Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Whispering is Bad. But Talking is Worse. #BB21's where we are right now:

*  Jack is still the HoH.
*  Kemi & Jessica remain block-mates after Sam did not use the PoV.
*  Kemi faces a tough battle to get the votes to stay.  It does not look good for her.

Well, first of all we need to discuss what happened on Tuesday morning, because that is likely to set up some extreme drama rippling through the house and will likely impact the way Super Fans play in the house for quite some time.  Let me break it down for you... note that I usually don't use the Quad Cam because I like to use larger pictures, but in this case featuring all four camera views makes sense.

Cliff had some breakfast and prepared himself to have his little morning session in the Boat Room.  He saw Jack in the kitchen and then made his way to the Boat Room and took a few minutes to situate himself with all of the blankets and Orwell.

Cliff started out slowly, telling his wife that he saw the moon last night, and how he knows all of the daily rhythms of the other house guests.

Cliff:  David is probably up somewhere, and it looks like Jackson was up late last night and made a pot of coffee that is just half-warm right now.  And Jack is in the Diary Room.  The backyard is going to get locked down today around 11:00 am so they can start building the set for the live show out there.

You can see Jack walking down the hallway past the Boat Room, which shares a wall with the bathroom mirror.  We later learn that Jack had a dream about his ex-girlfriend, the girl that Jack has such a complicated past with.  Apparently in the dream this girl was freezing Jack out due to his situation with Analyse ("Sys"), who has been sleeping with him (and staying awake with him) for the past three nights in the HoH room.

Then Christie got up to use the bathroom and went over to give Jack a very long, very friendly morning hug.  He told her that he needed to talk to her later about his dream, and how he got overwhelmed in the Diary Room and was taking a quick break to get a cup of coffee before going back in for another round of talking.

Meanwhile Cliff has transitioned from small talk about wanting to see HoH room pictures for everybody to telling us about the house gossip.  Jessica has been talking trash, he says, and may or may not have been the founder of the Women's Alliance that only lasted a few hours.

Cliff:  I think Bella may be driving that narrative, but perception is reality in here, I guess.  And Sys is very upset about the trash talking about her and Jack.  We're going to be locked in here together for a few days, and that is going to lead to more whispering and paranoia.

Cliff named the three couples he sees who are working together at this point:  Jackson & Holly, Nick & Bella, and Jack & Sys.

But then at the EXACT time that Christie happens to be walking past the Boat Room door on her way back from the bathroom, Cliff says her name.  And Tommy's name.  And she heard it and stopped to listen.  If this was a TV show or a movie, it would seem too coincidental to be real.

Cliff:  And Christie and Tommy seem to be really tight.... I think they may be working together now and are the fourth couple that I need to worry about.  I think their connection in here is less than casual.

Cliff: And let me give you all some advice.  Don't ever think the other people in the bedroom are all asleep. And don't start whispering in bed, because the sounds carry over to the other side of the room.

(And we all know that what Cliff is saying about Christie and Tommy is correct.  And I'm sure that some of the whispering that the two of them were doing would have easily led someone to know that their relationship is much, much tighter than everyone thinks.  Like, seven years tighter, to be somewhat exact.)

Cliff then continued writing out his own death warrant by saying that he thinks Sys' relationship with Christie might be in danger due to the connection to Jack that both of them have.  Cliff thinks that little threesome is in for some problems due to some growing conflict between the girls.

(Cliff is so right here, but for all her pre-season trash talking, Sys couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag in that house.  Jack is actually going to "break up" with her later in the day after being coached by Christie as to what language to use.)

Then Cliff keeps right on running his mouth, but drags down other people, too.  People who are probably sleeping peacefully right now, unaware that Cliff is airing out their secrets.  And if you had one secret to tell someone in that house, you should NOT tell Christie, who can't stop running her mouth even when she doesn't have something juicy like this to talk about.  (I'm enjoying Christie though because she is far from boring.)

Cliff:  I've formed an alliance with Ovi and Nicole.  I know some of you are saying why is Cliff working with someone who is already voted out, and a sweet girl who isn't involved in anything around here.  But I'm working on the premise that Ovi is coming back in this game, and then we'll pull a few more people over.  We even named it.  They wanted to name it "The Fellowship", but I added "The Fellowship of the ZING" (saying "zing" just like Zingbot).

As Cliff started talking about how he's probably going to float in the house while the couples duke it out, Christie tiptoed away from the room and ran down the hall holding her chest to the Target Room, where anyone who might have been sleeping in there didn't take long to wake up and learn the news.

Maybe Christie should have been a little more discrete and calculating with this new information.  But it's too late now, because Christie Murphy was ready to spill it all.

We saw her sitting in her bed that she shares and whispers in with Tommy, but we couldn't hear anything because no one had their microphones on.  She certainly wasn't asking them if they wanted waffles or pancakes though, that much is clear.  We saw Tommy fumble in the dark to put on his microphone, and then Christie put her's on too, saying that she was worried about Cliff coming back into the dark bedroom and finding everyone talking.

Like magic, BB turned the bedroom lights on and Christie said "perfect" and launched into a full report.

Christie: I just heard everything about his alliance...EVERYTHING.  And he said Tommy and I are the fourth "couple" (see air quotes below) and he heard us up late giggling and talking over here, but we weren't talking game.  We were just laughing and shit, it wasn't game talk.

You can see Tommy's concerned face below.  I think Christie made too much of the comments Cliff made about them whispering, in the overall context of what Christie overheard.  But that's how guilt works, right?  It's not the crime, it's the cover up that can get you in trouble.

Christie:  And he's in an alliance with Ovi and Nicole....I's so innocent! And they want Ovi to come back in and pick up some new members.  It's called "Zing"...I know.  I know.

There was some dancing around and celebrating.  I should have mentioned that Jackson and Holly sleep in the Target Room as well, so there were there.  I think Ovi and Cliff used to share the third bed in that room, but now that Ovi is up in Camp Comeback Cliff might have that bed to himself.

Christie pointed dramatically at Jackson and reported that Cliff isn't working with him..he's working to get all of the couples out.

No matter what happens with this situation, I think we can all agree that Cliff will soon regret being so chatty and folksy with the fans.


He's starting to settle into the groove of the house, building little relationships and rapport with everyone.   I think people like being around him, because he brings a flavor to the conversations in there that we didn't even know we needed.

I was skipping around flashbacks and found a late night scene where people had either been drinking or maybe they were just getting loopy since it was almost sunrise.  Nicole offered to make peanut butter sandwiches for them and David got a pinky-swear from her about it.

Jessica was in the room with them as Nicole clarified some important matters regarding David's sandwich preferences.

Nicole:  Smooth or chunky?

David:  Smooooooth.  (of course)

Nicole:  Do you like it hefty or light?

David:  Hefty.  Hefty smooth.

Ovi placed his order, but said that it was imperative that he have peanut butter applied to both sides of the bread.  Kemi came in to make her own sandwich, saying she's getting fat due to these late night sandwich cravings.

Ovi:  What are you doing?  Just pouring the jelly on there!

Kemi:  I need to teach you heathens how to do this.  You have to put a thin layer of jelly on the bread first.

Meanwhile, in the RV, Nick and Bella are tangled up whispering and chatting with whoever came in the room.  Kathryn came in and jumped down between them and Bella asked her to please get her boobs off Nick, because it was disrespectful.

Nick: What.  She's hugging me and she has breasts.  What is she supposed to do about it?

This is an example of some of the camera work that draws certain fans to this show.   But pictures like this are funny because you can assume anything you'd like to assume.

But the two of them are just hanging out, not even bothering to pretend as if their relationship isn't a thing.  Their names are always tossed about as two of the biggest targets in the house.  Nick is thought of as an overall bullshit artist horndog who wears his heart on his sleeve, while Bella has made herself an even bigger target than Nick.

(Love them both, though....)

Bella was looking so good in the early days of the game, being included in two strong alliances right out of the gate, in with all of the strongest players.  But she can't keep her mouth shut in there and makes a mess out of every conversation by spilling the contents everywhere she goes.  She can't help herself.

Is Bella doing this on purpose, or is she just severely lacking in impulse control?

Back in the kitchen these four toasted with their sandwiches before settling down to eat them.  David started doing a slow chant about how much he loved peanut butter.  Next to him Nicole started keeping time with her elbow, the plate clanking slightly each time.  David ended his little rap by turning around and loudly singing about the BREAD AROUND THE PEANUT BUTTER, with his head turned toward the HoH suite.

Ovi, worried:  Just chill...people are trying to sleep in here.

David, still singing a little:  I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!


Everyone had been asked to finish their laundry activities and take in all of their personal items before the backyard was locked down, probably for the rest of the week.  Jackson was the last hold out, doing this tricep exercise before slowly making his way across the grass to the sliding door.

Right after the sliding doors closed, a dark shade comes down over the doors, signaling the last natural daylight they will see until the HoH competition begins on Thursday night.  This is a pretty long construction lockdown, since the live show is moving back to Thursday nights for the rest of the season.  Based on this, many of the live feeders are expecting an elaborate competition set, maybe even an endurance competition like The Wall.

There are so many people in that house being discussed as targets.  All of them can't go home next week.  Or even before Jury.

One thing we need to acknowledge is that everyone is playing the game right now.  Every single house guests is playing, although they might not be playing the SAME game, of course.

I don't think Nicole knows about Cliff shouting her business out where Christie could hear it, but I did see Jack call her up to the HoH yesterday for a chat.  She was nervous when she sat down, saying she thought she might be in trouble, but Jack tried to put her at ease.

He told her that he liked the way she played the game and carried herself in the house, and wanted to work out some sort of understanding about upcoming potential double evictions and blindsides.

Nicole knows better than to tell Bella about that.  Hell no.  At this point no one should tell Bella anything.  Maybe not even Nick.

This is Jack's little meeting with Nicole.  I think Production asks them to make up that bed every morning so it looks pretty on all of the camera shots.

Christie came in the room at one point and they heard some loud whooping noises and all looked quickly at the Spy Screen to see what is going on.  They realized it was David and seemed pleased or amused by that.

Christie:  Oh...David is having fun!  He's having fun now...

Nicole:  Yeah, he's having fun.

(So they do recognize how stressful this last week has been for him, which is nice.  They are starting to treat him like a human being, not an evil interloper there to crush their dreams.)

Something tragically funny happened to cause David's whooping though.  Cliff had made a sort of mouse-like object out of the dryer lint, and he and David rigged it so it would look like it was running in the kitchen.

Both Nick and Jackson saw it and got fooled by it.  Nick later said he was absolutely terrified.  But I think Jackson jumped and landed on his bum foot, potentially injuring it even more.  The cameras tracked Jackson limping across the floor and using his arms to get up the spiral staircase, rather than putting weight on his foot.

Cliff and David immediately went upstairs where Cliff apologized to Jackson, saying the last thing he wanted was to cause more harm to Jackson's injured foot.  Cliff took responsibility for the prank, saying he was the one to fashion the faux rat and David was just there with him to enjoy it.

Jackson was a good sport about it, saying that he loves a good prank and is a good sport about being the victim of it.  If he wasn't the one with the hurt foot, he thinks he might have been laughing the loudest about it.

After Jackson and Holly were alone in the HoH, Jackson said he was irritated about hurting his foot again, but that was minor compared to what was discussed next.

Jackson and Holly both seem to agree that all of their alliance members suck.

Jackson:  Jack and Christie are like the same person!  All they do is talk and they can't keep a secret for shit!  And for Jack to tell me that if I was the one to win a power, he'd like me to use it to save Christie instead of him.  I just can't get over that.

Holly:  What is it with Christie?  Why is everyone so obsessed with her?  Am I just missing something, because I don't get it.

Jackson said it's probably because Christie is a guy's girl, but he made it clear that she wasn't his type of girl.  From various discussions they have had, it is clear that Jackson and Holly were acquainted on social media in the past.  Jackson mentions having to unfollow Holly due to "her, and Holly knows who that is". seems that there might be a social media triangle of Jackson, Kathryn and Holly that preexisted before casting for this season began.  This season might end up providing proof that social media "friendships" aren't really very solid.  Or even real.

Holly is disturbed by Bella and Nick as well, not understanding what in the hell their plan is for the way they act and speak about the game.  Jackson even considered reaching out to Kathryn and Jessica, who are now friends, to see if they want to build a working relationship going forward.

Jackson also mentioned going to Cliff to say that HE was the one who heard all of Cliff's secrets he told the live feeders, and using that to build a stronger secret bond with him.  Jackson might be an ultra-controlling dick, but he's smart, too.  And he's analytical, which is a crucial skill both in life and Big Brother.  I find myself wondering how Vanessa Rousso would manage this messy house.  I think she would recognize Jackson's skills and use them accordingly.

Meanwhile Nick is putty in Bella's hands as she massages his feet and discusses her upcoming plans to cut his toenails.

Nicole did summarize her little meeting with Jack, but she certainly didn't share everything.

Kathryn joined them and brought up the topic of therapy, saying that she's thinking she might need to get some after this experience, basically to help her manage stress when she's trying to go through all of the emails and messages that are stacking up in her absence.

Nick didn't even open his eyes when she said that, so I guess he has no plans to let everyone know his true profession.  I know Bella, Sam and Tommy know the truth, but I'm not sure if the truth has leaked beyond that.


Because Cliff doesn't know he made a mistake yesterday, he is going to continue to make it again, over and over.  Cliff is WAY too comfortable in there right now, and when you get comfortable, you get killed.

Jackson walked by and listened in to Cliff, but today Cliff spent most of his time talking about non-game stuff like George Strait.  He's seen George in concert many times but would love to use this experience to meet him one day.

Cliff:  I'm starting to sound like one of these social media influencers now.

Jackson gargles after a good thorough brushing.

Jackson makes a strong pot of coffee in the morning.  Cliff always knows who made it when Jackson brews it.  Cliff was worried that he'd spend the summer with a bunch of kale-eating salad eaters, but has been pleasantly surprised by how well he's eaten in the house.

Jackson is too, saying that he knows being on Survivor is tough as far as food goes, but that's only 30 days but not eating well in Big Brother could have been a nearly four-month nightmare for him.

Of course my ears perk up when I hear David talking about Atlanta.  Cliff asked several conversation-starting questions with him after learning that David's father went to Morehouse College, which is a renowned black men's college in Atlanta, the brother school to Spelman College.

David's father didn't want him to go to Morehouse since it was such an expensive private school, so he went to Kennesaw State and then Georgia State.  He told Cliff that Georgia State bought the old Braves stadium and they talked about all of the tech and movie businesses that have moved into Atlanta and revitalized certain areas of town.  David also mentioned the wealthy tech investor who stepped forward last year to pay off all of the Morehouse graduates' school debt.  David seemed to have some regrets as he said how HUGE this was, and what it could have meant to any of the graduating students.

Also for you ATL fans, Holly chatted a few days ago about how she had to live in Atlanta for two months due to some job-training she had to do.  She was dreading it and "thought it would be terrible" but she ended up having the time of her life and the best experience.

Well, fuck you and thank you Holly, for your statements.  How could someone from WYOMING think Atlanta would be horrible?  You've got to be kidding me Holly.

And as usual, someone on the crew has dreams of an independent film career.  Or maybe porn.  I guess it could go either way.

Kemi has work to do if she wants to stay.  There is still time for anything to happen, but one thing for sure is that a new camper will soon be checking in to Camp Comeback.  Will they get Girl Scout uniforms? Maybe with one of those sashes covered in patches?


Sam learned some things yesterday about the big alliances in the house that he was not asked to join  So after a decent night's sleep he is trying to flip the vote and keep Kemi, using the same sort of thinking that Christie did last week, that he doesn't want to do Jack's dirty work.

Sam:  Kemi we like each other.  We've never had anything bad between us.  I don't want you to be the one to go.  It's better for my game if you stay.

Sam went in to pitch Nicole on the idea, and also Nick and Bella.  It seemed to go well, but with Bella's mouth you never know.  Nicole said they can't tell Kat, for obvious reasons.  Nick thought it might be too early to start trying to flip things, but Sam knows they can't talk on the live show day.

Sam:  Plus, if Jessica is the one to go, she won't be opening up the door and waking me up all the time.

Nick:  I'm down.

Bella and Nick wasted about 90 seconds before pulling Christie into storage to update her.  Christie said that if Kemi is willing to go after Jack, it might be good for all of them.  She also heard Jackson whispering to Holly early this morning that "the four of them need to chat" and Christie and Tommy were not included in that foursome.

There is another new alliance called the Flaming Five, and it sounds like they want to pull Kemi in to work with them if this week's vote works out.

Flaming Five = Bella + Nick + Christie + Tommy + Sam