Thursday, July 11, 2019

Is The Person You'd Take a Bullet For The One Behind the Trigger? #BB21

It has been like Grand Central Station at my house this week, with two different construction projects going and a steady stream of nosy inquisitive neighbors just strolling in to check out what is going on since the front and garage doors have often been wide open.  I didn't get to tune into the live feeds until just now, but I think I got a feel for what is happening, such as it is.

I'm going to start with a bunch of pictures I took earlier this week and forgot to post, and then tack on a few new pictures, while I chat about some of the latest info that I think you need to know.  And maybe some you don't.  As usual.

Years ago I used to post live feed updates for one of the big websites, and I posted some chatter about what was being used to prepare a sandwich, saying that I didn't think the mayonnaise belonged on the particular sandwich a house guest was making.  Suddenly the BB cameras focused in and out repeatedly on the jar of mayo and I knew they were reading my updates.

But I have not posted about Spiderman, and didn't even know there was a new Spiderman movie out until a day or so ago.  It seems to me that the people in Hollywood have trouble coming up with new ideas, doesn't it?  Hasn't Spiderman been done to death?

Sam tried to make a play for keeping Kemi in the house yesterday.  Bella told him on Tuesday about the Gr8ful alliance that all of his friends were a part of, but not inviting him to join.  So Sam must have tossed and turned all night, waking up to the idea of keeping Kemi instead of Jessica, because that is better for his own game.

Sam was in the storage room, still in his undies when he started his Save Kemi campaign.  Unfortunately, unless there is a shocking blindside tonight, I don't think Kemi will have the votes to stay.  If Kemi had somehow badmouthed Bella and Nick to Christie or Jackson, I think they would have wanted to keep her in the game.  But she didn't, not that I am aware of anyway.

And from what I heard this morning, it sounds like Sam is in trouble too, maybe from trying to help out Kemi, or maybe because he's friendly with Bella and Nick, who seem to be hated by the people who matter in their supposed alliance.  Jackson said this morning that "those two" sleep in another room and don't even hang out anymore.

Christie went off on a tangent about Nick, saying that he's not going to win anything, and he "runs like a girl".  She said the sight of him wearing Bella's too-tight clothes and pink toenail polish makes her want to throw up.

So...I really hope Sam, Nick or Bella wins HoH tonight so we can see Christie, Jack and Jackson sweat it out and kiss ass all week long.  I didn't name Holly and Sys, because who gives a shit about them anyway.

Jessica was surprisingly calm while sitting on the block.  I think she's confident she can stay, but I did see her eyes widen when she heard about yesterday's push to keep Kemi around.  Can you imagine how that would feel if you were Jessica?  This game is hard, ya'll.

On the feeds Jessica often discusses how you can make money off social media.  While some fans roll their eyes and bitch about it, I think it's interesting.  Sys has been wearing a lot of "Nasty Gal" clothing and Jessica told her not to post about it just for the free clothes, as a lot of girls do.  She talked about the various contracts where the pay depends on what you post and where you post it.  She also talked about how much money a single post can earn depending on how many followers you have.   I don't remember the specifics, but it seemed really easy for one of these popular BB players to earn $500 or $1,000 for just one post.

Part of me wants to snipe that they should keep their day jobs, but the people who had day jobs advertising clothes are losing them by the minute.  So who knows. 

When Kemi learned that Bella has been spilling all of the Black Widow alliance secrets, she was livid and hurt and was threatening to make a scathing eviction speech saying that there is a snake in the house and her goal was to go after that snake.

But I don't know if she feels like that anymore.  I watched Bella share some information with her yesterday and at least Kemi knows that Bella may tattle on her, but she's tattling on the other people too.  I know Kemi felt very hurt by Bella, but I know it's not personal.  That's little consolation at the moment, but it will help ease the pain and mend the relationship months from now.

Winning those two PoV comps, plus the trip to Fiji put Sam on the radar this week, even before he tried to rock the vote yesterday.  I'm not sure about this, but I think the Gr8ful alliance might now be aware that Sam knows about them.  Because Bella told Sam about it, of course.

This morning Sam went into the Target room to tell them about an interaction he had with Jessica and after he left Jackson said something about how he was just going to wait and see if Sam mentioned anything about "it" to him.  If Jackson knows that Sam knows, it might be due to Bella, since Bella is the one who told Sam in the first place and seems to be trying her hardest to mess up everyone's game.

Meanwhile Kathryn has slipped right off the radar and seems to be enjoying herself in the house right now.  She plans to cast her vote to evict (Kemi, unfortunately) and might be mentioning Brett at the same time.  Like, "Brett, call me".

So let's all watch for that exciting live show content.  It's her first time voting so she's excited about that.

This morning Tommy told Jackson and Christie that their plan should be to nominate Nick and Sam if their team wins HoH.  Then if Bella wins PoV and takes Nick off the block, Sam can go home.

That plan might actually be for after Camp Comeback ends, because I think Cliff or possibly Nicole is the plan for the fourth and final member of that twist.

By the way, somebody with a drone has been flying over the BB house and snapping pictures.  This is the set for tonight's HoH competition.  It looks like a crap shoot to me.  Some people think this is Production's gift to Jackson, who has a bum foot from the PoV injury, but these comps are planned weeks ahead of time.  And until the Camp Comeback twist is over, they probably don't have the time to feature HoH competition activity on the Sunday show, anyway.

Kemi has been addressing the cameras at various times, but not in the same way that Cliff is.  In this scene she was apparently very frustrated with the way Jessica was just standing in front of the open refrigerator door.

Kemi:  ....what about having a plan before you go over there and open the door and just stand there....maybe there are 15 other people who'd like to go to the refrigerator too....

LOVE the bitching about others to the camera idea.  I LOVE Kemi's deadpan personality and sense of humor.  She was telling the others recently that the DR tried to make her say some of her soundbytes in a manner that sounds more like Da'Vonne, with the snaps and head motions.

Kemi:  When do I ever use that tone of voice or talk like that?  Never.  I never do that.

The BB cameras didn't want us to hear these comments, of course.

I don't remember what this conversation was about, but I realized we don't see much of Tommy in my posts so I thought I would show him some love here.  He is a very dangerous BB player because unlike many of the other members of his alliance, he knows how to keep his mouth shut and is constantly reading the room.

That's a skill that can really help in life.... tuning in to the energy of the people around you and observing the body language and voice cues.  And then just filing that info away for future reference.

Cliff is probably safer than Nicole is right now, because even though he outed her as someone he was working with, she is viewed as being able to win more competitions than he can.  Nicole's name has been tossed around as a potential target next week, due to her involvement in the Black Widow situation and also having some sort of connection to Cliff.

There are a whole group of fans out there who want David and Kemi to hook up, using the hashtag #Demi.  I'm not sure that is going to happen.  But I used to share an office with a girl who was rumored to be dating a black guy we worked with.  She would say this:  "Just because he's black and I'm black and we know each other, that doesn't mean we're dating".  And this comment would stop the conversation immediately, every time, just as she intended it to.

But....those two have been married for nearly 15 years now, with three kids, so.... (they TOTALLY were dating and in love but wanted to keep it quiet until he could find another job since she was technically his manager).

David was in the shower yesterday and when Kemi was the only other person in the room David called her over for some low talking.  He said he noticed she didn't smile much in the house, and her overall presentation felt like she was sighing all of the time or something.

David:  I know being on the block is tough, but being able to smile more might have an impact.  We're going through something here where you could make some life long friends, so I just wanted to talk to you about that.

Kemi listened closely.  This conversation is probably not what she expected, but I don't know what girl wouldn't like to hear what he just said, because it proves that he's thoughtfully watching her and wants to reach out to help her.

As she walked away she laughed about something and he said, " have a beautiful smile".

Oh, and the house is out of Dove Body Wash, so somebody needs to take care of that immediately.  Kemi has been quite vocal about liking very tall men, and believe me I get that, but David is the type of guy that doesn't come around every day.   Not in the BB house and not in life, unfortunately.

So think about it Kemi.  Sometimes you meet people in the last place you'd ever expect to.

Christie has been bitching about Bella and Nick and I heard her mention a necklace that one of them has been wearing "night and day" that belongs to the other.  Is this Nick's necklace then?

Christie:  Those two are coming out of here as a couple.  Trust me I know!

(Says the person with the BUILT IN FINAL TWO with Tommy.)

I would love to see these two bitches square off and battle it out.  We need that, right?

Kemi put some sort of cream in her hair that she needed to apply for about an hour and then wash out to give her curls more definition.

Kathryn said she loves it when Kemi wears her hair loose and "full of secrets".

Jessica was very interested in this product because her daughter (step daughter, maybe?) has hair that is curlier than Kemi's she says, and was not surprised to see that the product "comes from the Dominicans".  Jessica said that the Dominicans are serious about beauty products and she goes to salons owned by them when she visits New York.

Sorry Kathryn.  I have to post it.  It's weird to see her with all of the face paint after her usual au natural look in the house.

They got all dolled up yesterday, probably for DR sessions and taped good bye messages.  Jessica reverse-mansplained it to David, saying that they want the fans to know they care about their appearance after looking so casual around the house.

Holly does a lot of makeup "tutorials" and just said on the live feeds that she's not sure "which camera" is used for the live feeds so maybe none of her lessons have been broadcast.  Christie just said she is "physically ill" thinking about all of the losers who have nothing better to do than to watch the live feeds and make cruel comments about someone's appearance.

Jessica:  Are live feeds even on right now?

Christie:  No, I don't think so.


They look more like brothers every day.

The writing on Nick's arm or torso was his first tattoo and it's a "house" tattoo.  He explained that means that someone did tattoos for others in their home, maybe at a party, because they didn't have enough experience yet to work in a licensed shop.

Nick told us what it said, but the piece of paper I took notes on is MIA since I've started moving everything out of this room to prepare for Monday's tile installation.  (My space is chaos right now.)  Nick said he regrets this tattoo but he can't get rid of it because the tattoo is raised and you can feel it.

Sam said it is a tattoo for blind people then and Nick explained that he had his arm raised like this the entire time the guy worked, so when Nick puts his arm down it looks like it's a different size.

The tattoed face on Nick's left arm is apparently Charlize Theron, but that wasn't Nick's initial intention.  He got that tattoo for some other reason, but asked the artist to make the face more natural, so the artist used Charlize's face.  Nick says some people think it looks like Taylor Swift, though.  They can't say "Charlize Theron" on the live feeds though.  She's not having any of this, apparently.

LOOK:  I'm trying to be subtle here, but DON'T GET TATTOOS.  That shit is PERMANENT.  I feel like I've spent half my life trying to ensure that I have smooth, soft skin so I just don't get why you'd want a picture of Tweety Bird on your left leg.  Or whatever.  Where ever.

Poor Sys doesn't have a clue.  She is clearly threatened by Jack's close relationship with Christie and told Jackson and Holly that Jack talks about the game with Christie much more than he does with her.

They were like, YEAH WE KNOW.  But instead of saying that they both started slinging shade at Christie and Jack, trying to plant seeds in the rocky soil of Sys' brain.


One thing I liked about the UK version is all of the slang they use, which  was so foreign to me when I first heard it.  (Like getting "pied" by someone.)   But the US version doesn't seem to have the same charm, or any charm, if I'm being completely honest.  And the constant need to make every scene like a mini-music video seems like a tell that they don't have enough content to work with.

An hour each day in prime time is a lot of time to fill.  I wonder it that schedule will hold for the rest of the month.   I'm out on this show after watching two episodes and am relieved about that, since I don't have time to watch it anyway.

But if something or someone real juicy pops up on that show, I might check back in.  Who knows.


If you're not a regular reader then you might want to check out now and move on with your day.  But for the rest of you...I have some news.

Me and the TDH GC....  something is definitely going on.  I don't know what is going to happen, but my heart is pounding just thinking about it.  It's just the type of distracting summer fun I need right now, actually.  Here are a few clues if you have any helpful feedback for me.

1.  In the early days of this project, we would sit together side-by-side looking at pictures of doors and other construction stuff, whatever.  When I would turn my head I noticed he was looking at my face and at the time I felt self-conscious about it.  But yesterday he did it when we were standing face-to-face leaning over the kitchen counter and I realized he's been staring at my mouth.

2.  We had a situation last week where he texted me that he was going to find his notes and call me back, but he never did.  When he came over Monday of this week, he brought two workers with him and once he gave them some instructions and they left the room, he turned to me.  (For the purposes of this illustration, let's say our names are "Richard" and "Laura", neither of which are obviously our real names.)  So he turned to me and said "Laura, are you mad at me right now?" but he was grinning at me because I clearly wasn't showing any signs of being angry.  And he has a European accent so the way he says my name is so damn sexy.  I have NO IDEA what I said back to him, because I thought we were in business mode and was surprised by how flirty his question was.  I always know what I'm doing, but I have no idea what I did just then.

3. Then, on Wednesday I wasn't really expecting him, but thank god I had on one of my favorite dresses that is super cute but looks like I'm not trying to look cute, if that makes sense.  I was so not expecting him that I was in the kitchen measuring out peanut butter to eat with my apple (because, calories) and he came waltzing in because the front door was already wide open.  (I told you, it's chaos around here.)  His head turned the other way to look at a guy putting down tile and I said "Richard, you're here!" and he kind of jumped and said I scared him.  I said, "oh, I'm scary?" and he said "No Laura, you're not scary" and walked about six steps over to me and put both arms around me in a hug, right up against the kitchen sink.  Not a "shoulder hug", a "body hug", but not rubbing up on me or anything nasty.

He's so tall that my face was in the center of his chest, which makes him the PERFECT size.  When I saw him walking those six steps towards me and sort of taking in my whole scene I think I went into blackout mode, because for the life of me I can't remember what I did with my hands.  They were wet from the sink, I think, but where did I put them?  I hope to god I didn't raise them up around his neck.  That would feel natural, but for a tall boyfriend, when you are about to kiss them.

Today he came by again unexpectedly but there were tons of people around us most of the time.  He was walking by me at one point and I turned around from my conversation to hand him a folded check with my right hand to his right hand and I don't know why I did it, but I used my left index finger to touch his left forearm like I was pushing a button or something.  What the fuck.  His worker walking behind him was staring at the rings on my hand, so I know he caught that.

Maybe we are just flirting and having fun and I will get over it when the project is complete.  He is a very sought-after GC so I don't want to make working together on other home projects out of the question.  But other than that I think I'm going to go with the flow and leave it up to him.  It's fun to have that fluttery feeling out of nowhere, really.  It's unmistakable when you have it, but it can be so hard to find someone to feel that way about.

That's all.  Just wanted to share because I'm so distracted by it that I'm shirking my BB duties because of it.  He was standing outside my house today talking to one of his workers and he looked so cute in his sunglasses that I took two blurry pictures of him from my upstairs window so I could stare at them on demand.  I was walking home from the gym later and I realized that those pictures were now in Google Photos (or whatever) so does that mean that HE can see them there?  He has access to other pictures in there, so COULD HE SEE THE PICTURES I TOOK OF HIM TOO?

God damn.  I knew technology would fuck me eventually.  I deleted the pictures but I hope to God he didn't see them.