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Meet Kemi Fakunle: She's Keeping It Five Hundred. Thousands, Not Dollars. #BB21

This new house guest was dancing in her seat while Jeff made his opening comments, chomping at the bit to get things going.  This is Kemi Fakunle, and she tells Jeff she's 25 and she is originally from Washington DC but she lives in Brooklyn now and works as a marketing strategist.

Kemi:  Six months in Brooklyn, but I'm a Brooklynite now.

Kemi has been watching Big Brother for about a year and has watched 10 seasons.

Kemi, to us:  No, I don't have a life!  But I'm a fan.

(I wonder if she applied last year at this time for BB20 and caught the BB bug.  Just a guess.)

Jeff wondered what she's looking forward to this summer playing Big Brother.

Kemi: I'm just looking forward to coming out of there with the money.  I'm just trying to be honest!

Jeff:  Wow! You're jut going to put that out there. I was going to get there eventually.

Kemi:  I know...PR must be like, relax girl please.

Jeff: NO!  That's the great thing about Big Brother.  You play the way that you want to play.  Don't worry about what they say....I know a lot of people have opinions, but YOU DO YOU in there.

I don't understand exactly what Kemi said next, even though I turned my wireless headphone volume up to the max and rewound three times and still didn't understand.

Kemi:  I'm trying to win, then I'm trying to go trapping after....just kidding.  I'm trying to win and then go back to school.

She did a hair flip and I know I'm supposed to know what "trapping' means, but I don't.  I'm not sure that Jeff did either, because Kemi launched into a more detailed description of her plans if she wins the Big Prize.

Kemi: I'd invest some of it, go back to school and take about ten and go shoppingThousands, not dollars.  I'm trying to be a little young, spend a little bit, but be responsible at the same time.

Kemi has a sassy cadence to her voice that comes off a little rehearsed.  Or maybe she's been answering the same damn questions over and over on BB Press Day.

Kemi has thought about her strategy to win and she wants to have two or three "friends"  and a few alliances, but says she will have no problem breaking alliances because she came in solo and plans to leave solo too.   Jeff snickered at the way Kemi said "friends" and she did a little hair flip and head roll as she finished her sentence.

( that an act designed to entertain us on the live feeds?  Or is this the way she talks to people on a regular basis?  It doesn't seem authentic, so I hope for her sake she's just "ON" for the Big Jeff meeting.)

Jeff:  So, no relationship for you?

Kemi:  No I'm going to have relationships!

Jeff:  Well, you just said you were leaving solo, so that's why I asked about it.

Kemi: YOU didn't leave solo!

Jeff:  No, I didn't. And it seems like a trend here.

Kemi, maybe throwing some shade on previous showmances:  I think they do that on purpose. Maybe I leave solo, and maybe I don't, but I'm trying to leave here in a different tax bracket.

(I'm loving all this hot tax talk during Big Jeff's interviews. First Ovi Kabir and now Kemi.)

Kemi's downfall could be her inability to bite her tongue sometimes.  She knows it's going to be difficult.

Kemi:  I can take this as a learning experience, but I might have to charge it to the game, I don't know.

(WHAT?  Charge it to the game?  Can someone translate the "going trapping" and now this?)

Jeff:  So, don't hate the Kemi, hate the game?

Kemi, with a half-hair flip:  Exactly.

Jeff pushed again for details about what kind of people annoy her.  Kemi said people who are overly emotional for no good reason are going to get to her.  She won't know if she should take it seriously or not.

Kemi thinks she will only get emotional when she thinks about her dog Billion and says Jeff should follow him on Instagram.

Jeff: Billion?  You're all about that money, aren't you?

Kemi: No. Billion is a quantity, not a currency.

Kemi pointed out again that it's BillionMini on Instagram.

Kemi is going to miss her group of friends, who she says is a solid group.  They go out to brunch a lot and also gossip and shop frequently. She has one friend that she talks to every morning for an hour and she misses her already.

Jeff wonders how she would feel if she makes a good friend like that in the house this summer.  Would she consider backstabbing a friend like that?

Kemi:  Sure!  One of us is going to be rich.  I'm hoping it's me.

There are copious hair flips involved with just about every sentence that comes out of her mouth.  She didn't want to give a hashtag at first but when pressed she said "KissesKemi" is her "at" all over social media.

Kemi:  Well, hopefully I win. Hopefully I'll make some lifelong friends.  But above all else, I hope I win.

Jeff: You've said that!  You've said that plenty.

Jeff asked the Big Question:  Would Kemi rather win and be hated by America or lose and be loved?

Kemi: I'd rather win and be hated by all of America, because they're strangers.  I'm sure somebody will like me.  Maybe I just won't win America's Favorite.  I mean, that's why I came here.  I'm not running for office. I don't need everyone to like me in the whole country. I'm sorry if you hate me but I'm banking on it....BANKING on it.

Jeff invited Kemi to address the fans one last time and she turned to us with a with a smile and a hair flip.

Kemi:  Hello America.  I hope you enjoy watching me. I'm sorry if I'm boring, but I'm fun.

Jeff assures her that she's anything but boring and looks forward to watching her play and maybe win.

Jeff:  Drinks on you!


I was very excited to see Kemi on the cast because I think she is sassy with a lot of personal style.  Maybe she's nervous to be on camera, or maybe this is some sort of planned persona she's using for her preseason interviews, but unfortunately I thought she came off like she was trying to play some role.  You know, like an "I don't care because I'm a bad bitch" role.

There is surprisingly little information about Kemi online, but I only searched casually in the usual spots.  I was hesitant to post this because it includes her (old) phone number but it's already out there so why not, I guess.  Kemi apparently posted on the "Nooklyn" website to sublet her apartment starting on July 10th.  The price certainly sounds reasonable for what I assume is a private bedroom and bath. 

Kemi told Jeff that she started watching Big Brother one year ago and then binged ten seasons.  I do think she might have been in the casting mix last year, because the timing works for that and why else would you move to Brooklyn and then sit around and watch 10 seasons of Big Brother?

She did watch last season as it played out live, and was apparently a big Haleigh fan.

And I love that she tweeted this item about Sam in her HoH room all curled up with Fessy, after Sam had the nerve to basically call both Haleigh and Kaitlyn a couple of whores when she nominated them.

I had some chatter of my own about this situation last year, as well as pictures to prove it. 

And Kemi has a Pinterest board, or whatever you call it.  Her "plant based" section caught my eye so I'll be interested to see if she sticks to that sort of diet in the house.

Kemi's interview with Ika Wong is interesting.  As they exchanged pleasantries in the opening moments, they both mirrored each other with the hand-to-hair motions that were totally unnecessary.  Kemi knew who Ika was and said she couldn't watch the Canadian BB broadcasts but she did watch clips of Ika on You Tube.

Ika posted a video in the last day or so where she told the fans her actual feelings about each house guest she interviewed, and also mentioned some content that apparently got cut by ET.  I wasn't 100% focused on Ika's video when I watched it, but I do remember her saying that she really wanted to like Kemi, but she seemed like she was going to come off like the angry black girl trope that we see way too often every summer.  And Ika said that, not me, so please contact her if you have comments about her comments.  I just thought it was interesting enough to post here.  That part of the interview starts at around the 8:30 mark, when Ika asks about Kemi's planned hair care routines in the house.

(Another interesting item that Ika shared is that Nick Maccarone tried to chat her up after the interview was over about whether she has a boyfriend or not...)

Kemi told Jeff that @kissesKemi was her social media spot, so it looks like that is indeed the case.  I don't know what that bikini picture is supposed to tell us, but maybe I'm too out of the loop to recognize who that is and what it means.

Note that Kemi updated her description before locking the account.  She said "no official fan accounts."

But this person claims that this Twitter account is being run by Kemi's family.  They do have a picture of Billion, Kemi's dog, but the dog has an Instagram account so it's not like the picture is an official family heirloom or something.

I'm sure this Twitter account will follow Kemi's game, but I'm just pointing out that it might not be run by "Kemi's family".  There was an issue last year (and probably every year) with someone claiming to be Tyler's family and friends but that ended up not being true.  I think Rachel Swindler exposed that after she was evicted and reached out to his real family.  Or something like that.

Here is Kemi's CBS bio.  I love what she said about the difference between "feeling provoked" and "being provoked".  I hope she remembers that and can use that this summer to keep her emotions in check in order to win the check.

The life motto is good, too, and is based on the old saying about catching more flies with honey than vinegar.  I hope Kemi can get her bearings in there and start working her social strategy, because I think she can bring a lot to the dynamic of the house and give us some good Diary Room faces.

There have been some rumors about Kemi in the house already, as follows:

1.  An early rumor was that Kemi won the first HoH competition.  We know that is false now due to the live feed leak that I listened to with my own ears.  (Christie is the first HoH.)

2.  The live feed leak featured Christie in her HoH Suite discussing her plans for nominations with Nicole.  It sounded like Nicole had come up to the room to check in with Christie and that Christie had already spoken WITH multiple people in the house, ABOUT multiple people in the house.  Once I get through all of these house guest intro posts I will try to post more about that live feed leak. But as it pertains to Kemi, it sounds like someone won an earlier power and then "nominated" three people for something.  We don't know the facts about it yet, but it's possible that one of those three people are gone now.  And by process of elimination, we heard Christie and Nicole mention everyone's name except Kemi, David and Analyse.  She did mention a "Sis" but the fans have unearthed info to prove that Analyse's family and/or friends call her Sissy or Sis.  So maybe that's what they call her.

I guess we'll know what we know when we know it, which is just a few short days away.

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