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Meet Jackson Michie: Will Michie's Big Mouth Get Him in Trouble This Summer? #BB21

It's time to chat with Jackson Michie, who tells Jeff he's 24 and is from Nashville Tennessee and was in sales, as well as being a bartender and server.  I later learned that for the past four months Jackson has lived in Los Angeles, probably after college graduation, which likely put him in the BB casting department's crosshairs.

Jeff:  Well, your name is Jackson and you look like I could buy you in da toy store.

(Jeff's not wrong.)

Jackson laughs and says his family is originally from Mississippi and it was kind of "their thing" to name their kid after the state capital.  Jackson loves his name because it feels unique and says maybe he did come from a toy store.

Jeff:  You look like a figurine.

I feel obligated to point out that Holly Allen named her beloved dog Jackson after her favorite Wyoming ski town.  I'm sure this coincidence will give Holly plenty of opportunity to mention Wyoming multiple times a day, along with whining about how this Jackson reminds her of that Jackson, and so forth.  Great.

Jackson has a very nice voice, deep with just a hint of a southern twang.  He has a very calm authoritative manner of speaking that makes him seem much older than 24.  He has quite a military bearing, even though I don't think he's been involved in military service.

Or maybe I'm just thinking about Sarge from Toy Story, thanks to Big Jeff.  Sarge is a figurine, and playing with figurines is what apparently kept little boys occupied for hours in the old days.

Jeff clarifies that Jackson is a good-looking guy who's obviously in is he going to use that to his advantage this summer?

Jackson:  Well obviously in Big Brother, as well as life, everything is based on first impressions.  You overanalyze each house guest based on where they're from, like everybody was talking last year about how Tyler and Angela are from the same city...

Jeff:  So you're a fan of da show...

Jackson admits he is a fan of da the show but he's not a Super Fan. He and his mother used to watch it and he never dreamed he'd be here sitting next to Jeff.  He knows that on first glance, people are going to think he's a physical threat, so he's going to need to use his social game to overcome that first impression.

Jackson told Jeff that he is planning to go hard for the first HoH win, because he likes to gamble and the odds of being evicted first are too high for him at one-in-fifteen chances.  He'd like to guarantee himself safety that first week by winning that first competition.  He might have to get a little blood on his hands but he's willing to take the risk to make it through the first eviction cycle.

Jackson knows that there are three aspects to Big Brother--you've got the physical game, the social game, and the mental game within yourself, and you've got to keep all three in check and know when to push forward and when to hold it back.

Jackson:  You know, guys like Swaggy C...he came in too hot and it ended up burning him.  You've got to assert yourself in the times when you need to and then pull back when you need to.  You need to know your lane and stay in it.

Jeff started grinning at Jackson as soon as Jackson mentioned Swaggy C.  It's such a ridiculous name to hear coming from such a serious-sounding figurine.  It's unbelievable that one year ago I was excited about the promise of Swaggy C and the fun he could bring to the game.  It just goes to show that you that all of these first impressions that we're getting don't mean much if the house guests can't conduct themselves correctly in the game.

Jackson: If there's adversity in there, you've got to adapt.  You've got to make lemonade out of lemons.  If I've got to be a little more straightforward or strict with somebody, I'll do it.  If I can be more laid back and maybe smile a little more with somebody I'll do that too.  Essentially, it's  sales...your're selling yourself to 15 other people.

Jeff wondered what Jackson will miss most from the outside world.

Jackson: Honestly I'm looking forward to getting away from social media because I feel like it's ruined this generation so it will be a nice little break.  But I'm going to miss watching sports, my family, my dog Maggie and my friends.  I'm going to miss Broadway in Nashville Tennessee.

Jackson is going to miss the outside world, but he knows this is a big opportunity for him that many other people would have loved to have, so he appreciates it.

This is the Broadway Jackson is referring to...apparently it is full of "honky tonks and dive bars".  I feel thirsty for a cold one just looking at this picture.

Jackson feels his word is his bond, and as a man that is how things go in the real world.  But in Big Brother, someone might be his best friend, but at the end of the day he's not here to make friends.

Jackson:  I'm going to be there for one reason, and that is to come out with confetti flying.  I do not want to walk out with anything less.

Jeff:  You're really painting a picture for us now.

Here is some advice about walking out of the house in a hail of confetti, from a few people who know.

Jackson said he's been thinking about this since he was a kid, and has talked with his mom about how either of them could be on the show and what they would do if that happened.  He is very close with his mom and says they are virtually the same person as far as their ideas and beliefs, good and bad.

The first season he watched  was "the one with Jessie Godderz" but he didn't specify which season that was (BB10 and BB11).  Jeff had a big reaction to that since he played BB11 with Jessie.  You might recall that Jeff won the "Coup d'Etat" prize based on a viewer vote and was able to put Jessie on the block and out of the game, leading to Chima Simone's epic expulsion from the house.  But Jessie has appeared on just about every season since then in one way or another...either hosting competitions or coming in the house to torture the house guests.

Jeff:  Look, I don't know what is happening but you might end up seeing Jessie in dere.

Jackson:  I wouldn't be upset about that.  If I could get a workout in with Jessie Godderz, I'd take it!

Jeff: He's a good dude.  You guys would get along.

Jackson:  Yeah, I don't know if I could spot him, but he could sure spot me.

This exchange naturally leads Jeff to the next topic--is Jackson single?

Jackson:  Yes I am.  But I'm here for the game.  I'm here for $500,000 and that's it.

Jeff:  You got the answers down!

Jackson:  I just know what to do and when to do it.

Jeff, chuckling:  So you're saying you're not going to be in a showmance?

Jackson:  Don't you put that out there and jinx me!  I don't want to get distracted. I'm a guy..don't plant seeds.  I can hear my mom at home now... I'm here for $500,000 and whatever else comes with that..friends or whatever is great, but I'm here for the money.  Even if this game wasn't televised and the only people who knew about it were the people controlling it, I would still want to play because I'm a competitive person and an aggressive person and I don't accept losing well.

Jeff asked Jackson the Big Question:  Would he rather win and be hated by America or lose and be loved?

Jackson asked Jeff a few follow up questions about the hate...would it be because he's a scumbag or a snake type of hate?  Jeff didn't specify and Jackson finally stated that there would be life after Big Brother.  He's going to do what he needs to do but he's not going to disrespect his name.

Jackson:  I'm an only child and the only one carrying my last name forward, so I'm not going to do anything to disrespect the name or jeopardize my family.  I only have one life so I need to remind myself of that but there's plenty of time left.

Jeff tried to wrap things up but Jackson was just getting started, asking Jeff if he had any advice for him.

Jeff:  You don't need any advice from me...just do the opposite of what I did!  It was great talking to you and we'll be talking about you all summer long.  Well, I won't be, but we'll be watching you all summer long.

Jackson:  Knock on wood.

Jeff:  Get his action figure in stores now.


Jackson seems so mature, with such an opinionated, commanding presence that it's hard to believe he just turned 24.  And he is obviously not afraid to express his opinions, and will likely assert himself strongly in the house this summer.

As we've seen in past seasons, these type of attributes don't always go over well in the BB house.  Jackson is going to come off like the Dad of the house, and he's going to be perceived as trying to boss other people around.  There is a friendly tone underneath all of that, and he has a nice smile, but his overall presentation is rather intimidating.  I'm intimidated by him, even thousands of miles away.

Players like this often dominate from the beginning of the season and then fight to avoid eviction the rest of their time in the house (ie Cody Nickson -BB19, Paulie-BB18, Monte- BBOTT, Jessie- BB10).  The only exception I can think of at the moment is Caleb from BB16, but he only stayed in the game because Derrick recognized what a devoted soldier he was, so he used him as a shield up until the final days, even though Cody Califiore HATED Caleb and wanted to boot him before Jury.

There are some spoilers floating around about the first HoH.  I don't know if they're true, but if so Jackson might need to work his social game real hard right now to survive the first eviction.  If the rumors start to feel real I'll report on that, but I need to get through all of these house guests intros first.

Jackson is correct about social media ruining his generation.  I know that's easy for me to say, being from a different generation, but this generation's insatiable need for constant affirmation and approval is shocking to me.  There has never been a time when so much information is available to anyone in an instant, yet so many young people feel like they have to crowd source their ideas and opinions and seem so reluctant to stand on their own two feet.  I'm not here to preach about this, but maybe try putting down your phone and chatting with a few strangers today.  Learn how to be in the moment without seeing everything through your smart phone camera.  Events still happen, even if they're not on Instagram.

And Jackson has social media accounts, too, and he was smart enough to make them private for the summer.  His quote that "moderation is for cowards" sounds straight up like Cody Nickson, doesn't it?

He played varsity football in High School, which is what you do in Tennessee if you're built like Jackson.

I watched Jackson's interview with Ika Wong for ET Canada and he looked much younger in this setting, under these lights.  Here are a few highlights and/or new information that I learned about Jackson:

*  Ika commented on his "strong handshake".
*  Jackson called her "ma'am" and then had to explain that's a southern form of politeness and was not a slam on Ika's age.
*  He pronounces his last name like "Micky".
*  He may look like the latest "Brad-Chad-Thad" but he's actually the opposite.  He's not arrogant or egotistical and not the spoiled only child.
*  He's single, but there's an ex who had a big impact on him.  "She knows who she is."

*  He knows "hiding under the covers" on BB doesn't work for showmances. (LOL) If he wanted a romance he'd look somewhere else.  (Ika:  They always say that, then they get boo'ed up and next thing you know you're buying a ring.)
*  He referenced Elaine Benis' iconic quote about "trying to get a squirrel to come over and not making any big sudden movements". (LOVE IT.)
*  Jackson was very chatty and smiley with Ika and she cracked up several times.  He seems a lot more fun, after watching this.

If you have a few minutes, you might enjoy watching this interview, because it did bring out a different side to Jackson, and now I can more easily picture him integrating into the cast, not as a follower, but at least someone who might know how to have a good time.

If Jackson stays in the game past the first eviction, I do think he'll break down and have at least a flirtation with one of the girls.  After all, Cody Nickson swore to Big Jeff that he'd never do it, and look at him now....

And here is Jackson with the new puppy.  Maggie, I think her name is.  There are a lot of dog lovers on the cast this season so maybe they can all connect on that level.

Here is Jackson's CBS bio for your review.

A few observations:

*  I don't like the hunting part, but hey that's the south for you.
*  I love that he wants to hang with Brett.
*  He got paid to write speeches as far back as middle school.  Wow.
*  He skipped college graduation to party in South Beach.  I'm shocked about that.
*  He's lucky to be alive after vacationing in Punta Cana.  You know, because of the rash of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic.  The FBI is on the case.  It's big.

FYI:  The pun in the title of this post is based on learning the pronunciation of Jackson's last name and the fact that this popular-but-lethal low-priced adult beverage is known as "Mickey's Big Mouth".  And also the fact that Jackson is not only chatty, but has a generously-shaped pie hole.

You can fit a lot of confetti in that thing. Just saying.

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