Saturday, September 15, 2018

Double Eviction Night: When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted. #BB20

Thursday night was intense.  Not only was it the first and only Double Eviction of the summer, but we are two weeks away from the season finale and have had all sorts of drama this week about Julie Chen's husband Les Moonves.

As far as Big Brother goes, it seems that Julie has the upper hand with CBS right now.  Apparently the network has been scrambling to make a short list of suitable hosts who could fill in if necessary for the few lives shows left this season.  But "suitable" does not equal "good".  Julie has put her signature on this show and right now it looks like the choice to finish it out is up to her. This is the current graphic on the CBS website right now, with Julie Chen front and center, next to Jeff Probst and a bunch of other people.  Whether or not Julie would sign on for another season, and whether or not there will actually be another season is another discussion for another time.  Celebrity Big Brother was renewed earlier this year, but there has been no announcement as to when that season will take place.

Julie tweeted this picture about an hour before the show kicked off, not showing us her look for the show as she usually does, but letting us know The Chenbot was back in the building, still wearing sweats and clutching her trusty note card.  I'd be interested to see what is printed on those note cards, and if she uses them in conjunction with teleprompters and ear pieces to host the show.

And then she posted this picture of the stage, still leaving herself out of the picture.  Still withholding, still dangling her presence over us until it's time to reveal herself.  Still in control, apparently.  Of this show, anyway.

In retrospect, it makes sense that Julie would wear a rather somber outfit, nothing too flashy or showing too much skin.  Even if I didn't like this outfit, I don't think I'd spend time saying so.  We have too much to cover in this post, and I have too much respect for Julie to make it all about her clothes.

It looks expensive, that outfit, and is very flattering in many of the camera shots.  Once again Julie is wearing that jumpsuit, it's not wearing her.  It might be a two-piece outfit rather than a jumpsuit, but it functions as one continuous elongating look.

These double eviction episodes get right down to business.  They have to cover the situation in the house during the first segment, because every segment after that contains solid competition and nail-biting live action as the house guests deal with whatever comes next.

The story of the last few days has been Brett ramping up his plan to target Kaycee and Angela.  He's been talking to JC about it for weeks, with JC relaying Brett's plan back to Tyler, who he sees as his main ally in the game.  Brett was playing a very dangerous game, but didn't seem to sense any danger stalking him.

It's easy for the hunter to feel confident, because he's the one holding the big gun.  But sometimes the prey sneaks up on the predator, overpowering him in a brutal fashion.

We saw that fateful scene in the storage room, where Brett made his pitch directly to Tyler about evicting not just Angela, but going in for the kill on Kaycee first, since he knew that both JC and Sam were eager to target Angela.

If they ever win an HoH comp, that is.  But at this point in the game, one vote here or there will send the pawn home.  And sooner or later everyone is going to take a seat in one of those nomination chairs.  Tyler nodded at Brett as soon as the words came out of Brett's mouth, knowing he had the ammunition he needed to take back to the herd to plot Brett's demise.

Then Julie shocked the house guests by appearing on their video screen at least 20 minutes before they were expecting her to be there.  Julie toyed with them, pointing out that the Finale was just two weeks away, but there were so many of them still in the house.  She then dropped the big news that it was time for a Double Eviction, and the action would begin now.

Haleigh made her speech first, and it was the usual fare for Haleigh, complete with hand motions.  She took a public speaking class and discussed it on the feeds a few times.  Her speeches are always very practiced and precise, but the sincerity isn't there.  But she is always poised and never needs bleeping, so I'm sure CBS loves that.  Haleigh has gotten great exposure on this show and I'm sure it will benefit her in whatever path she chooses to follow.

But I would be remiss if I didn't point out that once again Haleigh was looking elsewhere as she announced that Julie is "amazing".  (Haleigh doesn't even know the half of it, does she?)

Then it was Sam's turn, and she began by letting everyone know that she hasn't been nominated since the very first week.  She said that if she was the one who left tonight, she would "take a piece of every one of them with her".  The audience tittered at that, showing us that they remember the irate threats that Sam made about tearing the door off the blankety-blank hinges if those lying blankety-blankers were lying to her.

I kind of wanted to see that.  Just being honest.

Look at how slim Julie looks in that outfit tonight.  Has she been on The Heartbreak Diet?  Or more likely The High Stress Diet?  There are two types of women in this world---those who get upset and eat, and those who get upset and can't eat.  Personally I can't chew and swallow when I'm upset, which makes you feel really good later, when you strut around in clothing that flatters you.

As expected, Haleigh was evicted by unanimous vote, and took the news well, making a pageant-type exit by hugging each house guest on her way out.  I think she stated "I love you all" five times in the short space from the nomination chair to the front door, making the walk out like a champ before breaking into a sprint to hug Julie Chen.

Julie seemed totally in the moment as she told Haleigh that she needed to return the compliment and tell Haleigh she was beautiful, which Haleigh reacted to in a way that got laughs from the crowd.  Haleigh told Julie that she thinks her first mistake was that whole drama about admitting she was the hacker, because she couldn't bear for Bayleigh to take the blame for that.

Julie pressed her about her true feelings for Fessy, and Haleigh's response was not surprising to the true live feeders, but was probably shocking to the CBS-only viewers.

Haleigh:  I think Fessy is awesome.  But there were a lot of questionable things about him this summer, but I think he's awesome. I can't wait to see him.

(Let's see:  Fessy had a thing with Kaitlyn, but before that happened he hit on Angela and was rebuffed.  And I've heard it said several times that Fessy was moving in on Rachel before she was evicted.  Not to mention Sam saying she thought Fessy was gay this whole summer.  All of that is enough to give anybody pause.  The CBS spoiler told us weeks ago that Haleigh was being prodded in her Diary Room sessions to make Faleigh seem like a showmance, all part of the image that Production wanted us to see.)

Kaycee dropped the news on Haleigh that Brett told her that she was targeting her for eviction, along with Angela, so she had to evict her for the benefit of her own game.  The live feeders know that Kaycee and Angela planned to blame Brett for their vote, but we didn't get the shocked response here from Haleigh that we were expecting.

Kaycee looks weird without her bun, doesn't she?

And then Angela told the same tale about her vote, but in more detail, with less emotion.  You can see Haleigh's reaction to Angela is much different than her response to Kaycee.  Julie asked her if what the girls said surprised Haleigh, and Haleigh said that it didn't, because she indeed told Brett that she planned to put both girls on the block.

(I don't think Angela or Kaycee knew that though.)

And then Brett threw both girls right under the bus by gleefully telling Haleigh that Angela and Kaycee have been wanting her out of the house for months.  That is true, but so did Brett.  Julie asked Haleigh who she believed, and Haleigh said she believed Angela and Kaycee, and also said Brett was uninvited to the Alabama-Texas A&M football game he planned to attend this fall.

Haleigh also thought Brett was playing the game alone, seeming to forget she caught him celebrating with his alliance after Fessy was evicted.  Pretty isn't always smart, people.

Then the HoH power was once again up for grabs, as the house guests gathered in the backyard to face off in the most important battle of the night.  Until the PoV competition, of course.  I recently watched the Unibomber series on Netflix, so I immediately thought that was Ted's cabin back there in the woods.  I love this competition set, and the way the lighting actually looks like morning sunshine in the middle of nowhere.

Earlier today, the house guests gathered in the living room to watch a series of videos play on the monitor.  The videos displayed house guests playing several competitions, and there were certain patterns there that seem obvious now.  For example, they saw certain house guests do the same thing twice, but with different outcomes.  That should have been a clue to what would be tested, as well as the message that Kaycee saw onscreen that led her to call everyone in to watch.  The screen said "wait for it..." as the screen looked like it was buffering.

This is Buffering, which is not the most creative competition name. I think "Wait For It" would have been better, but basically the house guests are going to see parts of the videos they saw earlier in the day, and have to guess what happened next.  There would be seven rounds of play, with the winner answering the most questions correctly.

I think Tyler will be the face of Armani or something.  Look at that bone structure.  Between that, his lips and his effortless-looking muscles he looks like a mannequin.

I just took this picture to point that out for the record.  It's easy to forget what Tyler looks like when you see him everyday.

When Angela and Kaycee studied together, they made sure to go over the order of the videos they saw, because that was one of the elements tested in an earlier competition based on videos they watched.  But the order didn't matter here.  Instead it was the content of the videos that was the crucial element to see.

Angela did correctly predict that the questions would relate to house guests that have been eliminated, like this video of Steve in what I think was the first HoH competition, called "Deletion Drop".

I thought it was interesting that they showed a snippet of the Battle Back competition, which none of them had seen up until this point.

Angela did terrible in this competition, scoring no points until the last two questions.  She reacted each time she lost, with hand motions that let us know she was in distress.  Tyler was in the lead most of the way, but you can see that as they rolled into the last question, the game could easily have been a three-way tie between Sam, Tyler and Brett.

As they waited for Julie to tell them the correct answer, which was "B", Angela prayed and Tyler started pointing to the heavens as he knew that he won.

I heard "fans" criticizing Tyler here, saying that he didn't need to win this.  If Brett won, Tyler was probably safe, but his girls weren't.  And if Sam won HoH, who really knows what would have happened?  I think Tyler did need to win, because the girls were counting on him.  And wouldn't both girls take him to the Final Two if it came down to that?

There is something to be said for aligning yourself in the game with strong competitors.  You need your teammates to chip in and win competitions so you can feel safe.  And if you plan to turn on them, you need to be very careful about who you talk to about that.

When Tyler walked into the house, he said he'd take one-on-one meetings in the Have Not room.  Brett was right on his tail and I could have sworn that Brett was suspicious, but I think he really felt triumphant, feeling that evicting Kaycee was Tyler's plan.  Tyler told him that he planned to put up two pawns, and claimed he was ready to get blood on his hands by making the blindside.

Didn't that give Brett pause?  That Tyler urged him not to win the PoV?  Maybe it did, because Brett didn't throw the PoV comp.  In fact, he almost won.  I'd like to point out that Brett is wearing Tyler's shirt tonight, and Tyler is wearing Brett's shirt.

When we came back from a commercial, Sam was begging Tyler to nominate Angela, saying that she thinks she's better than everyone else, and makes everyone uncomfortable.  There was a lot of cursing, too, and we saw the fish tank countless times during these live conversations. If the people cursing weren't in a position to have their lips read on camera, the theme music was used to drown out the obscenities instead of the fish tank view.  And there were a lot of obscenities.  Apparently.

Here is what Sam forgot:  Angela doesn't make Tyler feel uncomfortable.  Angela doesn't make Tyler feel like she's better than him.  And there is no way in hell Tyler would nominate her for eviction right now.

Tyler implied he was putting someone up next to Sam who was coming for her, and asked her to trust him.  Later Tyler told Angela about Sam trashing her, but claimed he couldn't remember everything she said.  I'm sure he didn't. Tyler was probably nervous about what he was about to do, and knew nothing Sam could say would change his mind.  Tyler also said she was cursing up a storm, and he knew that most of the conversation could never be aired on live TV.  Look at Julie, loving this hot Double Eviction action.

(We'll see an edited version of all of this on the Sunday show, of course.)

If Tyler got to talk to JC before he made his noms, we didn't get to see it on the live show.  But we did see JC scoot over on the couch to his newly-assigned seat, as Sam looked happy about having JC leave the house instead of her.

The PoV competition looks like the inner workings of a pipe bomb that the Unibomber might be working on deep in the woods.  Basically they had to roll a ball down the course and place obstacles in the precise place to allow their ball to reach the end of the course first.

This is Block and Roll.

Julie made sure they knew that their ball had to begin in their tube before rolling out on the course.  I know they wanted to have a competition that was fair to everyone, so the "clown shoe" PoV comp would not have been fair to JC.  (Just a guess on why they didn't play that one here, since it is a classic Double Eviction PoV comp.)

Production also needed a comp that would finish quickly, but I think they could improve this one when they have more time to play, when it's not a live competition.  For example, they could have rounds of play where they let them have 15 seconds or so to place their obstacles, and then all of them put their ball in the tube simultaneously to watch it roll down the course.  That way the audience could tell who was actually in the lead, and in the next round the losers would frantically try to copy the set up of more successful players during the next 15 second round.

They could make it look like a pinball machine, with pinball-like sounds and lights.  You're welcome, Heath Luman.

Brett and Angela looked like they were the most likely players to win, with Angela pulling out a win and making it look easy.

But if Brett won, he would have saved JC from the block, forcing Tyler to nominate either Angela or Kaycee, and then JC and Brett would have controlled the vote.  So this win was HUGE for Angela and Kaycee.  Angela really blew it in the HoH comp, but came back to win here for the PoV.

Tyler said later that his heart was pounding after Angela won.  He knew what he was about to do.

As they walked in the house Angela announced she'd do quick one-on-ones, and Tyler was the first to follow her in and he gave her a twirl before they confirmed what their speeches would be.

Then it was Kaycee's turn, and Angela told her they would be making the "one step, two step" series of announcements momentarily.  Angela looks like Athletic Barbie here, doesn't she?

Brett HAD TO KNOW when he was meeting with Angela, right?  How could he not know? The air was so tense as he asked her if she was leaving the noms the same and she said yes before talking about how she moved her obstacles on that course.

I'd like to point out that just a few minutes earlier, Brett had a one-on-one in this very spot, plotting the demise of Kaycee, or Angela, if Tyler was willing to do that.  Brett might not see it this way until he watches the episode one day, but it was a fitting bookend to Brett's other actions this week.

Then Angela simply stood up and said she'd like to use her PoV to save JC, saying "I call this taking the first step".

Then it was Tyler's turn as HoH to stand up and ask someone to replace JC on the block.  You can clearly see that Tyler's options were limited to either Kaycee or Brett.  I think Brett thought he would still get the result he wanted, just getting there by a different route.

But Tyler took a different path, simply saying he called it "taking the second step" and then motioned for Brett to sit on the green section of the couch.

Look at Sam's face, trying to adjust to what surely ROCKED HER WORLD.  And Brett took it like a man, very calmly and professionally, the same way he has handled himself all season.

Oh sure, he said some shocking things, and did some shocking things, but Brett has always stayed calm, cool and collected at his core.

(NOT COLLECTIVE.  It's calm, cool and COLLECTED.  Look it up if you don't believe me and start saying it correctly from now on so you don't look like a fool.  You know who you are.)

This was a lot for poor JC to take tonight.  He was so happy to come down off the block, but this is not what he expected.

You know what they say, if you don't expect anything, you are never disappointed.

One thing Tyler has been good at all season is keeping his mouth shut when he shouldn't be talking.  So he just kind of ambled over to his assigned seat on the couch and sat down, as Kaycee also contained herself, looking down so she didn't make eye contact with Brett.  I was kind of hoping she'd yell "LET'S GO" but of course that would be unsportsmanlike conduct.

As we went to commercial Brett turned to face the group and unfortunately we wont know what he said until Sunday.

This is Angie Rockstar's man, who has NOT been a Brett fan this season, for plenty of good reasons.

Then the commercial break was over, and I should tell you that I saw at least one commercial for The Talk during this episode, but Julie was never featured in the clips shown.  Just pointing that out for the historical record.  (The new season of The Talk premiered last Monday, but Julie took some time off "to be with her family".)

FYI - One of the last things each of these house guests went through during the casting process involved sitting in a room being interviewed by the network, a meeting that has traditionally included Les Moonves.  I remember Frank Eudy talking about how Robin Kass coached him for these interviews.  Frank tried out at least twice before he made it on his third attempt, you know.

Sam spoke first, saying that she was sorry she doubted Angela, and valued the friendships of Tyler, Kaycee and JC. She did not threaten to yank off any of their body parts and throw them to the audience if she left this time.  Even Sam knew what the plan was by now.

Brett's speech was calm, with a cheerful undertone as she said he didn't have time to put a speech together, and even though he thought this move was planned to happen, he hoped the voters would change their minds.

Brett:  Please. I'm BEGGING you. Please don't send me to the Jury House with Blockstar.

JC was the first to vote, and he apologized to Brett, throwing his hands in frustration.  He was so upset he didn't give us a special message about the US or the troops.  You can see him talk to Kaycee as she came in to cast her vote.  Kaycee said later that JC said "we're voting for Brett, right?" and they had a laugh about that since he had already cast his vote at that point.

When Brett heard the vote was unanimous, he gave JC a hard look, obviously suspecting JC was in on the plot.  Which he wasn't, of course.

But JC did tell Tyler everything Brett said in the preceding weeks about wanting to target Kaycee and Angela.  You did that to Brett, JC, even though your intention was not for Brett to be the one who paid for that.

As Brett hugged Tyler, Tyler clearly said "I want to WIN" and Sam proudly told Brett she would be packing up his belongings "with respect", which was such a memorable thing to say.  I don't think anyone who has been blindsided in a double eviction has ever had someone talk about the packing process this way, on the live show and all.

Then Brett walked out with dignity and class.  I really loved watching Brett this summer.  He was full of surprises, but was always controlled as far as his emotions were concerned.  He gladly took the full blame for his wicked speeches, even though the content was often created by the other members of his alliance.

Brett knew he had to take a shot to win, but in the end he was the one who got shot first.

Ever the showman, Brett asked the crowd to turn it up for him before he sat down to speak with Julie.

As tribute, the cameras gave Brett's memory wall picture the full-screen tribute as it turned to black and white.

Brett is a BB Allstar if there ever was one.  He created so many memorable moments and made a huge impact on how we felt about this season.  Thank you for that, Brett.

The only shocked people left in the house were JC and Sam as they all hugged each other and made congratulations on making the Final Five.

Sam, needing to focus on a project, kept talking about packing up Brett's stuff up until the credits rolled.  She likes to stay busy in there, that's for sure.

Julie asked Brett why he didn't out the Level 6 alliance in his speech, but that was a stupid question at this point in the game.  Who would have been surprised at that? Sam and JC?  As if that even matters at this point, with the fiercest competitors in control of the game.

Brett said in his speech just now that he planned to be "loyal to the end", but Julie had to bring up TWICE that we all saw Brett "break ranks" with his team by targeting the girls.

Brett:  They didn't know that, though.


Or does Brett think "they" includes us? I hope not, because we know EVERYTHING Brett.

Brett said he felt most betrayed by Tyler, even though Julie pointed out he just made a Final Two deal with Tyler recently.

Brett:  But we slept in the same bed the first night, Julie. I'm old fashioned that way.

That was a funny thing to say, but Brett clearly saw whose bed Tyler has been sleeping in for the other 84 nights of the game.  Brett tried to reinvent history again by stating he knew that Final Two deal with Tyler would either win the season for him, or shoot him in the foot.  He respects the game though, but said he can't guarantee he won't vote emotionally in the end.

Then Julie announced that recording star Bebe Rexha would be doing a surprise performance in the Big Brother house, and we'd see that on Sunday night.  I will admit I've never heard of Bebe Rexha, but that doesn't mean she doesn't exist.  Brett heard Julie make that announcement, so the Jury will likely hear about it too.

Rachel has heard of Bebe Rexha, and wishes she could be there.  I wish we could see Rachel dance out there to the live music, getting as much bang for our entertainment buck as possible.

Spoiler Alert:  Bebe performed in the backyard on Friday night.  I'm guessing she sings dance music and lip synced alone on some sort of stage, but what do I know.  I later heard Angela and Kaycee talking about how awesome it was to go to a concert and talk to Bebe.  Apparently she walked right into the house, probably after ringing the doorbell.  Angela said she's never seen her before, but has heard the music, even the song that Bebe said was a new one.

Kaycee:  Well they played that one in here one morning.

Angela:  She said she watched a few episodes of the show but it gave her too much anxiety.

Then the real blindside happened.  As the closing music began, Julie said her final statements that were a punch to the gut for Brett Robinson, and a one-two punch for the rest of us.

Julie:  .....from outside the Big Brother house with BRENT, this is JULIE CHEN MOONVES.  Good night.

Brett might be mad at Julie for mispronouncing his name, but Julie was likely excited about giving the network a shock, and possibly a big FUCK YOU by calling out her husband's name, who for the record just stepped down from his role as head of CBS on Monday amidst a host of scandalous allegations.  This clip is playing EVERYWHERE as the news of Julie's rebellion sweeps this week's news cycle.  So don't feel too badly Brett.  You're still a star to us.

This is just a sample of the how Julie adding one word to her sign off made big news in the media world.

And if Brett has to be featured on TMZ, this is the way to go.  There are MANY former Big Brother stars, some of whom are on this cast, who would have LOVED for their names to be incorrectly reported.  Just saying.

This Reddit poster points out how difficult it is to host a live show with so much action, and so many variables to control.  It's a miracle, really, that there aren't more problems every week.

A few years ago I read a book called "From Scratch", which was a sort of biography/expose of the Food Network TV channel. The author attended a taping of Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals and said the entire taping took about 35 minutes (or something like that).  But when he observed the taping of one of Anne Burrell's half-hour cooking shows, he said it took hours, because Anne was unprepared and unprofessional.  I'm not sure what my point is here, but maybe it's that Allison Grodner's crew is much more like Rachel Ray than Anne Burrell, or none of them would still be working on Big Brother.

I'd also like to state that for the Finale of Survivor Africa, Bryant Gumble was the host, because back then it was never Jeff Probst who did the last episode.  And when Bryant was sitting with Ethan Zohn, the winner of the season, on a show that got TENS of MILLIONS of viewers back then, Bryant mispronounced Ethan's last name. I heard him say "Ethan Zorr", but others heard a different wrong name. I've also heard that the episode has been redacted to correct that error in the versions used officially on, but I've never checked.  We didn't have YouTube back then, you know.  Or even GIFS and such.


After the live show, I expected the live feeds to return, but they never did.  I knew they would have another HoH competition before the BBAD episode started, but in the past the live feeds  were active right up until the house guests got ready to compete.  I finally gave up and went to sleep but when the feeds did return, the HoH competition was over and the house guests were eating what looked like a delicious Italian meal.

And Tyler is wearing a Hugh Hefner type robe, likely his costume for hosting the HoH competition.

Angela is the new HoH, her third time in that role.  Just a few hours earlier, Tyler won his third HoH competition, putting both of them on top of the world in that house.

I thought the dinner was catered, because the food looked so elaborate, like Production delivered trays of food to reward them for the end of a long day of competitions and cameras.  But it wasn't.  Apparently they made the meal themselves, which indicates the live feeds didn't come back until some time after the competition ended.  I hate it when that happens.

The dinner is chicken parmesan, and everyone said it was delicious.  Kaycee cooked the chicken and Angela did everything else.  This is Kaycee going in for seconds, which Tyler teased her about.  She was just tasting the first time, she said.  And later she said she was so full she could barely move.

I thought Angela looked great on the live show.  I love the high pony on her and I guess it's a Cinderella story for her that she did so poorly on the first HoH competition, and then came back to win the PoV and another HoH before dinnertime.

I had a delicious pizza last night, but forgot about the live show format when I put it in the oven about 5 minutes before showtime.  On a typical live show, we have at least 30 minutes before we get to the live part, with the eviction speeches and the vote.  But for the Double, shit started getting real right after the first commercial break.  I didn't even notice that smoke was coming out of the oven until the timer went off to let me know the pizza was ready.  That's the danger of cooking pizza right on the oven rack....the sauce and cheese can start bubbling and slide right off the side, making a big mess.

Sam had a big night, but it wasn't so big that she couldn't make time to start sucking up to Angela.  It sounds like the HoH competition involved more cardboard cutouts of previous house guests.  Kaycee said she saw "Danny" over there on the side, describing him as "the guy married to Dani, that she met on the show".

Kaycee:  I remember him because he is Filipino.

I could tell Tyler wanted to blurt out that wasn't Danny, it was Dominic Briones.

And speaking of Dominic, he's a big Kaycee fan, too.  I've seen Dani tweet a few times about how Dominic was pulling for Kaycee to win, and last night Dominic tweeted support for her again.

While they digested their feast and waited for Angela's HoH room reveal, the cast lounged around and talked about the good old days in the house.  Kaycee had to wear that Rainbow Costume for two weeks, and one time she had to sleep overnight in the storage room because the wheel was spinning.  People kept coming in to check on her and bring her blankets, and the guys even went in there to do an ab workout with her.

Kaycee had to miss the first nomination ceremony because she was stuck in another room, so she didn't get to see Tyler nominate Sam the robot for eviction.  She heard about Angie Rockstar holding the robot's hand, but didn't get to see it.  Kaycee was also stuck in the storage room when the backyard opened for the very first time, and it drove her crazy, she said.  Tyler remembered the little ramp they had to build so Sam could ride down to the backyard, and Kaycee remembered the outfits that Rachel put on the robot to make them all laugh.

Sam was keeping herself busy and staying halfway in the conversation as she busied herself with the project of gathering Brett's things and packing them for him.  She also found stuff that Haleigh left behind, showing them Orwella the Owl and a container and fork that Haleigh apparently left behind after eating chocolate pie in the Have Not room.  Tyler said he found a kit like that in his HoH room and knew that Haleigh had been in there.

(Remember when Sam won HoH and issued a statement that no one would be coming in her HoH room except her? How did we get through those dark days?)

Sam also found a blue T-shirt and a green Texas A&M sweatshirt that Haleigh had used to cover a  pillow.  Tyler grabbed for the sweatshirt and said he had told Haleigh several times that he was planning to steal that from her, so Sam tossed it to him, along with the blue T-shirt.

Tyler: I wear girl's clothes.  So what.

Angela told JC about her experience as an athlete, and JC's first thought was to say "that's why your feet look like that".  The room ERUPTED after JC said that, but he explained later that he knows a lot of dancers and athletes, and they all have feet that look damaged like Angela's.

(Have you seen a marathon runner's feet?  I trained for a half-marathon a few years ago and one of my big toenails turned black and fell off. It's back now, but still.  That's why the cave people didn't wear sandals.)

Then it was time to see Angela's HoH room.  If you don't know, this season the tradition is that everyone beats on those metal panels attached (WELDED) to the railing and chants while they wait to enter the new HoH room.  It's fun and full of energy, but very hard to listen to wearing headphones.

Angela got some new pictures this time, including this one taken in Las Vegas at some sort of poolside concert event.  Angela is on the left there and said that bikini wasn't approved to come into the house with her.  Apparently there is no back to it, but everyone said her abs looked great here.  Her letter was from her friend Natalie, who is the brunette on the right.  Everyone laughed at the guy in the white hat who is making out with someone in the camera shot.

Angela's friend told her not to worry about her apartment, that it hasn't caught on fire this summer.  (There have been numerous deadly fires in Southern California this year.) She also said she didn't know much about this game before Angela came in the house, but admits she is addicted to Big Brother now.  She said she fully supports "this journey" Angela is taking now, probably referencing the relationship with Tyler.

(Tyler plans to move in with Angela as soon as possible, and Angela chuckled over Brett thinking Tyler would be his roommate in Santa Monica.)

Angela got a bunch of stuff in her HoH basket, including a new slinky black dress, jelly beans, glitter lotion, Cinnamon Toast crunch cereal, sparkling coconut water, freeze dried mangos, wine, and a whole cheesecake.

Kaycee: Look, it's KC style barbeque sauce!

Angela said this is her favorite picture of her dad, because it looks just like him.  Her dog Charlie is in the picture too, which is taken at their lake house.  His cup is probably full of Fireball, too, she says.

JC:  I'm ready to drink some Fireball, or even raw alcohol.  Anything to get me fucked up.

People started saying they wanted to go to bed, so Production called Tyler to the storage room and they thought there might be some alcohol, even though it was way after midnight.

But instead Tyler found his HoH basket, including a six-pack of Blue Moon beer.  Tyler got new pictures and a new letter, so everyone gathered to enjoy the excitement.

During Tyler's first HoH reign, he didn't get pictures or a letter.  In his last HoH, he got a letter from his mother that mostly talked about his stepfather's parrot Dexter.  But this time Tyler got the communication from his friends that he has wanted all summer.

He was super excited about this picture, saying "these are my girls" over and over, even hugging the picture close to him several times.  His best friend growing up was Kevin, who is a triplet with two sisters named Jenny and Jamie.  Their fathers were best friends, too.  Kevin's dad died three years before Tyler's dad (both of heart disease-related maladies, I think).  Jamie is married and the two girls in the picture are her daughters Addison and Harper.  Tyler said he shouted them out when they were hanging from the trees during that first endurance competition.

Kevin is like his brother, he says.

In the letter Kevin said that both of their dads are probably watching Tyler right now from heaven and are laughing and making fun of him.  He said that everyone at home is "Team Tyler" all the way and he wants Tyler to "do it for the homies" in Ohio.

Sam: Not one word about Dexter?

Everyone got a good laugh out of that.

They later said that with two HoH letters, it really was a great night.  They all love hearing news from home, and getting to see pictures of the friends and family that they've all heard so much about.

I wonder if JC thought about his HoH letter, if he ever got to win one.  Would his family write him?  Or would they be no-shows for that as well?

Later Kaycee and Tyler asked Angela tons of questions about how she met her friend Natalie, who wrote the letter to her, and how that led to meeting Angela's other close friend Allie.   One of Angela's friends from Hilton Head lived in California, so when she moved out there for Olympic training camp he invited her to go out with him and his friends, and when she met Natalie, they clicked.   And Allie was a friend of Natalie's.  Kaycee was very interested in all of these connections, for good reason.  She knows Tyler is moving to California and that the three of them will continue their friendship moving forward in life.

Kaycee's family dynamic is complicated.  We couldn't hear much of it on camera, but she has had to discipline the twins (Jay and John, or Jay and Joe, not sure) a few times because they live with her dad and he has been lenient in raising them.  She has to tell them how to take out the trash and then bring it back in again.  But that statement applies to just about every teenager I know, too.

Everyone thought Tyler looked so different in this picture.  He took it just before he moved to Australia last year. It was his first year growing his hair out and it was very blonde from being a lifeguard in Hilton Head.  He had lived in Ohio for two months, getting no sun and was packing to leave the next day when they had a surprise goodbye party for him.

Tyler was going to leave his basket in the storage room for everyone to use, but Angela suggested he take it upstairs to her HoH room.

Which he did, of course.  They are both crafty that way, with the excuses.

Tyler went upstairs and said "Hey HoH" to Angela and Angela started listening to her CD, saying 'damn these cameras'.

Tyler:  Guess what?  They heard.

Angela:  Who?  They, or them?

Tyler, motioning to the cameras:  Them.  They heard.

We got FISH, but what Tyler was referring to is the big "news" that they told each other "I love you" last week.   I know it's corny, but it happened, and they mean it.  There is a whole group of BB fans who have been saying they are both playing each other, and it's all an act to get to the end of the game.

Are the people who say that live feeders though?  It's hard to scoff at the connection if you've seen them together on the feeds.

Everybody needs to take a deep breath and hit the reset button, and maybe Control-Alt-Delete.  I understand wanting to root for the underdogs, but if the underdogs can't fight their way out of a paper bag I don't think such an irate display of hatred against the ruling power is justified.

And there have been many, many paper bags for the people currently enjoying three hots and a cot in the Jury House.

But anyway, Tyler told Angela that everyone saw that they have now admitted they love each other, and they know that @TangelaUpdates is on fire with chatter.