Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Meet Holly Allen: She's From Wyoming! #BB21

It's time to meet Holly Allen, who tells Big Jeff that she hails from Wyoming but lives in Los Angeles now.  She is a safari tour guide and also a sommelier.  (That is basically a French word that means "wine steward".  In other words, Holly serves wine.)

Jeff is confused about this and seems testy about it, telling Holly that she needs to back up and explain what she just said.  Holly clarified things by saying she works in a vineyard that also "rescues" exotic animals.

Holly:  So I get people tipsy but more importantly I let them play with zebras, giraffes and water buffalo and I teach them about the animals.

***OK.  TIMEOUT.***

I try not to get all preachy about it, but some of you know my views about ethical treatment of animals.  As a supporter of an actual animal sanctuary, I feel I need to make information available for you regarding the difference between an actual sanctuary and a commercial establishment that might actually be exploiting animals.

I don't know if Holly is being facetious when she says she lets drunk people (or any people, for that matter) "play" with those animals or if the establishment where she works actually lets the physical contact occur.

The place in Malibu that employs Holly is a popular tourist spot and I'm sure they mean well, but a real animal sanctuary is not treated as a petting zoo and makes every effort to reduce stress for animals that have endured horrific abuse or neglect.  A real animal sanctuary also isn't going to serve burgers, chicken fingers or even dairy-based ice cream in the snack bar, for obvious reasons.

This topic is extremely important to me and I have been spending an increasing amount of time and money supporting the cause.  Thank you for stopping to consider it.


Jeff asks if Holly is a Big Brother fan and she simply said "yes...I was excited to see you" as if that addressed all of our questions about that.

Jeff:  But you were confused about where we are right now.  This is the actual Diary Room.

Holly:  I had a feeling that we were in the house, but I didn't know we were in the Diary Room. This is crazy!  They don't tell us what we're doing or where we're going.

Jeff:  That's part of Big Brother.  Get used to it.

Jeff asked Holly what it is about Big Brother that makes her love it so much.  I don't think Holly was expecting that question so she obviously wasn't prepped for it.

Holly, stammering:  I mean, who gets to play Big Brother?  This is an elite group of people that get to go through this insane experience and I just want to be one of those people.

Jeff:  Well, I don't know if I'd call us ELITE.  Lucky, maybe?

Holly:  Yes.  And crazy!

Jeff wondered what kind of strategy Holly is bringing to the game this summer and Holly began her response by covering all of her Wyoming Talking Points, summarized as follows:

*  Holly is from Wyoming.
*  Holly's family is from Wyoming, too.
*  Holly's family raised her to be hardworking, dedicated, driven and also honest.
*  Holly knows that this is Big Brother, but it's going to be really, really, really hard to do that. (?)
*  Holly is going to try to form alliances and build trust.
*  Holly really, really, really admired Jeff's game because she felt he "had heart" and he carried that through the game and so did Jordan, by the way.

Jeff then wondered what Holly's potential downfalls could be in the game.

Holly:  On the flip side, I hope that's not a downfall.  (?)  I want to trust people who trust me, but I don't want my trust to get me in trouble by maybe trusting someone that I shouldn't.  I hope that my heart keeps me going and doesn't get me in trouble.

(It's too late to call your agent Holly. You're stuck in there now.  Sorry Hon.)

Then Big Jeff tripped her up by asking yet another tough question, asking her if it will be harder for her to lie to someone or to trust someone.

Holly:  Oooo.  Hmmm.  It may be harder to trust somebody?  Ooooo.  That's a toughie!  I'll have to think about that one.

(So, she just said it would be easier for her to lie to someone.  That doesn't sound like the Wyoming way now, does it?)

Holly doesn't think she's a guillable person and because of her dating history she's probably not very trustworthy.  I don't think she meant that...I think she was trying to say it's hard for her to trust people based on her dating history, but maybe that's a Freudian slip.  She's definitely flustered but trying not to show it.  In response to Jeff's question about her romantic status, she says she's going in "single and skeptical" and Jeff got a good laugh out of that.

If Holly wins the money she's going to take her family on some sort of trip to anywhere they want to go.  This topic launches Holly into another round of her Wyoming Talking Points, summarized again as follows:

*  Holly grew up in Wyoming.
*  Holly grew up in a very tiny town in Wyoming.
*  Holly's family had a ranch to run, so they didn't have much time to travel.
*  And then she wants to do a "bunch of other stuff like open a dog rescue"

Big Jeff notes that it sounds like since Holly grew up in Wyoming and all, she probably didn't have a lot of communication with tons of people.  How is she going to do living in the Big Brother house?

Well, you guessed it.  Holly has more Wyoming Talking Points for us.

*  Holly grew up in Wyoming.
*  Holly actually grew up in Wyoming with a Big Brother Starter Kit.
*  Every summer Holly would say goodbye to her friends and go up to her family's Dude Ranch which is at an elevation of 9,200 feet with no electricity or cell phones, internet or even TV.
*  Holly didn't know what the cool songs were, and didn't even know what pop music was until the 2nd grade!
*  Holly didn't know who Britney Spears was!

She misses her dog Jackson already.  He's named after her favorite ski town in Wyoming and he travels with her constantly.  He's already been to "like, 20 states and he's only three years old".  Jeff wanted to know why Jackson the Dog traveled so much and this is what Holly said:

Holly:  Why not?  He's already been to like, 10 states when he was only 10 months old.  I just road trip a lot but he flies on my lap on the airplane, too.

Holly also said she misses her mom and her best friend might be in labor right now, so she's going to miss that. Jeff wondered if she's going to be sad about that in the house.

Holly:  I don't cry.  I'm from Wyoming.

Finally this dreadful session is drawing to a close as Jeff asks Holly the Big Question:  Would she like to win the game and be hated by America, or lose and be loved?

Holly doesn't sound committed at all as she says she'd probably choose to lose and be loved, because she can make $500,000 "doing something else".  As long as her friends and family are proud of her, that's what's most important.  She doesn't want to lose herself in the process.

Personally, I don't think that sounds too bad.  The "losing Holly" part, you know.


I looked for Ika Wong's interview with Holly, but I didn't see it listed on You Tube.  Frankly, since I don't care about Wyoming or The Bachelor or the Miss USA pageant, I don't think there is anything more I can learn about her that will help us get to know her better. 

I'm sure she's a sweet girl and all, but she's way out of her lane in this setting.  In fact, she's one of those cars that suddenly swerves and veers over three lanes of traffic onto the grassy shoulder of the highway and bounces along before crashing to a stop in the ditch.  But then she'd do a few hair flips and tell the officer that there was a bee flying in the car and she didn't want to swat at it because she's from Wyoming and she just loves animals and she's just glad she didn't hurt anybody and she'd probably wouldn't even get a ticket for such a flagrant moving violation.

But I don't think that type of forgiveness will happen this summer.  The Big Brother fans are going to hold her accountable in the worst way possible.  I think Holly will be much better off if she leaves the game as soon as possible.  Maybe Love Island would have been a better fit for her, because that show is going to be airing on CBS Prime Time FIVE nights a week this summer.  If it's anything like the UK version, new singles will be rotated on and off Love Island all summer long.  Maybe THIS is why Big Brother cast she can be evicted from BB quickly and then make her way over to Love Island as a splashy mid-season replacement.  

(You're welcome, Alison Grodner.)

Here she is with our great President Donald Trump, after appearing in a pageant that he was responsible for.  And that's all I have to say about that, except it looks like that was a happier, healthier time for both of them.

This guy's name is Luke Pell and he is a part of Bachelor Nation.  I think that means he competed on The Bachelorette and some of the other related shows like Bachelor in Paradise or the Bachelor Winter Games.  Or whatever.

Holly apparently dated and split from this guy several times and then she appeared on the Reality Steve podcast to dish the dirt about it.  I don't watch The Bachelor but of course I know who Reality Steve is...just looking at the detailed description of Holly's appearance on his podcast at this link cracked me up.

I know Production likes to stack the BB cast every summer with pretty girls, but personally I'd prefer a tough-talking, gum-snapping diner waitress from Idaho over this tortured casting choice.  If Holly Allen gets anywhere close to the money this summer you can be sure I will do some serious thinking about how I'm going to spend my time in the future.

These folks took a boozy animal tour with Holly two years ago and enjoyed the experience, so that's nice.

LOOK:  Brett from RHAP says he has tangible proof of some sort that Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn know each other very well, likely from being on the pageant circuit together.  This leads me to believe that we are once again getting screwed over by a twist in the game, since both of these girls were cast as a team to fit the theme of this year's show.  I don't have that proof yet but as soon as I do, I'll let you know.

Here's Holly's CBS bio.  At least she was honest enough to admit that she hasn't watched enough Big Brother to have a favorite player.

I find it interesting that one of her Fun Facts involves driving a pickup truck off a cliff.  I wonder if there was a bee flying around in the cab?

Meet Jack Matthews: The Self Described "King of Average". #BB21

Jack Matthews is the next BB21 house guest we will be discussing here today.

Jeff:  I want you to meet my new friend...what is it ....Jason?  What's your name?

Jack, laughing:  Yeah, yeah.  It's JACK!  Jack.

Jeff:  Oh, okay!

Jack tells us that he's from Tampa Florida and is a professional photographer and videographer.   His voice has a nice timbre to it, with no trace of an accent (that I can hear, anyway).

Jeff lets us know they've already been chatting about the "Jason Mamoa" resemblance, and tells us that Jack has already told him that he doesn't watch Game of Thrones.

Jeff: So you already know you look like him and you just have to get used to it.

Jack:  I'm already used to it and I hear people saying it all the time, like in the airport they say 'hey Aquaman, I saw your movie and I loved it!"

Jeff thinks that's cool and Jack agrees, saying it could be worse because he could look like Pee Wee Herman or something.  Big Jeff knows they're headed down the wrong path there so he qualifies that Pee Wee is a funny guy, though, and Jack agrees that Pee Wee has had a successful career as well.

(Why not Pee Wee Herman for the next Celebrity BB?)

In case you're like me and don't watch any action-adventure movies, this is Jason Mamoa, and yeah, there is a definite resemblance.  If Jack didn't like being bothered about it, he could easily shave to make it a little less noticeable.  Just saying.

And I thought Adrian Grenier played Aquaman, that's how clueless I am about all of this stuff.  (Entourage, anybody?)

Jeff asked if Jack is a fan of Big Brother and Jack said not only has he seen every episode of the CBS show, he's also a live feeder and posted on JokersUpdates for three years.


It really went something like this:

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of Big Brother?

Jack:  Yeah.

And then Jeff wisely moved on to discuss whether Jack has a strategy for the game or not.  I hope nobody even told Jack about the live feeds and that he skimmed right over that part of his contract.

Jack said he does have a strategy for the game but he's gotten the impression during Press Day that it might not be a good one. Big Jeff pointed to the cameras and told Jack that da fans are watching him now and we're meeting him for the first time, so it's a safe space for him to speak openly.  Jeff clarifies that da Diary Room is always a safe space for him to speak.

Jack:  So they they say...until they throw a wrench in the spokes and say 'we're releasing all of it!'

Jeff laughs along with Jack about that, probably unaware of the wide array of technical errors committed by the audio department over the years.  You know, like when they broadcast part of Shelby's previously-recorded DR session over the loudspeakers during BBOTT for the entire cast to hear.  And it was the juicy part, with Shelby mentioning taking the LSAT when she had successfully hid the fact that she just finished law school for the entire season.

Jack calmly tells Big Jeff that he's been a competitor all of his life and played sports all throughout high school,  but winning  HoH competitions may not be in his best interest.

Jack:  I'd like to win a lot of PoV competitions, but winning HoH competitions isn't going to be my priority.

Jeff: You're talking about that first HoH competition?  Or all of them throughout the season?

Jack:  Well...definitely not that first one.  But that first HoH's a free-for-all. I don't know that I could necessarily win that one. It's just going to be so "out there".  There's so many mental aspects and so many physical aspects and there are so many competitors in the game at that point.

While we're on the topic of the first HoH competition, this friendly BB fan let us all know what he learned from his TV Guide Magazine.

It sounded to me like the "Black Box" competition to me (HATE IT) but Bryan reached out with some of his ideas about how the events might unfold on Premiere Night.  And he's probably right, based on the pictures we see in the article.

Regardless, I'm sure Production wants Jack to try his hardest to win this comp, because the CBS Promotions Department (or whoever) would love to use Jack's face and body to attract viewers for at least the first few weeks of the season.  And we all know that showmances always start when one of the single guys wins the first HoH because it gives them power and ladies are always attracted to power. Not to mention the privacy of the plush HoH suite.

Examples of 1st HoH Winners:  McCrae (Amanda) BB15, Cody (Jessica) BB19, Tyler (Angela) BB20

And Caleb win the first HoH of BB16, and he certainly had a showmance with Amber in his imagination.

Jeff wondered what Jack's best attribute in the game will be, and it's clear that Jack has learned to use self-deprecation to make himself seem more approachable in comparison to the Average Joe, probably throughout his life.  Because looking at him...just imagine if he came off in a cocky way.  He'd seem like such a dick because he is such a physical specimen.

Jack:  I'm really average at a lot of stuff.  I'm really well-rounded, but I'm not great at any one thing.  I'm the King of Average.

Jeff: So what you're saying is that's a positive because you're good at everything, but not great at one thing.

Jack thinks his downfall is that he's "kind of a control freak" but is aware of it and he's trying to get better about that.  Jeff wondered if there's a certain type of person that gets under Jack's skin in a bad way and he had an immediate answer.

Jack:  For me socially, like if I'm hanging out with somebody or meeting them for the first time, it's the one-upper.  The person who always has a better story in any situation, whether I'm trying to tell a story or trying to meet someone and make middle ground with them.  It's always "I DID THIS" or "I DID THAT"...those guys kind of rub up on me a little bit.

Jeff immediately tried to do some improv with Jack about being a one-upper.

Jeff:  Did you ever climb Mount Fuji?

Jack:  No....

Jeff:  I did!

Jack:  But I did climb Mount Kilimanjaro...that's the thing!  That's what I'm talking about!  Oh, you did Fuji?  I did Kilimanjaro!  That's what I'm talking about!

Jeff laughed and then Jack asked him if he actually climbed Mt. Fuji and Jeff admitted that he did.

Jack:  When, on The Amazing Race?

Jeff:  No, just in life. But this is all about you...

Jack:  I like learning about you.

This little conversation set off fireworks in the BB community because when Bella Wang interviewed with Jeff a short time later, she told him she climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro and Jeff smirked at us in a knowing way. Bella really went on and on about it, too, not one-upping Jeff per se but obviously proud of the accomplishment.

But now that there is speculation about some sort of secret pairs season (see discussion near the bottom of this post) the fans are rabidly trying to determine if Jack and Bella might be a secret duo in the game.  I posted a snapshot of Bella's Instagram where she mentions that she climbed the mountain with "Billy and his cousin", so I guess Jack could be the cousin.  But if that were the case, I'm pretty sure the BB fans would have already found out exactly who "Billy" is and would have mapped out his entire family tree.  Because BB fans aren't just mad, they have mad skills, yo.

Jeff says Jack has a tough exterior and looks like he works out, but when was the last time he cried?

Jack:  Oh...I cried yesterday.

Jack explained that the show preparation put him in sequester alone for a certain period of time, and he got kind of locked in with himself and he got taken away from everything else.

Jack:  Everything else just kind of melts away and you have the time to just reflect on your life.  And everything you've done, and how you view your life and what is your priority and how you want your future to be.  I was kind of reflecting on myself and I shed a tear or two.

Jeff appreciates Jack sharing that with us, saying it takes a real man to admit that, and he cries a lot himself.  (He told Sam Smith that since he's become a dad, lots of things make him cry.)

Jeff:  There's a lot of downtime in the house.  Do think you'll be doing a lot of reflecting and crying in there?  (LOL)

Jack isn't going to say he knows what the future holds, but he's pretty sure that some tears will be shed and Jeff says he can pretty much guarantee that.  Jeff wondered how Jack will deal with other people's emotions and if he will be able to backstab people in the game.

Jack:  For a half million dollars, I think it's a must.  You have to figure that out whether you're comfortable or not with it.

If Jack wins the Big Prize, he says he's going to be "kinda lame" about it because the first thing he wants to do is travel and see the world.  He wants to take off from work and make time for himself to do that.  After that he'll buy a house, maybe buy a commercial property and start renting it out.

Jeff:  You got plans!

Jeff wondered if Jack will miss a certain someone while he's in the house, or family or pets.

Jack says he will miss his puppy Layla because she's his everything.  He also has a cat named Celine Dion but I guess he won't miss her as much.  The cat came about from an ex-girlfriend but it sounds like Jack has primary custody now.  He planned to name all of his pets with celebrity names like Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion but the name Layla just came to him and he knew it was right.

Layla is a black lab.  Jeff thinks he needs to get a fish and call it Jason Mamoa and Jack agrees, saying it should be a fighting fish like a Beta.

Then Jeff asks the Big Question:  Would Jack like to win and be hated by America, or lose and be loved?

Jack:  Whew.  Man.  Part of me wants to say lose and be loved, but let's get that money.  If you guys hate me, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna get that money.

Jeff wonders what Jack's hashtag would be and Jack said "LongHairDon'tCare". I hate to tell him, but I think the Hippies on the Amazing Race already took that.  Jeff is obviously smitten with Jack and so are we.


I watched Jack's interview with Ika Wong for ET Canada and he just gets better and better.  Look at Ika's subliminal hand motion here.  So close but yet so far, right Ika?

Here are a few highlights with new information from Ika's interview:

*  Jack claimed to be a 10/10 on the Nervous Scale, but it certainly didn't look that way.
*  Jack would love to be able to save someone in the game by winning a PoV for them.
*  Jack is single and said he was sure when prodded by Ika.  He's married to his dog, he says (Kayla Matthews).
*  He can't say one way or another about getting into a showmance this season.  Jack said he likes to "be here right now and live in the moment and will see where that takes him".  (In my experience, that is exactly how you start making out with someone you didn't plan to...just saying.)
*  Jack is a naturally curious person who likes to ask people questions to learn about them, and he likes people who do the same when it comes to him as well.
* Jack's fake laugh was pretty good but Ika said she didn't feel badly for him at all when he gave her his "sad face".  Jack is charmed by Ika, I can tell.  He called her Honey at one point, but in a good way.
*  Jack can wiggle his ears and seeing it was crazy.
*  He says his hair isn't a big deal to him but then said he would not shave it for a competition.  He's only had long hair for about three years, he said.  (Um....isn't that when Jason Mamoa became a thing?  Was that a choice you made, Jack?)
*  Jack would rather win the game and not be respected than lose and be a legend.
*  He's gonna win Big Brother because he's the good guy, and sometimes the good guys win.

Look, I don't have much to say about this guy at this point. I have a huge crush on him now and feel all fluttery about it.  I might as well post the video so you can feel that way too.  There's got to be some darkness about him somewhere, but as of right now he seems like the perfect guy.

But on second thought, if Jack Matthews is such a great guy, what in the heck is he doing on this show?

Oh...apparently the local Tampa news described Jack as a "fitness trainer" in all of his local press about Big Brother.  But maybe that is an error CBS made when they sent the info out, or maybe Jack does training as a side gig or something.  I think this is his media business Facebook page in Tampa.

He made this account private, which is obviously a great idea.  I don't want to post any of his other pictures because I think they might be copyrighted or something.  I've been getting some backlash from Blogger so I'm trying to be careful about stuff like that.

(Does anyone know why my blog posts aren't being posted to Twitter automatically anymore?  I've been trying to troubleshoot potential reasons for that but I can't figure it out.  That function worked just fine earlier in 2019...)

Jack grew up in Chicago, apparently, so Jessica Milagros might be his secret partner, if the suspicions about that potential twist are correct.  And she's a model, and models work with photographers, so there's that.

Reviewing Jack's CBS bio should take us less than 10 seconds.  He's brief and to the point here.

Um, I can verify that Jack has large hands.  Two of the pictures I snapped of him make that fact abundantly clear. I wasn't gong to bring it up, but since he did, it's fair game.

I look forward to seeing Jack walk on his hands in the BB backyard one day soon.  Like next Sunday, June 30th.  That's the day the house guests should have unfettered access to the BB backyard.  Mark your calendars now, friends.

Meet Christie Murphy: You'll Be Grateful When She Tells You To Be Grateful, Dammit. #BB21

This was the first pre-season I've seen where the house guest sitting in the hot seat is crying before the interview even starts.  Big Jeff tells us that he's sitting in the Diary Room with a very emotional house guest and we soon learn that this is Christie Murphy, who tells us that she lives in Keyport New Jersey but is originally from Statan Island and she owns a clothing store called Mystic Earth.

Apparently she's crying because she's a big fan of Big Brother and these are happy tears.  She said she saw the BB logo backstage and started losing it then, and sitting in the Diary Room is making it even worse.

Christie says she's a Super Nerd and has been watching Big Brother since she was 15 years old.  I crunched the numbers and that would indicate that she started watching the series when BB8 was airing.

Christie:  I know you!  You came in here and introduced yourself as if I didn't know you!

Jeff:  Well, I don't know who watches da show and who doesn't!

(I wonder how that introduction goes...does he say "Hi I'm Jeff Schroeder.  You may know me from BB11 and BB13, plus my many cameo appearances on BB12, BB14, BB15, etc etc etc."  Or does he say "Hi I'm Big Jeff and my wife won this show ten years ago and we got engaged in the backyard.")

Christie wants everyone in the house to get to know her personality, "obviously" but she wants to be sort of quiet in the beginning and just sort of lay low.

Christie:  I know everybody probably says Derrick but he was a behind-the-scenes type of guy and that's kinda my thing.  I also think Tyler played a great game and I want to align myself with a male and a female in the house.

Jeff, laughing:  So you haven't thought about this at all!

Christie:  I've been eating, thinking, sleeping Big Brother since I was a teenager.

This is a dream come true for Christie and she still can't really believe she's here.  Jeff asked for more information about the store she owns and she says not only does she sell clothing, but also "fun stuff" like incense, essential oils and sage.

Christie:  I'm a big sage-burner. If you come in the store and you have bad energy, if you're looking for an outfit you're getting saged first.  That's the first thing.  You gotta set your mind right.  Because realistically, you can't try on clothes and like what you're wearing unless you're spiritually good.


If I went in Christie's store and she came over and waved a burning bunch of leaves at me, I damn sure wouldn't stick around and put my hard-earned money in her pocket.  I just checked her Yelp listing and her store has a great rating and great reviews, so maybe she doesn't have to sage too many negative bitches like me.

Here's proof of that, in case she needs to file some sort of complaint with Yelp after the BB season is over.  You know, because of all of the crazy fans who like to insert themselves into the house guests' lives in the only way they being total dicks.

I'm talking about "them", of course.  Not "you" and certainly not "me".  We all like to read and "they" are barely literate, from the looks of some post-season social media buffoonery after previous BB seasons.

And speaking of low literacy skills, I wonder if Gina Marie Zimmerman shops at Mystic Earth Boutique?  Gina Marie is from Staten Island, too.  And that makes me wonder how much sage Christie keeps behind the counter in case of emergencies.

Christie's store looks really nice, so I have to wonder if she started it herself or if it's family-owned or something.  She says she's 28.....but I would believe a (much) bigger number, too.  Not throwing shade....just wondering.

Jeff wondered if she's going to bring all that "positivity" in the house with her this summer and she says she absolutely will do that.  She journals every day and will miss doing that since she's not allowed to have pen and paper in the house.

Christie:  So instead, one of my strategies is to have a Daily Gratitude Circle in the house.  I do gratitude every day...

Jeff:, laughing:  You mean a circle?  Like with the other house guests?

Christie:  Yes!  I can't write down what I'm grateful for, so making everyone do it is going to keep everyone really positive and happy.  I can say, come on let's go, we're all gonna sit in a circle and give three things we're grateful for....every one of us.  Every day.  I don't care if it's something simple like air conditioning, or even your mom.  We're gonna be grateful.

Jeff:  Okay. So what could be your downfall in there?

Christie:  Well, every day we're all gonna sit in a circle and I'm going to make everybody give three things we're grateful for....every one of us.  Every day.  I don't care if it's something simple like air conditioning, or even your mom.  We're gonna be grateful.


She actually said her negatives are that she can be emotional and vulnerable, and what you see is what you get with her.  She thinks she might be a bit of a social threat, too likeable and maybe too flirtatious.  She's been told that before but she's not trying to be flirtatious, it just comes off that way. 

This gives Big Jeff an opening to ask if she has "anyone special on the outside".

Christie:  No, I'm single.  Not newly single, but recently single, coming out of a pretty long relationship, happily single.  I'm a serial monogamist...all my life I've been in relationships, so this is my time to be single.

Jeff wondered if that could be a downfall, too, being single and available.

Christie:  I'm going to try not to do that.  This is my time, the Time of Christie.  I swear I believe in being where you need to be and I think the universe conspired for me to be here and its teaching me to be a competitor and for me to waste this opportunity to get lost in emotions or in someone else would make me a fricking fool, but having said that, you never know.

Jeff:  I could talk to you all day, but do you have a hashtag for your game this summer?

Christie says her friends call her "Murph" so she thinks it should be "LetsGoMurph".  Jeff seems skeptical about this but then she tells him Murphy is her last name.

Jeff:  Well, I don't know that!

(What about #TimeOfChristie?  Or #RaginAndSagin?  Or #BBCrybaby?)

Then it's time for the big question:  Would Christie like to win and be hated, or lose and be loved?

Christie Murphy didn't even hesitate. She wants to Lose and Be Loved.  She feels like she already won, just being here.  She doesn't want to hurt anybody.  She looks at the camera and says she wishes she could get to know us, but maybe we can get to know her instead.


I also watched Christie's interview with Ika Wong for ET Canada and am pleased to report that she was much calmer and personable, and much less emotional.  I think being in the Diary Room and meeting Jeff was what set her off in the CBS interview.

Here are a few items of interest from the Ika interview:

*  Christie is already planning to use the Goodbye Messages to her advantage.  She's going to "kill them with kindness", which will help her get the votes to win if she makes it to the finale.  The vicious GBMs last year were fun, but that's not the way to win the game.  (I'm looking at you, Angela Rummans.)
*  Christie is a chameleon and can adapt her persona to any situation.  But she's always going to be real with people in the house and can't stand someone who is fake and phony. (I think we're going to have a few of those this summer, so that should be fun.)
*  Christie comes off girly like the girl-next-door but is a "secret tomboy", and she's also a lesbian.  She dated men for 9 years but then she met a woman who made her try something different.  She thinks her sexual orientation will surprise the house guests and she plans to use it to her advantage.  She isn't planning to tell anyone in the beginning, but will use the information as a sign of trust with people she gets close to in the house.  She seems to think the guys will want her more when they realize they can't have her.
*  She dated a woman for seven years who was twenty-one years older than her.  They broke up recently and I will have more to say about that shortly.
*  Christie has a photographic memory and will use that to win competitions.  Her social and mental games will be on point so she won't need the physical part.  She will have no problem being the first to drop in the endurance comps.  (Her alliance members might not like that have to at least look like you're trying to win to protect them.)
*  Unfortunately Ika "literally" had to ask her about her switch from men to women.  Um no, just had to ask her.  There was nothing literal about it.  (My #1 pet peeve of 2019.)

Okay....let's cut the crap and get to the real news here.  Christie Murphy is very well-acquainted with Tommy Bracco.  The woman who Christie dated for seven years is Tommy's aunt, so they have been in each other's lives for YEARS.  Here is a picture of the two of them at a Lady Gaga concert ---I think the girl in the middle is Tommy's sister.  There are also pictures of them sitting at the same table for holiday dinners and such.

This can't be an accident on Production's part.  I think either one of them could get cast on Big Brother for any season based on their own value as a house guest.  It's not a coincidence.  I will have new information for you in upcoming posts regarding confirmed connections between another set of  house guests (Kathryn Dunn and Holly Allen), and the fans have found another potential connection between Ovi Kabir and Jackson Michie based on various life events.

So I think the Season Theme or Twist involves pairs, maybe secret pairs or maybe they're playing in teams.  In BB6 every house guest was part of a secret pair but had been led to believe they were the only secret pair.  In BB8 only a few house guests were unpleasantly surprised by someone from their past they had a negative connection with joining the cast. And something similar happened in BB4 when a few players had their exes burst in the door to join the game.

So....we'll learn more about the theme in the next few days, I think, once they are all officially locked in the house and the network starts heavily promoting the new season.

Here is Christie's's a nice-looking store that seems well-organized and well-run.

And here is the store's Instagram account, which has gone private, probably for the summer but maybe they will unlock it once the season's theme is announced.

Here is Christie's CBS bio for your review.

It's a well-written bio that confirms much of what we learned about her in both her interviews with Jeff and Ika.  She did discuss her admiration for Jordan with Ika and they agreed that Jordon "really" won since she took home the money and got a husband and family out of it too, while still being authentic and real.

She was never close to crying when talking to Ika, so that was a good sign for me.  I like Christie and think she would fun to go out drinking with.  She has a big personality and if she can tone down the "woo woo" part of her spirituality I think she will be better-received by all of the house guests.

So, will this twist, whatever it is work this year?  Or will it blow up in Production's face and scatter shrapnel all over our computer screens?  And if the season involves pairs, WHO IN THE HELL is Cliff Hogg's partner?