was on the block against Sam.

Nicole:  They were saying HORRIBLE things about Nick. And then as soon as he won the competition they were like, OH NICK YOU DESERVED TO WIN. It was awful.

As of now, (Wednesday morning) the backyard is still open, so that's kind of a tip off that the HoH competition will not be very elaborate.  And maybe the Field Trip competition will be held offsite somewhere like last year's Hacker Comp or last week's HoH competition.

Jack knows that the plan is to evict him this week, but he's still pretty even-tempered around there.  Maybe he relishes the thought of going to a big house with a private pool and sitting and reading for a week alone and listening to music.  That sounds pretty great to me.

Christie's game got real messy, really fast.  Another power shift in the house will change everything, but right now Christie's stock has plummeted around there.  Her name is in everybody's mouth, and not for good reasons.  She's getting talked about for being so loud, talking over people, constantly pulling the crying act, and being so harsh towards other people.

I think this picture illustrates the current situation between Christie and Tommy, which Christie running her mouth and Tommy hawkeying her nervously, trying to keep her in check as best he can.

I wonder if Tommy will cut her when the opportunity arises?  In the game she is his secret ally, but in the Jury House she'd be a sure vote for him to win.  I know those thoughts are swirling around in that fugly helmet he's forced to wear.

Do you think Production will have him do one of his "SPEED OF WHATEVER" exercises during the live show?  I am already CRINGING about that.

I guess we can call the helmet Tommy's Thinking Cap, because yesterday afternoon he came up with some sort of strategy to keep Jack that the group seemed to think was brilliant.  He and Christie and Nick were plotting ways to keep Jack by getting Kat's vote.   Or maybe they are going to go to Jessica to plant seeds of doubt about Kat so Jack can get her to cast a tying vote in his favor.  Or maybe both.

I know one of the initiatives is to tell Jessica that Kat knew in advance that Cliff would be evicted.  But does anybody really care about that anymore?  Didn't that happen at least six months ago?  It feels like it to me.

They plotted out the timing of when these conversations would happen, and Nick certainly seemed on board with everything.  But Nick seems on board with the other side, too.  I think Nick's true alliance is going to be whoever can keep him safe, because getting through the Double Eviction is on everybody's mind right now.

It's a dangerous game, but it's fun to watch.  And if he can pull it off, he deserves credit.  The other side can express doubt about him, and irritation that he's spending so much time with Jack, but they'll be singing a different tune when they need his vote soon.

Nick was coaching Jack with how to form his arguments, and talked to him about the motivational interviewing techniques he discussed with Big Jeff way back in June.  He just read a book about it, he tells Jack.  Nick's tips for Jack have to do with the way you present various options, basically that you present the options you want the other person to choose last in a series of choices.

Like This:  You can either break my heart and we'll never speak again, or you can stick around and we'll go get pancakes.  Or something like that.  Maybe I'm just hungry right now though.

Jack is an interesting character and his energy will be missed in the house when he's gone.  Because I do think he will be gone.  I actually think the tactics he plans to use will backfire against him and will be the source of much merriment behind his back.

In fact, as soon as Christie and Tommy were alone, they expressed doubt about this so-called brilliant plan.  Christie said she didn't want to do too much to help Jack, because it might come back on her and Tommy agreed.

But Tommy does seem to agree with everything.  I just heard the girls in the HoH talk about him, and they strained their memories to come up with the facts about himself that Tommy has shared this summer.  They remembered stories Tommy told about how he did mean things to people, and cut holes out of his teachers' clothes (?).

Jessica:  So he was a little shit back then.

Kat:  But he said something to me about how wearing this punishment costume was hard, because he was frustrated and was tired of it and didn't trust himself as much.  I thought that meant something.

And Kathryn shared some very interesting information with Nicole and Jessica about the Gr8ful alliance.

Kathryn:  Remember when we'd have the gratitude circle at the dining room table?  Well, they kept saying they had so much gratitude.  And when it was Sys' turn she just said "I'm grateful...I'm grateful...I'm grateful".  They were just rubbing it in.

Kathryn explained how they spell the alliance name, with an "8" in the middle and Nicole laughed.

Kathryn:  That's why I wanted to do another gratitude circle at dinner tonight, to rub it in their faces about their failed alliance.

Jessica:  So maybe in my speech I'll say something to Jack about how grateful I am.  (What speech? Maybe if the vote is tied?)

Jessica and Nicole wondered why Kat wasn't included in the original alliance. As best she knew, it was just a roomful of people and Nick was pointing at them saying, you're in it, and you're in it..

Jessica:  How could they think that the people in the room were the right people they could trust?

Kat:  Clearly they couldn't.

I'd like to point out that when they mention Nick's name right now, it's not in a negative manner, like it was a few days ago.

And Jackson got up a little while ago for a snack.  He dipped these crackers in peanut butter and crunched away.  Then he went outside and lifted a few free weights.  And then I assume he went back to bed and curled up with Holly again.  And this all happened at around 3:00 AM BBT.

Oh, and in the last day or so Jackson had his punishment from the PoV comp, the "Area 21 Isolation", although I don't know what the real name is. I saw a picture or two of what Jackson was up to out there but never did see any footage about it.  Probably the first time in my live feed watching history that I didn't watch one of these run-on punishments.  The timing just didn't work for me.

Jackson was dressed like a nerd, maybe with glasses, sort of a Clark Kent look, and had to jump in a tub of slime, I think.  I guess I'll just have to wait and see what that is all about on the CBS shows.  If it had been Nick's punishment, I would have watched it though.  I would have made time to flash back the live feeds and study the situation.  Just being honest.


It's time for a few more updates about my personal life, so all of you casual readers can just leave now and go on with your day.

1.  The Scrubbie Sponge Device.

A few weeks ago I told you about the exciting new kitchen cleaning tool that Nick was so excited about (at the bottom of this post).

I looked for one of these at Publix, but the only one for sale was the version with a really abrasive sponge unit.  I saw refill sponges for a non-stick version, but not the full unit.  Because I don't cook with meat and have meat grease on everything, I don't need a lot of scrubbing power, so I passed on the purchase.  But I went to Super Target last weekend and found the version with the non-stick scrubbing device.  Like this:
But then when I got home, I tried to pull off the cardboard label and a crucial piece of plastic broke off.  So, the sponge is crap and I threw it away before I got to use it.  And I'm not going to stand in line to return something that cost $2.99.  So, that was a disappointment.

2.  The TDH GC.

He is an Alpha-Alpha Male.  He would be the cave man who wouldn't even need to carry a club, because he has the air of ultimate authority that is the key to any natural born leader.  I have a physical response when he walks in the room.  My heart starts pounding and it's suddenly hard to concentrate.  Plus, he's huge, tall and strong.  We've already established that part.  Duh.

Would I want to be his cave woman, drafting off his power and influence, making me the Queen of the Cave?  Absolutely.  Would I want to report to him on some sort of daily basis?  Not so much.  But then again I've been my own boss for a long time and that has worked out pretty well so I'm sure I would present a discipline problem for him.

I had a hair appointment last Friday afternoon and I was texting him while I was sitting in the chair about our continued struggles trying to source the right barn door and he said he "wanted to stop by tomorrow in the late morning to talk to me".  I was like, "on Saturday?" and he said yes.  So then I knew that was going to be the Big Chance.  Because his team doesn't work on Saturday, and he was letting me know in advance. And bonus, I was going to have a fresh cut and blowout, swingy and shiny.

Even the way he parked outside my house, on the street totally blocking both sides of my driveway was an Alpha Move.  I feel my blood pumping in my headphones just thinking about it.  He was dressed up, too, and freshly shaved. And he stood on the threshold with his arms outstretched saying my name with his sexy European accent twice before he came inside.

It had been a few days since he'd visited, so he looked at and inspected the tile work, which is basically finished in the shower and the floors of the bathroom and walk-in closet. We talked about various paint options, holding up paint swatches and getting his feedback on the right choices to make for the walls and ceiling.  At one point we both walked to the far end of the totally-empty walk-in closet to look at the little paint squares I put on the walls in there, too.  And there is no light in the closet right now, until the new ones are installed next week.  So we were standing in a dark room that now has an echo, a foot away from each other for several minutes.  Just the two of us.  With Tori Amos playing off in the distance, the Scarlett's Walk CD, to be exact.  Standing in a dark closet trying to pretend that's why he came by my house on a Saturday morning.  I had on Chanel No. 5, for god's sake. It's like a dance, really.

When I think about it now I picture his face just a few inches above mine, so maybe he was bending over, or trying to get his head a little closer to mine.  But I think he's around 6'6", and I'm only 5'2", so that can't be possible.  I'm not sure I remember it correctly.  Basically it would have been SO EASY. I know that one kiss would have just rolled into another and then he would have picked me up and carried me to another part of The Cave that was free of construction dust and plastic covering the furniture.

But I already decided two weeks ago that I'm not just going to make out with him in my house.  He could have and should have asked me to go to lunch.  That would have changed everything, getting out of the construction arena and sitting down in a neutral space for a discussion about something else.  The fact that he didn't do it canceled it for me.  I realize the position he's in, that I'm the customer and I'm older than him, but I don't think he's intimidated by me.  I think he just needed it to be my choice.  Which is correct under the circumstances.

I have various ways to make myself not like someone, if I need to, and I already had a pretty important reason chambered for this guy.  One thing that I know would have been a problem for me is that he's not only a voracious meat-eater, he's one of those guys who is anti-vegan.  I can and have handled the former, but the latter I can't do.  And he is not into pets at all.  In fact , he seems oblivious to animals and probably wouldn't even remember the name of my dog if I had one now.

So from that sense, even a brief torrid fling would wind up on a negative note for me.  If he was just some guy I met in a bar it would be different, I guess.  But he's someone I'm doing business with that I will be referring to my neighbors and probably working with again soon.  (The powder room needs updating, too, and then the kitchen will need tweaking in another year or two.)

3.  The New Emoji-Using Swede

Yesterday I got a visit from the guy who works on projects with the TDH GC who will be responsible for the counter tops and part of the shower where we will be using the same stone (the top of the kneewall and the curb, if you're familiar with those terms).  To say I was shocked when I opened the front door would be an understatement.  He has blonde hair and a good tan, with eyes like Christie Murphy's.  Piercing blue eyes. If he was about six inches taller I might have fainted.

Based on his input I am changing the type of stone and color that I already picked out, which I am very happy about.  Last night he sent me a picture of the new stone and I texted back that it looked beautiful and he texted me back to say he would call it very sexy, and then proceeded to send me several texts with the "heart eyes" emojis.

Now, what the fuck is that about.  I am not into emojis AT ALL. I personally prefer to express myself with words where possible, instead of using a picture that twelve-year-olds use to tell their story.  But then again English is my first language.  And this guy grew up in a land far, far away where they all have magical eyes, apparently.

So, this guy has already asked me using two different methods of questioning if it is indeed true that I live in my house alone and am single. It seemed hard to believe, I guess, because it's a nice house and I'm cute.  This guy is more age-appropriate for me and I can already tell he would be the type to make my happiness a priority.  (He's already doing that, because he said he would get me the upgraded slab of stone for the same price as the originally-chosen version.)

So I'm going to use the thought of the Swede to step off the TDH GC.  And if it turns out this guy is married (I keep forgetting to check their hands when they come in) I already have the emojis chambered as the reason why I will not like him.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  Ladies, don't put off those home improvements.  Because there is a whole host of guys you would probably never meet if they weren't coming in to help make your home more beautiful. And pick a European contractor, because they seem to have a very strong network of competent international hotties on call. It's like Mystery Date every time I open the front door to a new one.


The title track inspiration.  This video was considered scandalous at the time.  We've come a long way since then, but not necessarily in the right direction.