Sunday, July 21, 2019

One Small Step For Cliff Hogg. One Giant Leap for the Game. Maybe. But Probably Not. #BB21

A lot has happened.  Let's get right to it, shall we?

Let's pick up here as the nomination ceremony was concluding, with everyone standing up and reacting to Cliff's nomination of Jack and Jackson.  Tommy was very overcome by this turn of events, and appeared to be sincere about being upset about his friends going on the block.

In fact, Tommy was VERY upset about it.  Overly upset, I think.  Some of the fans were saying that Tommy's game started tanking today, because he was so obvious about where his loyalties lie.  He wasn't that upset with Jessica got nominated.  Or Nicole. 

And the talk immediately turned to the upcoming PoV competition, and how the Six Shooters had two powers they could use to help ensure they would make it through the week intact.

Intact maybe, but not unscathed. Jackson was pissed, saying that all of Cliff's talk about wanting to work with him and Holly was a load of bullshit, and that certainly wouldn't be happening now.  But Jackson is the one who went up to Cliff's HoH Office and volunteered to be a pawn.  However, in Jackson's mind, he imagined sitting on the block next to Nick or Bella, not his friend Jack Matthews.

And little cracks are starting to be exposed within the Six Shooter group.  Little irritations and complaints are being voiced as they deal with the day-to-day living situation, dealing with these strangers that they can't escape from.

You know who complains a lot?  Holly Allen.  She usually uses Jackson as a sounding board about her frustrations with the other house guests.  Like Analyse, whose clingy whining is getting on her last nerve.  And Holly is getting FED UP with having to spend so much time with Jessica.  But more on that later. 

And Sys is doing some complaining about Kathryn, probably based on jealousy over Jack's newfound admiration of Kat's attitude and sense of humor.   I mean, Jack LITERALLY said right in front of Sys how much he loved Kat as he laughed at her various expressions and reactions to things. 

And Christie has been venting to many people about how irritating Jackson is, always trying to mansplain everything and tell the girls what to do.  She went off on Jackson with Tommy just last night, saying that the way he brags about hooking up with Kathryn is "just gross", saying that "Cliff is done with Jackson, too". Tommy had to warn her about this, saying that she's been complaining about Jackson a little too openly, like in front of Loud Mouth Jessica. 

Tommy:  If that gets back to him, it's gonna be bad.

I think Nick did a great job acting like he didn't know those nominations were going to happen.  He didn't gloat or show his cards.  Look, I know Nick said and did some regrettable things during his HoH reign, but he's still one of my favorites in the house.  In life you have to let people make mistakes and hopefully they learn from it. 

But I've had a weird feeling about Nick all season. Something about him just seems so familiar and comfortable to me, like I've already met him or have known him in another life or something.  I thought it might relate to his Northeast persona and mannerisms.  I know Nick lives in New Jersey, but he has a Long Island feel to him that I recognized after living there for three years in the late 90's.

But yesterday I figured it out.  Nick Maccarone is the spitting image of another guy from TV that I was also obsessed with from Day One.

And that guy is Christopher Palu, who has appeared on two seasons of Project Runway and is from Massapequa on Long Island.  I also don't know what it is about Christopher, but something about his sad eyes and gentle voice just makes me want to cry.  I feel very drawn to him.  I'm not sure what I believe about reincarnation, but there has to be some reason to explain why we're automatically drawn to certain people, even through the TV screen.

Christopher is so talented, too.  I love the clothes he made on Project Runway and would love to own one of his pieces one day. 

Here is another look at beautiful Christopher.  The resemblance is uncanny to me.  I wish Christopher lived next door to me. I think we would be best friends.  And I hate to call out Nick's dad, or maybe even Christopher's dad, but damn.  How can Nick and Christopher not be related to each other, since they both live in the same general area of the US?  Maybe they're cousins.

It's a good thing that Nick didn't get too happy after Cliff's nominations, because the situation took a sharp turn after yesterday's PoV competition.   They held the PoV Player Pick ceremony on Saturday morning, and this is the way things ultimately turned out.

PoV Players

HoH: Cliff
Nominees:  Jack & Jackson
Additional Players:  Sam, Holly, Jessica, Kathryn, Analyse

The players I lined out above were the players originally scheduled to compete, but Jack decided to use his Chaos Power to force a redraw of the players, probably trying to keep Sam from competing, since Sam is such a Comp Beast and all.   So that will be an additional feature of the ceremony that we see on the TV show, maybe even with loud sirens and (yet more cheesy) sound effects.

You can see that Sam's chip got picked again, and the girls scheduled to play are probably better for Jack, since Sys would certainly save him if she won the PoV.

The PoV competition didn't take very long, compared to the average time they seem to take in most weeks.  And Jackson won.  Yes, Jackson, who was celebrating his win for hours, discussing how he played the competition over and over and over. 

It sounds like they had to contort or twist their bodies to push a bunch of buttons and levers at the same time on a Jet Ski.  Or something like that.  They were in the pool or some other body of water and apparently Jackson jumped in order to complete the challenge quickly.  Kathryn's time was very good, only about 30 seconds or so more than Jackson's winning time.

I heard Cliff say he had trouble doing it with his "Dad Bod" and didn't have the dexterity required to do it quickly.  He also hurt his ankle or foot, and was visibly limping last night and also this morning.  He had to see the medic and has a bandage on his foot.  He thinks he might have hurt it "pushing off" from the side of the pool.

Anyway, Cliff has bigger problems right now than a bum ankle.  Not only is Jackson coming off the block, there was much chatter in the house about how Christie was going to use her Diamond PoV, which would allow Jackson to name the replacement nominee, rather than Cliff the HoH.

Jackson was openly talking about how he was going to nominate Bella, even going so far as to make his nomination speech right there in the kitchen, in front of just about everybody.

Everyone who wasn't playing in the PoV waited upstairs in the HoH room, which is common for competitions where the players compete one at a time in the backyard.  Holly was BITCHING about Jessica, saying that Jessica refused to shut up the entire time, preventing Holly from sleeping.  Holly said that Jessica could not take the hint, and was making a lot of stupid jokes that only she laughed at.

Holly:  And she's so damn LOUD.  I just can't take being around her right now.

Jackson is also very irritated at Jessica, and asked "why is Jessica in here" during a meeting in the Have Not room yesterday.  He is not a fan of Jessica at all.  And Sam has been annoyed with some of the comments that Jessica makes to him for at least a week now.  Apparently she talks down to him in a condescending manner and he can't stand being around her.

Jessica sure is loud on the live feeds, too.  I've switched channels several times when she's speaking, so I understand.

Reality came down hard on Jack after the PoV, even though Jackson assured him that Bella would be leaving the house instead of him.  He was probably bummed out that he lost the PoV comp, and is now facing the fact that he will indeed be sitting in one of the nomination chairs on the next live show.

This morning the house guests were talking about Christine getting boo'ed when she was evicted during BB16 after hanging all over Cody in the house, even though she was married.  They discussed the segment on the show where Christine's husband said he thought Cody Califiore was a nice guy, and that he and Christine would be okay after the season was over. 

Christie asked Sam how he would feel if his wife Melissa was on the show and "sucked on Cody's toes".

Sam: She wouldn't be coming home to our house after that! 

They wondered if Christine and Tim were still married.  They're not.  Tim wrote an article for this website about having family members on the show but I took it off the sidebar after they broke up.  It's all good advice, though.  (If any other family members want to share their thoughts, I will also publish those unedited at any time.  Just saying.)

Then the chatter turned to BB15 and how Aaryn Gries also got booed by the audience after her eviction, and how Julie Chen grilled her with harsh questions and video receipts of Aaryn's horrible behavior.  Christie was generous with her comments, saying she's sure that Aaryn has grown and learned from her mistakes.

And someone brought up Gina Marie Zimmerman, saying that she would have received the same treatment from Julie Chen, except that she made the Final Two and left the house with the winner, without getting booed or chastised by Julie on stage.  Tommy know Gina Marie....they went to school together and he has defended her in the past.  Maybe Christie knows her too, who knows.  (I did not hear Tommy admit to this in the house, though.)

Sam said he "held Gina Marie's sport belt" and was excited about it.  Christie asked what that meant and apparently there is a special microphone belt that you wear when you are going to get wet.  I guess they used it or maybe one like it during the PoV competition, since it was in the pool.

Oh, and they also mentioned that Cliff had to leave his job to appear on the show, and Jack said he did, too.  Jack also said that if he leaves this week he has a list of accomplishments that he plans to work on to capitalize on his BB appearance.  He doesn't want to just go home to his former life without trying to make some changes.

You probably know that yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and moon walk, and Cliff planned to recreate the event later in the evening.  That is the helmet that Cliff made, which is made out of cereal boxes covered in tin foil.  There was some drama about the cereal boxes on Friday, because Jack threw them all away but I think Nick was the one to retrieve them from the trash can.

Because Jack is a dick. Duh.  More on Cliff's moon walk momentarily...

Here's The Thing:  Cliff's HoH week might be a bust because of Christie's Diamond PoV, but I guess that's the way things go on Big Brother.  The primary reason for this is Kathryn Dunn, who is working with Holly as a Double agent, spending time in Cliff's HoH room and listening to every word he says and then going back to Holly and reporting on Cliff's plans.  It's hard for the live feeders to tell what Kat is thinking sometimes, because it certainly has seemed as if she's on Cliff's side with the Outsiders.  But it became clear after the PoV competition that Kathryn plans to vote to keep Jack, or more specifically to evict Bella, who Kat says she has hated for weeks.

Holly:  Bella is like a cockroach running around the house.  We need to get rid of her.

You don't need to be a mathematician to do the math on this vote.  There are going to be 10 voters this week, so Cliff needs at least five votes to evict Jack, allowing him to break the tie to evict his target.  But if Bella is on the block, she can't vote to help them.

Derrick was watching the live feeds as this played out, and he had some ideas about the situation.  This is one of the best times to watch the live feeds, after a PoV comp, because emotions are running high and we all feel like we're right there, playing along.  We are right there, of course.  I probably wouldn't even watch the CBS show if the live feeds didn't exist.  That's what makes this experience so interesting to me.  There's nothing else like it, as far as I know.

I'm sure the feeders were telling Derrick that Kathryn is planning to vote to evict Bella, because within moments the following occurred.

Nick has admitted that Bella may be hurting his game.  No one denies it when he says it.  If Bella does leave, I think Nick can recover, because Sam will be a bigger target than he is.  Everyone realizes what a hot head Bella is, and just yesterday morning she had a stupid spat with Kathryn which was very bad timing for her.

Even Cliff has admitted to people that Bella is "a cancer in the house", which is probably not the best wording to use, but it certainly was descriptive.

Tommy touched base with Sys to tell her that he thought Jack would be okay this week.  Sys got paranoid about the situation, repeating frequently throughout the day that she was positive it would be her going up on the block next to Jack.

Most of the time people just ignored her.  If Bella is a cockroach, Sys is a gnat buzzing around that you swat at in an attempt to shut it up.

When Nick was telling Tommy he was trying to put some space between him and Bella in the game, she came in to the Boat Room and curled up around him.

I just heard Kathryn say that she would rather lose the number advantage in the house and make sure Bella is gone.  You need to know that Christie is having quite a few days on the feeds, making her rounds and crying about her confusion about using her Diamond PoV.   She was very upset that after the PoV Jack and Jackson started celebrating, certain that Christie would be using her power.  She also told everyone that Sam had been following her around hounding her about the power, asking her over and over if she planned to use it. 

For the record, Sam DID NOT do that. And after Cliff heard Christie say that, he warned Sam about it and Sam was like WHAT?  But you can't stop Christie's mouth once she's cranked it up to full power.   Basically Christie doesn't want to burn her power because she has two weeks left to use it, and she might need to save herself.  She's been very busy trying to put together a new alliance that assumes both Jack and Jackson leave the game, and had met with Cliff to get his thoughts on how to proceed this week.

Bella seems to accept the fact that she's the target, and doesn't have the votes to stay.  That's a disappointing attitude, but I do expect her to bounce back and fight.  It all depends on the PoV ceremony tomorrow.  Apparently Christie has to let the DR know by a certain time (around 11:30 AM, maybe) that she plans to use the power because it was designed to be used anonymously.  So some sort of alarm will sound during the ceremony if she uses it, which will allow Jackson to name the person to take his place in the chair.

Christie learned too late to keep her secret power secret.  It's her own damn fault that she couldn't keep it to herself, which made the power so valuable in the first place. 

Cliff visited them and tried to provide some reassurance.  But it just all depends on the use of Christie's power, and of course Kat's vote.  Cliff knows that Kathryn's vote is shaky, and is also unsure about the way Nicole and Jessica will vote.

Later in the day Christie finally stopped talking about it, and took action regarding talking to Cliff.  She was up in the HoH for a long time, and the outcome was that Cliff agreed that if she doesn't use her Diamond Power this week, he would not put Tommy or Christie on the block.  That's not what Christie told her group though.  She made it sound like putting Bella on the block was a done deal, but I don't think Cliff committed to that. He just promised Christie and Tommy safety.

Sooner or later, isn't someone going to try and connect the dots on their relationship?  Maybe ask if they knew each other before the game, since they both live in the smallest borough of NYC and are such a tight pair now?   

Christie did tell Cliff that she and Tommy are bonded since they're both gay, and doesn't like the fact that the other two couples are having sex.  She said the fact that the other two pairs are intimate gives them an unfair connection and she knows she will always be last on their list since she can't have a connection like that.

(Other than coming in the game knowing Tommy, but whatever....)

I'm sure Cliff knows that this is a dynamic week to be a live feeder, all because of him.  He has way too much to do in there right now than to sit and talk to the folks back home about how strong the pot of coffee is, and so forth.  Cliff has real work to do in there right now.

I keep forgetting to post this information about Bella.  You may remember that a few weeks ago (but it feels like MONTHS ago) Kemi and Bella were playing dress-up with Nicole and Bella made her try on Bella's zebra print dress (see the bottom of this post)   It looked so good on Nicole that Bella said the dress belonged to Nicole now, and Bella made her promise that she would wear the dress on Finale Night or maybe just out on the town back home in New York.  It was a fun moment that seemed to kick off the girls having a deeper relationship with Nicole, and even the beginning of the Black Widow Alliance.

Well, on the morning of the live show day, you will recall that Nicole assumed she would be evicted, and was well-aware that her relationship with Bella was on very rocky ground.  Bella told Nick that as Nicole was packing her suitcase, she came to Bella with the zebra dress, having washed and folded it neatly.  She tried to give it back to Bella but Bella told her to keep it, because it was given to her as a genuine gesture and Bella wanted her to have it.

I thought that was really nice.  And a sign that maybe everyone can leave the game behind when the the time comes and deal with each other like normal human beings.

This is my favorite twosome in the house right now, actually.  They are feeling the heat and Sam is having to spend time with other people right now, but they are so funny together when they are busting each other's chops. 

Everyone loves Sam's various trucking stories, too, and his comments about his family.  He gave Ovi three points to discuss with his wife Melissa, so she can cover that information in his next HoH letter if he's lucky enough to get one.  The first thing he wanted to know was if Bradley is still sleeping with his pacifier, and if Bradley can say "Big Brother" yet.  I'm not sure what the third thing is, but he is also going to give Bella a list of things to tell Melissa on his behalf.

Kathryn got her birth control pills from the Diary Room, explaining again that she needs them to clear up her skin.

Kathryn:  Come and get me now, boys.

And then there is Holly.  She was talking to Nicole about the concept of The Bachelor, but I'm not sure she told Nicole that she dated one of the contestants. Several times, apparently.  Several rounds of hookups and break ups.

Basically she was saying she can't imagine how those people get engaged at the end of the season, because in the BB house she is spending every day, all day with Jackson and she can't imagine knowing him well enough to accept a ring at the end.

But....does ANYONE think the relationships on The Bachelor are real?  Isn't it all a ploy to get followers on social media so they can get paid pushing products we don't need?  And to get invited to the various Bachelor franchise shows?  Like Bachelor in Paradise and whatever?

You can't tell me Holly hasn't applied to be on The Bachelor, right?  Of course she has.  C'mon now.

Bella is thinking about going to grad school and she and Nick discussed several options.  All of the schools she mentioned in the Northeast were Ivy League schools that Nick pointed out were very expensive.  Bella said she got good grades in high school and college despite working two different jobs and not trying very hard.

I think they'll try to work it out, at least in the short term.  They seem to balance each other out in an interesting way.  But who knows how that will work in the outside world. 

Last night Sam stayed up late with his new friends, trying to get that target off his back and maybe learn some new information.

This morning Sam took his yogurt into the RV and tried to have a quick chat with Nick and Bella while they had a moment alone.  But then Tommy burst in and jumped in the bed on top of Nick, putting an end to that conversation.

Sam likes to vigorously stir his yogurt cup.  I'm sure the Audio Department is well aware of that, since he holds the plastic cup so close to his microphone.

Oh, and Tommy is FAKE FAKE FAKE.  He is such a YES MAN I can't believe they others aren't catching on to his act.  They will though, eventually, but it might be too late.

Each time Christie retells her story of her meeting with Cliff, she changes certain details.  Basically Christie is trying to make sure everyone knows why she isn't using her Diamond PoV and is really trying to tighten the noose around Bella's neck.

Someone needs to flip that vote though.  I saw Nicole tell Cliff that she thinks she and Jessica will vote to evict Jack but they need one more vote to make that happen.  Maybe the DR can remind Kathryn about how savage Brett's game was last summer.  Maybe they can ask Kathryn What Would Brett Do? in order to get her to vote to evict Jack.

Meanwhile Jackson is just chilling.  And using A LOT of Fabreeze up there in the Have Not room.

Because Cliff lives in Houston, he knows lots of people who work at NASA, so he has a lot of connections to the Space Center and even got to visit the control room one time during the shuttle lift off.  He said there were monitors on the screen that showed each astronaut's heart monitor, and they had to be silent because the astronauts could hear the action in the room.

I lived in Orlando for years, and saw quite a few space shuttle launches from the ground myself.  When the shuttle came back to Earth, it was always very early in the morning, and the dogs could always hear it first.  You'd wake up hearing dogs bark, and then you'd hear the BAM far off in the distance as the shuttle broke the sound barrier.  Or whatever.  I'm an accountant, not a rocket scientist.

I briefly dated a guy who worked at Kennedy Space Center.  He was an engineer who summarized his job as that he planned what to pack in the shuttle's trunk for the trip.  I used to give him crap about that, asking what he did the other 360 days of the year at work.

Christie was doing a lot of whispering here with Sys, but I didn't see the point of straining my ears to listen along.  If Sys was involved, how deep could it be?


In preparation for Cliff's recreation of the moon landing, Tommy and Nicole got dressed up like aliens.  Jessica used some sort of green base corrector to give them both a green tint, and they made headpieces and chokers out of tin foil.

Nicole suggested they appear on "the moon" in advance of Cliff so as not to upstage his performance.

This was an occasion for the Quad Camera, because there was so much action on all four shots.

There was vigorous applause as Nicole and Tommy made their official appearance, setting the lunar scene and perhaps creating debate about whether there is indeed intelligent life out there in space.

Cliff began his performance by recreating the lift-off.

Cliff:  Houston, this is Eagle.  T minus 10 seconds.

And then Cliff rustled the tin foil to create the sound effects, getting down to a tight ball of foil before continuing.

(I think Cliff has done this before, but maybe as a teenager or something.)

I think this was the lift off.  The crowd cheered in appreciation and was loving every second.

Cliff started the countdown and the audience shouted the numbers, counting along with Cliff.

Cliff:  Tranquility base...the Eagle has landed!

And then Cliff and Orwell appeared wearing their helmets, with Cliff walking in a bouncy fashion with his flag.

The crowd roared as Cliff leaned over to plant his flag on the moon's surface, momentarily forgetting they are all sitting in a trailer park outside of an RV.  In a soundstage located in a parking lot, which is where the BB house is located, actually.

Cliff named the astronauts and thanked them for their service and what they meant to America.

I'm pretty sure we'll see this on the CBS episodes.  It was a great display and united the entire house, and also the fans, I think. 

I thought this was really cool.  At the Air and Space Museum on The Mall in Washington DC, a huge space boot descended to celebrate the anniversary of the event.

Personally I think the spectators who were brave enough to stand beneath that huge boot were almost as brave as the astronauts.  What a way to go, right?

And there are special Oreos to mark the occasion, too.  Yum.

In the late 90's one of my favorite groups was The Sundays.  The song Here's Where The Story Ends was MY JAM and Harriet Wheeler was one of my first style icons.  I got a lopsided bob in an attempt to look like her.  I think that was the coolest haircut I've ever had, being a CPA and all. We're a pretty conservative lot, as far as outward appearances go.

Anyway, the song Monochrome from Static and Silence is about the moon landing, how Harriet and her sister woke up early in England to watch it on TV. 


The Comeback Campers are out in the world now.  Please be nice to them.

First David, who just entered the World of Twitter today.  Let's do lunch David.  Everybody loves lunch.

And Ovi, showing wit and skills where formatting is concerned.

Here's Kemi.  She's already blocking the haters left and right on Twitter at @kisseskemi.  And she wrote this message to summarize her thoughts at the present time.