Thursday, September 13, 2018

Who Will Get Got First? The Civil War Begins. #BB20

The Wednesday night episode of the CBS show opened up with a reminder of how Level 6 has been working together since the beginning, as they do their signature hand motions.  Note how they hold up four fingers in the air with their right hand, and also two fingers on their left hand down below, to signify their fallen comrades Winston and Rachel.

It's highly possible that after tonight's double eviction, the remaining Level 6 members will be holding up three and three.  If they even still do the hand motions, that is.  They tried to change their alliance name to Level 4 nearly two months ago, but Production didn't want them to change the alliance name.  America isn't smart enough to handle a name change, apparently.  And we already had "Foutte" to deal with, which admittedly was a struggle.  I'm still not sure how to spell that doomed alliance name.

And we finally got to see how close the finish of that last HoH competition was, with Brett coming up quick on Kaycee to lose by less than one second.  We could have used this camera shot on the live show when all of this happened, but better late than never, I guess.

Unless you're Brett, trying to get to that button.

And Sam's whole story line now is that she is a foul-mouthed lunatic, from what we've seen in her Diary Room sessions.   Last week the CBS spoiler made some comments about how Sam had some sort of unspecified meltdown in the Diary Room that required her "mic getting cut".  Isn't that the last place they would want to silence you?  And those tweets were intended to explain why the live feeds were down so long during The Very Special Engagement Segment.  Nominations didn't happen for at least an hour after the feeds came back, so if rumors of the meltdown are true, it must have been a different meltdown, which is entirely possible.

Sam sure wants to stay in the house now, doesn't she?  Threatening to tear all the doors off and go postal if she is the one to be evicted?  She's been begging to leave most of the summer, as far as I knew.  After The Engagement, I even saw her mumbling on the live feeds about sacrificing her Big Brother game for true love, whatever that means.

To celebrate being the Final Seven, and also to provide some new content for the CBS episode, each house guest saw a short video with greetings from home.  First up was Angela's mom and dad, who might be shooting this from a hotel room, if it's a recent video.  Hilton Head Island is under a mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Florence, so hopefully they found somewhere safe to wait out the storm.

It looks like a video a family would shoot to address their child's kidnapper, doesn't it?  But they had nice words of support that were touching to Angela. How funny would it be if the Mom said something like "we love Tyler and think he's a great match for you" and they showed it to the cast?  On the live feeds Angela said she was frightened at first, since her family video was the first to pop up.  Ironically, on Tuesday Tyler told Angela that exactly one year ago he had to evacuate Hilton Head (for Hurricane Maria)  and the feeds cut. I guess we weren't supposed to hear that for some reason.

About the storm, it's up to the families whether they want Angela or Tyler to be told about the hurricane.  Last year Josh's family didn't want him to know because they didn't want him to lose focus. And that turned out to be a good decision.  I think Tyler left all of his belongings inside of his Jeep Cherokee, parked somewhere in Hilton Head.  I hope he's insured.

And this is Brett's mom and two sisters. I think the sister on the right is his older sister, and the one on the left is "Brielle" and is younger.  I heard Brett say she is sassy and before he left for the show, she asked him to delete any posts or pictures on his social media that she is tagged on.

Brett: She didn't want any part of my fleek from being on the show.

(Whatever that means.)

Brett also has a little brother that he forced to go to Coachella with him last fall, but I don't know if he's adopted as well.  While I type this, I just heard Brett sing "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue, the "I'm on my way....home sweet home" and the live feed crew just let it slip by.  Maybe that's an omen.  It could be.  But more on that later.

I'm guessing Brielle is an Angela fan, since she mentioned how stinky her big brother is.  You will recall we just saw Angela discuss Brett's odor in considerable detail on the Sunday night episode of the show.

Sam broke down completely when she saw her family.  Her brother Joe has been talked about quite a bit on the live feeds this summer.  Sam always says that Tyler reminds her of Joe.  I wish they had said something encouraging about Sam quitting smoking, but I have no idea if they even know that, since you'd have to be a live feeder to be aware of that.  (I think.)

Sam's dad made statements about how she's in the home stretch, so it's time to buckle down and get 'er done, but not in those terms.  Remember when Sam told Kaitlyn she nominated her because she heard Kaitlyn mock her by saying "get 'er done"?  That happened at least three years ago.

I think Joe is cute, and wearing that hat was a bold TV choice.  I predict he will have his heart broken by many young ladies, so Sam just needs to relax and let that happen.  Because as you also might recall, one of Sam's excuses for nominating both Haleigh and Kaitlyn for eviction is that girls like them broke her little brother's tender heart.

This is Tyler's mom and stepdad, who were married in the last year or so.  Tyler said he doesn't know his stepfather very well, probably since he's lived in South Carolina or elsewhere (Australia) for the past few years.  You can see Dexter the green parrot sitting on his Mom's shoulder.  I wish she had held him out on her hand so we could see Dexter clearly in all his glory.

Tyler's mom Charlene said that Tyler's father up in heaven was shining down on him to wish him luck and we got a special close up of Angela reacting to that, with tears in her eyes.  Tyler's mom said all of his close friends in Ohio are rooting for him.  Too bad we can't see Tyler's bud Frosty in the video, but maybe Production asked everyone to keep the video info tight.

I told you yesterday about the black string tattoo Tyler has. Tonight he told us that he touches it for good luck, but did not explain the meaning behind it.  Tyler always tries really hard not to cry in the Diary Room.

And speaking of Tyler's "peanut allergies", it was time to see Kaycee's dad Ken and her little brother Kenny (on the left) and The Twins.  Kenny is the one who just got engaged and Kaycee has told stories about him getting into a little trouble here and there while growing up.  I think The Twins are just straight up cool and Tyler commented on how laid back they were, just smiling in this video.

Kaycee's dad made sure to say they all love her just the way she is, and showed his live feed knowledge by not only by calling her Peanut, but saying she's giving them all peanut allergies this summer.

Ken Clark actually shows up on the RHAP live post-show broadcasts, commenting in the chat section.  Last night he asked if everyone liked his family's video message, which probably limits how much trash talk the podcast hosts say about Kaycee.  Because that's all they seem to do at this point in the season, complain about how the action isn't up to their standards, and bitch and moan about anyone who isn't a loser from The Hive.

Kaycee loved seeing her dogs in this video, and laughed about the arm motions her family did in unison as they said "Let's Go".

This is JC's friend Regina, who gave a standard statement about how he'll always be a star to her.  I wish they had asked JC's cousin to shoot the video, the future policewoman he wants to introduce to Kaycee.  Regina was sort of whispering, like she was at work and was trying not to get caught.

It was really sad that JC's family was unable or unwilling to shoot a video for him.  He has talked about their relationship a few times, saying that they don't claim him because he is gay.  He's also said that his father made him quit gymnastics because "it was for girls", but I thought his mom was trying to accept him.

But I guess accepting it and appearing on prime time TV are two different things.

It's heartbreaking that he pointed out that Kaycee's family supports her, yet whatever he does, it's still not enough to make his family happy.  JC is a tough person who likely uses humor as a defense mechanism much of the time.  He's talked before about how people stare at him in public and give him dirty looks. With everything JC has to deal with on his plate, it seems so antiquated that being gay would be the factor that causes his family to shun him.

Ten years ago the situation would have been even worse, and ten years from now I don't think it will matter at all.  But JC has to live in the Now, and get through that first.  Nothing he has done this summer offends me.  He's an outrageous personality in many aspects, but also very traditional and conservative in many other ways.

I wish all of the BB fans could see JC as a unique person we were lucky to get to know this summer, but some pockets of the Big Brother fan base are so toxic and hateful, yet they spend their time saying that he is the evil one.

The last family video was for Haleigh, with her mom holding her cat Scarlet, but you can't see the cat in this picture because of the chiron.  I'm disturbed by the refrigerator placement in front of the cabinets.  It's weird, right?  If you have to do that, it's time to renovate.

Haleigh's video caused a stir in the house, because her dad was the only one to say something that wasn't exactly encouraging.  He told her that it's time for her to "come on home" now, probably a reference to how she's been on the losing side of things for weeks now.  But Haleigh doesn't even know that.  She seems to think she's the one who will survive the vote tonight, sending Sam home.

I guess Father knows best.  But Haleigh won't realize that for quite some time, if ever.

Yesterday I showed you the BB Comics for the pre-jury house guests.  I think I was able to snap pictures of every other house guest's Comic here except Bayleigh, but I don't think I ever saw a close up of Bayleigh's Comic.  The comic artist used to make it easier to pull clean graphics of each comic, but so far this year they haven't made it easy to do that.

The competitors had to save the metropolis from "fake" superheros, so they studied this wall which featured a changing series of four different comics to study.  Tyler is the Life Guardian, who says Payback is a Beach, knocking his foes into a virtual sandstorm.  Someone on Reddit seems to think that is Evel Dick in the cage behind Tyler, even going so far as to point out that ED wore a lot of tank tops during BB8, which would explain the tan lines on the cartoon man.  Okey dokey, Reddit poster.

Sam is The Welder, and she's All Fired Up.  I think they went easy on Sam here, maybe after the Zingbot slammed her so hard for being crazy.

Haleigh is Slamlet, using her Shakespeare tome as a weapon, apparently.  The Comic tells us that "the lady doth kick ass, too much, methinks".

Um...what?  Haleigh kicked too much ass?  When did that happen?  I must have missed that, but then again I'm not a clueless, gullible CBS-only viewer.

Fessy is The Hamazonian, which harks back to his Hamazon punishment.  The house guests had a good laugh over the way they portrayed Faysal as a good-looking muscle man, while Brett's physique was all covered up.

"Wham Bam Thank You Ham" is rather brilliant because it doesn't  make much sense here, yet it totally belongs.

Angela is The Wrathlete, attacking her foe with a free weight and letting us all know that Justice Has No Cheat Days.

I think that fits, right?  Tyler informed the viewers that the depiction of Angela's abs is quite realistic here.  I wonder if her aim is that good as well.

Kaycee is The Health Nut, and it looks like she's battling the same dirtbag that Angela knocked out with her freeweight.  Kaycee is Nuts About Fighting Crime, and the artist certainly gave her a girly look, didn't they?

And here's Brett, who is The Beefcake, wearing a tiered vanilla number that he isn't afraid to mess up by throwing handfuls of it at his enemies.  The Beefcake tells us to Prepare to Meet Your Caker, with Granny menacing the bakery customers behind the counter.

I think this is a reference to Brett's rear end, which has been featured on the live feeds many, many, many, many times, front and center.  I guess the Bad Guy is a thief, since he has a wad of cash in his hand.

But why does The Beefcake have a strawberry on his head?

Brett chose the wrong Winston here, and broke the device in half, as seen in a later close up.  I wonder if they made extras to prepare for any potential damage, and I wonder if the house guests will get their standup sent to them in their box of keepsakes they receive in October.  Seems like you'd need a poster of the Comic, too, but it doesn't look like they printed those this year.

And here is Snottie, who is Fighting Crime with Phlegm.  Some fans are like, what is this?  What does Snottie have to do with Scottie?  If you focus on the Phlegm, it makes sense.  Scottie is just lucky to be there, after all the Phlegm he spewed on last week's live show.

And this is strange, since JC made the "yatus" comment months ago and probably has no idea why it appears on his Comic.  JC is The Yatus, and is Putting Crime on Hiatus.  If they wanted to use JC's accent as a joke, I think they could have done a little better, but I suspect that they order these Comics very early in the season, which would explain why the content isn't the latest news about the house guests.

I think they could have done a funny joke about how much JC sleeps or complains, but since we haven't seen that on the CBS show they can't focus on those everyday JC qualities.

And this BB Comic must be the worst, because there are so many colorful qualities about Angie Rockstar that they could have targeted here, but instead they chose.....wait.  What did they choose?

Angie is Rockczar, and she's Starting a Cold War Over Crime.

What?  Isn't that from the 1960's or something?  She deserves much better than this.  Why not show her whirling around at a big outdoor party and say she's Raving Mad?  Or call her Rock Stare and show her glasses burning holes at people, since she was known to stare at her enemies in the house to make them uncomfortable.  Or even show her "playing" her pots and pans and say she'll Carry a Tune on Your Ass or something.

I'm not saying those ideas aren't lame, but they're better than a Cold War.

The results of this competition varied, to say the least.  The two people on the block did the very worst, even though winning this competition should have been within reach for both Sam and Haleigh since the mental part of the task proved more important than the physical challenge.

Haleigh was the ONLY one not to notice that Fessy's skirt was the wrong color.  The ONLY one.  That should tell you everything you need to know about Haleigh's competition skills.

JC was the only house guest who didn't play PoV, but Haleigh pulled the House Guest Choice chip and had her choice between JC and Brett.  She thought Brett would save her if he won, but Brett wanted to win because he was starting to feel nervous.  As well he should be, after the stunts he's been pulling in the last few weeks, trying to pull the trigger on the Level 6 civil war and doing too much talking about it.

Haleigh's speech wasn't even compelling enough to show on the CBS episode.  She didn't even pull out the stops to try and save herself, because she either doesn't really care that she's leaving, or is oblivious and about to get blindsided AGAIN.

This is Kaycee's third time running this PoV ceremony, and I think apart from her laughing during the ceremony, she must be getting the hang of it.  Someone is going to have to do their nominations and then the PoV ceremony live tonight, with adrenaline pumping and all of us on the edge of our seats.


Tyler has been hinting around to Kaycee about wanting to target Brett soon.  When she won the PoV last week he started telling her that JC told him Brett was talking about splitting up Angela and Kaycee, but Kaycee didn't seem to take him seriously.  Tyler wanted her to take the shot last week, by using the PoV to set things in motion.  Kaycee believed in Level 6 and didn't want to waiver from that plan until the four of them were the only ones left in the game.

But now Kaycee is on board to evict Brett.  Tyler told Kaycee about Brett pitching a Final Two to him, with the plan to target the girls since he thinks they are in a Final Two.  He told her JC is the one who filled Brett's head with ideas about Angela and Kaycee running the guys out of the game, and Kaycee was finally at a point to want to hear it.

Kaycee is bopping around her HoH room, listening to Chris Brown and occasionally making a statement out loud, such as:

*  Wrong move, buddy.

*  Brett is going home tomorrow.

*  I love this game.

Brett and Kaycee planned to talk to Angela about it later, to let her know that they need to target Brett for eviction.  The plan is fairly convoluted at this point, with numerous misdirections and fake outs.

Kaycee had a small moment of doubt when she saw Brett and Angela talking in the kitchen last night, and asked Tyler if he thinks Brett has been talking to Angela about targeting her.  Tyler said no, and then they called Angela up to the HoH to tell her about the plan.

Tyler:  Brett said to me that it would be easier for me and him to beat JC and Sam, than to beat you (Angela) and Kaycee.

Angela:  Did I not call this? I knew this was going to happen.

Kaycee:  It makes sense for him to think that way, but he's ready to go against US, right now, that little bitch.

Tyler:  He wants to take a shot at you two NOW, this week.

Angela was calm, listening to the plan.  This conversation happened yesterday, on September 12th, around 6:38 PM BBT, if you'd like to catch up before watching tonight's show.

Tyler:  He's going to throw the HoH to JC or Sam, because both of them want you (Angela) out, and he thinks I'm going along with it.  I'm acting like I'm in on it.

Angela:  ....okay...

Tyler:  Brett thinks that it's better for him and me to go after Kaycee right now, because JC and Sam are targeting you (Angela).

Kaycee:  That little fucker.

Angela, trying to process this:  So, do we get Sam out then?

Tyler:  No no no no.  This is next week.  Haleigh's gone now.  That's fine.  But the thing is that Brett is harder to beat in a competition than JC and Sam, so we gotta get him out next, tomorrow night.

Angela:  Remember I woke up last night and thought about something?  This is what I thought about, that Brett has been talking game with JC and something was going on.

Tyler said he's been sketched out for weeks about the Brett-JC connection in the game.  Tyler has been gently poking Brett to see if he would say something, and he finally did.  Angela said she realized that if she had to put Tyler up the block as a pawn, she thinks Brett and JC would vote Tyler out.  Kaycee was very animated about this plan, excited to hit Brett before he had the chance to hit them.

Tyler:  Either you (Angela) or me needs to win HoH, and then we put up JC and Sam, and then if any one of us wins that PoV then he's going up and out of here.

Angela: GAME ON.

While Angela was painting her nails, just a few hours before this conversation, Brett was gleefully making a batch of puppy chow.  Later Tyler said that Brett was so happy because he thinks Tyler is in on the plan to blindside Kaycee or Angela.  The three of them vowed to make Brett feel very safe tonight, to let him think the plan was on so that he would not try hard to win HoH.  Tyler said Brett wants Angela to throw the HoH and Angela agreed to go along with that plan.

Brett's puppy chow was a big mess from the start.  Instead of melting the peanut butter and adding honey or maple syrup to that before coating the cereal, he added each element individually, which doesn't make for even distribution of flavor.  He also had some brown sugar and butter melting in the oven to pour on top, but it wound up burning.

Then as he shook up the mixture for the umpteenth time, the lid wasn't attached firmly and half of the puppy chow fell all over the floor.

There's the lid, and all the spoiled puppy chow, in case you need a closer look.

The camera loves this, showing us the carnage that resulted.  To Brett's credit, he did move to sweep it all up immediately, even though the broom has definitely seen better days.  I think Sam must have tried to use it for her crafts or something.

Note to Production:  Put a new broom on that shopping list for Celebrity Big Brother.  And while you're going to Bed Bath & Beyond anyway, go ahead and buy them a pizza cutter.

Brett took what was left in the container, and added MORE sugar to it before shaking it up again.  So he added lots of honey, maple syrup, brown sugar and confectioner's sugar, all in HUGE quantities.

A short time later, Haleigh was sitting at the counter with JC and helped herself to a handful of puppy chow.  Then she pushed it away from her, and it slid right off that greasy counter with a loose lid AGAIN.  They are going to have to show these important moments on the show sometime, maybe in the Very Special Look Back Brunch episode with the Final Three.

Final Three Member:  Remember all that puppy chow we ate this summer?

Except they probably can't say "puppy chow" on TV.  Because Purina.

Haleigh wanted to make a Big Brother themed picture on the Pin Wall, but she couldn't even do that without asking Tyler for help.

Tyler knew just what to do, taking this little block, which might be an official Pin Wall tool of some sort, to stamp out a great Big Brother picture for the house.

It took him less than five minutes to stamp out a BB key for "Bob", which is their name for Production.

Tyler commented as he strode off that it looks the same from both sides.  This morning, Sam saw the picture and wondered who did that.

Angela: Tyler, probably.

This isn't romantic, but it looks that way in the picture.  Haleigh was touching Brett while he talked nonstop about a bunch of stuff.  Upstairs, his Level 6 crew was saying a bunch of stuff about him.

Kaycee:  LET'S FUCKING GO!  I'm so pumped for this.  It's going to be perfect.

Angela:  When he walks into that Jury, they are going to fucking hate him.  We should all say in our good bye message to Haleigh that Brett made us vote her out, and we're sorry.

Tyler:  Oh, that's great.  Let's do it.

Kaycee:  Hashtag blindside Brett.


Early on Thursday morning, the house guests were awakened to watch some videos of various footage of competitions.  Such as Steve dropping balls into chutes and Haleigh getting smacked off her perch by the giant cherry pie.  Most of the house guests immediately realized that these videos would be part of the next HoH or maybe the PoV competition, and started breaking off to study.

Brett later claimed that he didn't realize at first that the videos related to a competition, and was too busy laughing at JC's video.  Was Brett bluffing, trying to build up his plan to throw the HoH competition?  I saw him visit the girls in the HoH room, and he gave them some false information about the videos without them calling him on it.

After Brett left the room, Angela and Kaycee laughed about how Brett "missed Space Pecs" and they made their own study tools using packages of vitamins as clues.  But then I saw Brett feverishly reciting things in the storage room, so that didn't look like he planned to throw the competition.  And Tyler went upstairs and told the girls that Brett told him that he gave false information to them on purpose, and was crowing about it.

Angela:  Are you saying that he KNEW the stuff he said up here was wrong?

Tyler:  Yeah, he did it on purpose.

Kaycee:  That little shit.  We're gonna win this.  I'm General Peanut and I'm putting my two best players on the field to do battle.

Angela: I love being two steps ahead of everybody else.

Brett also woke up JC to get him to study.  If you've ever watched Production try to get JC out of bed, you can imagine how that went for Brett.  Did Brett even bother trying to prepare for the comp with Sam?  You may recall that the last time they had videos to study, Sam got very angry at Tyler when he told her the competition would be based on the videos.  She thought it was all an evil trick to fool them.  I think Haleigh is his best bet as a study partner, if he wants to get out of tonight's double eviction alive.

Brett may have picked the wrong side to jump to, too early, if he thinks Sam or JC can win this HoH if it is based on these videos.  Maybe that is why he started studying in the storage room.

I think we're in for a doozy tonight, folks.  But the threesome of Tyler, Angela and Kaycee may be a bit overconfident.  They already have a plan about what one of them will say when they win the HoH and then use the PoV tonight.

HoH, as they put up Sam & JC on the block:  I'm trying to keep one step ahead...

PoV ceremony, as they put Brett on the block after PoV is used:  I'm trying to keep two steps ahead now...