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Meet David Alexander: David is Going to Do David, and Maybe Someone Else Will, Too. #BB21

It's time for us to meet David Alexander, who immediately grabbed my attention with his deep, calm voice, and then held it when he says he lives right here in Atlanta Georgia, and he's a professional photographer.  He looks right at us when he speaks.

Hi David.  Hey neighbor.

Jeff wondered if he's going to miss his camera this summer and David said he's going to have cameras pointed at him all the time, and it's going to feel weird because he's usually the one who is "angling people" or telling them where to go.

Jeff:  You're going to be sick of cameras when all of this is over.

David:  I heard.  But I'm ready for it though.

(At first I thought he gave us a throwback response of "word", but after a third listen I don't think so.)

Jeff asked David if he was a fan of Big Brother...does he know the game?

David said he became a fan recently.  He's been "absorbing it and getting a feel for the social game". He knows that there are going to be a lot of different people in the house, and there is "no escape" and "no distractions like social media", so he's curious to see how that "evolves and how he as an individual can adapt to that".

Please allow me to interpret that response:  David watched some clips of the show on You Tube because the casting team told him to.  David wonders how those random videos will translate to a TV show that will air approximately 40 hours of CBS prime-time network coverage, not to mention over 270 hours of TV time on Big Brother After Dark.  He probably has NO IDEA about all of us pervs who will be watching the live feeds.

LOOK:  A good looking brother like David Alexander doesn't have time to watch this crap on TV.  Women in Atlanta probably claw each other's eyes out on the regular to get in front of this dude.  Gorgeous, accomplished women like Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey have had to import their boyfriends from New York and Los Angeles due to a severe shortage of quality husband material here in the ATL.  And because the Big Brother fan base is so damn crazy, the casting department probably has to find people who have no idea what they are getting into, because otherwise why would they do it?  Let's just enjoy the voice and the view while we can.

I'm sure we can all guess what David's planned social game is...it involves the following:

*  Focusing on his social game
*  Getting to know everybody on an individual basis by learning something about each person
*  Trying not to dominate the competitions right away, so he's not a target

Even as he tells Jeff all of this David is trying to picture the note card that Robyn Kass made up for him with these helpful pointers....he's pretty sure there is just one more strategic element...and like magic, it comes to him just in time to finish his response.

*  Try to slide through to the middle before he really starts to "turn it up".

To his credit, Big Jeff acts like he's never heard this sort of thing before, and has to ask a clarifying question to confirm his understanding of David's plan.

Jeff:  So, what you're saying is you want to not dominate on purpose, because you could if you wanted to?

David:  Yeah.

Satisfied with this insightful response, Jeff moves on to another topic that might be more familiar to David.

Jeff:  You look like you're in good shape...do you work out a lot?

David: I try to maintain a good physical game and a mental game daily.

We're not even going to pretend anymore, as Jeff asks if David has "heard about the slop in there."  David has heard about it, but was told that it is vitamin-fortified and is good for you, but isn't the best-tasting stuff.  Jeff cracks up at this, probably remembering how clueless he was when he was cast for BB11.  (Jeff went to an open casting call in Chicago with a girl he was seeing.  Or maybe she was just a friend, but she wanted to be on the show and asked Jeff to come with her.  He ended up being cast and she wasn't, and the rest is history.)

Jeff asked what David will miss this summer while he's playing the game.

David:  Probably the news.  To be unaware of what is going on, like with politics or sports is going to be really weird.  Like, if there was a Game #7 of the NBA Finals yesterday, I would have missed it.

(There wasn't...the Toronto Raptors won in six games and David is indeed aware of that.)

Jeff knows how David feels.  Missing sports was a big deal for him when he played the game, too.  David thinks one of his downfalls is that he's a very honest person.  It's going to be hard for him to lie because he cares about people.  He's been reading a book (in sequester, I presume) about ethics, and he considers himself a very empathetic person.

***UPDATE***  Well, maybe David shouldn't have carried that book around the sequester hotel.  See additional information regarding David's eviction contained in this updated post.

Jeff:  So lying to someone to gain their trust is going to be hard for you?

David:  It doesn't feel right.  Even just thinking about it feels weird.  But if I can smooth my way to a point in the game where it feels tangible and can put me in a position to win $500,000, it might make sense.

Jeff:  I hear you.  It's not a lie if you believe it though.

They both laughed.  That's a guy thing, that sentence.  It's true though.

Jeff asked him if he's aware of the impact of social media on how David plays the game.  He seemed prepared for that concept and said it reminds me of what he used to say ten years ago when he was in college....David is going to do David.

David:  I would just do what was necessary or needed for me, because I didn't care...

Jeff:  I like that.

David:  I don't really care if it's negatively viewed or positively viewed...I'm just gonna do me because that is what got me here, so far.

Jeff:  So would that be your hashtag then?

David:  What, David is gonna do David?  Somebody lock that in on IG!

Jeff tried again to find out about what David is leaving behind socially and he finally admits that he's single.  He's taking this opportunity to "take a break from life" and be completely removed from his daily situation.  He's looking forward to seeing what that's going to be like.

David:  I'm not going to miss anything because it's temporary.  It's what, three months out of what, so many years, and so many months...this is just a drop in the bucket.  It's nothing!

Jeff:  Don't make me do math in here, please.

Then Jeff asks the Big Question:  Would David rather win Big Brother and have America hate him, or would he like to lose and be loved?

David:  Oh.  I'll take the win and let everybody love me afterwords.  I'll take the hate.  It's okay.

Jeff asks if David has anything to say to us, his new fans out here watching him.

David: Okay.  Check it out. David is gonna do David.  Stay tuned.  It's going to be an interesting game.  Watch the social impact.  I'm going for the win.


I watched David's interview with Ika Wong for ET Canada and learned a lot of new information.  Based on his response to Ika when they first started the interview, I think he likes women but so far he hasn't specified.  As usual Ika threw some sugar at him in the beginning, but then asked the hard questions and didn't let him off the hook.  Here are a few highlights from the interview:

*  David watched most of BB20 and also BB12, so I guess those are the seasons that Production provided in sequester.
*  David liked Tyler's game, because he was ruthless when he needed to be, yadda yadda yadda.

*  He told Ika about his strategy to lay low for the first half of the game and she accused him of being a boring person, and she doesn't like boring people.  David handled her well though, saying it's been proven that his planned strategy can win the money.
*  Ika asked if he was single and he said yes.  She asked if he was single and looking, and he said he was looking for the half million..she's his girl.
*  Ika kept working overtime trying to find out if he's gay.  I mean, we all want to know that, right?  They finally had to agree that the half million would be his "wifey" but the "side chick" could be a possibility if that person is attractive, driven and intelligent.  David still didn't provide a gender preference, which is where society is today.  You can't even ask someone a simple question anymore.
*  Ika asked him to do a fake laugh and said he was terrible and he would have trouble being fake in the house.  But then David told Ika that he can cry on command and within 60 seconds, he proved it.

*  You can see for yourself the tears rolling down David's handsome face as he tells Ika that she lied to him about their alliance, and how hurt he is.  Ika was so impressed by this she asked him "what dark hole he crawled out of" and accused him of being the devil.  It was pretty awesome.
*  David also repped his new hashtag he created with Big Jeff, saying it several times to raise awareness.

The moral of the story is that watching a five minute CBS intro video in the Diary Room with Big Jeff doesn't really tell us anything.  And that is why this game and the live feeds are so fascinating.  We get to know these people on so many levels.

I tried snooping around to see what sort of info about David I could find, but he has such a standard name that it would take a long time to do that.  There is another guy here in Atlanta with a very similar name who says he's a photographer, but after looking at his Instagram it's not the same guy, and it appears this other guy is a sometime-actor who just started a photography business last fall.

But I think this is our David's Facebook page.

If and that's a BIG IF, the speculation about this season having secret partners like BB6 is true, I think his secret partner could be Jessica Milagros, who is a "real" model (ie not just on Instagram) and might have worked with David Alexander.  Or maybe he knows Jack Matthews, who is also a photographer of some sort.

I think we can all agree we have NO IDEA what David is going to do in that house.  But he seems like a fun guy and he showed his sparkle in that interview with Ika.  I like him.  I think a few of those girls are going to be ALL OVER him.

Let's take a quick peek at David's CBS bio, but I'm not expecting anything too crazy here.

I love that his birthday is January 1, 1990, always kicking off a new decade in style.  Maybe Migos can play at his birthday party this upcoming year, to start the 2020's off on the right foot.  You know, because David Alexander will be such a big star and all....after starring on Big Brother.  Those rappers might even update their Wikipedia entry to say that they went to school with David Alexander, winner of BB21.

It could happen.  He could win.  I'll be looking for David on the live feeds, I promise you that.

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