Sunday, January 27, 2019

Pardon This Interruption. #CBBUS2

The state of affairs is not good right now.  The CBS website is apparently down so there are no live feeds right now, and I think Reddit is on the fritz, too.  And I went to three different ATM machines for my bank today because I have a stack of checks to deposit, and all three were down.  At the 2nd ATM I visited, a guy was banging on the screen trying to get it to release his debit card.

What is going on out there?

These are a bunch of pictures that I might as well post, and I'll try to type for about an hour and see what happens.

Lolo told the guys last night that as soon as she leaves the house, she's going to Louisiana to train, at LSU I think.  Her sponsors apparently pay her while she's training, but during the times she hasn't been training for a big event due to injuries, she's "done TV" instead.  (I guess The Challenge is part of this "TV" she's talking about.)  She said she's working on a deal now and hopes to learn that it's ready to go when she leaves the house, but she can't discuss it now.  Apparently it has to do with hosting some sort of sports show.

Lolo:  If I don't do that, I'll just do social media stuff.  I love to do that, and like, help other athletes with training information.

Yesterday morning there was some tension in the air because everyone knew that Kato would make his nominations soon.  Apparently they've been told that Monday will be a big day for them, with the PoV competition, PoV ceremony, and live eviction.

Joey told everyone that Monday's show will be a 2-hour event, but Joey is wrong.  They are going to have to pack all of that action into one hour on Monday night, due to the accelerated schedule for this season.  That's going to be a lot for Dina to handle, because she's still trying to solve the mystery of who else voted for Kandi to be evicted last week.  (Dina was the only one to vote for Kandi.)

Tamar and Lolo ended up getting in several rounds of a shouting match and then the feeds were down until about 7:00 PM BBT. No one knew what was going on, and we still don't know, but when the feeds finally returned people were commenting on how tense everything was, and Ryan thought things were going to get physical.

I could see if we heard these things after a 60 minute feed break, but after the feeds had been down for over NINE hours?   They kept saying that we (us) must have seen everything but happened, but WE DID NOT.  I'm sure they got some cancellations, because many live feeders were still within their week of free feeds before charges apply.  Just saying.

When we came back, all that happened was Kato's nominations:  Dina and Tamar.

And here is Tamar in her "what chu talking bout" stance with Lolo, who was SCREAMING at her, hurling multiple F-BOMBS just as the feeds went down for that nine-hour break.  Tamar was wearing the same thing, minus the shades, and walking around calmly when I saw her on the feeds last night.  And she told Lolo that she didn't want to talk game with her anymore because she wants them to stay as tight as they were when they met each other on Day #1.

(That's because you're ON THE BLOCK Tamar.)

Apparently Lolo "went there" and had mentioned Tamar's son, and Tamar said she could never do that again, because Tamar is a single mom.  And it sounds like Kato mentioned Tamar going home to her son in his nomination speech, which should be interesting to watch.

LOOK:  If Tamar feels guilty about leaving her son at home while she's on this show, she can't project that every time someone mentions she has a child.  She's the one who has blamed some of her crying and sulking on missing her kid.

I don't think I've taken a picture of this room yet, which looks radically different than it did this summer.  This is the lounge room, and Tom is standing right in front of where that Pin Wall was for BB20.  I can't imagine what Tom would do to that Pin Wall, can you?

I know Tom is thrilled that Kato won HoH.  If one of the nominees is saved by the PoV, the general thinking is that Ryan would be nominated for eviction.  But Tom is trying to subtly move the backdoor target to Ricky, telling everyone that Ryan would be easier for them to control in the game, where Ricky is very smart, quite capable of winning comps, and has already told them that he didn't want to join forces with them.

The girls seemed to really hear that last part, and are likely considering whether Ricky might be a better choice to target on Monday.  Tom needs to pull Kato in at some point, because Kato has definitely shown that he has a mind of his own, and Tom will need the girls to help convince Kato that Ricky should be the target.

Kato is apparently salty that when they were up on The Wall, Dina did not want to make a deal with him.  He's suspicious of her now.

When the feeds came back there was kind of a hushed feel.  Apparently PoP TV gave them a mini tabletop cornhole game and everyone is taking a turn playing with that and also cards.

I think Ricky is trying to get back in good graces with Tom.  They sat upstairs in the loft and Ricky asked questions about the pain Tom had associated with his cancer surgeries.  It sounds like Tom had a lot of low-grade pain for quite some time and went to a number of doctors before he got the correct diagnosis.  And he had to have two or three surgeries where they opened him up and took stuff out.  I think Tom was in his late 20's when this all went down.

When he was in the hospital, the patient he shared a room with was only 24 and had the same cancer Tom had.  The guy was a big fan of Tom's so Tom "went over there" a lot during the day to talk to him and pass the time.

Tom:  That guy didn't make it.  He died.  And that makes you think, too.

Tom described how his pain felt, and where he felt it over the years and Ricky asked follow up questions and named some of the body areas, etc.  It's the kind of talk that is right up Ricky's alley, so to speak.   Tom was very angry about the situation for about 10 years, he said, and it took a while to make peace with it all.  His mom and dad came to stay with him for the surgery.  He is still in constant pain of some sort now, and it never goes away.  After being on The Wall, he still feels like he got hit by a truck.

Kandi made dinner for anyone who was ready to eat, saying to Kato "Oh...I know you don't eat".

(WHAT?  Kato doesn't eat?)

Tom and Dina were the first to plate and and get started, although Lolo picked a string bean here and there and said she loved them.

Kandi is making chicken melts to order, which she explains is really just a grilled cheese sandwich with chicken in the middle.  Dina is the one who put the butter on that bread, sort of thick and clumpy.  Kandi told her to spread it out a little, but Dina said she liked to do it like this.

This is Tom's plate.  He was really gung ho about putting a lot of mayonnaise on it.  You can see it poking out from under the bun.  So Tom likes it thick and clunky, too.  Kandi made the string beans by sauteing onions (and maybe garlic, but I didn't hear them say that) and putting teriyaki sauce on it.  Lolo said she cooked it in a wok but I didn't see any evidence of that.

Note that they are using Chinet paper plates this season.  I've seen the tall stacks of those plates and feel like I have the evidence to state now that they are using disposable plates and bowls.  I guess it helps with clean up, since they don't have a dishwasher.

Licking those Chinet plates doesn't work, though.  It's kind of like nails on a chalkboard if you put your tongue on it.  "A friend" told me that.  Ha ha ha.  I'm going to try to make those beans though. I like to toss string beans with diced roasted potatoes to make a potato salad.  My side dishes are often my main dish, so I like to really load them up.

You can see Tamar stalking back there, probably keeping a close eye on what Lolo and Kandi might be talking about .  And it looks like Lolo is keeping an eye on Tamar back there too, maybe feeling a little guilty about what she may or may not be up to.

I think Lolo and Tamar would have fought regardless, but the whole thing erupted after a conversation about Dina. and Tamar's accusation that Lolo and the Other Girl were up until 4:00 AM plotting and scheming with Dina.

I don't think Dina could plot and scheme in this game, even if she wanted to.  I know Kandi was upset that somebody voted for her to leave, but Dina later confessed and apologized to Kandi, saying that "those girls" totally lied to her about the plan and kept her in the dark about it.

Dina:  I knew you weren't going home (?) but those girls all told me they were voting to save Jonathan, and they lied to me about that.

So Lolo told Tamar that Dina was upset about the vote so they talked to her about that, and that made Tamar SNAP as she disputed Lolo's account of whether or not Dina is a liar or whatever.  So for someone who has been the source of some big drama, Dina seems totally oblivious in her own world.

Dina wanted Swiss cheese and onions on her sandwich, and was also a big proponent of lots of mayo.

Dina can't wait to go to Kandi's restaurant after tasting her food, particularly the string beans.  She never thought of using Teriyaki like that, and has lots of compliments for the chef.  Tom is one of those guys who just sits down and gets to work on his food.  He said he really enjoyed it after his plate was clean.

Kandi sat down and got to work on hers, and she must really have a lot on her mind, because she was halfway through the sandwich when she recalled her pledge to give up bread for the month of January.

Kandi:  OH NO.  I'm not supposed to be eating bread.

Lolo: You ATE the bread?

Kandi:  I forgot.  I was really tearing it up, too.  I'm gonna have to pray about this.  What day is this?  How many more days left in January?

I cannot confirm nor deny that Kandi finished or abandoned the rest of her sandwich.  I have heard her talk to the girls about her diet.  She started way before she knew she was going to be on Big Brother.  I think she might be doing her caberet show soon, so she can get the word out on the streets before the RHOA season ends, with the reunion taping soon.  Wearing those corsets would make anybody give up bread.

Kandi:  I love bread.  I love pizza.  I love cake.  I love it all.

Lolo is still complaining that her hair is green after the HoH competition.  I don't know if she got the visit from a professional hairstylist like she was demanding after the comp, but it doesn't look like it.

She asked Kandi to help her with a loose track that might need "a sew in", but then she said she might just take them all out.  Dina wears extensions too, of course.  I guess having just your real hair isn't good enough anymore for these people.

Ryan was swimming nice and easy, getting warmed up.  It sounds sort of like a bubbling acquarium in the backyard now.  I think the Production person whose job it is to log Ryan has a pretty sweet job.  He doesn't say much, and I'll bet that guy really hits his vape pen when Ryan is swimming because it's like a calming, soothing break.

Ryan needs to win the PoV and then ask Kato what he'd like him to do with it.  Or maybe Tom needs to tell Ryan to just use it to save someone so Kato will put Ricky on the block.  I'm not sure Kato even understands what power the PoV has at any given time, so hopefully someone can show him the BB Rulebook in the storage room.

Ryan is pretty savvy about observing the relationship dynamics in the house.  He watches and thinks, so I guess speaking is the "opportunity" area for him.

Tom and Joey are building a good friendship.  Joey seems to relax and make jokes around Tom.  Tom was confessing how he walks around late at night and puts on a show for the feeders, and demonstrated his Cereal Box Osprey routine.

Tom:  I do it every night, and last night I got some lift.  By the end of this I'll be hitting the rafters with my head.

Ryan cracked up and Joey says stuff like "that's part of your brand". Joey told them that The Rock has a "social media tent" set up for every movie shoot he does, so he can do his posts about working out or whatever.  Joey and Tom both follow him on Instagram, and Joey also follows some sort of historic picture account where they posted a picture of Abraham Lincoln going into battle.

I could tell Tom was impressed by these little facts about Joey and wants to keep a connection with him in the game.

Kato wanted to go to bed last night, but Dina would NOT leave.  You can see he turned off the light and did everything except call the Police to come and get her.  She was just babbling about the vote and this and that, totally oblivious to Kato's body language or the fact that he kept trying to wrap it up with her.

Today he mentioned this to her, but in a nice way, saying that he never could go back to sleep after she left and he's really tired now.

Kato: I finally elevated my feet and closed my eyes and then it was time to get up.

This is the bedroom that Tangela, Kaycee and JC slept in last season.  Dina, Ryan and Joey are in there, and this is when Tom confessed about his Cereal Box Osprey and Dina said she's heard him making that sound before, but didn't know what it was.

(Tom makes many noises, many times.)

Joey was putting on some moisturizer as he got ready for the day and a poster on Reddit said it was "Dr. Jart's" cream, and that it is a really great product.  It must be, if Joey Lawrence uses it. Joey is quite serious about his grooming.

Here you go.  It looks like a great product for men who are reluctant to use a lot of frou frou products.  And it looks like they focus more on what is inside than the packaging, which is also a good sign of quality.

The secret to being happy and energetic while eating so little must lie with the chewing method.  I swear I was waiting for Lolo to swallow her first bite of banana so I could take a picture of the second bite and it took her FOREVER to chew and swallow it.  It was at least 10 seconds.  That's a long time for something that doesn't require much chewing.  Try it.  You'll see.

Since the feeds are down, I listened to a podcast while I typed.  And get this...they were talking about Celebrity Big Brother.

I listened to the latest Juicy Scoop podcast where Sarah Colonna was Heather's guest and apparently Sarah got a casting inquiry for the show this year.  She is a comedienne who is married to a pro football player and used to be on Chelsea Lately.  She thinks they contacted her because she's been vocal in the past about liking the BB summer series.  She got her husband into it, she says.

Sarah's people got an email inquiry from the show asking if she'd consider doing it and she knows she would never be able to handle being in the house so they didn't pursue the offer.  So I guess casting wanted some funny people this year.  Heather got into the Celebrity version last year since she had friends on the cast (Ross, Marissa, Brandi)  and says she'd love to do it but admits she doesn't understand any of the game so far this year.  The whole Mooch thing and having new people nominated really confused her, as I'm sure it did for most of the CBS casuals.  Because IT DIDN'T MAKE ANY DAMN SENSE.  But Heather said she needs something to bring her own comedy career to the next level and some TV exposure like Celebrity BB would be a great opportunity.

I think she'd be a good house guest.  Heather is athletic and funny and I don't think she'd be afraid of speaking her mind.  She's already been in the background of several party scenes on RHOC and tells funny stories about how the camera crew asked her to step aside and get out of the shot. (Like at Heather Dubrow's cowboy party she threw on the future site of her mansion.)

But anyway, Ross did an episode of Juicy Scoop last year with Heather and told her there was no fresh air in the house and it was like being on an airplane the whole time.

Heather said she met Dina Lohan when Heather was out in the Hamptons last year staying at Jill Zarin's vacation house (!)  Sarah asked what Dina was like and Heather indicated non-verbally that it was quite an experience.

Sarah: was a lot?

Heather:  Yeah.  Well.....she likes to drink and smoke a lot, and then she kept (***some sort of scowl face***) doing this and saying she had to go to Mykonos.

(Quite believable based on what I've already told you this season.  Except for the drinking and smoking part.)