Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Some Evidence Never Goes Away. #BB21

LOOK:  I know I've let you down. But stuff is UPSIDE DOWN at my house right now and I've been trying to cope the best way I can.  I'm working in what is basically a closet with the sounds of sawing and banging coming from beneath me and also upstairs on the way to the stairwell.  Every now and then I hear someone stomp in the front door with what sounds like a new voice so I get up to peek over the loft wall to see who it is.  If someone unexpected with evil intentions decided to come upstairs and walk down the hall to the cave I'm currently working in I would be TRAPPED with no way to escape.  But of course  I have a vivid imagination and watch too much Discovery ID channel.

Shout out to Derrick Lavasseur, who is killing it on his new Discovery ID channel show Breaking Homocide, currently airing season two.  Should someone strangle me or chop me up and mix me into the tile thin set, I trust Derrick can help the local authorities get to the truth one day.  And on the bright side, you'll all get to see my SWANKY new shower on TV.  So there's that.

But nothing in my life can possibly compare to the TOTAL MESS that has been made of BB21 by the players who seem to have become so immersed in their own drama that they've totally lost the plot.  Even the players that we all admired have been dragged down by the mess and will have to answer for it for years to come.

I have two different posts that I've started to address all of the action but I just can't go back.  I must go forward but I will try to mention the stuff that I'm aware of.  These pictures were taken a few days ago in more comfortable, spacious times when I actually had windows to see who was parked outside and felt okay about putting on headphones to join the BB world.

Christie is a maniac who at all times feels as if every feeling and thought that she has needs to be stated.  Repeatedly.  And then again when each new person comes into the room.

And about this game, here is a quick update. Kaitlyn Herman was in the backyard to host the PoV comp, which was a puzzle that may or may not be like the one that did her in last summer.

And Kathryn Dunn won it.  No one thought she could win anything, but she won the PoV.  And apparently Kaitlyn told the house guests to stop talking shit about former BB players, because they all hear about it and it's disrespectful.  But later they all sort of scoffed at that, and kept making negative comments.

One of the guys talked about how breathtaking Kaitlyn was and Jack felt the need to point out how many hours she probably spent in the makeup chair before entering the backyard.  That's not something a gentleman would say.  We all know now that Jack not only has a big dick, he is one.

Yesterday Kathryn used her PoV to save Jessica, who was on the block next to Cliff.  What will happen next won't surprise the live feeders much, but the casual CBS viewers will likely go on a strange surprising trip as they watch this week's CBS episodes.  But we won't have so suffer through another G.D. speech from Jessica, so thank you Kat for that.

It looks like a lot of people in the house in this picture, so imagine if all of them are upstairs having a loud party in the HoH room and you are one of the handful of house guests who are not only NOT invited, but are asked to leave, somewhat impolitely when you try to join the crowd.

I think Bailey did try to slam that bedroom door when she was wilding out on Tyler that time, but sliding pocket doors aren't made for that type of action, so the door bounced right back.  But I think we get what Angie Rockstar was trying to say here.

It was SURREAL to see people act like this when they know they are being filmed for a TV show.  It's some real Lord of the Flies stuff going on in there.  It reminds me of some things I saw in college when I was a little sister at a fraternity... there were guys I knew personally who were sweet and gentle, rational human beings.  But seeing them at 2:00 AM all liquored up in a rowdy group could get scary real fast.  And I saw that sort of thing in the Corporate world too, with even scarier results because power and influence were involved.

The Kool Kids upstairs were even chanting and cheering about how great they are, demonizing the weaklings who haven't been doing anything any different than anybody else in there, to be honest.

I know Production has held some serious meetings about what to do next.  I know we don't like to see the game rigged, but I think they should be sure that whoever comes back in the game this Thursday from Camp Comeback should not only have some protection bestowed on them, but also some sort of power.  Because otherwise the next few weeks are going to get real ugly.  Even uglier that the current situation.

To be honest, I never identify with the nerds in the game.  You know, the Ians and the Steves, the Ovis or Nicoles.  I feel for what they go through, but I don't identify with their struggle.

I mentioned weeks ago that I'm intimidated by Jackson though, even though I could buy and sell his sorry ass dozens of times over.  I could put on my Boss hat and call him in for a meeting and SURPRISE... the head of HR is sitting right there with his dismissal paperwork.

I just thought there was something robotic and uncaring about him.  Like no matter how much you tried to work his emotions to have some mercy, to feel a little compassion for you, to please NOT PUT ME IN THE TRUNK, it wouldn't matter.  Jackson is missing that sensitivity chip, and combined with his physical power and his somewhat startling sense of strategy and observational skills, makes him TERRIFYING.

Apparently Jackson got heated with Kathryn about something that we didn't see on the live feeds.  Maybe she had the gaul to eat one of the bananas, or make a sandwich out of his meal prep proteins, who knows.  But we later saw her with the covers pulled up to her neck, whispering about how he told her earlier that he had been involved in some domestic dispute situations.

I've been blocked by Evel Dick, so I can't see the info, but apparently ED found info online where Jackson was brought up on domestic charges last year, and may have had up to seven arrests or violations in the past.  I don't know if he was convicted of the charges, or plead out, or had them dismissed, but the info is there for you to see if you haven't offended His Highness Dick Donato.

During the "Gratitude Circle" they had during dinner a few days ago, Jackson said before coming in the house he had to take FOUR MGS of Xanax just to relax and try to sleep.  As a point of reference, I was prescribed .25 mg tablets for flying a few years ago, after sitting in an airplane full of smoke at 30,000 feet, but that's another story.  My point is that much Xanax is probably like shooting a grizzly bear with one of those tranquilizer darts.

And these two are now kissing on camera, and the sounds are extra-slurpy.  GROSS.

But this is one of my favorite type of pictures, since both of them are pictured in front of their memory wall pictures.  You might know that the fiends on Reddit all call Holly "Beth", because apparently David called her that when he first reentered the house after being banished.  And who could blame him for that?  She's sort of bland, and looks totally different without all of the warpaint.

The hair extensions are way too long, too.  You're a little long in the tooth for those extra pieces of horse hair, Holly.

David tried to be sure that the gang upstairs doesn't think he's downstairs stewing over the situation.  He's still calmly trying to play this game, knowing that he will need to navigate carefully if he's the one to return to the game this Thursday night.

That's one reason why I am making sure to post today, and not to procrastinate about it again.  I owe it to my Atlanta homie David, who has been nothing but a pleasure on the live feeds.  He said he's envisioning sitting in one of the Final Two chairs on Finale Night, wearing that Camp Comeback uniform to put an exclamation point on his pending victory.

Do we dare even hope for that?

I think it's time for Ovi to head back home to Tennessee, but that's just my opinion.  I think he's in WAY over his head and is somewhat limited in what he'd be able to do in the game if he returns.  Ovi has already made himself the doormat of the house.  Once you're down lying flat on the floor it's awfully hard to stand up and brush yourself off.

The only bright side I can see from Ovi's return to the game would be for him to be able to use his Nightmare Power, which is so strong that using it would totally UPEND everything.  As you recall, that power would allow Ovi to change the nominations either right after or during the ceremony to two nominations of his own.

===>  MAYBE CBS SHOULD EXTEND THIS POWER TO WHOEVER RETURNS FROM CAMP COMEBACK.   Maybe CBS could get Ovi to agree to this before the competition begins.  Like maybe all four of the Campers will stand with Julie for a few minutes for a little meeting, making it a confidential pact that the rest of the house wouldn't know about until it's way too late.

Nicole has handled herself so well through all of this, never forgetting that her family both at home and at the school where she teaches are all watching.

And Jack is like a dumb puppy dog who doesn't know how big their paws are, tracking mud all over the place.  He's not scary in the same way as Jackson, because he displays all of his weak spots and vulnerabilities whenever he's around Christie.  He's just entranced with her, sort of like people were with Paul during BB19.

I've heard Christie say that Jack told her that she reminds him of his ex-girlfriend that he still pines for, but I saw pictures of that girl and she bears little resistance to Christie.  She looks like Jenny Garth's head in her 90210 prime stuck on Christmas Abbot's body.  I think she's some sort of fitness Instagram personality who doesn't need Extra Support like Christie.  (Christie needs to start doing some push-ups NOW.)

Oh, and here's the thing with Nicole:  She's on the block now, and assumes she's getting voted out on Thursday, but the group is planning to give Cliff the boot instead.  But more about that in a few minutes, I'm sure.

Check out the variety of fresh fruit and vegetables left on the counter for the house guests to enjoy.  Assuming they have Jackson's permission, of course.

Not kidding about that.

And I'd like to salute the talented Redditor who took it upon themself to track every thing Jackson ate in a 24 hour period.  That's the sort of reporting that I wish I could do, if my life allowed.

The Campers have casual T-shirts to wear now around the house, rather than having to wear the stuffy polyester button-front shirts 24/7.  These shirts are more cool and comfortable.

Yesterday, in front of a large group, Nick asked Ovi if his power would be valid again if he came back in the game.  Here's the thing:  No one knows Ovi has the power besides Jack and Jackson, and maybe Christie and Tommy, if Jack blabbed to Christie.  Cliff was at the table at this time and you could see his face sort of twitch, because Ovi never told him that he won that first Whacktivity competition.

But it turns out Nick didn't know, he was just fishing.  And Ovi covered up pretty well, saying yes, that he would have the power to use the "third bathroom" and everyone laughed.  It was a pretty amazing conversation, but not for the initial reasons I thought it would be.

Sam is still a gem and hopefully he can get some power at some point and figure out the right way to use it.  His connection to Nick and Bella, combined with his competition prowess have put a target on him that I know he knows is there.

And Tommy..... I noticed on last week's live show that he was Becoming a Frankie, with all of the over-exaggerated expressions and exclamations to Julie.  He's just as nasty and cruel as the rest of his alliance, standing by and watching everyone corner Nicole without applying any brakes, and then going to comfort her as if he didn't know exactly what is going on.

I didn't talk about this last week because it bothered me so much, but right after David came back into the house, Tommy told everyone that David "peed all over the bathroom floor", which helped make everyone who was already piling on David as some sort of evil interloper even angrier.  And Tommy said he was going to start splashing water on the toilet seat and blame it on David.

I was really, really, REALLY hoping that wasn't true about David.  And it wasn't.  I've watched David get up in an empty house morning after morning to clean, and I mean REALLY clean, wearing gloves and everything.  David DID NOT do the house wrong like that, and Tommy knows now he can't even try to SPREAD THOSE EVIL LIES.

Maybe Derrick can visit the house with a fucking DNA KIT and get to the bottom of that, Tommy Bracco.  Are YOU the one who did that?

Bella is the Queen of the Castle in there right now, lording over the peasants in Nick's HoH suite.  She's made so many cascading errors in the way she deals with others that maybe the errors will cancel each other out.

Is she just stupid?  Or is she intentionally trying to cause chaos?

I keep hearing people say that Nick is really interested in Analyse.  As an adult watching all most of this, Nick is NOT interested in anything other than Sys's body.  Yes he flirts with her, but that is totally different than what he shares with Bella.

I can tell you this:  That is what men do.  Entertain the thought.  Enjoy the interactions.  Flirt if the opportunity arises.

And in some cases, if they even see a flash of a green light in your eyes, they will move forward.  But it doesn't mean anything.  You just don't know about it because it's not happening in front of you.  It's probably happening at work.  I know.  I've been there.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I remember this conversation because David gave it an Atlanta flair.  Bella was making some bold statements about dating, and David told her that she's the kind of girl who says "Fuck the Waffle House, let's just go back to your place".

And that is such an ATL thing to say.  There is always a Waffle House in a location near you to go to 24 hours a day, 365 days each year.  It's where you go when the bars close, or where you go in the morning wearing the guy's shirt over the disco dress you wore the night before.

But only if they plan to see you again.  Because if it's the Waffle House in your hood, lots of people you know will be there.

Maybe even Kid Rock.  Just saying.

(There is a Waffle House in walking distance from my house.  True story.)

David is in with the Kool Kids, even if he's not one of them right now.  I'm really hoping he's the one to come back to the game, but if he's not I'm glad he got the chance to be in the house like everyone else.

Oh, and to the kids out there who are saying that Tommy's show Pretty Woman is closing in August because "they can't find someone to replace him"... HA HA HA HA HA. 

That is one of the funniest things I've heard this week.  Every single person in a Broadway show has an understudy who is prepared to perform at any minute.  And Tommy's former understudy currently performing the role of the Tumbling Doorman (or whoever) even has his own understudy now.

Get real. Sorry Tommy but I don't like you right now and so unlike David Alexander I am not wearing yellow Playtex gloves.


Nicole tried to tell him that the group he thinks he is working with wanted him gone this week, but he didn't believe her.  And Christie LOST HER SHIT yesterday in the lead up to the PoV meeting, telling everyone that she was sure she was "going up".

Christie:  I'M GOING UP!  I know it!  Nick has asked me how I slept at least four times!  I KNOW I'M GOING UP!  All the guys know about it!  I'M GOING UP AND I'M GOING HOME!  I KNOW IT I KNOW IT I KNOW IT.

And she keeps talking about being on her fucking period all the time.  She was talking about it NONSTOP after last weeks Whacktivity Comp (that she won), saying she was EXTRA SENSITIVE and the COCKROACHES KNEW IT.

Just shut up Christie.  You're not so special and you're setting us all back generations by blathering on and on about it.


Or whatever.  See a doctor if you can't handle yourself Christie.  Or just shut up like the rest of us.

You could almost hear her tiny neck snap when he squeezed her.

And Kemi looks really cute in her Camp Comeback costume.  She wanted some of Nick's HoH cookies yesterday, Famous Amos cookies, but didn't feel comfortable going up there to ask for them.  She asked her friend Sam to go up there and ask for a handful and bring them down to her.

Sam:  I can't eat chocolate, so that excuse won't work.

Then Sam suggested she go up there and get a handful herself, on the sly, and put them somewhere to see if he says anything. And if he doesn't, she can feel free to eat them.

Kemi:  Sam, are you sure you're a truck driver?  That's some devious stuff you just came up with.

Kat and Nicole fed the fish and enjoyed a few moments of lighthearted normalcy.

It looks like they are serious about not wanting to kill this batch of fish, because they are wearing gloves to handle the food.

You'd think Kat would be one of the Kool Kids, but they didn't really accept her.  They will be surprised to learn that Kathryn is one of the Fan Favorites right now of the internet crowd.

If Kemi is the one to return on Thursday night, I'm not sure she can pull it off.  There may be plenty of fireworks, but I'm not sure she can focus enough to try and win the game.  She seems beaten, but is very conscious of how she will be portrayed on the TV show.

She doesn't want to be the Angry Black Woman and is concerned about losing her temper with Bella after last week's eviction.  She knew that incident would be featured on the CBS show and she was right.

When Sam is shrieking in the Diary Room on the live shows, he's often talking to his sons at home.  I'm waiting for him to say "Who's Daddy's best friend?" because I think that's their thing together at home.

Sort of like our old friend Mr. Pectacular, who has his own best friend now.  It's about time for him to appear on the show this season, isn't it?  I can feel it.  It's almost time.

The next cycle of this game will all depend on who wins the new HoH, of course, plus any special circumstances that arise based on the Camp Comeback winner.

Bella and Nick should root for an underdog to win the HoH, unless it's Kemi.  Because surely one of the underdogs will try to attack the head of the beast.  But we've all been disappointed before.

Like this week, with Nick's nominations.  And renomination.

Sys just doesn't matter.  She got DUMPED but doesn't accept it.  Jack tried to soften the blow by saying that their relationship makes them a target in the game, so they should put some space between them.  But Sys is still clinging, and what can Jack do?  He's only human, and she's constantly making herself available to him.

(See the Bad News I reported above about men.  Sorry men.  But it's true.)

Jack has been venting about it, but Jackson issued orders for Jack to keep it up with Sys, because everyone already knows they are a showmance, so he needs to continue the charade.  But it's so obvious that Jackson wants Jack and Sys to be a showmance to MAKE THEM A TARGET over him and Beth Holly.

Jackson and Holly meet and giggle about how the other couples are such huge targets right now, while they just fade into the background.  And Holly has been complaining about how insufferable Sys is to spend time with, always complaining about how she hates everything and everyone in the house.

Will they last as a post-season relationship?  Hmm.  Maybe.  At least until the end of 2019.

But super publicist Lori K. won't sign them.  She won't be signing any couples from this cast, unless David and Kemi somehow hook up.  But I don't think Kemi is soft enough for David, even though he's tried to melt her ice a few times.  David is going to have lots of options when he comes home.  Or stays out there.  Whatever.

This is Nick doing The Crow.  And holding it for quite some time.  This yoga move is very hard to do.  At least it is for me. It is the one yoga pose that I just can't do.  But maybe I've been trying too hard.

His feet were off the ground, in case you can't tell from the picture.

People are going to be PISSED in there when they find out that Tommy knows Christie.  I noticed that on the CBS episode where they showed Christie eavesdropping on Cliff's Boat Room soliloquy, they totally skipped the part that really bothered Christie.

You know, the part about how Cliff thinks the connection between Tommy and Christie is "more than casual".  That is what most upset Tommy and Christie.  And THAT is why Cliff will be the one evicted this week.  I just hope we'll get to see Julie Chen tell him about the Tommy-Christie connection, but I seriously doubt it.

Production just wants to pretend that this casting error never happened, because I don't think they've mentioned it since that first time on premiere week.  If the online sleuths didn't discover it in the pre-season, it would never have been mentioned.  Cliff may just have to learn about it during his RHAP interview.

I wish Cliff wouldn't insist on toting around that fucking stuffed owl.  It's not a good look, Cliff.  And Christie is using that as ammunition right now about how much you are creeping her out by slipping quietly into rooms and staring at everybody.

Sam drinks a lot of milk and people commonly bring a glass of it to him without Sam even saying he wants one.  It's his thing, I guess.

The Cows:  Please switch to soy, almond, cashew or oat milk Sam so we aren't separated from our mothers at birth and tortured, neglected and abused.

(Sorry, but if I'm going to spend time on these crappy blogs I have to get some sort of message that matters to me through.)