Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Summer Camp is Coming to a Close. #BB21

This is the Big Week.  Or one of the Big Weeks, anyway.  Tomorrow night, we should walk away knowing who will return to the game from Camp Comeback.  And we might know who the new HoH is, but I expect we'll only see the beginning of the HoH competition.  And maybe even the beginning of the Camp Comeback battle, if it goes down in conjunction with the HoH comp.

On tonight's CBS episode we'll see the PoV competition hosted by Kaitlyn Herman, but if you're reading this you already know the headlines about that situation.

After several minutes of debate, I went ahead and posted David's picture up top.  I hope that doesn't jinx David.  I'm hoping that I'm manifesting the outcome tomorrow night.  If it's a physical Camp Comeback battle, I think David will have the edge, although I wouldn't count Cliff out, actually.  He's expected to be evicted from the house this week, and is sort of a wildcard as far as competition abilities are concerned.  Let's not forget that Cliff outlasted most of the other men in the first endurance-style match-up of the season, a "hanging and holding" type of competition.

So let's RISE UP Atlanta fans and send David some positive energy.  I think he's been pacing himself, storing energy and showing remarkable restraint holding his tongue.  If David is evicted, I think his post-show press has potential to be a compelling set of observations about the hateful undercurrents in the house right now.  If CBS lets him speak freely, that is.  And David will obviously be on The Bold and the Beautiful at some point, forced to read dumb lines that will contain the word "banish" and "comeback".  Duh.   

Of all the things that Jack has done in the house (so far) this summer, his encounter with Kemi where he chastises her for putting her water bottle in the fridge is one of the most awful human-to-human verbal crimes I've witnessed.  This is not a movie. It's not scripted.  I don't even get how Jack thought it was okay for him to talk to her like that.  And I can't even imagine what it took for Kemi to just sit there and try to respond calmly.  Maybe not much, because it was so humiliating it might have made her feel too small to stand up for herself.  Which was Jack's intention, of course.

I can only hope that CBS shows some of that on the prime time episodes.  Go ahead CBS.  We dare you to.

Kemi and David have been careful not to make a big fuss about the obvious issue, knowing that the cameras are watching and surely knowing that in the end the two of them will have the last word on the subject.  That's an important lesson, I think, because when you know you are CLEARLY in the right, you don't need to answer every insult in real time.  Not in this case.

When these two are alone, they talk about it, maybe more than we think because the cameras typically shift away quickly.  For example a few days ago they were together and the live feed cameras lit up on them, maybe hoping for some flirtation.  But instead David acknowledged to Kemi that "Camp Comeback" was certainly "colorful" before the cameras moved swiftly to some other view.

It's going to seem very empty in the house with three people suddenly gone.  Some fans think that the Have Not program will kick off this week after the HoH competition, but that is anyone's guess right now.  I don't mean to leave Ovi out of this discrimination situation, but he has other qualities that made him the first boot, in my opinion. It wasn't until later that we had what looks like a clear racist pattern of behavior, but that doesn't mean Ovi 's ethnicity wasn't a factor in the group's decision.

When David first raced back into the house, Julie had all of the house guests sit in the living room while she talked with them, asking various questions.  At one point Julie sort of snapped back at Ovi, saying something like "how can you feel that way when you were just evicted by a unanimous vote?" and David clapped his hand over his mouth in surprise or maybe just the shock of where he was suddenly sitting, being watched live by millions after sitting alone in a hotel room for two weeks.

This is Christie hugging Kathryn, after specifically requesting a hug from her.  Yesterday I heard Christie laying in the backyard asking the girls where Kat was, and if she might still be asleep.

On Monday (?) Christie confessed to Tommy that she has some sort of crush on Kathryn, even though Kathryn is "not her type".  Tommy said that he "saw that happening" but he is pretty much a Yes Man around there all the time now.

So...let's keep an eye on this new development.  Because you know Christie is going to talk and talk and talk about it.  And doesn't Kat "hate" Christie?  Or didn't she at some point?

Apparently everyone has been begging Production to replenish the maple syrup.  BB made an announcement to "Check the Storage Room" and the house guests couldn't get in that room fast enough, saying "maybe they got us beer", but it was just the syrup.

Sam:  In the middle of the night, they could come on and tell us to check the storage room and every one of us would sprint out of bed and run in there.

Kemi:  Remember when we were all just laying around with no energy and then the doorbell rang?

(Kaycee, maybe?)

Sam said he's taking the same view as Tommy about working out...he's on vacation this summer and doesn't want to do it.  He'll still do planks every day to keep his back strong, but won't go back to a real workout until the summer is over.

Sam had some sort of back surgery last year and says his lower vertebrae are deteriorating after working on a forklift years ago and being rough with it.  He went through the list talking about his "L2", "L3" and such, saying they were shot.

Christie just runs when she feels like she needs "the release" but doesn't want to work out beyond that in the house.

Tommy and Jack had already set up shop in the backyard.  Yesterday Tommy was being prodded with dating questions and told the group that he thinks the right guy for him would either be somebody in the theater or dance industry or a guy from the New York Metro area.  Then Nick tried to get specifics about Tommy's exact sexual preferences but Tommy didn't want to discuss it on camera.  At least not this time.


Christie started a conversation about how hilarious it was for them in their bedroom last night talking about Kemi's Camp Comeback swimsuit.  She described how she asked Kemi why she hasn't been wearing her costume swimsuit and Kemi sort of pulled it out with a "Voila" flourish to show Christie why she didn't want to wear it.

The feeds cut out for a second and then we heard Christie say that Kemi directed her to look at the hideous bow on the swimsuit.  And then how Christie and another girl (Holly maybe?) made a bow out of something and were sticking it to themselves and laughing.

Kemi thought the story was hilarious, obviously.

Nicole thought it was a real laugh riot, too.  Nicole has shown an admirable amount of grace under pressure this week.  And I expect her eventual exit press to be a SCATHING commentary of the awful behavior she witnessed and experienced during her time in the BB house.

Last night Jackson, Jack and Tommy were discussing how they should explain their vote "flip" when they "blindside" Nick, Bella, Sam, Kathryn and Jessica by evicting Cliff instead of Nicole.

Tommy:  What should we say?  Should we pull them aside and give them a heads up?

Jackson:  We don't have to talk to anybody about it.  What good would that do?

Tommy:  ...maybe just say it's better for our games for Cliff to go?

Jackson:  Don't even do that.  Let them be in turmoil and we'll just walk outside and compete for HoH.  We don't owe any of them anything.

Jessica took this chance to talk in great detail about the one two-piece swimsuit she brought and then about the one she got in the comp and whether or not she should wear that one today.  I wish I could tell you more but I felt compelled to change the channel immediately.

Nicole is enjoying her job, but she doesn't think it's her forever type of position.  She's not sure what she's interested in doing ultimately, but she might be interested in writing children's books.  Kemi wanted to be an attorney at one point, with the goal of working on malpractice cases on the hospital or insurance company side of things.

Kemi works out of her house most of the time now, but still has to show up at the "WeWork" office every now and then for a few hours as part of the overall process.

Nicole is going to have very few friends in the house after Thursday night, as only one of the Kemi-David-Ovi-Cliff quartet will remain on the premises.  Assuming Nicole isn't the one evicted this week.  It's certainly possible.

In addition to an ugly black hat, Analyse has an aunt who is into all of the spiritual stuff that Christie loves so  much.  She is a yoga teacher and has given Sys various gifts over the years like a set of "Oracle cards".   Christie is all over this information and can't wait to meet her after the show wraps.  She lives in Venice Beach so Christie LITERALLY wants to immediately drive out there with Sys to LITERALLY take a yoga class and TAWK to Sys' aunt.

Tommy and Christie were talking about TV shows and there are so many shows airing now on so many different distribution channels that no one really knows what anybody is talking about.

Tommy:  I was thinking about that Connie Britton show where she's married to the psychopath...I think it was on Lifetime or something.  Nobody saw it?

Christie:  No, but I love Connie Britton.

(It was Dirty John on BRAVO.)

Sys asked if anyone watches Ozark and only the crickets responded.  Personally I love that show and can't wait for the next season, but I'm sort of doubting my taste now because Sys likes it.  But NO ONE is aging better than Jason Bateman.  Me likey.  Ozark films frequently near a lake just a short drive away from my house. Call me Jason, if you read this.

Sys announced that Sylvester Stallone's daughter is like, her best friend and then she struggled to pronounce the spot where the Stallone family like, lives on their yacht.  But the house guests needed a minute to process this information.

Christie:  What?  You LITERALLY know her?  Sylvester Stallone's daughter?

Sys:  Yes.  She's LITERALLY my best friend.

And then Christie and Tommy played a guessing game with Sys's mangled thoughts to determine that St. Tropez is the spot where the Big Boat is parked.

Sys:  Yeah.  They LITERALLY park the boat in St. Tropez and literally, like live there and have chefs and stuff.

WELL:  The inability of these people to ask follow up questions astounds me.  This is LITERALLY the most interesting thing this empty-headed girl has said all summer (except for her description of Jack's anatomy) and I didn't hear anyone ask questions like, "how do you know her?", "have you been on vacation with her?", "is that who gave you that ugly black hat?", and so on.  It's like that time in BB17 when Austen said he went to a huge party at The Miz's house and he saw all sorts of crazy things happen and no one seemed interested in the slightest.  Yet they all bitch and moan about how bored they are all.  Good conversation is a lost art, ya'll.

The fans found the receipts, of course.  That's Sophia Stallone sitting on Analyse's left, in the white ruffley dress.

Sophia's mom is a former model named Jennifer Flavin.  I didn't look that up, I just remember seeing her on the cover of the supermarket tabloids years ago when she first got together with Sylvester Stallone.  I think they dated for years before they finally married and there was at least one embarrassing public breakup during the courting process. (Maybe via Federal Express, if I remember correctly, from him to her.) Jennifer had a skincare line that she sold either through infomercials or on a home shopping channel and was one of the first to show America the way her skin really looked before treatment, which was the best commercial for her products, I'm sure.

Nicole and Kemi were having a detailed conversation about Kemi's various jobs she's held where she makes money at home doing something with contracts (working with social media, maybe?) and how good the money is and that is what is most important to Kemi.  Christie was laying nearby and probably realized that nothing had been about her for several minutes, so she interrupted them for an important announcement.

Christie:  Just because I'm laying here with my eyes closed doesn't mean I'm not listening to you guys.  I don't want you to think I'm being impolite.

Nicole & Kemi:  Okay.

Christie:  So I want you to know that I'm listening, and I'm interested, even though I'm lying here like this, closing my eyes.  I don't want you think I'm not being polite, because I'm literally listening.

Nicole & Kemi:  Um.  Okay.

They started whispering and lip reading after that, which I thought was funny, although I couldn't hear what was being said between all of the sawing and drilling directly beneath my rolling office chair.

Kemi was mouthing all sorts of words and Nicole would occasionally go "uh huh" and Kemi would continue, using her hand to add emphasis to her words.  At one point I thought she was whispering about "the black thing" but she apparently was talking about Camp Comeback and the rules surrounding that experience.  Kemi is tired of hearing the current house guests spout off about the Camp Comeback rules like they are the ones who created them.

There are frequent shifts in house guest locations in the backyard, as they commonly group and regroup like schools of fish, as Cliff Hogg recently observed.  Bella swam over to where Christie was laying and they started low-talking and whispering in a very non-inclusive manner.

While they talked they mentioned various people looking over at them while they chatted, joking about how people might be worrying about their topic of discussion.  At one point I heard Bella bring up Tommy, saying it is going to be so hard for her to put him on the block and Christie laughed and agreed.

But were they joking at that time, trying to make Tommy paranoid?  Or was Bella being real, and putting herself in even more danger with Christie and her Crew by threatening Christie's secret Final Two partner?

They started pulling a prank, acting as if their discussion turned into an argument, using the clipped, annoyed tones you'd expect these two Alpha girls to use with each other, trying to grasp the upper hand firmly and prove their dominance.

But then they started laughing and asking those around them if they fell for the act.

Bella:  If we meet up in New York and go out together like, ON DRUGS, we're both gonna DIE.

What a great picture of Christie.  Seriously.  It's a keeper.

Tommy asked Nicole where on Long Island she lived, finally after all of this time in the house.  She didn't name the town, but said she was in Suffolk County about an hour from Manhattan.  Tommy said he's probably 90 minutes from her house and Nicole said she wants to come into the city and see all of his shows for the rest of his career.

I would too, if I knew someone who was in a performance. 

Kat's skin is unbelievable, isn't it?  I watched some live feeds last night where two very different, yet very similar conversations were taking place.


Jackson, Jack and Tommy were in the Target Room where Jackson was leading a conversation about what they should do next.  Jackson is the boss in this conversation, of course, and was making the point that Sam is a huge threat in the game because he has the best social game in the house, and gets along with everybody.

Jackson:  Also, his competition skills.....he has to go.

They agreed that Sam needs to be backdoored so he can't play for the PoV.  Jackson also feels that it's time for a classic BB comp because they haven't had one yet.  They think it will be The Wall and if so Jackson says he will stay up there all night because it is a mental comp and he will easily win it.

Tommy:  The Wall?  Oh, that one's mine.  Trust me.

Jackson looked over at Tommy with a bit of a smirk and said it would be a fun time if it were just the two of them left in the competition.

Tommy:  Or at the end of the game!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Jackson: Oh yeah.  Funny.

(Well, Tommy shouldn't have said that.  That comment will come back to haunt him.)


Nick and Bella were in the HoH room and Sam visited them and tried very hard to start and finish a conversation.  Nick obviously has difficulty focusing because Sam had to say several times that this was important and he needed to finish the conversation before Jack came upstairs.  Sam pointed towards Nick and said that first Nick had to SWEAR that he'd keep his mouth shut about this information, that it was just between the three of them.  Sam kind of motioned towards Bella and said he didn't even need to say that to her at this point, but that part I don't understand, because Bella makes jailhouse snitches look innocent.

Anyway, Sam talked to both Kemi and David about working with them if they come back in the game.  He may have talked to Ovi too but I didn't hear them discuss that part.

Sam:  I was in the pool with David and I asked him if he comes back in the house who he thinks he wants to work with.  He said who do you think I want to work with, and then a few minutes later he told me that he's really having problems dealing with Jack.  He said that when he came back in the house and Jack held that meeting to decree that no one could talk game with him, it was infuriating.  And he hates that Jack keeps calling him "Rookie" and "Bud".

Nick:  Well, doesn't Jack call everybody Bud?

Sam:  Yeah, but let's not make excuses for the devil.

They were impressed that David is so self-controlled about his actual feelings.

Nick:  Yeah, David's GOOD..that's why he's here.

Sam also indicated that Kemi wants to work with him, but it's going to take a lot to get Kemi to work with Bella and Nick if Kemi indeed comes back.  Kemi is aware that Nick has called her a "piece of shit" numerous times and has a long list of things Nick has said or done to marginalize her since he's been HoH.

Apparently Kemi, Ovi, David and Sam had a long conversation about their views regarding the police.  I didn't hear the conversation, but I heard Kemi talk about it later and she seemed pleasantly surprised about Sam's views.

Nick brought it up later and said that Sam objects to the FOP cards that people carry.  He had to break it down to Kemi that it stands for Fraternal Order of Police, and if you get pulled over you can pull out that card to show the officer so they know you have a friend on the force and will likely let you go on your way.

I know that was a big thing when I lived in New York, but I'm not sure about other states.  It sounds like a very interesting conversation but it may have been so interesting that we weren't allowed to hear it, if you know what I mean.

Holly had a private low-talking session with Sys about how they both have razor stubble that is being amplified by their various nighttime activities.  Um...GROSS.

Jackson put all of those frozen chicken packages on the dining table to defrost all day.  I think they ate all of it for dinner that night.  It was Taco Tuesday and I watched everybody line up and load up their taco shells with glee.  But I don't think they cooked the shells or tortillas at all, eating them cold out of the package.

Cooking those shells for the recommended time as described right there on the box is what you need to do.  It changes the texture even if you let them cool down before you eat them.  The fans have been skeeved out for weeks about all of the bad hygiene in the kitchen, primarily committed by Jackson.  For example Jackson drinks out of cartons and containers and puts them back in the refrigerator.  So as various hands reached into a package of tortillas and pulled out several, only to shove a few back in the bag, the cameras closed in on the action.  The camera guys know.  They see it all.

They got a new kitchen scrubbie device that Nick was extremely excited about.  It's a little wand that is filled with dish soap with a sponge on the end of it, so you can easily scrub the dishes without getting your hands wet.  It's not a new product, but it's new to Nick, who was so delighted that he held it up to show each person who walked into the kitchen to show them how excited he is about it.

Nick:  Like, all I want to do now is wash dishes!  You don't even get your hands wet.  I'm so excited about this.

I sort of want one of those things now.  I just added it to my shopping list.


I think the key to enjoying Love Island is to get comfortably numb before tuning in, and watching it on the DVR, of course, so you can blow through it in about 40 minutes.  Since the last time I watched it (episode #2) the jealousy and paranoia has ramped up, but the cast is so attractive that they seem to bounce back quickly and look forward to their next flirtation.  They've got to use model agencies to cast these kids, right?

And at the end of last night's show, we saw Winston Hines frolicking in the surf, looking real cute and hopeful about finding true love.  Or maybe just love.

He'll likely appear later in tonight's episode, but if you want to watch Winston, and I know you do, you should plan to tape all of the rest of the shows this week.  Or watch them on the CBS website or app, of course.  I predict lots of supporting tweets from former Big Brother house guests in support of watching Winston.  If Winston brings in viewers, I'm pretty sure they will cast  a lot of former CBS reality players to goose up the ratings.


Whoever writes these tweets is really good.  I'd like to think they are doing the capitalization and grammar stuff on purpose, because dogs only read and write on a third grade level, but who knows.

And if you think household pets like dogs are the only ones who are sentient beings, you need to consider the truth.  All animals deserve humane treatment and should be friends, not food.