Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End. #BB20

The Production crew doesn't have time for any nonsense on Finale Day.  They have way too much to do backstage to get ready for tonight.  They have the usual drama of producing a live broadcast which includes a competition, plus the chore of getting the Jury out on stage in one piece to perform their Jury questioning and voting on live TV.

And bringing the pre-Jury people to be seated during a commercial break will present another set of opportunities and risks, as two showmances will be reunited from across the stage, so close but yet so far.  (Bayleigh & Swaggy C, Winston & Brett)  This situation kind of sucks for the other pre-jurors, because Julie usually doesn't have enough time to hear from each of them.  I hope she at least gets a quote from Rachel, who will see Angela face-to-face for the first time since her brutal eviction.  I know Kaitlyn thinks she will be the star of the show, and has said she wants to confront Tyler for manipulating her.

Welcome to Big Brother Kaitlyn.

They got the wake up music promptly at 9:00 AM BBT, but no one jumped out of bed to greet the day.  I'm sure both Kaycee and Tyler are mulling their speeches over, taking one last moment of relative privacy to prepare what they want to say.  At least, I hope they are thinking about that.  They should be.

I would be interested to hear what sort of speech JC would make in front of the Jury, should he get that chance tonight.  I don't think he will get that chance, but anything is possible.

The final three were allowed to sleep uninterrupted for about 45 more minutes, before they were told to get up to change their batteries and prepare to say goodbye to us.  I heard Tyler say they had 15 minutes, so that would mean the live feeds end at 10:00 AM BBT as they have in other recent seasons.

JC was very happy because he knows he can sing and talk about Production as soon as the live feeds are over.  Tyler urged him to say goodbye in his boxer shorts and JC laughed.

Tyler got his own camera shot as he climbed out of bed and put some clothes on. 

And his socks and shoes, too.  I think they get called upstairs to the HoH room for a lockdown as soon as the live feeds go down, so the crew can do whatever they need to do downstairs before the show.

Kaycee:  This is the last time we'll do this together in the morning.

Tyler: Every time we do something today, we can say it's the last time.

Then, in a rush they were all in the kitchen talking to us. I was confused because Kaycee started speaking first and there was no clear camera shot of her face.  But then I realized what show I was watching and it all made sense.

Kaycee made some general pleasantries, thanking us for watching and supporting them and POP TV as well. 

Kaycee: It's been a fun and crazy season, but we're all ready to get the heck out of here.  I love you and it's very much appreciated.

(Kaycee decides to stop cursing NOW?)

 I realized that the cameras were never going to give us a tight shot of them as they said goodbye, so I switched to the quad camera, which I rarely do because it's so hard to see.  I do want to point out that the camera view on the lower left below kept moving back and forth.  Watching it live, I thought, damn, somebody waked and baked with the good stuff out there today, but I think Production was trying to let them know which camera they should be looking at.

I think I heard JC say "what is wrong with that", but nobody took the hint.  So away we go to the Quad cam shot.

Tyler:  You tell 'em JC.

JC:  Well, it's been my pleasure to entertain everybody every day.  I hope you guys are happy with the top three.  We did the best we could....

Kaycee: his boxers.

Tyler:  Yeah, in his boxers.

JC:  We just woke up.  You're probably used to it.

Tyler:  You saw his tiki-tiki.

JC:  You probably saw me naked a few times.  Sorry about that.

Tyler:  Somebody give us a tally after this.

JC:  Shut up.  Follow me on Instagram and ________ if you want to see more stuff.  Not naked pictures, just pictures.  That's about it.  Thank you so much for following us and supporting us with all of our craziness.  It was a fun summer.  It was the best summer of our lives.

Kaycee and Tyler repeated that last part, laughing a little.  (JC told them all season how the casting team kept telling him it would be the best summer of his life, and he claimed they lied to him.)

Kaycee:  We've been on the live feeds for almost 100 days.

Tyler:  Live feeders, we know you guys are the real MVPs.  You guys are the diehard fans.  You guys are the ones who are here with us everyday and you feel like you're a part of our lives. And you ARE a part of our lives 'cause we know you're there, we just try to ignore it.  But that being said, we appreciate you guys watching us, 'cause it makes us feel loved, even though you guys are probably hating on us hardcore all the time, like right now!

Kaycee:  We love the haters, we love the lovers....

Tyler:  All the haters, all the lovers, (moves over to hug JC & Kaycee) if one of your favorites is right here, thanks for loving us.  But if this is your least favorite three, then we're even more happy.

Kaycee: Don't be afraid to say hi to us if you see us.

Tyler:  Say hi to us.

JC:  Thank you so much for supporting my relationship with Tyler.  You've made be very happy all summer.

Tyler:  Thank you so much for tuning in to my life being destroyed...slowly...

JC:  What's that hashtag....Jayler?

Tyler:  Hashtag Jayler.

Kaycee:  Keep watching Big Brother!  I absolutely love love love this show (banging on the counter for emphasis).

JC:  We're gonna be right here next summer watching it with you for Big Brother 21.  Thanks.  Bye.

Tyler: Make sure you try out for the show.

Kaycee blew kisses as Tyler said they still have four minutes left, but JC said the clock on the stove is not accurate.  They got up to pour coffee (Kaycee) and pour out a handful of vitamins (Tyler).

Kaycee: It's been a crazy ass ride, all summer.

JC:  All right.  Is that it?  Are we done?

Tyler:  Not until 10:00.

JC:  That's not an accurate clock.

Tyler:  Thanks live feeders!

JC:  Thank you for making my life miserable, so I can't sing.

Kaycee: Stay awesome!

Sidebar:  Look at all of those damn snacks they've opened and not finished!

Tyler:  Hamsterwatch...deuces.

Kaycee:  If you ever want to run into JC, go to Wendy's.  And you can catch Ty at McDonald's.

JC: And with you, Hooters.

Kaycee:  Hooters!

Tyler:  Kaycee will be a regular at Hooters.  You'll have to carry her out.

Kaycee:  I'll be the only peanut in there.  You can't miss me.

JC:  I'm so freaking COLD in here.

Tyler:  Are you guys still here?  Why are we still on?  Tell us you're live feeders if you see us in the streets.  But don't sing the "Real Tyler Song".

Kaycee:  Sing the "Real Tyler Song".

And with that, the feeds for Big Brother 20 concluded.  It's over folks.  Whatever happens tonight, it's been a great season and I'd like to thank you for visiting me here.  This post is far from over, but I have to convey the sadness that I feel as another live feed season comes to an end.  It's bittersweet every time, but some years are more bitter than sweet (like BB19).  But this year, I miss them already.


Last night, the Final Three were knocking around in an empty house and haven't been allowed outside in many days.  There has been silence in the backyard until recently, when they have been excited to hear the sounds of building and banging.  As far as Final Threes go, these three house guests are unique because they seem to actually like each other and are doing the best they can to get through the experience together.

Other than showering, using the lav, and also occasional Diary Room sessions, Tyler, Kaycee and JC have been together in the house.  There is likely a psychological component to this, since they've been with other people non-stop for over 90 days, but there is also the paranoia to deal with.

JC has no power left in the game at all, since he won't be competing for the final HoH role tonight.  He can only hope that either Tyler or Kaycee choose him to take to the Final Two, so all he has is words to try to make that happen.

I think JC is semi-confident that Tyler will win the final HoH competition, and will take him to the end, but that hasn't stopped him from doing a little campaigning, disguised as providing information "as a friend" to Tyler and Kaycee when he's had the chance.  You can't blame JC for doing that, even though I know some of you would like to. 

They had fun as they prepared to go to sleep last night.  They have been laughing it up with "Bob" over the past few days, which is their name for the voice on the intercom.  As they were ready for the lights to go out so they could get some rest, Bob had other ideas.


JC:  What?  Are you kidding me Bob?


JC:  Oh Bob, you're so funny.

JC is still talking about setting Kaycee up with someone he knows, but Kaycee says she's really picky about who she dates, and Tyler says he is as well.

Kaycee:  You'll see when we get out of here....I'm picky.  Really picky.

JC has been trying to make the case to Tyler that Angela is campaigning for Kaycee in the Jury, saying he is Tyler's friend so he wants to let him know that taking Kaycee to the end would cost him the game, and JC doesn't want to see that happen.  JC has also been telling Tyler that Angela is a big time fitness model and Olympic athlete, so she will probably never talk to Tyler again after the season is over.  This really got to Tyler after hearing it so much that he got out of bed to sort it out in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

Tyler:  I really love that girl, and I can't get past it.  I'm in there trying to prepare for my final speech, but all I can think about is this shit.  All of my friends told me before this not to throw away a half million dollars for a girl.

Tyler:  I'm hoping to speak this out loud so it will go way.  But it's hard with JC telling me every five minutes that she'll never talk to me again.  What the fuck do I have to offer her?  I'm just a fucking lifeguard.  I'm in here wondering if it was even real.  It's real for me, but what if she was just playing me?  I know you all are going to have your opinions on my game.  But I'm going to be crushed if I lose this game and lose Angela, too.  I need to start prepping right now so I can win.  I need to win.  I'm gonna win.  I NEED TO WIN.  And she's gonna understand.  That is what has to happen.

Most of the time the Final Three has been lounging in the new conversation area they created by moving furniture from the bedroom into the dining area, which has extra space now that the dining table is so small.  Tyler and JC also climbed the rock wall one last time, since that was on their list of things to do.  JC said that he remembers the climb being so easy when he first came in the house, but it felt much harder now since he's not as strong as he was at the beginning of the summer. 

Tyler told Kaycee about his friend who he lifeguarded with who he thinks might even move out to California if Tyler does.  They were the two guards with the most seniority and his friend said he would just hang around Tyler all summer on the beach, not the newbies.

Tyler:  And then I left him there...he's probably pissed. But they all might have been happy, because I had the best chair, the location everyone wanted, so somebody else got to take it.  I think Lane might have taken it, because she was in the chair next to me.  That's how we got to be so tight.

Kaycee always asks for details about everybody's friends, probably figuring that she'll be friends with them too.  Lane lifeguards in Hilton Head during the summer, but goes to college in Knoxville Tennessee during the school year.

(Earlier this summer, I heard Tyler say Lane would be taking over his social media, but I'm not sure that happened.  In fact, there was a scandal a few weeks ago because the person who claimed to be part of Tyler's circle who was running his BB Twitter account turned out to be a fraud.  Rachel found that out first, I believed, and asked everyone to stop following that poser.)

JC said he can't wait to see Rachel, and Kaycee agreed.  Kaycee is also looking forward to seeing  Kaitlyn, and remembers how much fun they had laughing about stuff.  Tyler says he's excited and scared to see Kaitlyn, although JC has said he predicts Kaitlyn won't even show up at the finale because she is probably pissed that they make fun of her in the house.

Tyler said Kaitlyn's eviction was the first one that made the house feel different to him, because she followed him around the house all of the time and was such a big presence in there.  And Rachel's departure was notable, too, because she was rather loud and was a big personality that left a void immediately.

Remember the Kaitlyn Shrine they made on the dining room table?  I discussed that here, if you missed it, but here is an old picture of JC doing a Kaitlyn art project with the leftovers from the Halfway Party dinner.

And they love the fact that their pictures are all together on the Memory Wall.  I think it's a first that someone whose picture is on the right side of the wall will win Big Brother, but I wonder if it's ever happened that the Final Three are clustered together like this.

JC always remember's Bayleigh's face as she was shocked when eviction results were read aloud by Julie Chen.  He laughed and laughed about the way her mouth would drop open in surprise.  Tyler said that Angie Rockstar, Haleigh and Bayleigh never voted correctly until relatively late in the game.

I would like to point out that I NEVER heard Tyler nor Fessy repeat any of the graphic play-by-play descriptions of Swaggy's reported interactions with Bayleigh in the house.  And it's not like there weren't people in that house that wouldn't have enjoyed hearing some filthy gossip. Both Tyler and Fessy had enough class to know not to discuss it, which is more that we can say for Swaggy C.  If I were Bayleigh, I would consider all the evidence very carefully before I move forward with that one, who is still a child when it comes to attempting an adult relationship.

Tyler:  Remember how anytime something happened Scottie always got the blame for it?  Once we heard that he voted out Swaggy in his shirt so he could get trending, we always said yeah, he voted out Steve.  That makes sense.

Tyler also said that the week Haleigh was HoH, when Julie said the vote was 5-1, and then announced Angie Rockstar was evicted, Scottie was the very last person to get up off the couch, freaking out inside that he was unintentionally the only one who voted to evict Kaycee.

Tyler:  He went upstairs with me and said, I don't know what happened, dude.  He said everyone always thinks I'm some sort of diabolical genius, but I never know what is going in in here.  I just said me too buddy, like I wasn't in on it the whole time.

JC really gets a kick out of talking about Scottie's various disappointments and misdirections in the game.  Yesterday I saw JC get a quick moment alone with Kaycee as they sat on the kitchen barstools, and he was very subtle as he casually mentioned how Angela is probably campaigning for Tyler right now in the Jury.  JC also wanted to have a special talk with Kaycee about "gay topics", another point of differentiation in the game between JC and Tyler. 

They talked about various Pride festivals.  JC said he's been to most of the events all over the world, and can't think of one he would like to attend that he hasn't already experienced.

Kaycee said that from looking at JC's picture on the memory wall, it's written all over his face that he got that second power app.  Kaycee remembered seeing that icon pop up mysteriously that one time when they were waiting for Hacker comp announcements (ANOTHER PRODUCTION FUCK UP -  the picture was even displayed SIDEWAYS, so the weed was strong in the control room that day).

Kaycee:  It was a that Apple thing they have.  I think it was a Veto app or something.

Tyler:  Whoever got it didn't use it though. I wonder what other secrets will come out tomorrow night?

JC wanted to hear about what Angela's real job is, since she told him that she has a main source of income that she didn't want to discuss on camera.

JC:  I think she's a contortionist.  She was trying to say that in Spanish, I think.

Tyler snickered and Kaycee was silent. They both know about Angela's home-based business. But Tyler is the one in there with secrets, which will surely be revealed on Finale night. 

Tyler and Kaycee were planning on talking to JC before the Finale, letting him know that he won't be going further in the game.  We won't be able to watch it, though, since the feeds will be down.  I don't think it will be as dramatic as The Brigade telling Britney Haynes near the end of BB12 that she was the next one leaving because they were all in an alliance together.  But we won't know if they had the conversation, or how it went for some time, probably until Tyler tells us when he shifts back from being the star of the show, to a very well-informed fan. 

There is chatter that there will be no backyard interviews this year, only the Ross & Marissa Facebook chats instead.  I don't see how that can be correct, since the network is usually eager to get coverage of the Finale from the various media outlets that are always set up outside.  I think it is more likely that the only "official" interviews as far as Production goes will be the Ross & Marissa ones, rather than Dr. Will setting up shop in the backyard with a camera crew.  And Rob Cesternino seems to have burned some sort of bridge with them, after the pre-season Celebrity BB interviews he conducted were NEVER published.  (Now THAT is something I'd love to hear more about someday, if someone has the scoop about it.)

Dr. Will is lobbying HARD to get that hosting job. I've never seen him post so many uplifting messages on Twitter, with a minimum of snark. 

This was one of the wake up songs on the last day in the house.  Tyler had to tell Kaycee later that the song talks about the doors opening wide so you can leave.  Tyler knows.  He listens.

I saw this band live in Centennial Park years ago, when they were red hot and this song was on the radio nonstop.  I like it better now that I haven't heard it so much lately. The lead singer looks a little like Steve Moses, doesn't he?