Friday, July 5, 2019

Try Not to Choke On All of These Changes. #BB21

The events that occurred at the end of the first live show of the season certainly shook the house.  The fans were shook up about it, too.  The concept of having evicted house guests live in the house has been done before in other countries, but never here in the US. Not until now, so Julie was right about that.

Am I happy about this twist?  No, not really.  I fully expected a Battle Back this season for the house guests who were evicted early in the game, but having them all in the house is going to cause some major disruptions.  I was happy that David got to come back into the house from an entertainment perspective, but it looks now like the crap he is going to endure from the H8ful Houseguests (plus a few others) may not be worth it.

I'm behind again on posting, and having a terrible time trying to finish this post which I started writing yesterday morning.  The plan now is to punch it up with info that has happened since then, and move on.

The Headline:  A lot has happened, but nothing has really changed.  People are still awful inside and outside the house.

July 4th turned out to be full of unpleasant events, one of which was a huge earthquake in California that measured 6.4 on the Richter scale.  That's a pretty big quake, and there have apparently been numerous aftershocks as the earth's tectonic plates settle back into place.  Or whatever.  I dated an actual Rocket Scientist a few years ago and he drew a diagram on the back of a bar napkin to explain it all to me, but unfortunately reality TV has dumbed me down a few notches since then.

Many of the house guests were in the backyard when it happened and I heard Cliff say that they were all in a safe place, as far as earthquakes were concerned.  Sam said he heard police sirens and car alarms going off across the wall.  This isn't the first time the BB house got all shook up though, I remember Paul telling the group during BB19 to go out to the backyard immediately when he felt the tremors, probably to avoid any of the lighting or heavy rigging in the house from crushing them if it fell.

I don't know what Cliff Hogg is up to in there anymore.  He seemed like the voice of reason for the first week of the game, calmly giving us a play-by-play every morning regarding what it's like for a fan to play the game, and the challenges he faces trying to build connections and potential alliances.

But almost immediately after David came in the house, we heard Cliff telling the others that David was "aggressive", and he's also been the voice to other negative chatter about David that may or may not be true.  And this morning in his "Cliff Notes" broadcast he greeted his family and then got busy talking about how David "rubbed him the wrong way".  Cliff admitted his reasons for feeling that way might be shaky, and gave us two examples before the live feeds were interrupted with the wake up music:

1.  David told the group that he plans to be the one to come back into the game, and also plans to win HoH that week.

2.  David commented about trying to sleep with the bright lights on, so Cliff said he offered him his bandanna to use as an eye shade at night.  Cliff said he took it and then didn't say Thank You.

Cliff did say that if he has to, he'll try to work with David, because he doesn't have to like somebody to get farther in the game with them.  But on WHAT PLANET is David unlikable?  David is a total charmer with that smile and smooth voice.  Of course I'm partial because David is my Atlanta Homie, but I know I'm right about this part. Has Cliff gotten institutionalized in there to the point where he thinks JACKSON IS NICE?  Damn.  Being locked up can really change a person, huh?

I later heard Jackson telling someone that he "overheard" Cliff's session, saying that Cliff says hello to his family every morning, and then he "heard" David go in the room and start interrogating Cliff about the current relationships and alliances in the house.

I am pretty sure David popped his head in and then Cliff invited him into the room with him.  And since Jack is the HoH, maybe Cliff exaggerated parts of the conversation so that he would appear to be an asset to Jack and Jackson, providing them information about their new in-game rival.

But when I see David (perched on the checkered cushion in the picture below), he is calm and friendly, engaging in all of the conversations and obviously trying to be a friend to each house guest.  Jackson HATES him, because he is obviously threatened by him and seems to think he is David's #1 target since he banished him as Camp Director within hours of entering the house.  Which feels like three years ago, at least.

Christie isn't the HoH anymore, but she might as well be, since Jack is the HoH this week.   That HoH comp was the worst, because I consider myself to be a pretty sharp and observant individual, but I couldn't answer one question correctly.  I mean sure, I was sort of drunk at the time, but whatever.

Let's review the major alliances as they stand in the house currently, even though they don't seem like solid Level 6-type working arrangements.


Guys:  Jack, Tommy, Jackson, Nick
Girls:  Christie, Analyse, Holly, Bella

Signal:  Making "bird hands" flapping with "bird-like" sounds

Shitty Six:

Basically Gr8ful without Bella and Nick.

Signal:  Making "finger gun" motions with "gun" sound effects

The group is distrustful of Nick and Bella, and I've heard quite a few people talk about how Bella is playing both sides.  She's been throwing Kemi's game under the bus behind her back and even though this group is sort of anti-Kemi, even Jack said it wasn't right to do that to her friend.

Sam asked Jack if he could shower upstairs in the HoH room and Jack said, sure, anytime you want.

Jack:  I know you said that taking a nice shower was a relaxing thing for you, so please take one any time up there.

Sam:  Thanks.  It's so nice up there with no one standing there trying to talk to you.

(Sam told Big Jeff he never liked to drive overnight shifts because he likes to take a shower at home, so the story checks out.)

Sam seems to be in a good spot, because people like him on both sides of the house, and seems to have one foot in each group.  I can't see him being targeted until after the Jury starts, at least.  It's interesting that so many of these house guests talk so openly about watching past seasons of BB.  Sam even told the others that he planned to do a Zach Rance "Gator Chomp" when casting his vote in the DR last week and he actually followed through on that.

One of the guys asked Jack if he's done the deed in the HoH shower yet but he said he's been too tired and wouldn't have been able to focus.

Bella:  You have to focus?

Jack:  Yeah.

Jack has to wear bandaids over that tattoo on his back for copyright purposes.  Jack is a pretty goofy, good natured person in there on a daily basis.  He mentioned to Big Jeff that he's somewhat of a control freak, so maybe he's in his element as the HoH this week and can relax a little and not be a dick.

He and Nick have been circling each other for the last week, both distrustful and saying the other was in danger if they win HoH.  But with this new Camp Comeback situation, the Gr8ful alliance has stated that they need to band together tightly, at least until after the Battle Back, since there is strength in numbers.

That's not how an alliance is supposed to work, is it?  You either work together or you aren't aligned. Sometimes one of you has to get cut, if two of the group are on the block, but otherwise the premise of an alliance is to work together.  Tommy was the one who pushed the idea that they need to stick together, discussing it first with Christie who basically told Jack what the plan would be.

Sam indicated that he could transfer to just about anywhere in the country with his job if he wanted to, since he is considered to be a very good employee and his company is a national one.  I know the name but don't want to publish it because some of you can't be trusted with that information.

Not "you", but "them".  "They" like to interfere in the house guests' lives outside the game and I don't want to contribute to that.

Kind of a creepy picture, huh?  It was a gentle hug but it doesn't look like a natural response from Sys.  Yesterday I watched her tell Nick that she appreciated him helping her gather the courage to ask Jack about their relationship, with questions such as "what is this".

Nick said he was glad to be able to help her with that, and wondered what Jack said to her when she asked him for feedback.

Sys:  Um...I'm not really good with memory stuff.  So I don't remember.

(If the room is quiet, you can hear the wind whistling through Analyse' head.)

And we must discuss the "House Meeting" that Jack called after the live show concluded with his HoH win. Christie had pulled him aside to say that they should get everyone to agree not to talk any game with David, since he would be trying to get information and it could be disruptive for their group.

So that is what Jack did, without attributing the idea to Christie, of course.  He invited David to join them in fun and frolic, but they would not be discussing the game with him.  The room was mostly silent during this speech, but with Jack holding the nomination power, no one wanted to be the one to complain or refuse to comply.

But don't worry....Jack's House Rules are already cracking and breaking  like crazy.

Just then Kemi walked through and Jack commented on her shorts, noting that she hasn't worn them yet in the house.  When she confirmed this Jack sang a little song that might have been a real song, with the gist of the lyrics saying he's not that big of an uncaring asshole, after all.  Jack remembers stuff like clothing choices, apparently.

Kemi was super down last night after Jack won HoH, because that's her worst-case scenario.  She's pretty sure she's going up on the block. And she probably is, because we've heard both Jack and Jackson discuss putting up Kemi and Jessica for eviction.  After the live show Jack said he'd like to make Nick the backdoor target, but due to Camp Comeback they worry about Nick running his mouth for two weeks about all of the alliance dirt he has.


Nicole and Kemi mentioned a personality test they both took "one day" (ie during the BB application process).  Nicole said her test indicated that she had trust issues.  Kemi's indicated that she was jaded and cynical.

Kemi: A song by Drake is called Jaded, and it's one of my favorites.

I haven't seen Kemi do much, if any private talking to David since his return, but Kemi knows she's at risk this week so maybe she's trying to be very careful not to upset Jack, who is been her nemesis and the entire house knows that.  I was surprised to see her "joke" on a recent CBS episode that "her showmance" had already left the game, so even if that was not a serious comment, I plan to keep an eye on that situation.

One of the fans was watching the situation closely, too, pausing his DVR to snap a picture of Kemi's greeting to David.  He seems like a good hugger, and that is important.  And Jackson certainly looks stressed, holding his arms like that.

Just after the live show ended, Kathryn tried to talk to Jackson about both Ovi and David living in the house and Jackson said it was his worst-case scenario.

Also, I've seen it posted that Camp Comeback is like the Have Not room, but in reality all of the Campers get to eat the same food everyone else eats, and they can take hot showers, too.

David did a good job on Thursday of being brave enough to insert himself into situations where he might not have felt welcome, like Jack's workout with Analyse.  David appears to be very good at sprinting and maybe other activities that involve short spurts of energy.

He ran into the house so quickly on Wednesday night that he was virtually a blur, only visible when he stopped to join the group and hug Kemi and maybe a few others.  During his key presentation he was very fast snatching that up and running with it, too. I tried three times to get a picture of him holding it but finally had to give up.

He told Ovi that during the first week he was alone in sequester after being banished he wanted to leave, but then he started working out and got into a daily routine to make the days pass.  He was very happy to be around people again, he said, but his jokes of being able to watch the live feeds and the TV episodes have bred lots of probably unintended paranoia.  (I do not think he watched any of that.)

In the kitchen just after the live show ended, David said something about trying to show up for Atlanta on the show after getting the boot on the first day.  I also heard him discuss a gay bar that has a big Sunday party every week, converting into a club.  (I'm not sure which one that is, but it might be on Juniper St.)

David was asked many times about what happened during the Banishment competition. He pulled Jackson aside in Storage minutes after the live show ended, presumably to find out why Jackson chose him for banishment and to clear the air.  Jackson talked a BLUE STREAK about how he expected David to beat the other three banished campers, not allowing David to add any comments.

David did concede that if anyone looked at the four of them lined up to compete, (David, Cliff, Jessica & Kemi) most people would not have picked him as coming in last, so he realizes he probably had the advantage going in.  He said that he had bad luck in going through the messiest parts of the maze, losing shoes and socks in the muck, and I think he said his shorts came off, too.

For any of you aspiring players, I think Cliff's Black Box tactic is probably the best, to use your hand to go along one side of the wall, which will eventually lead you to every exit and prevent getting lost.

David came out to the backyard at one point and made an announcement that they were going to have a Cornhole tournament and everyone should choose a partner and they would begin immediately.  Some people jumped up to play, but most people just stood around and the air was thick with tension.  Christie later said David was a schemer to do that, obviously trying to find out who was aligned with whom.

For the record, I don't think that was David's intention.  I think he just wanted to bring the group together on a national holiday and this was a way for him to interact with everybody.

Kathryn later took him in storage and swore him to secrecy before telling him what The House thought about his Cornhole tournament effort.

David: Oh, so  that's why no one wanted to play.  Okay.

Kathryn:  You've got a BIG target on your back.  But don't tell anybody.

David: I know that.  It's okay. I can definitely feel that.

And I still (sort of) love Cliff, but how can he live with JACKSON and then describe someone like David as AGGRESSIVE.  Jackson's picture should be in the dictionary next to the word Aggressive. And also OBSESSED, NEUROTIC and maybe even PSYCHOTIC.

The food in the storage room gets restocked once each week, and after the live show they were down to scraps of food in there.  They waited around and finally broke down to eat the vegan hot dogs that seemed to be the only available protein on hand.  Jackson was clearly PANICKING about not being able to get his calories in.  And he was super tense about David and Ovi, but mainly David.  He was wound tighter than a drum and that sort of irrational anger is very scary for me to watch.

Jackson "broke up" with Kathryn yesterday, telling her he was going to "make a selfish decision for once" and then said he needed to separate himself from her in the game and the house immediately.

She didn't cry. She just listened and was like, okay, okay, okay.  Jackson referred to other people feeling like she was hard to be around too, and that just seemed over the line as far as cruelty is concerned, like "I don't want to be around you anymore, and no one else does, either".

She took it pretty well, considering. I don't think she thought he was Prince Charming or anything.

While David was making his rounds in the backyard, Ovi wasn't around much.  Ovi reappeared later in the day and was the guy to come up with the Slip 'n' Slide idea which everyone loved.  But he did take a break to get some private time before reemerging with the group.

Lots of "Feet People" love Big Brother due to all of the opportunities to ogle.  Sometimes it seems like the camera crew are fans, too, with the slow motion focusing and all.

Nicole told Ovi about how the alliance Ovi thought he was in with Jack and Jackson was fake.  He's going though some changes about it, I think.  He said to himself "fuck it" earlier today and went in sat in his Campsite bedroom, folding things and mumbling to the camera.

Tommy shaved.  I preferred the rugged look, but it's nice to have two new house guests.  (Because Tommy is virtually unrecognizable here to me.)

There is someone on the camera crew who insists on Jackson getting all four shots for minutes at a time, repeatedly throughout the day.  He has been RAILING on David behind David's back, saying he plans to make his life difficult in the house by pushing his buttons.  The last rant I heard was incredibly bitter and mean, making David out to  be some sort of despicable human being.

But on Thursday afternoon he came out of the Diary Room and Jessica noticed something was off.

Jackson:  It's okay.  I fucked up and I just can't talk about it.

Jessica tried to make supporting comments and Jackson ended the exchange by saying he'd just have to wait 84 days and find out.

Then he went out to the pool and we heard (but could not see) Jack low talking about how "it was a comment Sam made last year to JC and all the fans would have understood why he said it" and then it sounded like Christie had an example of words she probably shouldn't have said as well.  So that was Jack sharing his own problems with Jackson, probably trying to make him feel better.  Because Jackson pointed at the camera and told Jack that he couldn't talk about it because "they" ("we") would "go back and look".

(Hell yeah "we" did.)

All of this unnecessary and inappropriate vitriol spills over into the fan base and causes arguments there are people as accuse each other of encouraging or supporting bad behavior.  Here is an example of such an exchange, but I'm actually including it due to the shocking list of Jackson's sound bytes about David.

I heard him say most of these, and do not recall hearing anyone say anything to Jackson at the time to ask him to tone it down, or to point out how inappropriate his comments were.  I can say that when you hear the house guests mention when they were "in Mexico" they are referring to when they were stuck in sequester, because they aren't allowed to mention that on the live feeds.  It's a code for them.

Kathryn seems cheerful as she moves around the kitchen, but Jackson scowls in her direction frequently.  After the live show Kathryn wanted to discuss in minute detail the end of her nominee speech, when she closed by asking if "you bitches were conspiring against me".

Kathryn:  ....and then Julie said, 'we've never heard that from you before, Kathryn'!  Ha ha ha ha ha.

(Kathryn is so happy to have a catch phrase.)

Holly broke down into a little crying fit with Sys, because the July 4th holiday back home on the ranch is such a big deal.  It sounds like she didn't talk to her family much, if at all about Big Brother so she's not sure that they know much about what she's doing, or why she wanted to do this show.  She doesn't even think they know much about the show or "why it's such a big deal".

Holly:  ....and BOOHOO...  they've probably moved to the upper ranch for the summer by now...

(Not sure I'd broadcast the fact her family owns ONE ranch, much less TWO...)

She added her two cents to the David Shit List by saying that he came over to her and asked if she was from Montana.

Holly:  I was like NO, I'm from Wyoming.  Look at my shirt! 

Jackson came in to save the day.  Holly had been egging Jackson on to "officially end it" with Kathryn all morning.  (End WHAT?)  Holly was whispering with Sys about how the CBS show is going to feature Jackson asking her to go get in his bed with him.   Sys was confused, thinking it was no big deal, then Holly explained that "they asked her about it, IN THERE".

Something someone was cooking (bacon, maybe) started smoking and they waved towels around to keep the fire alarm from sounding.

The feeds were down for around 15 minutes and when they returned the group was getting up from the dining table and there was a lot of energetic chatter in the air.  Apparently they just saw a preview of Love Island and the winner of the PoV will win a trip for two to Fiji.  (Or maybe someone will win the trip, and someone else will win the PoV, whatever.)

They realize that only six of them will get the chance to play, so they started "joking" about asking to be nominated so they'll have a better chance to play for PoV and win.  I'll bet Nick wants to check in to Love Island, after seeing that commercial.  The UK version is steamy, ya'll.

If that franchise works, CBS can easily cross-promote by inviting Survivors or BB vets to play.  Maybe even later this summer, since Love Island traditionally brings in new talent as the old Islanders are rejected and ejected.

Sam started saying that maybe the show needs to throw in trips for prizes because so many people in the house don't want to win the PoV and throw it.  The feeds couldn't move away from him fast enough after he said that.

Kathryn saw David coming down the hall and started chanting his name, bouncing on her toes with excitement.

Kathryn:  Dave!  Dave!  Dave!  Dave!  Can I call you Dave?

David: No, I hate Dave!

Kathryn:  Dave is like 10 years old, telling Dad jokes by the barbecue.

David:  I don't know one black guy named Dave.

Kathryn:  Hmm...I know one Dave and he's white.

David:  BOOM.

Kathryn:  So how's your day going?

David: It's good. It's going smooth. Except I don't get to play to win a trip to Fiji.

Kathryn is worried that she'll end up being a pawn again. (But actually I think Jack is going to but Jessica on the block next to Kemi, based on the chatter.)

Jessica talks too much about Girl Power in there.  That never works as a large scale initiative and it's putting an easy target on her, in my opinion.

These two were whispering about how they saw each other frequently during sequester, or maybe during the application process.  They aren't allowed to talk to the other contestants in sequester, but we often learn they saw each other in the hotel gym or in the dining area or pool.  They each have a handler with them to prevent unauthorized activity, but that doesn't mean they can't look at each other.

Kathryn:  I already thought of you as my bestie in my head back then.

Jessica's daughter is black, and she's been speaking a little about that, specifically the discrimination and judgment that can be so obvious and hurtful.  She's always having to deal with that subject at home and in her travels.

Supposedly they know that Brett and Winston are somehow involved with the kick off of Love Island, probably from the little video they watched.

Kathryn:  When is Brett coming in this house?  Brett can GET IT.

Jessica:  How can you say that?  Brett was so awful with the things he said to Rockstar.  He deserved the things that Rockstar said to him.

David:  Brett was annoying, but her temper tantrum was more annoying.

Well, now that I put that out there, maybe Kathryn CAN get it.  You're welcome, Kathryn.

Jessica told Cliff that so far she's having a good day, but that could change any minute.  Cliff agreed, saying that seeing just one whispered conversation across the room can ruin your whole day in the house, the paranoia is so strong.

Cliff looks like a thin John Goodman to me wearing this holiday ensemble.

Sam:  You know how to make a grilled cheese?

Bella:  I can make a grilled cheese.  It's just cheese and bread.

Sam:  Nick, you like grilled cheese?  You want Bella to make us a grilled cheese?

Bella:  You want tomatoes on it?

Sam:  What?  NO!  I just want cheese and bread.  That's all.

Bella:  You are the most boring eater ever.

I don't know where Ovi is, but David is right there in the pool, sliding in comments to complement the conversation.  I would call his approach assertive, not aggressive, but that's just my opinion as a reasonable adult who is not having a Roid Rage.

David asked about Love Island season two and said maybe they can work out some deals.  Christie said she'd consider doing that, maybe mixing it up a little, before saying she only came on BB because she's obsessed with the show.  She didn't come here for Instagram followers or the fame.

David: I remember night one you were talking about players from the early seasons of the show and I was like, damn, she knows all about it.

Christie:  It's okay to do a show to get social media followers, if that's your thing, but that's not my thing.

David: Or do a show to take a trip. Or maybe to take a break from your job.

I watched Jackson eat a whole bunch of cookies by dropping them in a glass of milk and then eating them from the glass with a spoon while David chatted him up about the Love Island promo they watched.

David: When I saw that show was coming on five nights a week, I was like...

Jackson:  Damn....

David:  And here we are promoting it, and we're only on three nights a week.

Jackson:  If it does well, it will probably replace Big Brother, because it's about relationships.  And that's what they want to see.

Jackson mentioned how Angela and Tyler "are killing it now", and Fessy and Haleigh too.  (Well, maybe not so much anymore....)

All the girls loved Kemi's red top.  She said she got it on Amazon, after reading the BB show preparation instructions that said any visible labels will not be allowed.

Supposedly Production did not approve the lack of coverage of the matching red bikini bottoms, so she had to mix-and-match with this white pair.

Nicole:  You mean the RED ones were a thong but THAT ONE isn't?

All the girls noticed that something was wrong with Jackson's demeanor, because he's keeping to himself and seems down.

Christie:  I never thought I'd say this, but he's growing on me.

Holly: He's growing on me too, but that's not a good thing.

(Holly wants it bad from Jackson.  ***retch***)

Sys wishes she could think of something to do around there to ease the boredom.  I find that ironic, because she is one of the most boring Big Brother house guests ever.  And I've seen every season.  And all of the other boring house guests.

Trust me, Sys is DULL.

Kathryn talked some crap with her new bestie Jessica about everyone in the house talking about how paranoid she is.

Kathryn:  I'm not paranoid!  They're the ones who are paranoid about me being paranoid!

Kathryn also noticed the change in Jackson's mood and hoped it had nothing to do with her.

Jessica:  I know it might be hard for you to see Holly and Sys spending so much time together now, because you were so close with Holly.

Kathryn:  Well, if they're BFFs now, it is what it is.

If Kathryn can get through the last two weeks and keep going, then I guess we can too.

PS  I tried and tried to make myself recap the live show, but I'm just too unmotivated and want to veg out now that my house is construction-free for a few days.  I have yet another new project starting next week, on Wednesday, when a guy is coming to put tile down in my laundry room and also my home office.

Now THAT is going to be a real bitch, because it's going to require me to move all of my computer equipment to another room.  I might go buy some CBD pills to try and get through the stress of that.  I did not plan for these projects to happen at the same time, but like Kathryn says, it is what it is.

I am very excited about the new tile, though.  It's Tribeca Bianco, which is made to look like a weathered plank of wood, like this..  LOVE.