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Meet Tommy Bracco: He's Ready to Put On a Show. #BB21

It's time for Jeff to introduce us to Tommy Bracco, who is gleeful as he tells us that he's 28 years old and he's a dancer on Broadway.  Tommy has a very thick accent which is great for the live feeders because we will easily be able to identify his voice in a crowd.

Jeff is excited about Tommy's job and wants to know where we might have seen him peform.

Tommy:  Well, my Broadway debut was in Disney's Newsies, which made all of my dreams come true, and now I'm in Pretty Women, the musical.

Jeff:  REALLY?  That's amazing!

Jeff:  So we're in da Diary Room, you freaked out when you came in here.. how does this compare to Broadway on an excitement level?

Tommy:  They're completely different things.  Broadway is amazing, particularly in an original company, because you get to create those roles and build the choreography with the team, and you get to appear on the original cast album, but THIS is just completely different. I've been watching since season 14 so this is like making all my dreams come true..a different set of dreams.

Tommy's favorite player on BB14 was Ian Terry, who ended up winning the season.  Tommy loved him because he was like the runt of the group and nobody took him seriously until it was too late and they couldn't get him out of the house.

Tommy:  That's what I want to be. I want to be the fun, energetic loud one who's just there to have a good time and have a good time with everybody.  I don't want them to know that I'm a gamer and I'm going to be throwing competitions. I don't want to win until halfway through, which is when I'll kick it into gear.

Jeff:  But you're built, you're physical...

Tommy:  Thank you.

Jeff:  There's going to see that right are you gonna play that off?

Tommy:  Yeah, they're going to see it. And I'm going to tell them that I'll never throw a competition but I will be throwing them.

Jeff:  Oh, so you're willing to lie when you need to and do what it takes.

Tommy:  You have to.  You can't just think about week-to-week.  You have to go in with some sort of plan and of course you have to expect the unexpected.  I've learned that from watching it.  Everybody's got different strengths and weaknesses and I've got to throw those competitions right from the beginning or else I'll have a target on my back right away.

Jeff knows that Tommy is used to working with a diverse groups of people and asks how he can correlate that to the Big Brother house.

Tommy:  Being in the BB house is a lot like building a new musical. People move from all over the world to work on Broadway.  I'm lucky that I'm from there---I'm from Staten Island and I live with my family -- but people come from all over to be there.  So now you're in a cast with people with different cultures, different nationalities, different sexual orientations and you all have to work together.  When we did Pretty Women, we took it to Chicago first...

Big Jeff looks over at us quickly and winks when he hears the word Chicago.

Tommy:  ...that's called the Out Of Town Tryout. We were in Chicago for two months together, and you're living, working, eating, crying, and laughing together and they're like your family.  I feel like I've been playing Big Brother for the last 10 years of my life.  I genuinely feel that everything I've been through in life has led me to this moment.  I know that sounds crazy, but....

Jeff: I believe that, that everything that happens, happens for a reason.  Not everybody believes that, but I do. I like where you're going with this.

(Just look at what happened to Jeff...he was selling ads for the yellow pages (do they even exist anymore?)  ten years ago and went to an open BB casting call to keep a girl company and he certainly was in the right place at the right time.)

Tommy plans to be in the house all summer and will miss his family. They call themselves the "Functioning Disfunctionals" because they are so loud and messy.  Every time they go to one of his Broadway shows they get kicked out.

Tommy:  They're either drunk or in a fight or something.

Jeff thinks that might be a good hashtag for Tommy, the "FunctioningDisfunctionals" and Tommy agrees, but it seems way too long and hard to type as far as I'm concerned.

Jeff:  Will there be anything in there that you're embarrassed to do because your family is watching?

Tommy:  Well, here's the thing.  I'm gay, and there's usually only one gay person in there, but if there was more than one, I'm not the type to get into a showmance.  That's not my style.  And speaking of embarrassment, I can't do that in front of my mother.

Jeff, laughing: I was the same way.  My mother was watching and I was like, I can't do it.  But you never know what's going on or who's going to be in there.

Tommy:  You never know, but what I keep saying is that if I really do connect with somebody it would be really cool to have a nice tasteful kiss, the first gay kiss in Big Brother history, that'd be so cool!

Jeff, nodding:  It's gonna happen soon.  Why can't it be Tommy?

Tommy:  We'll see Jeff!  We'll see.

Jeff asks Tommy the Big Question:  Would Tommy rather win and be hated by America, or lose and be loved?

Tommy:  I think I'd rather win and be hated.  And the reason why is because I believe you can talk your way in and out of anything.  You can hate someone one day, and then love them the next.  It happens all the time with celebrities.  I have one chance to win this money.  I'm not gonna blow that chance for anything.

Jeff:  I like that.  I like the family aspect too. I think Tommy's gonna be alright in there.  We're gonna have fun all summer watching you.


Tommy is very polished and seems to have had some media training, based on the way he uses the camera to emphasize certain talking points and also the way he rephrases the question before beginning his answers.  He also circled back around to refer back to the question on a few occasions to let Jeff know he didn't forget the point.

But let's not bury the lede here. Tommy has a CLOSE, PERSONAL relationship with Christie Murphy for YEARS because she dated his aunt for seven years before breaking up recently.  We've all seen this picture of Tommy and his sister with Christie at a Lady Gaga concert.

What does this mean for the game though? Will this connection factor in as some sort of twist?  It's already rumored that Christie was a casting alternate, so if that is the case Production might not have had their connection planned for a twist.  But maybe only a few of the house guests will have someone they already know on the cast that may or may not be secret (like BB4, BB8 or BB5) and maybe somebody else's connection got bumped to include Christie at the last minute instead.

Maybe Tommy and Christie didn't know that the other had been cast and will be surprised by it on move-in day.  We'll need to look for their reactions when they see each other either on stage with Julie Chen or inside the house during those first few frantic moments of craziness.

And we also know that Kathryn Dunn and Holly Allen know each other from pageants, but I think that might end up being a negative connection, since we all know those girls can be catty with each other and Kathryn personally doesn't seem like much of a loyal girl's girl to me.

So it's hard for me to evaluate Tommy's potential in the game without knowing how a potential twist would impact him.  And everybody says stuff in these interviews that turns out to be the exact opposite of what they do in the game.  It's easy to say something here, after being stuck in a hotel room with your thoughts all alone for a week, and then do something different once you get dropped in a house full of coeds and cameras.

But Tommy seems very smart and seems to be one of the most knowledgeable about the game even though he only started watching with BB14.  Based on what he said about Ian, I think he is a CBS casual viewer, rather than a live feeder.  Just a guess.

Tommy is certainly known in the theater community and there are quite a few posts out there showing his popularity in that area of show business.

And look at this old post that Tommy wrote as BB15 was airing to defend Gina Marie Zimmerman, who is also from Staten Island.  Tommy must be a loyal friend indeed to defend Gina Marie publicly like this, because in my opinion she was the most offensive person on BB15, even though CBS made Aaryn the scapegoat for most of the bad behavior.  Gina Marie was at least as bad as Aayrn, if not worse.

You might recall that on the LIVE SHOW when Candace Stewart had been evicted and was walking out of the front door, Gina Marie yelled at her something about how "her mother didn't love her", referring to why she was put up for adoption.  It doesn't get much lower than that.

Note that Tommy's account is locked....someone who follows him has been leaking the pictures of him with Christie which is inevitable since he likely has a big following.

I was dreading Tommy because I was worried about him showboating like Frankie Grande.  But he seems much more understated than Frankie and hopefully won't be feeling like he must perform for the BB cameras 24/7.  I do expect him to get the feeds cut for singing in there.  The live feeders all hate that because it often interrupts fun or important action.

I'd like to see him teach everybody some choreography.  That would be fun to watch.  I love to watch some great (or even not great) synchronized dance moves in the BB backyard.  And there must be some juicy backstage stories to tell about the theater crowd.  I remember Frankie telling a few shocking tidbits of information about drugs and group sex backstage at some of the shows he appeared in, but I'm sure the Disney shows are more wholesome affairs. (?)

Tommy's interview with Ika is really fun and you should watch it here if you have a few minutes to spare.  He told Ika that he went back and watched old BB seasons, too and discussed his love for Da'Vonne Rogers as well as his assessment of her game.  Tommy didn't know Ika, though, and sort of shaded her without meaning to by saying he only gets starstruck by BB players, not other celebrities.

Here is Tommy's CBS Bio for you to enjoy.

I seriously doubt that Tommy is going to be able to play a low key game in there.  I think once the others know that he's a Broadway dancer he's going to be targeted because he looks tailor made for endurance competitions and will surely be seen as a huge social threat because he will be in tight with the girls.  And I think Tommy could be very annoying if you're having a bad day in there and just want some time to sit quietly without interruptions.

What are the chances that Tommy will do things like this in the backyard this summer?  I'd say the odds are high.

I would want him out YESTERDAY if I saw either one of these poses in there.  There are tons of balance-related competitions, but maybe all of the newbies who don't really watch Big Brother won't know that.

And he has a built-in alliance that might be unbreakable, whether it's a planned twist in the game or not. If you're thrown in a house with strangers and you see one person you've known for years, even if the relationship ended on bad terms it would surely seem like a huge gift and advantage.

Particularly if that person won the first HoH competition.  Just saying.

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