Friday, September 28, 2018

The Finale. Das Ende. La Fin. El Fin. Whatever You Call It, It's Over. #BB20

Before we begin, we must acknowledge how FLAWLESS Julie looked as she prepared to host the Big Brother 20 finale show.  Is it her last night hosting Big Brother?  Is this the last we'll see of her on CBS? 

Only time will tell, and so far time isn't talking.  Time likes to keep it's mouth shut, so it can surprise us.

That hair, though, is SPECIAL.  She waited to break out that style for a very important night.  And if you have a waistline like that, you should wear clothes like this that put your shape on display every damn day.  If Julie Chen Moonves is going out tonight, she's going out on top, as far as her look goes.

Julie also let us know that the pre-Jury cast was on the lot.  Kaitlyn, Winston and Rachel have been hanging out together in a rented house for at least a few days now, forming the nucleus of this group.  The beef in the pre-Juror sandwich, so to speak.  And look at how Christopher can't even pose with the group, blatantly avoiding any sort of gesture of camaraderie.  He thinks he's better than everybody else, which is hilariously ignorant.

Here, I fixed it for you.  But we'll get to all of the blatant self-promotion later.  I think the shirt that Rachel is wearing is one that Kaitlyn is actually selling online, using her line that she's 90% love and light, and 10% "go fuck yourself".  If you think Steve looks a little different than you remember him from the show, he's lost 67 pounds, he later told Ross and Marissa in his backyard interview. 

For the past few seasons, CBS has included a teaser for the BB Finale during the premiere of Survivor, which airs in the spot just before the Finale.  I watched it, of course, just as I've watched Survivor every season, but it's not the same anymore.  For one thing, they are filming in a national park, as evidenced by the jogging path right in the middle of camp.  And because they film two seasons back-to-back in the same spot every year now, the resources are picked clean.

But whatever.  I was waiting to see the BB teaser, and I wasn't disappointed.  For the record, this teaser appeared as Survivor was going into the first commercial break after 9:00 PM EST, with less than 30 minutes to go until the Finale kickoff.  But I don't need to tell you how much time is left, because there's a big countdown clock right there on the screen as Julie tells us that she's Julie Chen Moonves, live from the Big Brother Finale stage.

And they've got a packed house, she says, as the camera sweeps the cheering audience, giving us a view of the Final Three's family members. 

1.  JC - the guy in the blue shirt on the left, and the girl in the yellow dress are his friends. 
2.  Kaycee - in the second row, the enthusiastic man in the striped shirt and the lady sitting to the left of him are her parents. 
3.  Tyler - his mom Charlene is the one in the coral top, with Tyler's stepfather right next to her in the blue shirt.

It looks like a CBS soap opera actress and her companion took Kaycee's family's front row seats, doesn't it?  I don't want to speculate about what might have happened to cause that, but however that came to be, the result is documented here.

Julie showed us that the Final Three was getting ready for the show in front of the bathroom mirror.  I think we can all be glad that Tyler wasn't picking at his skin, but of course they all knew that they were being seen live on camera.  I know this because of Christmas' very obvious display last year.

It's a super cool idea to do this, though, leveraging the Survivor audience to remind CBS casuals that big things were in store for them if they didn't change the channel.

I was immediately trying to determine if JC had been told the Bad News yet, that he was already doomed to join the Jury in about an hour.  I was later able to confirm that he was not yet formally aware of this, but we'll chat more about that later.

So then we all sat through the end of the Survivor premiere, which in my opinion was overwrought and DID NOT need to be 90 minutes long.  I know the network scheduled this night months ago, but if Survivor doesn't have the content to fill the space, they could have split the difference with Big Brother, taking 15 minutes from Survivor and adding them to Big Brother. 

Because, as usual, the Big Brother Finale is like riding a roller coaster, where the uphill climbs seem excruciatingly long, while the juicy part is so fast you can hardly see what is happening.  And you want it to last so much longer.

As the finale kicked off, we watched the conclusion of the first part of the final HoH competition, which the audience started watching at the end of the Sunday night CBS episode.  In the old days (BB17 and prior) the live feeders got to watch this competition play out on the feeds, but for some reason they've stopped doing that.

It's trite to complain about that, because everybody else already does, but I don't see why they don't just show the conclusion of this during the Sunday night episode, trimming out some of the fat from the "clip show" part of that episode.  It took about 7 minutes of time during the Finale to wind this one up, and we could have used that 7 minutes on the back end of the Finale.  Just saying. 

Like real estate, they're not making any more time, so it's up to us to use it wisely.

If you don't recall, the Final Three were all hanging on to their jet packs, trying to be the one to stay up there the longest, through all of the twirling, tilting, and the squirting of unknown substances.

I was surprised to see JC make it to nearly 55 minutes.  That's a long time, particularly when the jet packs were nearly horizontal for some stretches of time.

Then Kaycee fell about two minutes later, but this fall wasn't without controversy.  Tyler and Kaycee had agreed that he would let her win this first physical competition, but when push came to shove, Tyler wasn't budging.  Kaycee was telling him to "drop, drop" but if Tyler responded to her, we didn't see it.

I later saw Tyler trying to make excuses about it, saying he didn't understand what she was trying to say, and that he was planning on dropping as soon as another "big jolt" happened, but in his Diary Room session he admitted he wanted to win so he could control his fate.  As well he should, even though fate sometimes has different plans for you than you think it does.

Their first hurdle cleared, the Coast-to-Coast alliance sprawled out, one just a little happier than the other.  Tyler later said he could have stayed up there another hour if he needed to, but Kaycee was having some painful shoulder issues and was already worried about being able to perform in the second part of the final HoH competition.  Two days later, she still had trouble winding up her bun properly.  Kaycee is very particular about her bun placement and structure, you know.

And then this happpened. SHE was in the audience, with her chiron stating that she is a "Best selling Author of "Unhinged". 

Okay.  Whatever.  That was totally negotiated, in exchange for her participation in the Finale tonight.  Otherwise her chiron would have stated that she was a former player on Celebrity Big Brother, or a former White House Whatever-She-Was. 

But what about the guy next to her?  Is he somebody we should know?  I don't watch any sitcoms or scripted drama shows on network TV, and haven't for years, so I have no idea. 

We scrolled through another shot of the Final Three Family and Friends, before resting on Dr. Will and his lovely wife Erin Brodie. 

I don't think today's CBS fan base knows who Erin Brodie is.  Or was.  Everyone makes such a huge deal about Dr. Will winning Season Two of Big Brother and winning $500,000.  But just a few years later, Erin Brodie was a contestant on "For Love or Money", which was an NBC reality show.  I didn't watch it, but I heard about the results.

GET THIS:  Erin won the 1st season, with a prize of $1,000,000, and rolled right into the 2nd season, making the bet that she could double her prize money by winning again.  AND SHE DID, winning a prize of $2,000,000, but she gave another player $500,000 and later dated him for awhile.  She met Dr. Will during a short-lived Bravo series "Battle of the Reality Stars", and has been with him since then (although Will's conduct with Janelle during BB7 created a few rocky moments for them), having two beautiful children together (Cash and Scarlett).  You might also recall that during BB14, Mike Boogie voted out Janelle on a live show by calling out Erin Brodie by name, saying "this one is for  you".  Erin wasn't happy about that, from what I heard at the time, and neither was Will, because it dredged up all of that old drama again for them to think about.

In case it's not obvious, Erin is a just as much of a player as Will is, maybe more.  She told the guys on For Love or Money she needed to win the money for her ailing father, who is a San Francisco professional football player legend. He did have some health problems, but in reality started a celebrity golf tour and won millions from that.  I will also add that Erin's older sister married a tennis coach who coached John McEnroe and other tennis stars.  So Will may be a Big Cheese to us, but within his family structure, he's just a sliced selection on the cheese plate.

But now back to the show.  The second part of the HoH competition was called Mount Evictus, and the goal was to pick the four house guests that were the answer to three questions, and climb up on the mountain to place them in formation.

If you answered correctly, the "laser pen" (or whatever) sketched out the faces on Mount Evictus.  The Bros were up there, on Mount Evictus.  It was kind of cool.  Kaycee made the climbing look easy, even with her sore shoulder, but she had problems answering who the first four players evicted unanimously were, totally forgetting about Sam.

Kaycee: Sam never even crossed my mind.  I think she's still in the damn house, in the Have Not room doing crafts or something.

Then it was JC's turn, and if I was a CBS casual I might have thought that he won, because the depiction of his efforts seemed to go as smoothly as Kaycee's attempt.

CBS still managed to poke some fun at JC though, showing him swing and hit the ground every time he rappelled back down to the ground.

JC:  I'm glad I got to practice the rock climbing in the house, but I should have practiced the jumping part more.


In the end though, their scores were very close, making it a very close race.  JC's time was only 39 seconds slower than Kaycee's time, so if JC had been a little quicker to get up and run after he fell each time, the outcome of this season would have radically different.

At this point in the Finale, each time we returned from a commercial break we got a closer look at the Final Three guests in the audience.  I need to point out that Kaycee has been saying that her mother goes to the Philippines each year for several months, and the plane tickets are so expensive that she didn't expect her to come home for the Finale.  But now we know she did, after all.

And yes, that is Jessie Godderz, Mr. Pectacular in the audience next to Ken Clark, clapping like a normal human being, not trying to steal anybody's thunder by flexing or wearing something to call attention to himself, a lesson in humility that some former Big Brother players still have yet to learn.  Also, Ross told Kaycee that he and Marissa were sitting right next to Kaycee's dad, so I don't know if that is true or not.  It didn't look like that to me in any of the pictures I took.

Then it was time to see the Jury again, a segment that has been so great in season's past.  Not so much today though, but that is hardly Dr. Will's fault.  He can only work with who is there at that round table, and as he later told a news outlet, he's just there to moderate the discussion.  He can't "enforce intelligence" on them.  If Dr. Will knew how to do that, he'd be much to busy to make time for a TV show.  Trust me on that.

The first order of business was to learn who the next evictee is, and there were many guesses among the panel about who that would be, but only Sam and Scottie thought it might be Angela.

Bayleigh:  It would be nice to see that princess kicked off her pedestal but I don't think it will happen.

But it did, of course, and Angela managed a smile as she emerged from the bushes, telling them that it was so great to see everyone again, and so surreal.  I'm sure her stomach hurt while she was waiting to come out, knowing that she didn't have many, if any friends in the group.

Dr. Will invited Angela to tell the Jury how she got there, and when she said JC evicted her the right side of the couch erupted in excitement.   We only see a highly edited segment of the Jury meeting, of course, and each of the Final Three got their own little discussion about why they might deserve to win the game.

We saw Angela jump right in to campaign for Tyler, basically saying Kaycee was a good player, but a follower who didn't make the big moves that Tyler did.  She told them that Tyler made a Final Two with Kaycee on Day #2 of the season.

Sam:  Tyler made a Final Two with me on Day #3. 

Angela:  I was also working with Brett in the game. We made an alliance on Day #3 with Winston, Rachel, Kaycee and Tyler, and were working together the entire time.  We called ourselves Level 6.

Haleigh:  Some things make sense now.

Sam looked perplexed as Dr. Will asked the group to raise their hand if they were sitting there now because of Level 6.  I think everybody did raise their hand, if somewhat reluctantly.  And once again Sam's hair is AWFUL. What planet is Sam living on where she prepares to be on television looking like that?

HERE'S THE THING:  Didn't Brett tell the Jury about Level 6 at least a week ago?  Was it some big surprise for the Jury now?  I don't get the impression that he did, because he does do such a good job of keeping a blank look on his face in times of pressure.  I just watched his post-Finale interview with Ross and Marissa and they were so busy shucking and jiving with him that they didn't ask any important questions like this one.

We also didn't get any chatter about how Angela responded to both Fessy and Scottie who each slammed her in front of a live audience the last time she saw them, with ridiculous allegations that had no place in the game.  Angela never had to be in the Jury house though.  After they taped this Jury segment they all went back to separate hotel rooms to stew until it was time for the Finale.

I just realized I had no close up pictures of the self-proclaimed "freakishly handsome" Dr. Will Kirby.

Unfortunately I just CAN'T STAND Bayleigh now. I see her as totally performative, making faces and being so extra about everything.  It's all about Bayleigh, all the time.  She can stand up or take a seat, because I don't have to care anymore.

Just be glad Bayleigh that you got your own closeup here, one last time.  Because it was a toss up whether it would happen.  The "remove" button is so easy to click and then you would disappear.  You look pretty though.

I much prefer the close up of this bear, who was featured on the next commercial wearing his Atlanta Falcons T-shirt.  It was a spot for a local energy company, so I'm pretty sure they can change the logo and sell the spot to any power company across the country. 

We can all relate to getting our snacks we've been thinking about all day, looking forward to settling down to watch the big game.  All this bear wanted to do was to hunker down in his man cave and watch sports.

But the Mrs. and the cubs were already there, a real buzzkill for this bear.  The cubs even ate his damn snacks.

I love it when they use animals in the commercials instead of people.  Maybe it's just me, but I relate to them better.  And I don't fast forward through the animal commercials, which is the most important thing for the advertisers.

And when we returned from the break, we saw a close look at Tyler's mom and step father. I think the last time Tyler has seen them was in October 2017 for their wedding.  So she must be extra-excited to see him tonight, likely thinking her son achieved a huge dream by winning a prize he's always dreamed about.

Then, to our surprise, the final HoH competition wasn't the "Scales of Just Us", with the familiar set of the huge scale they famously stand on while they answer questions.  Instead, this final competition added flashy graphics and technology, in a similar fashion as the Celebrity Big Brother final HoH competition.  In that competition, the house guests texted each other and the players had to answer a question based on that.

This time they watched snippets of the Jury's podcast episodes, where amid other chatter they made some claims about their time on Big Brother that the player had to decide was "Just Right" or "Not Quite".  They would go eight rounds, so think about that as we scroll through each Jury member's podcast.  Only the first five were assured of being viewed on TV, so Production put the questions in order of what they wanted to appear on the show.  Or IF they would appear on the show.

This is Jury Oddcasts.

Angie Rockstar is a natural on TV.  She is expressive and captivating and has no problem holding your attention.  The premise of her podcast was some sort of spiritual discussion, probably about crystals and drum circles. The answer here was "Not Quite", and both Tyler and Kaycee answered correctly.

Each of these "oddcasts" were edited such that it seems like we joined them in progress, cutting off the Oddcaster mid-sentence, adding another touch of reality.

And Brett seemed to be a Jim Cramer-type broadcaster, punching those round button to play silly sound effects in a manner that seemed totally natural. If I thought there were hidden messages and jokes embedded in those charts, I might take the time to study them, but it's not like this show is Better Call Saul or anything.

I'll just take it at face value and move on.  I could TOTALLY see Brett hosting a show like this.  I don't remember what the correct answer was, but both Tyler and Kaycee answered correctly.  As Brett's oddcast cut off, he was talking about "Brett's Biceps".

I don't know what the premise of Bayleigh's podcast would be, but the sour look on her face says it all.  I think they could have put her in an airplane setting, maybe making a frequent flier type of broadcast.

But maybe Delta would sue them if they did that.  Surely she's not invited back to that Company even if she wanted to return, after using offensive pejorative terms about JC over and over, even after being talked to in the Diary Room about it.  Not to mention her bloody-mouthed , demonic, shrieking episode where she yelled at America's Golden Boy Tyler, telling HIM he was "acting crazy" and screaming at HIM that he was "a fucking animal".

Both contestants answered the same here, as they did every question.  It was a tie every round, so Bayleigh's game related facts here don't really matter.

And now it's Haleigh's turn, and she's doing some sort of live Oddcast about mascara today, chatting with the crowd watching while keeping an eye on the scrolling comments from the fans.  One of the facts she said was something about how you should only wear one coat of mascara, before putting on coat-after-coat while she spoke.

Sort of like Haleigh's game play, right?  Confusing and contradictory. Did you notice what is different here?  Haleigh's mole was covered up with makeup.  Kaycee was giggling at Haleigh's Oddcast, particularly when Haleigh ended by saying "Spectacular!", probably a reference to her trying to use a different 50-cent word each time she addressed Julie on the live show.

And then Scottie's Oddcast is him playing a Zingbot-themed video game and muttering to himself.  I heard Kaycee laughing about this, too.

Of course Scottie DID NOT get to meet Nicole and Victor. I specifically stated that I was glad he was evicted before they visited, because I was sure he would have said or done something to spoil their moment.  Because Scottie tries so hard to be a social outcast that he's become one, acting like a total idiot, even though he's 27 YEARS OLD.

And these are the last three Oddcasts that Production was fine with cutting from the broadcast if necessary.  I think Fessy certainly looks like a sports TV commentator, but the chatter is very blah blah blah.  The thing with Fessy is that he's got a bad attitude, and that is evident in his tone of voice, before you even listen to what he says.

That is going to hurt him in life, and will certainly cost him TV opportunities.  He's lucky to be on Big Brother, because the rumor is that the network wanted to replace him in the days before the season kicked off.  (See "Fessy Sidebar" near the end of this post for more info about that.)

And then I don't know what this was all about.  Sam was apparently trying to repair or destroy this vacuum cleaner, while muttering about her Big Brother facts the whole time.  Maybe they just ran out of budget money or something, or maybe Sam was so whacked out on anti-depressants that she couldn't follow a script.

I think they could have bought a chemistry set and made it look like she was making moon shine or something.  Surely she would have shown some enthusiasm about that, right? 

Both Tyler and Kaycee got Sam's question wrong, but in true form they both did the same thing.  I doubt Kaycee had the cunning to try and throw it, but I think Tyler wanted to throw it, so he wouldn't put JC's jury vote at risk.  They could see each other over the partition and made eye contact and laughed every time their answers matched.  Which was every time.

Then it was Angela's turn, and it was clear that her Oddcast was taped when they taped the Jury round table, so the setup was designed to be used with whoever was the unlucky player evicted in that spot.  I think Angela is supposed to be in the shower here, telling us her topic was how to play Big Brother in a really filthy manner.

Why not wrap a towel around her then, or make her wear a shower cap?  You know they would have done that to JC, if he was the one in this Oddcast.  Tyler missed this answer too, clearly trying to throw the competition to Kaycee, but they both missed the answer, requiring a tie breaker question.

And it was such an easy many seconds were they on their Jet Packs in the first part of the HoH competition.  I've already told you kids to prepare to play this game by learning that there are 3,600 seconds in each hour.  I'm hoping Tyler knows that, because he gave an answer that was over 1,000 too low, while Kaycee guessed within 14 seconds of the correct answer.

So Kaycee won the second part of the HoH competition live, and Julie told us it was time for Kaycee to send the last Jury member out on the stage, after the break.

And during that break was the time when Kaycee told JC that she had a Final Two with Tyler, and would be evicting him momentarily.  And THIS is why Tyler wanted to throw the comp.  Ever since Kaycee and Tyler knew that they would be the ones continuing to the final HoH competition, they were discussing how and when they would tell JC the bad news.  After they learned when the live feeds would shut down early in the morning on Finale Day, they agreed that it was probably best to wait until then, so he could react without the cameras watching him. 

When JC stood to make his plea to Kaycee to take him to the Final Two, it became clear that Tyler and Kaycee agreed that whoever won and would be making the choice would be the one to tell JC in advance.  But only a few moments in advance. 

JC:  Congratulations Kaycee, and I want to thank you for what you told me just now right over there (pointing in the direction of the kitchen or bathroom hallway) so I wouldn't be blindsided.

Jaycee then went on to point out that he didn't want to campaign against Tyler, but they all know Angela was probably lobbying hard for Tyler in the Jury, and so forth.  Kaycee listened and nodded.  I knew that the choice she would make was relatively simple, but completing the act and sending JC out of the house was very difficult.

Then Tyler stood up and told JC he knew he was heartbroken right now, and said he was heartbroken too.  Then Tyler said he's been working with Kaycee since the beginning, and all she needed to do was finalize her decision, and then they would go to the end together like they always planned.

The cameras cut to Kaycee's face, as her smile fell away as she listened to Tyler speak and she looked worried as hell.  That was when I got scared for Tyler, because just during what we saw on this Finale, there were two events that should have made it clear to Kaycee that Tyler was playing this game a lot harder than she was.

1.  Tyler ignored her request to drop from his jet pack, even though they agreed he would do that the day before.

2.  Tyler just implied to JC that he wanted to go to the end with him and was sad about it.  Even though that was likely not the case, Tyler still said it to get JC's vote.

I was like OH MY GOD she's going to cut Tyler and I felt that wave of blood pressure almost knock me off my feet.  If she had done that, the entire conversation about Kaycee and her win would have been totally different.  But when Kaycee stood up and said she loved both of them, and then addressed JC, I remembered that making such a cutthroat move is not who Kaycee Clark is, and never will be. She's a team player and is that person that you'd want to go into battle with, because you know she'd have your back fighting the enemy. 

And then the Big Brother Fan Know-It-Alls erupted on social media, calling Kaycee "a Cody" and mocking her perceived mistake, much like we all did last year when Josh took Paul to the Final Two.  I love that Cody Califiore was watching it all play out live and can laugh at himself and the choice he made at the end of BB16.

For the first time this summer, JC wasn't the one peeking out the door and jumping up and down.  Instead he walked out to a roaring crowd, probably a little shocked to be confronted with so many people and so much energy after being stuck inside for 99 days.  He saw his friends and almost fell as he ran over to where Julie was, still waving and staring at the audience.  He actually ran behind the interview chairs and had to come back around to sit down next to Julie.

Inside the house we saw JC's picture fade to black-and-white and the Final Two hugged each other and said "WE DID IT" over and over and over.

We heard Julie say "you knew" to JC as they first sat down, and he confirmed he did know.  He did a good job in his brief interview with Julie, describing how he did his best to protect Tyler all summer long, thinking he was Tyler's number one.   It's important to note that JC heard Tyler say the name "Level 6" during the Jury Q&A session, and probably didn't know exactly what that meant until later in the evening, when the show was over.

When we came back from the break, the Jury was already seated onstage, which probably saved a minute or so of time, since they usually walk out individually while the crowd cheers in varying degrees of energy and feeling.  But this time they were already seated.

Before I forget, I read that Angela's brother and mother were watching the Finale live from her nearby apartment, and her brother said he spotted Bayleigh's parents in the audience.  Is that true?  Does anybody know?  They were perturbed, because why should her family get to sit in the audience when they weren't invited?  That's a good question, but if I was going to ask Bayleigh's family some questions, that wouldn't even make the list.

For the most part, the Jury really turned it out and looked fantastic.  And then there's Sam.  Once again, her hair is HORRIBLE.  Left to her own devices, sitting in a hotel room alone for a week, Sam apparently decided to join the witness protection program by dying her hair jet black and cleaning out the minibar on a daily basis.  Whatever she did in there, it wasn't healthy or good for her.

The Jury guessed that JC would be next to join them, and they were correct.  He seemed calm, but only Angela reached out to hug him as he made his way to his seat.

I was kind of worried about JC, and got more worried when it took him forever to appear in the backyard for the interviews. But when he finally appeared he seemed in good spirits, and said he was worried about the outside world and wanted to get drunk and then sleep.  Both sensible choices, in my opinion.

Then the Final Two could see the Jury, including Haleigh's cleavage and Sam's disguise.  It was time for the jurors to stand and ask the questions printed on their cards, which supposedly were going to help them make the very important choice of who deserved their vote to win this season of Big Brother.

Each Juror (except JC) had a question pre-written for them that they stood up and asked when called on by Julie. The questions are incredibly generic and seem to be the same ones used year after year.  Haleigh asked Tyler what his biggest strategic moves were in the game, and he had an action-packed answer for her.

Tyler:   I knew to go far in this game I needed to have people that would follow me to the end, and want to go there with me.  You all already know about Level 6, but I also formed a bond with Sam and also JC and Kaycee.  I had JC to help me stay safe with the other side of the house, and Kaycee to help protect me within Level 6, and Sam was my wild card.

Then Tyler told them that he did some crazy things the first part of the game, which got him trending so he won the 2nd power app.  He then turned and acknowledged that he hadn't told Kaycee about that yet.  Tyler had so many strategic moves to tell them about, in answer to Haleigh's question, but Julie had to cut him off, in the interest of time.

I understand how the clock works, and also the network television schedule, but if we're not here to let the players make the case for why they need to win, what are we here for?

Angela's question was for "her little peanut" and she wanted to know, other than winning so many physical competitions, what did Kaycee do that makes her a deserving winner of the game?  I took this picture to capture what Faysal was doing the entire time Angela was speaking.  He was pursing his lips and shaking his head back and forth, and even bared his teeth at one point in a snarl.  In summary, Faysal was very disrespectful to Kaycee before she even started speaking.

And when she started speaking, it was to discuss her social game, and how she knew that would take her far in the game.  At some point she said her plan was to lay low in the game, and made it to about day 46 before she started winning competitions, and knew that would carry her to to the end.

I don't know what question Sam asked here, but I wanted to get a closer picture of her look so we'd have it for the record.  It was clear that Sam had a lot of disdain for Tyler and carried plenty of hard feelings out of the house, along with as much trinkets and trash that Production would let her pack in her suitcase.

Bayleigh's question concerned Jurors who might have left the house with a sour taste for him in their mouth.  Tyler stood and apologized to her, and she said "about time" in exactly the tone of voice you would expect from such a bitter, entitled brat.  Personally I think Tyler should have tried to focus on the people who he knew had a good chance of voting for him, instead of spending his entire response to her about her.  He should have addressed Scottie, and maybe Fessie, talking about sportsmanship and eliminating fierce competitors or something.  Trying to appeal to Bayleigh was a lost cause, but he said he wanted to create an enemy in the Jury so that the others wouldn't be afraid to take a well-liked person to the end of the game with them.

Tyler also made the very important point that if he had needed to use his Cloud Power App, someone in his alliance that he was close to would go on the block in his place.

Tyler:  So that's why Bayleigh when you were HoH I told you Scottie was my number one, so you would put him up instead of Level 6 if I had to use my power.

Scottie took a second to let that sink in, and then he was muttering and snickering as he realized that Tyler was never really his friend.  He was just pretending to like him to put a target on him.  I think this might have been the moment that Scottie changed his vote, but I'm the last person who would try to explain what is going on inside Scottie Salton's head.

Then it was time for the Final Two to stand and make their speeches to the Jury.  Up until this point, it was clear to me that if this was a debate, Tyler would have already won. He had the most evidence to back up his win, and just from his demeanor, it should have been clear to the Jury that Tyler successfully hid his knowledge of the game, and most of his strategic moves all summer.  Kaycee basically repeated the same things over and over, about her social game and her competition wins.  Tyler's game was clearly more layered and wide-reaching, which as his teammate benefited Kaycee in the end.

For the record, the total time spent on the Jury Q&A segment was around six minutes.  Kaycee's final plea to the Jury was a little over one minute, and Tyler was afforded 45 seconds for his speech.

I'm not sure the results would have been any different if Tyler had more time, because Scottie already told us that the Jury made a pact to vote in a block to choose the winner, since it was the only power they had left in the game.  Haleigh did say when casting her vote that the speeches made her change her mind, but none of her Jury-mates who were in her alliance made the switch with her.

After the break the pre-Jurors were on the stage, but don't get your hopes up to hear anybody say anything except Christopher Williams. 

Make no mistake that this was a planned segment, because Julie started it off by referencing the Tangela showmance, telling the crowd that Tyler and Angela "already confessed their love for each other on national TV".  They both confirmed that they felt the same and were looking forward to the future and spending time together.

And then Julie rolled into the next topic on her cue card, which unfortunately led to the following shameful, selfish, ridiculous display of self-absorbed and self-centered self-promotion for the new You Tube channel that is apparently Christopher William's new career plan.  I guess the "day trading" and the babysitting didn't work out, and he certainly talked NON STOP in the house about his plan to "dominate" social media.

Not if we don't watch, you won't.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.  This is likely the reason why her family was in the audience.  Since the jeweler didn't get a plug, I'm assuming Bayleigh's father paid for the ring, just as he will foot the bill for the prenatal care, health insurance, and all other expenses necessary from now on. 

GET THIS:  On Reddit, someone who watches Swaggy's Instagram stories said Swaggy admitted that Production knew about his plans, and also let everybody know that Bayleigh probably did, too.  Swaggy bragged that they each wrote each other about 20 letters that they were apparently allowed to exchange while Bayleigh was on the Jury.  For the record, I think the Jurors are allowed at least one call home, but the call is monitored so they don't get game information.  Swaggy even waved the letters around on camera, not realizing that the shrewd Redditors would snap a picture and then put the contents online. I saw a post it note that Bayleigh wrote about asking her doctors if they could have sex while she was pregnant.  True story.  I saw it.

SO:  I really don't give a shit who has sex with each other on their own time, and the horrible personal choices they make beyond that.  But what I do care about is how it interferes with the Big Brother Finale, as someone who has been watching and documenting this fucking season for 99 days now.  This CHARADE took up OVER FOUR MINUTES of valuable real estate at the END OF THE FINALE.

This poster on Reddit wrote this just as the Finale had ended, not yet knowing that Production's knowledge of this plan had been confirmed.  Swaggy later passed out "Daddy" baseball caps, one of which Fessy wore in the backyard during his interviews.  Fessy also mocked this ridiculous proposal, saying dryly that "Bayleigh and Swaggy have known each other for years" as Ross chortled behind his notecard, trying to play the company game.  (Ross is just as mean as we are, if not more, but he's pretending not to be in his new role as Big Brother facilitator.)

You may recall Amanda wanted to marry McCrae after BB15, and whisked him home to Florida to live together and begin a new life.  Um...that didn't work out.  At all.  Amanda knows. 

Before the commotion behind her had a chance to die down, Julie had to start reading the Jury votes, because the show was nearly over.  We never got to hear from Kaitlyn, or Winston, or Rachel.  Usually Julie asks the pre-Jurors what they saw on the TV episodes that surprised them, and that's always a fun thing to watch.  But not this time.  I'm sure Braggy C is THRILLED about that, because he somehow feels that he's better than them and has boasted constantly about "cooking them", or whatever other stupid, immature statements he's made.

==>  THIS RUINED THE ENTIRE FINALE FOR ME.  Sorry to say it, but it's true.  I feel sorry for the many members of the crew who were forced to participate in this monstrosity of a moment.  I know you have worked hard every day (or most of them, anyway) to make a great show and this asshat's ego took away your pleasure and pride as well.

KNOW THIS:  Karma comes around, sometimes faster than you think.

It was another tight vote, with the first eight votes happening like this:

Tyler:  JC, Angela, Brett, Haleigh

Kaycee:  Scottie, Faysal, Angie Rockstar, Sam

And Production left the tie breaking vote up to Bayleigh.  And of course Bayleigh voted for Kaycee.  Tyler knew it was coming, too, already reaching over for Kaycee's knee before Julie read the final vote.

They ran out together, under the famous hail of silver confetti.  Kaycee later said she nearly choked after inhaling some of it. 

This was SO IRRITATING to me. Scottie had to go over and get in the shot of Tyler and Kaycee hugging.  I must remind you that last year Raven made sure she did EXACTLY the same thing to Josh, getting right there in his confetti camera shot even though she didn't even vote for him.

Scottie's Mommy is still running his Twitter account.  Or maybe she always does...who knows.  Don't even think about calling Scottie out on his actions, because Scottie's Mommy will make you stand in a corner in a dirty diaper for hours. 

Note to Mommy:  No one gives a shit about your son's vote.  Get over yourself.  And buy a big box of Pampers because your baby is coming home.

This is the part of the show that is always SUPER rushed, when the real fans would love to see more of the cast reunite on stage, and what they have to say to each other after such a long summer.  For the record, I didn't see Angela and Tyler reconnect, which is not an indication of where things stand with them at all.  (SPOILER ALERT:  It's going well.)

We went into the last commercial break with Julie telling us that America's Favorite Houseguest would be awarded next.

As expected, Julie announced that the top three vote getters were Haleigh, Brett and Tyler. 

When Julie opened the card to tell Tyler that he won, it seemed more than he could take. 

Tyler:  I thought America hated me.

Julie:  No, they love you.  You're getting $50,000 for second place and also $25,000 for winning this too!

Tyler and Kaycee both got the peanut allergies then as the show came to a close.  Julie said the following about Big Brother:

*  Celebrity Big Brother will be back "this winter". 
*  "We'll be back next summer."

Julie:  From outside the Big Brother house, I'm Julie Chen Moonves.

Tyler's facial muscles twitched a little when she said that.  He's never heard her say that before.

Then the camera pulled back to show us how small they all look, still standing inside a soundstage, next to a parking lot, just off the highway.

I'm getting the peanut allergies all over again myself, watching Kaycee hug her mother with her father kissing her cheek.  Kaycee's mother has had trouble accepting her, causing Kaycee some distress, but surely this experience will make the relationship stronger.

Tyler hugged his mom for a nice long time, probably telling him she's proud of him, and how much the fans have loved him all summer.  Maybe even saying Angela is a catch.  Maybe she's even talked to Angela's family about it.  Maybe she's telling him how she got into a fight with Steve's family on social media.

But I digress.  For the last time this year, I digress.

I'm not unhappy that Kaycee won.  If you're a regular reader here, you know I love Kaycee.  I loved JC too, even though I didn't expect to at the beginning of the season.  But Tyler was my guy all summer.

The Final Three gave us a GREAT SHOW and Level 6 was surely one of the best alliances EVER SEEN on Big Brother.  Two of them made it to the end, and three of them made it to the Final Four.  They were strong and capable, and each of them played their role perfectly when they ran a huge game on the other alliance in the house, causing them to self-implode in a spectacular fashion.

This Redditor took the time to watch the post show interviews and document what the Jurors said about their votes, for the record.  They may try to tell us a different story later, after they watch the episodes, but this is what they said in the backyard.

I would have more respect for each of them (or Bayleigh, Angie, Fessy and Scottie) if they just came out and said "WE ALL AGREED TO VOTE FOR THE SAME PERSON". 

Kaycee is just Kaycee to me, but from the show's perspective she is the first gay woman to win, and only the second person with an Asian background to win.  She's a great person who anyone would be lucky to call a friend.  She's also a credit to the BB community who has been watching the show for years, and who did not have one controversial moment, which should make the network happy.

Her team, the San Diego Surge, FINALLY acknowledged she was playing Big Brother on September 21st, when they urged their followers to vote for Kaycee to win the favorite house guest prize.  Why didn't they tout her participation earlier in the season, when they could have used Kaycee's fame to build awareness not just for the team, but the entire football league?

Don't they want us to buy tickets to see the ladies play football?  Or watch it on TV?  Better late than never, I guess.  They made four posts for Kaycee in total in the past week, and this was the last one.

I'm so glad Tyler won the popularity prize.  As a Super Fan, he knows it is just as important as winning the show. It's a lot less money, but it means the fans respected his game.  He's not "a Paul" as I'm sure he was thinking as he lost to Kaycee by only one point in front of a bitter Jury.  Well, he might be that, but it sure is fun to watch the Jurors change their tune, trying to get on the right side of America's Favorite to make sure the halo effect on them is a good one.

I won't name names of past examples.  It's more fun for you to just try and figure it out.

And Tyler got the girl, too.  It's a happy ending, after all.

And it's true that the winners of the popularity vote often have CBS opportunities later.  I'm sure we'll see Haleigh turn up somewhere, too, because she's pretty enough to be a soap opera star herself.  Don't worry about Haleigh, people. 

I think they're going to play male dancers, don't you?

And look at Winston's handsome mug.  He should play a doctor on that soap.  I think he could play the role of the kindly country veterinarian.  He could be visiting Genoa City (or where ever) for a short time to "wrap up a family estate matter" and end up saving someone's dog from choking.  Then the next thing you know, Winston's character is in a torrid soap opera romance.

See how easy it is to be a writer?  You just make stuff up.

And sadly, this was Kaitlyn's tweet the day before the Finale.  Previously she had tweeted that she planned to call Tyler out for leading her on and manipulating her.  Perhaps she thought her segment on the Finale would be so explosive that she would need to leave Twitter for the rest of the year.

Blame Braggy C, Kaitlyn.  Some of us still love you.  (And she's still tweeting, after all.)

I will probably post at least one more time to cover some post-season shennanigans, because I can tell there will be some fun news to report. 

From just outside of Atlanta, this is the FeedWatcher, signing off.