Monday, July 8, 2019

Sam's Sunday Afternoon Takes a Sad Turn. "This Frickin' Blows", Sam Says. #BB21

It was just the usual Sunday afternoon, with people walking around half-dressed and hanging out in small groups in the backyard and in the kitchen.  The camera focused on the door to the Diary Room, which is always a signal to the live feeders that something is about to happen.  For example, the new HoH will emerge with their key to the HoH room, or maybe the Zingbot will push through for an insulting visit.

But this time it was just Sam walking through the living room swiftly, holding his PoV necklace in one hand and an envelope in the other.  As he got closer to the wall he finally spoke, saying "my fucking grandfather just died", while carefully hanging the PoV necklace up on the wall.

The kitchen went silent as everyone probably rewound what Sam just said in their heads, taking a few beats to let it sink in.  Kemi was the first one over, giving Sam a big hug in the first round, with Nicole coming in for a long second group hug.

You could hear Sam sob softly during the hugs.  I think I can speak for all live feeders when I say that no matter how things are going in the game, or how you feel about the players, seeing something like this play out live is achingly sad for everyone, for all of us.

Sam:  This frickin' blows.

David didn't speak, but he stood close by, absorbing the scene.  Ovi came over and reached out his hand to touch Sam, but since the girls had the hug covered he just stood and watched, tearing up as Sam spoke in between hugs.

Sam:  I had a feeling something was wrong.  I was worried that someone would die, so I was praying every time I was in the bathroom for Papi, who is my grandpa but this was Pop who died.  I guess I prayed for the wrong one.

Nick came in from the backyard and Sam said, "my grandpa died" and Nick gave him a tight hug without speaking.  Sam kind of lost it then, sobbing for a few moments and then kind of apologizing for crying all over Nick's shoulder.

Nick:  It's all right.  We're boys.

Sam:  I just saw him the Saturday before I came out here.  He came over to help us with the landscaping...we were trying to make the house look better...but I didn't know that was going to be the last time I'd see him.


Sam:  I'm gonna be a weirdo in here for the next couple of days.

Jack came in and gave a sincere hug. 

Sam:  It was Melissa's grandpa, but I was really close to him.  I didn't meet him until we got married eight years ago.  He was an owner operator (a trucker) so he's the one who drove with me when I got my license.  I was closer to him than my own grandparents.

Sam said he was going to go outside with everybody in a few minutes.

The camera followed Sam as he walked alone to the bedroom, tossing the letter on the credenza before flopping down face down on the bed.  This was the hardest part to watch, because after a few beats Sam started crying pretty hard and it was uncomfortable but necessary, as the other house guests gathered silently in the backyard.  I saw everyone but Jackson, but that doesn't mean he wasn't out there.

Cliff:  Well, life goes on out there, while we're all still in here.

The cameras panned and showed each house guest with their head bowed, quietly thinking whatever thoughts come naturally at a time like this, probably about their own families and what could be happening with them.

Meanwhile one by one, Sam's closest friends in the house gathered in the bedroom to support him.  The first to arrive was Bella, sitting upright against the headboard, putting a pillow in her lap and quietly telling Sam (whose head was turned toward the wall) that she was just going to sit there next to him.

Sam:  This fucking sucks.

Then Nick followed, throwing himself down on the floor to lay on his stomach, propped up on a pillow, silently waiting.  Then Jack came in and sat on a nearby bed with his hands clasped on his knees.  If it weren't for the fact that everyone except Cliff was wearing swimwear, it had the feel and tone of a church service, everyone being silently respectful, waiting until Sam was ready to speak.

Tommy came in and sort of leaped on Sam to hug him for what seemed like at least 30 seconds, with several loud smooching sounds before taking his seat on the floor.  Tommy cursed, trying to reflect the gravity of the situation without breaking down in tears himself.

Sam repeated Pop's landscaping visit story again, saying that he remembers offering Pop a Twisted Tea even though as a non-drinker Pop always said no thanks.

Jack:  He knew you loved him.

Sam:  Oh yeah, he knew.  And he knew about Big Brother, too.  Gram passed away a few years ago, but he loved her the same way I love Melissa, so we always talked about that.  And he told me that he knew I love Melissa, but to be careful not to do anything to jeopardize that on this show.  He said, 'you be careful out there with those girls' and 'you'll be fine'.

The audience snickered when they heard what Pop said about the girls in the house.

No one expected either of these two to have anything significant to say, so for once they did not disappoint.

(Sorry, but it's true.)

It's easy to forget that Sam saved Cliff with his PoV last week, because the two of them don't seem to spend much time together.  I guess we'll discuss how Sam plans to use his second PoV this week, but that ceremony should be happening soon, within an hour or so.

Christie arrived in the room and spoke in hushed tones as she asked Sam simple questions that he seemed fine with answering.  Pop loved Sam's sons and watched them occasionally when they needed a sitter.

Sam:  Melissa is alone at home right now.  That probably fucking sucks for her.

Cliff asked if she has siblings and Sam said sure, and then seemed like he was taking a mental inventory of who might be handling things with Melissa, and Christie brought up some good points.

Christie:  She'll be making all of the arrangements...that's hard....but then tonight the whole family will watch Big Brother together and see you on TV.

Sam went through the timeline from his letter, going over to look at it again at one point and offering it to the other house guests to read if they'd like to.  When Sam got called to the DR, he thought they might want to discuss the PoV situation more, so he took the necklace with him and stopped in his tracks when he saw the envelope waiting for him in the chair.

Sam:  I thought it might be a Pop TV thing, but when I opened it and started reading it, I was like damn.

He said Melissa wrote a brief greeting before giving him the bad news.  Apparently Pop was with the family on July 4th and they all had a great day.  Then Pop fell on Friday and had some sort of brain tumor or bleeding episode.  He died in the hospital without regaining consciousness.  Sam said he was in his late 70's but was healthy and active, so this was a surprise to everyone.  Melissa said she was "holding down the fort" for the family and that she was okay.

At some point they discussed how both Frankie and Derrick lost their grandfathers during BB16, within just days of each other.  I know Cliff had been thinking about that, even though he didn't say it, perhaps wondering if someone else on their cast might be receiving some bad news of their own, echoing the scene in BB16.

To her credit, Christie stopped short of saying she "manifested this", her wheels were turning as she tried to figure out Pop's timeline from the facts that Sam provided from his letter.  She made a comment about how Pop might have been in the backyard influencing things on Saturday.

Sam, with a slight tone:  Like the earthquake?

Christie:  No, with the PoV you won.  You said you weren't feeling well that day...maybe Pop was hovering around helping you hold everything up.

Christie couldn't help herself from saying that she had given a "shout out to Pop TV" at some point, thankfully stopping there before claiming that she spoke to Pop, or whatever.


But not for these two BB players, since Kemi is on the block and Nicole's game got blown out of the water after all of the chatter about the Girls Alliance.  In fact, the alliance name "The Black Widows" was leaked before nominations on Saturday, so Nicole believes she could easily be nominated if the PoV is used on Monday (today).

Bella  is the one who told Jack about it, because there were already rumor of a girls alliance floating around the house and she didn't want Jack to find out about it later and realize that Bella was holding back information from him.

Bella is aligned with Jack, of course, but Nicole doesn't know about that part, yet.  It's a messy situation that Bella has created for herself, and Nick is going to get dragged down by it too, I'm afraid.  But it is worth noting that after Bella told Nick about the Black Widows, he went to Jack and told him that a girls alliance was being formed, so he actually dropped the dime first to Jack.

Kemi has handled being on the block very well, calmly and rationally.  She acknowledges that she had been vocal about trying to target Jack if she won HoH, so she said she respects him for being direct about nominating her in return.

Bella wants Kemi to survive the block this week, which may be one reason why she told Jack that Jessica was the one who pushed to organize the girls into a voting group.  Jessica has denied that, of course.

Before Sam received the news about his grandpa, Kemi had said she wanted to approach him again to see if he could be persuaded to use the PoV to save her.  Sam is close with her, but he's also very close to Nick.  Nick might be in trouble if that PoV is used...or Bella.  The plan right now is for Kemi to be evicted, but Thursday is at least a month away in BB time.

Christie took a shower in Jack's HoH room last night and had a long talk with him about the fact that he took things with Analyse to the next step physically.  Jack said that if it was going to jeopardize his relationship in the game or personally with Christie, he would back away from Sys immediately and never do another thing. He never wanted it to happen in the first place, he said.

They talked it out and everything is fine between them.  Christie told him that Sys let the girls know that Jack had a big dick and she said she wasn't surprised by that because she had been watching Jack at the pool.

Christie:  Was it worth it though?

Jack:  Not $500,000 worth it, believe me.

Christie:  I have to say, I'm a little bit jealous.

Jack:  From both perspectives, probably.

Christie:  No, just that I was kind of your first girl in this house, so it's a little sad.

Last night they had two birthday cakes, one for Jack and one for Kemi, since they shared the special day.  Kemi's said "Kemi from the block" which is a take off on the J Lo song.  I think Bella made that joke first during the nomination ceremony but that's not the sort of thing we'd see on the CBS episodes.  J Lo isn't giving away music for free, ya'll.


I mentioned the situation in BB16 where both Derrick and Frankie lost their grandfathers within the same week while they both lived in the BB house.  They handled their losses in very different ways, nearly polar opposites.  I don't want to drag Frankie about this topic at this time, because it feels inappropriate, but it's safe to say that Frankie paid his respects by drawing lots of attention to the event, while Derrick was quite the opposite, making it clear that he didn't want a spectacle and didn't even want to say much about it.  (Frankie later made plans to do some sort of spoken word performance live on POP TV to honor his grandpa, and offered to share some of his planned airtime with Derrick so he could do the same, but Derrick declined.  As I recall, the POP TV cameras didn't play along with Frankie's plan, but I don't think I wrote about that as I probably thought it was too bitchy. Maybe.)

Sam seems to be taking the middle route, not making a show out of the tragedy but making it clear that he wanted to talk about it if the others wanted to ask questions.

Derrick was still hiding a big secret, of course, so he had to be very careful with the words he chose at all times, but I think he's still a very private person when it comes to family matters.


This morning, Sam seems like he is feeling better, devouring a container of yogurt while he talked to David about his son Zachary's morning habits.  As usual Sam's stories are colorful and real, and other house guests joined the group as they slowly woke up and enjoyed hearing about something new.

Basically Zachary is a morning person, and was getting out of bed to wake the rest of the family as early as 4:00 AM.   (Someone:  Oh HELL NO.)  So they bought Zach a kid's clock that showed a clown (or whatever) with a ball that was red during the night time hours.  At seven o'clock the ball turns green, indicating that it's time to get up.

Sam:  But he likes to do stuff by himself, so sometimes I'll hear him get up to get something to eat, or maybe watch some TV.  But most of the time he just hangs out in his room doing stuff until the ball is green and then he comes out of his room to start the day.


When Frankie and Derrick both lost their grandpas in the same week, the situation got quite a bit of press due to the unusual nature of the situation, and the incredible timing of both events.

Renowned comedienne Joan Rivers cracked some jokes in the press about the way all of the house guests' families were dying, saying that her daughter Melissa Rivers had contacted Production to apply for the next season, with the joke being that Melissa wanted to speed things along and get her hands on Joan's inheritance as soon as possible.

Ironically, one month later, Joan Rivers died unexpectedly on an operating table in New York, the victim of malpractice, before the BB16 season was complete.