Monday, September 17, 2018

Commitment Issues of All Kinds. #BB20

Everything is slowing to a craaaawwwwllll in the house at this point of the season.  We're in the home stretch now as the Final Five face the future and Spoiler Alert, not everyone likes what they see.

Sam is in her manic stage, and has been talking to the cameras in a very strange manner.  Apparently Sam is able to bounce back from heartbreak both real and imagined in a very quick fashion.  Just yesterday it seemed like she was in love with Brett and thought he was going to announce that Sam was his Dream Girl.  But after Brett was brutally evicted last Thursday, Sam didn't seem to spend one minute grieving him.  In fact, she seemed joyful to be able to fold up his belongings and get them out of everybody's sight.

Sam has a new love now.  A love who she thinks has been gazing at her for months.  She doesn't know if it's a man or a woman behind the camera, or even if it's "someone who wears glasses".  She just knows they are watching her and hopes they aren't trying to make a fool of her.

Although, you could say Sam is making a fool of herself, hiding from the cameras to brush her teeth, first in the shower and then behind the stairs.  The sad truth is that Kaycee was telling JC some stories about her family that the live feeders couldn't hear.  The Sam Cam was the only other action to watch while we waited for Kaycee's story to wind down.

Sam is so beautiful in some pictures.  She reminds me of one of those classic movie stars from the Joan Crawford era.  Those ladies weren't exactly sane, either.  Just saying.

Sam and JC are on the block now, and I think Sam knows that she is likely the one to go.  The cut from five to four house guests typically happens as a "surprise" eviction that will happen on Tuesday instead of Thursday night.  The house guests will be called to the living room, and usually have a few minutes to change their clothes and run back to the couch.  Sam will be evicted in front of an audience likely comprised of CBS employees who may or may not be actual fans of the show.

The live feeds will be down from that point on Tuesday, to after the CBS episode (featuring Sam's eviction) airs on the West coast on Wednesday night.  In other words, when BBAD begins.  It happens every year. Usually we are all on pins and needles trying to get spoilers at that time, but the outcome here is pretty much guaranteed.

This is a sample of some of the crazy things Sam has been saying to the camera, as her mood shifts from lovestruck flirtation to vitriolic rage.  Does she really have a lead pipe in her stash of bomb-making materials she has hidden in the corner of the Have Not room?  Does it matter?

I wouldn't want my loved ones in that house with Sam, sleeping just outside the door of the Have Not room.  It's a good thing the eviction will take place a few days early, actually.  I mean, she PROBABLY won't hurt anybody in the house. Maybe she's just a threat to the equipment.  But what if she does hurt someone?  The liability would be TREMENDOUS, as there have been MANY indications and warnings that Sam is incredibly disturbed.  She might not even be the one deemed to be at fault.  It's not like these people are isolated in a cabin in the woods or something.  Production is watching at all times and can't say they didn't know.

And then Sam said was last night, by the way.  I'm guessing that making a "voluntary exit" puts your stipend and new 5th place prize money ($5,000) in jeopardy.

Speaking of deranged house guests, remember when Paulie Califiore was in the midst of a breakdown and started blabbing about how his casting process might not have been very thorough?


When the live feeds returned on Saturday night, we learned that Kaycee won another PoV, and it sounds like they not only battled each other, but some harsh playing conditions that made the girls cough repeatedly for hours.  Kaycee is pretty humble about winning in front of the house guests, though.  She doesn't strut around wearing the PoV necklace, but she certainly could if she wanted to.

The comments they were making about the competition didn't clarify what it was, though.  They talked about swords and "going over to the witches" and how it was a very intense workout in such a short time period.  Angela didn't understand what the sword was for, so she "jumped over it" and then was told not to do that.  So perhaps the instructions for the competition weren't very clear.

Sam retreated to her saucer, and later pitched Kaycee on saving her with the PoV because Sam has always wanted the chance to win her own PoV so she can "save herself someday".  Um...those days are numbered, Sam.  Kaycee doesn't want you to save yourself.

Also, from what they talked about Bebe Rexha came in the house and got in Sam's saucer at one point.  I think the CBS show last night wanted it to look like they left the house to go to some lounge or something, but Bebe came in the front door of the house and played her set in the back yard.

According to this Tweeter, this shot was taken of the backyard with the PoV set up, so if that is true, then it looks like one of the maze competitions, which would explain why they all said it was an intense workout.

Everyone except Sam ate dinner together, but I'm sure she could have joined them if she wanted to.  Sam likes to complain about eating alone all the time, but in many cases that is her choice.  Leaving this Tuesday is probably the best timing for her, because she will get to go to the Jury House, but only for a day or so.  The house guest who is evicted in 4th place (this Thursday)  will arrive at the Jury House but might not even spend the night there.  In fact, the 4th place finisher might even just appear at the Jury Roundtable like Kevin did last year, never actually seeing the Jury House at all.

In the final week of the game, the jurors are moved to a hotel where they are sequestered alone to prepare for the filming of the Jury Roundtable and then the Finale.  The person who is evicted in 3rd place on Finale night just walks out onstage to join the Jury who is already seated, so leaving in 5th place is the only spot where Sam would get a few days to decompress with her friends on the Jury and enjoy the luxurious surroundings.

We need to discuss the use of bananas in that house. Yes, bananas.

Both Kaycee and JC grew up in households where bananas were served alongside rice, which certainly seems strange to me.  I'm familiar with plantains, but eating bananas this way is a new concept for me.  JC even said that he considers a banana to be just like a regular vegetable (it's actually a fruit, but so are tomatoes and avocados).

Allow me to ramp up the weirdness a little by pointing out that Kaycee put some of her Tapatio sauce on the banana too,  Yep, she did that.  Tyler admitted that although he isn't ready to put hot sauce on a banana, he has tried eating bananas alongside his entree after Kaycee's coaching and has enjoyed it.

Is the camera crew trying to tell us, "if you think Tapatio sauce on a banana is crazy...." here?

JC thinks the man on the Tapatio bottle is attractive, and asks Angela for her opinion on the matter.  Kaycee started to object to that, but JC nipped her comments in the bud.

JC:  You can't tell us that...bitch you're the only one here who doesn't like men.

Tyler was sitting there next to Angela, which makes this comment so funny. Someone offered Angela some banana to put in her bowl but she said she wasn't ready to try that yet.  She's working up to it.

Angela got a cheesecake in her HoH fridge that JC informs us cost $16. I think it's a Cheesecake Factory item sold in the grocery stores.  JC has been talking about eating it for days and decided to cut it even though no one else would admit to wanting some.

Tyler: I don't even like cheesecake.

But not even two minutes later:

Tyler:  Yeah, I'll eat a slice.


The HoH competition that was played after the live show last week left the live feeds down for hours.  They made the set look like an office,  Or was it the same office type setting where they filmed the hacker competitions?  We know they were taken to another location on the lot to film those comps, but since the feeds were down so long on Thursday we have no idea where they went to film this.

Due to the lighting and the digital screens, I think the comp was played in a different location, but I'm not sure.  The set has a different feel to it, but maybe that is the magic of TV playing tricks on me.

As the host, Tyler wore a Hugh Hefner type robe that says BBFlix on the pocket.  The name of the competition wasn't spelled out onscreen, but Tyler told us it was called "BB Flix and Chill".  Perhaps they were worried about trademark infrigements or something.

Each round would feature three movie posters, and the house guest who picked the correct movie poster first wins the point.  As they looked at the posters, they would hear comments by movie goers as they debated with of the three films they wanted to watch.  These are example posters, and we heard the example banter of whiney moviegoers who can't all agree which movie they would like to watch.

We all know someone like that, right?  I love the way they used their vast catalog of former BB stars on these posters, and found the comments laugh out loud funny.  For example, McCrae says of Andy Hall, this film gets zero stars.  It's terrible.".

(McCrae and Andy have been FEUDING for years.)

And the Nine Angry Jurors picture is hilarious. Kevin insisted on Twitter that he was never angry.

I love the BB17 call back of Clay and Shelli in "Casa-block-a".  Steve Moses says it was "one of the worst romances of the decade".  Ha ha ha.

I love the comments on "From Dusk Till Pawn".  Christmas says "Paul is amazing", Matt says "Paul is God" and Jason says "I love Paul".  I'm omitting Raven's comment because I don't like her.  And look at the tagline on Johnny Mac's "Tooth or Dare" wide and scream.

Rachel can be proud that her starring vehicle in "Yell" got three stars.

Regarding "Dude Where's My Veto", Cody says "it's so funny I actually smiled".  That's pretty funny, if you know Cody.

I think that's Ian as the star of "The Dork Knight", maybe with Cameron watching from the corner.  I remember watching the BB14 live feeds and hearing the house guests talk about how much they wanted to see The Dark Knight and knew it was premiering while they were in the house that summer.  Sadly, that is the movie where the Colorado college student opened fire on the audience, so in retrospect it's not that funny.

Sorry to be a buzzkill.

This "Jury House" is the BB18 version, with Paulie, Bridget, Big Meech and Corey, not to mention Da'Vonne and Natalie.  And "The Forgettables" features house guests who got booted first, leaving out BB14's Jodi, who has already gotten plenty of attention, in my opinion.  Instead it features Glenn (BB18), Steve (BB20), Cameron (BB19), Jace (BB17), and Joey (BB16.)

I loved seeing "The Regulators" again, with Dominic, Lawon, Cassie and Keith.  Kaycee mentioned seeing Dominic on this poster later and knew he was married to Dani Donato whom he met on the show (BB13).

"The Wizard of Odds" is just great, but I'm not sure how Faysal would feel about brandishing the leg of a pig, as a Muslim.

I think this competition was super-creative, as far as the posters go, but it was hard to sort out all of the movie goer comments and still enjoy the posters during the few seconds the posters were on screen.  I wasn't able to properly appreciate them until now.

Both Angela and Sam missed the last question, giving JC that last point, but Angela still won HoH anyway.  Kaycee got totally shut out, and Sam could easily have tied Angela, forcing a face off, if she had answered that last question correctly before JC did.  I wonder if Production was hoping for that...or do they just want to get Sam out of there before something scandalous happens. To me, Sam winning BB20 would be pretty damn scandalous.  That's no way to end this season, but it might be the way to end the entire series.


Live feeders will realize that Tyler's head is in a Tangela Pillow Sandwich here.  Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and JC sat in the bedroom last night and shot the breeze in between DR sessions while Sam played alone in the kitchen.  As usual.

Sam cooked all of this bacon, but I'm not sure if she ate it all herself, or put any of it in the fridge for later.  All of that animal fat is a huge contributor to having heart disease.  Just saying.

After Kaycee won the PoV, she and Angela were in the HoH talking for a long time, celebrating the string of wins that their team has had (ten comps in a row, I think) and crowing about how they have dominated the game and how it's all going according to plan.

HERE'S THE THING:  It's so strange how neither of them even mentions what will happen when it's down to the Final Three.  They talk about everything but that, just dancing around the topic like it doesn't exist.  To me, that means that neither of them want to discuss it.  I know Kaycee told Tyler that she avoids the topic when talking with Angela, and she's being honest about that.  I don't think Tyler has discussed it with Angela, either.

I think Tyler's best bet, even though it is terrifying, is to let Angela win the last HoH, if he can.  Or Kaycee, if that is what it comes down to.  It certainly looks as if either of them would take him to the Final Two with them, and it's the only way he can avoid letting either one of them think he betrayed them, potentially losing their vote.

And every single vote counts in the end.  Just ask Paul.

And bless his heart, JC actually thought his Final Two deal with Tyler was the real thing, and unfortunately Fessy and Brett aren't there anymore to be his backup option.  We might get a real shock when the feeds return on Wednesday night and find that JC won the next HoH competition.  If that happens, Tyler would likely have to stand up and cast his vote to evict right there in the living room, not even going down to the Diary Room.  He would have to choose right then between Angela and Kaycee, breaking one of the girls' hearts, but for very different reasons.

Tyler told Angela last week that they "needed to tell Kaycee about us", but I think he meant the love relationship, rather than an end of game scenario.  But I could be wrong about that.  I did see Tyler tell Kaycee weeks ago, way before Tangela even thought about kissing, that things were "getting serious" with Angela and Kaycee appeared happy about that.

Angela was speaking some Spanish here with JC and seems to have taken a year or two in school.  She asked him if he was hungry and he said he hadn't eaten much that day.

Supposedly Kaycee and Tyler wearing the bandannas all the time is some sort of nod to their Coast-to-Coast alliance, but I'm not sure if that is the true meaning.  I think they both like wearing bandannas, but Kaycee did say someone commented weeks ago about how they both wear them almost every day.

If that JC scenario does somehow play out, if he wins HoH and then puts Angela and Kaycee on the block, it's in Tyler's best interest to let one of the girls win the PoV, I think.  Then he'll be on the block and unable to vote.  I don't think there is any way either girl would vote to evict him in that spot.  That way the choice would already be made for Tyler, and he would move forward with whoever was left with JC still in the game as the target to go out in 3rd place.

When this summer started, we all thought JC would be the clear winner of any endurance competition, due to his size and relative strength.  But we've since learned that JC doesn't like to be uncomfortable, whether it's a painful endurance competition, or sleeping in a saucer.  JC doesn't have the will to suffer through a painful competition, and that is usually what you need to win the first part of the final HoH competition.

Since it was Sunday night, they were expecting a gift from POP TV in the storage room, and would gleefully report the noises they heard in there, thinking it sounded like a 30-pack of beer.  (Right.  Like that would happen.)

Kaycee keeps saying she can't wait to get out of that house, so they can talk about anything without worrying about who is listening to them.  She wasn't happy last night about how the makeup she's had to use to cover up a tattoo is rubbing off on her clothes.  She's been using some coverup that Angie left behind when she was evicted, but has had to start using another product now and it's getting all over her clothes.

Kaycee and JC started playing a game with the belt that he's been handling.  He held it open and then Kaycee tried to put her hand through the middle of it without him snapping her with the belt.  She did it quite a few times, showing how fast she is as they laughed and laughed.

Then Tyler tried it and his finger got snapped on the very first try.  It was funny.

As a contrast, we then saw Sam sitting alone in her stairway jail with the plate of food she just fixed and a cold Coca-Cola.

Sam:  Delicious.

It's like putting your food on the floor, isn't it?

Then they finally got the delivery from POP TV they've been waiting for, and it was an ice cream maker and all of the fixings to make it.  They were all very excited and decided to make chocolate ice cream first.

They called Sam into the kitchen to help them and JC read the instructions.  Later, Angela read them, but added fake steps such as adding handfuls of puppy chow to the mixture.

Everyone was very exited as they loaded up the machine and added the ice.

Right in the middle of the festivities, Sam came in the kitchen and got herself some Ben & Jerry's Half Baked that was in the freezer, left over from Angela's HoH gift basket.  To me, this seemed like a hostile act, but I guess it's just Sam trying to separate herself from the crowd every chance she gets.

JC: Sam, don't you want to help us?

Sam:  I'm sure you're doing just fine.

She sat and ate her Ben & Jerry's peering at them through the stairs while Tyler told them he set the timer at 12 minutes so they can periodically stir the ice cream as recommended by the directions.

Then she went over to the sink and added her dirty bowl to the stack that Tyler was washing and went to her room to be weird all alone.  Those are her bomb-making materials on the floor there.  She added something to them and picked some up and and put them in her BB bag, making a number of clanking noises.

I'm sure Sam doesn't know that they go through all of her bags before she leaves the premises.  They will remove most of the crap she is squirreling away in there, but will return any permitted items when they ship them to her in October.  I wonder where the lead pipe is....she put something under that pink towel on top of her BB bag and dragged the rest away, so who knows if there is any rhyme or reason to her actions.

Meanwhile Tyler took the paddle out of the ice cream machine and gave it to Angela to lick.  Angela was making real whipped cream in a copper bowl by whisking it up and passed the whisk over to him to take his turn.

They ate the ice cream pretty quickly, and everything was calm and peaceful until Angela realized they had a lot of whipped cream left over.

Kaycee put one little spot of whipped cream on JC's nose, and then chaos followed, with whipped cream flying everywhere as they had a big food fight.  I was surprised that BB didn't tell them to calm down, but I guess the POP TV producers must have been thrilled to have so much action at this point in the season.

Poor JC took the brunt of the action, because his face was easy to grab and smear.

They even got it in his eyes, but he was still laughing.

Kaycee started a coughing fit while she was down, saying she was about to pee her pants from laughing.  (I think they called a nurse to look into the coughing, sometime earlier on Sunday.)

Angela got it in her hair but to everyone's credit they started cleaning up the room before they worried about themselves.

We don't see this camera view very often, way up high on the ceiling of the sound stage.

While she was cleaning dishes at the sink, Angela squirted Tyler with water and then he slipped as he was trying to run away.  I still didn't hear Big Brother tell them to "STOP THAT", even though Tyler fell.  I guess they were so thrilled to have some action to cover instead of having to watch the threats of Crazy Sam.

Later, Kaycee and Tyler put mayonnaise in Angela's face wash.  I don't like stuff like this, actually.  I've never been in a food fight and would never mess with other people's belongings like that.  But I would like to think that if I was stuck in a situation like this, I would play along and not be a party pooper like Sam is.  Luckily, we'll never know for sure.