Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Feel Like We're Beginning in the Middle. #CBB2

I know, I know.  I'm already behind.  But if last night's CBS episode is any indication, so is Production.  The issue of The Mooch's disappearance, the second PoV competition and ceremony, and the three house guests who will also face eviction on Friday night's live show still need to be addressed.

I've been keeping an eye on the live feeds while I work, and I'm behind on that, too.  So I will try to blow through these pictures and blab about the situation as quickly as possible. This season is the first time I've stayed up to watch the live feed kickoff in years, because without having access to Big Brother After Dark on PoP TV, watching the feeds kick off live is the only way you can ensure you know what is going on.  However, it's not clear what the hell is going on, even though I watched it start.  But I do have to say it's kind of fun to not know, and not have any messy spoilers from behind-the-scenes.

This is the bedroom that has been containing so much drama.  That is Ricky over there in the bed at the top left of the picture, and Tamar is the lump in the bed on the right side of the photo.  Although you've seen PLENTY of Tamar on the CBS episodes, she was out of commission for much of Wednesday, hiding out and pouting with sporadic bursts of tears.  But I'm sure I'll have to talk about that more later.

As in the last celebrity season, the house guests get access to the outdoor patio for certain hours each night, usually when BBAD is airing, I think.  The outdoor space is much smaller than it is during the summer season to allow the crew to constantly build the competition sets to maintain the action in this short season.  I think they are only allowed outside when the construction crew has clocked out for the night, to prevent the house guests from hearing any backstage chatter.

Dina Lohan has not been much of a factor in the game, or the social life either.  She does get all gussied up for the cameras, like a real adult, and she has been participating in the card games and conversations, mainly with the age 40+ house guests.

Here's The Thing: Dina doesn't have much to say, though.  I guess she asked the DR if they had spoken to her children to make sure everything is okay, and someone told her that her younger daughter (don't know her name) "went to the Maldives with Lindsey", so she has been obsessing about that little bit of information.  Dina "can't believe" that they went to the Maldives without her.  I'm not sure Lindsey has authorized her mom to talk about her on the live feeds, either, because every time Dina mentions her name the cameras seem to shift away quickly.

Dina and Kato joke about their showmance, but they are just kidding.  At least, Kato is, because he says he has a lady at home.  Dina put some powder on him yesterday before the PoV ceremony and they were giggling about how she thinks he is a good-looking surfer.  Kato is like a golden retriever in there, always wagging his tail and ready for interaction.

Even though Anthony left the game on Monday or Tuesday, his picture was still lit up until late in the day Wednesday.  Personally I think he quit because he was on the block, not having fun, and knew he could still catch a flight to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  I'm sure the Forum is where he gets new investors for his hedge fund and he knows he's not going to get any new money from the folks who watch Big Brother.

When Evel Dick left before the live feeds started in BB13, the live feeders all knew that he wasn't in the house, and we watched in fascination as the house guests slowly realized that Dick went in the Diary Room and was likely never coming back.  In that situation, Dick's picture on the memory wall remained in color until his leaving was addressed on the CBS episode.  (Not truthfully of course, because Production couldn't legally disclose Dick's HIV status, but years later Dick told the world why he really left while appearing on Celebrity Marriage Counseling. Or whatever that show was.)

Anyway, I believe that this is what Production intended for Anthony's memory wall photo.  But after Anthony started appearing in the press from Switzerland, they felt they needed to address the matter sooner in some fashion, so apparently his picture is now in black-and-white, with the change coming sometime after the PoV ceremony, or maybe as a part of that ceremony.  Which we'll see Friday night on CBS, I suppose.

It is rather soothing to watch Ryan swim his laps in the Endless Pool, but apparently that Endless Pool is not made for a swimmer with skills and stamina the likes of Lochte.  He "burnt out" the motor yesterday, which cut his swim time short, and from the chatter afterwards it seems like that has happened several times before.  I'm sure Endless Pool wants to market this contraption to average American swimmers like you and me, rather than someone who swims laps for HOURS on the highest resistance setting.  I did hear Ryan say that if he had one of those at home, he'd be in better shape overall due to the convenience.

What do swimmers think about for the hours of monotonous training?  The form of their stroke?  The theory of relativity?  How many calories they can eat for dinner?

I used to run long distances but at least I could chat with my friends as we trained for a half-marathon. And then we'd go out to breakfast at the restaurant where we all parked our cars to meet up (OK Cafe).  I've always thought of running as the most introverted and introspective sport, but swimming actually wins that award, right?

Kandi has been singing the Star Spangled Banner for Ryan to get him pumped up to head out to the Endless Pool to train.  She did it again last night and he thanked her and said he wanted to "go out there and fuck everybody up".  He actually said something else along those lines in an earlier conversation, but as a favor to Ryan, I will not be repeating that here.  Lots of times people say things out of habit without really analyzing what the words mean, and I'll just leave it at that.

I still don't know what to call this girl, but she looks cute in her hat, and she does get very turned out for the cameras.  Kandi told her yesterday that with her look, if she could sing she'd be super successful, but this girl said she wished she could sing.

I think the people in the house are calling her Eva, but I'm not sure about that. I'll try to pay closer attention.  Eva is super tight with Lolo and that is going to get them on the block together soon, but I think Lolo is the one who will draw the votes to evict.  Eva has a line of sunglasses coming out under her "NEM" logo, apparently.  Once again she neglects to address what she wants us to call her, and fails to attempt brand-building by her appearance on this show.

Eva and Lolo asked Kandi a bunch of questions yesterday about the RHOA shooting schedule (six months every year from June to November) and Kandi tried to give them advice about how to get "their people" to "put them up" for magazine covers and articles.  Kandi shrewdly told her several times that her plans might be great and all, but the publications weren't going to come to her.  That's what "her people" should be doing on her behalf.

DonJuan Clark is a key member of Kandi's team and I think he also does brand building consulting, among other things. I'll just put this here for Natalie Eva Marie Coyle Whoever.

I love DonJuan on RHOA.  He's always fired up about something and you can see him seething in anger when he feels Kandi has somehow been slighted.  Much love, DonJuan.  Let me know if I can give a message to the fans on your behalf.

And look, I live in Atlanta and feel like Kandi is my friend.  Or at least, someone I know who doesn't know me.  So I am on Team Kandi.  She's got hustle and grit and gumption.   Kandi isn't out there trying to be flashy to pretend like she's got wealth.  In fact, on this season of RHOA I think we saw her driving a truck of some sort.  Kandi isn't pretending to be successful like so many other Bravo stars.  When you've got it, you don't need to point it out every other minute like some people do.  And trust me, people who really HAVE money don't spend it like the people who want to ACT like they have money.  I see what people spend their money on.  I know.

I'm sure I would like Tamar, or at least be entertained by her antics, if I had ever seen her before this season of Celebrity Big Brother.  But since I have no TV relationship with her, and because I have already admitted I am Team Kandi by default, I'm having  a hard time dealing with Tamar's behavior.

Everyone keeps talking about the "fight" between Tamar and Kandi, but all we've seen on the live feeds is one fucking conversation where Kandi came in the bedroom to chat with Tamar and Ricky.  They were talking about their normal everyday lives and Kandi mentioned all of the Atlanta events she has to go to (shout out to DonJuan) to make appearances.  Then Tamar apparently wanted to make the point that most of the other Atlanta reality stars aren't relevant, so because Kandi is part of the cast of the OG Atlanta reality show, she is the only relevant one.

(Note that Tamar is wearing the Peter Thomas Roth gold under eye masks that Brandi and Ari popularized last year.  Kandi and Dina have also been wearing them, also, but unlike Tamar they take them off and get dressed and ready for the day like normal adults.)

Kandi has friends who produce and star in other Atlanta-based reality shows, so she said their shows did well, too, and were watched by many viewers.  She named a show that Tameka Tiny Harris is on now and this seemed to drive Tamar right to the ledge and over it.  She got louder and louder and LOUDER as she ARGUED that she herself is a PRODUCER and a DIRECTOR and she knows these things and none of those people are relevant.

It was bizarre, really.  Kandi stayed calm and tried her best to deflect, but it was clear that Tamar was talking about some other subject.  Ricky found a spot in the conversation to jump in and ask Kandi if she could help him be relevant, too, by having him come on RHOA to give the ladies an astrology reading.

Ricky:  I could talk about how your signs interact and stuff.

Kandi:  Yeah!  That would be fun!

And I'm sure this pissed off Tamar even more.  After Kandi left the room Tamar WENT OFF about how Kandi tried to make her look shady by implying Tamar was talking smack about the girls that Kandi named.  We can't make sense of Tamar, because she doesn't make sense.  You can't argue with crazy.  Tamar went on and on and ON about how Kandi was trying to be negative but Tamar wasn't having any of it.  Later Ricky told Lolo and Natalie Eva Whatever that Kandi didn't really do was all Tamar.

Here's The Thing:  I think Tamar was demoralized that Kandi was cast on this show because Kandi is a much bigger reality star, singer/songwriter, and overall success than Tamar is.  Tamar even OPENED for Kandi's group on the Xscape reunion tour last year.  So Tamar is trying to get attention the only way she can.  And it's a big mistake, because while Tamar has been hiding under the covers, everyone is whispering about what a downer she is, and  how stressful she is making life in there, while Kandi has just been hanging out and making connections with everyone.  Playing cards, playing chess, cooking pork chops, and giving out career information when asked about it.  She told the girls that what she's good at is connecting people in professional situations, and it comes off as natural and generous.

Tamar could have formed a sassy alliance with Kandi and made that the focus of her time on the show.  But instead she's the crazy one and is destined to get the boot sooner than later.  Not to mention she's already carrying the First In Curse, so there's that.

Jonathan poked his head in while Tamar was getting loud and dramatic.  And then he poked his head right back out.  He's in trouble this week, you know.

Either Jonathan or Kandi is getting booted tomorrow night, and at this point it looks like Jonathan will be the one to go.  There are 11 house guests right now, and four of them can't vote--the HoH Ryan and the three nominees Jonathan, Kandi and Joey.  Why Ryan the Waterlogged Dumbass though it was a good idea to nominate Joey, who would have voted however Ryan wanted him to vote is anybody's guess.

There are only seven voters, so it will only take four to evict.  Ricky has been pushing for Jonathan to go, and Tom and Kato (aka "Tomato") want that, too.  So it will only take one more vote, and it is likely that Lolo and Eva Whoever will vote Jonathan out.  But I also heard them on the live feeds talking shit about something Tom said about Kandi, that he likes her and wants her to stay. So those two girls seem threatened by that, too.

The stress is showing on Jonathan.  He's bothered and said last night that he's lost a bunch of weight in the house already.  (Don't you hate it when people WHINE about that every season?)

Joey keeps the kitchen clean and has dialogue with people about how his music keeps him calm.  He brought a keyboard in the house, you know.  Tom likes to make music at home, too, and Joey and Kandi have been making up little tunes to sing and having fun with that.

Yesterday Kandi sang the beginning of a new tune that goes "Kato won the veto, but he didn't use it on me though" and it was catchy and soulful.  Then Jonathan burst in like an aggro rapper with "he used it on ME, and I'm FREE" or whatever and it was hilarious.  It sounds like they have a "song of the day" based on what has happened because that's the only music they are allowed to sing, besides old classics like the national anthem.

Tamar made some sort of vegetarian bean soup on Tuesday night, but left all of the mess in the kitchen and went to bed, which really angered Joey.  I can tell that several house guests are really angry with Tamar but don't feel free to express it openly yet.  Like I said, I don/t know Tamar, but someone in the CBS live feed chat room said that part of her persona on Braxton Family Values is that she is the pampered baby of the family and frequently has drama about that.

So I guess this is the way she conducts herself.  Who knows.  I wish she would tell us in the DR if she is acting this way purposefully, but all she can seem to do is make sound bytes and little noises that to me look like she's trying to imitate Nene Leakes.  (Bloop.)

The early word from the spoiler was that in pre-show sequester, Tamar had a fit about her handler taking her room key away from her.  Supposedly she accused that poor hourly worker of doing something illegal by locking her in her hotel room.  I did hear her allude to her sequester difficulties on the first day of the live feeds, saying she doesn't understand how the summer BB players can be in the hotel room for weeks like that.

The tiny patio is made to look cozy and snug.  From what I heard players say after last season, there is some sort of tented top to this patio area, so they can't get a look at the competition set up over the wall.  So it's not like they're getting a lot of fresh air out there.

Orwell is wearing a tux this season, maybe to be festive, but maybe it is also designed to protect him from being violated by certain house guests (looking at you, MWP).  Kandi was making him talk with a little cartoon voice and she said that every night when she reads to her three-year-old son Ace she makes his stuffed animals talk to him in little voices and "he eats that up".

I'll bet Ace's stuffed animals sing, too.  Supposedly Kandi and Todd are going to have one or two more children, depending on who you want to believe, with a surrogate, but I don't think that is happening just yet.  I'm pretty sure she would have mentioned it.

ALSO:  In a desperate attempt to grab clicks, one of those shady websites published a story as soon as the cast was announced that Bravo management was IRATE that Kandi agreed to appear on CBB because she hadn't discussed it with them and was fired from the RHOA cast.  But that was all a lie, of course.  Because when Kandi was talking about her RHOA duties with Lolo and Eva Whoever, she told them that she can schedule her shows and such to coincide with her filming schedule, and she knew that if she had a show Bravo would want to be there, filming it.  And then she said this:

Kandi:  ..and if you want to appear on some other show, you have to let them know, of course.....

Kandi Burrus is not going to eff up her contract, people.  Hell to the no.  And I think her appearance here might bring new eyeballs to RHOA, too, which is what Bravo would want.  The audience for CBB's CBS episodes is five or six times as big as the Bravo audience, and it happens multiple times each week.  So it's a win for everybody, really, including the Braxton Family Values team.

I forgot to mention that Lolo told a story about how she was invited to the BET awards to receive some sort of sports award, and was INCENSED that other celebrities thought she was just a seat filler when she was moved down towards the front of the audience just before her award category was announced.  Kandi tried to tell her that those people would surely be all smiley-smiley with her when they see her next, but it was clear Lolo's anger was triggered by the memory of being minimized by the BET audience.

Tom had a little meeting with Kato and mentioned his concerns about some mistakes he's made in the game so far, and how the two of them should work together to do better in the future.  One thing Tom said is that he made a mistake by saying something about The Mooch like he was playing a different game then everyone else.  (This might be the source of what I hope are the bogus rumors about Anthony being "the mole".)

But Tom said he thinks that made people think he's playing some sort of Big Game himself.  He also thinks they should have worked together better when they were playing the PoV that Kato won.  I think he was implying that Kato should have let him win so that he wouldn't be exposing how tight they are by saving Tom from eviction (which Kato did yesterday).

Tom:  Maybe we should have looked at each other while we were playing know.....I'm going to check in the DR and make sure that is allowed....that it's okay to help out the people you might be aligned with....

Personally, I think Tom was trying to school Kato here on how to play this game, without seeming too obvious.  Those golden retrievers need training.  Somebody has to hold the leash.

In fact, Kato was practicing his PoV speech and Tom had to tell him a few times that saying the two of them have become good friends might not be the best thing for their games.  We're going to go on the block together if it's too obvious, Tom said.

Kato had wanted to say that Tom reminded him of his brother, who he shared bunk beds with growing up, but instead I think he said he saved Tom with the PoV because Tom made him laugh.

Tom is very smart. And even though we all poked fun at Ricky claiming in his preseason interviews that he'd be the most intelligent person in the house, that might not be far from the truth.  And Ricky can see how smart Tom is, so there is danger ahead between the two of them, I think.

I think Tom is already working for Jury votes.  I saw him having a heart-to-heart with Dina and asking lots of questions about her kids.  And he even said he was in a club when Lindsey was DJ'ing, and she was good.  He's taking the time to have quiet personal conversations with each house guest.

And so is Ricky, too, in his own way.  It's easy to compare Metta World Peace with Ricky because they are both former professional athletes who were superlatives in their sport but left their games in controversial and negative ways.  And they both are vocal about liking weed.  But unlike Metta, Ricky is always listening, and observing, and is not checked out on edibles most of the day.  He is learning who each person really is, and you can call it ESP or whatever, but when you are able to pick up on people's energy and their true intentions, it is a very powerful skill, particularly in this game.

Jonathan didn't want to be like Shannon, but in the end he probably played the game like Shannon, but without the crying and pouting and repeated statements that he's never watching this show again.  He came in too hot, and let too many people know how much he wanted to win this game.

He did get screwed over by a twist, but I think things may have turned out differently if he hadn't used his pull with Ryan to keep Dina off the block.  That's what set Lolo and Eva Natalie off, knowing that the guys were making decisions without them, against their wishes.

And The Mooch doing whatever he did and leaving didn't help, either, because it was pretty much a given that he would get the boot this week.  (Which is why I think he took off for Switzerland while he could still get there in time to do whatever he does over there.)

But don't whine to Kandi and Joey about that, because both of them are on the block now because of The Fucking Mooch.  And Kandi is the only one in that group would could afford to write Sky Bridge Capital a few checks with multiple zeros at the end of the number.

Lolo and Natalie Eva Natalie whispered about how they are getting fed up with Tamar.  They formed an alliance with her so they're trying to stick it out, but I think these two bitches would vote out Kandi solely because they think it might make Tamar happy.  But I think Tamar would find something else to rage about.

And when I say "these two bitches" about these girls, it is with respect, because these two bitches want to play hard and win this game.  They talked about how Jonathan said if he went home it would be okay because he could see his boyfriend, or whatever, and they agreed they would NEVER say anything like that because they are here to play, dammit.

Lolo:  If you say that, you can go home.

Yeah, well it's a look. If she just wore moisturizer and not all that war paint I think she would look so much better.  Because why are we all looking at her face when she's flashing those guns?

Lolo's trainer gave her a customized fitness plan where she has to do certain proscribed exercises every day in the house to keep her fitness up.  She said she's been sore because she's doing a lot of weight training instead of just running.  Her trainer told her she might come out of the house fitter than she went in.   She discussed her hurdle training with Ricky and he remembered doing sprint training in football and doesn't miss those days.  He also talked about one time where he got hit by a safety when he was running at top speed and the guys grimaced as he described it.  I wish I remembered the other player's name, to give him credit, but it just went in one ear and out the other.

He comes off so fake and forced in his Diary Room sessions, but at heart he is so competitive and wants to win.  I really think he'd be better off just gesturing at people and pointing and such, and shouldn't even open his mouth, even to smile, because now we have proof how stupid he is.

But he's enthusiastic.  And easy-to-manipulate.  But I have to admit I'm excited about watching the Olympics, if only to see someone I "know" compete in the pool.

Yeah.  This is part of her process.  It's too bad that the women of today feel they have to do all of this.  I think we should all go back to the natural Cover Girl look, but no one asked me.

I'm not sure what her career goals are now that she has left wrestling behind (I think.).  Kandi did tell her that both Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan lived in LA but moved to Atlanta to be part of the RHOA cast,  and she seemed excited about that, so maybe she wants to focus on reality shows.  And her "NEM" products, too.

Jonathan also said he has a line of sunglasses coming out.  So many products.  I think he should do some sort of cupcake endorsement, but maybe the Food Network attorneys won't allow that.  Did you know that Jessie Palmer, former NFL player as well as The Bachelor vet, also hosts a baking competition show on the Food Network?

Maybe some of these celebrities can host some new shows, like Cake Whores, or The Great Holiday Faking Competitions.  (These are puns.  Get it?)

Ryan stressed about this outfit for the PoV ceremony for quite some time yesterday.  They all discussed how many millions of people were going to be watching it live.  People are going to be watching it, but we'll see the edited version.  And for once I am thankful.

And these two look like they're in marriage counseling, don't they?  I don't know who sat down second, but they should have sat in that chair and not the farthest point on the couch, if only to pretend they are interested in speaking to each other.