Monday, July 1, 2019

New Beginnings and New Endings for Ovi. #BB21

Yesterday was a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Big Brother backyard, with folks enjoying the fresh air and the relief of having the first PoV ceremony safely in the rear view behind them.

Well, just about everybody.  Not everyone felt relieved or happy after the PoV ceremony was over.

Sam hopes his PoV speech goes over well on TV, and knows his wife and sons will be thrilled to see him take the stage on the CBS show.  He has said that the dispatcher at his job is also a BB fan, and he likes knowing that he has people at home that are going to cheer him on all summer long.

Jack commented that Cliff's speech was also very good, and I could sense something in Jack's voice.  Like maybe he recognizes the threat that Cliff may represent in the game.  But I think the big personalities in there will be too busy targeting each other to worry too much about poor old Cliff.  I just listened to Cliff's morning chat with the live feeders, and he mentioned that Kathryn's PoV speech was very brief and apparently devoid of much content.

Cliff:  Sure enough, I found out later that she forgot that she'd have to make a speech, so she just made some stuff up on the spot.  Yep...I wish we had a few more Kats in here.  If I have to go up on the block you can put me up against her every time.

After much ado and tears, Christie nominated Ovi to sit in Cliff's empty nomination chair.  I'm sure Jackson was not happy with this choice, because he was pretty dead set on having Kemi up on the block and then out of the door on Wednesday.  I find it hard to believe that Jackson's issues with Kemi stem only from the comments she made in front of the girls in the first days of the game.

Cliff said it was interesting for him to watch the dynamics in the house last night, with Kemi and Jackson in the room together.  Cliff knew that they don't like each other, and he said the baggage over Jackson "banishing" Kemi on the first day seemed to linger in the air with Kemi's tone of voice, etc.

Jack has been boasting that he has Ovi under control and can tell him exactly how to play this game, so seeing Ovi nominated probably isn't his best case scenario, either.  He was apparently aware that Christie might be nominating Ovi, but based on the way Christie has been conducting herself around the house, it's clear that the pressure was getting to her and her actions might be unpredictable.

I wonder if anyone will hold it against Sam that he used his PoV to save Cliff, causing the need for an additional nomination.  He planned to say that he wanted to save Cliff because they are both fathers, but it is the first week of the game and Sam isn't even working with Cliff in there.  To put it another way, if the situation were reversed, I doubt Cliff would save Sam, unless he made some sort of credible deal with him to get something game-wise in return.

Did Sam do that with Cliff?  I don't think so, but I could be wrong.  I think Cliff sees how tight Sam and Nick are, so I'm sure he sees that as a potentially-dangerous situation.

If I was in the house, I think I might have trouble believing Sam's "I'm a simple truck driver" story.  Truck driving is a lonely sort of profession, requiring hours and hours of alone time on the road.  Sam seems way too comfortable socializing in there, and seems too funny and "with it" to be someone with such a solitary profession.  Last week there was some "joking" about how Sam's first Netflix comedy special was just released and his comedy career was probably "blowing up" while Sam was playing Big Brother.

Supposedly all of the fish in the fish tank died due to some sort of air filtration problem, so the house guests held a "Fish Funeral" over the weekend, with Sam officiating in a pretty believable fashion.  Then everyone took a turn making comments, and Ovi's was particularly funny.  Anyway, public speaking is very hard for most people, but Sam makes it look like a piece of cake.

I thought this was funny: Later in the day Sam said that after the PoV ceremony, Kathryn came over to hug him and she said "thanks".  Sam said, "thanks for what?" and she said "I don't know".

By the time the PoV ceremony rolled around, Kemi was well-aware that she had been the backdoor eviction plan for several days.  She has the support of several people in the house, but who knows what would have happened if Christie had actually nominated her for eviction.  Jack and Jackson wanted her GONE and we've seen how most of the house bends over backwards to make them happy.

Kemi has been much lighter since she survived this first week in the house.  Let's hope she takes the opportunity to build a network in there and find a team she can rely on.  And hopefully she will learn to keep her mouth shut unless she's sure she's around people she can trust.

Which is almost no one at this point.

The girls were talking about Kaycee visiting the house for the PoV competition and Kemi said even though she is only attracted to guys (she said this at least twice), she finds Kaycee attractive and if she was to go the female route, Kaycee would be her type, along with another name (a rapper, maybe?) that I wasn't aware of.

Tommy was surprised, but Kemi said she thinks she would like someone with a male vibe like that. I don't think those were her exact words, but that was the vibe.

Jessica agreed with Kemi and from time to time has made certain comments about women, but I won't include it here unless I can remember a direct quote.  I didn't mention this earlier, but in her interview with Ika Wong, Ika brought up the plus-sized model who was on BBCAN (Brittany).  Jessica said she knew Brittany and had modeled with her in the past, so that was interesting.

Ovi was trying to put on a brave face after the PoV ceremony, but I think he was totally shocked to be sitting in a nomination chair this week, so early in the season.  He doesn't seem to be isolating himself, so that is a strong indication that he knows what he needs to do to make sure he survives the week.

He approached Christie right after the ceremony and she assured him that he has lots of support in the house, and that everyone likes him.  She also said there is a good chance that Kathryn will start spinning with paranoia, and I'm sure Ovi knows that it a very real possibility.

(SPOILER ALERT:  Kathryn has already begun her descent last night, crying and telling people she wants to go home.)

Ovi:  Well, if it had to happen, I'm glad it was to save Cliff.  I feel good about that part.

Jessica, Nicole, Bella and Kemi have started working together and as of now are talking about voting Ovi out over Kathryn.  Bella plans to get closer to Jackson in the next week and Jessica plans to start spending more time with Kathryn.

They are all still wondering if and when the Have Not program will begin this summer.  Cliff told the live feeders that several people have already volunteered to be the first group of Have Nots because they wanted to experience that.  Cliff says that taking cold showers would be absolutely miserable, and knows he might need to take a turn at it, but says as long as there are lots of people volunteering to be Have Nots, it doesn't make sense for him to volunteer.

Jessica and her husband had a destination wedding on a cruise ship.  She knew that people like to take a vacation if they are spending the money to travel to a wedding, so she thought it was a win-win situation for everybody, and was surprised that 85 people were able to attend.  She wanted to be sure that her daughter could come with her on the honeymoon, since Sabina (or Sabrina?) was with them all the time it would have seemed strange to go on a trip without her.

The Cornhole game has been popular lately, and it seems like there are opportunities for some easy "side talking" with your partner while you play without drawing a lot of suspicion.  Not that these two are doing any game talking...Christie has already run her mouth nonstop for two days and it's unclear whether Analyse is being cautious about talking game, or if she doesn't have any game to talk right now.

They were facing off against Holly and Kathryn, so I tried to get a good shot of those two ladies but I couldn't get a good angle.  Later the guys got involved in the Cornhole tournament and Christie said a funny line about how she went from being a good Cornhole player to a bad one and wished Holly and Kathryn would come back and play now.

Jack was watching them and murmured on the sidelines that it was "good to see her outside" again, meaning Christie, I'm sure.  Jack isn't used to being turned down, I don't think, so I think he's still fixated on Christie.

Christie isn't so enamored with Jack, though, telling the others that Jack's ex-girlfriend has apparently left him twice, and how he has said that Christie resembles her.

Supposedly Jack and Analyse have been snuggling here and there but she said she wouldn't kiss him "because her dad was watching".  I'm not sure if anyone knows that Sis was a college soccer star, or if it would even matter to them if they knew that.

After the PoV ceremony, Cliff must have been so relieved.  He appeared in the kitchen wearing this hat, announcing that since it was June 30th and the last day of Pride Month he wanted to represent with this hat.

Cliff is ready to go to Disney World in this outfit, right? It's a touristy look for sure.

To his credit, Ovi was direct, but with a soft tone in his voice when he asked Jack if he knew that Ovi was going on the block today.  Jack took off his shades to look Ovi directly in the eyes to tell him that he didn't.  He said that he was aware that Christie was considering possibilities, but they weren't even sure that Sam would use the PoV.

(Christie wanted everyone to act shocked when Sam used the PoV, to give the impression that she didn't have time to make her choice.)

So Jack may have lied here, but he did not want Ovi to go on the block, that is for sure.  He wasn't and isn't happy about it.

Then Ovi asked Cliff about his knowledge of what just went down in the PoV ceremony.

Cliff assured him that he would never have let Ovi get blindsided like that, looking like a chump on TV in front of his family and friends, if he had known in advance.

Ovi:  Thank you Cliff. I appreciate that.

I took this picture yesterday and just blanked out trying to figure out who these people are.  That is Tommy on the left, of course, but I swear I am drawing a blank on who the girl is.  I think it's Nicole, based on the process of elimination.

I guess we need to chat about Ovi's Nightmare Power we saw him win on last night's CBS show.  Based on this verbage I found on JokersUpdates, plus the discussion on last night's RHAP recap show, I don't think Ovi can use his power after the PoV ceremony, only the nomination ceremony.

So he couldn't use it to save himself this week, even if he wanted to.  It sounds like Tyler's "Cloud Power" that he won last year, with the added splash of excitement of having the surprise sprung in the middle of the night, when the others least expect it.  Unfortunately it is a very real possibility that this Nightmare Power might leave the game with Ovi this week, unused and not even discussed on the live feeds.

(OMG it was so CRINGEY to see that scene on the CBS show last night of Ovi starting his own 8-person alliance.  This isn't UT and the house guests aren't part of Ovi's fraternity, but I guess he knows that now.)

This morning Cliff was describing what it is like to notice people moving here and there around the house and the backyard, first in little groups that grow larger gradually, and then move around to other parts of the house.

Cliff:  It's like a school a fish moving around. Nobody wants to be swimming alone, outside of the game conversations.

He said he's seen Kemi swimming alone, trying to find her place to fit into the conversations.  Cliff knows that this game is a marathon, not a sprint, and thinks Jack is playing the game that way, and that Tommy is playing a good game, too.  Yesterday he saw some game play out of Tommy for the first time, watching him integrate himself into a group containing Jackson and Jack.

Cliff:  Who's not playing the game that way?  Nick.  And Holly is playing her cards real close to the vest.  And Nicole and I have an agreement to look out for each other, even though we plan to work on opposite sides of the house.  I want to keep that agreement with Nicole low, low, low in here.  I don't even want to give it a name because I think then you risk exposing yourself to everyone.

Cliff knows his family is aware that he's missing the news terribly.  He says he hasn't heard a peep from the outside world and hasn't seen "one Trump tweet" so he has no idea what to expect from the outside world.

He can't wait to hear the feedback and read the comments about how he is playing the game, whether he's playing too hard, or not playing enough.  He's going to give 100% to this game and is doing the best he can.

Cliff: I need ya'll to send me some mental telepathy while I'm in here. I need ya'll to help me out.

Cliff:  I'm sure Evel Dick is being real critical of me.  I couldn't play the game he played, and he can't play my game.  I'm sure Ed is saying I'm being too friendly, and not cut throat enough.  But if you don't like it Ed, then screw you, I guess.

(I've been blocked by Evel Dick for years, but if you have any info about this situation, please feel free to share.)

I wonder if Bella is still committed to the guy's groups she was invited to join initially, or if she is planning to work with the girls in this new group?  Or maybe a little of both, depending on who is in power.

I've heard her try to shut down the chatter about her connection with Nick by explaining that "she was upset, so she told him something that happened to her" and they got closer based on that.

Last night I watched Kemi sit on her bed and look up at the cameras as she tried to figure out who it was that told Jack and Jackson that she wanted to target them.  She was trying to figure out when she said certain things, and who was in the room, but I don't think she figured out that it was Bella.

I wonder if Bella would squeal on her today if the same thing happened.  I hope not.

After Kemi got up to go inside Bella and Cliff started talking about the nominations and Bella casually scooted over closer to him, which was a good sign, I think. She wanted to know which choice was better for Cliff's game this week.

Cliff said that Ovi is a more reliable player, and could be depended on more.  But then Bella told him that Ovi had been working with Jack since the beginning of the game and Cliff was shocked at that.  Or said he was, anyway.

Cliff:  Well, Kathryn is well....Kathryn.  So we know what to expect from that.

Nick came out and immediately started playing with Bella's hair while he stretched and yawned.

That's gotta stop, if he wants to keep this relationship on the down low.

Nick thinks that keeping Kathryn in the game is a no-brainer for him.

Nick: What the fuck is Kathryn going to win around here?

Cliff:  Well.  Nothing.

Nick: Exactly.  Nothing.

Nicole said that the summer session at the school where she teaches started today, and that she would normally be teaching all summer.

Cliff:  But now they're watching you, saying 'there's Miss Nicole, cutting throats on TV'.


Did you watch the special edition of The Amazing Race that just concluded?  I'm going to assume you did and don't mind spoilers about that now.  I think the Big Brother teams did us all proud by trying hard and providing drama when we needed drama.

I knew in advance that Nicole and Victor finished fourth because someone made an audio tape of them conducting their post-elimination interview with Production.  You might recall seeing Victor talk in front of a brick wall, in a narrow passageway.  I think there was a shoe maker, or some business like that located in that alley and they recorded the entire conversation.  You could only hear Victor and Nicole talking, so maybe they had earpieces to hear the producer's questions and conversation prompts.

They weren't sad, they were grateful and seemed happy to be there.  So I was expecting it.

I've also been listening to their podcast Coco Caliente as they have guests every week from the TAR season, including Phil the host.  The do seem incredibly compatible and have an easy rapport.   Victor was so interested in Nicole that he moved to Ubly Michigan to live with her so I think that is real love.  He said he has "two friends in Ubly, and one is Nicole's father".

As a tribute to their love, I am including two blog snippets from BB19 that specifically discuss how irritated Nicole was with Victor in the BB house.  This old blogpost has been getting a lot of views so I guess other people have noticed it, too.  And on Victor's part, on the very first BB19 episode, Victor was the one who tried to rally the troops to evict Nicole first, saying "she's already had her chance".

So this story had a happy ending, after all.  I'm leaving a typo in the post where I transposed two letters of Nicole's name, because it is what it is at this point.


Because inquiring minds want to know, I just looked at Corey's Twitter account to see if it looks like he's been watching his old BB19 cast mates on TAR, but there was absolutely no mention of it.  I did see this, which is pretty random.

I also read on Reddit that Fessy and Haleigh just broke up, but I thought they were moving in together in Los Angeles for a year before Haleigh starts grad school.  I don't know if the breakup news is true though...just repeating the gossip here.

Yeah, we see you Nick. We're all watching.