Friday, January 25, 2019

When People Stop Being Polite, and Start Getting Real. #CBB2

Well, yesterday turned out to be a busy day, but last night was even busier.  Sometimes when the shit hits the fan it just hits one of the blades and ends up showering down on the person who threw it up there though.  That's what I heard, because that is certainly not something I would have ever tried personally. 

Although we do have a new resident in our community who has a HUGE dog and has defiantly REFUSED to pick up her dog's poop.  After stepping in it twice in the dark I was threatening to take a few shovelfuls of it and put it on her doorstep.  Another neighbor told me that was a very bad idea, and that we should just let the situation play out with the Homeowner's Association, so I calmed down.  I don't want any shovelfuls of shit raining down on me from some sort of fan.  Sometimes it just feels better to talk about your frustrations without actually acting on them.

But even that can be dangerous in the Big Brother house.  The post I was going to write this morning is going to end up quite differently, based on what happened in the house last night.  And I still don't know how things worked out, or how the vote is going to go tonight.

Yesterday I realized I haven't taken many pictures of Ricky, so I took one of him doing what he loves...laying in bed taking in all of the drama and emotions around him.

It turns out Tom grew up in a house hold that didn't buy sugary types of breakfast cereal.  Once in awhile they might have a box of Frosted Flakes (They're GRRREEAAAT.), or an occasional bowl of Honeycombs (Honeycomb's big YEAH YEAH YEAH), but those types of purchases were the exception.

I think Tom's parents are still living, based on a few comments he's made.  You probably know Tom gave them HELL on his MTV show, where they usually bewildered by confusion by Tom's insane antics.  Some people thought the set of parents on Tom's show were actors, but they were real.

I've been wondering about Tom's friend Glenn Humplik, who was tortured by Tom even more than Tom's parents.  I just spent about 25 minutes that I don't have looking Glenn up.  He has a very thoughtful blog that he started recently as a creative outlet, and apparently participates in several podcasts.  As you can see, he identifies himself with his MTV past, but I didn't see any mention of Tom anywhere.  And I certainly haven't heard Tom mention Glenn.

I'm going to guess there was an issue about money.  Because Glenn seemed pretty hard to offend if you watched Tom's old MTV shows.  Or maybe Tom's fame got in the way.  It was a wild ride, I'm sure.

(Hi Glenn.  I remember you well, because I always identified with your side of the Tom & Glenn equation.  I was always cringing for you. And I like what you have to say on your blog, too.)

Glenn is still friends with Phil Giroux, who was the guy sitting blankly in the window of Tom's TV set with a cup of coffee.  This guy.  I did see a tweet from Tom in 2016 that invited his friends to follow Phil.

The bathroom in the house has an old train station decor and is quite striking.  I love the lighting and of course the signs.  I guess the budget for decorations is a lot higher for the celebrity series, but that does seem strange because it has such a shorter run than the summer version.

I guess the Production company (Fly on the Wall Productions) gets a bigger budget from the network due to the celebrity theme of it all.  I'm always curious about the financial side of things because that's what I do for a living.  This show has to earn more than it costs every season or it's just not feasible for the parties involved.  I know the ratings have been down this season from last year's winter series.  On RHAP they think that it's because the premiere was up against The Bachelor and a few other popular reality shows, where last year the only real competition was the Winter Olympics.  And let's face it, you either watch the Olympics or you have no interest, except maybe in a few select events.

I thought we were calling her "Eva", but I think the house guests are calling her "Natalie".  I can't keep up.  Anyway, This Girl told Tamar yesterday that her husband is her best friend, and she met him on Instagram, of all places, just before she signed her first wrestling contract.  Tamar asked her what her family said when she told them she wanted to be a professional wrestler.

This Girl:  Uh.  What?

Tamar:  But what did they say when you told him you were going into wrestling?

This Girl:  Uh.   What?

They laughed about it.  It was funny.

Jonathan seems to be accepting defeat, and spent time yesterday with some different folks in the house, making connections.  (He might be staying now, with Kandi getting the boot, but Jonathan doesn't know that.)  I heard him tell Kato that he hopes they can can call each other to meet for lunch on a regular basis.  Kato lives in or near Riverside and says that there are tons of spots right near his house, with new places opening every day.

Jonathan then threw out the names of two places that Kato hadn't visited yet.  I think they were bagel shops or something because I wasn't even tempted to google them to see the menu like I usually do.  Plus I have tax returns to do!  Real money to make!

Ryan has been kind of low profile.  The HoH's power is over as soon as the PoV ceremony concludes.  Unless there is a tie vote, the HoH never gets to cast a vote, and Ryan can't compete for HoH tonight, so his game play is paused for a few days. 

But the game is being played HARD right now, but not by either one of these guys. 

All of those brown paper bags are laundry, and I think it is laundry that has been folded and wrapped up for them.  Sanitized, if you will.  I have to conclude that those are towels or linens, because why would anyone just let their clean clothes lay on the ground like that?  It's not like they can shop for new clothes, or have options beyond what they brought in the house to begin with.

I did hear Tamar say that the thigh-high boots she wore on Move In Night are already packed in her luggage.  When one of the girls asked why she packed them away, Tamar said she doesn't need them until Finale Night, so why wouldn't she?

(I think either Lolo or The Other Girl wanted to borrow them for the live show, but in previous seasons you can't get your luggage back until it's time for you to pack.)

The girls were talking about the little motions that house guests do during the live evictions as they pass each other in the little hallway on the way to and fro to cast their vote with Julie.  They both said they are annoyed as fuck when they watch other people do it on the show (ME TOO) but they still plan to do some little performance.

Lolo wanted Eva Natalie Whatever to get on her hands and knees so Lolo could hurdle her.  She also instructed Eva about looking at the camera with a cute look, but asked Eva several times if she was comfortable with this plan.  They also did the move where you high five each other and then as you walk past you slap hands down low, on the back side.

I guess we'll find out what "exciting" move they will do when the time comes tonight, live on CBS.  And I'm saying "exciting" like a real bitch, but of course seeing Lolo hurdle another house guest on live TV would indeed be exciting, without quotations.  For real.

Dina talked to Tom about all of the paparazzi that hounded Lindsey back in the day.  She thinks the situation got better after Princess Diana dies as she was trying to evade photographers in Paris, but it was still very hectic and scary for the Lohans back then.

Tom was in LA during that time and remembers the cars following Lindsey "up the canyon".  Apparently Dina was into gymnastics as a child and told some stories yesterday about how she hurt herself on one of the apparatus things.  She went to the hospital and even wore a back brace but was back on the mat the following week. 

There was a VERY uncomfortable situation yesterday when both Tamar and Kandi were in the kitchen at the same time, both keeping busy but not talking to each other.  The silence felt hostile on Tamar's end, as she literally stirred her pot and narrowly ran into Kandi several times, reaching just over her head to open a cabinet without saying excuse me or anything.

Kandi was uncomfortable, but she didn't seem mad.  She knows that even one word said to Tamar might be the wrong word at the wrong time.  I did hear her ask Tamar a question that seemed designed to break the ice and point out their commonality in the house.

Kandi:  Do you ever keep your syrup in the fridge?

Tamar:  What? No.

Kandi:  Me either.  I was like...........***crickets***

(I think you have to keep the maple syrup in the fridge, if only because an ant could smell the sweetness and lead a team in to investigate further.  I buy those little jugs of pure maple syrup at Costco and no matter what I do, there is always a little crust of sugar that hardens and prevents the green cap from snapping securely shut, which is a damn JACKPOT for any ant colony.)

Tamar was really COOKING something, adding spices and chopped up stuff to some sort of soup or stew.  But Kandi was only assembling a tuna salad to eat for lunch.  Later Kato wanted to eat some, but he discovered that Kandi used the "brown" tuna and he can't eat that due to the Mercury levels.  Kato can only eat 100% albacore tuna, so he went into storage and grabbed a can of that.

Later Kandi said she was sorry, and would only use the albacore cans from here on out.  She mixed some salmon in her tuna salad, too, which was declared delicious by a few people who ate it.  Tamar had nothing but negative things to say about Kandi's salad, even though  by now no one says a WORD to Tamar about Kandi.  Nobody wants any more of that drama.

Although.........if I were Jonathan I might try to get Kandi mad, which might help her get voted out tonight.

Kandi took her little bowl of food upstairs to eat in peace with just us watching her and Kato over on the side doing his Tweets.  Or whatever.  I know they can write tweets that Production somehow approves and posts for them.  Yesterday when it was Kandi's turn she called out that she really needed DonJuan to help her with that.  Kandi can't do it all and her team knows that.

I think she's on the Keto diet, but in the first hour of live feeds she gave her plastic surgeon a shout out by name (in Tennessee, apparently) and told the girls that he "snatched" her belly tight, likely after she gave birth to Ace.  I think one of the girls asked about her chest or butt, but Kandi said that was all 100% real. 

Once Tamar realized that Kandi had left the kitchen and she heard her spoon clinking against the bowl upstairs, she started up with the Tamar Attitude again, gesturing and whispering to someone that Kandi needed to GO, because Tamar isn't going to put up with ALL THAT.

(All that WHAT Tamar?  After this stupid show is over, what are you going to do?  I know what Kandi's going to do, but what are YOU going to do with your life?)

Let's review: 

Tamar had a good job as one of the hosting panel of The Real, but was unceremoniously FIRED and even her husband Vince didn't know, and he was part of the Production team (I think.).  I found this list of bullet points on the Daily Mail about why she was fired.  These aren't my reasons....I've never even watched that show, but this is what someone behind the scenes had to say about. 

Yeah, don't fuck with the sponsors, Tamar. The producers might put up with it, but once you act out like that in front of someone who helps to pay the rent, you've gone too far.  That's when all of that consumer data that they've been ignoring comes in handy to prove their point and substantiate the matter in the HR files.  You know, for the lawyers.

And what is Kandi doing when she gets home?  Well, there was an announcement yesterday that Weezer dropped a new album chock full of 90's cover songs, including Kandi's biggest songwriting hit.  If you recall, in Kandi's intro package on Premiere Night, she said No Scrubs was "still popping", so I guess this is what she meant.  There is even a Michael Jackson song on this record, so somebody wrote some big checks. 

I mean, sure Weezer is sort of making fun of all of these songs, but Kandi is getting a new revenue stream from it, and the kids are sure to look up the original version to hear what the song is supposed to sound like.

And it sounds like "clink clink clink", coins dropping into Kandi's piggybank.   Even when Tamar listens to it so she can shit all over it.

Somehow they can see each other's official profiles on that little tablet, because they were using it to confirm what everybody's birthday and astrology sign is. 

Jonathan showed Kato how to use some sort of mineral powder under his eyes.  He does it every day, he says, and it only takes a second.  Kato was excited to learn about this.

Kato: It's MAC?  I'm going shopping when I get home.

Kato tried to do it and showed Dina, but she kind of laughed and made a few corrections.  This is just powder, she said.

Dina listens when people speak, and comments on their stories, but I don't recall hearing her ask anyone else any questions about their lives.  She did talk about how her father lived a very long life, dying in Italy when he was in his late 90's.

Kandi and Ricky are her enemies now.  Tamar is spending lots of time telling everyone that Ricky and Kandi are working together.  Anything to get the votes to make Kandi the first one evicted. 

If that does happen, it won't be due to Tamar's influence.  Let's just put it that way.

Yesterday Ricky sat right there in that spot and had some interesting conversations with people who flowed in and out of the room.  Jonathan shared some information about his father, who was a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who worked in an ER.  He sounds like a great dad who always supported Jonathan and had an interesting view on life's events, since he saw so many tragedies at work.

Jonathan: I would call him say, if someone dumped me and I'd be all upset and he'd say: Well, in all my years of practice, I've never seen one person die from a broken heart, so let's start there.  And then no matter what I said, he'd say "and?....".  Like if I called him now and said "Dad, I was the first one on the block", he'd say "And?...", so I'd say "I might be voted out of the house this week!", and he'd say "And?...." and just keep going and going, until you'd realize everything is going to be okay.

His dad also was a pilot who used his plane to shuttle around sick people who needed a ride.  After he died the airport dedicated a section of the building to his father.  His father wanted his ashes to be scattered in flight, so his family practiced it with coffee grounds to find out how to accomplish this from a tiny window on the plane without getting all of it blown back in their faces.

Jon's dad was a Gemini and he agreed with all of the classic traits as Ricky named them, like pragmatic, sensible, etc.  Ricky says he fell in love with osteopathy, and wanted to pursue that option but gravitated towards studying Chinese medicine when he heard how much formal education he would still need to become a D.O. like Jon's dad.

Ricky:  And I was already 40, so....

Jon said that D.O's catch scorn from the other doctors, but a D.O. requires more schooling than a regular M.D., since they study alternative medicine as well.  Ricky said the first appointment with a D.O. involves an hour of conversation about your overall life, health and habits and that appeals to him.

Ricky:  Everything is connected.

(I like that approach and plan to keep it in mind for myself, should I ever have a medical issue.)

Tamar tried to bring her Bad Attitude in the room but they didn't let it stop them.  She realized they were having a serious non-game talk and gave up after a few minutes. Ricky said it's nice that so many people in the house have such nice stories and memories of their families.

Then Jonathan asked about Ricky's father and Ricky said "my dad wasn't around but my Mom was great".  Obviously Jonathan didn't watch Ricky's 30 for 30 episode, because this topic was covered in painful detail.  I was waiting for Ricky to say something about it, but he didn't.  I don't want to tell his story, but when Ricky was 3 or 4, his father did something highly inappropriate and Ricky innocently told his mother about it.  She confirmed his story and then left his dad, setting them up for a very tough financial and emotional situation. Ricky always blamed himself for telling his mom, which is just heartbreaking.  (The dad is in the documentary, too....)

Anyway, both of Jonathan's parents died, as did both of his step parents.  He still has family, though, with lots of nieces and nephews.

This is Jonathan's boyfriend Jaymes Vaughn (on the left).  He was part of "Team Chippendales" on the 31st season of The Amazing Race.  They have been together for two years and want to start a family.  Jaymes has some show on the Reelz Channel and he interviewed Jonathan for some sort of cross-promotion for Jon's cupcake shows.  They fell in love at first sight, Jon says.

Jaymes goes to Las Vegas two days a week to film his show.  He flies Southwest, leaving early in the morning and getting home in time for dinner.  He just reached some sort of milestone with the airline where they get a companion ticket free of charge for the next year, and Jonathan is very happy about that. 

Lolo has commented several times that Tom Green is a totally different person since he was taken off the block.  She has a negative connotation when she says this, though.  She is a very aggressive girl and it is obvious that she has a hair-trigger temper.  She told Ricky that her coach likes to make her mad before a competition, because it helps her performance.

Tom is stewing about the situation in the house.  Just after midnight on the East Coast, he told Kato that he thinks they should consider going to Ryan and Jonathan to tell them everything about the plan to blindside Jonathan, and ask for some sort of deal going forward if they both flip their votes to Kandi.  Tom also wanted Lolo and Eva Natalie to join them as a strong group of six.

Tom:  We'll just let Ryan keep winning competitions for us, until it's time for us to get him out.

Tom is VERY offended by Ricky's attitude and obvious shunning of Tom's alliance pitch to him.  Tom is tired of feeling negativity from Ricky about every word he says, and feeling judged by him in every conversation.

Tom:  What, are we supposed to NOT flip or change things because we're AFRAID?  Are we supposed to just TIPTOE around this house and do whatever RICKY says? 

Kato was thinking, "yes, we should", and was visibly perturbed about this sudden change of plans.  He wanted Tom to tell Ryan and Jon that he still had a Final Two with Kato though, but Tom said telling the guys about their deal is out of the question.  I had a bad feeling about this, not just for Kandi's safety in the game, but because it was clear Kato wasn't on board with this disruption.  He was having so much fun being Tom's friend and all.  Those golden retrievers just want you to throw that same yellow tennis ball to the same spot over and over and over.

Check out all of those cereal boxes.  I saw Dina take a knife to one of the boxes so she could extract the puzzle.

Tom and Kato had separate conversations with Lolo and Eva to pitch their deal, but it didn't go well.  I'm not 100% caught up with the action, but I saw Lolo react to Tom in a VERY aggressive negative response.  And later she was going off about it to Tamar.  Lolo didn't want to hear about how bad Ricky is, because Ricky is the one who told her Ryan wanted to target her.

===>  Those two girls need to calm down and discuss the offer privately, to determine what indeed is best for them. I think the girls still need to worry about the boys ganging up against them, but I kind of panic when I think Kandi might be voted out tonight so I'm not an objective judge of this new plan.  I'd like Tom to win this series, though, because he's smart and funny and really wants to put a good show on for us.

This was Ricky talking to Dina about the longevity of her family members.  It certainly sounds like you have to do a lot to cause the death of a Lohan, due to strong genetics.

Ricky walked around wearing these shades all day yesterday, and got really weird in certain conversations.  I thought he might have had too much THC, but after at least one of the uncomfortable conversations he immediately told someone he did that on purpose, to cause stress in the house.

I mean, he's intimidating, right?  Just staring you down like that?

At the time of this picture, he went in the gym where Ryan and Joey were working out and was rude to Joey when Joey tried to make pleasantries.

Joey:  Oh, are you going to do yoga?  I'll be out of here in a few minutes so you don't have to tune me out.

Ricky:  Actually, I find yoga is more about tuning in.

Joey:  Okay.  Ha ha.  I'll come over to your house after this to help you with that.

Ricky:  No thanks.  I already have enough of that already.


Then Ricky stood there in silence for a few minutes, and abruptly walked out.  Then Joey went off on him, telling Ryan that Ricky is too inconsistent for him and he wants him out of the house.

Joey:  I never know what to expect from him, and I don't like to be around people like that.

Meanwhile Kandi is trying to deal with the situation.  She feels the tension in the air and is just trying to stay calm, I think.  There are so many pairs in the house, and her issues with Tamar (or, Tamar's issues with her) are preventing her from getting any traction with the other girls.  Except Dina, but she's not really a player in there.

Jonathan asked Kandi when she can "get him on her show" next season.  (That's what happens when one of these celebrities is still an actual celebrity,  I guess.  I would HATE that if I was famous.  Everybody wanting something from me without reciprocating.)

Kandi:  Well.....we kinda gotta see.  They still have to decide who's gonna be on the show next season.

(Bravo usually starts extending contract offers after the reunion is taped, which should occur shortly after the CBB finale.  I expect some casting shake ups for RHOA, but Kandi  has a foundational role on the show as practically the only woman to have successful business ventures and also a husband and extended family who are popular RHOA side characters. I expect Kandi to be on RHOA until Kandi doesn't want to be on RHOA anymore.)

I think Jonathan should talk to Kandi about cupcakes.  That is one of the running jokes about Kandi on RHOA....that she's always hungry and late because she stopped at the Chick-fill-a drive thru or something.  Right now on the show the cast took a trip to Japan, and after flying for HOURS they all went to a sushi restaurant and Kandi wasn't down with that.  She was visibly PISSED and didn't want to eat any raw fish.  Kandi was like, do you have a deep fryer back there or something?

I think Tamar finally took a shower, and she also does all of this contouring stuff, but at least when she's finished it looks like a nice blend.  Not harsh and choppy like those other girls.  At one point she realized she only had a bra on and said her boyfriend would be mad at her, so she put a shirt on and gave her man a shout out.

Last night when all of the drama was in the air, Kandi looked down from the balcony and said softly that something strange was going on.  She also talked to Tom on the patio and said she didn't envision being one of the first group to be nominated for eviction on this show.

Kandi:  I didn't see THAT happening.

Tom:  I didn't either.

Kandi:  But....I've often been....surprised by the situations I get in on these shows, but somehow......someway it all works out, with me in a good position somehow.

Tom:  You have good luck.

Kandi:  Yeah.

I'll be on the edge of my seat for Kandi's speech on the live show.  She should have plenty of practice performing on a stage when the pressure is on.  She told Ricky and Joey that if she can get through this first eviction, she's going to start working out with the guys every day.

Kandi: I haven't been doing it in here, but I need to lose some weight before I get home.

These pictures are all out of order, but last night at around 8:45 PM BBT, when Ricky was in the bedroom with Kato and Tom, offending them and leaving the room in sort of a huff, Jonathan had been eavesdropping on their conversation like this.

When he heard Ricky approach the door he jumped back and pretended to innocently enter the room just as Ricky was telling Kato that he thought his PoV speech was condescending, and it was obvious that Kato was trying to save Tom's ass.  As Ricky stalked out Kato was trying to joke with him, saying "does being condescending mean talking down to people Ricky?" and Ricky said "yes" and kept on walking to the kitchen, where he chomped on an apple and encouraged Tamar to go ahead and eat chips, if that's what she really wanted to do.

And this is Ricky "working" on Dina, in total silence.  I think he's going for his certification in accupuncture, but that's not what was going on here.

I'd be interested to hear what Dina had to say after this session was over. I'd like to think I could just go limp and let Ricky pick up my limbs like this, but with the cameras and all I doubt I could.  I'm not a big massage fan, actually.  The last time I had a massage was about 10 years ago.  As the masseuse was finishing, she told me I could "lay there as long as I wanted to". Then about 10 minutes later she burst in the room and said "YOU'RE STILL HERE?"  Needless to say, it wasn't a relaxing end to the treatment.  (Spa Sydell).

I don't know if Jonathan or Kandi will be leaving tonight, because even though Tom's plan to flip the house with a new group of six won't work out, he wants to spite Ricky by not voting the way Ricky wants him to (ie voting out Kandi instead of Jonathan).  I don't think Kato wants to do that, and apparently Kato may have ratted out Tom's plan to the girls to make it clear that it wasn't his idea.

So it's messy.  Stuff got real messy.  The battle for HoH is going to be INTENSE.  There is A LOT at stake.  I think the only dud HoH reigns would be if Joey or Dina win HoH tonight.  Although Joey will go after Ricky, which would be interesting.

Ricky and Tom are about to square off against each other.  Somebody needs to scoop up Ryan if Jonathan is evicted, because Ryan needs someone to boss him.

Oh, and here's some good news from The Mooch for all of us like-minded people.  I know The Mooch is making his cannabis investment plans, right?