Saturday, July 20, 2019

Cliff Doesn't Plan to Waste His Second Chance. #BB21

We are in the midst of what is shaping up to be a pivotal week as far as the direction of this BB season.  I have a bunch of pictures to roll through and lots of useless information to share, so let's go.


In the wee hours of Friday morning, after:

*  the grueling live eviction show,
*  the late night HoH competition,
*  the reveal of Cliff's HoH room, and
*  spirited rounds of scrambling and ass-kissing as Cliff started taking meetings,

Nick and Sam finally found themselves alone in the same room.  Instead of sleeping in the RV, Nick and Bella moved to a bed outside, saying that that Bella didn't feel comfortable sleeping in the RV anymore so he moved, too.  They whispered as they tried to quickly catch each other up on the conversations they held, and the observations they made as the power dynamic in the house flipped upside down.

We should learn more on the CBS Sunday night show how Nick, Bella and Sam handled being blindsided by the vote to evict Cliff, but at this point in time they felt much better about the betrayal because Cliff is the new HoH.  Cliff told Nick that he was safe, and I think Sam knew that Cliff wanted to work with him since they were both left out of the main alliance.

Cliff had a big night with lots of meetings, and he used his Spy Screen to keep an eye on who was doing what elsewhere in the house.

On the Spy Screen Cliff can see several different views, including this one of the dining table.  There is also a camera view of the hallway outside the HoH room and also a view of the living room.  I think there is also a closer shot of the kitchen, too.

Cliff flipped through the channels quickly, looking for situations he needed to monitor.  It's important to note that the Spy Screen has no audio, just visual, so it's certainly possible to jump to conclusions based just on the views.  The Spy Screen has been around for years, but in the early seasons it could only be used for 30 minutes each day, or something like that.

When Bella finally joined Nick in their new bed (formerly Cliff's pre-HoH bed) they seemed relieved, like they lived through a harrowing experience and were relieved but knew they had to rebuild after a big storm or something.


Sam cut up a bunch of cantaloupes, and I was very nervous about the way he was holding the knife.  I know this is a plastic knife, but I'm assuming you can still hurt yourself with it.  And Sam is not setting a good example for the house guests, the viewers, or probably his kids at home if this is the way he uses a knife.  It just takes a half second to slice through the soft skin on your hands and it can be very hard to stop the bleeding.

When Sam was finished he had  a big tub of chopped fruit and he started eating it with a fork, one cube at a time.  Then Jackson appeared on the scene, taking the bowl and taking over the eating process entirely.  Cantaloupe sometimes has a medicinal taste and smell to me, but when you get a good one, it's delicious.  And chock full of nutrition, too.

The Comeback Campers were still in the house at this time, of course.  David really did have a good relationship with everybody in the house.  In his interview with RHAP he spoke candidly about what it was like to try to live with and play the game with Kemi and he is taking a lot of heat from trolls about those comments.  But he was just being honest, and what he said fit with what was being said in the house.  For example, about how Kemi tends to whisper all of the time, which makes every conversation appear to be game talk.

Nick moved out of his HoH room and he and Bella rested on the bathroom couch while they waited for the pre-show festivities to start.  Production always asks the house guests to go into the HoH room  to be locked down for an hour or so, usually with loud music playing so they can't hear the crew talking in the living room.  I think the crew does some sort of technical rehearsal with lighting and camera cues, and also minor repairs or other home maintenance tasks.

We don't get to watch this HoH lockdown because of the clearance of the music rights, and the house guests are not supposed to talk about the game since any film can't be used.  This is the time when they usually share very intimate stories about their lives, I think.  In early seasons we got to watch the HoH lockdowns and this is often when the girls highlighted or colored each other's hair.

What are we calling this bedroom?  To me it looks like a trailer park, since the RV is parked right there and all, not to mention the cooler and folding chairs.  Also the man standing there in his underwear and all.

That back corner on the left is where many notable BB players have slept.  Like Kevin from BB19 and Nicole from BB18.  It must be so weird for former house guests to see the changes in the rooms where they have spent so much time.


Cliff had a steady stream of visitors, one right after the other, sometimes overlapping with each other in tag team fashion.  Many of the house guests visited Cliff more than once, including Nick.  Nick followed up on the conversation they had the night before and seemed careful and contrite.

Nick:  I know you told me last night that I was safe, but I just wanted to see if you still feel that way and how we should move forward.

It was clear that Cliff has done a lot of thinking about his plans, and has been open with everyone that he plans to take out a big target.  He seems very sincere with Nick, telling him that he trusts him and wants to work with him, as well as Bella who is sort of a package deal with Nick.  It makes sense that Cliff wants to do this, because he knows that Nick and Bella, as well as Sam, were blindsided the night before when he got voted out, and don't have a lot of other options left regarding people to work with.

Nick:  I know I should have put up Jack and Jackson last week, and I blew it.  They're really paranoid right now down there. This is your HoH Cliff, so you need to do what is best for your game, but they're coming for me so I need to take them out as soon as I can.  I trusted Christie and Tommy really hurts that they voted against me and didn't even tell me about it.

They discussed the various nomination options.  Cliff made it clear that Jack is his top target, but there are several things to consider because of the two powers still floating around the house.  Christie has run her mouth all over the house about her Diamond PoV, so the player who goes on the block with Jack needs to be carefully selected in case Jack is saved somehow.

Cliff:  If I put Sys up next to Jack and Jack gets taken off by Jackson, it's a missed opportunity to make a big move.

Cliff seemed to really enjoy his HoH meetings, and commented between visits frequently about how popular he suddenly is, and how much information, real or false, was being dumped on his doorstep.

The night before, after Cliff came back into the house but before the HoH meeting, Sys went sort of ballistic, saying over and over to her alliance that she "fucking hates Cliff" because he "stands around and listens to them talk", and so forth. It is clear that Sys can't handle pressure in this game very well, and is driven to paranoid venting where she repeats negative statements over and over.  And it's not the sort of thing that anyone can help her with, she's just spewing negativity.

Sys spent A LOT of time in the HoH room after Cliff won, being combative about telling him that she "heard" that Cliff was targeting her and Jack as a couple.  It became clear that she was referring to what Christie overheard when she was spying on Cliff outside the Boat Room, but nothing Cliff said eased her mind.  And what would he say about it anyway?  What was the point of her confronting Cliff about it?  Didn't this empty-headed, shallow girl realize that Cliff has the power this week and maybe arguing with him, stuck on repeat about the same thing might not be beneficial to her BB game?

Sys ended up going downstairs to get Christie to hash it out between the three of them.  Cliff claimed he was merely naming the couples, pointing out that he was alone in the game, and never said he was going to target them.  (True.)  Christie was actually the one who made up the "target" part, but of course she was very concerned that Cliff might blow her pre-game relationship with Tommy out into the open.  Cliff showed a lot of patience dealing with Sys, that's for sure.

(FYI Kemi was SHOCKED when she learned about the Christie-Tommy connection during her RHAP interview.  She had trouble processing it and asked Rob to explain it again as the interview continued.)

A week or so ago, Sys expressed surprise that other house guests knew that the logo on her sweatshirt means "Los Angeles Police Department".  Seriously.  She said that.

Sam is trying to distance himself from Nick and Bella in the eyes of the big alliance.  Some of the fans online are calling Sam a rat and being really ugly about it.  Of course.  This is Big Brother and the fans are some of the most dedicated, yet deranged people that often seem like they only watch the show in order to cause problems for the house guests.

It's not in Bella, Nick or Sam's best interest to put targets on themselves right now.  He has one of the best, if not THE best social games in the house.  People like him.  He makes them laugh.  That can help him in the game and it could help the people he works with. Sam is definitely a threat to win, though.  He's in this thing.

Jack was very nervous in advance of the nominations, and tried to make himself feel better by speculating that Nick and Christie might be nominated, or maybe Cliff would nominate him next to Nick or Bella.

Nick played the "poor me" role, acting morose and saying he was pretty sure Cliff was going to nominate him, maybe sitting next to Christie, since he put Cliff on the block just last week, and Christie nominated him the first week of the game.

This made sense to Jack, and you could see that  he felt relieved that someone else might be the target this week instead of him, but he was still worried.

Jack:  I think it might be you and me, Nick.

Meanwhile Sam went up to the HoH for his turn with Cliff.  Cliff put it right out there that he wanted to align with Sam to work together, and said he respected his judgement about the other players in the game.  Sam was really pushing for Jack and Jackson to be on the block together, so that if one of them gets taken down, they will have a big target to evict.

Sam thinks Jackson is a bigger threat in the house, because he is well-liked and could win in the end.  (But Sam is pretty close to Jack, so maybe keeping Jack is a better option for his own personal game.)

Cliff felt that they have Jessica and Kathryn's support, and said he wanted to use Tommy and Christie in the short run to make sure they can meet their goal this week.  Cliff told most of the others that he didn't respect Nick and Bella's method of playing the game, but would need to work with them in the short run.  He did not say this to Sam, and I got the impression that Sam, Nick and Bella were his preferred group to work with going forward.  That's pretty smart, I think, since all three of them are just as big of a target as Cliff.

Cliff:  I thought I had some trust built up with Jackson and Holly, but they voted for me to leave yesterday.  I feel some trust with you since you pulled me off the block that time.  I won't do you dirty in this game.

Bella arrived for her turn with Cliff just as Sam was wrapping up, and Cliff let her know right away that a lot of people were throwing her name out there.  This was not a surprise to Bella.

Cliff:  People are saying that you're devious, but that doesn't bother me at all.

Bella started to explain how she got recruited to play BB and the feeds quickly switched to the puppies playing at the animal shelter.

At some point Jackson came upstairs too, and told Cliff that he had some information to give him, at the request of Ovi.  Apparently when Ovi knew he was out of the game for good, when he was hugging Jackson he asked him to tell Cliff about his Nightmare power that he won, and that he didn't tell Cliff because he didn't want to put Cliff at risk.  (Not the best excuse, but hey that's Ovi's game.)

Jackson also volunteered to go up as a pawn if Cliff needed him. Jackson had been thinking about this for hours, primarily worried about not getting to play for PoV and getting backdoored.  He told the people downstairs that he came to the house this summer to play the game, and was tired of sitting "on his thumb".

Jackson:  I like being uncomfortable.  So let's play.  Let's get this game going.  This is what happens when I don't win HoH, so lets go.

The tensions were flaring downstairs, as Holly got needy with Jackson, wanting to hear all of the information that he learned from Cliff, and from all of his other conversations in the house.  Jackson kind of erupted and got loud with her, saying that shit is blowing up in there and he doesn't have time to stop and talk about it with her.

They both vented about Analyse being so greedy with wanting time with Cliff.  They knew that she had no danger of being nominated because she's a non-entity in the game and were irritated that she was taking up so much of Cliff's time as the clock ticked down to the nomination ceremony.  Complaints about Sys are becoming common, actually, and I've heard them say they wouldn't mind sending her home a little early if it saves their own games.  She is very paranoid and has to be spoken to constantly to calm her down.

Holly wanted to talk to Christie and Tommy to see if they could sit down with Sys and remind her that she's part of their group.

Holly:  I feel like we do that all of the time, so maybe someone else needs to tell her to make her calm down.

Finally Nicole appeared in Cliff's HoH room, for the first time since his HoH room reveal.  Cliff had actually been wondering about her, and suspected that she was going to work for the other side now that she survived being on the block.

Cliff: It didn't escape me that she picked up six votes to stay that would have been votes for me, so maybe she had to make some promises to get those votes.  It is what it is, I guess.  I don't want to count on her to make my plans.

But now Nicole got right to it, saying that there was a lot of chatter in the house and she was being pulled in different directions.

Nicole:  The six have talked about working with me, and also Nick and Bella, so I want to know what you are planning to do and how I might fit into it.

Cliff tactfully explained that he didn't like the way Nick and Bella treated her last week, and he doesn't respect their games, but he needs their votes this week and needs to work with people who are on the outside of the big alliance.

The nomination ceremony finally happened, and when the feeds returned the fans were excited to learn that Cliff made the Big Move, nominating both Jack and Jackson for eviction.  Jack was obviously upset about this turn of events and was reaching for something to be happy about, saying he's pretty sure that Cliff planned to backdoor Nick this week.

Jackson:  No, he's not going to do that.  This is what Cliff wanted to do, so he can forget about working with Jackson and Holly going forward.  That plan is over.

Sam complimented Kathryn's clothing and tried to guess the brand.  Kathryn said that this is what she would wear to work, and is "athleisure".

Sam:  You would wear this to work?  With the crop top and all?

She swore she would, but says she only wears makeup maybe one day each week in the outside world.  This is an example of wearing too much makeup.  Kat looks like a ghost here with her face being an unnatural grey color.  I think Kat should choose a makeup routine somewhere between nothing and this, but no one asked me.

Kathryn is playing the traditional floater game now, working between both groups and getting information from both sides.  No one even seems to fear her in the game anymore.  She's in a great spot right now.

Sam visited Nick in the Boat Room, but seemed nervous about being in there for a long time.

Nick:  People know we're friends, and how we voted last week.  What's the big deal?

Sam told Nick that he's built a good relationship with Sys, saying that he gives her minor game information here and there in exchange with what she knows in the game.

Sam: For example, she told me about Ovi's power, and how he told Jackson to talk to Cliff about it.

Nick was surprised about that and seemed skeptical.  They were surprised that Ovi's power was so strong and they were still hashing out how they were blindsided on the live show.

Sam:  I must have looked so dumb on the show, wearing that stupid Santa shirt and saying "ho ho ho Nicole has to go" to Julie Chen.  And then Nicole STAYED?   Melissa must have been so embarrassed at home, watching that.

During their chat, Jack burst in suddenly twice, probably imitating Kramer bursting into Jerry Seinfeld's apartment.  He would slide in, give them a bug-eyed look, and then close the door and leave.

Sam asked Jack to look at his eye because it was bothering him.  I'm sure Sam's eye might have been irritated, but I think he was deflecting to make it clear that he wasn't talking game with Nick.

At one point Bella came in the room and asked the guys if they wanted her to make them a sandwich, grilled cheese, I think. Sam had just eaten "two cans of soup and two yogurts" so he wasn't interested, but Nick wanted one.

Someone in the hallway, likely Jessica, said sarcastically, "are you making some for everyone".  Bella snapped back to Nick "no, definitely not".

She delivered the sandwich and chips to Nick and it all sounded very crunchy.  He told her that he loved the sandwich and she was surprised, thinking that he would only like plain food without much flavor.  Up until I saw this, I thought Nick might be a Have Not based on conversations in the house.

I forgot to mention that Cliff had to name four Have Nots. I think he got quite a few volunteers, but ended up picking Jackson, Kathryn, Tommy and Christie as the lucky first batch of Have Nots.  The Have Not room is the Camp Comeback room, upstairs down the hall from the HoH room.  Last night Jackson suspected that Cliff was eavesdropping on the Have Not room, and did a little test to try and determine if their conversation could be easily overheard, but the results were inconclusive.

Maybe the prospect of overhearing their conversations is why Cliff chose this group, since he is considering working with all of them and might want to keep tabs on where their loyalty lies.   It's only been about 24 hours and Jackson is already complaining constantly about being cold because "he doesn't eat"  but of course he is eating slop and drinking protein shakes.  And Holly is jealous that Kathryn is living in the Have Not room with him, so there might be some good drama ahead with all of this going on in the house.

Sam told Bella later that he misses his family so much, every minute of the day, that he told himself that if he is evicted before Jury, at least he can go home to see them.

The PoV competition is being played as I type this, and should be over soon.  Earlier today I watched Nick and Bella in the Boat Room and Sam abruptly opened the door and made an announcement.  He said he knew he had been hanging out with Jack and the other Six, but he wanted to let them know that he would never screw them over in the game and they could still count on him.

After Sam ducked out of the room both Nick and Bella talked about what a good guy Sam is, and how he deserves to do well in this game.

Nick:  If he's in the Final Two and I'm on the Jury, I'd vote for him to win.  He's a great guy and I love him.

And GET THIS:  I went to my gym this morning, which is always a good vibe on a Saturday.  There are all age groups and backgrounds in there on Saturday mornings, and I always feel right at home working through my routine.  At one point I was using one of the leg machines, with earbuds in at full blast, when suddenly there was a Big Commotion and a bunch of people ran past me to the reception desk.

At first I thought there had been some sort of attack or shooting, and immediately got ready to run for the exit, but it turned out a man fell off a machine on his head, maybe after passing out.  It was that ab machine that you kneel on and twist from side-to-side.  I had just used that exact piece of equipment so it was weird to see him propped up against it, with blood all over his face.  He's going to be okay, I think.

It was exciting, but it took WAY too long for the ambulance to show up, in my opinion.  Maybe they already knew that the guy was sitting up and talking, but seeing those ambulance guys stroll across the gym, looking around at the scenery  made me mad.  If something like that ever happens to me, I expect the emergency workers to RUN and make my situation a PRIORITY.