Thursday, August 1, 2019

I Found Out About You. #BB21

Well, nothing and everything has happened in the last few days.  There was a whole lot of nothing, and then a big fat load of everything in the last 24 hours.  I hate to delete old pictures so I will try my best to bring you up to date as best I can.

Tonight is the last live eviction before Jury, and Holly is the HoH.  I debated whether I wanted to put her picture up top but I guess since she won the HoH title fair and square I might as well.  God knows she points out she's the damn HoH often enough.  And yesterday Jackson sat her down for a Very Important Discussion in the HoH suite and she fretted openly about where they were sitting and whether the cameras could get clean shots of their faces while they spoke.

So we know where Holly's head is at.  Off-center in the blue square, with the extensions perpetually  tumbling down her left shoulder in a contrived manner.

Until the events of yesterday evening, the biggest news was these new metal coffee cups that Sam found in storage.  There were three colors, and five of each one just sitting on the counter with no note or explanation.  They actually debated whether they could take one or not, and whether they could take them home when their time in the house is done.

I hate to tell them, but nobody is taking anything out of that house that they didn't come in with.  Their luggage will be searched on it's way out, just like it was searched on the way in, and any items they've picked up along the way that don't belong to them are going to get pulled over to the side.  And then a month or so after the finale, each house guest will get a box of goodies that will include their costumes and various memorabilia from the season.

Bella is a live feeder now, which is fun because she tweets about it and is obviously invested in Nick's game.  And Nick is showing clear signs of turning on Sam, but don't worry, it's all for the game.  And it's working.  Battle lines are being drawn and suddenly it looks like Nick is going to be a tool in somebody's toolbox.

Also Sam said one of his sons has a birthday coming up in the next week or so, so if he's home he's going to invite Bella so maybe we'll get to see some pictures of that.

Jack's little BB world has turned upside down in the last day or so.  I didn't get to watch the live feeds yesterday until around 5:00 or so EST, but once I tuned in I watched for about 7 straight hours because it was just one crucial conversation after another.  I paused the CBS show to watch a conversation and forgot all about it because the live feeds were so much more interesting.

I'll just slip this in right here for the record.  And I will remind you that the edit last night didn't show how one of Tommy's sheep was disqualified because he slammed it to the ground and possibly hit it's head on the gate.

Nick:  Some of those sheep got banged up out there.

Yeah.  No.  Not cool.  Production should be ashamed of themselves for this competition.  I wasn't that upset about the snakes, because I don't hold them in the same regard, but the way the snakes were treated was just as bad as the poor little sheep, who were traumatized by this competition.

The only saving grace is that Jack and/or Jackson didn't play.  Because testosterone.  And muscles.  And pride.

So, Sam initially wanted to make a pissy speech about Christie's web of lies on his way out of the house, but Nick talked him out of it by expressing concern that it would end up hurting him.  And all the fans were like "SAM SUCKS AND NICK SUCKS THIS ISN'T FUN FEEDS", but then Sam took another approach that changed everything.  And maybe nothing, but it will all depend once again on who wins HoH tonight.

Sam sat down with Jackson and had a long talk based on mutual respect and honesty.  Sam told Jackson all about how Christie was whacking out as soon as Jackson won the PoV last week and was trying to run from everyone because she felt pressured by "Mickey" to use her Diamond PoV so he could be the one to nominate Bella in his place.  But then Christie ended up telling everyone OVER and OVER and OVER that Sam and Nick were bullying her into not using it (NOT TRUE).  It was all a cover-up because she wanted to keep both Jack and Jackson on the block that week, and her deal with Cliff only kept her safe.

Here is a snippet from this post that discusses exactly what Christie was up to immediately after Jackson won the PoV and made an announcement in the kitchen regarding what he would say when Christie activated her power, allowing him to put Bella in the nomination chair.

And here is Analyse showing her good side.  In the last day or so she admitted that she knows she and Jack will go their separate ways after the show is over, with him trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend.  Sys acknowledged that "they're both hot, so they can get anyone they want".  Never mind that hot clearly doesn't make Jack happy.  Nope. 

As Jackson heard Sam's story, he knew Sam was being truthful, and said he's been watching Christie for a few weeks now, knowing something was up.  Kathryn also told Holly, who told him, that Christie made an alliance with herself, Nicole and Jessica. clearly hedging her position with the other side of the house.

Jackson said that since Sam and Nick are both willing to target Christie, this conversation is the best chance Sam has at staying in the house this week.  Sam didn't even think that was a possibility, he just wanted to share information with people before he left, a debriefing on his way out of the game.  He wanted to leave the house with no conflict with anybody, and wanted Jackson not to share what he's saying with Christie until he leaves.

Sam:  Because she'll say, I'm feeling energy and vibrations and then go nuts on me and bad mouth me and make my last day here horrible.

Jackson understood and promised Sam.  And Sam told him that he and Sys have been friends who confide in each other for some time now, and he did tell Sys the story about Christie, but she was sworn to secrecy.  Things got tricky later because apparently Sam told Sys later about this conversation, and told her the plan was for Jack to talk to Jackson about it, while Sam approached Christie to make a pitch for her vote, keeping her busy so she wouldn't know about the Jack-Jackson meeting.  Unless she was "feeling vibrations" and all, of course.

Sys didn't agree with this approach, telling Sam that he should speak with Jack directly, or be in the room with Jack and Jackson at the very least, because Jack is of the opinion that Sam is targeting him.  So Sys tried to talk to Jackson about it and Jackson lied to her, saying that he didn't know what she was talking about.

Jackson: Sam I lied to her because I didn't want to break my word with you. I told you I wouldn't talk to anyone but Jack about it so you could have a peaceful exit here, and I wanted to keep my word.

===>  Conversations like this one gave me false hope that Sam would be staying this week, but that is not the case.  Jackson wanted to keep his word with Sam just on the principal of mutual respect and admiration for the kind of person Sam has been, a friend to all and very trustworthy.  He's not even a Jury Vote now, sadly.

Sam:  Have I been in the room when people were talking about targeting you? Yes, I have, and I might have agreed, but I've never instigated a conversation about getting you guys out.

***UPDATE***  In the hour before the live show rehearsal began, Jackson pulled Jack aside to assure him that Christie was indeed up to no  good and they needed to face the fact that the Six Shooter alliance is dead.  Jack said he'd think about it and went to Tommy to tell him what Jackson said and Tommy was very upset.  Yadda yadda yadda Tommy said they need to FLIP THE VOTE because of the prior relationship between Jackson, Holly & Kat, and also the fact that Cliff had two different alliances with Kat.  They pulled Christie in and plan to talk to Sys and at least one more person to get the five votes needed.  Then the cameras went to PUPPIES, just as Nick was going to walk into the room to see if they would explain all of the low-talking.


Meanwhile Nicole is just ambling along.  I forget about her all of the time, but she's getting that Reddit Hive Mind fan base where everyone worships every move she makes, because everyone else does.  I think the idea is that Nicole is the "only decent person" left in the house but they do this every summer and anyone who disagrees or has the nerve to root for someone else is summarily trashed.

Kids these days.  Crowd-sourcing all of their opinions.

You can see the new coffee mugs back there on the counter.  Nicole actually spoke aloud, asking "can we have these....can I take one?" and picked up a few of them before sighing and leaving all of them right where she found them.  Maybe she thinks she needs to ask Jackson about the mugs, since everything in the storage room is apparently under his management.

Nicole is installing her fresh battery into her microphone here.  This task is required each and every morning, whether you plan to getting out of bed and staying out of bed or not.

Sam gave Nick a good morning hug, which was nice.  They have been studiously trying to avoid the appearance of gaming, just being friends in the usual fashion.  But it's important for you to understand that in this environment, that is what is required.  The ultimate goal would be for Sam to survive this week, and the two of them to work their way back around to each other when they have the power to do so.  And when Christie's power has expired, because that whole situation is like a black cloud over the entire game.

Yesterday morning Sys was openly talking about not wanting Sam to leave the house, but no one seemed to care much about that because the week's plan seemed secure and smooth.  And Sam appeared to be accepting of his fate, and Kathryn didn't seem stressed at all about sitting on the block next to Sam.

And then Nicole and Cliff came outside to keep Sam company.  Cliff always talks like he would keep Sam around if he could, but Cliff is not about to take any actions to make that happen.  He's too busy wallowing in his safety and reporting to Jackson a few times each day to share information that other people likely considered confidential.

Unlike Nicole, Jack wasn't shy about taking his choice of the new coffee mugs. Kathryn announced they will probably be for sale on the CBS website and when Holly argued with that idea, Kat told her that the HoH robes are for sale on the CBS website, too, and that information shocked Holly into silence.

When Jackson told Jack the news that Christie was targeting them, and had been for weeks, you could see the distress all over Jack's body.  He was crushed, stuck between wanting to believe what Jackson was saying and also wanting to believe his connection to Christie is real.  And all of this was going on as the CBS episode aired last night....I intended to watch the show and was primed for it, with weed, beer and a buffalo (faux) chicken salad but I ended up watching the live feeds almost exclusively for HOURS.  After each person left the room I was compelled to keep watching, to see where they went next, and who they talked to, or did not talk to.

One of Jack's biggest concerns was Tommy.

Jack:  Was Tommy a part of it?  No, he wouldn't be.  No way would Tommy do that to us, or join that alliance against us.  No way.

YOU GUESSED IT:  The casting blunder that allowed people who knew each other to play, without that being a fucking twist or theme of the season ended up messing up the possibility of a flip or major change in the game. I don't want you to read all of this in hopes of a happy ending.  Or happier ending, depending on your own personal game preferences.

This is nearly an entire carton of egg whites that Jackson is cooking for himself here.  And everyone online is tiptoeing around the topic, but there is some pretty strong evidence that Jackson has been binging and purging in the house.  At least now he is.  We all already know about the binging.  But the purging seems to be new.  New in the house, anyway.

Production has their hands full with this guy.  Let's just put it that way.

And before I forget, the "Flash Mob" happened in the house just as the CBS show was starting.  Tommy held a few practice clinics for Sam and Jackson and Nicole in the hour leading up to the big event, and for some reason Tommy felt he had to banish Nick (and others) from watching rehearsal.  Maybe he was distracting them, who knows.  But Nick kept saying he loved to watch everybody dance.

Who wouldn't?  It's fun. But I guess it was a Closed Rehearsal.  Tommy's rules, I guess.

I was getting stoned in the kitchen while my (faux) chicken was cooking and I danced along with them during rehearsal.  I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself.   I was interested to see how the Flash Mob would begin, but basically the entire cast was milling around the kitchen area when Tommy suddenly called them out with clapping and chanting.  They had one or two rounds of that, which allowed everyone to move over to the "dance floor" in formation.  And then they went right into the dance and it looked flawless to me. I'm sure there will be footage online somewhere of the dance, but when it was over they celebrated like it was the opening number at the Grammy's or something.

I think they should do it every week at the same time, right down to the Final Three.  And the haters don't have to watch.  It's better than Frankie Grande's ab workout, I'll tell you that.

And where was Christie during all of this drama?  She and Tommy were stressing out at one point, analyzing who Sam did and did not talk to about the vote.  They were getting worried, and Christie admitted that after Sam spent so much time upstairs with Jackson, she watched him closely to see if something was off, and Jackson "seemed normal".

But when we saw Tommy approach Sam and get him talking about what was going on, we all knew that Christie would be well aware of the situation later.  This was around the time I had to go to sleep, but I don't think Tommy was the one to tell Christie last night.  I'm sure he would have, but he knew how she would react and didn't want to put a target on himself, since he was busy trying to make the case that he and Christie are not that close in the game.

Analyse is the one who told Christie, completing the circle of house guests who have shown an ounce of game play and then a pound of Can't-Shut-Up-Itis.  And Christie went NUTS trying to discredit Sam, talking all sorts of shit about what kind of a man he is, even though she is well aware Sam was telling the TRUTH.

Meanwhile, Nick seems to be sliding lower and lower on the target list.  Both Jackson and Christie would like to have Nick on their side to target the other. And it looks like the Six Shooters Civil War might be so nasty that Nick won't even go up as a pawn, because both sides want to be sure they mortally wound their enemy.

So, while Sam was working hard last night making not only waves but a decent case for why he should stay in the game, Nick was just chilling.  He later caught up with Sam for a second and was crowing that if Sam could save himself this week, it would be cause for celebration indeed.

Sam left it all on the field last night, or most of it, anyway.  And Nick just laid in the grass watching butterflies and talking himself up for the HoH competition.  I even heard Christie worriedly telling Tommy that "he thinks he's going to win it".  I bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket one time when the jackpot was several hundred million dollars and told the clerk that I definitely had the winning ticket.  When I turned to leave people waiting in the long line were like, "shit, that girl just bought the winning ticket".  Ha ha ha.  We were all losers, of course.

I think Nick will go with Christie and Tommy though, because Christie has the Diamond PoV for one more week and Tommy has undying devotion for Nick.  Tommy really wants Sam out, too, so Nick will have nowhere to turn but to work with him and Christie.

Everything Sam said resonated with Jackson.  And Analyse ended up wanting Kathryn to stay, rather than Sam, which is ironic when you think about it.  While they were up in the HoH around 3:00 AM last night, they watched Sam on the Spy Screen go out and sit alone in front of the Memory Wall and Sys did say she was going to cry, watching him sit there.

Holly:  Well, Sam has a family and a trip to Fiji to go home to.

That phrase might be part of Kathryn's eviction speech, actually, comparing what Sam has with what she has, which is only having hopes for a date with Brett.  Or something like that.

Because even though Kathryn was freaking out when she saw that Sam was going in and out of rooms all night, Sam is still leaving the game.  If Nicole was on the block next to Sam, then I think she would leave.  But Kathryn isn't someone who will draw the votes that Nicole would.

Kathryn made two batches of Bribery Cookies last night, one batch of Slop Cookies for the Have Nots and another for everyone else, delivering a cookie and a speech to each house guest.  Even Sam, who politely listened to Kat make a pitch to him.

Sam:  Well, I'm not voting, but I'll listen. Thanks for the cookie.

Some of the fans seem to think that Jackson has a friend in Production, but I don't know anything about that.  I did see a post on Reddit a long time ago by someone who was in the same audition group that Jackson was in and had something to say about him.  The auditions were held at Jalapeno Pete's, the bar that Jason Roy owns or manages and you apparently meet with casting people in groups of five and based on how that group conversation goes, you either move forward or not.

I guess Jackson knocked it out of the park, likely because he was just as opinionated and bossy as he is on the live feeds, and the Redditor told their casting contact that Jackson stole the show from them.  Or something like that.

Last summer Kaycee was talking about a guy she met at her casting round table. They waited in line together and then went to a bar and drank afterwards.  She was wondering if that guy was watching and what he thought about her time on the show.  Because Kaycee certainly was memorable with that bun and all.  Sys wishes her bun looked that good.

And the word AMAZING was finally right for a change during a conversation I watched last night between Tommy and Sam.  Tommy was making the case for how he is positive that Jackson, Kathryn and Holly all knew each other before the season started.

Some of what Tommy said was blanked out by FISH  (I'll bet....) but we did get to hear about how Jackson mentioned a friend of his who had some sort of scooter or motorcycle accident.  Kat said, "oh, was that ____"s friend?  I know that guy..." and Sam's shock was apparent.

I hope Sam tells Nick about that. I'm sure he will.  And I'm also sure Tommy plans to spread that info around as necessary, since he's aware that Jackson and Holly have plans to make a move on Christie.

HERE'S THE THING:  Tommy is probably thinking that everyone is connected in the house, since he knows that there are at least five of them who are.  The BB6 cast was initially led to believe that each "secret" pair was the only one in the game, but it soon became apparent that everyone had a secret pairing.  Tommy is probably thinking, "NO WAY CAN CASTING JUST SCREW UP LIKE THIS, WITH JUST A FEW OF US GETTING THIS HUGE ADVANTAGE".  Although I think even in Tommy's thoughts he would sprinkle that sentence with a few AMAZINGS, right?

Tommy even asked Sam if he and Nick had some sort of connection before the game started.

Sam:  No. Nick's not my brother.

Tommy:  Is he your cousin though?

but not this question:


Sam is going to be STEAMING about this when he finds out.  Bella said on Twitter that she lost her shit when she found out.  She was actually rather polite about it when Rob Cesternino broke the news during his exit interview with her, but she was clearly shocked.  The anger set in later, when she thought about it and realized it wasn't part of the game.  Or, it wasn't SUPPOSED to be part of the game.

For example, in BBOTT the Willett sisters' casting was a big twist in the season.  And those girls looked just alike, so I'm sure Production was shocked no one figured it out.  Same with those Canadian brothers who were cast on the Canadian BB season.  The casting blunders this season have NOTHING in common with those.

You can say what you like about Jack, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he is actually one of the most intellectual people in the house.  He is well-read and has a good vocabulary.  I mean, sure he's a dick, but he likely has one of the highest IQ's in the house.

But even Jack finds the mazes on the back of the cereal boxes an intriguing way to spend time during breakfast.  But at home, people just eat and stare in silence at the games and puzzles on the box, don't they?

(I didn't really eat cereal growing up, or even now, so I don't know.)

Jack and Holly had a little strategy session to discuss the various ways to escape the maze, a collaborative effort to provide an efficient solution.

Jack has to put a bandage on that tattoo every day.  I don't know what that thing is on his shoulder, and I don't want to know.

I used to say that to my dog all of the time.  "I don't know, and I don't want to know what you have in your mouth right now," and she would roll her eyes at me and either swallow or spit it out.  The last time she did that, it was a piece of jigsaw puzzle that I had been working on while I ate some of those Red Hot & Blue chips.  I guess I got some spicy dust on one of the puzzle pieces and the little piece of cardboard wasn't as pleasant in her snout as she expected it to be.  I will always treasure the way that particular puzzle piece has a few teethmarks on it, and a slightly-wavy texture due to a bit of doggy drool.

I told someone via text yesterday about Sophie dying and was just BAWLING about it.  I didn't know THAT was possible but I keep surprising myself with the out-of-control emotions.

If I was Mrs. Sam Smith I know I would try to be understanding about this situation, because frankly there is no alternative, but I wouldn't be thrilled with it.  I don't know if I would obsessively watch every second of Sam on the live feeds, or never watch one minute of it.

I can say Sam has conducted himself with the utmost respect for his wife all summer.  He even told Bella that even though he would want to cry when she was evicted, he couldn't do it because he didn't know how their friendship was portrayed on TV.  And if you watch Bella doing her round of hugs on her way out of the house, you can see Sam struggle with it.

Bella always laid in the backyard on the ground with Sam while Nick laid on one of the chairs, for some reason.

Nick was trying to correct the tan marks on his legs.  I have those too right now and they can be a real bitch to get rid of .  Not as bad as Nick's though.  And he needs to think about the impact of wearing that headband, too.  No way you should wear that in the sun unless you have sunblock on your face.

During my prime Tanorexic days in Florida we would put hats over our faces like this sometimes, and would also do a 5 minute stretch every hour without sunglasses, to avoid that "Apres Ski" look with the goggle marks and all.

This was the scene on Tuesday when Sam was telling Nick about his plan to blow up Christie's game during his eviction speech, but Nick cautioned him against it.  I think what Sam actually did was more useful for Nick's game, because it was certainly more believable than making a lot of what could be construed as hotheaded claims before storming out of the house.

There was a funny moment later where Sys went to use the outdoor shower and for some reason yelled "SEND IT" before pulling the handle and having the plastic piece on top of the shower fall right on her head.

Pretty sure we'll see that on the CBS show, because it was pretty awesome.

Tuesday night Holly had a Girls Night in her HoH room and Jackson totally controlled that, too, by making all of the snacks and "getting Production to get them wine" like he's some sort of hero or something.  Holly asked the feeders to get this picture for her, so she could "thank Jackson's parents" for raising him.  Or something like that.

Sorry to those of you who are trying to keep food down at the moment.  Including Jackson himself, maybe.

Is Jackson's mom a live feeder? She must be, right?  That must be a rough gig for her, if she's following the online chatter.

This was the scene in the HoH bed on Wednesday morning.  That doesn't look like any summer camp that I've been to.

I did go to a co-ed summer camp after 6th grade that was on the beach in Florida.  I was in a girl's cabin and my bed was right next to the cabin leader or counselor, or whatever that role was called.  She was in high school and her name was Susan and I thought she was cool as shit.  One night she woke me up around 3:00 AM with a styrofoam cup full of vanilla soft serve ice cream and asked me to go outside with her to eat it.  Then she told me all about how she got drunk with the other camp counselors and that she slept with one of the guys.  I was like WHAT.

And that male camp counselor was super cute, kind of like Matt Dillon in Little Darlings, and I watched him walk into breakfast that morning with his team of campers and look over at Susan sitting at the head of our table.  In retrospect Susan must have been DYING because I remember her asking me over and over what he was doing, and was he looking over at her and if not, who was he looking at? Was he looking at ANGELA'S cabins' table?  And so forth.

And I was like, they SLEPT TOGETHER, but I'm not even sure I understood what that meant.  Since Susan actually slept in the bed next to mine, I didn't understand the usage of that phrase.  And any of the campers in our cabin who thought I may have been a Goody Two Shoes for sleeping next to the cabin counselor sure changed their mind when the word got out I was eating ice cream and listening to sex talk in the middle of the night.  I remember the girls in my cabin asking me if "Steve" (or whoever) liked Susan and if they were "going together", like I all of a sudden was one of The Plastics or something.

Good times.  And it was a CHURCH camp.  Ha ha ha ha.  I slow danced for the first time that summer with a boy and two of the high-school aged male counselors (probably pity dances but maybe they wanted to get in good with Susan since she put out and all) and made a pizza in ceramics class. I wish I still had that shiny little pepperoni pie, but I gave it to my friend Sandra _____ for her birthday when I got back home, suddenly a girl who KNEW THINGS and knew people who had SLEPT TOGETHER.

Matt Dillon in Little Darlings, everybody.

This was Sam telling Jackson his story about Christie, a scene that was nearly an hour long, I think.

Sam wants to stay in the game, but he also can't wait to see his boys when he gets home.  I hope a local pool contractor donates time to help Sam fix his pool, maybe even in time to get a few swims in this summer.  Maybe the local news station can do a story about it, because Sam is a great guy who is deserving of a few perqs.


And this is Jackson muttering to Holly that he just heard some stuff that he needs to talk to her about.  Holly was so dreading what he had to say that she couldn't wait to get upstairs and was saying "OH NO, OH NO....KAT CANNOT GO...SHE CANNOT GO!"

And Jackson was sort of slamming things around and saying this is why he wanted her to put Nicole on the block, not Kathryn, so they could be okay with either nominee leaving.

And Cliff certainly made sure he was in that HoH room a few times, purportedly to slowly rub some sort of lotion on his hurt leg and eyeball everyone in the room.  Ironically it was when Cliff was fast asleep, snoring, that the camp bus ran right over him and his game.

Yep, Cliff got dragged under the bus by Tommy, a skillful move that will surely make the Hogg family very unhappy.

I admit I've been irritated and annoyed by Tommy Bracco here and there this summer, but his game last night was spot on, moving chess pieces around like a master.

And look how hot Nick is getting.  He's lost weight and has been working out with Jack like crazy.  And he's had a few mental days off since winning the PoV last Saturday.  That's like a year in Big Brother time.

Here's a snippet of conversation that happened around in the wee hours of the morning.

Tommy:  I think Sam has made a mess that we are all going to have to clean up.

Jackson:  No. I think a mess had already been made and Sam has let me know about it.

And Tommy was desperate to make sure everyone knows that his game is separate from Christie's game.  But in the end Cliff is the one who will pay, I predict.  Tommy had a conversation with Jack where Jack suddenly realized that Cliff has put himself right in the middle between groups, also accused of making the so-called "Southern Alliance" with Jackson, Holly and Kathryn, on top of forming "Cliff's Angels" with Kathryn, Nicole and Jessica.

Tommy even told Jack that he's sure that Jackson will be trying to make a new enemy in the house soon, because that's what happens once the targeted house guest leaves, a new villain is created.  Then Tommy rolled right into his tales of how evil Cliff has been with his twisted game.  Jack called him a Master Manipulator and didn't even seem to notice that Tommy just created the new villain for them.

And then Jack and Sys talked shit about Cliff while he snored right next to them.  And Christie said every vile insult she could think of about Sam, who dared to TELL THE TRUTH about her game.

I'm sure I'm missing a few steps, and quite a few juicy details, but what you need to know is this:

*  Sam took a delicate approach to exposing Christie's game.
*  Sam raised several flip-the-vote discussions unintentionally, a happy accident.
*  Only the fact that Kathryn is sitting next to him on the block prevented the vote flip.
*  Jackson and Holly know Christie's game now, no matter what they say to her face.
*  Tommy succeeded in distancing himself from Christie's game.
*  Tommy put the target right on Cliff's back.
*  Jack fucking APOLOGIZED to Christie for doubting her and seemed sincere about it.
*  Jack kept repeating to Sys that he "thinks the Six is still solid", showing clear signs that he may not be able to emotionally handle what is coming soon.
*  The Kathryn-Holly-Jackson Triangle is well on it's way to becoming common knowledge in the house.
*  In general the claws are out, and distrust is high.
*  And Nick is suddenly a neutral party, so SORRY Nick Haters.

And that's about it.  So much game in one night.  Plus the Flash Mob.


The Earthdog keeps churning out the funnies this season.  This one, a visual joke.

And this one, a verbal "joke".  But it's actually a statement that BB fans only would think is funny.  But if you weren't one of those you certainly wouldn't be reading this far into this post.

Oh, and Sys hid in this trash can with Jessica's help to scare the hell out of both Jackson and Jack.  It was funny, but she said it smelled in there.

Cue the "Sys is smelly" jokes, because apparently Jack has complained about that to the guys in the past.

Kemi met Angie Rockstar for lunch, since they both hail from the DC-Maryland area.  Supposedly Bella still hasn't talked to Kemi.  The longer they wait, the harder that conversation is going to be, I think.  Usually the one evicted first reaches out to console the newly-banished player, but I don't see that happening in this case.  

They should both go to the Hearts of Reality event and hug it out over a few dozen drinks, like the pre-jurors last season.  Except for one of them, who was extra-salty about stuff.  And still is, I think.

And Ovi's school paid special tribute to him as he made his way back to real life.  Ovi can be the mediator in the pre-jury group.  Or Sam, actually, since he was friends with both Bella and Kemi.

Somebody needs to hold out that olive branch, so they can all start hating the players in the house, because that is going to be a job for more than one person.

I didn't think this picture had anything to do with Big Brother, but it kind of does, in a way.  Someone made a cake for a newly-released prisoner.  And I like it so I took a picture for you.

I'm scared straight, looking at this.


The title comes from this classic Gin Blossoms song, which has a peppy sound but some hard-to-swallow words.  Crank it up and enjoy.

("Did you love me only in my head?")

Bonus Track:  I had a little 90's dance party this morning and listened to this song at least five times.

Six times, now.  The lead singer's look didn't age as well as the Gin Blossom guy's hunky look, but the song fucking rocks.  Crank this one up even louder.