Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It's Going to be a Nightmare for Someone. #BB21

The Black Widow Alliance may or may not represent a genuine deal for all of the participants, but as of now, this alliance includes:


I know Bella and Nicole both have a few other game commitments on the side (Bella more so than Nicole) but I don't know if Kemi and/or Jessica have cut any other deals in the game at this point.  I'm sure if one of them wins HoH this week they will stick to the plan, and it's likely that the competition this week will be designed to ensure every house guest, including Cliff, has a chance to win.

One of the Black Widows' favorite conversational topics is what a dick Jack is, and Kemi has no reservations about being as loud about her feelings as possible.   In fact, yesterday morning Kemi was practically shouting about how Jack might resemble Jason Mamoa, if JACK HAD A DICK, that is.  This is funny for the live feeders, but not so great for Kemi's BB game.  I'm sure Production is loving it, even though they probably can't roll this footage on TV.

I'm happy for Nicole that she finally has a group to officially work with, even if a few of them might be uneasy about how trustworthy she might be.  She had a breakdown yesterday and started bawling and all of the girls comforted her.  I think it related to her family, because she started talking about how much she owes her father for all he has given her, and then she mentioned her mother "getting sick" so I'm not sure what the implications of that are.  Jessica is particularly nurturing and seemed like a great person to be around if you need to unload emotionally.

Nick also did a mini-therapy session with Nicole a few days ago. I think he was reacting to some self-deprecating comments she made about how her sisters were both married but "of course" she wasn't.  Nick started gently with questions that led to Nicole saying that she's probably single because she's not very outgoing or talkative.  Then Nick kept going, saying 'oh, is that the way the cool people are supposed to be?' before assuring Nicole that there are plenty of guys out there who are looking for someone on the reserved side as a wife.

I'm trying to consciously study Nick when he snaps into therapist mode to learn some of his tricks and methods.  I've definitely noticed his gentle questions to get the other person to consider whether what they feel is or is not the accepted norm, and then he usually shares info about himself that demonstrates that everyone has the same worries and fears. I'm sure that is very important for the children he works with, because young people often have very little perspective on the norms outside of their own little worlds.

I'm not sure how many people in the house know about Nick's true profession, but Cliff was sitting right there during this conversation, just taking it all in.  I know from his "CliffNotes" speeches that he is trying not to give too much fatherly advice himself, but I think he was probably impressed with the way Nick tried to draw Nicole out.  It was certainly a radical change from Nick's shit-talking persona with all of the joking and teasing.

I read somewhere that Bella has told Nick about the Black Widow alliance, but instead of being a rat, I think she might have been trying to include him on the info so he can vote with them.  Without seeing the conversations myself, I can't swear by that, though.  And even though Bella has shown signs on the feeds of not being as entranced with Nick as he is of her, I think she does know that he can be a benefit to her game.

Look how Sys (or "Sis", whatever) drapes herself all over Jack, right in front of Holly, who has also expressed an interest in him.  In any other season Holly might have already been all Boo'ed up in there, but pickings are slim for Holly on BB21.

No matter how it looks, particularly on the CBS episodes, I can virtually assure you that Jack is not planning on getting into anything with Analyse.  He pets her like you'd absentmindedly pet a puppy.  The network likes to feature the love connections to get the fans interested in the season, because that is what puts asses in the seats.  Otherwise the Bachelor wouldn't be on TV for so many years, or Married at First Sight, or 90 Day Fiance, or the new Love Island.  I'm sure you get the picture.

That's one reason why Tyler was such a relief for Production last year.  He checked all the boxes right out of the gate and stayed in the spotlight for the entire season.

Christie has been keeping a low profile since her HoH duties are basically over.  Or maybe we're just not seeing her much on the live feeds.  I'm sure her two-day Cry Fest was miserable for the camera crew, too.  Imagine clocking in backstage for your shift and having to listen to her BooHoo about the same old shit all day, over and over.

I also heard they were having trouble finding clothing for Christie to wear in her DR sessions that had the right look on camera.  I heard Christie say she had to "change 12 times" before one of her DR sessions last weekend.  I don't know if she was exaggerating or not, but I know that the live feed cameras didn't want us to hear her say that.

And Ovi joined their little group, too.  I think Ovi's game is toast this week, but with his power I wouldn't put it past Production to pull out the stops to ensure he is the one to return to the game via some sort of Battle Back.  The thought of Ovi's Nightmare Power causing everyone to get out of bed in the middle of the night for two new nominees for eviction is just too good to lose, I'm sure.

In Ovi's interview with Big Jeff, he said that he and his buddies like to trash talk each other, but I saw no hint of that in the house.  If he had been able to shoot the shit with Jack and Jackson, and especially with a loud mouth like Nick, I think he might have been accepted by the guys as one of them.  And that would have changed his perception with the girls, as well.

I've never been to prison, but I heard that you have to assert yourself right off the bat with the other inmates in order to gain respect.  I don't think the Big Brother house is any different.  Just saying.

And Jackson sure did assert himself from the first day.  That's for sure.

In this scene he pulled Tommy into Storage to VENT about how frustrated he was trying to deal with Kathryn.  I have seen Jackson GO OFF on her and about her a number of times now, but I really don't see where all of his anger is coming from.  Maybe it's that he is completely over the physical attraction stage with her, and wants to get as far away from her as possible, but it just seems like a major reaction to a minor problem.  I mean, Kathryn is tired of being on the block but I think all he would need to do is give her a few tight hugs and say some reassuring things.

Jackson:  I'm so tired of this. I'm not here to fucking babysit somebody.

Jackson also dropped the news to Tommy that Kathryn has never watched this show before and just bought a TV two months ago so she could watch it.

Tommy:  ***GASP***

Jackson was "threatening" to change his vote this week to evict Kathryn instead, because he "just can't take being around her" anymore.  Tommy listens, as usual, and said that Ovi might be a better player for their games in the long run, but I didn't hear him state a clear preference.

Was this some type of Roid Rage?  Because Jackson sure does like to pop off at the slightest provocation.

Meanwhile everybody seems to use Tommy as a sounding board.  He's like a sponge with that info, too.

Nick and Sam heard that Jackson was thinking about flipping the vote to keep Ovi, but they doubted that there would be enough votes to make it happen.

Nick:  Ovi is a nice guy and he's trying to stay in this game, and I respect that.  But I just keep thinking about what Christie said... the things that make Kathryn suck are the reasons why we should keep her in here over Ovi.

Sam agreed.  Basically they don't think Kathryn can ever win anything, and doesn't even seem to want to win anything.  I've even seen Holly and Analyse talk privately about how all Kathryn cares about is trending on social media.  Apparently she told them that she wanted to hold certain conversations because she thinks the activity will get picked up and trend. Apparently she either works for or with a PR company, because I tweeted something she said and a PR company responded.

Here is the original tweet:

And this guy chimed in. Apparently he's the CEO of a PR firm who had the chops to give her last-minute advice.  But I was under the impression that they take your phone away as soon as they give you the BB key and give you an hour to pack, so I don't think Kathryn would have had access to her phone on the way to the airport. So who knows.

Nick is still one of my favorites in the house.  He is always interesting to watch and listen to.  I feel badly for talking smack about his hair.  Apparently both he and Tommy got some sort of pricey treatment in NYC that involves "spinning" and then re-injecting your own blood or platelets or whatever back into your body in a manner that stimulates hair growth.  I think Nick uses Rogaine now to supplement that treatment.  I'm sure I'm mangling the facts here, but it wasn't a procedure I was familiar with.

I always say that if women went bald at the same rate that men did, some man would have cured it a long time ago.

Jackson summoned Kathryn for a Very Important Meeting where he scolded her again for the same shit we've all heard a bazillion times by now.

Jackson:  I haven't asked you for ONE THING in this house, not ONE THING, so can you please do this for me?

Well, Jackson has asked her OVER and OVER about this same thing, which is probably why Kathryn just stands calmly now while he scolds her.  Basically he wants her to stop talking about being nominated, about her feelings about being nominated, and about getting the votes to stay because she is nominated.

Kathryn is just supposed to never mention it, and never campaign because Jackson told her not to, because he says she is safe.

===>  Jackson is a scary Control Freak.  If you have the live feeds, you know how Jackson is OBSESSED with his diet and workout regime, and obviously likes to control everybody else as well.

They ended up hugging it out as she apologized to him AGAIN for being a human who is nervous for very understandable reasons.  On the plus side, her speech on the live show should be interesting to watch.

At some point during the day, Tommy started choreographing a 16-count dance routine which eventually the entire house learned and rehearsed with him. I don't think I saw Jackson or Christie do the dance, but I can't imagine they wouldn't want to try it because it was a great way to spend the time and let's face it, Tommy has the Broadway chops.

The early adopters here seemed to be the most eager because they are clearly good dancers.  Bella and Kathryn picked right up on the steps and showed some good rhythm.  Jack stepped in at one point and admitted he hadn't taken a dance class since he was a kid in school.

Tommy gave a lot of helpful hints about how their hips are actually the main driver of the motions, and that the arms should just follow the hip's lead.  (Like a golf swing...)

Bella actually helped with the choreography, doing some motions with her arms that Tommy liked.

Tommy:  Actually, we need to add a few fun moves like that in this part.

They added hand motions where you reach to the top, bottom and sides with both hands, returning to the center each time.

Tommy:  I'm really adding those motions so we can see Cliff do them, to be honest.

Jack was REALLY into it, particularly liking the "finger guns" and "lasso" movements, chanting those words as they performed the moves.  Nick later said that Jack's enthusiasm for that part of the routine is what helped him remember the steps.

Right before Nick joined the dancing he emerged crying from the Diary Room and got some hugs from Bella and a few others.  He's an emotional guy so who knows what brought the tears on, but within moments he was learning the moves from Tommy and put a lot of rhythm into it.

Jack:  Nick....I see you Nick!

Nick: It's like I'm in the club.

(That is the "lasso move" that you see below.)

Bella asked Tommy some interesting questions about his work on Broadway.  He told her that once a show is out of the rehearsal period and opens for business, no further rehearsals are needed so he just shows up about an hour before the show starts, which doesn't sound like a bad deal at all.

I wished they had asked him for his exact routine backstage for that hour before the curtain goes up.  For example, what is the scene like backstage, and how he gets into costume, hair (?) and makeup.  And whether the men have a different schedule than the female actors.  And then I would probably also have more questions after that, like how sick do you have to be to use a stand-in, do the actors ever just not show up, are there fights backstage, is there diva behavior, etc.

Jack used to do theater in high school and was impressed that Tommy's theater holds 1,100 people.

Jack:  Do school kids come to the matinees by the bus load?

Tommy:  No, because our show is about a prostitute.

Cliff had a nice talk with Kathryn, probably realizing that she has the best chance to stay in the game.  I'm sure he would have been nice to her anyway, I'm just pointing out that he seems to accept that she has the votes to stay this week.

It's not what Cliff wanted, but he has to adjust to the hand he is dealt.

Kathryn:  I can't believe that we're part of people's summer tradition.  You probably have your own Cliff Fan Club!

Cliff:  Well, I probably have a Cliff Haters club, too.

Jessica took her turn learning the dance, and had some good skills.  Ovi, Cliff and Holly took the dance class too, showing more enthusiasm then rhythm, to be honest.  Watching Cliff try to keep up with the arm motions was everything.

Jessica prepared for her July 4th DR sessions by bringing that sparkly USA top in the house with her.  The girls thought that was a good idea and Holly tried to incorporate a red bandanna into her look to keep pace with Jessica.

I think Production will give them July 4th party props though, because they do that every year.  You know, like hats and socks and other accessories.

There's no way I can tell everything that happened in the house last night, but I can give you the headlines.

*  Ovi approached Jack and Jackson to tell them about his Nightmare power, swearing it was the truth and pledging to use it to save one or both of them if they helped him get the votes to stay this week.
*  Because you can't use "Production" as your game strategy, Ovi said they could ask in the DR if he was telling the truth and they could give you a yes or no answer.
*  Jack and Jackson discussed the Power and tried to figure out ways they could get the votes to save Ovi without telling everyone the real reason why.
*  They told Christie about it and she was peeved that Ovi didn't come to her first, because "she's the HoH".
*  As far as I know, Ovi is still the boot plan tonight.  Jackson wanted everyone in the Gr8ful alliance to know about it, except Nick and Bella.  He wants to use them as scapegoats somehow if things don't pan out.
*  When Jack and Christie told Analyse about Ovi's power, she said "wow" and "I didn't know that".

I never noticed the Everlasting Fireplace before but I love it.  What a great idea for home decor.

The gang had Taco Tuesday last night and later gathered to hear some stories from Sam.  He is full of good stories about his family adventures and being a homeowner.

The girls know Sam's wife is a tiny blonde who rarely drinks and they say they can't wait to meet her because if she puts up with Sam she must be really something.

Sam was telling them last night about how he bought his home and was troubled by a big grease stain on the driveway.  He got some sort of power washing equipment to clean it up himself but when he used it he ended up blasting through the concrete and it blew chunks everywhere.

Sam:  The grease was gone, but so is all of the concrete.

Maybe Sam isn't cut out to be a DIY type of guy, because he told Big Jeff about trying to fix his flooded pool twice and making the problem even worse.  He also told a long story about almost sinking in a kayak with his brother and how his dad was panicking trying to save them. They survived, obviously.

He also referred to growing up in a house that was near a strip club (?) and finding a guy "hiding in their shed" who apparently was trying to kill himself by slitting his wrists. Sam and his brother chased the guy away.   Did I hear that right?  I just caught snippets of that story, but it sure sounds like a good one.

I think Ovi knows he's likely getting the boot tonight, but knows there will be a twist that can save him.  His pitch to Jack and Jackson was actually really good, because he also provided detailed information about the potential Battle Back.  Ovi made the point that the three of them should want to put out people like Kathryn so she could be easily beaten by any of them if they are evicted next.

Ovi spoke to them as if he were their peer, rather than their Errand Boy, and if he could have somehow taken that tone with them from the beginning of the season, he probably wouldn't be in this position right now.  I know it's easy for me to say that, but sometimes you do have to fake it until you make it.

"Act as if" is another way to phrase that.  I used to be very shy so in my job interviews coming out of college I pretended like I was on a late night talk show being interviewed by David Letterman.   I would smile and rephrase the question before answering enthusiastically, with perfect TV posture.  And it worked.  I got a good job.  I got a bunch of rejections, too, but all you need is one solid offer and the next thing you know you have a resume that looks like you know something.  Or someone, I guess.

Ovi said a sort of goodbye to the live feeders last night, too, in case it's his last time speaking with us. He urged us to support Nicole and Cliff, because they are great people.

Ovi: If leave, I think it will be because I got caught up in some chaotic bad luck... Christie ....and all of her feelings and energies.

Cliff talked to Tommy about Ovi's power and they both seemed to want to keep him in the game, even though they don't think the votes are there at this point.  They also want to flush that power out because it is so dangerous.

Cliff was also able to tell Jack that based on his experience in the Nightmare Comp, he believes Ovi did win because he remembers what was going on before the buzzer rang indicating the comp was over.

Cliff:  Well, we're all losers in here, except for one person.  Ovi shouldn't be any less proud if he has to leave tomorrow.  It's not like he's leaving because he messed up, or said the wrong thing to somebody. It's not like he made a mistake.

Tommy: It could have been any one of us.

Tommy said that Cliff often says things that hit him in just the right way.  Cliff told Tommy that he thinks the world of him and knows that he would never have had the fortune to meet someone like him if not for being on Big Brother.

Cliff: You bring joy into every room you walk into, Tommy.

I hate to tell you this, but last night Tommy and Christie had a long meeting about the game and Tommy said that he knows Cliff needs to go soon and Christie agreed.  They're right, you know, because having survived this week, Cliff is in a good position to stay in the game for a long time.  He may ride the block every week, but he'll stay unless someone realizes how dangerous he is.

I think Ovi also planted some seeds with Jack and Jackson about making sure there are people in the Battle Back comps that they think they can beat.  That's sort of important, actually, when you think about it, and could put Cliff at risk of an early boot if they think the Battle Back will be a physical comp.

The Shark was in the Storage Room today and Cliff busied himself with getting the floors clean for the live show tonight.

He noticed that The Shark didn't have much power so he turned it over and saw that the cleaning wheel was barely turning because there was so much hair and gunk wrapped around it.  So he and Tommy took a knife to it and pulled a bunch of stuff out of the works.

Cliff:  So that's probably Angela's hair, and JC's back hair, and who knows what else.  We're just cleaning up after every other season that's been in here and never cleaned this thing.

I was just thinking this morning about all of the people in the house this season with long hair, and how clogged the shower drain is going to be within just a few weeks.

This morning when Jack and Christie were telling Sys about Ovi's power, Christie picked up a bra and prepared to put it on while standing in the room wearing a tank top.  The BB cameras quickly shifted away from her to give her privacy, but held on Jack and Sys as they watched her wriggle into the bra.

Look at Jack.  Watching.  Christie is so uninterested in him romantically that she forgot how attracted he is to her, I think.  I thought this was funny.


As a follow-up to all of the drama in the media regarding what a horrible person Jack is, Jessica's husband had something to say about it.  Good for him.  He says Jack is just a "Water Boy with a beard".

And speaking of mouthing off, Sthcottie from last sthummer's show decided to take a shot at Kaycee based on her preseason pick of Jack (and others) making the Final Three.  Tyler jumped in to defend her, later pointing out that if you make Kaycee mad, you must have really hit a nerve.

I love the phrase "don't act brand new, kid" and might try to use that sometime soon.  Also, if you didn't catch Angie Rockstar on RHAP last night, it was a pretty good episode.  Rob didn't ask a lot of questions about the post-season drama, but Angie did say some interesting things in her usual sassy manner.

She called Kaycee the "Human Joint" because she is always so relaxed and calming, so that makes Kaycee's "rant" to Scottie even funnier to me.

And a sharp-eyed Redditor snapped a picture of his TV screen as the local weather logo had an interesting effect on Nick's chiron.