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Meet Sam Smith: He Wants The Whole Game in His Hands. #BB21

It's time to meet Sam Smith, who tells Big Jeff that he's a trucker from Mountain Top Pennsylvania.  He's been married for eight years and has two sons.  Jeff is excited about Sam's trucker job.

Jeff:  You drive a truck?

Sam: Yep.  Bangin' gears past the steers!  That's me, buddy.

Sam seems loose and relaxed with Jeff and they have an easy rapport.  He has a distinctive Pennsylvania accent and looks right at the camera as he addresses us, using his left hand to accentuate the conversation.

(Do you think this will be the permanent backdrop in the Diary Room this season? I hope not.  It's too busy for me and I don't think it is flattering to most people.  I like a Diary Room backdrop that makes the house guest the focal point, but no one from Production asked me for decorating advice.)

Apparently Big Jeff has always wanted to sleep in the cab of a Big Truck.  Sam explained that he just drives trucking day trips, always making sure he can go home at night because he has to take a shower every day and he implies the truck is not a comfortable spot.

Jeff:  I always wanted to sleep in there.

Sam:  Really?  It's just a bed!  You got trucks driving on the other side of you and it's  Just no. You think it's going to be like an RV but it's not.

Jeff, deflated: Okay.  I'll take your word for it.  I thought it was cool in there.

Sam:  I'm crushing dreams over here...

Jeff:  No, you're just saving me some time!

(I'm sure the Daily Blast producers are taking notes on this idea, maybe having Jeff ride along with a trucker, eating dinner at a truck stop and then sleeping in the big rig.  And talking on the CB radio. Do they still have CB radios?  Or has technology replaced them with some other communication device?)

Because Sam tries to return to his home every night, he's never been away from his family for this long before, and it's already tough on him.  Even though he works for 10 or 12 hours each day, he still sees his family every day.

Sam:  Usually I'm there to kiss them good night.  So if I'm gone from them for awhile, maybe the whole're going to see lots of tears. LOTS of tears.  I was already crying in the hotel room yesterday thinking about the songs I sing to my youngest every night.

Jeff wanted to hear more about that so Sam explained he sings the song that goes "he's got the whole world, in his hands...." but he changes the words to "he's got Bradley, in his hands..." and you can tell just thinking about his son is tearing him up.

Sam: I totally butcher the song but I was singing it in the hotel last night and I started crying.  I was a bucket of was horrible.

Jeff says Sam can take some comfort in knowing that they will be able to see him anytime they want.

Sam:  Yeah the wife can see me, and the kids know where Daddy is, and I'll throw out the "Hi kids" and "Who's Daddy's best friend?" and all that stuff on camera when I can.

Jeff:  Oh man.  That song is gonna get me going.

Sam:  We'll cry together!

Jeff:   I cry at commercials all the time now. Having kids is a totally different....

Sam: I know. I used to hate kids!  I never liked them ever!  But now I have kids and I love them.

Jeff wondered what Sam's pet peeves are and what might get under his skin in the Big Brother house.  Sam said his house is very clean and that's the way he likes it.  He remembers seeing Jeff come into the Big Brother house to visit during BB16 and knows the house might be filthy.

Sam:  I remember you walked in the front door and said the house smelled like tacos.  That is going to make me crazy but I don't want people to think that I'm  nitpicking them or nagging them.  So  I'll just try and bunker down and join the messy people if I have to.  I'm gonna have to.

Jeff:  Oh, so you'e going to join them.

Sam:  I don't want to be like Sam (the "other" Sam) cleaning all the time and nobody cares.  And I don't want to be completely filthy, but if that's what it takes.  It will only be for three or four months, so I'll do it.

Sam has a strategy for the game, but gets his words mixed up and tells Big Jeff that Derrick "is his biggest fan", instead of the other way around.  Sam loves Derrick game and his strategy--everything.

Sam thinks there are two phases to this game.  He knows that people tend to vote out the social threats in the first few weeks, and then go after the physical threats after that.  Sam doesn't want to come into the game too hot.  Before he went into sequester he was thinking about how the cast would sit together in the living room on the first day and introduce themselves to each other.  He thought it would be funny to announce that he's making a huge alliance as a joke, but after thinking about that in sequester he thinks it might not be such a good idea.

Sam:  It might be coming in too hot or annoying if I joke around like that.  I really want to float on in and play the social game at first.  Like Derrick was rarely on camera in the first few weeks of his all depends on the people so there's luck involved.  You could play Derrick's game but in a different season, like BB18 or BB19 and it could fall apart.

(Derrick was HoH early in the game and as his week in the HoH suite ended, I remember him looking up and telling the live feeders that he was about to go back to laying low and just fade into the background.  That was when he was changing up his appearance to fit into the group more by losing quite a bit of weight and wearing the beanies all day.  Going undercover, I guess.)

Jeff wondered what Sam would do with the prize money if he wins, and Sam said he had two main reasons why he needs the money.

His youngest son Bradley started having some severe stomach pains when he was an infant and they took him to an infectious disease doctor and all sorts of specialists who thought it might be a severe lactose intolerance.  Bradley had to have surgery when he was five weeks old but the doctors couldn't agree on what was causing the pain.  Meanwhile the medical bills were stacking up, putting the family into  a large amount of debt.

Sam:  So we were just praying and praying about it and I don't know if it was a modern day miracle, but I'll take it, so one day he just woke up completely cured, and he's fine.  He doesn't have any fevers, and he can eat anything, just completely fine.  But the hospital bills still need to be paid, even though nobody ever had any answers.  Those bills have got to be paid, so that's number one.

Number two is that Bradley bought a house last year because it had an in-ground pool for his kids because they "swim like fish".  But then the torrential rains storms that happened last year flooded the pool and ruined it somehow.  He tried to fix it three different times, which put him further into debt.

Sam:  So needless to say the pool is covered this year.  It's kind of sad.  So I'd like to take care of that and then get out from under all of the debt.  Maybe take the boys to DisneyWorld....I got a list man.

(These are great examples of unexpected financial crises that can happen to you when you least expect it.  Bad things happen to good people and in Sam's case he couldn't have predicted or prevented either one of these traumatic events.  All you can do is make sure you have adequate insurance and work on having an emergency fund to help solve the most pressing problems.)

Then Jeff asked Sam the Big Question:  Would he rather win the game and be hated by America, or lose and be loved. Sam only needed a second to answer the question.

Sam: I would rather win and be hated by America, because I don't really care what people think.  I've already got haters now that I switched my political views ... I don't care.  Hate me, love me...I'd rather you love me...

Jeff:  Wouldn't we all?

Sam:  But as long as it's for my family, my wife and my boys I really don't care.  What are you going to do, if I walk past you're going to give me a smirk?  Great.  I don't care.  As long as my family loves me I'm fine.

Sam:  If I have to make a true friend, and I'd  love to, like Derrick and Cody, but if we went all the way to the end like they did, I wouldn't have brought Derrick like Cody did.  I would've just grabbed Victoria and won, because it's not really about friendship in the end. It's about winning and it's just a game anyways.

Jeff:  I like that.  You got a friend in me, buddy.

Jeff:  We'll be watching you.

Sam: Time will tell!


Sam's casting and key ceremony turned out to be one of the only verifiable pre-season casting rumors. Someone who was at a truck stop in Pennsylvania watched Sam driving around and then getting his key and having to "act excited".  After getting to know Sam through his videos with Jeff and Ika, I doubt he had to fake being excited.

And it's pretty sad when someone who is 31 is presumed to be the "old guy" but I think the current version of the show is cast based on marketing demographics.  They have to pull in viewers over the summer in certain markets to get maximum advertising dollars.  It's called Show Business for a reason, people.

As expected, there isn't a lot of information out there online about Sam.  For one  thing, he has an incredibly common name, making it hard to single out listings that might relate to him.  Plus he's married with kids and probably doesn't give two craps about Instagram.  He basically said as much when he was scoffing at what a hater could do to him.

In Sam's interview with Ika Wong for ET, we finally learned that "the wife's" name is Melissa.  Melissa and Sam have watched the show together for eight years but the idea to apply this summer was all her's.  He said she was super-excited that Sam was cast for the show and helped him make the video.  So there's no need for him to feel guilty about leaving her with the boys all summer, because she was over the moon about creating the whole situation.

He really dragged Swaggy C in this interview, and it's ridiculous to hear Sam and Ika say the word "Swaggy" over and over and over until the topic changed.

Interesting note:  Sam was quite a Zach Rance fan during the day, even giving the RanceyPants name a shout out.

And here is Sam's CBS bio, which is short and sweet.  He may be tied with Jack Matthews as far as brevity is concerned.

I like Sam and think we need this type of player in the game this summer.  He and Cliff Hogg are the only house guests who are married with children and seem like the ones who have watched the most seasons in real time.  (I forgot Jessica Milagros, but she is married with a child, too, and her family has also watched BB for years.)

I love Sam's enthusiasm and energy.  And his look reminds me of Derrick, with the blue eyes, facial hair and even the scale of his body (as seen in the stealthy truck stop picture).  I think it's pretty funny that the real casting spoiler came from a parking lot in Pennsylvania, and not one of the many social media try-hards who are always begging for attention online in the only way they can think of to get it.

And that's all I have to say about that topic.

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