Saturday, August 3, 2019

Love and Light? More like Shove and Fight. #BB21

What a rollercoaster ride we all went on this week, after a wild night of feeds on Wednesday night, an even wilder day of live feeds on Thursday, and then the somewhat shocking letdown of what actually happened on the live show.  And afterwards.

But first....I have to say something about this situation.

Julie tried to warn us. She tried to let us know, but gently, from the side. 

But unfortunately she had to turn to the front when the cameras went live.  It's a Spiderman dress, isn't it?  Stitched together with some other sort of super hero costume?  And there are some fit issues as well.

There are too many other things to talk about right now, so we'll have to give Julie's team a pass on this one.  Plus, I know you saw that leaked satellite footage of Julie onstage in the minutes before the show went live, chattering about all of the drama underway in the house while she took direction from the control room via her earpiece.  It was amazing to see how her glam squad fluttered around her applying powder and arranging her bangs ever so slightly.

It would feel so weird to have all those hands on my face and then to go live on nationwide TV, likely without even looking in a mirror first.  Lots of trust there.  And accountability.  Which is why the stylist apparently needs to have a sit down with somebody on a weekly basis before pulling the trigger on unfortunate sartorial choices like this one.

But Let's Not Bury the Lede:  Don Wollman, Producer of Big Brother and also the "Voice of Bob", apparently told the studio audience that the house was a "shit show" as they counted down the minutes to airtime.

Sam looks sad here, but I know him well enough to know that he was practicing his speech inside his head, getting comfortable in the chair and probably visualizing what the scene would be like only a few hours later.

Sam's journey in the house this summer ended with a real bang, after one fairly-simple conversation with Jackson on Wednesday afternoon snowballed into an avalanche of frustration and betrayal.  He later said he was proud of that, and he loved watching all of the drama unfold.

These pictures were taken in the hours leading up to the live show, after rehearsal, I think. And before some of you fly into a rage about that "R" word, the live show is definitely not scripted.  From what I understand they have a technical rehearsal where they are told where to sit and when to move, often doing a fake eviction vote between Snoopy and Woodstock, or whoever.

Sam really wanted to leave the house on good terms with everyone, and I think he nearly accomplished that.  Christie was very salty about him trying to blow her game up, and made some horrible statements besmirching Sam's character as she vented in the bedroom, gesturing towards Sam's empty bed.

Love and light?  More like shove and fight.

(I think I just found the perfect title of this post.)

I don't think I'm allowed to post the leaked pre show satellite footage here, but that was around eighty minutes of raw emotion, whether it was the YELLING that the Six Shooters were doing at each other, and then Tommy YELLING at Cliff and then the undeniable shock and joy of Nick and Jessica as they heard Christie blow up the "Southern Alliance" that was formed by Cliff. 

Nick even put a chair right outside the Boat Room to make sure he heard every word.  When Jackson left that room they SLAMMED the door behind him, nearly shaking those decorative oars off as Jackson stomped through the kitchen and announced that "he was about to LOSE HIS SHIT".   And then sweet Sam took the opportunity to ask everyone standing on the fringes of the drama to please vote to save him, but I don't think anyone even responded.  Jessica didn't even make eye contact with him. 

(UPDATE: While I'm typing this, I'm listening to a conversation last night where Jack told Tommy, Nick & Sys that after the Boat Room door slam, he got called "from the heavens" and was told he "needed to cool off".  I'm guessing they said that over the intercom to him.  Jack said that the door "takes forever to close" so he was just trying to close it faster, and didn't mean to slam it.  But the funniest part is that every word can be heard whether the door is closed or not.  Also, in the Old Days we could hang up on someone by slamming down the phone. You kids today will never know the satisfaction of that.  Unless you invent an app that somehow does that electronically.)

At one point Christie was hollering about how Jackson cast that hinky vote on the first live show and later pinned the blame on Nicole.  Nicole's eyes widened in shock in the kitchen as she told the group "that's fucked up".  Then when Jackson was trying to pace off his anger, he made a clipped apology that was more like an announcement to Nicole, admitting guilt for the vote which unfortunately hurt her in the game.  Nicole thanked him for coming clean about that, another weird exchange in a very strange hour of live feed action.

Tommy is continuing to make Cliff the bad guy, by merely pointing out how Cliff has positioned himself in the game, poised to sit back and watch the Six Shooters draw guns on each other.  To his credit, Cliff stayed calm and didn't seem to back down, but I guess we'll learn more on Sunday, sure to be a Very Special Episode of Big Brother.

I don't like the way Cliff has been ratting out some of my favorite people in the house, but I've got to give credit where credit is due.  Cliff knew that he would need to get through that first week in the house, and then try to weave his way to the end of the game somehow.  I'm sure this season isn't unfolding the way Cliff hoped it would, but he's finding ways to keep himself safe in there.

Ironically, it's possible that Christie's power might send Cliff to the Jury this week, the last week that her Diamond PoV can be used. That Diamond PoV that Cliff didn't even ask her to use the week he was the HoH.  Christie's verbal shrapnel hit Cliff too this week, as she bitterly called him a "fucking sheisty motherfucker".  That is actually sort of a fun insult, so Cliff shouldn't take it too hard, in my opinion.

This example from Urban Dictionary even uses the same terminology as Christie.  She should be proud of that.  Everyone should be proud of something.

And it was strange to see Christie put on makeup in the house, because she usually doesn't wear any.  It's also startling to see her in the Diary Room, too, because that blue backdrop really highlights her eyes, the most intense part of her face.

On the live feeds earlier on eviction day, I saw Sam squeeze past Christie in the hallway and I'm not sure which one of them initiated the discussion (probably Sam), but he said it was just a game and he hoped they could move past it outside the house.

But at this moment, putting on her makeup with Analyse just a few feet away from Sam, Christie wasn't feeling it.  At all. And it was obvious.

Christie then took the curling iron to her hair, musing loudly that she's happy to know what some people really think about her.  And once all of those lies have been said, you can't take it back.  So she's happy to make her vote count tonight, to try and right the wrong that was done to her.

(Sam told THE TRUTH and Christie knows it.  But I think she BELIEVES that Sam lied, which is part of what makes her fascinating to watch.)

Then this conversation happened, and it was the catalyst for the drama that happened as the live show kicked off.  Jackson sought out Jack to summarize again the incriminating information about Christie, how she didn't care if Jack or Jackson went home the week Cliff was HoH, and started making other alliances to work with after they are gone.  Jackson stressed that Christie didn't even seem to care that they were at risk.

Jack was quiet as Jackson repeated the same information over and over, which should have been a red flag for Jackson, actually, that the message may have been received, but it wasn't accepted.

Jackson:  We got this information from Sam, who has never given us any reason to doubt his word.  And it was corroborated separately by both Cliff and Kat, so now that's the same information from four different sources.  (not sure who the 4th is) And that's enough evidence to make the case in any court of law.  I just wanted to talk to you again about it.  I know you're upset.

Jack:  I'm going to think about everything.

Jack signed and went right to Tommy with news that was devastating.

Jack:  The Six is dead.  It's over.  What Jackson just told me proves it.  It's over.  He's going after Christie and we can't have that.

Tommy:  Oh, I feel sick right now.

Jack:  I know.  I do, too.  But it's over.  The battle lines are being drawn.  We need to win this HoH.

Tommy clearly was going through some changes, very upset that the huge alliance he was firmly in the middle of is over.  But it only took him a few minutes to announce a shocking new plan.  He wanted to flip the vote and evict Kathryn instead of Sam, to break up the trio of Jackson, Holly and Kat.

Tommy:  That's three people in the Jury who know each other!  That's too much!  The couples are one thing, but three is too many!

Tommy went through the list of reasons why he knows those three had a preexisting relationship and also pointed out this is why Jackson swore them to secrecy about telling Christie what Sam said about her own sheisty game.

Tommy:  Jackson made us swear not to tell Christie until after Sam left.  He did that so we wouldn't find out and evict Kathryn.  Because she's with them!

Jack let this sink in and was reeling with the information.  (Even though Sam is the one who requested no one tell Christie, because he wanted to keep the peace on his last day in the house.)

Tommy: I think this is the play, I really do. You'd have me, you, Sys, Cliff and Nicole. She wants to keep him. Jack: It's so scary. Tommy: This game is scary. Let's just SEND IT. Jack: We can run this house.

Christie came in the room and immediately knew something big was going to happen.  Jack asked her to sit down and they started with the biggest news of all, that they needed to flip the vote, and that the Six Shooters alliance was over based on what Jackson said to him.

I think it took Tommy's words though, before it looked like Christie would climb on board this new plan.

Tommy: That's why I was telling you not to blow up on Sam...I wanted you to be able to patch things up with him in this game.  We need him to go after Jackson for us because he and Nick are willing to take that shot.  And we can't let a threesome in the Jury together.

Then we see Jackson asking Kathryn a question....was the information she told him about Christie 100% true? 

Jackson:  Okay...okay.  It was just one question.  Don't go crazy please.  I just wanted to make sure.

Kathryn's nervous, eating her favorite snack, a plain tortilla.  For the live feeders watching on Thursday afternoon, the tension was in an all time high as we watched Nicole and Nick talk about what was going on in the house.  They could see everyone going in and out of rooms and could feel change in the air.  Not to mention the SHOUTING, the CURSING, and the DOOR SLAMS.

Nicole was concerned to see so many people whispering and excluding her from the conversation.  Nick said he was going to test his standing in the house by going into the Target room to see if they would talk to him.  Wish me luck, he said as he walked slowly to the door.

And then the live feeds went to Puppies and Kittens until the live show started nearly 90 minutes later.  It was a real cliff hanger.  Not sure if that pun was intended or not.

By the way, this satellite view of the feeds before the show starts isn't a new thing, but I think it is available only to local CBS affiliate stations.  Perhaps it's the satellite feed that stations turn their programming to when it's time to air the show on the local CBS channels.  We've gotten information from this before over the years, but I don't think we had an actual video to watch.  We just had to trust the informant, without having corroborating evidence.

After knowing what was going on backstage in the hour before the live show, it's even more surprising that Sam was still evicted.  It was CLEAR that the large alliance was splintering and it was a good chance to take a shot at anyone other than "another bottom feeder" (Sam's term for their group).

Kathryn was clearly distraught, making a rambling run-on speech on live TV, instead of her rehearsed jokey message meant to send Sam on his way and Brett into her life.  That speech was a MESS and Sam later told both Julie Chen and Rob Cesternino that Kat's crying in the last minutes before the live show are what turned the vote around.  Julie confirmed that fifteen minutes before air, she was sure that Sam had the votes to stay.

Sam:  Maybe I should have cried like Kat did, saying " FAMILY" or something.

Sam did GREAT with Julie, seeming relaxed and accepting of his fate, and just excited to see his family.

Before we continue, we might as well honor Sam by reporting on his Pennsylvania homecoming, where people who started a Facebook group in his honor showed up at the airport to welcome him home. 

That's his hunky brother on the far left, and his lovely wife Melissa tucked under Sam's left arm.  And maybe his dad on Sam's left, but I'm not sure about everyone in the rest of the picture.  I look forward to Sam getting on Twitter and watching some live feeds with us.  Bella talked to him on the phone on Friday and has been in contact with Melissa too since her own eviction. 

These are members of the Facebook group but the picture chopped off their ID.  Sorry about that!

And when the live feeds returned after the off-camera HoH competition, we learned that the impossible happened.  Jessica won HoH.  She said later that she had to guess on two of the questions, but she got them both correct.

The feeds were also crazy in the wake of Jessica's win, as the perpetually-downtrodden players (Nicole & Cliff) breathed a sigh of relief, and Kathryn was visibly jubilant that her BFF Jessica won, and that she herself survived such a close call regarding her own eviction. 

The former Six Shooters broke off into two discussion groups, both morose and probably TERRIFIED about their plight this week.  In retrospect, it was a bad time for their group to split up, but even if they knew that in advance, I doubt they would have the self-control to contain themselves.  Because we know these players can't keep a damn secret,  and don't really trust each other worth a damn either.  This is clearly no Level 6 we are dealing with here.

It was interesting to watch Tommy try to pull everyone back together, with Christie going FULL TILT walking into rooms and talking a loud blue streak like that one girl on the road trip who just took an Adderall.  (could have been me once or twice.....just saying...D.O.C. but unhealthy and hard to get).

I didn't get to see the reveal of Jessica's HoH room, but this is the scene shortly afterwards, with everyone trying to act happy about their world blowing up.

Jessica was over the moon about her items from home, her pictures and letters.

She initiated an interesting discussion about how she and her husband go to "King Spa" in Chicago for massages and usage of the various saunas and heated bodies of water.  They get couples massages and she certainly made a good case for visiting a Korean spa.  Jack put it on his list for the next time he goes home to Illinois.

Her music was Queen's Greatest Hits.  Surprising choice, huh? 

Kathryn was talking about how hot Jessica's husband is and Jessica said, "yeah....what did you expect?" and they giggled their asses off. 

Jessica later held meetings where she bluntly pointed out  to the former Six Shooters that there was a group of nine, a group of eight, a group of six, and a group of four and she wasn't included in any of them.  And also how Jack was so condescending to her with his speeches about doing what was best for the house.

Jesssica:  You never even asked me what I think, so how is that the house?

Holly has been putting in work to separate herself from her former group, telling Jessica that she feels like she being excluded from conversations and it feels hurtful.  Jessica calmly told her that's the way everyone else has felt for the entire game.

Jessica:  Sorry, but now you know how we feel.

I think Tommy feels relatively safe, but his plan involved surrounding himself with target after target, so if those targets split into two different groups, his number is going to come up faster.  I know he is thrilled to have Nick back in their group.

But Nick is also clearly in communication with the outsiders as well.  If you watched that leaked pre-show footage, Nick was clearly excluded from the dramatics with the rest of the "bottom feeders".  And some of you need to realize that just because Nick says something to Jack or Christie, that doesn't mean he means it.  Nick knows he's lucky to be still in the game, so he's telling people what they want to hear.  That's the game, folks.

Oh, and I think Tommy will be who Jessica puts on the block if one of The Jacks comes down, but that's a long, long time away from now.

And after people started trickling out of the room, Cliff made sure he stayed in the room to get his two cents in.

Cliff:  And at the end of the day, we got what we wanted.

(Sure Cliff.  What "we wanted".)

The girls were hugging and Cliff got in on that hug.  It was a rough day for him, too, after being so viciously called out by Christie, Jack and Tommy.

(I did tweet out the full leak, and also two shorter versions, and I think the videos are still out there right now, so you might want to watch that amazing video while you can.  I doubt it will be up there long.)

***UPDATE***  Nope.  The awesome leak videos have already disappeared.  Sorry about that but it was clearly too juicy to last.

Cliff wanted to plant some nomination seeds with Jessica, recommending that she nominate both Jack and Jackson in order to ensure that one of them does get evicted.  And that is what she eventually did, even though she considered several other options.

Cliff is a wanted man right now.  Jack has fully realized how smart Cliff is, and knows how capable he is in competitions.  And Christie and Tommy both want Cliff out, too, now that his multiple alliances have come to light.  Christie is even saying she "despises that man" now, and that he "makes her skin crawl".

Christie needs to watch her mouth when she's angry, because she says some really awful things about people that she won't be able to take back later.  You know, because of the live feeds and all.

Nicole and Jessica were finally able to eat after being Have Nots for the week.  Nicole savored every bite of that sandwich.  And I'll bet Sam actually enjoyed his airplane food on his way home.  That's saying something.

Jackson retreated to the Have Not room and has spent most of his time alone in there, although Holly did go up there last night and bring him downstairs to sleep with her.  He was clearly devastated that Jack turned on him, saying he never thought that would happen and he can never trust him again.

And Jack was openly crying about it, feeling very badly about Jackson, likely heavily influenced by Tommy's continual insistence that they can all reunite and work it out somehow.

Jackson's true friend is food, of course.  This was his trip to the kitchen in the wee hours of this morning, where he opened the refrigerator door wide only to eat handfuls of cereal from on a box on top of the refrigerator.

Maybe he likes that cool air floating around him, but he leaves the door wide open while he goes to the sink to wash his hands. I actually thought he would leave it open after he went back to bed, but he did close the door eventually.

He ate from a can of nuts on top of the fridge, but I'm unable to provide any specific further information about said nuts.

And then he shook out a number of tablets from this plastic bottle.  I think they might be Tums, which are allowed for Have Nots, too.  During his Have Not week Jackson ate these Tums like candy.

Do they all taste the same?  Or do they come in different flavors?

These pictures were taken this afternoon, as the house guests prepared themselves for the PoV competition.  Christie and Analyse aren't playing, but Christie is already strategizing about what they should do with her Diamond PoV power, which expires at the end of this week.

Christie thinks that if Jack wins the PoV, she will go to Jessica and tell her that she doesn't need to anger another person by nominating them, since Jackson will go home anyway. 

Christie:  Because you know she'll just put one of us up there.  So I'll tell her, let us nominate that person, and we'll send home Micky anyway.

Christie doesn't know that Jack is the real target.  One reason being that Jack is clearly part of a group of four, with Nick a potential fifth, so taking out Jackson would just be helping out Jack's group by doing their dirty work. 

But, I don't think Jessica is willing to do what Cliff did, basically bowing down to Christie's Diamond PoV.  But that PoV isn't so powerful anymore, since it expires this week.  I don't think that's going to work, Christie.

Then Jack came in and was delighted to hear Christie talking about using her power.  A short time ago he was chatting with Nick about it, saying that if he won the PoV, it would be great if she used it to save Jackson, because it would make Jackson indebted to her and act as a formal olive branch from the rest of the group.

Jack:  And then we'd put up Cliff and the vote to evict him would be a landslide.

Christie refused to do it, saying NO WAY is that going to happen, because she wants Jackson out this week, because he's after her, and if she sends Cliff home she will suddenly have five new enemies.

Jack: You're totally right about that.

Christie said she'd be happy to send Cliff home next week and they both agreed they can send Cliff home whenever they want.

(Didn't they already evict Cliff?  And then he won the Camp Comeback and then the HoH comp?)

This is where Christie was saying she despises Cliff and Sys jumped right in on that action, because that is the sort of conversation that she knows how to do.

Analyse was doing her hair and makeup in the room, too, but Jack was only staring at Christie. He is clearly smitten with her and surely people in that house can see that.  Christie is a huge threat to win this game because not only does she have Jack, we all know Tommy goes out of his way to help her out in the house. 

In fact, he worked OVERTIME on Wednesday night and Thursday to take the target off her after Sam started the tidal wave of conflict I told you about earlier.

Jack does an impression of Cliff that's pretty funny.   It's a quiet Southern accent that sounds just like him and it's pretty funny.  One of the wake up songs was Billie Eilish's "You Should See Me in a Crown" and it's already been made clear that Jack digs Billie, because Sys dressed like her for that fashion show they had last week.

Jack:  So Cliff came in here and said, 'what's that singer Billie Eilish? I like her.. she's kind of soulful'.  He was clearly trying to establish some sort of common ground with me.  But I know that you DID NOT LIKE that song.  I know that.

Christie, laughing:  Because clearly You Should See Me in a Crown is your jam Cliff!

(I agree.  NO WAY that Cliff Hogg liked that song.  I find Billie sort of upsetting, actually.  I like edgy stuff but I feel like she's pushing hard, heavy drugs, violence and maybe cutting and that's weird for such a young girl.)


I thought this was funny.  So if you see that nickname being used for Christie, you'll know why and how.

And as expected, PETA did speak out on Thursday morning about the incredibly insensitive use of the sheep for the PoV competition last week.  What were they thinking?  It's just so tone deaf of CBS to allow this.  I know PETA got tons of responses to their tweet, likely letting them know that the house guests didn't just chase and gently grab those innocent sheep.  But I'l step off my soapbox now.

One More Thing:  I went back and looked at the "PREVIOUSLY ON BIIIIIIG BROTHER" footage at the beginning of the Thursday night show, and the PoV comp footage they showed had nary a sheep in sight.  Just Nick winning and Jack in his Little Bo Peep costume.  So I'm guessing CBS scrubbed the sheep from the preview footage.  Too bad they can't scrub that from my memory.