Thursday, June 20, 2019

Meet Nick Maccarone: He Can Dish It Out, But He Can't Fake It. #BB21

Strap yourself in and prepare to meet Nick Maccarone, who tells Big Jeff that he's from Washington Township New Jersey and he's a mental health therapist.  Jeff wondered if he was a fan of Big Brother and Nick said he was.

Nick:  I started watching back in BB17.  There was a tornado that went through our town and knocked out all of the power, so I went over to stay at my aunt's house.  She said they were watching Big Brother and I was like "what in the hell is Big Brother?" because I was thinking it was like Big Sisters/Big Brothers.  I was like whatever, I'll watch it for a week, and then this Asian dude came on with a country accent and I was like "WHAT IS THIS SHOW" was James!

Jeff:  James!  Yeah!

Nick:  So I was like, this show is so interesting I just started watching it and then I got hooked!

Jeff, clearly delighted:  That's how it goes!

Nick: I fell in love.

Jeff: Why do you think America is gonna fall in love with you?  They're watching right now!

Nick:  I love America.  I think America is gonna love me because I'm genuinely a good person and I care about people, but I'm also gonna call people out and they can respect that if I don't like something.  I'm also a competitor so I'm not gonna sit around all summer and eat 500 boxes of cereal, if you know who I'm talking about.

Jeff:  Oh, are you being specific?

Nick:  That was subliminal...I'm not gonna do that. In the first weeks I'm just gonna lay low.  I want to use my charm on everyone, not just my alliance members so they don't put me on the block.

Jeff wondered about Nick's personality and what would he find annoying and Nick explained that he is very outgoing and hyperactive and tends to say exactly what is on his mind.

Nick:  So if I say the wrong thing to the wrong person, I'm beat.  That's why I say I need to be chill when I first get in there.

Jeff wondered how far Nick would go to win the game, is he comfortable lying to people?   Nick said it's a part of the game and people need to separate the real world from the game, because $500,000 is at stake.  He plans to be loyal to the people who are part of his alliance, but at the same time he's going to try and manipulate them to get them to evict who he wants to evict. but if someone is on the other side of the house, "they're beat".

Jeff, trying to make sense of all that:  So you're gonna ride or die with your crew?

Nick:  I'm gonna ride with my crew.  Like last year....what were they called?  Um...Tyler.... Angela.... Rachel... all them... that whole crew, the Power Five or whatever it was...

Nick did the little hand motion with the sound they were all famous for

Jeff:  Level...

Nick:  Level six, yeah, whatever it was.  I like what they did.  They took out the whole side.  They didn't really turn on anyone except Rachel, but she was a little bit annoying so... no offense Rachel.

Jeff:  Wow!  You shoot it straight!

Well, I think Rachel did take offense, Nick.

Doesn't this picture make you feel better though Rachel?  I think this is Nick's Memory Wall picture.  You have to be a real dick to have them use a picture like this in such a prominently-located spot.  The more I stare at this picture, the more it looks like a bad toupee, right?  But who would spend their money to look like this?

I usually do not crack on the house guests' appearance because to me that is out-of-bounds, but I'm trying to support Rachel.  Plus I think Nick can take it.  I actually think being a dick is part of Nick's strategy to gain attention from the fans.

Jeff tried to do some improv with Nick to see if he could talk his way out of going on the block and Nick didn't even take the bait.  He just said this is why he needs to be so chill the first two weeks of the game, to stay out of that type of situation.

Nick:  If that did happen and I was on the block, maybe I'd tell them someone's coming after them, just make something up...I don't know.

Jeff chuckled and said Nick is going to be fun to watch.  And he probably will be, because I do like the players who are willing to commit the Dastardly Deeds.  Jeff confirmed that Nick doesn't plan to sweet talk someone into staying off the block, but Nick sort of talked in circles about how when you walk into the HoH to talk to the person who has the power, everyone knows what you're all about so you can't lead with it.

Nick, in the midst of a never-ending sentence: know what I'm saying?  So I kinda got to manipulate, maybe use some therapy stuff.  Like maybe say on one hand this could happen, but on the other hand that could happen...  you're supposed to lead with the cons so you can point them to the latter, because that's what they remember....

Jeff:  Where'd you hear that strategy?

Nick:  That's motivational interviewing, actually.

Jeff, laughing:  Nice!

I don't know about all of that, but I still remember the "recency effect" from my college days, where most people, when presented with some sort of list of options, will remember the last or most recent things first.

Jeff asked what Nick will do with the money when he wins, saying that's maybe some motivational interviewing and Nick just rolled right into another run-on sentence.  If he does win, he wants to pay off his grad school debt, which really isn't that much, pay off his mom's house if she decides to stay there, and then he'd like to help people who don't have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Nick, to the cameras:  This is supposed to be the greatest country in the world, and Flint Michigan doesn't have clean drinking water.  Like, explain that to me, PLEASE....

Jeff had to interrupt the stream of words to ask if Nick is going to talk about these social issues on the show and Nick jumped right in to say that people might not agree with him and some people might and that's okay.

Jeff:  That's why I asked you. I like talking about issues like that but it might rub some people the wrong way.

Nick:  I know.  People are so sensitive. It sucks.  Look, it is what it is. I told them I hope you don't put too many sensitive people in there, because I like to break balls a lot, so I'm gonna need a ride-or-die that I can break balls with or I'm gonna go crazy in that house...

Jeff breaks into Nick's tirade to ask the Big Question:  Would Nick rather win and be hated by America or lose and be loved.  And personally I found Nick's answer shocking.

Nick:  Lose and be loved, for sure. If you win and you're hated, than you're a snake for sure, or like a rat, or maybe people didn't like your personal views or something.  I'm sure I'm gonna rub some people the wrong way on the show with stuff I say because like I said I'm gonna call people out and some people don't like the bluntness, but if I'm getting after it and I fall short, if one of my guys makes a good move and gets me out when we get down to the Final Four, it's a good move.

Jeff thinks Nick is going to be good TV and he can't wait to watch him play.  He offered Nick one last chance to talk to the fans and Nick took it.

Nick:  Listen.  I love you.  If you're struggling with anxiety or depression, please PLEASE don't be scared to get help.

Jeff gave him a little slap on the shoulder and with that Nick's time on camera was over.


Wow.  This Nick is going to be a real handful on the live feeds, I think.  He just talks so fast and says so much, with so much smack talk sprinkled in that when he says something caring like that, it puts you back on your heels.

Whatever is going on with Nick, whether this is real or not, he's obviously an incredible casting choice.  I think the fact that there are so many New York and New Jersey house guests this season is really going to help him because they will understand his personality better.  I lived in New York for three years and once I toughened up a little and learned to curse like my co-workers, I fit right in and enjoyed it, but it took some time.

I need more information about Nick so I watched his interview with Ika Wong for ET Canada.  As usual, Ika did not disappoint.  Here are just a few of the new nuggets of info I learned about Nick.

*  Nick does therapy with children, for two hours inside their homes.  He reeled off much more to Ika but clearly he's invested in his job and I can't even imagine what it's like to have to be immersed in what are sure to be heart-breaking problems in such a personal way.
*  Nick isn't going to tell anyone that he's a therapist in the house.  Instead he's going to say he's a "child mentor" which he says is a real job. He thinks it will be easier and he can't give any confidential information out anyway.  (True.)
*  His favorite male BB player is Tyler, and his favorite female player is Vanessa, even though he hated watching her.  He's only been watching since BB17 but he said she manipulated like no other. (True.)

*  Nick doesn't think he'll be overconfident in the house.  It's not a "we" game, he says, it's a "me" game so he'll remember that when working with his alliance.  
*  Ika busted Nick's balls quite a few time in this interview and Nick didn't flinch, so maybe he can dish it out, after all.
*  He says he's positive he'll be crying at some point on the show, which might contradict what I just typed about being able to dish it out.
*  Ika asked Nick if he was single and he said "you interested?"  Nick says he likes "all types", all races, and someone who is in shape and athletic and someone he can trust.  Nick didn't specify a gender, even though he implied he was digging Ika.
*  Nick said that the Jury handed Josh the game in BB19 because the Jury was spiteful. Paul should have won BB18 and BB19 in Nick's opinion.  He thinks Kaycee was smart to start winning comps late in the game.  
*  Nick has never been away from his mom for more than one week.  His mom and dad will be watching the show for the first time to see him play.

There aren't many feel-good moments in this interview, but it was an interesting perspective of Nick, that's for sure.  You can see for yourself.  Nick is obviously very bright but is one of the fastest talkers I've ever seen.  I can't type that fast, ya'll.

Let's take a quick look at Nick's CBS bio:

Wow.  Nick's dad was a professional bowler.  That's interesting.  In fact, all of Nick's Fun Facts are interesting and make me feel like follow up questions are necessary.

Nick has certainly grabbed the attention of some of the Super Fans who can't wait to watch him wreak havoc in the house. I can't really put my finger on it, but I don't think he will be in the house very long.  I think he's going to come off as someone who isn't trustworthy.  I think if there is a twist where they know there are surprises coming, I think fingers will point in his direction and he won't be able to come off in a sincere manner to deflect them.

I'm trying to imagine him kicking back by the pool shooting the breeze with guys like David Alexander or Jackson Michie and I can't really picture that.  And I think the Pageant Girls are going to shoo him away like a horse fly.  I think his best bet is going to be hanging with Bella Wang or maybe Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco.

But what do I really know? Nothing.  Except that if the fans are involved early and get to vote for some sort of special power, I think the Reddit-type crowd will show up in force to support him.  Just a guess.

Meet Jessica Milagros: Her Suitcase is Full of Chi-Town Swag. #BB21

It's time for Big Jeff to introduce us to Jessica Milagros, who fills the room with her energy as she can barely sit still, she's so excited.  She tells Jeff that she's a plus-size model from Chicago Illinois.  I'm sure you know that Chicago is Jeff's hometown, too, and his joy in spending time with Jessica is written all over his face.

Jeff:  Alright!  I'm already a little biased...I like you Jessica. 

Jessica tells Jeff that she's been watching Big Brother for "many, many seasons" and this is surreal for her right now so she's sorry but she's sort of in shock right now.  She squealed when Jeff pointed to the door that leads to the house.

Jeff:  It's going to be a long summer, so get used to it.  This is your house now!

Jessica raises the roof and sings a few bars of "this is my house" and "welcome to my crib" which may or may not be a real song.

Jeff:  You're going in there with that Chicago swag, I see!

Jessica laughed at this, clearly delighted with the situation.  She said she can tell that Jeff has a lot of friends like her at home and he agrees it's totally relateable for him.

Jessica is another house guest who is initially planning a strategy of laying low but she doesn't know if she can get away with that.  Jeff encouraged her to be open with us about her game plan.

Jessica:  It's actually going to be to lay back and observe and try not to get into any alliances the first couple of days.  My thing is going to be my social game.  I have seven best friends and they're all crazy so I feel like I can pretty much get along with anybody for the most part but you never know because this is Big Brother.  I want to try and maybe not open my mouth too much at first?

Jeff:  I love how you're making that a question.  I'm marking down everything you say!

He assured her that they never know what to expect in the Big Brother house, so sometimes you've just got to "play from where you're at right now."

Jessica used to work in marketing, so she she's used to making changes "at the drop of a dime" and thinks she's a chameleon from that perspective.  She thinks she's going to be underestimated by everyone because she's plus-sized and they might see her as more of a weak player. She hopes they do underestimate her because she is active and runs marathons and takes spin classes.

Jessica:  Don't get me wrong...I don't think I'm going to win everything, but....

She doesn't plan to share any of this at first in the house, but wants to step back and see who she thinks will be the most trustworthy.

Jessica:  I actually want to take a page out of your playbook and be as authentic as possible and not B.S. anybody.  I feel like you played a really solid, honest game.

Jeff:  I didn't win though.

Jessica cracks up as Jeff tells her to maybe not take all of the pages---just one or two.

Jessica: I'd like to align myself with strong people and maybe....avoid the drama?

Jeff, laughing:  Good luck with that!  It might start before you even leave the room...just kidding.

Jessica is going to miss her family.  She's married and has a daughter and she misses them already.  She's also going to miss her connection with the world.  It's been a few days now without a cell phone and she's had to struggle with the impact of that already and hopefully get it out of her system before the game begins.

Jeff saw the look in her eyes when she mentioned her daughter and wonders whether that can be a downfall in the house.  She thinks it can give her strength to think of them, and says she's used to traveling and being away from home a lot, sometimes up to a month, but she's usually able to have contact with her family on a daily basis.

Jeff:  You travel a lot...for your job?

Jessica:  Yes, I'm a full-time plus-sized model.

Jeff:  Wow.

Jessica:  Yeah, so when I'm working I'm in New York or Los Angeles so they're used to me not being there, but we still talk, like 'did you pay the bill?' and 'did you make dinner?'.

Jeff told her she could address her family now so she tells them she loves them and says they've had to put up with her being such a diva for the last few weeks because "every bit of this is so last minute" and they've been very understanding about it.

Jessica:  They've been so good with all of this, rolling with the punches.  I love you Steve!  I love you Sabrina!

Jeff waves at Steve and Sabrina too and Jessica points out to them that Jeff is a "fellow Chi-towner".

Jessica had a hard time coming up with a hashtag but suggested  #ChiTownCutie or #CurvyCutie and Jeff casts his vote for #ChiTownCutie and asks Jessica what she'd do with the money if she won.

Jessica: I would buy a home for the family, take a breather because as an entrepreneur we're always husband is an entrepreneur too so it would be nice to have that cushion and maybe expand our family a little bit.

Finally it's time for Jeff to ask the Big Question:  Would Jessica rather win and be hated by America, or lose and be loved?

Jessica dodges giving an actual answer, but in a charming way.

Jessica:  Can't you have both?  I WANT IT ALL!  I want you guys to love me AND I want to win the money!

Jeff, shrugging:  It's your world.

Jessica:  They loved Jordan!

Jeff:  Yep.  They do.

Jessica:  Well, she won the money!  There you go!  I want to be like Jordan!  Can we be besties?  I totally want to be besties with you guys.

Jeff:  This is your time.  It's your summer.  I want you to enjoy every minute of it.

Jessica:  I'm glad you're not in the house. I wouldn't want to compete against you.

Jeff:  I am glad I'm not in there either.  I don't want to be there anymore.

Jessica hopes we all get to know her this summer and that we like what we see.  She's going to try to win the money..."an honest $500,000."

Jeff:  Do what you gotta do.


Well, I love that Big Brother has cast a woman who doesn't fit the normal mode.  While Jessica's physique might be uncommon for Big Brother, it's extremely common as far as women across America.  That's one reason why shows like Project Runway now routinely include plus-size models in the mix, because consumers who buy clothes want to see themselves represented in the media.

An I understand why Jessica isn't specifically listing her age, going instead with "30-ish".  It's a business thing, letting potential clients know what market she can comfortably work in.

One of the crafty Redditors published a picture of Jessica from her high school yearbook and crunched the numbers, calculating that she's on the upper end of that 30-ish range.  But for those of you who are bothered by Jessica's vague age disclosure, I can assure you she's tough enough to handle whatever you have to say about it.  She's confident and self-assured and you'll have to work a lot harder to offend her.

But please don't do that. 

Jessica has appeared on several TV shows, including The Today Show and The Steve Harvey Show strutting her stuff and empowering others to embrace their authentic selves.  She's also representing the Latino community (I think) so from a demographic perspective, she's putting herself in position for lots of success in her chosen field.

I watched Jessica's interview with Ika Wong for ET Canada and made a little list of interesting tidbits that were new to me.

* Jessica's husband is from Toronto where Ika lives so they had a squealy moment of girl power as they bonded over that.
* Jessica is a Big Brother fan and wanted to do the show mainly because she felt there was a lack of representation of people who look like her on the show.  Now is the perfect time for someone to show that big girls can compete too, she says.
*  Jeff was her favorite player and she says she just met him and was fangirling the whole time.  Ika wanted to know what she liked about Jeff's game and Jessica said she's more a fan of Jeff himself than his game and Ika reacted to that in a hilarious fashion, saying that Jeff is a married man now.  Jessica says she is from Chicago too and she understands his personality and likes his authenticity.  He was America's Favorite for a reason, she says.
*  She liked the way Derrick and Dan played the game too but wants to play the game her own way.  She doesn't want to go too hard too fast but hopes someone else does that right away in the house.

*  She doesn't want to make the common mistake of pushing her agenda on other people, preferring to use her social skills to build a little network that feels genuine.
*  She's not scared to make a big move if she's HoH but needs to see how the season goes before trying to rock the boat just for the sake of shaking things up.
*  I thought Jessica's fake laugh was awesome but Ika said "you came tried."  And when she made her sad face, Ika said "girl, you in trouble".  These two have great chemistry together.

I think you should watch this interview for yourself.  It's a feel-good type of meeting between this two witty chatters.  If you already like Jessica, you'll like her more. And if you don't like her, you might reconsider.  And Ika is so good at this....

There are dozens of modeling photos out there with Jessica in them.  I think she does a lot of catalog and website work and seems to have carved out quite a niche for herself.

Let's take a quick peek at her CBS bio.

I'm not familiar with the Hershey's Kissmobile, but if it's anything like the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, those jobs are kind of hard to come by.  It's competitive because it sounds like such a fun opportunity.

I am already a Jessica fan and think she's going to give us plenty to watch on the live feeds.  I expect her to be a part of every conversation that starts in a group setting because she is so easy to talk to.  And I don't think she'll be targeted early in the game unless something goes way wrong for her, because everyone will think they can easily evict her anytime they'd like to, and no one will want to be seen as targeting the Big Girl. 

I can't wait to see what she does in there and I hope she is honest about her modeling career so we can hear juicy stories about what life is like being a fashion model.  I always love it when the house guests have such specific jobs because I always end up learning so much from them.

Meet Jackson Michie: Will Michie's Big Mouth Get Him in Trouble This Summer? #BB21

It's time to chat with Jackson Michie, who tells Jeff he's 24 and is from Nashville Tennessee and was in sales, as well as being a bartender and server.  I later learned that for the past four months Jackson has lived in Los Angeles, probably after college graduation, which likely put him in the BB casting department's crosshairs.

Jeff:  Well, your name is Jackson and you look like I could buy you in da toy store.

(Jeff's not wrong.)

Jackson laughs and says his family is originally from Mississippi and it was kind of "their thing" to name their kid after the state capital.  Jackson loves his name because it feels unique and says maybe he did come from a toy store.

Jeff:  You look like a figurine.

I feel obligated to point out that Holly Allen named her beloved dog Jackson after her favorite Wyoming ski town.  I'm sure this coincidence will give Holly plenty of opportunity to mention Wyoming multiple times a day, along with whining about how this Jackson reminds her of that Jackson, and so forth.  Great.

Jackson has a very nice voice, deep with just a hint of a southern twang.  He has a very calm authoritative manner of speaking that makes him seem much older than 24.  He has quite a military bearing, even though I don't think he's been involved in military service.

Or maybe I'm just thinking about Sarge from Toy Story, thanks to Big Jeff.  Sarge is a figurine, and playing with figurines is what apparently kept little boys occupied for hours in the old days.

Jeff clarifies that Jackson is a good-looking guy who's obviously in is he going to use that to his advantage this summer?

Jackson:  Well obviously in Big Brother, as well as life, everything is based on first impressions.  You overanalyze each house guest based on where they're from, like everybody was talking last year about how Tyler and Angela are from the same city...

Jeff:  So you're a fan of da show...

Jackson admits he is a fan of da the show but he's not a Super Fan. He and his mother used to watch it and he never dreamed he'd be here sitting next to Jeff.  He knows that on first glance, people are going to think he's a physical threat, so he's going to need to use his social game to overcome that first impression.

Jackson told Jeff that he is planning to go hard for the first HoH win, because he likes to gamble and the odds of being evicted first are too high for him at one-in-fifteen chances.  He'd like to guarantee himself safety that first week by winning that first competition.  He might have to get a little blood on his hands but he's willing to take the risk to make it through the first eviction cycle.

Jackson knows that there are three aspects to Big Brother--you've got the physical game, the social game, and the mental game within yourself, and you've got to keep all three in check and know when to push forward and when to hold it back.

Jackson:  You know, guys like Swaggy C...he came in too hot and it ended up burning him.  You've got to assert yourself in the times when you need to and then pull back when you need to.  You need to know your lane and stay in it.

Jeff started grinning at Jackson as soon as Jackson mentioned Swaggy C.  It's such a ridiculous name to hear coming from such a serious-sounding figurine.  It's unbelievable that one year ago I was excited about the promise of Swaggy C and the fun he could bring to the game.  It just goes to show that you that all of these first impressions that we're getting don't mean much if the house guests can't conduct themselves correctly in the game.

Jackson: If there's adversity in there, you've got to adapt.  You've got to make lemonade out of lemons.  If I've got to be a little more straightforward or strict with somebody, I'll do it.  If I can be more laid back and maybe smile a little more with somebody I'll do that too.  Essentially, it's  sales...your're selling yourself to 15 other people.

Jeff wondered what Jackson will miss most from the outside world.

Jackson: Honestly I'm looking forward to getting away from social media because I feel like it's ruined this generation so it will be a nice little break.  But I'm going to miss watching sports, my family, my dog Maggie and my friends.  I'm going to miss Broadway in Nashville Tennessee.

Jackson is going to miss the outside world, but he knows this is a big opportunity for him that many other people would have loved to have, so he appreciates it.

This is the Broadway Jackson is referring to...apparently it is full of "honky tonks and dive bars".  I feel thirsty for a cold one just looking at this picture.

Jackson feels his word is his bond, and as a man that is how things go in the real world.  But in Big Brother, someone might be his best friend, but at the end of the day he's not here to make friends.

Jackson:  I'm going to be there for one reason, and that is to come out with confetti flying.  I do not want to walk out with anything less.

Jeff:  You're really painting a picture for us now.

Here is some advice about walking out of the house in a hail of confetti, from a few people who know.

Jackson said he's been thinking about this since he was a kid, and has talked with his mom about how either of them could be on the show and what they would do if that happened.  He is very close with his mom and says they are virtually the same person as far as their ideas and beliefs, good and bad.

The first season he watched  was "the one with Jessie Godderz" but he didn't specify which season that was (BB10 and BB11).  Jeff had a big reaction to that since he played BB11 with Jessie.  You might recall that Jeff won the "Coup d'Etat" prize based on a viewer vote and was able to put Jessie on the block and out of the game, leading to Chima Simone's epic expulsion from the house.  But Jessie has appeared on just about every season since then in one way or another...either hosting competitions or coming in the house to torture the house guests.

Jeff:  Look, I don't know what is happening but you might end up seeing Jessie in dere.

Jackson:  I wouldn't be upset about that.  If I could get a workout in with Jessie Godderz, I'd take it!

Jeff: He's a good dude.  You guys would get along.

Jackson:  Yeah, I don't know if I could spot him, but he could sure spot me.

This exchange naturally leads Jeff to the next topic--is Jackson single?

Jackson:  Yes I am.  But I'm here for the game.  I'm here for $500,000 and that's it.

Jeff:  You got the answers down!

Jackson:  I just know what to do and when to do it.

Jeff, chuckling:  So you're saying you're not going to be in a showmance?

Jackson:  Don't you put that out there and jinx me!  I don't want to get distracted. I'm a guy..don't plant seeds.  I can hear my mom at home now... I'm here for $500,000 and whatever else comes with that..friends or whatever is great, but I'm here for the money.  Even if this game wasn't televised and the only people who knew about it were the people controlling it, I would still want to play because I'm a competitive person and an aggressive person and I don't accept losing well.

Jeff asked Jackson the Big Question:  Would he rather win and be hated by America or lose and be loved?

Jackson asked Jeff a few follow up questions about the hate...would it be because he's a scumbag or a snake type of hate?  Jeff didn't specify and Jackson finally stated that there would be life after Big Brother.  He's going to do what he needs to do but he's not going to disrespect his name.

Jackson:  I'm an only child and the only one carrying my last name forward, so I'm not going to do anything to disrespect the name or jeopardize my family.  I only have one life so I need to remind myself of that but there's plenty of time left.

Jeff tried to wrap things up but Jackson was just getting started, asking Jeff if he had any advice for him.

Jeff:  You don't need any advice from me...just do the opposite of what I did!  It was great talking to you and we'll be talking about you all summer long.  Well, I won't be, but we'll be watching you all summer long.

Jackson:  Knock on wood.

Jeff:  Get his action figure in stores now.


Jackson seems so mature, with such an opinionated, commanding presence that it's hard to believe he just turned 24.  And he is obviously not afraid to express his opinions, and will likely assert himself strongly in the house this summer.

As we've seen in past seasons, these type of attributes don't always go over well in the BB house.  Jackson is going to come off like the Dad of the house, and he's going to be perceived as trying to boss other people around.  There is a friendly tone underneath all of that, and he has a nice smile, but his overall presentation is rather intimidating.  I'm intimidated by him, even thousands of miles away.

Players like this often dominate from the beginning of the season and then fight to avoid eviction the rest of their time in the house (ie Cody Nickson -BB19, Paulie-BB18, Monte- BBOTT, Jessie- BB10).  The only exception I can think of at the moment is Caleb from BB16, but he only stayed in the game because Derrick recognized what a devoted soldier he was, so he used him as a shield up until the final days, even though Cody Califiore HATED Caleb and wanted to boot him before Jury.

There are some spoilers floating around about the first HoH.  I don't know if they're true, but if so Jackson might need to work his social game real hard right now to survive the first eviction.  If the rumors start to feel real I'll report on that, but I need to get through all of these house guests intros first.

Jackson is correct about social media ruining his generation.  I know that's easy for me to say, being from a different generation, but this generation's insatiable need for constant affirmation and approval is shocking to me.  There has never been a time when so much information is available to anyone in an instant, yet so many young people feel like they have to crowd source their ideas and opinions and seem so reluctant to stand on their own two feet.  I'm not here to preach about this, but maybe try putting down your phone and chatting with a few strangers today.  Learn how to be in the moment without seeing everything through your smart phone camera.  Events still happen, even if they're not on Instagram.

And Jackson has social media accounts, too, and he was smart enough to make them private for the summer.  His quote that "moderation is for cowards" sounds straight up like Cody Nickson, doesn't it?

He played varsity football in High School, which is what you do in Tennessee if you're built like Jackson.

I watched Jackson's interview with Ika Wong for ET Canada and he looked much younger in this setting, under these lights.  Here are a few highlights and/or new information that I learned about Jackson:

*  Ika commented on his "strong handshake".
*  Jackson called her "ma'am" and then had to explain that's a southern form of politeness and was not a slam on Ika's age.
*  He pronounces his last name like "Micky".
*  He may look like the latest "Brad-Chad-Thad" but he's actually the opposite.  He's not arrogant or egotistical and not the spoiled only child.
*  He's single, but there's an ex who had a big impact on him.  "She knows who she is."

*  He knows "hiding under the covers" on BB doesn't work for showmances. (LOL) If he wanted a romance he'd look somewhere else.  (Ika:  They always say that, then they get boo'ed up and next thing you know you're buying a ring.)
*  He referenced Elaine Benis' iconic quote about "trying to get a squirrel to come over and not making any big sudden movements". (LOVE IT.)
*  Jackson was very chatty and smiley with Ika and she cracked up several times.  He seems a lot more fun, after watching this.

If you have a few minutes, you might enjoy watching this interview, because it did bring out a different side to Jackson, and now I can more easily picture him integrating into the cast, not as a follower, but at least someone who might know how to have a good time.

If Jackson stays in the game past the first eviction, I do think he'll break down and have at least a flirtation with one of the girls.  After all, Cody Nickson swore to Big Jeff that he'd never do it, and look at him now....

And here is Jackson with the new puppy.  Maggie, I think her name is.  There are a lot of dog lovers on the cast this season so maybe they can all connect on that level.

Here is Jackson's CBS bio for your review.

A few observations:

*  I don't like the hunting part, but hey that's the south for you.
*  I love that he wants to hang with Brett.
*  He got paid to write speeches as far back as middle school.  Wow.
*  He skipped college graduation to party in South Beach.  I'm shocked about that.
*  He's lucky to be alive after vacationing in Punta Cana.  You know, because of the rash of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic.  The FBI is on the case.  It's big.

FYI:  The pun in the title of this post is based on learning the pronunciation of Jackson's last name and the fact that this popular-but-lethal low-priced adult beverage is known as "Mickey's Big Mouth".  And also the fact that Jackson is not only chatty, but has a generously-shaped pie hole.

You can fit a lot of confetti in that thing. Just saying.