Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Have a Seat Jack. Jesus and Oprah Would Like a Word With You. #BB21

Apparently Analyse slept in the same bed as Jack Sunday night, or at least they spent some significant time together in the HoH room.  Kathryn just asked her what happened between them.

Analyse:  What? Nothing happened!  We literally just went to sleep.  That's it.

(I LITERALLY don't have the time to point out how many times Analyse LITERALLY does something.  But have you noticed how often people all around you say that now?  It's LITERALLY an EPIDEMIC.)

Kathryn:  Well, everyone thinks you did, so...

Analyse kind of freaked out and wanted to know who everyone was, and what was said.

Kathryn:  It's really just me and Holly.  That's it.

They did another round of the same conversation and Kathryn was saying how would she know what everyone was talking about, because she just dragged herself out of bed and then started putting her make up on.

(Last night Holly told Christie that Kathryn said that if she won HoH, she'd put up Nick and Bella, because she hates both of them.  Christie said that is so savage, but kind of perfect.)

Analyse says she would NEVER do anything with Jack because her dad is watching this.  I guess it's okay with her dad for her to say "fucking this" and "fucking that" in every other spoken paragraph though.  When you don't speak very often, the fucking percentage of foul language use is pretty fucking high.

Holly got called to the "upstairs DR" and the girls asked if she thought it was for meds and she didn't know.  But when she came back a few minutes later she said that last night she borrowed Jackson's sleep mask and the DR just called her in to say that sleep masks are not allowed in the house.

Holly:  I feel bad because they're going to yank it from him.  It's my fault now.

Analyse: It's day thirteen...how have they not noticed it before?

A few minutes later Jackson came in the room to ask Holly if she knew where the sleep mask is because "they wanted it".  Holly said she wasn't sure where it was so he thought it might be in the DR.

Last night Christie was also saying that Kathryn "never fucking listens" to what is going on around her, and the big picture, because Christie was talking about how she was all for girl power in this game and Holly said that Kathryn always talks about wanting to have girls around, but then she wants to target Bella and Nick.

Unfortunately, "girl power" never works in the BB house.  It just doesn't.  On RHAP I heard a good point made about the way men put together their alliances.  They never ask all of the men to join, instead selecting the players they think they can work with. But these girls don't know how to just stick to a reliable set of women they connect with.  Instead they run their mouths and end up making a spectacle of their plans which leads to their quick demise.

Today I found that the little black squishy part of my own eyelash curler has somehow disappeared during the move upstairs to the guest room.  Who knows where that could be, or if I will ever see it again.  Yesterday the plumbing guy turned off the water for half of the day to do whatever he was doing downstairs, and when he turned the water back on there was a leak and I saw water running out of my garage, down my driveway.  He already told me this morning that the water will be turned off twice today so I guess I'm prepared for whatever happens.  I found a Starbucks coffee cup on my patio with a few cigarette butts in it so I guess that is where all of the smoking is taking place.

I hope the TDH General Contractor shows up to check on things today because I'm wearing a really cute top and jewelry.  Oh, and I guess the plumbing situation needs his attention as well.  (TDH = Tall, Dark & Handsome, of course.)

Tommy is still playing this game very well.  I'm not sure if he's part of a formal alliance at this point because the alliance plans have been all over the place, but I haven't heard anyone discuss him as a target.  He seems to be trying to spend time in the house with everyone and I think everyone feels comfortable with him.

I can see him being pursued as the swing vote in the weeks to come, even though I'm pretty sure he will already have his target in mind for each vote.  I see Christie as a potential problem for him but maybe she will calm the eff down once her week as HoH is over.

I think Tommy cooks a lot in there, but unlike other seasons I haven't seen much kitchen action, other than Jackson trying to control everything in there.

I wonder if anyone has commented about the potential symbolism of choosing to sleep under a huge target.  Or on a huge target.  I think that may be the same round bed that they've used off and on since BB8, but of course I could be wrong about that.

One of the house guests a few summers ago who had some TV experience (Austen, maybe?) was saying that this show has such a huge budget that they probably just scrap most of the furnishings every year, unless it's a big showy piece like that big neon doughnut they had on the wall last season.  Apparently CBS has huge warehouses full of props and other decor and they can only store so much of it.

Wouldn't you want to snag one of those big targets for yourself?  Particularly with that backlighting and all.  One of those would look great in a big loft or even an office lobby. 

Christie and Nick want to target Jack as soon as possible.  I'm sure it's very easy for her to say that because she won't be HoH this week, and just passed up a golden opportunity to evict him.

Nick thinks if Jack goes, he can pull Jackson over to their side, and Christie will work on Kathryn.  They both hope Kemi wins HoH because she said she would put up Jack immediately with no fucks given.  Not for nothing, but if Kemi wins HoH that house is going to BLOW UP.  How fun would that be?  And how HUMBLING for the guys who thought they would just "trade off winning HoH" all summer?

I have to say I am liking Kathryn a lot more than I expected to.  Her DRs on the last CBS show were great.  I loved it when she was discussing Christie and said "I hate you too".  We won't get much game out of Kathryn but I think the entertaining drama will  be there as long as she's in the house.

Kathryn should thank Christie because Christie's HoH dramatics made Kathryn look practically sane this week.

Jackson is always super-irritated with Kathryn and can twist anything she says into a reason to get scolded by him.  She must be open to that kind of treatment, because otherwise I don't know how she would be able to sit there and take getting so much verbal abuse.

For example she told a small group the other day that although she trusts she will be safe, she still feels like a pariah being actively ignored in the house. Jackson was so angry at this comment that he jumped up and stormed off, sort of like Cody's exit from BB19 when he walked right across the top of the coffee table out to the studio audience.

Let's see how Big Man Jackson handles his ass being on the block, with everyone talking and whispering around him.  And that would only be for about five days, compared to Kathryn being in the hot seat for nearly two weeks.

I know some of you like to keep an eye on the various makeup products they use in the house.  Holly sure has a big bag of tricks that she lugs around every day in there.  I think I have that same travel case.  It zips up like a little suitcase with handles, and it's small enough to take in your carry on bag so you have the basic necessities on hand in case you get separated from your luggage.  I only use one side of the case for makeup, though. I use the other side for skin care products, toothpaste, shampoo and such.

I've arrived at my destination twice to find that my luggage wasn't on the plane with me, both times after landing in Europe so having the essentials on hand was a must. And it was actually kind of nice because both times Delta Air Lines had to deliver my bag directly to my hotel once they found it.  Nothing is worse than having to lug a big suitcase in and out of the airport, cars, cabs and trains, except maybe truly losing your luggage and never seeing it again.

Analyse wore a skimpy two-piece romper-type outfit with this hat yesterday.  Cliff greeted her on the patio by saying that she looks like she's ready to be in a country music video.  Sis responded that she would LOVE to be in a country music video because that is a DREAM for her.

At some point in the last decade, it seems everybody decided they were into country music. I just don't get it.  It all sounds the same to me and same is not good.

Is it true that one of Nick's tattoos is a picture of Taylor Swift?  What the hell?  Why would ANYONE choose to do that?  In fact, I blame Taylor for this country music trend.

Bella put the sunscreen on Nick, and kept holding the can high up in her right hand as you can see below.

Let me tell you there is trouble in "paradise" already with these two, but I don't think Nick knows that. I've been wondering how Bella feels about all of the declarations of love that Nick was spouting at her the other day.  (Don't do that, guys.  Don't just blurt it all out when you barely know the person, because it will work against you almost every time.)

Kemi and Bella were laying in the hammock last night talking about all sorts of things, both inside and outside the game.  They had some moments of real laughter out there and it seemed like both of them enjoyed the feeling of having a (maybe) real friend in there.

Kemi said that she hated to say it, but she trusts Sam more than she trusts Nick.  Bella said that she is getting very tired of the way Nick constantly confirms game information with her, but rarely offers any new information.  Then Nick came over and laid right on top of both of them, but with his back to Kemi to get a quick snuggle with Bella.  I was waiting for Kemi to say something about his back in her face, but somehow she didn't.  Nick started doing that thing that drives us crazy, asking 'are you mad at me?' 'you're acting weird today?' ' are you mad at me?'.

Bella told him to please get off the hammock, because he was annoying her.  Then Nick had to ask a a bunch of questions about that before finally skulking off out of the camera shot.  Kemi and Bella looked at each other.

Bella:  Oh no.  Now he's going to be anxious about what I just said.

and then

Bella:  Let me tell you though, in real life, if any guy said he liked me and then went around touching other girls, he'd have no chance.  NO CHANCE.  I don't know how much longer I can take him.

Kemi, chuckling:  Well we have an eviction and an HoH coming up, so you better take him for a few more days.

(So, Bella is indeed quite bothered by Nick's flirting with Empty-Headed Sis.)

I guess you could try to spin this as Bella trying to take the showmance target off her connection with Nick, but having watched this scene, I don't think so.  It sounded just like any conversation about men you'd have with your college roommate, or your co-worker in the next cubicle.  Maybe Bella is just letting off steam, or maybe she's had it and is about to BLOW.

She said Nick looked girthy here and he liked that description.

I just rewound the live feed Flashbacks and found Jack and Analyse in the HoH room together.  He was totally distracted by what he was watching on the Spy Screen, I presume, while she tried to start up a conversation or maybe something more.

But she doesn't have anything to say to him.

Analyse:  I'm so glad we're here.

Jack: Yeah, me too.

Analyse, fishing for some reaction in a very childish way: You should feel lucky...no I'm just kidding.....

Jack:  What?

Analyse: .....no...I'm not that special.

Jack:  Oh, you're pretty special.

He's so bored with her.  And it's just so obvious.  And if she thinks he is into her just because she's young and pretty, she's wrong.  I'm sure Analyse might be a nice girl outside of this game, but inside the house she has been so shallow that she makes Kathryn look deep.  She was all over him trying to get some sort of reaction.  I didn't watch much more of this, but I did hear her say to Christie later that she was glad Christie came in and "interrupted" them.

I'm sure Jack was, too.  Just saying.

And Jack is still a Jackhole, of course.  He's made comments in the house such as these:

*  Girls like Nicole usually don't get a chance to talk to guys like me.
*  I flirted with Jessica a little bit so she could feel good about herself.

And of course all of the shitty comments about Ovi.  It seems as if Production had a little Sit Down with Jack yesterday to let him know that he was headed down a long rocky road with the BB fans and the real world if he doesn't watch his mouth.

At first I thought "ha ha Tommy went into the DR and filed a complaint about Jack", but then I read about the "Oprah Magazine" article.  Apparently there is a Change.org petition to have Jack removed from the house (LOL).

I've never read Oprah Magazine, but from scanning this article, I'm not too impressed with their journalistic values.  While their article might be based on facts, it seems like they just posted a bunch of tweets and cut and pasted comments from Reddit.   If that is the situation over there at Harpo Productions (or whatever) why don't I apply for a job writing for Oprah?

I don't remember what Holly was saying here but it is a pretty picture so I'm posting it.  She seems to hang out with Analyse much of the day, or maybe Analyse is following her around, but nevertheless there is not a lot of newsworthy conversation going on there.  Because of Sis, not Holly.  If Holly is around adults I think she is more than capable of making conversation.

Ooooh, speak of the Devil. I just tuned in to the live feeds and caught a whispered morning conversation between Kemi, Jessica and Nicole.  They are saying that if they don't have a viable male candidate for nomination, Holly or Sis might be good options.

Kemi said that after Ovi was nominated instead of her, both Holly and Sis started coming up to her all of a sudden to make conversation and say they are glad she wasn't the one on the block.

Kemi:  Where was that support before then? And now you want to talk about recycling initiatives with me? Well fuck you then.

Jessica's mission is to get in with Jack and Jackson today and try to find out what is going on with them.  Nicole told Kemi about the teary conversations Christie had with her when she was freaking out over having to nominate someone else and was considering Kemi.

Kemi thinks there was no need to blindside Ovi because he's not a real threat in the game so it seems mean-spirited.  Nicole said that Ovi thinks he has the votes and he asked her to check in with a few people for her.

Kemi:  He gave me and Jessica the same speech about how we need to stick together because we're minorities and all of that, so I don't want to lead him on.  They might try to do a sympathy vote thing and then it will flip.

Kemi knows Sam, Nick, Bella, Nicole and herself will vote Ovi out.  Kemi doesn't want to talk to Tommy about the vote because he seems like a wildcard in the game.  She just retold a story about Ovi coming up to her on the 2nd or 3rd day of the game and saying he would bring the guys together and she would bring the girls together and have a big alliance.

Kemi:  So I asked him, Ovi DO you have the guys with you?

After that Kemi said they haven't really discussed much game.

Nicole filmed her good bye messages yesterday and says it's a very strange experience, because you have to tape messages for both people.

Kemi thinks Sam and Nick may be the two closest people in the house and they recognize each other as good players.  Kemi doesn't think Sam has a real relationship with Jack, but she's not sure about Nick's situation with Jack.  Kemi mentions how Jack suddenly came to her with pleasant conversation, and is trying to interpret that based on what she thinks Nick may have told Jack.

But we all know that any attitude adjustment on Jack's part is probably based on the Come-to-Jesus meeting Jack had with Production.  And Oprah.

As usual Cliff was up early, all alone.  He had a bowl of something and stared at the memory wall before going into the Boat Room to talk to the live feeders.

Cliff assured us that he thinks the drama is going to start soon, probably after the first eviction and next HoH competition.  He noticed increased scrambling and a lot more whispering yesterday and knows that if he didn't have the safety of the PoV around his neck he'd be very nervous about it.

Cliff has gone back-and-forth with his own game plans this week, and feels badly about Ovi's chances to stay.  Ovi apparently thinks he has the votes to stay this week, but Cliff doesn't think so based on what he's observed and heard in the house.

They got a booze delivery last night and Cliff really appreciates it.  The house plans to have Taco Tuesday together tonight, and he predicts that might be the last big happy group event they will have for a while.

Cliff says being a dad makes everything different, and says he and Sam are the only ones who understand that. (What about Jessica?)  On several mornings Cliff has scoffed at the house guests who talk about their dogs all of the time.  Cliff says that having a dog might be a good test run, but a dog is nothing like having a real family.

WHAT: I can appreciate where Cliff is coming from, but he should not judge people who don't have kids.  Not everyone wants to have a litter of kids, Cliff.  And not everyone can, for a multitude of reasons.  I'll be happy to discuss that with you Cliff, when you're out of the game, but you just sound rude and judgmental about this topic now.

Cliff doesn't like that he heard Kemi say she wants to get an emotional support vest for her dog so she can travel with him.  I personally don't like this trend, because travelers have tried to apply it to their pet snakes, rats, etc.  But I don't see the need for Cliff to then launch into a discussion how childless dog owners are Less Than.  I've seen plenty of shitty selfish parents out there...I certainly don't consider them More Than me.  Or Kemi.  Or any other dog-only owner.  But whatever, I guess.

Cliff gives a shout out to Pendleton Mills who made the cozy wool blanket that is part of the Boat Room decor.  He wishes he could sleep in that room with that cozy blanket.  Right now he's sharing a bed with Ovi and he says the bed feels like it gets smaller every day.

Cliff:  I like Ovi, but I don't need him breathing down my neck at night.  That's what it feels like, anyway.

This is the view from the Boat.  I'll bet this room is the most fun to decorate for the Design Team.  Remember when the wall was covered in green apples during BB19?  I do miss that pin wall they had last year, because they used it to make fun messages.

We've only had the live feeds since Thursday, about six days, but it already feels like forever, doesn't it?


This fan always makes funny observations on a weekly basis about the current scene in the house.

 Are you planning to watch Love Island?  I feel like I have to, because Brett and Winston are somehow involved with the kickoff.  And Swaggy C and Bayleigh too, apparently.

I've watched two seasons of the UK version while I walk on the treadmill and it's a pretty entertaining show.  I just can't handle five nights a week, on top of my Big Brother duties.  I think it's a bold move by CBS though, and if it's half as addictive as the UK finds their version, it will likely be a big hit.

On one of the UK seasons they suddenly brought in these two flashy Italian brothers who got to go on "dates" with two of the girls.  Then the girls had the opportunity to swap out one of the male cast members with one of the Italians, and it brought lots of paranoia to the situation.  I can see Brett and Winston doing something like that on the US version, but since the premiere hasn't aired yet, I'm not sure how that would work since it's supposed to be a live show.

And both Brett and Winston are back home now. I think it's nice that CBS is offering different opportunities to different BB players.  Spreading the wealth around a little.  I just tensed up my own ab muscles and tried to smile and it certainly didn't feel natural.  So I understand why neither of The Bros could smile in this picture.