Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sometimes a Push Comes to a Shove. #BB21

We're hurtling towards the first real non-Camp Comeback eviction of the season.  I'm sure you know that Cliff is still the HoH, and it's certainly not the situation we hoped for last week when Cliff's reversal of fortune was complete.

Although that wheel ended up spinning a few extra turns in the other direction.  And now instead of taking a shot at the powerful majority in the house, Cliff ended up nominating one of his own, with Christie still keeping her uber-powerful Diamond Power of Veto.  Cliff somehow thinks a verbal promise of two-weeks safety is all he needed to turn on the people he was supposed to be working with.

I'm already sick of talking about the topic. I just wanted us all to be on the same page about the current situation in the game.

One of the events of the week is a House Meeting that Sam called.  A totally unnecessary House Meeting, in the eyes of the live feeders, but Sam felt it was important.  Christie knew what Sam was about to do, and didn't seem too upset about it.  This is the upstairs hallway to the Have Not room.

Sam:  Hear ye. Hear ye...

(If you don't know, that is an ancient method of beginning a public announcement.)

Basically Sam wanted to make it clear that he was not part of Sam and Bella's scheme the night before the PoV ceremony.  That scheme was an attempt to get Cliff to lie to Christie about his intention for his renomination, basically to write a check to Christie and then to just let it bounce, nominating Tommy or Sys (or maybe even Christie) instead of Bella.

I don't know what everyone thought about this House Meeting, but Sam is still going to be a target in the game because he has a proven track record of winning competitions and is not part of the original majority alliance.

Yesterday Sam wondered who would be the house guest to walk right over that wooden table after Julie announces they have been evicted.  They laughed about the way Cody Nickson grabbed his BB duffel bag and walked right over the glass coffee table and out of the house without saying a word to anyone.

Last night while Bella was packing she said that she might spill some truths as she made her way out of the door.  I think she's referring to Christie, but she also said she heard some of the girls talk crap about her right out in the open this week, talking about how much they hate her.

Bella:  Why do they want to kick me when I'm down?

Sam observed that if she leaves the house, the viewers might just see the fish tank since she might be cursing so much.  Bella "joked" she would just go right down the line and berate everyone and spill their secrets.

Holly is trying to get along with Jackson, but it's hard because she is in her early 30's and he is only 24.  That's sort of a big difference at that point in life.  It has been well-documented that Jackson is going right off the rails on the slop diet, and has established a pattern of violating the diet regularly.  One thing the live feeders have seen is that he's taking food (reportedly cookies) and eating them in the shower.

He got called to the DR while he was doing this, so there is speculation that he might be getting some sort of penalty violiation.  If Jackson somehow can't vote tonight, that's not going to help Bella get the five votes she needs for Cliff to break the tie in her favor.

If Jackson gets a penalty nomination though......that might be really interesting.  I do think he seems like a danger, at least to himself if not the people around him.  His angry outbursts are scary to see on the feeds, much less having to witness them in person.  Maybe even directed at you.

This is a rare shot of the bedroom behind the camera walls.  The camera moved back and forth down the hallway outside the Trailer Park (or whatever), looking for the right shot.

Jack made breakfast for Sys and delivered it to her in the bedroom.  She says he does that every morning, which is nice.  I think he made breakfast for Christie, too.

Holly and Kathryn were bitching and moaning about Jackson last night.  They noted that when someone else tells a story, Jackson frequently interrupts with his own version of the tale which is always more or better than the other person's tale.

Holly:  And he's the one who gets so angry when he feels like he's been interrupted.

Apparently Jackson started yelling at Kathryn about what he thinks she might be saying about him in the Diary Room.  We didn't get to see it on the live feeds, but she said she was scared and was looking for assurances from Holly that Jackson wasn't going to target her if he wins HoH.

Jackson is super moody this week and I guess we'll see if his moods stablize when he begins to eat normally again.

Sam knows that an endurance comp is coming up next, and says that he's ready for it, and feels good about his chances.  But unless this competition is somehow different, his odds of winning are likely low due to his height.  Tall men never do well on the endurance comps, but it's true Jason Dent won that one where they stood inside hot dog buns in BB19.

In the wee hours of this morning, Sam had a long talk with Tommy in front of the bathroom mirror, using a nice tone of voice but saying some things that were probably difficult for Tommy to hear.  Basically Sam is trying to sow seeds of discord among the Gr8ful alliance, but subtly, in a way that is meant to grow and fester.  Sam told Tommy that he hates to say this, but he is very hesitant to tell Tommy anything because it ends up traveling around the house and Sam hears back about it later.  Tommy kept his face steady as he listened, but it was obvious he was panicking inside, wondering who was doing all of this talking inside their group.  Bella saw Tommy run upstairs after this conversation ended, and then ran back downstairs, obviously trying to find someone to discuss it with.  They had a good laugh over that, knowing that dirt is being stirred up in some sensitive places.

I'm not sure if Sam was just fishing with this comment, or if he had specifics, but he clearly hit his mark with this conversation. He also asked Tommy what would happen once Nick and Bella are evicted...would he be the next target for eviction?  Tommy couldn't even answer that question, and didn't even try.  Basically Tommy tried to play the whole game off like he's just in there having fun, and has no knowledge of any gaming going on around him.

Nick is glum about the situation, but he's adjusting to the idea of losing Bella.  I think he knows that his game might be a bit stronger if Bella leaves the house.  They did make it official last night that they want to be an exclusive couple, so they've squared that away.  For now, anyway.  She said she's going to be watching the live feeds right along with us if she is indeed evicted and released from the game until the Finale.

Bella has also been sowing seeds with Gr8ful, by telling Jackson that she knows he was trying to give her false hopes of staying this week.  She told him that Christie told her that, but Sam is actually the one who told her the truth.  That is the meaning behind the code phrase "blueberry pancakes", it's Gr8tul's little joke about Bella's plan to stay.  I am fairly certain that Jackson will be LIVID about this, thinking that Christie is working against him behind his back.

What would that battle look like...Christie vs. Jackson?  I'd buy a ticket to that show.

A group of house guests sat in the living room and talked about Big Brother and how they typically experience the seasons.  Cliff says he reads Jokers Updates and if he sees a mention of an interesting conversation, he goes back to watch it on the live feeds.  He and his wife watch the show and also the live feeds all season.

Sam's wife watches the CBS shows and also Big Brother After Dark, but they've never watched the live feeds.  He found out a few years ago that the dispatcher at his work (who may be the "Send It" guy) is a huge super fan so they always talk about the action and what the house guests should be doing and what is going on.

Sam:  I told him that I applied to be on the show and he was like, you're never getting on that show.  But then I thought about it and from everyone who works in my terminal, I'm the only guy who could be on it, because I'm like this, me, all the time.

Christie has a thousand different faces, doesn't she?  I'm startled sometimes by her look in her DR sessions because she looks so different from that camera angle and is usually somewhat made up for the camera.

In this scene they were scoffing at how Bella has been renewed with energy after apparently thinking that she has a way to get the votes to stay.  Cliff said at least twice that Bella is so excited today about it that she can barely speak.

They were laughing about it and wanted to use the code phrase "blueberry pancakes" to signal the others, maybe even on the live show.  This group is trying to be too cute on TV with this kind of stuff, like the way they insisted on blindsiding Nick and Bella with last week's live vote.  They know the winner will be chosen by a Jury of their peers, right?

I was really offended by the way Cliff was instigating here.  He's already cut a deal to basically roll over and give his HoH decisions to Christie, and thinks he has a two-week deal for safety.  So I don't understand why he has to talk so much shit about the people he claimed he wanted to work with.

It rubs me the wrong way.  But supposedly Cliff told the cameras that if the vote is tied tonight, he will cast his vote for Bella to stay.  I think the possibility is there for that, but it's not probable.  I don't even want to mention the fantasy that Jackson will find his ass on the block as a consequence of cheating on the Have Not rules, because that's just false hope all round.

***cringe***  Let's not vote Cliff for AFP, because I think he thinks we all think he's going to win.

Orwell has already been done to death, Cliff.  Just ask Metta World Peace.  Talk about cringing...

I think those lights are from Pottery Barn and are discontinued.  I saw them in House Beautiful and recognized them immediately.  I also saw a version of that turquoise patterned dresser in the HoH room but it was a gray shelving unit that was in a room with a decor titled "Serene Bohemian".

Kathryn was "joking" last night about whether Brett would be appearing in the backyard this season or not, asking Holly and Jessica if they thought it would ever happen.  (Like they would know...)  Holly pointed out that unlike Tyler, Kaycee and Kaitlyn, Brett lives in Boston.

Kat:  Well, I I don't want to say that. I was gonna say they could just take his plane ticket out of my stipend...

They finally agreed that Kat should update her HoH basket request list to include some sort of visit from Brett.   According to Kaitlyn, Brett has a girlfriend, but let's just say A LOT of guys have girlfriends and that doesn't mean much.

Yesterday the house organized a group activity that included everyone, which was really nice.  They had a version of America's Next Top Model that was called BB's Next Big Look.  They were hoping to use the DR hallway as the backstage area for the fashion show, but the DR could not promise Tommy that there would be no DR sessions during the fashion show.  The DR also killed their buzz a few times during the process by telling them they couldn't move any of the furniture.

After a feed break where they got the bad news about that, I heard Sam talking to Nicole with a conversation that implied the pieces of wood that make up the coffee table have little slip covers that look like freshly cut wood put on each individual post.  And he mentioned one of the construction elements in the Boat Room that wasn't finished, maybe near the point of the boat where they didn't need to finish the trim due to the camera angles, so they didn't.

Sam:  I know you probably noticed that too, Nicole.

Nicole:  I did see that.

Kathryn started the BB's Next Big Look production by determining the roles that everyone would play.  I'm not 100% about each person's title, but I think Kathryn, Bella and Jack were supposed to be the designers or fashion stylists.

They played Rock Paper Scissors to determine who got first pick of models, but I'm not sure why Jack didn't have to do that.  I've never played Rock Paper Scissors so I don't really get it.  (I stopped watching The Genius because I don't think having to play Rock Paper Scissors over and over and over and over on every episode is very genius-like to me.)

Anyway, these girls kept picking the exact same choices so it took forever.

Kathryn, laughing:  Mensa!

Kathryn asked who wanted to be models and the model wannabes all put their hands up and they each picked three models.

The last two left were Jessica and Analyse, and Kathryn picked Jessica, leaving Bella with Sys.  You could tell how salty Sys was about it, being last in the schoolyard pick.

I'm sort of worried that Sys will win HoH this week, since it's endurance.  I'm sure Production is also horrified about that because Sys can barely say her own name with conviction.  There's a reason why you never see her talk on the CBS episodes.  She said today that she hasn't had a DR session since after the PoV competition on Saturday, when she went in there to record some play-by-plays of her time on that Jetski.

I'm not sure if Helen was actually pushed or not, but I think giving Sys a nice firm shove would be appropriate for tonight, if it looks like she might win the damn thing.  Do us a solid, Production, but you might want to be sure that's not on the live feeds.  The live feeders have quite enough to bitch and moan about as it is, with the casting issues and all.  We don't need you to throw another log on the fire.

Nick volunteered to wear full makeup, and planned to dance up and grind on Tommy, who was scheduled to be the host of the competition.

Sam, Nicole and Jackson were cast to be the judges of the competition.

Christie was trying to find a men's sportcoat to wear and I think she ended up finding one that David left behind, likely the one he wore in his show opening intro.  She called out to him that he'd get it back later.

Everyone was collaborative in the beginning, but as they action got hot the models tried to hide themselves so that the judges and competitors on the other teams wouldn't see them.  They didn't want to spoil the surprise.

This afternoon, Nick had a long talk with Jack in the Boat Room.  I think Jack called the meeting and wanted to clear the air with Nick about the way their relationship has changed throughout the game.

Nick pointed out that he and Bella felt secure with the alliance and started making relationships throughout the house, expanding their knowledge base.  And maybe Nick said some shit that got around about Jack and Jackson, but when he was the HoH he never put them on the block, so that should show where his loyalties lie.

And then Nick sowed a few of those seeds of discord himself by saying it seems strange that Christie says he and Bella can't talk game with anyone outside the group, but she was in the HoH room alone with Cliff for two hours this week and claimed they were discussing other non-game topics.

Nick:  But Cliff told me that they talked game, so..I don't know.  We don't know what's going to happen.  Maybe someone will win HoH tonight and put me on the block.  But maybe not.  I don't see why Sam has to be punished in there, just for being friends with us.

(Bella joked earlier with Cliff that if she survives this week, she and Nick want to make a Final Two called The Plague, because everyone avoids them now.)

Bella was busy all day doing makeup on Nick and everyone else.  Supposedly Holly gave her a hookup to visit the vineyard she works at out in Malibu if she's evicted tonight, and maybe even to stay at her house if she needs a place to go.

Holly:  Or you could stay at Micky's place...

(Sure.  I'm sure Bella will want to do that, Holly.)

FYI one of Jackson's freakouts in the last 24 hours is that he saw the storage room was filled with all of his favorite foods so he punched the wall.  C*R*A*Z*Y.  And newsflash for Jackson...lots of people like watermelon and grapes.  It's not always all about you.

Cliff kept his look under tight wraps so no one would see it before the show. Cliff was showing some skin, actually, and even twerked, causing his daughter great embarrassment to the point where she claimed she would delete her Twitter account.

Jack played his role to a T, being the fussy, bitchy, self-important designer.

Tommy got made up by Bella, too.  She's got a steady hand, that Bella.

Nick's look included layers that he stripped off, getting down to his skivvies, I think.

Jessica's look was extreme, with arrows stuck through her bun and a shiny skirt made out of garbage bags.  It was very creative.

Kathryn said it was even better than she envisioned it would be.  Nicole had to come in the room at one point to get something and they held up a trash bag in front of Jessica's face so as a judge Nicole couldn't catch a glimpse of her look.

I thought Christie looked fantastic. She was basically wearing lingerie and stilettos under the blazer and knew how to work the runway.

I'm not sure what the deal with Sys was.  Supposedly she is styled to resemble Billie Eilish, but then Christie patronized her by saying she "looks just like Kaycee" and that "Jack has such a big crush and is obsessed with Kaycee" so he'd probably love the way Sys looked.

That's pretty passive-aggressive of Christie, isn't it?  Like how she told Sys she never really talks to Jack much anymore now that he's spending time with Sys, remembering how he used to "stand outside her HoH shower all the time and talk to her while she bathed".  That's pretty bitchy, actually.

Sam was the last person to get styled by Bella before the show started.  She put a bunch of extensions on him so he could have a long ponytail, which he sported proudly.  Nicole wore the zebra print dress that Bella gave her and had some sort of accent and make great avante-garde comments about the models.  Jackson just looked like Jackson, and made comments about trying not to get a boner during Holly's runway walk.  She held a club and looked vaguely menacing, so I guess that turned him on.

I watched most of the little show but was already in a situation where I couldn't take pictures.  I'm sure we'll see some of it on the show at some point, maybe on Sunday if they need filler.

Late last night Bella was packing her things and giving items away to the people around her.  She gave Nicole a sweatshirt, and wanted to give Sam this T-shirt from the Whacktivity competition that she competed in.  Sam modeled it proudly for the cameras, as always a good sport.

Nick:  Dude, that's way too feminine on you.  Take it off, please.

But Sam found the cameras facing him head on and gave them a smile.

Then Bella stepped it up and gave Sam this crop top, saying she knows Sam loves neon colors. Nick said it wasn't even big enough for Sam's son Bradley, but he proudly modeled it.

Sam: My chest looks JACKED in this!

Bella was cracking up and told them that she had a neon pink shirt just like it for Nick to wear.

Nick:  If you're still in the house after the eviction I'll wear it for the competition.

Sam had a hard time getting out of the shirt.  I guess wearing it is all fun and games but when it's time to take it off, the shit gets real.

Kathryn and Holly met in the middle of the night to discuss various matters.  I think these two are actually doing a good job playing right now.  Since going on the block and FREAKING OUT about it the first week of the game, Kathryn has slid right off the radar.  And Holly aligned herself with someone who will soon be a huge target, even among his own alliance.

Cracks have formed and are widening every second.  But unfortunately I think Jackson will have a huge edge in the competition tonight, if it's The Wall.  He's got that crazy determination, but maybe he'll be too hungry to compete properly.

We can only hope, right?  Nicole might have a good chance to win, too, since she's light and seems strong for her size.  Holly, too, but I'm not sure she wants to win.  Or needs to win.  Tommy probably feels the same way, because he obviously doesn't want to take responsibility for anything in the game right now.

It's definitely an endurance competition.  This is the screen that's been scrolling on the CBS website all day.

OK....HE'S HERE.  Ozark is filming now.  Call me Jason.