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Meet Kathryn Dunn: She Can't Lead if You Don't Follow #Nosedive #BB21

And now it's time to meet Kathryn Dunn, who displays perfect pageant posture as she tells Big Jeff that she's from Dallas Texas and she works in digital marketing.   Jeff immediately asked her what she's giving up this summer to be on the show.

Kathryn:  Everything.  I hate that I have to give up social media, because I'm addicted.  The craziest thing is that I'm going to go four months without seeing a dog.

Jeff, looking confused:  Do you have pets?

Kathryn: Yeah. I have a dog, but that's a thing you don't really think about.

(I understand what she's saying.  Three to four months with no puppy love is a long time.)

Her dog is named "Boss" and he is the cutest.  Jeff asked if she has any family and she says she won't miss them as much as her dog (and her phone, apparently).  But then she backtracked and said that she will miss her mom and dad as well.

Kathryn:  My mom texts me every night at 10:30 to wish me a good night.  But I won't be there to text her back. It's sad.

Jeff asked Kathryn if she is a fan of Big Brother and she said "YES" in a tone of voice that implied Big Jeff is a Big Dummy or something.  But then she said the following:

Kathryn:  It's the only show I watch!  Granted, I just got a TV a few months ago.

She blabbed on about how she already wastes so much time on social media, well, she's not really wasting time on social media because she works, too, but she didn't really have time to watch TV, and so on.

LOOK:  Everybody knows you don't need a TV set to watch TV anymore, particularly if you're someone like Kathryn who is staring at her phone all day long.  I'm sure she has a tablet, too, or whatever.  Kathryn must think the Big Brother fans are as dumb and gullible as Big Jeff.  Just say you never saw the show before Kassting contacted you and move on, Kathryn.

Jeff wondered how in the world Kathryn is going to fill the long hours in the Big Brother house without having a dog, social media, or 10:30 text message.

Kathryn:  Hmmm.  It's going to be hard. I'm actually genuinely, really interested  to meet the other house guests.  I know we're all going to be stabbing each other in the back which comes with the territory of the game but I do plan to make some relationships that are genuine because they want to fill their time, too, so it may be a good breeding ground to make some friendships.

Kathryn knows she's probably going to blindside people this summer and says Kaycee was able to win without backstabbing a lot of people but it's part of the game and she's prepared for it.

Kathryn is sort of an emotional person and says if she's upset, she will cry about something or get mad but within a reasonable time, like five minutes, it's over and she's done with it.

Kathryn:  But after somebody blindsides me, they're on my radar.

(The fans erupted when Kathryn said that, mocking her because if she's blindsided in BB, that generally means she was evicted, but not necessarily.  One of her team members could be evicted to blindside her, but I actually think Kathryn was referring to betrayals in her personal life in this discussion.  I know those pageant girls do evil things to each other all the time, because I've seen it on TV.)

Kathryn knows that if something bad goes down in the game, she can't act out like she normally would, because she has to worry about the aftereffects.  She's going to have to try to be as low-key as possible, which will be tricky, she says.

(So many great BB players could have gone farther in this game if they were able to accomplish this, right?)

Kathryn works out but doesn't expect to be a competition beast. She doesn't plan to throw any comps, but she will be evaluating where she stands in the game to determine how much she needs to win each one, and how much effort she should spend to make that happen.

She expects her social game to be much more important then her competition wins.

Jeff wondered what Kathryn would do with the money if she wins, and the way she answered was more interesting to me than the actual answer.  Kathryn seemed to think that this interview was being filmed for later TV viewing, and apparently move-in day was Tuesday, the following day.

Kathryn wanted it to be some sort of secret, but thinks that her dad "will see this when it airs tomorrow" and will know that if she wins, she plans to pay him back for her Baylor college education.

SO WHAT?  Well, Kathryn was probably told this interview was for the live feeds, but she has no idea what that means.  And she thinks the actual move in will happen live on the air, when in actuality that part is taped for broadcast next week, during the two-night premiere.  She'll end up learning quickly about what happens before an actual live CBS episode, but she still has much to learn about the way the live feeds work, and how we work with the live feeds.

JC was watching the live feed kickoff for the last season of Celebrity Big Brother and only realized then that the cameras were always on and actually followed people throughout the house.  He said it made him feel nauseous and he had to stop watching.

PREDICTION:  Kathryn is going to do THE MOST when she realizes that the live feeds have social media potential at any given time.  But as we all know, that potential could just as easily be negative, but hey, maybe any social media exposure is good as far as Kathryn is concerned.

But back to the interview:

Kathryn:  If they weren't going to be airing this tomorrow, then I would have been SCOTCH-FREE but now I've gotta back it up and go in so Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Jeff:  Is it Scotch-Free or Scot-Free?

Kathryn:  I dunno, but I think it's whatever you say with confidence.  No one has ever really called me out on that before.

You might recall that Angela had a similar misunderstanding about this phrase last summer.  Technically they will all be Scotch-Free this summer, as well as Vodka-Free, Rum-Free, and Whiskey-Free, so there's that.

I used be in love with a guy named Scott who was just HORRIBLE to me but at that age I was a glutton for punishment.  When he would call the house and I wasn't home my roommate would tell him I was out and would be Scott-Free all night.

Kathryn asked Twitter to let us know whether she's right or if Jeff's right and Jeff assured her that we would definitely let her know, but Kathryn didn't pick up on Jeff's low-key sarcasm about the frequently-combative BB fan base.  And then this happened:

Kathryn:  Oh, yeah.  I was gonna tell you, 'cause I was gonna call this person out, but I read spoilers on Twitter about casting and someone said there was someone on the cast who was an "aspiring influencer" on the cast and I swear to God I was like, YEAH, THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT ME!

Jeff, with a slight sneer in his voice:  Well, that's not a stretch..You know what I mean?

Once again, Kathryn didn't pick up on Jeff's tone and punched him on the shoulder in excitement and said she planned to reference this spoiler by telling Jeff at the top of the interview that her job was an "aspiring influencer".  Kathryn is SO EXCITED by this that it is totally obvious that she cares much more about this than the actual game of Big Brother.  She can't stop saying the phrase "aspiring influencer" and tosses her hair around as she beams proudly.

Kathryn:  You know, I like keeping up with all of that stuff...

Jeff:  Well, they'll be keeping up with you, TRUST ME.

Jeff asked her if she has any last words to say to the fans and also if she has a hashtag for us and she once again negged Jeff like he is the biggest idiot on Facebook.  (Actually, Jeff's not even the biggest idiot in that room right now.)

Kathryn, scoffing and instantly making the hashtag hand motion:  NO! I'm not a "hashtag person".

Jeff rolled into his Big Jeff anger act, telling her that this is what the show does and she's gonna get one whether she likes it or not.

Kathryn, giving us the big TV smile:  I'll just let America figure that out.

Jeff:  You're an influencer, so why don't you influence them right now?

Kathryn, with another hair flip and a hand on Jeff's left shoulder:  I'm an "aspiring influencer".  America, I hope you love me, but if you don't I'll just take the $500,000.  Thank you in advance, and I apologize in advance, and I'm ready for a fun summer.

Kathryn thinks America is going to love her, but "they're not going to pay her bills".  So I guess she doesn't care if America hates her.  But who does she think is going to buy all that Flat Tummy Tea and all of that Diffy Eyewear?

Kathryn:  Here's the thing about America, whether they love you or hate you, they're still going to follow you on social media.

(Not necessarily....)


OK, well, I have a hashtag for Kathryn:   #Nosedive.

It's an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix. If you saw it, you know.

Kathryn has been the source of a lot of pre-season rumors, and I've been struggling with how much of those rumors I want to report here in this space.  Because the "inside info" many of us heard started off sounding like the truth, and then as more information was tacked on it sounded like something else.  Like something or someone unhinged and parched for attention.  I've been stuck all afternoon on what I want to say about this.  In order for me to move on, I'm just going to say that Kathryn and Holly Allen apparently know each other from the pageant circuit and have been chatting about how they will work together on Big Brother.

The rest of what I heard seems fishy to me but based on Kathryn's obviously manic dependence on social media and what she said to Jeff about searching for spoilers, the info actually may be somewhat plausible.  If we later learn through live feed chatter that Christie Murphy was an alternate, I'll revisit these rumors at that time, because if they're true the casting for this season must have been a damn TRAIN WRECK.

Kathryn has a demo reel jam-packed with on-air footage.  I'm posting it here because it demonstrates that she has held lots of on-camera roles all over Texas.  And she's good on camera, too.  The make up in the car is a little thick, but Kathryn has some legit stuff going on with her career so far.

Kathryn was interviewed last year about the redesign of the Dallas Maverick dancer costume, and had quite a bit to say about it.  I have to give her credit for making her talking points coherently and convincingly.  This is the entire article, and here is a snippet.

I just realized that Kathryn knows Mark Cuban.  Damn.  I. LOVE. MARK. CUBAN.

She better not talk any shit about him on the live feeds, because CBS can't afford that lawsuit.  But if she does I might have to get in my car and drive out there, climb over the backyard fence and snatch the weave right off her bobblehead.

Right after I report every word she said right here on this website, of course.  I've got your back, Mark Cuban.

I just watched Kathryn's interview with Ika Wong and Kathryn was very chatty in it, and this time she told Ika that's she's been watching Big Brother for years, but Ika didn't believe her and kept asking her follow up questions.  I don't feel the need to post it but I'm sure you can find it with a quick search on YouTube.

Here is Kathryn's CBS bio.

It's interesting that Kathryn was the first out in some sort of televised Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader competition, because she just might be getting the boot first on Big Brother.  And that's all I have to say about that at this time, but my information is first-hand because I listened to the live feed audio leak that happened earlier today at 12:38 PM EST (9:38 AM BBT).

It's sad that someone with Kathryn's potential would be so gassed up about being "tweeted by Kim Kardashian".  And her life motto referring to a particular brand of designer shoes is just pathetic.

She deserves our pity but instead she's going to get a lot of scorn and criticism.  I hope she's ready for that.

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