Sunday, July 7, 2019

Somebody Might be Barreling Down the Wrong Road. #BB21

The PoV competition was played yesterday and this was the lineup:

HoH:  Jack
Nominees:  Kemi & Jessica
Add'l Players:  Bella, Sam & Jackson

This was a pretty fast PoV competition, actually.  We've become accustomed to losing the live feeds for hours on Saturdays as they battle it out for the Veto necklace, but last night it all went down relatively quickly.

As usual there was excitement in the air as the live feed cameras returned, with everyone talk-shouting as the PoV players described what they went through for the ten house guests who didn't get to play.

But I think all fourteen of the non-Camp Comeback players got to meet the PoV host.  It was Tyler Crispen, ya'll.

Speaking of Camp Comeback, Friday night around 12:00 EST, right as BBAD was probably kicking off, a bugle sounded and Marsha the Moose came on the intercom telling the campers to march on in to the Diary Room.

I couldn't stay awake long enough to see the Big Reveal, but both David and Ovi are sporting some sweet Scout uniforms.  I don't know if they have to earn merit badges or tend the camp fires or what, but they do apparently have to wear these duds.  It could be a whole lot worse for them, actually.  It could be a Scout Unitard.

It became clear that Sam won the PoV, and also the trip to Fiji that was designed to publicize the CBS premiere of Love Island next week.  In fact, this PoV competition might even air the same night as the Love Island premiere.

Kemi said that she was happy for Sam and his wife, and apparently it's a trip for two, so Sam can't take his kids, just his wife.

Kemi:  I kind of know their history, so it's good that they can go away together.

Now, I know everybody wants to win a trip to Fiji, but most of the house guests that win these prizes usually opt to take the cash value instead.  But Sam HAD NO REASON to need to win the PoV this week.  He would not be Jack's target, even close to Jack's target, and I'm pretty sure he knows that.

===>  Sam just beat Jack AND Jackson in a competition.  No way are their egos just going to take a nap on that situation, particularly when it's his second PoV win in a row.

Some of the girls want to go on a girls trip to Fiji.  It sounds like they might have some way to get free flights over to Fiji, so they talked about finding a cheap hotel and all going in on it together.

Kemi apparently almost won the PoV, and she knows she really needed to win.  She is particularly perturbed about the way she lost the competition.  Based on what she said, she may have made a stupid mistake at a clutch time of the competition.


===>  No, no, no Sam.  How can you walk this one back?  I don't think you can.  He needs to stop and think about What Would Derrick Do...Derrick wouldn't be doing SHIT in that house right now in Sam's shoes but looking and listening in every corner of the property.

Kemi:  Just give Sam the money now.  He's got my vote.  Like damn, two comps in a row.

Bella:  Yeah.  End the show now.

===>  SEE.

Kathryn is on Cloud Nine about her interactions with Tyler.  She told him that he was her favorite player last season, and Brett was, too.  Tyler indicated to her that he had already heard about that.

Kat, bouncing with excitement:  So he saw me talking about Brett yesterday!

Kemi:  I feel kind of bad about everybody talking about Brett when it was Tyler who was here today.

Kat:  Well, Brett is single and Tyler isn't.

Let's check in on Kathryn's budding showmance with Brett.  It's not just in her mind anymore.

Yep.  And it's Robinson, by the way.  So here's to you Kathryn Robinson.

Kemi told Kathryn that Brett was on the shorter side, clocking in at around 5'7" or 5'8".

Kathryn:  I don't care about that. Shorter is okay with me, and I like really buff guys.  But my guy has to weigh at least 30 pounds more than me.

Kemi:  So you can't share jeans with them?

Kathryn:  No!  Never.

Kemi likes her men tall, and says she would "trade looks for height" just about every time.  It makes her feel more like a woman to be so small next to them.  It makes her feel protected, she says.

Kathryn has dated men of varying heights so she's not bothered by it.

Look at all the make up on Sys.  I'll bet the other girls spent time during the PoV painting her up like that. She definitely doesn't need that.  Kathryn asked her if she went through an emo phase growing up and she said she did.

Sys said that she parted her hair deep on the side, just above her ear and wore really heavy eyeliner.

Sys:  I love being a girl and doing girl stuff.  I'm a shopaholic.

My eyesight isn't sharp enough to see what is going on in all of those pictures, but I think some or all of the photos include previous house guests.  I know I've heard someone (Nick, maybe?) threatening to take some of them when they leave.

If I were in there, I would be trying to memorize those pictures by content, like how many feature couples or just men, etc.  The pictures are a huge troll because of that, I think.  In earlier seasons there were always competitions that rewarded people who did a lot of staring, counting and memorizing of the house decor.

She looks like a totally different person with all of the warpaint.  Like a Real Housewife from New Jersey, instead of a California Valley Girl.  To me one of the benefits of being so naturally beautiful would be to never wear any makeup at all.

The guys rehashed the competition and blew off some steam.  They had to "stack frogs" while "filling up their meter", similar to the competition last year when they had to stack champagne glasses. The name of the comp was "Froggy Style".

They discussed Kaycee winning so many PoVs in a row last year and how big Fessy was.  Nick thinks Fessy's game would have been a lot better if he was playing on the other side of the house, because "his alliance sucked".

Jack:  Yeah, but he knew it.  He looked up at the camera and said he sucked, remember?

Nick was still beaming about being able to meet Tyler, who is not only his favorite Big Brother player, but "one of his heroes", and "someone he really looks up to".

Nick:  I told him that before I came in, I said that if Tyler was in the house I'd go crazy, so he said "go crazy then".  He said we could go bowling together after this!  And he has those ice blue eyes...I'm so jealous of those.  They're dreamy, bro.

Nick:  I love all of these celebrities coming in here... they're people I look up to.  They're celebrities to me.  If Haleigh comes in here next, I'm not saying nothing bro...

Cliff:  Haleigh's my girl!  She's like my daughter though, that kind of girl...

Nick:  And what about Jessica and Baby Maverick?  Jessica is a bad ass bitch.

And there was more talk of Sam being a Comp Beast, of course.  I later heard Jack and Jackson muttering about it.  All of a sudden Sam  has some traction and maybe they didn't expect that.

When Sam was in the shower Jack came over and talked to him over the shower wall, saying, "I thought you said you did pretty well at your job".

Sam:  Well, yeah.  I did well at work until I made poor pool decisions after buying a house.

Here's David in his Scout uniform.  I'm not sure what the rules are regarding wearing these costumes, but David was saying something here about needing to be able to work out every day, so he hopes it will work out.  It sounds like the uniform is very hot, probably polyester.

David.  The shirt scratched my nipples up yesterday, so I'm wearing a T-shirt today.  And the shorts are too tight for me, so they are supposed to be getting me another pair.

I guess Jackson and Holly are official now.  But does anyone care?  And now that Kathryn is "with Brett" ( words, not her's) I guess it's okay for them to be demonstrative around her.

Kathryn:  I don't want to be like Kaitlyn was about Fessie and Haleigh...sorry Kaitlyn!  I love her.  She follows me on Instagram.  She just unfollowed me now...ha ha ha.

Kathryn was telling Jackson that she realizes he's a much better cook than she is, but she would be happy to cook something for him since he needs to stay off his feet.  Jackson said he was actually considering taking her up on that offer when the cameras abruptly shifted.

Usually the showers are marked as "Hot" or "Cold" for the Have Nots to know which shower stall they can use, but if there is a temperature designation this season I haven't seen it yet.  I love the decor in that bathroom this season.

Some seasons you don't see the men and women showering at the same time, but I think the curtain must be really substantial this season.

Kemi wanted time to sulk because when she loses she always obsesses over what she did wrong.  It sounds like she came very close to winning so it's a tough loss for her.  She always feels like she comes up short in situations like this and wishes she wasn't so competitive.  It's sort of a toxic feeling but she needs to learn more about herself to figure out how to stop feeling that way.

Kemi:  It's just so random the way things happen.  Jack and I have the same birthday, but he'll be HoH on our birthday and I'll be on the block (Sunday). And I picked Sam to play for Veto, and he won it!  You can't write these things.

Jessica pulled the House Guest Choice chip and Kemi was surprised that she chose Jackson and not Kat.

Jessica: Well, Kat isn't exactly a comp beast!  I can like someone and not pick them to play for me.

(Well, this is SO STUPID.  Why would you pick someone that won't save you and is likely to beat you? Or if you don't expect anyone to use it, wouldn't you want to pick someone that sucks in that case so you can beat them?)

Kathryn doesn't seem bothered in the slightest about Jackson.

According to Jackson, his PoV injury is a tendon issue, rather than a sprain.  He said he can't move his middle toe at all.

That foot looks scary, doesn't it?  It's true that feet aren't the best-looking part of the body most of the time, particularly if someone is extremely physically active.  For example, long distance runners.  And ballerinas.

I hope Jackson felt like a real dick after Kathryn left the room, because she exhibited none of the qualities he's been accusing her of.... there wasn't a shred of possessive or obsessive behavior at all.

Jackson: Appreciate you, Kat.


The players who played in the competition were a pretty stacked lot:  Jack, Jackson, Tommy, Sam and Holly.

The live feeders will tell you that it's important to watch who the cameras watch as soon as the live feeds return.  This was the case last year after the hacker competitions.   So this time we saw Jackson getting ready to eat, as usual, but then the camera pattern abruptly changed.

And then it was Jack, Jack Jack.  And this picture format is always one of my favorite accidents, a picture of a house guest in front of their memory wall photo.

The chatter was high as they talked about how they had to work with or touch snakes. and how they were told in advance that none of the snakes were poisonous, so if they were bit they didn't need to worry about that.  I think they had to move the snakes from one area to another.

I read online that Jackson later said he got to see some things he shouldn't have seen, like maybe some behind-the-scenes peek at the room they competed in with the lights on.  And apparently one of his snakes was somehow different than everybody else.  But the cameras held on Jack, who didn't seem to have a care in the world.

Even if he didn't win, I'm not sure he'd have much to worry about this week, anyway, since he's HoH.  But it does seem he might consider that someone else could hijack his HoH reign with a Chaos Power.

It didn't seem to hurt his appetite.

Kemi looked gorgeous yesterday.

I forget Cliff is there sometimes, with all of the drama around there.  The house guests probably forget about him, too.  Cliff should just lay low now and let the alphas peck each other's eyes out.


During Cliff's soliloquy David did some cleaning, sweeping up the kitchen and bathroom area.

He stared at the memory wall.  I thought he might be listening in to Cliff's broadcast, but every time I clicked over to that camera Cliff was talking about movies .  He went on and on about how Schindler's List should a must see for all of us, and also his affinity for zombie movies.

David put on the rubber gloves and did some more cleaning.  Personally I don't think David fits the profile of a house guest who intentionally makes a disgusting mess in the bathroom.  But a few others do fit the profile of someone who would intentionally make a disgusting mess and then try to pin the blame on someone else, a newcomer to the scene.

I love the way the living room screen is backlit with the forest scene.  How long until we have the option to have that in our own houses at an affordable price?  Think about it...we could have a wall that looks like waves pounding on the beach, or butterflies hovering over flower bushes.  Or my favorite:  a thunderstorm with lightening that doesn't make a dog cower.

A quiet storm, if you will.

Nicole wished Kemi a Happy Birthday today.

Nick is the only guy who sleeps in that bedroom.  They call it the RV, I think.

Oh yeah, before I forget:

1.  Sys serviced Jack in the HoH room last night.
2.  Nick did some servicing himself, apparently, in the RV.

I just watched Analyse make the bed with Jack, but with no conversational hint of intimacy or affection.  In fact, because the cameras were only focused on her, I thought one of the girls might have been helping her make the bed.  Certainly not someone who is having a "love affair" with her.

Neither of them said much of anything to the other at all.

After Sys left the HoH Room, Jack was rooting around in his Antropologie dresser and said "Shit".

Yep Jack, you just stepped in it with someone who is not equipped to deal with this AT ALL.

As proof, we quickly saw Sys in Storage with Christie and Holly, as they quizzed her about everything that happened the night before.  Christie was shocked.

Christie:  I can't believe what I'm hearing right now.  I never thought...

Sys, whispering and all giggly:  I can't even tell you....his dick is HUGE...  I didn't expect that at all.

She started to give a play-by-play and said she wished she could tell them everything.

There has been much chatter in the house about where Sys spent the night, with some people making up excuses and cover stories for them about how Jack went to bed early alone and locked his door to get a good night's sleep, and other people repeatedly saying that Sys was in the Diary Room while certain people kept probing the subject and asking pesky questions.

Like Jessica.

Apparently Jessica was on the warpath last night, looking for Sys and counting the people in each room as she tried to solve the mystery.

Jackson was annoyed and borderline angry about how both Jessica and Nick were so nosey about who slept where, and with whom.  He was extremely animated as he told Jack how Nick was asking where Jack was and even went up to the HoH to try and open the door.

Jack:  It's not worth getting mad about.  It will blow over. I don't want to upset the plan just for that.

(I think Jackson wanted him to nominate Nick and/or Bella if the PoV is used.)

Jackson:  But he's the one who has been sleeping in bed with Bella since the first day.  He's just mad that he couldn't pull Sys and had to settle for Bella.

Just then the storage room door opened and Bella  strolled in, followed by the devil himself, Nick.  Nick immediately launched into a story about how at 12:17 AM he wanted to be the first one to wish Jack a Happy Birthday so he went upstairs to knock and left when Jack didn't answer.

The camera crew must be LOVING their shifts today, and we hear Sys low talking with Christie about how Swaggy and Baleigh's intimate contact got discussed on the internet last year.

Sys:  But didn't it get out because they told other people about it?  On camera?

Christie:  No!  People watch the cameras and then they write about it didn't know that?  Are you from a family that is really prudish?

Sys:  Oh no.  I'm starting to panic now.


I feel like we've all known Jeff and Jordan for years now.  Ten, to be exact.  I started listening to Nicole and Victor's podcast interview with the two of them not expecting much.  As I listened, I realized that I've never heard them speak very much when they weren't on TV or in some sort of promotional situation.

I was SHOCKED several times by what I heard on this episode.  It turns out I didn't know much about what life has really been like for Jordan (or Jeff) in the past decade.  Even her voice is different than I remember it.  Less country.  More world-weary.  Even the last few minutes where Jeff was discussing what happened with his career in California and how he got the job at Daily Blast Live were quite enlightening.

If you like Jeff and Jordan, I think you have to listen to this.  I was going to bullet point the highlights, but I don't want to dilute the power of the information by doing that.  Seriously.  It's deep.


Alternatively, in the shallow end of the pool, Tommy was on The View with the stars of Pretty Women the Musical and does some impressive tumbling here.  I'm not the target market for this show, but it's fun to watch when you know one of the cast members.