Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Live Feed Sneak Peek Gave Us (and Them) Some Practice. #BB21

For once, I happened to be sitting at the right place at the right time when the live feed sneak preview began.  The house guests knew they were live, with some house guests acting more relaxed then others.

The live feed cam was kind of wonky and didn't let me skip around to different cameras, and I think there was only one camera shot at a time.  The air had a buzz of energy as the cameras showed us a group of people sitting in the booth in the kitchen and moved through the house where Bella and Kemi were apparently told to straighten up a little around there.

They were in a room which they said was comfortable, but it was a shame people weren't using it very much.  I think that was the lounge area, which is decorated like a rowboat this season.

Then they moved into the bedroom and Bella was trying to figure out which shoe to wear.  And she "hates wearing a strapless".

Kemi was folding stuff and it was good to see her, because there were early rumors that she was either the HoH or the first out, but now we know neither of those things are true.

Bella curses, ya'll.

Sam was talking about driving across Manhattan in his truck (on the BQE, maybe?) and how smooth that can be at certain times of day.  And either Nicole or Cliff told him something about a trucker hitting their brakes too quickly near their car, or something like that, so Sam was explaining how that should be done.

Good to see Cliff hanging in there, too.  He might be on the block this week ( and many other weeks) but from what we learned a few days ago, he's not the target this week.  I must point out that Steve wasn't supposed to be the first boot last year, either, and we know how that turned out.

I love that table but I hope they laminated the top of it so food and stuff doesn't get stuck between the logs.  A lot can go wrong with a table like that...

Ovi was trying to learn a dance or something as he passed through the room, quickly joining and exiting the living room conversation.

Do your thing, Cliff.  You already avoided being Jodi'ed or Glenn'ed, now just don't get Steve'ed.

Sam seems super-comfortable.  This conversation was probably a relief for Production because they were in no danger of singing like a few other house guests.  For example, Jackson was humming a very recognizable melody as he walked through a room, causing the feeds to cut for a few minutes and "Bob" to tell them to "please STOP singing".

 Does Christie look like she might be under-the-weather?  Any signs of catching HoH-itis yet?

Early in the leak, the cameras focused in on Nick and Tommy as they sat down to play checkers.  Tommy asked him a question and Nick said, "I don't know.  I don't know how to play this fucking game."  It was obvious they were trying to occupy themselves during the sneak peak.  As you can see, checkers aren't exactly flying around the checkerboard.

This is the loft area outside the HoH room that is also reachable from a ladder near the front door.  I think Hamsterwatch is going to call this area the "snug" as an homage to BBUK.  But time will tell if the fandom adopts that name, too.

Nick seemed nervous.  He was listening to Tommy chatter NON STOP about some song about mozzerella cheese that he must sing onstage, somewhere.

Tommy was hell-bent on discussing this, even though "Bob" was telling him not too.

Tommy:  Maybe I can just discuss the IDEA behind the song then....

Apparently the fist pump that he does in all of his pictures is based on this song, which he says pumps him up.  He has asked Production to play it in the house for him when they can, and mentions that he asked for the Pretty Woman musical CD in his HoH basket.

Um....Tommy was doing the MOST in this brief live feed leak.  Not a good sign for his BB game, in my opinion.  Calm down, Tommy.  It isn't all about you.  Or it shouldn't be in this game.

I think Tommy's mozzerella song must be what Ovi was trying to learn how to do a few minutes ago.

Either Tommy or Nick was talking about how the folks watching the live feeds would be like "what the hell" when they hear all of the strong New York-type accents.  (Tommy, Nick, Nicole & Christie)

And the sneak peak was over almost as soon as it began.  We never saw David, but there was a large group sitting in the kitchen when the sneak peak began that included Jack but I don't remember seeing Kathryn, Holly or Analyse.

As usual, the live feeds are what get excited about this TV show.  They will go live at 1:00 AM EST on Thursday morning here on the East Coast, after the second part of the Premiere airs on the West Coast.

The Chatter is High In Anticipation of Tonight's #BB21 Premiere.

Tonight is the first night of the two-night premiere of the 21st season of Big Brother here in the US.  We've been waiting semi-patiently for this thing to kick off and as usual there has been plenty of speculation about who was cast, why they were cast and speculation about the twists planned for the season.

We know the house has a Summer Camp theme and while some of us like that idea, others bitched and moaned as if they had to live in that environment, too. But that's the Big Brother fan base, isn't it?

I would need to see Julie's "scout" costume in it's entirety before commenting on it, but I certainly like the idea.  Those shoes though....unless Julie's Airstream camper is parked on a golf course, I don't think they are appropriate.  What about a high-heeled hiking boot instead?

You know, like these.  Prime time on CBS is no time to wear sensible shoes, Julie.  After all, it's not like Julie has to actually walk around in them.


1.  "SECRET PAIRS" and/or House Guests Who Already Know Each Other

We all know by now that Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco have  known each other for YEARS.  That is old news by now.  What we don't know is IF or HOW Production plans to work this into the BB story line or not.

And Brent from RHAP swears that his friend "knows" Kathryn Dunn, which led to all sorts of speculation about her being connected to Holly Allen.  This "source" said they have been talking to each other about their plans to play BB this summer.  While it's reasonable to assume that they have met each other through the pageant circuit, it wasn't until I saw this that I let myself believe it.

There might be other pairs in the game but since the premiere is tonight I'm going to move on and just wait and see what happens.

But Here's The Thing:  I think the fans automatically assume that having a secret partner in the house gives them an advantage, but it could just as easily go the other way.  The connection could just as easily make them a huge target, and get them on the block together as a pair to split them up.  Based on what we've learned about Christie, I think she is going to have trouble keeping her secrets safe this summer, but I don't know about Tommy yet.  And Kathryn is already in trouble in the game for various reasons.

2.  The Live Feed Audio Leak was JUICY.

On June 21st at approximately 12:38 PM EST, there was a live feed audio leak from the HoH Suite.  A fan was randomly showing his wife (or whoever) how the live feed experience works, and heard someone talking, even though the camera feed wasn't live.   Never change, BB Audio team!

Anyway, I listened to it using the flashback feature of the live feeds.  Here are some spoiler headlines that I wrote in no particular order after listening to the entire audio leak.

*  Christie is our first HoH.
*  It sounds like Jackson won some other competition and nominated three people for something, after "four of them had volunteered".  Based on this info, the fans are guessing there some sort of Camp Counselor role (or whatever) that led to someone being evicted on the first night.
*  Christie was calling someone "Micky" or "Nicky" but since Jackson's last name is pronounced "Micky" I think it was him. She also referred to "Nick" separately when saying that he complimented her earlier in the day and teased her for blushing about it so I don't think she said "Nicky".  She is big on nicknames and calls Kathryn "Kat" as well.
*  Apparently Kathryn was one of the first out on one of the comps (she "dropped") and when Christie won Kathryn ran over and said "I know you're nominating me" and has been extremely paranoid and on-edge.
*  Nicole said Kathryn's "meds ran out" and Christie confirmed that Kathryn has talked about her meds non-stop.  Nicole thinks she's getting a refill.
*  Jackson and Kathryn are getting friendly and someone overheard  Kathryn asking him if it qualified as a showmance, or something like that.  Also supposedly someone walked into a room and discovered "Kat" counting his ab muscles.
*  Christie admitted to Nicole during this leak that her 7-year relationship was with a woman, but she didn't say it was Tommy's aunt (during this conversation, anyway.)
*  Nicole told Christie that she doesn't feel accepted by the "pretty girl group" which led Christie to tell Nicole about being a lesbian and she said "...so I'm not interested in any of these boys".
*  At home Christie likes to have her best guy friend over to sit by the fire outside, smoke weed and talk all night. (Sounds great to me.)
*  Christie is going to nominate one girl and one guy because she thinks that's fair.  Kathryn is her target, but she's going to put up Cliff as the pawn and already told him so.  She's getting people to swear that they will keep Cliff safe and it sounds like she expects everyone to keep him.
*  It sounds like she might have a backdoor target in Jackson, because she mentioned being scared that "he" would win the PoV if she nominated him and then would target her with a vengeance.
*  Christie had some sort of breakdown earlier in the day and was bawling.  She said they've been having so much fun and now shit got real that she's the HoH and decisions need to be made.  Nicole indicated she had been crying too.

During this audio leak, Christie was naming names of people she had talked with as she counted votes to keep Cliff.  Between that list and other names that were dropped while they spoke, these were the names that I never heard mentioned:   Analyse, Kemi and David.  But she did mention a "Sis" that is speculated to be Analyse, because some fans did some digging and found that her family and friends call her "Sissy" or "Sis".  And let's face it, if anyone needs a nickname in that house, it's Analyse.

3.  Was Someone Already Evicted Before the HoH Competiton?

It appears that may be the case, and the candidates were speculated to be either Analyse, Kemi or David, based on the fact that Christie did not mention them in her non-stop chatter with Nicole discussed above.

And then this happened....the swimsuit pictures were released, and it is readily apparent that David's picture was photo shopped into at least one group shot.  If you look at this picture, there are numerous indicators that David's picture was dropped in after the fact.  For one thing, Tommy's left leg is missing, and the photographer obviously asked everyone to yell.  And David is the only one not yelling.  Also, he appears to be the same size as Jack in this picture.  And no one in the house is the size of Jack.  The fire also looks pretty fake as well.

Maybe we shouldn't have legalized weed in California, if it's going to lead to shoddy work like this.

As a point of comparison, "they" also photoshopped Cameron into the BB19 group photos after he got evicted on the first night of that season.  I mean, he's levitating in this shot.

I can only hope this means that David is chilling poolside in some rented house in the hills like Cameron was, waiting for his turn to Battle Back. He's my Atlanta homie and I was looking forward to watching him on the live feeds.  I'm sad about it.

David was Tyler's winner pick, so he's going to be shocked if this is true, as well.

The BB photo shoot usually occurs the second or third day that the house guests are in the house.  If it's true that David got the boot, he likely came back in the backyard after he was evicted to take this picture separately.  

He'll be okay.  He was reading a book about ethics while he was in sequester, so maybe he was too good for this show, anyway.

The fans are speculating that David was spliced into this shot as well.

And this fan shows us how easy it is to make it look like someone is there when they're not.  So funny.

4.  Other Chatty Topics

Amanda Zuckerman from BB15 told us to look carefully at the house guest group swimsuit shots, because they might give us hints about the interpersonal dynamics with the house guests.

As you can see below, Amanda had already staked her claim on McCrae.  And Kaitlyn and Jeremy were clearly getting along, and Aaryn was right next to David.  Even Helen and Andy were positioned together in the front.

So we might need to revisit the BB21 group shots in a week or so to see if we can spot any foreshadowing that might be right in front of our faces.

One sharp-eyed fan already noticed something in one group shot.

And about  Tommy Bracco, if he's going to be doing this pose every minute in that house, he is going to find his ass on the block PRONTO.  That's like some Olympic Gold Medal shit going on right there.

And check this out....the BB living room has a digital (or whatever) screen behind the couch that will apparently change with the time of day.  What a great idea!

5. About Me and My Life

Exactly 24 minutes before Jeff Schroeder started the live cast interviews last Monday, I received an email from the general contractor who I hired to remodel my master bathroom.  He said his schedule had changed and he wanted to start work in my house on June 26, rather than the late July time frame previously discussed.

I was FREAKING OUT.  Since then, I've had to drive all over the metro area, mostly on the opposite side of town from where I live, to pick out my tile, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, and paint.  And I've had to move upstairs to my guest room, completely emptying out the bathroom and the entire walk-in closet, since that room is getting new floors, lighting and paint.  I think I'm ready now, but it's been a constant swirl of unplanned activities this week.

So, tomorrow is DEMO DAY in my house.  And from that point on, I expect to have a bunch of men working in my house until the first week of August, at least, while I camp out upstairs and try to keep busy watching live feeds.  We'll see how it goes.

 ***UPDATE***  Just as I was about to post this, there was a live feed sneak preview about 17 minutes long.  The house guests were aware of it and were apparently told not to talk game.  I took some pictures and will include them in a post to follow this one.

But....I didn't spot David....so I do think he got the boot in some brutal first-day fashion.