Tuesday, July 30, 2019

We're Getting Too Good at Goodbyes. #BB21

The world just keeps right on turning for most of us outside and inside the house.  And Christie and Tommy have still been enduring their "Poison Ivy" punishment that they got stuck with during the HoH competition.

I think that Production just makes this stuff up as they go along.  It's not like they tested this out backstage or anything.  Maybe they squirted some of this stuff on an intern's arm though.  Christie and Tommy burst out of the Diary Room on Sunday, saying "WHO WANTS TO SEE OUR CALAMINE TREATMENT?" and everyone gathered around to get a good look.

So, the first phase of this punishment involved being painted to look like they had a virulent attack of poison ivy, and I guess this second phase is the treatment phase, which is part of the four-day punishment, apparently.  The house guests asked a bunch of questions but the punished campers didn't have many answers.

Christie:  They don't tell us much in there.

One thing is that they still aren't allowed to go in the backyard.  Probably because that might melt the paint?  I've never worn any sort of body paint or theatrical makeup, so I don't know.  But they are not allowed to shower and have been using baby wipes to clean a few key areas.  For example Christie loudly announced last night that she cleaned "her  pits and her Girl Scout cookie".  This new pink paint is green apple scented, so I guess it could be worse.

Just a few days ago Tommy was saying this was the "best punishment ever", but now his position has changed and through Monday he was miserable and couldn't wait to take a shower.  Christie was hoping they could bathe on Monday night but I think they have to wait until Tuesday to wash it all off.

Sam feels blessed that he didn't get stuck with this punishment, after all of the other hardships he's enduring this week.  They discussed how Casey had to leave BB11 while wearing a banana suit, and someone mentioned Frank Eudy being evicted in the same costume.

Frank was actually dressed as a Carrot, not Banana, but whatever.  The basic indignity is the same.  Sam is happy to be spared from that particular embarrassing twist of fate.

Tommy gathered the entire cast together to rehearse the 16-count choreography that he taught them in the early weeks of the game.  Clearly some of the house guests have a sense of rhythm and some don't, but what is sort of amazing is how Tommy transforms when he's coaching everyone through it.  It's like we're at one of those auditions that you see in movies where the dance teacher goes through the routine quickly, calling out the steps to the count and you're expected to pick it up or get brushed to the side.

Most people easily pick up the finger pistol movement and the lasso, and there is a new move at the end that I haven't seen before where they "blow" on their guns before putting them back in an imaginary holster.

Cliff still has trouble with the up and down motions of the arms.  That's a tricky one if you can't feel the beat, apparently.  Tommy gives out helpful hints here and there, like how he's ending a move with his weight on his right foot so he can transition to the turn.  Or whatever.

Kathryn is quietly confident there in the back. She's done all of these moves before since she was a dancer in the NBA and also tried out to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.  Twice, from what I understand.  On TV, too.

And I've heard Christie refer to Nick as a "bottle-popping, club-hopping Jersey boy" several times in the past week, so dance moves aren't an issue for Nick.  Sam would have been excused from the audition in the early rounds though, kind of laughing as Tommy went over the routine and saying "what was that?" as everyone swirled around him.

There is a sequence in the dance where they move their hands to all four corners, returning to the center each time before pointing both hands to the next corner.  As they work through the steps Tommy says "cahnah cahnah cahnah cahnah" and every time they got to that part of the routine the entire cast repeated the phrase along with him, Tommy-style.

Everyone:  Cahnah cahnah cahnah cahnah.

Jack:  I love that.

Suddenly Tommy announced he didn't feel well.  He was sweating and his throat felt funny and he abruptly ended rehearsal by going over to the kitchen to get some water.  I think he left Kat in charge of the rehearsal but everyone stopped at that point.  I guess that paint was blocking his pores or something, which is sort of a bad omen since he had nearly two days left to wear the pink paint.

The pink body paint reminded Kathryn of this swimsuit, which made it's debut on Sunday afternoon.  Everyone loved it and Christie said she looked like a Barbie Doll.  Kat explained that she didn't want to wear it on days when she would be out in the strongest sunshine of the day, due to the potential tan lines.  (True.)

I guess we have to talk about the game, huh?  I've been watching the live feeds off and on for days now, and while there is a lot of tension and paranoia bubbling below the surface of things at the moment, I'm not sure that these house guests have the guts to pull the trigger on each other right now.

Kathryn is on the block in Nick's place, but most of the house guests don't know that she volunteered herself.  Kat has made a few messy comments about it, but her relationship with Holly is still pretty much under wraps at this point.

So, it does look like Sam is nearly certain to be evicted this week, but not for lack of trying on his part.

And fucking Cliff started tattling on Sam even before Nick won the PoV, reporting like a little bitch to Jackson about how Sam said their best bet might be if Nick was the one to win the PoV this week, since they're both on the block.

Cliff:  Sam said if Nick wins and takes himself off,  he can start moping around the house and pull on some heartstrings, and then Nicole would go home.

Cliff did have an interesting conversation with Jackson where it was clear that Jackson is itching to take a shot at Christie.  He kept saying that the vendetta against Nick and Sam is mainly being driven by "one person" and there must be a reason why that "one person" wants them out so bad.

Jackson:  Maybe that "one person" knows that Nick and Sam are willing to take a shot at them.  So from that perspective it might not be a bad idea to keep both Nick and Sam in the house right now.

Cliff said he knew exactly what Jackson was referring to, and could see the beauty of that too.  And I think Cliff and Jackson could get the votes to evict Kathryn this week, leaving Sam in the game.  Let's see....there are going to be nine voters so Sam would need five votes to stay.

Potential Votes to Keep Sam if Jackson's Plan Moves Forward


So it's possible.  But I personally trust what Jackson says over what we hear Cliff saying.  I don't think they were serious about moving forward even though keeping Sam in the game will still make he and Nick two of the biggest targets in the game, likely going on the block together again soon.  And I think Holly would go BALLISTIC if the vote didn't go her way and that would be fun to watch.  But since Christie still has that Diamond PoV that can be used next week, they're scared to make a move before then.

But I think Cliff's bigger plan is to hold on long enough for the couples to go after each other without his involvement.  I heard him tell Nicole that it's coming, that they're almost to that point and they just have to hold on a little longer.

Oh, and Christie did a little Ted Talk about the proper way to touch a woman and both Sam and Cliff hung on every word.  At first I thought they were talking about massages, like a back massage, but as I listened to Christie talk I wasn't so sure.  And then Cliff made a comment about what he wants to do when he gets home that I'm trying hard to delete from my mental hard drive.

Sam has already lost quite a bit of weight this summer and is sure to drop a few more pounds during this week as a Have Not.

Sam:  Melissa likes it when I'm really thin so I think she'll be happy.

Nick:  You'll get home and she'll say 'Bella is here watching the kids' so you two can just go upstairs.

Holly has been talking lots of smack about how Sys is being a bitch around the house most of the time, but is talking in very flirty ways to the guys and also Christie.  She thinks Sys is using her sexuality to manipulate people.

There was a lot of drama late Sunday night as Sam found himself in the hot seat in the Target Room.  He was sitting with Cliff, Jack and Jessica when Jessica suddenly unloaded on Sam, saying that one minute Sam is buddy-buddy with her, but then she heard that Sam said he would put her on the block if he won HoH.

Sam stayed calm and did a pretty good job of explaining himself, but Jessica clearly doesn't understand that no one in the house considers her to be a strong competitor, and Sam probably said that just to suck up to the Powers That Be in the house, to let them know he's willing to play on their side of the game.

Sam mentioned how Jessica had told everyone that Sam acted like a big child and "probably played with his kids' toys at home", and how Jessica was "talking about the mole on Sam's leg".  Later Cliff and Jack cracked up about this conversation, and how Jack opened up one of the closet doors to hide behind it in order to avoid getting dragged into the mess.

Cliff:  When Jessica said, 'as long as we're going to talk about the truth' I was like, get me out of here....

(Pretty sure we'll see this conversation on TV because it's the only real game conversation Jessica has participated in that can be worked into the house drama.)

Nick was outside alone for a moment and called out that it sucked for him not to hang out with Bella.  But for the most part he's trying to keep that quiet, probably to fade back into the group and have them forget about why everyone was so mad at him.

Sam has said he's planning to blow up Christie's game on his way out, probably to help his buddy Nick since it seems sort of hopeless for Sam to stay at this point.  I think even Nick is planning to vote with the house and Sam approves of that.

Sam:  So after I do my shout outs, I might say, house guests, let's take a little trip down memory lane.....

And then he's going to talk about how Christie basically told Cliff that he could nominate anyone in the house that he wanted as long as it wasn't herself or Tommy.  And so forth.  Sam has plenty of anti-Christie ammunition to use, and I think that will make her CRAZY as she tries to defend herself.  So let's all look forward to THAT.

Sys told Sam that outside of the house she would be very sad about him leaving this week.

Sys:  But in this game, you know I have a black heart.

I've heard Holly say that Sys was so sweet and nice when the summer started, but now her personality is totally different.  We've all been waiting for Jack and Jackson to square off against each other, but if these girls start fighting among themselves, the result might be even more entertaining.  Because girls are mean, ya'll.

Sys has already approached both Christie and Holly with the idea that going into the Final Six with Jackson, Jack and Tommy just isn't going to work, because the three of them won't have a chance in some of the competitions.  But which of the three men will be targeted first?  I don't think any of them want their twosome partner to get the boot first, so that is where the cat fight might come in.  Not to mention gleefully repeating the parts of this very conversation later in a manner to suit their needs.

Sam went upstairs to Holly's HoH room to try to stay in the game.  But Holly always leans back on the idea that "the house" wants Sam gone this week,so that is how she is proceeding.

The day after Holly won HoH I saw her whispering with Kat about how FINALLY in the Diary Room she was getting to talk about her game, instead of just getting a bunch of questions about "some dude".

Jackson and Holly have had their share of conflict this week, too, after Holly got really pissy when she walked into a conversation Jackson was having with their teammates without her.  She asked him to please include her if he's talking about her HoH plans and Jackson got mad and stormed out of the room.  Then Jackson approached Holly when she was laying in the hammock with Kat and they openly argued about why she was mad, and why he got even madder.  And so on.

Ever have friends who are a couple that fight all of the time?  I have a distinct memory of sitting in the backseat of a car, stuck in standstill traffic on I-75 while the couple in the front seat were arguing about why we should have taken the back roads to get to the comedy show we were going to.  Then after she put her window down to smoke a retaliation cigarette (which he LOATHED) she said, "oh yeah, we're setting you up with someone tonight...it's HIS friend Robert.  And then they started bickering about whose friend and whose idea it was, and Robert's actual height and approximate annual income, and it was a miserable night where I ended up leaving the table and walking around Dave & Busters by myself until some people invited me to compete in one of those competitive motorcycle ride games.  And then my friend found me there laughing and having fun with strangers and then I was the one who was In The Wrong for deserting their sinking ship of a table in the comedy club.  And of course I was the one getting iced out on the way home to Buckhead while the lovebirds started pointedly cooing at each other in the front seat.

Ah, memories.  Those two got married and later divorced in a spectacular flame out of cheating and blame, having to sell their house right when the real estate market crashed, still fighting bitterly up until the very end.  I mean, it's a pretty humiliating end to a relationship when your S.O. starts openly fucking a 20-year-old waitress working at The Tavern at Phipps, am I right Atlantans?  (Bunch of W*H*O*R*E*S.)  Sorry, whores.

(Oh, and I just took a break to Google "Robert" and trust me, he would have been LUCKY to get a piece of this even now, much less years ago. Just saying.)

Now that Holly has mentioned it, Sys is getting sort of flirty in her conversations.  You can see it in the body language here.  But Sam is just talking to her.  Sam is always very conscious about what he's saying and where he's saying it.  He was telling Sys that even though the situation is bleak, he's still going to have hope and look for opportunities to stay this week.

Sys:  Yeah, it's not over until.....what's that phrase?

Sam:  It's not over until the cows come home.

Sys:  Isn't it supposed to be when the fat lady sings?

Sam:  FEEDS.  Think about that....let's say it's not over until the cows come home instead.

Sys, giggling:  Okay.



Our old fave David Alexander tried his hand at Twitter, but I think that cesspool of negative human emotions ran him off pretty quickly.  It already feels like David left the house years ago, and we certainly miss his energetic, sweet presence on the live feeds.

My guess is that David has watched all of the episodes now, maybe even catching up on the less-positive stuff reported online, and needed time away to process it all.  And it's a lot.  He's a good dude who deserved better than he got, that's for sure.

Stay away from those whores at The Tavern, David.

JC's weekly podcast featured Bella this week.  The podcast is called Big Brother, Small World and for some reason the Nolan Twins joined them for the discussion.  I'll try to listen to that later today but I'm already seeing the hateful tweets calling JC a racist.

WHAT?  As someone who actually watched the live feeds last year, I actually KNOW EXACTLY what transpired in that conversation between JC and Bayleigh.  And JC being racist IS NOT what happened.  But I know better than to waste time trying to argue with idiots.  It's like trying to reason with someone wasted on coke or meth.  It's just a waste of time.

(I actually don't know anyone who has done meth....I'm too old for that.  But the other thing, I've seen. It's a fugly situation.)

I thought this was funny.

These four are openly discussing their techniques in the HoH shower with each other now.  Jack has placed a hand towel in a particular spot on the floor of the shower "for leverage".

(The other day I stood in my currently-being-tiled shower and discussed placement of the new fixtures with the TDH GC and there was a second where he kind of leaned over and put his arm in there with me to show me where the "bar and wand" feature was going to go and I suddenly realized we were  in the shower together and it was sort of thrilling.)

Celebrity Big Brother live feed favorite Kandi Burruss is promoting her new makeup line in Times Square.  Go get that money, Kandi.  They are currently shooting the new season of RHOA and Kenya Moore is back so stay tuned for that.  Get ready to TWIRL, folks.

This young lady saw Kaycee Clark in a clothing store and wouldn't you know Kaycee was wearing one of her Peanut T-shirts.  Maybe it's just me, but I think Kaycee must be one of the Top Ten Hottest Lesbians in America.  But I guess we'd have to ask the lesbians about that.

This is funny, too.  All of that watermelon has to go somewhere.  Jackson is VERY sensitive about this, so I want to be sure to keep it here as part of the permanent record.  After all, it's only been one month.....with two months to go who knows what could happen?

Personally I like a Dad Bod but even me saying that would send Jackson storming out of the room and slamming the door.  Ha ha ha ha.

And the title of the post....I knew Sam Smith was a singer but I wasn't sure I knew any of his songs.  He's pretty good.  I guess that's why he's a multi-platinum selling bazillionaire.

He's Samuel Frederick Smith though.  Our Sam is Samuel Titus Smith, which I heard Sam pronounce as Samual Tight Ass Smith.  So funny.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Once Upon a Time, On The Radford Lot. #BB21

Saturday was the PoV competition and the players are as follows:

HoH - Holly
Nominees- Nick & Sam
Add'l Players - Cliff, Jessica & Tommy

Host:  Jack

They waited and waited all day for it, and then it finally happened.  The feeds weren't down very long though, compared to our average Saturday PoV wait time.  When the feeds returned, the news was good.  For me, anyway.

Because Nick won the PoV.  So he's safe and was still sort of breathing hard as everyone convened in the kitchen to decompress and grab some food.

Or to quietly panic about their fate.

Sam:  Remember when Cliff said there was that site Jokers Updates, where they write down every single thing we say?  I wonder if they are saying what just happened out there so Melissa knows?

Nick:  Yeah, but the feeds just came back on though.  She can watch right now.  She knows what happened.

Well, I think Cliff oversold what happens on the BB websites.  Nobody is writing down EVERY word that is said anymore.  But I understand what Sam is worried about.  If it looks like he might be coming home this week, the last person to be released into the wild before the Jury is seated, he'd like his wife to know that.

It sounds like they had to herd sheep, maybe some goats were in the backyard, too.  I don't like what I'm hearing about it, but I doubt we'll see the rough stuff on the CBS show.  They had to do a lot of running, and numbers were involved, and it sounds like sheep were being herded and moved around whether they liked it or not.  It sounds like Tommy knocked one either to the ground, or knocked the sheep's head against a gate.

If PETA reads this or watches this competition on the Wednesday night show, they should also ask for the raw footage instead of just viewing the CBS episode. I'm sure PETA knows how to subpoena camera footage.  I'm sure CBS is subject to a host of anti-animal cruelty laws and I hope the situation is thoroughly investigated on behalf of the animals who can't advocate for themselves.

Nick:  I was praying for a physical comp today, and I got it.  I called it out there, too.  I said I'd get picked to play first, and then I said I'd be playing against Jessica.  I called it.

Christie:  Yeah you did.  That thing looks so good on you.

Nick:  I just tapped into something I didn't know I had.  I think I blacked out.  It was Game 6 out there for me.

It sounds like Tommy also did well in the competition, but I guess you'd have to ask the sheep about that.  I think Tommy faced off against Cliff and beat him, and Nick was worried about having to beat him in the end.

Soon the house guests broke off in little groups, with Holly upstairs talking through scenarios with Jackson and Jack.  They feel that Christie and Tommy will soon square off against them, but don't want to make a move too soon.

And Christie and Kathryn were whispering frantically in the bedroom.  I think they were talking about how Nick told Kathryn that he knew she knew about the vote to save Nicole the week he was HoH.  The girls were wondering who told Nick that, and if he knew for sure or was just guessing.

Well, I LOVE NICK.  I don't LOVE LOVE Nick like I love Jason Bateman or Liam Gallagher.  As I have discussed previously I just feel drawn to him because he's so familiar to me.  Maybe from another life or something.  Not to get all woo woo about it, but  I knew he wouldn't be leaving the house this week.

Nick is extremely relieved that he won, but he's not gloating about it or being obnoxious.  He quietly told Tommy that he feels like the old Nick from week one is back and he feels like he can win the HoH comp this week.

As usual Nick is the saddest happy guy around.  He's so emo and it just jumps off the screen for me.

At this very moment, while I'm typing, Nick is discussing frozen pizzas with Jack.  Nick's mom buys the thin crust Tombstone pizzas and they agree those pies are delicious.

Nick:  Those Ellio's pizzas are so good though.  They run circles around DiGiorno.  That's what I did after school every day..I ate Ellio's.

Sam looked like a genuinely sad person, knowing he's probably leaving the game this week, but then in true Sam-style he jumped right into a conversation already underway and stole the show.

Sam:  I'm gonna admit that when I first heard about girls talking about sliding into DM's, I didn't know what DM's meant.  I thought they were talking about fully sliding into vaginas, like they were saying  those guys are sliding into my DM's...

Nick:  WHAT?

Sam:  ....and I was like, these girls are fully vulgar with this...right on Facebook...so I liked it, like a creep.

Sys:  Oohhh.  Like a creep!

Nick and Sam dipped into the Boat Room where Nick immediately started addressing the camera.

Nick: Isabella, if your're watching this, I love you and I miss you.  And my family, Mom, Dad, Alyssa, (insert long list of friends with both normal names and funny nicknames)...and my Aunt _____ for getting me into watching this show.

Sam:  And Dom.

Nick:  YES.  And Dom.  You know I live for this.  I prayed for this comp.  I prayed for something athletic and I got it.  I needed this so bad.  I know my boys at home are going CRAZY right now.

Earlier Nick gave a shout out to "Backyard Sports" and what sounded like "Mark DuBois", but the name is probably wrong.

Sam left the room for a second and Nick continued his monologue.  I love the vintage boat motor there on the right.  The team really went all out with the theme in this room and I love it.

Sam came back in  and wanted to get into the game talk immediately, saying they only had a second now to talk but the big thing is they need to start playing TWO SEPARATE GAMES right now.  Sam wanted to move away from the door and it took Nick a few minutes to understand that.

Nick:  Maybe we shouldn't be in this room together right now.

Sam:  No, it's okay for a minute.  You just won a comp and we're boys.  But we need to split our games up right now.  Don't worry about me.  We need to play two separate games from this point on.

Sam:  Look....don't blow this up.  I talked to Sys earlier and I'll tell you everything later, but for right now this is the thing.  Sys told me they really wanted you out this week, and that if they could they would win the PoV and take me down and put up Nicole as the pawn.  But then next week they'd put up me and Nicole and Nicole would go home.

Nick is quiet, taking it all in.

Sam:  Don't campaign for me.  Don't campaign to get someone on the block right now.  We need to separate right now.  And she told me to stop trashing Jessica because they love her.  We need to stop saying stuff about her because they know she can never win anything and they just want to drag her along.

Christie burst in the room just then and Sam told her she just missed the shout outs and they sort of oversold that, saying Nick was doing shout outs which might be a big deal because Production didn't call them out for doing it.

Christie:  I just wanted to know what was going on for dinner.  What are we going to have?

Then she apologized for forgetting that Sam is a Have Not.


Nick woke up this morning and just laid there, probably thinking about how important today is for his game.  You can feel his melancholy radiating around him. Maybe some infinite sadness, too. Shout out to Billy Corgan, who is the saddest mean guy around.

The house guests are just waiting around for the PoV competition to start at this point.  And it seems like it's going to start very late on Saturday, so maybe it won't be one of those comps where they all have to sit and wait for each other to compete.  The sense of boredom is palpable.

That's what Cliff is hoping for.  He wants a PoV competition where they get to sit outside and watch everybody else compete.  I heard him tell the Kool Kids that he would tell Nick that if he played for the PoV and he won it, Nick shouldn't expect him to use it to save him.

What a fucking hero this Cliff is, huh?  Cliff could actually get something going in there if he did win and save Nick or Sam, forcing Holly to make another nomination choice.  But of course Cliff can't do that, because the votes won't be there to make a move.  And Cliff doesn't want to jeopardize his two week deal he sold his HoH for last week.

The house guests are trying to play the Sunglasses Game, where they try to catch a stealthy nap without being caught by the cameras.  Tommy was trying to articulate the fact that Analyse looks hot laying on the couch like that, but he got tragically stuck on the word "awesome", saying it OVER and OVER and OVER.

I wish Tommy would just try to speak like a normal human being. And Sys caused a little stir on the internet after admitting yesterday that she was having difficulty understanding all of the multi-syllabic words that everyone says in the house.  I think I've said this before, but if you took the word "fuck" plus it's extended versions, and also the word "literally" out of her limited vocabulary, Sys would have to communicate by pointing at things and grunting.

Um...isn't she a college graduate?  I guess Division 1 athletes might not focus too much on scholastic achievements.

Sam says it sucks sitting around and waiting for the competition to start.  Cliff thinks the doorbell will ring any second and someone will come in to host the comp.  He said several times that it might be Angie Rockstar "on her daughter's birthday" but I don't think Cliff got the laughs he was expecting with that tired, trite line.

Big Brother fans sometimes like to run a joke right into the ground, and Cliff is no exception, I guess.

Sam and Sys decided to go play checkers while they waited, and Sam tried to do something fun and told Sys to stay perfectly straight and he'd try to pull her up so she's vertical.  But that didn't go well.

Sys:  You suck.  You're not strong enough.

Sam:  No,  you're too heavy!

(Sam's wife is petite so maybe he can do this at home with her.  He was joking around about his eviction speech and wanted to say he's been thinking about Melissa's hot little body and Cliff suggested he say he's "ready for some lovin" but I seriously doubt Sam will go to those extremes on live TV.)

They tried.  It hurt.

No it's not Weekend at Bernies, but it feels like it sometimes.

This checkers game is where a bunch of whispering took place.  And this is where Sam learned all of the information that he summarized for Nick in the Boat Room later, after the PoV comp ended.

This upstairs loft area is a really good place for private conversations, it seems, because no one can sneak up on you and the fish don't really care what you have to say.

I guess someone could creep up that ladder and try to eavesdrop.  I don't think it squeaks or anything.  It looks like metal so it would be interesting to hear what Sam Bledsoe from BB20 thinks about it.  I used to enjoy her walking around looking at the metalwork in the house and explaining what it was and sometimes critiquing it.

But this Sam, Sam Smith, had to go downstairs to get something and I thought it was kind of weird when Sys asked him how long he planned to be gone.

But then it turned out that she wanted to place a bet, but not really a cash bet, just a bet to see if he could get down there, grab what he needed to grab and then get back up the ladder within 30 seconds.  Sam sounded skeptical but he agreed to do it.

Sys:  I'll count one Mississippi.  Okay GO.

Sam left on his errand and the camera shots are pretty awesome.  As Sam was on his way  back up he asked her for a time check but instead of counting out loud, Sys said "I'm at 21 Mississippi" and then Sam appeared.  I think we'd need a stopwatch to confirm the time, but Sam ran his errand pretty quickly.

At the moment I'm typing this, Sam is up in the HoH room wearing Holly's HoH headphones and talking to Sys about what she thinks he should do about the noms.  He doesn't want to be pushy and ask Holly who is going up and Sys offered to try and find out what's going on.

Sam:  But be careful about it.  Don't jam yourself up doing that for me.

Sys:  Well she already knows that I prefer that you stay.

Suddenly Nick burst in and then Cliff and Holly, followed by Jessica and Kathryn, turning the session into a big party.

Nick whispered with Nicole about his current fate in the game.  It's too late for this, he said.

Nick:  I really need to win the PoV today.  I really want it and it would be so awesome.  But even if I do, there's really no long game right now.  It's way too late in the game for everybody to still be voting with the house.  I told Sam that if he wins today, don't even try to campaign for me.  Just save yourself and vote with the house.  It's okay.

Nicole:  They're all scared today.  They're scared your'e going to win it.

(Nicole should be scared if he wins it, actually.)

Kathryn offered to go on the block as a pawn if someone won the PoV and took themselves down.  Kat was excited about this because of the additional camera time and speeches on the live show. But she also displayed some paranoia as she mentioned bitches conspiring against her.

Kathryn:  But obviously I feel more comfortable going on the block next to Nick than next to Sam.

Here's Something:  After the PoV comp last night, the group of six met in the HoH room and were discussing in depth whether they should put up Kat as the pawn or Nicole.  They agreed that they need to keep the conversation private and specifically mentioned that Cliff didn't need to know.  Then Cliff burst in the room and plopped down, chattering about how someone just looked at his foot in the DR because he may have reinjured it in the PoV.  And he sort of apologized for missing part of the meeting and clearly wanted to talk about the new plan, now that Nick won the PoV.   Then Jack made a concerted effort to get Cliff to go downstairs with him, to get some food.  Jack had to make a "rah rah lets go" type of statement twice and you could see a look on Cliff's face, like maybe he realized he was being left out of the decision-making.  Because he was.  And I think he knew it.  And may have been a little worried about it.

Kat's makeup is all wrong for that lighting, right?  That's not the color her face is supposed to be, unless she's an extra on The Walking Dead or something.

Tommy is a nail-biter who repeats the same statements and phrases over and over and over.  I think he's a nice person at heart but there is not a lot of depth there.

Looking ahead, I think there will be some sort of dance rehearsal on Sunday for some sort of "flash mob" they plan to do on Monday.  Personally I think it would be fun to do some line dancing in there, maybe with an elaborate routine choreographed by Tommy.  Surely somebody can beat box or do some percussion or something.  Line dancing is so fun when you know the steps well and can then start putting your own punctuation on the moves.

Kathryn has been thinking about her friends and really misses them.  She isn't sure which cameras are live at which times, and doesn't want to say anything that would upset or embarrass them.

She thinks she may have played herself by talking about Brett too much.  Maybe he was supposed to come in earlier but Kat messed up the plan by talking about him so much.

Christie announced that she was feeling Haleigh's energy and knows that Haleigh will be coming in the house today for the PoV.  She can just feel her outside and had a vision of trying to hug her.


Jessica:  Just now?  You felt that just now?

Cliff:  Well, I think I'll go find my Aggie ring and put it on.  And ask her if she's graduated yet because she told me she'd be graduated by now.

(I guess Cliff met her at a casting function?)

Tommy thinks Sam's sunglasses are cool and Sam said he wears this pair to drive his truck.  Nicole looks skeptical but by now I guess she's an expert at keeping quiet when she hears a bunch of bullshit.

Of course I'll take all that back if we learn Haleigh was outside to host the competition.  (She wasn't.)  I don't think Haleigh is big enough for that though, if you look at who has visited the house this season.  I think Derrick and Cody together would be quite a thrill for all of us.  Maybe The Hitmen can host a paintball competition.  That fits the camp theme.

Sorry, but it's Nick Day here on the website.  And this might be my favorite picture so far.  It doesn't get much cooler than this.

Christie, like, LITERALLY ate an avocado.

Nick went to the Boat Room to talk softly to himself and us.  He clearly feels ostracized and knew that everything was on the line for him.

Nick:  They all talk shit about me.  And they all flipped the vote against me.  But I'm the bad guy?  How does that work?

Christie and Analyse played a little game that was fun for everyone watching.  There was a feather from one of the pillows and they tried to keep it in the air by blowing on it.  Sam threw shade about Christie's soft technique with the blowing.

Christie:  I'm going for precision here.

I tried to get a shot with the feather in the picture but it was too hard to get the timing right.  The feather finally hit the ground and they tried to start another round but the game fizzled out.

Sam:  Well that was a fun two minutes.

Sam sees the cameras watching him sometimes but when he turns his head to look directly at them they abruptly turn away.

Sam:  Why do they do that?  Just own it.

Sam said anyone who wants to visit him in Scranton can do that, and they can sleep in the "toy room".  Everyone got a kick out of that. Sam says they can go get pizza.

Christie:  But we want to try what Scranton is famous for.

Sam:  Yeah...pizza.  Scranton has pizza.

Christie:  But it can't be that good.  Not like New York City pizza.

Sam didn't say anything to that but he didn't have to.  That was fucking rude of Christie, but it was a typical New York response. Or maybe I should say "classic" instead of typical.  Many New Yorkers are very nice and enjoy meeting people from other states.  But there is a big sense of pride there.

(Speaking of New York pizza, I can't wait to eat here.)

Kathryn can't believe she's going to make it to the Jury and Tommy said that the first week of the game, it certainly didn't seem like she would.  She was on the block and was freaking out and Tommy said he didn't think she believed in herself at that point.

Kat:  But I do now.  I was just uncomfortable and wasn't used to feeling like that.

Tommy:  And we're all going to come out of here and have so many new friends. I'll be talking to everyone when we get out of here.

Christie came in and told them that Jack had been called to the Diary Room, which is a clear sign that the PoV comp is coming up shortly, because Jack will be the host.  I didn't hear anyone mention Haleigh or Christie's "vision" about Haleigh being in the backyard tonight.

Tommy did some impressive spins to pump himself up, because it was finally almost Go Time.


Tommy has always made it clear that Nick is his type and Nick plays right along with it.

Tommy and Christie need to wake up and smell the coffee, because very soon the other two couples (Jackson and Holly, and Jack and Analyse) are coming after them, and are very worried about them teaming up with Nick and Sam.  That is one thing that might doom Sam this week, their fear that Nick and Sam working together could disrupt their plan to continue running the game.

===>  Christie could win our hearts by using her power this week to allow Nick to put Jack or Jackson on the block.  HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE?  If only she hadn't told ANYONE about the power...she could shock the entire house, including Nick, but putting the control in his hands.

And let's all send some positive energy to Sam Smith.  He deserves to be in the house and has proven himself as a competitor with a superb social game.  I've heard the RHAP correspondents criticize Sam, saying his head isn't in the game, but they are wrong about that.

Sam is always assessing the situation and is always acutely aware of who is in the room and what he should or should not talk about.  He's been quietly cultivating Sys as a source of inside information for weeks now, and it's starting to pay off.

Sam's kids need a swimming pool that works.  Sam needs the funds to hire qualified professionals, instead of trying and failing to fix the pool twice.  Maybe three times.  But always making it worse.

Let's see:  Sam's on the block.  Sam lost the PoV.  Sam is a Have Not.  Sam is stuck in the Have Not room with Jessica, who grinds his last gear.

Sam needs and deserves some good news.

And Sam keeps his area in the bedroom neat and tidy.  You look good Sam. 


I told you I was going to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood yesterday.

The movie was UNBELIEVABLE.  I loved it.  And the cast is one of the best.  How can you beat Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt together onscreen?  Much less Kurt Russell (hot DADDY Kurt Russell), Luke Perry (RIP) and Margot Robbie.

I was really glad I hadn't heard any spoilers, so if you want to see it, you might not want to read any reviews.  I saw one today that basically told the whole story and didn't even warn the readers that they were going to do that.

Basically Quentin Tarantino took the famous story about the Manson Family murder spree in August 1969 ("Helter Skelter") and if that story was Rubik's Cube, he turned the left side around a few times.  And then maybe took a horizontal turn about half way around.  And then he took the Rubik's Cube and ran over it on a motorcycle.

Brad Pitt has finally grown into his pretty boy looks and now he's perfect.  His body is INSANE and he walks into every scene like the coolest guy in the world.  I want to see the movie a second time just to stare at him all over again.