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Meet Nicole Anthony: Her Third Time Was The Charm. #BB21

Now it's time to meet Nicole Anthony, who is clapping with excitement as Jeff kicks off the interview and she waits her turn to speak.  She tell us she is from Long Island New York and she is a "pre-school aide".

Jeff is already laughing because of her energy and accent, which is a strong one.  For example, she pronounces it "Lon GUYland" which is exactly how they say it up there.  He asks her a question that he already knows the answer to, because Big Jeff has now interviewed at least 100 new house guests in the Diary Room and certain patterns are evident by now.

Jeff:  So, are you a Big Brother fan?

Nicole:  Yes.  I am a HUGE Big Brother fan.

Jeff:  You were kind of freaking out in there.

Nicole:  I'm STILL freaking out in here.

Jeff keeps the excitement going by pointing out that they're in da Diary Room, and da house is right in dere and tells her she's about to play Big Brother, so what does she have that the other house guests don't that will help her win the game?

Nicole: Determination.  It's 100% determination.  All day every doesn't matter what it is. High school, college, work, writing a letter, filling out an envelope...everything. 100%, all the time.

Jeff wondered if she's going to tell the other  house guests that she's a fan and she says absolutely not.

Nicole: I'm just going to tell them I work with kids.  I'm not going to tell them I graduated high school top of my class, I graduated college the top of my class, I'm very smart.  I'm a huge fan so I'm not gonna play dumb, but I'm not going to tell them everything.

Nicole wisely says that she's going to need to go in the house and meet everybody so she can assess the situation before she makes too many strategic plans and Jeff says that's a smart answer.

Nicole thinks a drawback for her would be that being from New York, she tends to "have a mouth on her" and will talk back and won't stand for any type of bullying whether it's herself or others so that might get her in trouble.

Jeff:  I think that's okay, if you're defending...

Nicole:  Yeah.  I'm not going to yell just to yell, like lashing out.

Nicole wants to win the season to claim the title, and the prize money is just a bonus.

Nicole:  I'd like to get my sisters a car because they don't have one...

Jeff:  SisterS?  Two of them?

Nicole: Yes, sisters' cars...two of them...plural...and I'd like to send my parents on a trip. I still live at home and they've done so much for me.

Jeff wondered if Nicole is worried about doing anything this summer that would embarrass her family.

Nicole: No, I don't think so.  I always have my sisters in my head telling me to think before I speak. The last thing my sister said was 'keep it in check', you know?.

Jeff:  I get it.  My brother told me exactly the same thing, but it didn't necessarily work.  How are you with getting along with large groups of people?

Nicole thinks she's pretty good with that, because as a teacher she has to get along with all types of students and she has to find a way to relate to everybody.

(Um...preschool children are quite different than her fellow house guests.  It might not feel like that at certain times, but dealing with children requires a much different skill set.)

Nicole: I'm going to think of them as my students.

Jeff invited Nicole to tell the fans anything else about herself that we might not already know.

Nicole:  Well, I think I already said it.  I'm very smart and I graduated 2nd in my class in high school and summa cum laude in college.  I know I'm quirky and always laughing, but there is intelligence (pointing at her head)....

Jeff:  But how about emotionally?  This is a long summer.. How are you going to hold up in there.

Nicole:  I'll probably cry.  And my New Yorker comes out and I might get angry, but not in front of people.  Probably in the Diary Room, I'll save it for here.

People who act nasty and "just want to see the world burn" really get to Nicole.  People who pick on people just for the sake of it really get to her.

Jeff:  Oh, me too.  But do you think there's going to be people like that in the house?

Nicole: Oh, yeah.  There's always one of them.

Nicole relates to the funny, quirky people who are unfiltered and are genuinely themselves on a daily basis.  She likes people who are real.

Nicole:  I am what I am.  I've accepted it.

Nicole thinks her hashtag should be "QuirkyQueen" and Jeff says he likes that one.  Jeff invited her to address us one last time and she erupted in excitement when she heard that.

Nicole:  I'm looking forward to a long summer in there. You guys are going to hear me voice my opinions in this room, and I can be a loud New Yorker so be prepared.

This was Jeff's last interview of the day and he tells us that we've seen them all, so we know who's going to be in the house.

Jeff, to Nicole:  You do not, but they do.

Nicole:  You saved the best for last, right here.


Most Long-Islanders actually refer to the town they live in, rather than just saying "Long Island", so I wish Nicole would have mentioned this because it would give me more information about her.  For example, Jerry Seinfeld says he's from Massapequa, and Rosie O'Donnell says she's from Commack.

I lived on Long Island for three years so the accent and certain mannerisms are very familiar to me.  Long Island is really just a long skinny strip of land (118 miles long and 23 miles wide) dotted with little towns and municipalities that vary widely.  I'm guessing Nicole is from Nassau County, somewhere near the South Shore but of course I have no idea.

And I was wrong about that, according to this article. Nicole is actually from Bohemia, which is way out near the "fork" in the Island, at the point where you basically turn right to head towards the Hamptons.  According to a quote from her father in the article, Nicole tried to get cast on the show for the last three seasons, and got the whole family hooked on BB during the last 12 years.

I'm sure Nicole is a nice girl and I will enjoy watching her once the live feeds kick off.  But to be honest, she's not my type of person. I can't deal with the choker and the whole "quirky" persona.  It's okay to be quirky, but are you actually quirky if you have to tell everyone that you're quirky?

She told Ika some crazy stories during her interview for ET Canada.  You might enjoy it, or you might not.  I'm at the point where I've seen way too many interviews to get excited about them, unfortunately.

Here is Nicole's CBS Bio for your review.

So, Paul was Nicole's favorite player.  Yep.  But she is adamantly opposed to bullying.

I think this proves that Nicole is not a live feeder. She's a fan of the show, but the CBS prime time version and did not watch the BB19 live feeds to see Paul orchestrating bullying attacks and trash talking all summer long.

Nicole was featured in the live feed leak that happened this week. She was in Christie Murphy's HoH room and while they were chatting, Christie actually told Nicole that her last relationship was with a woman and Nicole seemed very understanding and assured Christie she would keep that secret without Christie asking her to do that.  Christie said pre-season that she wouldn't be telling anyone that secret until later in the season, when she would use it to gain trust after sitting back to observe who she wanted to work closely with.

So is that Nicole, even though it sounds like she was one of, if not the last person Christie talked to about her nominations?  In the feed audio leak, Nicole talked to Christie about not feeling comfortable around "the pretty girls"so maybe that is what drove Christie to disclose the info to her.

Or maybe Christie just has a motor mouth and couldn't help herself from spilling the beans.  

Whatever the reason, it's a bit of power for Nicole, I think, and certainly made it seem that Nicole has no chance of going on the block during Christie's HoH regime. One of my hopes for the season is that we get more authentic Diary Room sessions where the house guests freely speak about their true feelings about the other house guests, instead of so many obviously-coached sessions full of corny jokes.

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