Saturday, July 27, 2019

You May Hate Me But It Ain't No Lie. #BB21

I have to say that last live show hit me hard.  When Nick was crying after Bella got evicted it was just devastating to me.  It just felt so raw and painful.  I don't know how you could watch that and not feel something deep.

I'll try to start catching up by focusing on the positives.

1.  Julie Chen's look was spectacular.  I love the print on the dress that we could only really see in closeups, and her red lips were captivating.  When you're looking this good, you know it.  Julie clearly knew she was at the peak of her powers on this night.

2.  The HoH competition was something new we haven't seen before.  It's still endurance, but the whole situation was complicated by the need to balance while swinging around as the apparatus shifted.  At first I thought they had to hold themselves up using those handles but it was just a balance thing.  As we went to the commercial break it was clear Jessica wouldn't be up there long.

And she wasn't.  Jessica was already sitting on the sidelines when we returned, and Nicole surprisingly fell while the cameras were live, cursing and causing Julie Chen to mention FCC broadcast standards.  Later, there was much laughter about Nicole being the one to curse on live TV.  But that wasn't as surprising to most of us as the fact that she didn't last long in the competition.  All the live feeders thought she had a real chance to take this one.

Shortly after the live feeds returned, Sam got into hot water when the swings shifted and ended up parallel to the ground, yelling "FUCK MY LIFE" as his HoH dreams were dashed.

So, SPOILER ALERT:  Those are the Have Nots this week.  The first three who fell will be further punished:  Jessica, Nicole and Sam.  Sam low-key CAN'T STAND being around Jessica so that will be extra-torturous for him.

I have to point out the similarity, right?  Remember TRL?  I was in Times Square when NSync was up in the studio to promote the release of this album.  I didn't plan to be....I was just living my life but I had an old friend in town visiting me that weekend so we stood out there with the rest of the squealing girls, staring up at the guys who were up in the studio with Carson Daly.

At one point Justin Timberlake went over the glass and sort of planted himself against it and the crowd reaction was something I'll never forget.  I'll bet those little girls didn't even understand why they were screaming.  It was just all they could do to release the energy at that point.

We screamed too.  Ha ha ha.  It was so fun.

Oh, and GET THIS:  Jackson is one crazy Mofo.  Production has really boxed themselves into a corner with this guy.  He has openly talked about abusing medication and taking steroids and has some obvious issues with aggression and control.  It's not good.

There is a live feed clip floating around out there of Kathryn saying that she doesn't feel safe in the house with him based on the way he treats her.  And then the cameras quickly shift away so we don't hear any more.  Because liability.  And blame.

I'm certainly no medical expert and am not qualified to discuss this situation, but there has been interesting conversation online about Jackson's various issues.  I can say that when my high school sweetheart left town to play football for one of the BIG football colleges I was shocked at his size when I saw him over the Thanksgiving break. He told me the school's doctors had a program where everything was supervised, but I could feel my car shifting over to the right when he squeezed himself into the passenger seat. We went to a party where we drank beer and after we smoked some weed he started crying in the car on the way home and I was like WHAT IS THIS.

I realize my Pledge of Positivity has significantly deteriorated at this point, but this season is what it is, I guess.  It didn't take long for the sideline seats to fill up, as it became clear that there would be no change in the course of this season this week.

And let's face it, even if Nick or Sam did win HoH (my two personal faves), their HoH reign would still be compromised because Cliff didn't have the guts last week to get Christie to burn her Diamond Power of Veto.

At one point all of the falling stopped and the last four up on the ropes were Kathryn, Holly, Analyse and Jackson.  Kathryn looked really strong and was cracking jokes and being funny for quite some time.  She later said that once the real pain set in, she was barely able to speak.

After Jackson fell, she relaxed and let herself drop.  She is so resentful towards Jackson that she just wanted to beat him at that point.  She knew she'd be safe with either Holly or Sys winning, so she dropped to much applause.

Holly ended up winning, which was okay with me because a week of Sys in charge would probably drive me right to drink, as they say.  There was some drama later because when Sys was calling out to Kathryn to please let her win, Jackson reacted on the sidelines and told Holly not to drop and keep going.  Sys was offended by that because she thought they were all in the same group, and doesn't Jackson trust her?

Oh, and in the interest of providing full disclosure, at one point Jackson peed while he was hanging up there, surely causing a Level 2 HazMat situation for the clean up crew.  Or whatever.  Jackson later said that he was expending more energy trying not to pee then he was trying to balance, so he made a choice and went with it.

Will we see that on the CBS show?  The live feeders are already disgusted, so why not the folks sitting at home on their couch eating nachos and such?

One positive thing is that many of the fans have a great sense of humor.  I think you either have that or you become one of the Crazy Ones.  Swaggy C and Bayleigh have a Crazy One they're dealing with right now who is sending Bayleigh's dad (and his co-workers) daily emails containing links to  all of the obscene Swaggy C live feed clips where he graphically describes his now-non-personal moments with Baleigh in the house.  Don't do that people.  You can passively dislike someone without getting active about it.  But if you're that Crazy then maybe it's good that the police are getting involved, because we don't need people like that in these streets.

Jackson got up at the crack of dawn the next morning to prepare a lavish breakfast for the girls who slept up in the HoH with Holly.  She invited Kathryn and Analyse to join her, which was a pretty good idea because the hairline fractures within their group were starting to spread and get bigger.

Let's chat while we watch Jackson compulsively cut the fruit for a fruit salad, frequently popping bites in his mouth but generally being pretty consistent with the size of the fruit.  Yes, I watch Top Chef.  

First, the honeydew.

Then, an orange.

It didn't take long after the HoH comp ended for Cliff to start bowing and scraping to the New Power in the house, which is the same as the Old Power, actually.  He discussed how Nick was trying to sow seeds of discord within the group with Jackson.  Jackson had heard the chatter from Nick about how Christie has been plotting for someone else to win HoH and target him for eviction.  (TRUE)  And also about how Kathryn has stated that Jackson's aggression towards her scares her and makes her feel uncomfortable (TRUE).

I don't think Cliff called Nick a liar, but he certainly implied that Nick was scrambling to find any reason to flip the vote to keep Bella in the house.  Why can't Cliff just keep his yap shut for the next two weeks?  He's already KILLED Nick and Sam's chances of winning Big Brother, so just STOP already. Have some goddamned dignity, Cliff.

And now, the grapes.

Who uses a KNIFE to separate grapes from their stems? Jackson Michie does, I guess.  You could say, "oh, Jackson is being super clean and hygenic for preparing the salad with that knife", but maybe you haven't seen the clip from the live feeds where Jackson has his hand down the front of his pants in the storage room and then grabs handfuls of fruit to take into the kitchen.

Holly pretended to take a bunch of Important Meetings in the hours after winning HoH, but she couldn't even be honest with Sam when he came up to ask her directly if he and Nick were screwed this week.  Holly thinks she's being a Big Boss up there now, but she told Sam the following bullshit lines that we all expected from her:

*  She needs to "listen to the house" to see what everyone else thinks she should do.
*  She wants to do what "the house" wants to do with her nominations.
*  She wants to "keep the peace" in the house during her HoH reign.

Sam, calmly:  I see.  Okay.

Sam's bed was near Holly's bed downstairs and they apparently have been low-talking for weeks about how Jessica gets on their last nerves.  Sam made the point during this meeting that his biggest fear is that he gets stuck in the Jury House with Jessica, and that would be a nightmare for Nick, too.

Sam:  If we could just get one one more week, so she could go home it would be great.  Either one of us would go crazy in that Jury House if we have to spend another two months around her.

Holly shuddered as she grasped the full horror of this, but when the time came Nick and Sam were the two sitting in the nomination chairs, courtesy of "the house".  So Holly isn't just Furniture, she's Real Estate.

Now, it's cantaloupe's turn to join the mix.

I wasn't able to watch the entire kitchen situation, but apparently Jackson made quite a spread for the girls upstairs, including french toast, "candied bacon", and eggs.  Which still disgust me, in case you're wondering.

I've recently learned that chickens are only designed to lay eggs on a regular schedule, every month or so, for procreation of the species.  Like us, assuming all of you are human.  But today's chickens have been so jacked up on chemicals and hormones that they now lay eggs daily, so that human beings can eat them.  "Human beings" like Jackson who are also (allegedly) pumped full of chemicals as well.  So even if you think "free range" is a good thing, you might need to think again.  I'm sickened by the world right now, but more on that later, maybe.

One thing is for sure, if someone else in the house took it upon themselves to prepare such a huge meal without getting permission first, Jackson would have a damn episode about it which would lead to another FISH break on the feeds.

I did watch Jackson proudly display all of the steak in the storage room fridge to Jack and crow over how much they would be able to eat, with "four people out" and another "four people on slop".  (It's three, actually.)

This is Holly when she emerged from the Diary Room to holler the famous question "who wants to see my HoH Room?".  Well, no one was there, so no one did.

You can see Holly all alone on the right side of the picture.  When this has happened in previous seasons, Production has occasionally asked the house guests to try it again, and do it over.  But this time they just let it go, knowing in advance that none of this part would be on the TV show.

Holly went in search of and then herded all of the "excited" house guests up the stairs to see the unveiling.  By then though, the people who did hard time up on those ropes were exhausted, and there has been much chatter since then about how sore their bodies are, and how many bruises they have.

I expect to see this sort of comp again, because the physical part really was sort of amazing.  It wasn't enough to just be light need a good sense of balance and some muscular development didn't hurt, either.

Everyone looked at her pictures and said her dad looked like Robert Redford with his cowboy hat on.  Holly has two sisters and everyone commented on how beautiful the entire family is, and how short Holly is compared to her sisters.

They could see the Dude Ranch and there were a few moments of silent recognition when Holly said they probably won't get to watch Big Brother for another month or so because there is either no electricity or no television (or both, I think) on the Ranch where they are apparently hosting guests all summer.

Holly has been talking non-stop about how much she misses her dog Jackson (yes, Jackson) and was hoping to see a picture of him.  But within seconds of entering her HoH room she said there wasn't a picture of Jackson.  Instead there was a picture of her sister's dog, which is kind of funny.  The weed is strong in the Intern's Office backstage, I guess. They just pulled some pictures from Holly's social media and went with it.

Or else, they did that on purpose, blatantly trolling Holly.  If so, hat's off to you, Intern Stoners.  I hope you're giggling back there somewhere.

This is Sam stirring his yogurt cup while trying to speak to Holly like one human being to another.  If it's any consolation to Sam, I don't think he'll be evicted this week, but of course it all depends on this PoV competition later today.

Nick is the target, driven by Christie after she heard about all of the truths that Nick was exposing about her as he tried to flip the vote last week.  Christie is playing this game HARD and I'd actually rather see her win then someone like Holly.  Or Sys.  Or (gulp) Tommy.  I just can't with his oversized theatrics on the live shows.  You know, with the hands clasped under his chin and all.  It's like he's playing a character and doesn't know how to be himself.

Hot Take:  Tommy ain't that smart, either.

I watched Holly tell him that her father was a former legislator in Wyoming and Tommy didn't know what that word meant.  She had to explain it.  Slowly, with examples.  So, it's unfair to compare Tommy to Frankie Grande, because you could say a lot of things about Frankie, but he was extremely intelligent, with a good education layered on top of that.

Just know that whenever you see Tommy greeting Julie in the Diary Room to cast his vote to evict, I studiously put down my fork or slice of pizza, and try to swallow my sip of beer so I won't vomit.

KNOW THAT, as Sheila Kennedy would say.  (BB9 Former Playmate)

Holly was putting on her makeup for hours while she took these meetings, because she kept getting interrupted and losing her place.  At one point Sys came up and they discussed how they were both running out of things, particularly foundation.  Holly apparently had to choose among several items for her HoH basket, and whatever she chose took the place of her base makeup.

Sys:  I know.  Me too, so I've been just using powder for the days like you have powder?  Oh, but today's a big day for you, so...

Someone needs to get in their car and drive over there and rescue this good boy.  My emotions are in a tailspin right now and I can't even watch stuff like this.  It kills me.  My high school sweetheart I mentioned earlier got jealous of one of my male friends I spent time with in class (my BF and I attended rival high schools) and let it be known that he wanted to turn "Steve" inside out and scrape his skin on the sidewalk until he bled.  That's how I feel right now.

It started watching Bella's eviction and has sort of gone downhill from there.  I guess I'm depressed.  I drove to Perimeter Mall last night to pick up a watch that was being repaired and to do some retail therapy.  I took a shortcut through a beautiful neighborhood with big houses on a windy, curvy two-lane road.  I saw a beautiful, majestic deer being cautious on the left side of the road so I stopped, and thankfully the car on the other side of the road did, too.  The mama deer ran across the road and then her baby, a tiny little guy only about two feet tall kind of pounced along, following his mama but looking really wobbly.

The car behind me started honking in a mean way.  I guess they didn't see the Deer Family just trying to get across without dying.  I don't know where the deer live anymore, because so many houses and buildings are going up in the neighborhood.  And everyone is in such a big damn hurry to get somewhere.  The deer are going to die and that's probably a better outcome than the alternative in the long run.

I watched some live feeds last night and saw an interesting scene in the Boat Room where they discussed religion and Christie was talking about the Four Agreements and various books she recommends along that topic.  Typically whenever Christie talks about her ex-girlfriend we get the FISH, because apparently the ex didn't sign the consent forms, but as long as Christie (and Tommy) word things in a certain way, Production lets the conversation flow for us.

Christie was talking getting married one day and I think Sam offered to be the officiant---I think he may have done that before.  He thinks it will be a while before Christie gets married though, maybe not until she's in her late 30's.

Nick:  I don't think you're ready to date yet though. From what you say about her, I don't think you're over your ex yet.

You can see Tommy's tiny head peak over Nick's shoulder as the camera moved in for a close up.  I realized then that if Tommy wasn't in the house, maybe Christie would have been saying some different things about that girl.  Not necessarily bad, but maybe not quite so positive.  Because her ex-girlfriend's nephew is right there in the house, and cameras are rolling.  And it wasn't the smoothest break up, apparently.  So maybe that's why Nick (and Sam) think she's not ready to move on yet.  Just a thought.

Tommy:  But sometimes you meet someone and it's sudden and unexpected.  You just can't help being attracted to them.

Christie said that her ex is always going to be a part of her life (and Tommy is too, after this summer).

Sam:  But how is the next girl going to feel about that?  Have you thought about that part?

Christie:  That's just the way it's gonna be.  We're always going to talk and have a friendship.

They "joked" about how Christie and Kat will get married one day but Christie laughed it off.  Sam also said if she bought his plane ticket, he'd perform the ceremony free, but wanted Twisted Tea at the reception.

Sam:  Never mind..if you bought the ticket I'll bring that with me.  Four big cans.

Tommy:  FOUR BIG CANS?  Isn't that a lot.

Sam, shrugging: know.

(Yes, we know.)

Sam has also been talking about how he really misses his wife and "joked" about just saying that in his eviction speech on live TV.

Sam:  I could just say, Melissa, it's been 47 (?) days and I'm really missing you and can't wait to come home and be together. She'll just melt right there with millions of people watching.

You may recall Julie Chen announced that as each person fell, they would have to pick something and two of them would get "Poison Ivy".  Those two unlucky campers were Christie and Tommy, and they have to walk around like this for four days.

I think that means four days without bathing, because someone had to put this body paint on them and Christie is already stressing about maybe being picked to play PoV and having some of the paint wash off if water is involved.

Tommy emerged from the DR with clothes for them to wear in addition to the swimsuits.

Christie pointed out that her name was spelled incorrectly on the shirt ("Christy").  Party on, Intern Stoners.  Why not just go for it and spell it "Crusty" like everyone else on Reddit?

Christy loved the little outfit and they also got special blankets to put down on the furniture before sitting on it.  Tommy was "obsessed" with his blanket and wants to take it home.

They won't let them take ANYTHING home with them, of course, but if he's lucky he will find that blanket, still unwashed, in the box that will be shipped to his home sometime this fall.

And you may recall that Holly was upset last week when she learned that the live feeders could see all the intimate moments so she wanted to back off from her relationship with Jackson.  And he got mad.

But Holly eventually caved.  Maybe if she leaves Los Angeles and moves back to Wyoming she won't have to experience all of the hateful drama that will follow her for the rest of her life on social media.  It's inevitable.  Anyone who dates Holly will punch her name into Google and find out all about this stuff, but since she's already dated someone on the Bachelor (or whatever) maybe she's okay with all of that.

I counted six watermelon in storage yesterday.  I'm sure we're down to one or two by now.

Compulsive eaters eat compulsively, I guess.  It's a sickness.

I've never had Captain Crunch.  I've never been Crunchatized.  I think this word should be "Crunchmatized" instead though, but no one asked me.

I think Kathryn was trying to have a private talk in storage with Holly, but they ended up getting bombarded with other interested parties.  Everyone was getting called into the Diary Room but Jack told them they'd be pleasantly surprised to find out why.  It was fun, he said.

Kat: I just came in here wearing a towel to get a tortilla!

Kat likes to eat the tortillas plain, one at a time.  Jessica said that was crazy but Kat pointed out that once you've been a Have Not, you appreciate simple flavors.  Jessica will learn that soon.  I heard her tell Jackson that soon she's going to be back to a size that she hasn't been since high school.  A twelve, I think she said.

Cliff just can't keep Nick's name out of his damn mouth.  And apparently he now can't keep a damn shirt on, either.  Cliff thinks his Kool Kid Kard has been certified, but it's just a temporary pass to the Klubhouse.  I think he's probably just trying to hang around until the Six Shooters start taking shots at each other, but I don't get why he has to pile on to the Nick Train so much.

Holly and Kathryn finally got some time alone to whisper about the plan for the week.  Kathryn is really bagging on Nicole now, too, trying to put a target on her.

Holly:  FUCK Nicole!  Walking around like she's so sweet and innocent.

But right now they're primarily worried about Nick, because they've noticed how Tommy and Christie and Sys have gravitated back to him, enjoying his company and humor.

Kat:  It's like an abusive relationship.

Holly:  Yeah, you forget what they did to you and you keep going back.  That potential scares me..

They started to prepare for the Face Morph competition, which they know will happen soon.  They compared noses, and smiles.  Kat thinks she will be very good at this competition, because she's been paying attention.

I hope Nick has, too.  I am sending positive energy out to him to win the competition today.  Not only will that save him for another week, it will prevent Christie from using her Diamond PoV.  But maybe Nick could somehow talk her into that.....saying he'll put up Jack or Jackson to get them out of the house on her behalf.

I like that idea.  But I don't want to get my hopes up.  Your's either.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, as of last night Jackson is eating more than just fruit in the wee hours of the night. That's going to be a spell that is hard to break.


Bella is on Twitter now.  And she can take it from the fans, I think.  I'm not worried about her ability to handle the Trolls.

And that is Nick's necklace that Bella is wearing.   The CBS casuals are apparently confused about where all of the Nick and Bella love is coming from, but for the live feeders, it's been there from the beginning.  It's been a tight connection from the start, and they are so different that they are alike.  Opposites do attract and can complement each other.

Here is Bella's extended interview with Julie Chen after the live show ended.  I love Bella and she seems like someone I would be friends with in real life.  Someone from casting came up to her in a bar and recruited her for the show, and now her entire life has changed.  It's kind of magical, when you think about it.


Apparently our Ex-Boo Cody Califiore's acting career is really taking off.  I'm so happy for him because he's a sweetheart and has been working hard at building a resume.

And it was heartbreaking to see Winston get the boot on Love Island.  It happened in the first 15 minutes of the show on Thursday, so that didn't put me in a happy mood as I started watching last week's live eviction.

Winston is a gentle soul who finds himself in his small-ish town with all of his friends already married with families on the way.  He was really timid on the show with the girls but that is because he was taking the concept seriously, not just trying to get Instagram followers or something. Going on Love Island was a long shot to find the right girl to settle down with, but maybe the exposure will bring the right girl Winson's way, anyway.

FYI Kaitlyn later clarified that only girls age 20 and older will be under consideration for Winston, so please keep that in mind.


And the title of this post?  Do I have to tell you what it means?

I was always a JC girl and my favorite part of the video is when JC says "Baby come on".  But my two (semi) personal experiences with NSync are as follows:

1.  My "secret" parking spot at Perimeter Mall is on the second floor of the Nordstrom parking garage.  It's quiet and easy to walk across a covered bridge into the department store, and your car isn't boiling hot when you're ready to leave.  One time I couldn't park in my normal spot and I heard a lot of screaming and squealing echoing loudly as I hurried to my hair cut appointment.  I was sort of scared but when I asked a lady inside she said Chris Kirkpatrick was signing autographs to promote a new T-shirt line he was selling inside the Junior Department.  I guess store security didn't want all of that drama inside the store, so they set it all up in the parking garage.  I didn't want to be late for my appointment, so I didn't have time to see it for myself.  But as soon as I was in the chair with my hairstylist, I told him about it and his face turned red and he left me sitting there to run and see for himself.  He said Chris was his favorite but he knew he had no chance because Chris "wasn't the gay one".  It's funny now but I was pissed at the time because out of the two of us, I had a much better chance of getting a piece of Chris than he did.

2.  I saw Lance Bass at a Yankee game one time and he was just a normal human being having fun even though NSync was really at their peak.  I didn't talk to him, but chances are good that Lance has visited this website once or twice over the years, because he is a HUGE Big Brother fan.

HI LANCE!  LOVE YOU LONG TIME LANCE!  You're one of the good ones.


I know I owe you some updates about the TDH GC, who we'll continue calling "Richard".  I don't now if I've described him accurately in the past, but he's super polite and professional, knowing the work that his Company does is very disruptive for people's lives for weeks on end.

We just hit the three-week mark from demolition day last Wednesday, and the master bath is still far from being finished.  There are just so many steps that have to take place one at a time so it takes patience.  "Richard's" team has four other projects besides my house going on right now, so that's a lot of logistical juggling on his part.

Whenever there is a moment when we are alone, there is that situation where we lock eyes and end up smiling.  This week I was telling him about my first trip to Europe when I was in high school and he was explaining about the voltage difference and why we need to buy converters for our electronics when we travel overseas.  (Apparently the voltage is twice the strength of what we use here in America.)  I told him that the dorm I was staying in didn't have an outlet in the room, so I had to sit out in the hallway to blowdry my hair and there was a second where I thought we were going to start kissing as his eyes moved from my eyes to my mouth and then my hair and then back again.  But we didn't.

He brought some guys by to clear out one side of my garage so I could start parking inside it again (THANK GOD) and when I came outside the house barefoot with my car keys, he was already in his truck with one of his workers but he got out and walked down the sidewalk slowly, probably 30-40 feet away, until he was less than two feet away from me, asking if everything was okay for me.

"Richard":  Is everything okay for you "Laura"?

Me:  Yes "Richard".  Everything is good.

"Richard":  You're gonna burn your little feet, "Laura".  We're gonna see you first thing in the morning.

And so it goes.  It's just infatuation because it goes away when he's not around.  I've been taking a break from men after the end of a relationship that took a lot out of me so from that perspective, this is a good thing.  It's shaken up my emotions and now I'm officially on the market for a man again.

Plus, "Richard" isn't married, but I'm not sure he's single.  So there's that.  I'm certainly no homewrecker, but I am already well aware of how that situation goes.  One of The Rules of that situation is that you're not allowed to need them.  And I'm ready to need the right person.

So that is part of my whole emotional crisis right now. I have been very fortunate in life and have many great things going for me, but it's still sad to feel lonely.  And I miss my dog.  My dog was my family. 

I just booked a trip to New York City in November because I've been wanting to go again before the next tax season cycle starts.  And then I'll start looking for another dog.  While I procrastinated writing this, I made a list of twelve vegan restaurants (!) near my hotel that I am going to try and I have plans to hear some live music while I'm there, too.  And if someone has a hookup for tickets to Watch What Happens Live, please let me know.

I'm going to try and manifest an exciting New York boyfriend, too.  I've been driving around listening to Post Malone and that is such a mood for me.  I think Post (or whatever his name is) is so moving, with his low-energy braggadocio and hideous manipulation of his face with tattoos.  (Listen to Rich and Sad, if you don't believe me.)  His music makes me want to cry and make out with somebody, so maybe that is the best an artist can hope to achieve.

But the Nsync music is uplifting and peppy so I'll play another classic for us now.  And I'm going to see the new Quentin Tarantino movie today, the one about the Manson family, in a theater where you push a button and they bring cocktails and food to your seat.  Hopefully I'll be back home and sober enough to catch the end of the PoV competition, which is always the juiciest live feed experience.

Peace out and thank you for being patient with me.  I'm a real person over here, even if the name "Laura" is fake.

When JC sings "Baby I don't understand" it just KILLS me.  But in a good way this time.