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Meet Bella Wang: Please Don't Tell Her Mom About the 24/7 Live Feeds. (Oops...I Just Did.) #BB21

The next lucky BB21 house guest introduces herself as Bella Wang, which initially confused everybody since the list of house guests issued by CBS called her Isabella Wang.  I'm going to go ahead and make the executive decision to call her Bella from now on, because I already have enough headaches with some of the names this year.  You know we've got an Analyse, a Kemi, an Ovi, plus both a Jack and a Jackson, a Nick and a Nicole, so I'm just going to make it easy on myself and use the name she used to introduce herself.

(Some of you longtime fans will remember how confused we were to learn that "Jennifer" introduced herself to her own house guests as "Nakomis"on the first day of BB5.  And then Nakomis it was, no matter how much CBS was probably fighting that in the beginning.)

Bella gives us all a big smile as she says she lives in Los Angeles but is from New Jersey and is a "Public Health Analyst".  Jeff is confused about that term, just like the rest of us, so Bella explains that her job entails "population health" and she moved to LA because she really wants to "do something about the homeless population".

Jeff:  Good for you.  So you're able to get that side of you out there.

Jeff wondered if Bella is a BB fan and she said OF COURSE, she loves Big Brother but doesn't expand on that idea any further at this point.  Jeff says she almost opened the DR door that leads into the house but Jeff had to stop her or he would have gotten in trouble with Production.

Bella wants to use her social game to make sure she has relevant conversations with each house guest, so they can't use the familiar "we never talk strategy" excuse for nominating her.  She's going to be there every day to say "Good Morning" to them.

(She's going to need to have more to say to them than that though...)

Jeff points to Bella's left arm and wants to talk about a tattoo that caught his eye.  Apparently it's in Chinese script and Bella says it reads "In life there is only love".  It's a small tattoo in her wrist area, but she told Jeff she has a total of 13 tattoos and not all of them have special meaning.  Some of them are apparently just for fun.

Bella thinks one of her downfalls in the game might be her poor memory skills. She knows that many of the competitions, particularly later in the season, focus on who did what when, and what they said when they did it, and she might have trouble answering those questions correctly.  She gets very involved with things as they happen and is going to try to focus at night on the day's events to try and keep track of everything.

If Bella is lucky enough to win the Big Prize, she is going to show her mother that she's a responsible adult by investing it well and taking care of everyone.  Bella explains that she has a Tiger Mom, the first of numerous mentions during this interview of her mother and her mother's parenting style.

I'm not 100% sure about what the whole "Tiger Mom" thing means, but I think it might relate to Asian families only.  But please don't quote me on that, or give me what for if it's not okay for me to say that.  We didn't use that term when I was growing up.  We just called it "doing your homework" or "passing the test" or whatever.

I just realized that at 22, Bella is the same age as Analyse Talavera, which doesn't seem possible, based on the way they present themselves with Big Jeff.  Bella is calm and takes the time to think before answering Jeff's questions, showing poise well beyond her years.

Jeff wondered if she thinks she can live in the BB environment successfully, and she said she's had six girl roommates at one time, and is very familiar with the fraternity type of lifestyle.  She thinks she can live in close quarters but nods and laughs when Jeff asks her if she has any pet peeves.

Bella:  I keep getting asked this question a lot, but I worked in an ER as a scribe for a long time and I feel like most people don't know how to properly wash their hands.  I think I might have to teach everyone that...we're gonna hold a seminar in there about that, I think.

Well, I hope we see that on the live feeds, because that is information that might be helpful for everyone to learn, even though most of us aren't scrubbing up to perform surgery.  And before you ask:

Jeff points out that if that bothers her, there are also going to be similar issues with regard to washing the dishes, washing the clothes, etc.  Bella calmly says that she's not really a neat freak so she's not sure how she can turn that aspect of her personality on and off.

Bella:  We'll see, I guess.

Jeff:  I'm looking forward to seeing that.

Bella thinks her ability to see the big picture and not take everything to heart will help her in the game.  She worked in retail for a long time so she's used to getting information from people and using it to sell them something.

Bella:  In this case, I'm selling them on why I need to win the money.

Jeff:  So your social game is what you're going to rely on, but what about your physical game?

Bella:  Well my physical game is pretty strong.  Last year I lost 50 pounds and got into fitness but I've gained some of it back since moving to LA but I have discipline too.  And my mental game...last year I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro....

Jeff turns to the camera and gives us a knowing smile, because this topic just came up when he was talking with Jack Matthews, but he can't tell Bella that, of course.

Bella: That is the worlds largest free-standing mountain in Tanzania and I did that on a whim.  All of my friends flew to Miami for Spring Break but I thought I could do that anytime, so me and and my partner at the time decided to climb the mountain.  We planned it for six days but it took us five to summit even though it was my first hike ever.

Jeff.  Wow. 

Then Bella mentioned her Tiger Mom again, saying that she didn't tell her she was going to Tanzania.  Bella's friends were instructed to call her mom and make excuses for why she couldn't come to the phone should that be necessary.

Jeff:  Well does your mom even know you're here?

Bella said her mom found out about Big Brother when Production showed up to give her the key.  Jeff gasped at that because he knows all about the BB application process and what it entails.

Bella:  She was definitely freaking out.  She's like, 'oh my god...what does this mean?  you're going to be on TV".

Bella knows her mom is worried about Bella embarrassing herself or her family and doing anything to hurt her potential.  She thinks this will be in the back of her mind all summer, but because she is so rebellious there are things that she may do just to piss her mom off, like not wearing sunscreen because that would drive her mom bat shit.

Jeff:  I think that will make good TV. Maybe not for your mom, but for the rest of us.

Then Jeff asks the Big Question: Would Bella rather win and be hated by America, or lose the game and be loved?

Bella:  Well, I think if I win, it will be because of my social game.  So if I did something right for the majority of the house to vote me as the winner, I don't think America can hate me because the Jury loved me.

Jeff:  That's a great answer.  You really spun that around and that's what you gotta do in there.  We're all gonna have fun watching you.  Except for your mom, that is.

Bella:  I'm sorry Mom.  In advance, I'm sorry.


Once again, I have to say that Bella seems remarkably poised for her age.  And based on her interview, I could believe she's 32 instead of 22.  But has she really watched Big Brother before?  I'm not sure about that, but she certainly seems bright enough to figure it out.  If she can read people and understand body language that can take you far in the game.

It sounds like Bella has been working for years, so that experience can be a big help as well.  I know that she is going to be constantly compared to Jun Song (BB4 winner), and there are several commonalities other than being Asian.  For example, Jun also has a rebellious streak that loves to shock people, and she also had struggles with her weight before, during and after her BB season ended.

Jun was a shrewd BB player and used a negative twist during her season to her advantage, so those are some big BB shoes for Bella to fill. I don't think she even knows about Jun, though, which is probably a good thing.  Jun has a tendency to sharply criticize any other Asian BB contestants, even going as far as insulting Julie Chen while still bitching about never being invited back to play again.

Let's see if Bella can play her own game without having to be compared to Jun every minute.  It doesn't hurt that Janelle likes her, based on her Favorite Activity as listed below in her CBS bio.

Well, she named herself as her favorite BB player, so that shows she doesn't know much about the history of this game.  And I don't know how she thinks she can use "bribery" to win the game, because you're not allowed to cut deals to share prize money.

You can see that she refers to her mother constantly, only mentioning her father by telling us the horrible thing he did to her when she was only in the 5th grade.  Geez dad.  No wonder Bella already seems world-weary and blase about everything.

Bella insults the entire Trees community by implying that we're all lazy buzzkills, planted on our couches shoveling junk food into our pie holes.  But then she mentions being into fitness for a short period of time.

Maybe somebody needs to tell Bella how focused you can be if you smoke a little weed before going to the gym.  You're welcome Bella.  Everything in moderation, Bella.  Maybe if your Tiger Mom had forbidden pot smoking you'd be a damn stoner right now.

The online sleuths were trying to make the case that Jack Matthews is Bella's ex-boyfriend, since he mentioned climbing Mount Kilimanjaro during his chat with Big Jeff.  Ever since we learned that two cast members definitely know each other, everyone is trying to make the case that this is another secret pair season like BB6.  But Bella's climbing boyfriend seems to be named Billy.

And of course she mentions her mother and what her mother doesn't know, practically taunting her with this post.

And probably this one, too.

She left her Instagram account unlocked, which is a bold move that also shows she hasn't followed a season of Big Brother in real time, online.  She is definitely a beautiful girl, but based on some of the photos, I'm not sold on the idea of why she may have moved to Los Angeles.  There are homeless people she could be helping anywhere, not just the entertainment capital of the US.

Just saying.

But let's see what sort of damage Bella can do in the house this summer.  Let's see how she can get along with the strange cross section of people she's going to be forced into confinement with.  For some reason I can envision Bella being called out by Production for not following the rules.  And there are A LOT of rules in there.

That can be fun for us to watch, though.


  1. Ugh. I liked her from her interviews, but less after reading this. It is doubtful that she was in retail a long time, in the ER a long time, in college and now in LA... at 22? I think she exaggerates to the point of lying and may come across as insincere. That being said, she is funny and will be entertaining while she lasts.

  2. First you do not "climb" Kilimanjaro unless you go up the back side (I did)...the trek she took is called the "Coca Cola" trail because there are literally Coke stands periodically on the way up. I agree with Unknown that Bella seems to call everything she has done as 'for a long time'!!! I think she will get caught in her lies and exaggerations so it should be interesting!!!!


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