Thursday, July 18, 2019

Let's All Hope For the Best, But Prepare For The Worst. #BB21

This is one of the pictures that is rotating on the CBS website this week.  They all look so happy, don't they?  I think CBS knows the odds of at least two of these people being in the game for the long haul are much higher-than-average, so I don't expect their edits to be as brutal as they could be.  I'm referring to Jackson and Tommy, of course.


I've taken a few pictures in the last 24 hours or so.  So let's roll right through it.

Yesterday the morning pattern was much as it's been for the last week.  The kitchen has a calm vibe as David and Kemi sit at the counter sipping from their coffee mugs.  Kemi poured a cup for Nicole and placed it in front of the chair to David's right.

David must have asked Kemi a question about politics, because she carefully said that after the last election, she thinks politics should be left to the politicians, rather than the business community.

The calm morning vibe was broken by the tension of Jack marching into the kitchen to ask who made the coffee.  I didn't hear the response, but Jack then pointed out all of the water on the floor.

Jack:  There's water here, and also over here.

David made some sort of offhand comment about how it got there, which led me to believe that Kemi had admitted to making the coffee and David was trying to cover for her.  Jack only spoke to Nicole, and later said good morning to Jessica, blatantly ignoring Kemi.

If Kemi is giving off negative vibes to a few of the Alphas in the house, it's understandable at this point. Jack seems to go out of his way to make her feel uncomfortable, for no good reason that I'm aware of.

The cameras lingered on Kemi as she silently sipped her coffee, swirling it around between sips as she silently let time tick around her.

Later she said that she won't let this house beat her.  They can try, but she won't let it happen.

Kemi:  And I was here after David came back in the house.  When he got called to the Diary Room with Ovi to get their costumes that first time, I was watching Mickey's silent rage about David.  He kept saying "we don't want him here...nobody talk to him".  And now everyone's on his side now, doing the whole "yeah buddy" thing.  I guess the enemies shift in here as time goes by.  And now it's me.

Jack took his mug and left, leaving Nicole, David and Kemi to sit in silence for a few minutes.  I'm sure all three of them despise Jack and his cavalier attitude towards cruelty.  Nicole has a sort of clenched-teeth relationship with Jack though, where she seeks his approval and assurance, but only because she wants to stay in the game.

David's middle name is Jamal.  David Jamal Alexander.

Nicole:  My middle name is Mary. Nicole Mary Anthony.  We both have three first names.

Jackson looks like he's shrinking a bit.  That happens every summer to the guys who work out.  He recently mentioned some sort of steroid or other substance he takes in the outside world to boost his workouts.

I wonder if that is what caused Jackson's jawline to look so big when he came into the house?  Because maybe I'm just getting used to looking at him, but his face seems more....normal now.

That's Jack's huge foot, by the way.

Christie is really an interesting person.  She seems to have absolutely no reservations about saying or doing anything in front of anybody.  Yes, it's self-absorbed and yes it's overly dramatic and no I wouldn't want to be trapped in a house with her all day, every day for months.

I just can't imagine being like that.  Like Christie.  It was a brilliant casting choice, actually.

If you watch Nicole in groups, she's often protecting herself with her body language.  I'm no expert, but that's what it seems to me.

And if you don't watch Cliff talk the cameras in the morning, you often don't see him on the feeds much at all. Cliff is super low-key in the house, maybe trying to overcome his earlier blunder that was totally self-created.  If he is evicted tonight, it will be because Christie overheard him talking, but not for the reasons that Cliff thinks it will be.

I don't think anyone gives a crap that he tried to align with Nicole and Ovi.  It's that he was threatening the Christie-Tommy secret dynamic.  But unfortunately we won't see Julie Chen tell him about that, because Production is trying to act as if the fact that Christie and Tommy have known each other for 7 years doesn't exist.

Cliff made the pilgrimage upstairs to Nick's HoH room to check in and make sure he's safe this week.  Nick assured him he was, and maybe Cliff believed him.  Even if someone with some juice in the game told Nick that the group plans to vote Cliff out, I'm not sure Nick would believe them.

Cliff getting voted out may be the first blindside of this season, but only for Nick, Bella, Jessica and Kathryn.  And probably Nicole and Cliff, too.

Unfortunately I think Cliff will be toting that stupid stuffed owl around with him, maybe even standing up to hold him during his live eviction speech.

===>  Don't do that, future house guests.  It's undignified.  It's not a good look.

Oh, and Christie told Nicole this morning that Cliff hasn't talked to her at all about her vote this week.  He's apparently only talked to Nick and Bella, that I'm aware of.  Don't do that either, future BB players.  Don't get too comfortable.

Well, Sys finally got some time on the CBS episodes, but it wasn't the type of exposure she probably envisioned.  We saw her adamantly say that Nicole claimed to have been bullied, while vehemently swearing that she NEVER said it herself, but then we saw footage that Sys did say that.  The footage doesn't lie.

To Analyse's credit, she probably has no idea what she said at any given time.  She's not exactly a cerebral, deep-thinking person.  The worst-case scenario to me for the upcoming week is Analyse winning HoH.  I'm sure the network and Production company would agree with me on that.  She is just not a compelling person at all.  Without humor or demonstrable intelligence, there isn't much left to fill a television show.

Sys belongs on Love Island, not Big Brother.  Sorry, Love Island.

Everyone seems congenial and happy today.  Oh wait..that's just the dogs.

They're coming for Sam next week.  Jackson has decreed that Sam should be the backdoor target, and Jackson even told David that if he comes back into the game this week and Jackson wins HoH, David will see that Jackson has a target, and it's not David.

Jackson knows everybody likes Sam, and Sam has a family and people would feel good about voting for Sam to win the money.  Tommy pointed out that with Sam gone, Nick and Bella would only have each other in the game, lessening their power and making them more reliant on the large alliance.

Sam has been trying to get some side deals going, but it's hard to rally an opposition when everyone is afraid of who the next HoH will be.

Can you tell how sunburned Sam's face is in the above picture?  He said it really hurt, and I can see that.  That burn looks like it's going to peel in the next week or so, maybe more than one layer of skin too.

Kemi had a VERY hard day yesterday.  All of the tension and resentment had been building up and she was obviously struggling to hold it together.

Kemi:  I am losing my mind in here.  I am just chomping at the bit to go off at someone, but I don't want to do that.  I know how I will be portrayed if I do that.  But I can't handle this anymore.

She said she would go in the the DR to discuss it with someone, but they would have to "go find someone to talk to her".  WHAT?  Since when?  Having these evicted house guests stay on the premises for the first time, particularly with all of the taunting and baiting, you'd think Production would be trying to provide assistance.

Jessica told Kemi that her habit of whispering and speaking very softly was working against her, because everyone thinks she is trying to plot and scheme all of the time.  And that's true, because I heard Christie venting about how Kemi tries to make everyone look guilty by pulling them aside for whispered conversations.

Kemi:  I've always been like that though.  Like in here, if I'm going to come over and ask to use your moisturizer, I'm going to say it quietly, because I don't need everyone to jump in on the conversation.

I just noticed that basket of chopped wood against the wall there.  I wonder if the logs are attached to each other, since it's intended to be a static display?  I know the house guests aren't allowed to mess with the tchotchkes in there.  Production is serious about their decor.

Someone dared to eat a meal without getting Jackson's permission.  Oh wait...that's just the kitten.

And this happened yesterday.  That is Holly against the wall over there, with Kathryn in the middle and Jackson tying it all together.

Only on Big Brother, right?  Just last week we saw Jackson railing against Kat and telling her to stay away from him in this game.

Suddenly they became aware of the ceiling camera rotating and focusing in on them.  Across the room I could hear Ovi mumbling about how he was over there having a showmance with some pillows.

Jackson was giving both Holly and Kathryn a lecture on birth control pills, and how some of the formulations work for some ladies, and some can have negative effects on their emotions or their bodies.  And both ladies sort of just sat there and took it from him.  I guess they're used to it, and he's in charge in there.

Kathryn is starting up on her pills again, and was talking about how the DR is supposed to let her know when her prescription is available.  Jackson was teasing her about why she needed them, saying what has Kat been up to visiting Camp Comeback.  (David, not Ovi, of course.)

Kat broke out of the huddle and said Hi to the cameras, and also to Brett.

Kathryn:  Maybe Brett is coming in here, and that's why they're getting my pills for me.

(Okay they HAVE to ask Brett to come in and host a competition, right?  Probably the Hide and Go Veto comp.  Hopefully Kat is still in the game to enjoy his visit.)

Kathryn then explained that her face is breaking out so she's hoping getting back on The Pill will calm that down.  She looked up at the cameras for a few minutes and made a few shy comments before shrugging, saying "Bye" and leaving the room to Jackson and Holly.  Jackson then sort of quietly begged Holly for some sort of sexual contact, because he felt that would help him win HoH, but she put him off with some mumbles about "letting her heal" first.

I really don't want to get into this topic too much, but the internet is abuzz with all sorts of speculation about what might be wrong with Holly and Sys.  I am no expert, you'd have to ask Jackson, but I don't think it is an STD.  People have been saying all sorts of mean things about that online, but I don't think we need to go that route.

If Sys could see what is being said about her in those CBS live feed chat rooms, let's face it, she probably LITERALLY wouldn't understand it.

In the Boat Room there was a sudden, AWFUL smell that sent everyone running and trying to figure out who the culprit was.  The chat room thinks it was Sys.  I didn't hear her say it wasn't.  Plenty of other people protested that it wasn't them.  But I didn't hear Sys say anything about it.

The poor hygiene practices in the kitchen are continuing.  Oh wait...that's just the kitten.

Kemi is packing her things this morning.   Nicole said she heard her crying earlier but knows Kemi is a very private person and wouldn't have wanted anyone to disturb her privacy.

Kemi:  Thank you, Nicole.

Sam prepared to enjoy Nick's HoH shower one last time this week.  It  looks like it's going to be a pink polka dot day for Sam.  Bella sort of scolded him about saying too much to too many people in the house yesterday.  (That's rich, coming from Bella, huh?)

She specifically mentioned how Sam told a few other people that he's been laying groundwork with the Camp Comeback players in case they return.  (Jessica, I think.)

Sam:  Yeah.  I sort of caught myself talking and thought about that, too.  Thanks Mom.

Nick and Bella asked Sam if he had hearing problems because he was so loud all of the time and remember that he said his wife Melissa accuses him of not listening to her.  But Sam heard them say that over the noise of the shower, so who knows.

Last night Kemi said good night to Nicole and Sam and made her way upstairs to the Camp Comeback room.  She hugged them and said "that was my first Sam hug ever...thanks".

Sam:  Yeah, well I have to be careful.

Kemi:  Of what?  My mic pack?

Sam, sheepishly: No, you know.  Careful in general.

Kemi, remembering Sam is a married man:  Oh, yeah. That. Good night.

Oh, and Sam is getting real irritated with Jessica.  She says stuff that rubs him the wrong way and thinks she can just get away with it.

Sam:  And she thinks it's so great that she makes breakfast for me.  I can make breakfast.  When she was first on the block, she said, 'if you keep me, I can make breakfast for you every day in the Jury House', and I was like YAY.  Uh.  I hope I make it that far, I guess.

Jack had a little meeting with Nicole to reassure her that he thinks everything will be okay for her.  I don't know if she believed him, but she bowed and scraped accordingly.

Nicole also pulled Christie aside to ask for her support, and Christie told her several times that she's been campaigning for Nicole "this whole time".  Christie also said that in all of the commotion upstairs with the yelling and screaming, she wasn't really a part of that and was just sort of a silent witness.

(Um, nice try Christie.)

Christie:  Not only has Cliff talked about putting me on the block to people around here, he hasn't come to me, not even one time, to ask for my vote.

Bella kept Sam company during his shower.  The theme of the bathroom is really spot on, with the trees and all.  I stayed at a cabin in the North Georgia mountains one time (only ONE time) and it was all fun and games until a big brown bear bulldozed down the doggy gate we had on the porch and paced around the deck, going back and forth looking in the downstairs windows. My dog was even too scared to bark, because we could hear the bear "talking" to us.

We called the old dude who lived next door to the rental cabin and he asked if we had been cooking.  When we said, "yes, we just made breakfast" he said, "oh, that's all it is... the bear just smelled your food and he's hungry".

Oh, so that's all?  Well FUCK THAT.  We checked out two days early and went home.  When you go outside to walk the dog up there at night and the darkness is just PITCH BLACK and you hear a stick snap behind you....I'm just not down with that situation.  No thanks.

Cliff is packing his things this morning and looked up when he heard the camera focus on him.

Hi Cliff.  And probably bye Cliff.  I think Holly told Kathryn about the vote flip and Kat intends to keep it quiet, working both sides a little.  Holly assured Kat that her place in the game is good right now, and admitted that she was part of a big group that was probably going to blow up soon.

Nick is most concerned today with having everyone hear him recite his numbers from one to ten in Mandarin. Nick was VERY proud of this accomplishment.

In Other Nick News:  Supposedly Hamsterwatch received information that Nick has been relieved of his job back home, probably after fans bombarded his employer after the "spit on Kemi" fiasco.  But then someone tweeted the information to TMZ so Hamsterwatch deleted the tweet before the situation could implode.

Jessica expected to give the guys pre-live show haircuts again this week, but after she butchered a few heads last week, she's going to have issues getting return customers.  I just saw Bella cutting Tommy's hair and I think he prayed beforehand and told her "Good Luck" as she started trimming.

Jack shaved and stopped before his face was clean to model this "redneck" look, complete with a whole routine that was actually pretty spot on.  He kept this look instead of shaving it and just told the cameras a few minutes ago that he might keep it the rest of the season.

So, no more Aquaman for Jack.  I guess.  He might need to run that by Production though.  I heard one of the guys say that they didn't want all of the guys to have drastic changes in their appearance, for continuity purposes.


Kaitlyn's PoV appearance on the CBS show last night was a big hit.

I know Kaitlyn was in the house and told the house guests to stop talking smack about former BB players.  It sounds like she plans to discuss all of that on her Thursday night appearance on RHAP after the live eviction.  I am usually watching the live feeds when they return because that is typically the juiciest time to watch, but I always listen to the podcast the next morning.

Kaitlyn will be the regular Thursday night guest on Rob's podcast, so plan your schedules accordingly.


Angela worked her butt off not only writing this book, but trying to get it published in time to publicize it in conjunction with the new BB season.  Not to mention the jewelry line launch for her new business with Tyler.

For future players, THIS is the way you try to leverage your time on the show.  It's all about timing.  And good taste.

Even Oprah is pimping out Angela's book.  I haven't read it yet, but I think she is speaking out about her experiences being a gymnast growing up, and maybe the pressure to be so thin.  Just a guess, because I saw Tyler refer to Angela's "hammock talk" last summer being the basis for the book.  I remember that conversation but I don't think I posted about it.  It was extremely personal.


The internet was abuzz last night with former BB notables supporting the downtrodden Campers.  Nothing unites like a common enemy, I guess.