Monday, July 22, 2019

Q: What Do #BB21 and Gravity Have in Common? A: They Always Let Us Down.

Jack and Jackson were the first people in the backyard this morning, drinking coffee and talking about the events of the night.  Then Cliff came out and it was clear that he's now in self-preservation mode, kissing ass with The Jacks and spilling stories like a prison bitch.

Cliff:  I think I can be an asset to ya'll, I've proven that I'm a competitor.

Jackson: Yes you did, Cliff. 

Jack:  And you just got two weeks of safety...that's a big deal Cliff.

You can see that bandage on Cliff's right leg. I guess he can just relax and recuperate for the next two weeks, since he made this super-secure deal with the Devil and all.

Christie and Annalyse came outside to talk a blue streak and sit mutely, respectively.

Cliff described how Bella came up to the HoH at 2:30 AM and scoffed at how she rummaged through the bathroom for some medicine she could carry out of the room as an excuse for visiting, since she didn't expect Tommy to be lurking outside the HoH room and catch her in the act.

Jack:  Why did she come up there? 

Cliff, scoffing at the question:  Why do you think?

He went on to describe that Bella wanted him to promise Christie that he would nominate Bella, but to actually put Sys or Tommy on the block.  I know Cliff wanted to be proactive about what happened upstairs because Tommy saw Bella going into the HoH room, but his glee in repeating the story feels dirty to me.

No matter what Cliff says now, after the fact, he's not just rolling over this week to buy himself more time in the game, he's also actively screwing over people who depended on him to lead the resistance.

Cliff pulled Nick aside later in the kitchen to tell him what was going to happen, that he was going to put Bella on the block after Jackson saved himself with the PoV he won in the competition.  Christie wasn't going to use her power, saving it in case she needs it in the next two weeks.

===>  Why does Cliff think this is a good deal?  He might be justifying it by saying he's ensuring he can control who will be renominated, rather than risking Jackson nominating Sam or Nick if Christie activated her "secret" power. 

The only "secret" Christie has kept so far this summer is the one about how she has a secret partner in the game, Tommy Bracco.  It's not a twist, or a facet of the game like it was in BB4, BB5, BB6 or BB8.  It's just sloppy casting.  A big OOPS that got swept right under the rug after mentioning it briefly only once during the Premiere.

===>  Doesn't Cliff realize that this screws Nick and Sam over even more, next week and the week after?  And does Cliff actually think that he's not a target now?  Would ANYONE want to sit next to him in the Final Two? 

I find Cliff's constant clutching of the stuffed owl unsettling.  It's similar to Paul wearing the damn pool floaties 24/7 during both BB18 and BB19.  It's undignified.  And if he's trying to angle for America's Favorite Player somehow, I don't think he needs to waste his time worrying about that after this week.

At least Cliff is honest about the deal he cut and what he thinks he will get in return.  That doesn't mean it was a good deal though. 

Cliff:  If I don't nominate Bella, then I've got all of them after me, but if I do put her on the block I get two weeks of safety.  I'm not going to break my word this early in the game.


Nick, obviously frustrated:  This is just like BB19, when everybody did what Paul said all season.  It's just like it!  Hey Live Feeders, you can stop watching now, because Jack is going to win.  IT'S OVER.

Nick said he didn't blame Cliff, but I think it's okay for him to privately blame Cliff for this.  He needs to stay calm and try to reposition himself in the game, but it's okay for him to be bitter.  Because Cliff could have let Christie use her power so Jackson could nominate Bella.  At least that would ensure the power is out of the way going forward, instead of making a drastically lopsided deal that makes no sense at all.


Nick went outside to the patio and sat quietly next to Jack, who knew exactly what sort of discussion Cliff and Nick were having in the kitchen.

Nick:  The worst part is that she brought this on herself.  If she only could have been quiet last week. She just needed to be quiet.

Jack:  I'm sorry you're hurting.

Nick:  It's not your fault.

Jack:  People LITERALLY die from a broken heart.  It happens.

Nick:  ...and here I am, crying to you about Bella going up on the block, when you're sitting on the block next to her.  And I'm fucked now too.  My game is fucked.  I'll be going out next week, and if I don't then I'll be stuck in Jury and will have to wait 60 days to see her.

Nick was crying when the PoV ceremony started.  He was mid-sob when we saw the shelter puppies frolicking happily, clearly not understanding that somehow we need to get through the rest of July and the long, hot month of August before this season is over. 

I guess that's where the puppies come in.  And the kittens at the shelter are cute too, especially the one who insists on sitting in the middle of his messy dinner plate.

When the feeds returned after the ceremony, everyone was hugging, which always seems a little strange.  For example, Jack and Nicole are in this intense clutch that lasted several seconds.  It was quiet in the kitchen, with just the scraping of chairs and people talking in low, respectful tones.

When Nicole first walked into the BB21 house, I'll bet she never thought she'd be hugging up on a Half-Naked Jack so often in the house.  Nicole and Jack were both in the first group of four house guests to enter the house on premiere night, you know, along with Kathryn and Tommy.

That was kind of a random foursome back then, wasn't it?

I think Sys braids her own hair, which is sort of amazing.  There are quite a few discussions out there among fans who claim that Sys rarely takes a shower in the house.  I can only assume that there are pervs who are shadowing her on the live feeds waiting for her to take a shower, because who would keep track of that sort of thing?

And maybe she takes a shower but isn't on one of the live feed cameras at the time? It's not like she is full of chatty conversation that requires camera coverage.  Just saying.

Meanwhile Bella is holding it together, even just after the ceremony concluded and she went up to Cliff's HoH bathroom to have a few private moments.  If waiting for Jack to finish his business can be considered a private moment.

Bella was cool and polite to him, which certainly felt fake.  Because Bella.

Cliff and Sam were coaching her up about how she should approach people to get votes.  She plans to lay low and try stay calm for a day or so before beginning to campaign.  Sam suggested she use the backyard since that gives so many options for quiet conversation.

Cliff:  People are expecting you and Nick to go off around here, so keep that in mind.  And they expect you two to spend time're in a showmance, so they expect it.  If the two of you need private time this week, you can use the HoH room.

Bella:  Oh, I don't think so...

Sam: You might need to.  It's like 99%...or 99.9% that you're leaving.  I'm going to go ahead and hang around you because you're my friend.

Sam: I wouldn't even bother with Christie, because she went out of her way to make sure you went up on the block.  But you can try Kat, Nicole or Jessica.

Bella went through several arguments to use with Nicole or Jessica, including reminding both of them about the comments that Jack makes about women.

Bella:  Like how Jack said he'd flirt with both of them as part of the game, to make them feel good.  And people hate me...if I'm still here next week then I'll still be a big target. 

Cliff pointed out that they have to have Kat's vote to get to a tie, and that's the vote that is going to take the most work.

Sam:  It sucks for me because even if Nick wins HoH next week and puts Jack and Jackson on the block, if one of us doesn't win the PoV then Christie will use her power and I'll go up.  But maybe that's good because I don't want to go to the Jury with most of these people.  Uh....what if Nick is the one who goes home next week and then I'm stuck in the Jury by myself without either of you?  That's going to suck, big time.

Cliff left the room and Sam told Bella the real story about what happened last week, when Sam tried to flip the vote to keep Nicole.

My phone rang so I missed some of the story, but the main point was how Christie screwed over Sam's game, because she used the information about who was voting to keep Nicole against their group later.  And Kathryn, too.

I later heard Nick tell Christie that he was well aware that Kathryn knew about the vote last week but voted on the other side so she could hide it.  For once Christie was silent for a few beats, because there wasn't much she could say about that.

Earlier Sam said that even though he would be sad if Bella leaves, he can't cry while she's evicted because he knows that will be on the CBS show.  He's not sure how their friendship is portrayed on the CBS episodes so he doesn't want to make it look weird if he cries while he hugs her goodbye.  He doesn't want to do anything to make his wife Melissa look bad at home.

Tommy tried to give Nick a pep talk, telling him to stop saying his game is over, that he can still fight to get his game back on track.  Nick actually made quite a few good points about how Jack was unbeatable in the game, and if he can make it to the end being such a huge target then he will get everybody's vote.  I know that rang a bell with Tommy, somewhere deep inside.

Tommy always tries to be sure he's on the right side of people in case they have power the following week.  It seems so obvious, but no one seems to think about this around there.

Nick has spoken at length about how Tommy and Christie betraying with their votes last week was the most hurtful thing of all.  He really trusted them and had a hard time swallowing the fact that they chose to blindside him with their votes.

Bella and Nick talked about the very steep climb they would have to get the votes for her to stay. 

Bella:  There's just so many of them, and only one of me.

Nick said she can go stay with his mother if she needs a place to stay.  His mom will love her, he says, and it might only be for a week, until he joins her. They stressed about how she can contact his family and they discussed ways he can write the number under the covers and then erase it.

Bella, to the cameras:  That's allowed right?

Nick:  Yeah, I'm approving it now.  She can call my mom and dad.

(Production provides all of that information after eviction, I think.)

Sam made a bunch of pizza bagel bites and Sys ate one, being careful not to burn her mouth.

That's about as exciting it gets with Sys in the house. 

Meanwhile the camera crew must have been on a 420 break, because Kathryn did A LOT of talking about subjects that should probably have not been featured on the live feeds.  She told the group about a TV producer on Nickelodeon named Dan Schneider who was recently fired due to allegations of misconduct.

Kat: He's like that guy who got arrested.....who was it?

Cliff:  Weinstein? Harvey Weinstein?

Kat:  Yeah, but with kids.  And he had a foot fetish so if you watch the Nickelodeon shows you see a lot of foot humor with the kids on every show.

Kat then went on to discuss how Britney Spears' little sister Jamie Lynn was on a Nickelodeon show and got written off her show because she was pregnant.  Tommy jumped in to say that young girls have children as teens and they shouldn't be ostracized because of it.

Kathryn:  Yeah.  But the rumor is that it was Dan Schneider's baby.  They pinned it on Jamie's boyfriend at home, but the baby looks like Dan.

Cliff: Allegedly...

Kathryn: Yes, allegedly.

This was actually a fun conversation because they discussed various conspiracy theories and then Kathryn brought up one that she knew Cliff would be interested in, the rumors that the moon walk was fabricated 50 years ago.

Cliff:  Well, I know a lot of people who work at NASA, so if it was fake there were a whole lot of people involved in the conspiracy, so I don't know about that.

Kathryn:  But what about the flag that was waving around with no gravity?

Cliff:  There's gravity up there.  Not a lot, but there is gravity.

They also discussed aliens, too, and Kathryn said she had a few Los Angeles-based conspiracy stories that she didn't want to discuss for legal reasons.

Just a reminder that Jessica is still in the game and in the pool as well.

Sys wants to know what Jack thinks about her, but I guess she can't ask him the question herself.  Christie said that she's noticed that Jack is looking for her now in the house, reminding Sys that in the early weeks the joke was that Sys was following Jack around like a puppy dog.

Christie:  We're not really good friends like that anymore.  In the beginning of the game we were together constantly, but I was HoH back then.  Jack was always coming up there and standing in the bathroom while I was taking a shower, just talking to me about everything.


Christie:  That's why I'm glad to be gay in here.  I knew that there wouldn't be another gay girl in here, so I don't have to get distracted by worrying about romance all the time.  It's really cute how Jack walks around looking for you though.

Nicole:  Yeah, it's really cute.


Nicole addressed the cameras last night from the bedroom, talking to Cliff's family about how much she thought of him and she wanted Cliff to be her Final Two.

People in Los Angeles are so fake, Holly says.  When she goes out she never gets any attention and people don't even notice her.  But when she travels people randomly compliment her, like in Starbucks, and she always laughs inside when she realizes that never happens back in LA.

Kathryn lives in Dallas and gets lots of attention in Texas.  Kathryn and Holly have been angrily talking about what a douchebag Jackson is whenever they have a moment alone.  Jackson and Holly have "broken up" and it sounds like he's making a lot of passive-aggressive comments in public aimed at Holly now.

Kathryn:  He's such a douchebag.  There's no way he can win this game now, you know that, right?

Basically Kathryn told everyone about how there are videos of former house guests having sex all over the internet, like Matt and Raven, because the live feed cameras don't cut away and people save the video. This surprised Jackson and Holly, and Holly later told Jackson that she is worried about that and that set Jackson off in a very negative fashion.  I've heard Holly tell a few different versions of this story, so who knows what she actually said, but the end result is that Jackson felt rejected and got very angry and is now apparently anti-Holly.

Holly:  I thought he would be a good ally in this game and would win some comps to protect me.

Kathryn: Yeah, but as time goes by I kind of doubt that.

Holly also made an offhand comment in the hammock about how hard it is for Jackson to maintain his abs in the house, and he abruptly jumped out of the hammock and sort of dumped Holly and Jackson on the ground.

Holly:  It was kind of scary, actually.

Bella wants to visit Sam's family and see his kids.  Earlier Sam gave her some tips about contacting Melissa, saying that Bella shouldn't curse because Melissa hates that, and Bella certainly shouldn't curse in front of the kids if she visits.

Bella wants to set up an Instagram account for Sam.  Sam told her that even though he's tried to separate himself for game purposes this week, he's going to hang out with Nick next week every day after Bella leaves.  Sam said the two of them will get really close because they will only have each other, so Bella shouldn't worry.

Bella: I'll be watching from outside the walls.

Nick: I was just thinking that it might not be so bad being alone in here.  I know that they hate me now, so the paranoia is gone.  It won't be a surprise anymore.

Later Nick started making some not-so-subtle points with Nicole about seeing clearly now how the season will end up based on the events of this week.

Nick:  At least you made Jury though.

Nicole:  I know.  You could make Jury too though.