Monday, August 5, 2019

Everyone's All Spaced Out. #BB21


By now you probably know that the PoV competition was held on Saturday, and even though the player line up included both Jack and Jackson, both of whom desperately needed and wanted to win, they came up short.

Jessica, who is also the HoH, won the PoV competition.  It involved spinning around, some version of the "Bowlerina" competition, and was hosted by Nicole.  When the feeds finally returned, it was obvious that the competition had ended some time before, because we learned that at least one of the players had received some sort of medical attention.

That's Nick under the blanket.  He warned us all repeatedly in the last few weeks that spinning "wasn't his thing" and that if it was that type of competition, he wouldn't be winning it.   Apparently both Jack and Jackson aren't into spinning, either, and they felt ill as well, but probably for a wider variety of reasons than Nick did.

Because they're on the block and Nick isn't.  Nick is the only one that received some sort of pill from the Medic, and he was told to shield his eyes from the light until he started to recover.  So he's wearing sunglasses under that blanket.

Holly visited Jackson in his Have Not room, which is his new office since he's been self-exiled after last week's dramatic breakup of the Six Shooters.  Jackson is surprisingly calm though, and has been using his quiet time to come up with some ideas and plans. 

Now that the PoV comp is over and there is little hope for the nominations to change, and zero chance that Christie can use her Diamond PoV, it's going to be a fight between Jack and Jackson for votes, but at least they know that now.

Holly has been putting in work to be sure Jessica knows that she didn't even think of targeting her last week when she was HoH, nor any of the girls on Jessica's crew (Nicole and Kathryn).  And Holly has also pointed out that she's now estranged from Christie and Jack. 

Holly is also incensed over how someone who professed to be Jackson's best friend, someone who spent nearly every hour of every day with him could suddenly turn their back on him like that.

Holly:  Jack was your best friend.  How could he do that to you?

They compared the scene in the house to being in high school, because everyone is being so fake and their intentions were so obvious.

Jackson:  Jacks's already up here feeding the fish with Kat, and now Christie is sucking Jess's dick.

Holly:  I don't want to play with the mean kids anymore, but I don't know if I have any choice.

It's important to remember that Jackson is actually the person who told Jack that Holly and Kathryn knew each other from before the game. And Jackson didn't tell him as if it was a juicy piece of information that was about to be exposed...he told Jack so that Jack would feel comfortable that Kathryn would vote the way they wanted her to vote.  He was using that information to point out that he had the situation under control, never suspecting Jack would use it against him as a weapon.

Downstairs Jessica's popularity notched up again, as everyone realized that if she wanted to, she could put ANYBODY on the block because she has total control of the nominations this week.  This PoV had some sort of space or alien theme, and it was one of those where the players earned the right to pick a prize or punishment, and the people with the highest scores got to choose last, giving them the power to determine who got stuck with what.

The Prizes:

PoV - Jessica, obviously
Trip to Hawaii - Kathryn
$5,000 - Nick

The Punishments:

BB Explorer - Tommy
Angry Alien visitor - Jack
Isolation (Area 21) - Jackson

Tommy was being EXTRA in the wake of this sudden turn of events, knowing that if Jessica wanted to, she could put him in the chair during Monday's PoV ceremony.  But here's the thing....Tommy is a dancer, so you'd think that he he would be good at spinning.  But there was a little more to the competition than just that.  I think they had to shoot arrows while they were dizzy, trying to reach a certain score.

Apparently Tommy had one of the lower scores, but his score was high enough to take the one prize awarded at that point from Kathryn, who had chosen the trip.  Tommy made a HUGE deal out of this, really trying to make the point that he "gave" Kathryn the trip to make it up to her, after what happened on Thursday.

You know, when Tommy pushed for a vote flip to keep Sam, and evict Kathryn.  And Kathryn is Jessica's bestie in the house right now.  And Jessica suddenly has all of the power to choose.  All of this contributes to Tommy really putting on a big show right now, like he's EXTRA excited about that competition, and he's EXTRA happy to be sitting and talking to Jessica.

Kathryn later said she's been to Hawaii plenty of times, so she wasn't that impressed with this big sacrifice that Tommy made.  Tommy also said that he was excited to have the punishment, because that's part of the Big Brother experience, with lots of TV coverage, of course.  He was guessing what "BB Explorer" could mean, but I doubt he had any idea of what he was really signing up for.  But more on that in a minute.

And Kathryn suddenly felt very popular too, as her vote this week just became very, very important.  She later got upset about feeling like people were following her around, pestering her about her vote.  There are eight voters this week, so if it's a 4-4 tie, Jessica will break it on live TV. 

Christie has announced that she's great at spinning, and it wouldn't have bothered her at all.  But of course, she didn't play in the competition.  And since her Diamond PoV would allow the PoV winner to choose the nominee, it doesn't mean much this week.  And it expires this week.

So if you're keeping track, the two most powerful "powers" that were won via the Whacktivity competitions ended up being a bust.  Ovi left the house holding the power that would have caused an EARTHQUAKE in the house, waking up the cast in the middle of the night with TWO new nominations.  And Christie's Diamond PoV wasn't quite as strong, because it required a PoV winner who would do what Christie wanted them to do.  And it won't be used now. 

But Jack got to use his rather-crappy power, which didn't help him much last week.  Basically he got to scrap the first PoV player choices and cause them to be re-drawn.  Whoopty do.

Nick is causing some controversy right now.  He's been spending time with Jack, Christie and Analyse, and generally tells them what they want to hear.  But then he tells Jessica and her group what they want to hear, too.  Personally I am certain that Nick wants to vote Jack out, knowing that Jack is a big threat to win this game because even though he can be a dick, on a daily basis he's seen as someone pleasant to spend time with.

Jack is also very respectful to Analyse, making her breakfast every morning and generally careful not to discuss their intimate activities in an inappropriate way on the live feeds.  Although he did tell Nick last night that if he goes to the Jury this week, he wants Nick to promise to send "that bitch" to the Jury next for him.  But he's using the term fondly in this case.  Let's don't be so sensitive to every little thing.  It's exhausting.

But Jessica had a conversation in the HoH room with her crew and her voice was shaking as she said Nick was saying things to make her look bad, telling people that Jessica might nominate them and making suggestive comments that offended Jessica's sense of female empowerment.  "Why don't I take Jackson down and put Nick up on the block then?" she said after she heard that Nick wanted her to save Jackson and put up Tommy.  Basically Nick was worried about blowing up his neutral spot if he voted for Jack to stay.  He knew that if Tommy is on the block the vote to evict Jack would be unanimous which would cast no shade on him.

Jack knows he's in real danger right now and regrets exposing Jackson so quickly, almost on impulse last Thursday as all hell broke loose in the house.  He knows he has the following votes to stay at the moment:  Christie, Tommy, Nick (probably not, though) and Analyse, but it's getting that fifth vote that's the problem.  That's where hounding Kat comes in.  Jack is already well aware that getting Nicole or Cliff's votes is probably a lost cause.  And of course, Nick's vote is likely a lie as well, but I'm not sure Jack knows that yet.

Kathryn was venting to Holly and Jackson that she's been on the block twice, and feels like everyone uses her in the game as they need to, but now suddenly she has something they need so she's irritated by it.  Basically Christie is driving her crazy, and Tommy too.

Kat:  He thinks that trip makes up for everything.  But I don't care about that.

Jackson says he's going to blow up Christie's game in the next few days.  He says he knows some information that would ruin her, but it would impact Jack as well so he needs to think carefully about it. 

(People are speculating on what that means, but I think he's trying to think everything through to make sure the information that he releases doesn't help Jack get votes.  It's complicated this week.)

Jackson:  This is something savage, like something Brett would do.  I know some things about Jack, too, from things he told me before the feeds started.  I know his BIGGEST secret too.


Jackson:  I'm not saying it yet.  But I could blow everything up.

Kat:  DO IT!  DO IT!

(I don't think Jackson needs to do this at this point, though.  And I think he knows he's got the votes to stay, even if it turns out to be a tie.  I'm sure Kat has told Holly the plan, and of course Holly would have told him.  I think Jackson is too smart to blow shit up this week, because he knows he needs to start putting himself into position for the next cycle.)

And when will these clowns learn that anything you say almost anywhere in that house can be easily overheard by anyone who wants to hear it?  Jackson walked by the Target Room door and stopped to listen to Jack talking and went right to Cliff to let him know what he heard.

Jackson:  Jack was saying he hated to talk to you, but he's going to have to try and get your vote this week.  He said it's going to be hard for him to get your vote because he's been trying to get you out of the house for weeks now.

Cliff listened carefully, but took this opportunity to throw Nick's name around, even though to Nick's face he indicates he wants to run the game with him down to the end.  But I think Cliff was trying to defend himself in case Nick votes in Jack's favor this week.  Jack would still leave, most likely, but the mystery over who cast that vote could cause a lot of drama.  Cliff wants to be sure no one blames him, and of course he loves to throw shade on someone else trying to play his floater game.

Some of the house guests are losing their patience with Analyse.  She is rather quiet in the house, but when she has something negative to say, she feels quite comfortable saying it.  And apparently Christie and Sys were acting in a very disrespectful manner towards Cliff during the PoV competition.  It sounds like Cliff volunteered to be the one to retrieve the arrows that were launched and bring them back for the next player to use.

Nicole reported later that due to Cliff's hurt leg, he was moving around in a different way, sort of limping, and each time he started moving across the yard, Sys and Christie would poke each other and laugh, making fun of Cliff.  That's really low, and totally uncalled for.  Nicole was nearly in tears discussing it, she was so mad.

Why wouldn't she say anything about it to them?  I think there's a way you could  point out it wasn't funny, in a way that wouldn't make them angry.  But it's easy for me to say that, thousands of miles away.

Kathryn made the point that Cliff has traveled the world with his job, put two kids through college, and has done more in his life than both Sys and Christie might ever do.

Kat:  How can either of them think they are better than Cliff?  They're a joke to do that.

Analyse has also made comments about how she really hates being in the house and wants to go home.  I'm sure everyone who does hard time in the house feels like that to at some point or another.

Jack's 24-hour punishment has happened but we didn't get to see any of it on the live feeds.  Allen the Alien shows up at the most unexpected times and yells at Jack or makes him do things like clean, often after messing things up.  I expect the guy to be the same "yeller" who tortured Rachel last summer, also playing the role of "Granny" to torture Brett.

He's been showing up in the bedroom in the dark, frightening Jack and staring hard at Analyse, trying to wake her up too.  Allen (or "Big Al") is supposedly in Los Angeles on business, doing experiments and studying Jack for research purposes.  He frequently calls Jack a "moron" and says he is even stupider than expected, and other fun insults like that. 

(If Jack is a "moron", what does that makes Sys?)

Both Kathryn and Jessica have hurt their right feet in the last day or so.  Kathryn apparently broke her middle toe somehow and was trying to elevate it last night.  She asked the see the medic today to see if there was anything they could do.  I'm no medical expert, but I think for broken toes all they can really do it tape it to the next toe for support as it heals.  And sometimes they have to re-break it if it's already started healing incorrectly.

And Jessica stepped on a "shard of metal" in the kitchen, according to Christie, but it doesn't sound like she's crippled or anything.

In this scene Kat was saying something about the way she moves around the house and tries to hide behind things and the cameras follow them...I think. I don't remember exactly but "Bob" said "YES" and they all cracked up.

Another reason why Nick is on Jessica's Shit List is that it was reported that he looked unhappy when Jessica won PoV, leading her to believe that Nick wanted to win and take down one of her nominations.  Nick has been explaining that he is competitive and just wanted to win, and coming in second wasn't good enough.

Nick:  I mean, I know I won $5,000.

Tommy:  Yeah, look at me!  I got a punishment! 

(Mr. Martyr over there.)

And Christie's crying routine is wearing real thin in the house.  What a difference a few days makes.  Christie was on top of the world just a week ago, but now that the chips are down, she's not being the most graceful loser. 

When I saw Tommy's punishment, or should I say when I HEARD it, I decided right then and there that this would be the last season I put myself through this.  I think I'm serious, too, but I think that every summer and usually don't say it.  It's just so fucking stupid, and I hate stuff like the smaltzy music and sound effects they use on the CBS episodes.

I think I consider myself a wannabe writer who watches the live feeds, as opposed to a live feed watcher who writes about it.  But let's get back to this extremely stupid BB Explorer punishment, which I'm so glad belongs to Tommy.  I can't imagine someone else having to do this shit.

Basically he has to wear this rocket-type costume for a week, and I'm hearing that the helmet is already hurting his neck.  I'll bet.  It hurts me to look at it.

When he gets summoned over the intercom, he has to go into storage and pick up one of three different choices of items:  two air horns, two flashlights, or two canisters apparently filled with smelly smoke.  Then he has to run to every room in the house and make a LOUD statement that depends on the items he has to hold.  For example:  I'M TRAVELING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!, and so forth.

So it irritates everyone in the house, not just Tommy.  Yesterday I watched Kathryn run around with him, wearing only her striped bikini, to yell along with him.  And in the kitchen Jack (who has a nice singing voice) sang the words with him, making it a theatrical performance which will certainly be featured on the CBS show.

It's extremely undignified.  Tommy could have taken the trip, skipping the punishment, but maybe he would have gotten stuck with one of the other punishments. I know one thing...Tommy needs to stop talking about how he took this to save Kathryn, because she doesn't agree with that and it's rubbing her the wrong way. 

You're on TV though Tommy. And you might get to go on a Field Trip with two friends this week.

Tommy didn't come off very well on that Sunday night episode, did he?  I hated the way he "Frankie'd" out during the HoH competition by making all of the stupid faces and expressions.  But maybe the CBS casuals like that sort of thing.  I know the live feeders don't.  Always so extra.

I wonder how Tommy will function under pressure.  I think we're going to find out very soon.

Analyse and Christie were starting to stress about the situation.  Christie knows this was a time for whispering, being as quiet as she could about what the two of them need to do to get through this week without taking another hit.

Christie: We need to talk to Jessica to see if we can get her to cast the tying vote for Micky.  We can't push too much though.  We need to be careful about that.  If we lose Jack, we're fucked!

Christie:  We need something..we need America to send Tommy a power or something.  We need that now to turn things around.  And we need to come up with some things to tell Cliff, to make him feel that it's better for him to work with us and not Micky.

(Yeah, that's going to be tough, after the way both Christie and Tommy were SCREAMING at Cliff before the live show last week.)

Nicole is finally having a chill week and I know she needed it.

Christie walked off and Nick told Nicole that she was such a liar, saying anything to anybody.  And Nicole is so over all of Christie's crying.  I've been hearing that Jack and Sys are on to Christie, too, seeing that she cares mostly about herself and never wants to take the blame for anything.

I haven't seen that play out myself though, but since Jack is on the block it's not really a good time to drive away the one supporter that you can count on right now.

Tommy and Christie had a moment to chat upstairs in the HoH bathroom.  They're not exactly celebrating right now though.  It's more of an "oh shit" situation.  I'm fairly certain at least one of them will be taking that Field Trip. Maybe both.

Also, that HoH competition wasn't held in the backyard, probably due to all of the electronic equipment and the probable need for lots of juice to run it smoothly.  I think they probably got bused or otherwise transported to a different spot on the lot, which is what happened last summer when they had the Hacker comps.

Tommy has to take off the entire costume just to pee, making this a very tough punishment indeed.  He usually tries to find someone to help him unzip the costume first. 

Christie:  This punishment really sucks.

Tommy:  Yes.  It does.

I didn't hear it for myself, but I read that last night Nick told Christie that Jack is definitely leaving on Thursday.  It certainly looks like that's true, though, because she's on her very best behavior today, clearly trying to recover before the next BB cycle.  And they all think this Thursday is the Double Eviction, but it's not. It's Field Trip week instead.

For example, I just watched Christie apologize to Kat, saying she's sorry for pressuring her and this is just a game and their friendships shouldn't be impacted negatively over things that don't really matter in the end.  Then Jessica walked in and Christie said the whole spiel again, not realizing that she's doing IT again, repeatedly.

And IT = Making Everything About Her

Christie:  ...that's just me.  I always put myself in everybody else's shoes and consider what it's like for them.


Last night was a rough night for everybody, because with Tommy's BB Explorer punishment they were interrupted enough already, but with Allen visiting Jack throughout the night everyone was really on edge.

The girls sleeping in the HoH Suite were trying to wait to go to sleep until after one of Allen's visits, and Jessica applied logic to the equation.  She said the actor is subject to the California laws that say they can only work a certain number of hours each day.  She asked when the last visit occurred, and then did the math, considering the time it would take him to arrive on set and get into make up and costume.  She thought he would probably arrive at the studio around 4:00 AM and come in the house about an hour later.  (We later learned that was a pretty good guess.)

Also, that's a good point to make...since the "alien" is an actor, we can't see him on the live feeds because that would mean that he would receive additional pay for that sort of appearance.  That is also why they only want us to hear recorded messages from Big Brother.  If we heard the Producer's voice on the live feeds, that qualifies as a performance of sorts that requires an actor's pay.

Or something like that.  It's a budget thing.  It's all a budget thing.  It isn't called Show Friends, people.

Jessica wondered how Holly is being portrayed on the show.  She likes her, but she's wondering, likely based on interactions from the Diary Room.

Jessica:  Since I've been HoH, I've, you know, been getting questions about my family and stuff, but Holly said she didn't get that at all.  And she has a way of joking around, like with you Kat, that seems different.  Like, she calls you an idiot and that could come off mean.

Kat:  I've been wondering the same thing!  And she's so attached to Mickey....who knows what America thinks about her.

Speaking of Jessica's family, these are some of the pictures in her HoH room.  This is her husband Steve and this looks like a honeymoon picture, doesn't it? 

Jessica really knows how to work the camera, that's for sure.

And here they are with Sabrina, Jessica's precious stepdaughter.  It looks like Sabrina has been taking lessons from Jessica about how to work the camera shot.

This morning Allen the Alien did visit Jack around 5:00 AM and had him walk into every room and tuck the house guests in snugly. He also squirted "space dust" (ie baby powder) all over the bathroom, requiring Jack to clean the bathroom and then told Jack to get in the kayak in the pool, finally saying he was ready to leave and Jack packed a snack for him to take on his spaceship.

Jack stayed up after that, straightening up the house and the backyard while making a beautiful breakfast for Analyse.  I watched him take the time to arrange the little table in the backyard and put all of the fruit and french toast carefully on a tray, even pouring orange juice into wine glasses.

Jack entertained Sys by giving her the play-by-play of everything Allen did, and said, and made him do.  A scary alien coming in the house at random times all night was big news, so each person who joined them in the backyard required a retelling of the story.  Christie said later that when she looked outside she thought they might be having a date, so she didn't want to interrupt them.  That didn't stop Cliff though. 

Jack also said that he realized his days to prepare a nice breakfast for Sys might be coming to an end soon, so he wanted to do it while he could.  And Sys told Christie that when she saw how he set everything up she almost cried.

If she wanted to, she should have.  I know it's generally known that men hate to see girls cry, but if you're crying for happy reasons I think it's a different story.  Maybe as long as they didn't make you cry for bad reasons, it's a good thing, because it's an occasion for comfort and closeness.  Especially for Jack, who is actually a hopeless romantic.

He likes to make the Grand Gestures. That's nice.  Even if it is Jack and Analyse.

And Cliff, who has been preparing for the double eviction by slinging shade on Nick whenever possible, stopped Nick for a quick chat to say that if he wins HoH this Thursday on the Double Eviction, he won't nominate him, getting the same vow in return.

Nick:  I'm not sure who I'll put up, but it won't be you.  I need to think about it.


For those of you who don't know, the banner planes were the bane of Production's existence for years, because fans who know the outdoor schedule would pay $250 or so to send over an incriminating message, or a message designed to upset the house guests.

Hamsterwatch is kidding about this, of course.  Don't do it.  Even though it would be funny to see Christie wig out about it.  (If you DID do it, say "ex" rather than "X", just be sure everyone understands.)

And I thought this was funny, after seeing Jack's physical actions while fighting with Jackson on the CBS show last night.  I know Jack was really mad, but is that the way he would react if he wasn't on TV?

Sam's fans have some funny memes on Facebook, and now Instagram, I guess.

Kevin is finally enjoying the season.  He's turning into a real casual fan, which is nice.  I think Nicole reminds him of one of his daughters.  He's said she's the one he would like to see win the big prize.

This is an important message about torched paws.  If your dog keeps licking his paws, you might have a problem.  Please take care of your furry friends.  Thank you.