Monday, September 3, 2018

Level SixSixSix Wins Again. #BB20

Lots of BB fans are complaining about this week being boring, because we already know how it's going to play out, as far as the eviction goes.  The fact is, the live feeders have known every week how the vote is going to go, but it's still been fun for us to watch, primarily for the blindsides.  In past seasons we would get all excited for a blindside, but inevitably we'd learn that in the hours leading up to the live show, when the feeds aren't live, someone caved in and leaked the vote to gain favor with the Jury.  But we've been lucky this season that the dominating alliance all trusted each other, even when they spent their time split up from the group, spending their time with the opposing alliance.

Like Tyler during his first two-week HoH reign.  And Brett after Bayleigh tried to roast Tyler during her Exorcist meltdown.  After Tyler finished that first run as HoH, I heard the other Level 6 players say they missed him, and were worried that he might not still be with them.  But he was, and I think that set the tone for the rest of the group to have some faith, because they had a good thing going.  It sounds like Rachel was losing faith during her last weeks in the house, fretting over the fact that Level 6 didn't win another HoH after Tyler for four long weeks.  Angela said Rachel was constantly saying they were doomed, and would be losing an alliance member every week until extinction.  That's not the kind of talk that the rest of the group needed to hear.  Their whole Level 6 game has been to play calmly, with precision and confidence. 

I recently watched a few hours of the first night the feeds went live, and it was obvious that Winston wasn't a good candidate for a game with this kind of pressure.  I was ASTOUNDED at the way he behaved.  You need to watch it for yourself, if you haven't already.  Steve was also surprising.  He should be thankful his undercover work didn't get him killed.  But it also explained why we didn't hear much chatter in the house about him being a cop.  Because his behavior wasn't exactly cop-like.  It was more like the person who is holding, and then sees the flashing blues in the rear view mirror. 

I went looking for a picture of Level 6 for the header of this post, and learned there are lots of different Level Sixes out there.  It's a common phrase, apparently, but an uncommonly good Big Brother alliance.


OK. The PoV competition was held on Saturday, and everyone but Angela and Brett was chosen to play.  Brett was the host, and instead of being cooped up inside the HoH room, Brett (and maybe Angela) was allowed to sit on the sidelines and watch the action unfold.  This is the hosting costume that Brett wore.  The PoV competition was called "Control Your Emojis", and it sounds like the skills needed involved putting balls in holes again.  And Kaycee won, her second PoV win in a row.  Fessy will be glad to hear about that, I'm sure.

I don't know what Scottie is doing in there, but whatever it is, he's not doing it fast enough. Unless his goal was to go right back to that sweet Jury House, where he played basketball every day and listened to Bayleigh and Angie Rockstar trash talk Angela constantly.

I'm sure you know Haleigh and Scottie are on the block together. I think Scottie is the target, due to his generally strong competition skills, but I don't think Tyler cares which person goes next, because the plan is to evict them one after another.  And they can both blame themselves.  Scottie told Haleigh about the Jury's stupid plan to vote as a block, and Haleigh insanely told Brett all about it.

Brett told Tyler, saying that the entire alliance of five sitting on the Jury intended to control the vote.

Brett:  So we can't take Haleigh along with us, because whoever sits next to her would definitely lose......they'll just have to vote between two Level 6 players.  Like, which one do you hate the least?

Tyler agreed.  What was Haleigh thinking telling Brett that?  What has Haleigh been thinking this entire game?  Doesn't she know that Brett is working with Tyler, Angela and Kaycee?  Didn't she see them celebrating Fessy's demise?  And didn't she tell Scottie about that after he returned to the house?

Spoiler Alert:  The answers are Who Knows, Who Knows, Yes, Yes, and Yes, respectively.

Brett and Tyler continue to drill each other on the days.  I'm not sharp enough to know if either of them are planting false info with the other, but I don't think so, at least not on Brett's part.  I think Brett feels he needs Tyler to get to the end, when Brett might be able to win that last HoH competition on the live Finale show and then choose who he'd like to sit next to at the end.  I don't think anyone could compete with would surely to be a blockbuster speech from Brett for the highlight reels.

Tyler and Brett were tossing a bean bag back and forth as they took turns asking each other questions.  Like, "what day did the Hacker put Tyler on the block?", or "when did Kaycee take off her Pinwheel costume?".

I hope they are also thinking about what each person said in their eviction speeches, because that has been a competition question a few times.  For example, "did Haleigh tell Julie she didn't have the vocabulary to describe her beauty before or after Brett was a Giant Emoji?"

Tyler admitted to Brett that he is aware of the chatter about his relationship with Angela. Tyler didn't deny the attraction, but played it down to Brett and made a great point.

Tyler:  The more people talk about me and Angela, the less likely they will think we're working as a team.  That way it would be me and her on the block together, instead of me and you.

Presumably, Tyler would get Brett's vote to stay, in that situation.  But if it happens at the end of the game, I think Angela is the one I'd like to sit by in the Final Two.  I can't imagine that her speech to the Jury would be sweet enough to make them not despise her.  And can't you see her being uber defensive to the Jury questions?  Those Jury questions are predetermined, you know.  During the Jury Roundtable the group decides on questions for each of the Final Three, and then they are each issued a notecard with a question to ask at the Finale. 

I wonder if any Juror has ever gone rogue and asked something else?  The person who exits last usually gets to ask their own question, but I'm not sure Vanessa did that at the end of BB17.  I do recall Christmas' ASININE question for Josh at the end of BB19, but I wonder what will happen this year.  What if Tyler cuts Angela at the Final Three?  What question would Angela ask Tyler, live on CBS?

In case you don't want to click the link and revisit the scene of the BB19 accident, here is my account of Christmas' question for Josh.

Oh, and before you get upset with what I said about Tangela just now, there is NO WAY that action would put a halt to the Tangela love affair.  If anything, if Tyler cuts her at the end, he is more likely to get the Hive votes to win, and Angela would then be dating someone who just came in to more money that he's made to date in his lifetime.  They've been smooching a little, and even throwing around the Ell Word.  It's a real thing.  They've been getting to know each other the old fashioned way, by actually talking about things that matter to a relationship.  Angela has said she doesn't even want him to fly back to Hilton Head to get his things.  She wants him to just move in and send for his car and belongings to be shipped to California.

They got a bunch of candy during the HoH competition and have been all sugared up on it in there. It's unfortunate that the fans have been so mean to JC in the past two weeks.  In that house they are all hugged up with each other constantly, laying three to a bed just to talk and touching each other's hair, and more for the frequent massages.

Angela told Tyler that JC said he saw Tyler was having a dream and tried to comfort him.  It's not like he grabbed his dick or something. Tyler wasn't upset about it.  If Haleigh did that to Tyler in the middle of the night everyone would be swooning over it.  It would garner an entire segment on the CBS show. And speaking of Haleigh, she flops down on top of Angela every chance she gets.  I heard Angela tell Tyler yesterday that if Haleigh comes in the room and lays right on top of her again, she doesn't know what she'll do.

I forgot to tell you that on Sunday, JC, Sam and Brett became the Have Nots for the week, after Big Brother said the first three down during the HoH comp would have that honor.  There is precedent for this in prior seasons, of course, but that didn't make the outcome any better for those stricken with the punishment.

I love Brett giving JC a taste of his own medicine here.  JC likes to push buttons and get house guests to hate each other, and Brett is doing that here.  If Tyler and Angela are on the block together, there was already no chance that JC wouldn't evict Angela, but this may be the final straw for him.

Last week Tyler told Kaycee that his relationship with Angela was getting serious.  Kaycee was happy for them, saying "that's what's up".  Kaycee is confident in her Final Two with Tyler, and is genuinely happy that they both found love.  And Kaycee is from Southern California, so it's like having two new best friends to hang with.  I'm happy for Kaycee, too.

I wonder what "KayCee" stands for.  Obviously, as "KayCee Clark" it is her initials.  I'm guessing her name is the sort of name that didn't fit her, a girly name like "Kristina Clark" or "Katherine Clark".  Just a guess.

Why isn't the San Diego Surge promoting the fact that one of their players in on Big Brother?  She's the first professional female football player I've ever "met", so wouldn't there be thousands and thousands of new fans for the league if they promoted this? 

Especially since she's doing so well in the game, and looks to do even better.  Why isn't the Woman's League taking advantage of this free publicity?  Running a commercial on the show is probably way too rich for their budget, but have they seen how huge the Big Brother online community is?  Yet nary a Kaycee tweet in sight....that is surprising to me.

Tyler and Kaycee talked about making the road trip from Hilton Head out to California, making a stop in Atlanta to stay with some friends of Tyler's.  He wants to go see a Falcon's game with her, maybe even playing the San Diego Chargers if the schedule works out like that.  Tyler even mentioned Angela might want to stop in Tennessee, since she lived there at one point, so I guess Angela will be on the road trip, too.

Spoiler Alert:  They might be able to see the Falcons play in Atlanta, but not the Chargers.  Not this year, anyway.

The Haleigh fans are bitching and moaning about how Tyler didn't really win the HoH comp, because supposedly he took his foot off the disc at one point or another.  But the rules read on the Sunday night episode don't mention that as a rule.  The rules as read said that your butt couldn't touch the disk, but that doesn't stop people from complaining about it, anyway.  The CBS spoiler says they are going to meet Sunday morning to talk about it.

But C'MON.  The time to make that correction is long over.  You can't say Tyler won, and have him make his nominations and play the PoV and then let Haleigh take over as HoH.  GET REAL PEOPLE.  This is a G.D. tee vee show.  And everyone already saw who won HoH on the Sunday night episode.  But I guess this gives the folks who are extremely unhappy about the current state of the game a chance to bitch and moan about it.

SPOILER ALERT:  Life isn't fair.  But it would be unfair to do this to Tyler.

It's crystal clear that the network LOVES Haleigh, and Julie HATES Angela, and probably Tyler, too.  They've given Haleigh the Golden Child edit this season.  Any live feeder could tell you that what is seen on the CBS show is a gross misstatement of Haleigh's actual (horrible) game play.  The fact that they didn't show her pathetically embarrassing "bath tub pitch" to Tyler when she was HoH was all the proof we needed.  Tyler even teased her about it yesterday and Haleigh claimed he was "never supposed to see her in the tub".

Um....that's not true Haleigh. You got drunk and waited for Tyler's arrival for a long, long time in that tepid bath water.  And once he was in there, sitting calmly on a chair, you made no move to get out of the tub for nearly TWO HOURS.  I like Haleigh.  Don't get me wrong.  But I don't like her enough to misrepresent her real actions on the live feeds.  And doesn't Production know who the fans have been pulling for in the game?  This is today's house guest popularity poll on Jokers Updates. 

JC polled much higher until the FAKE NEWS that he made a racial slur spread across the internet.  And the CBS spoiler even said that Production had a meeting to discuss it.  But I heard it WITH MY OWN EARS.  It was FAKE NEWS. Maybe somebody is just having fun backstage, but it's not fun to make this sort of claim about someone.  It's cause for slander charges, if you ask me.  If nothing else, it took him out of the running for America's Favorite Player, unless the casuals are going to dominate the vote.

This tweet, from WEEKS AGO, seemed almost hopeful, in retrospect.

Brett and Angela drilled questions yesterday, too.  Brett is always studying in there, and every time the Level 6 crew finds themselves alone, with some privacy, he brings up the topic to make sure everyone else working with him is preparing as well.  If Brett had evil intentions in this area, I think we'd know about it by this time. Because it would be Anti-Level 6 and that would be cause for CBS celebration.

They all still think that the Double Eviction is right around the corner, coming up this Thursday, but it's not.  The common consensus among the Big Brother Authorities is that the Double might occur the second week of September.

I wanted to watch the footage of Tyler's HoH room reveal and the Have Nots chowing down at midnight on Saturday, but the Flashback feature of the live feeds is not working correctly now.  The available feeds cut off right after the HoH comp ended, so the sure-to-be-newsy chats with Scottie about the outside world that probably happened later that night aren't available, either.

But here is Kaycee eating a piece of maple syrup bacon that Haleigh made for their Have Not feast.  Somehow there was some leftover for Kaycee to snack on, which tells me that the Have Not feast was indeed a party.

All day Sunday the crew waited for the Have Not announcements.  It was Angela's turn, and she knew it, so she did some snacking in advance of the dreaded Have Not notecard being read by Tyler.  Not the kind of snacking you or I would do, but snacking nonetheless.

If you were a company who hired Angela to do modeling work, wouldn't you try to feature her best assets, the ones that make her stand out among 99.5% of the rest of American women?  Those real money makers like her toned torso?

Or would you dress her up like a shower scrubbie?  This costume is called a "loofah" on this website, but that's not what an actual loofah sponge looks like.  Not that you care, of course.  There are a bunch of pictures of groups of girls all going out on Halloween dressed like this, each in a different color of scrubbie.

I don't have to tell you how figure-flattering that is for the Spanx generation.  But what would that have to do with Angela?  It even looks like she belted her scrubbie to show there is indeed a waist under there.

They really are a great duo.  Both formidable competitors in their own way.  One sweet and one sour.  Both a force to be reckoned with.  I'd be okay with this Final Two, also, but if Tyler is in the Final Three with them, I think either one would choose him to sit in that final chair. 

OR WOULD THEY?  So many great options for Finale Night.  I just hope Sam isn't the ultimate spoiler, which really would be a CBS spoiler now, wouldn't it?  Having to trot her out to The Talk and whatnot to discuss her "game"?  I'm shuddering just imagining it.

This came out last week and it's still one of the funniest things I've seen all season.  I like how Tyler and Sam are like the Ma and Pa of the group.  And look at Angela, about to put a hurtin' on that slice of pizza.  Even Fessy Fitness has let himself go.

Oh, and Tyler's HoH music is by this guy, Marshmello.  I'm pretty sure you'd find the mark of the beast somewhere under that marshmallow helmet.  Just a guess.  And I guess Marshmello is a millionaire, potential proof that life is not a fair process.


You might know that this season Ross Mathews and Marissa Winokur, both from the recently Celebrity Big Brother season, host a weekly show on Facebook Live that is intended to replace the post-eviction shows that Jeff Schroeder used to do after Jeff moved on to greener pastures last summer.

The show is a little too chatty for me, but both Ross and Marissa are big fans of the season and are well-versed about current events in the game.

I think the vibe they are going for is sort of like Andy Cohen's "clubhouse" where he films Watch What Happens Live every week night.  Andy's Clubhouse is a small, intimate space with a studio audience of less than 20 people.  Zach and Cody were the honorary bartenders one night after BB16, and Frankie has also been featured behind the bar a time or two as well.  The guests drink booze on this show, and even take shots with Andy sometimes which can make for extra-spirited discussions.

Anyway, Andy decorates the clubhouse with various pieces of memorabilia that is sometimes donated by his guests, gifts from Andy's fans or some of his own treasured keepsakes.  One time Chrissy Teigen brought in one of her husband's Gold Records for Andy's bookshelves, but apparently John Legend did not approve that in advance and took it back.

My point is, every evicted house guest has brought something in to add to the ledge behind Ross's couch, whether it's really their's or not.  I'm thinking the producers of Off the Block are behind these "gifts", based on what we are about to talk about.

Here is where BadgeGate comes in...look behind Ross's head.  There is a "Soggy C" shirt way over on the left, a bag of "crystals", and a cop's badge, among other items.  Do you think Steve really gave Ross one of his police badges?  Hell no he didn't.  Steve hasn't even been a cop for years.  But this is what Bayleigh and Angie saw, and maybe Scottie.  Right after Scottie came back in the house, he told the group that Bayleigh and Angie saw the badge and figured out Steve was a cop.  (They don't know about his current professor job, though.)

I'm not sure why Scottie didn't notice this himself, but he told the group Bayleigh and Angie were talking about it.  Brett said he knew RIGHT AWAY that Steve was a cop, dating back to when Brett saw Steve during the BB audition process.

Brett:  I think Steve's dad might have been a mechanic, because he did know a lot about car engines and stuff.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Angie Rockstar was discussing this with Bayleigh, because she was very clear about her distaste for officers of the law.  She even said she hates running so much she wouldn't run away from a serial killer, but she would run from a cop.  (LOL)

I was really mad about the sloppiness of this when I heard it on the live feeds, but it was late at night and I was probably overreacting.  I hope they consider this in future seasons though.  I think it could hurt somebody's game, or at least their allies if it casts doubt on their own integrity.  I think it could cause paranoia too, thinking other people might be lying as well.

But anyone who saw Steve and DIDN'T think he was a cop probably isn't seeing clearly.  And that would certainly be Scottie.  Oh, and Fessy left some sort of huge pink shirt with the sleeves cut off behind as a memory of him.  I think he should have left a can of hairspray.


I heard a conversation sometime last week that I never got a chance to post, but it's the kind of inside information that we all love.  As Fessy was telling the house guests his story, I was kind of in shock that we were allowed to hear it, and expected the feeds to move away any moment.  And they finally did, right in the spot where I was on the EDGE of my seat,  To the best of my recollection, here it is.

*  In early 2017, Fessy apparently put a profile out on some reality casting website, or maybe the casting directors found his modeling or online dating profile, but it sounds like he was being courted like a movie star.  First he was approached by Are You The One on MTV, but turned it down.  Tyler and Haleigh also mentioned being approached by the casting department of that show.  Tyler said he watched a few episodes and decided it was not for him.

*  Fessy sent an audition tape to American Ninja Warrior and heard back from them almost immediately.  He said his video showed him running and doing football-type stuff.  The feedback he got from casting was that they know he was a good football player, but they had no idea of his capabilities on the games played on ANW.  (I've never watched ANW but I might someday.)

*  Fessy went to a local "Ninja Gym" and had someone film him doing some of the stunts.  He said one of the games was really strong for him, but because I don't watch the show I don't remember what he said.  The new footage he sent to ANW casting did the trick, and he was invited to compete in some sort of qualifiying tournament, filming in April 2017 in Daytona Beach.

*  Apparently Faysal also applied for Survivor around that time, and was contacted by them to appear on one of the seasons filmed last year, in spring of 2017.  If you don't know, they usually film two back-to-back seasons in Fiji starting sometime in late April.  Survivor contacted Fessy, and he told them he was in the mix for ANW and would be attending their tryouts in April.

(At this point Tyler asked A LOT of questions about how Fessy hooked up with ANW.  I think Brett and Kaycee were interested, too.)

*  Fessy said he did not make it through the ANW try out, but he named a number of course elements (or whatever) that he competed successfully.  The one that he knew he was very good at from his time working out at the Orlando Ninja gym was the course element coming up just after he lost out.  I think the item you see in the picture below was the "rolling pin".  Fessy told Tyler it was so hard to grip it because it was a slippery situation.

*   Survivor was keeping tabs on Faysal, and learned that April was the end of the line for him on ANW and invited him out to California to go through Survivor auditions.  I think the tweet below is sent in June because that is when Faysal's episode aired on TV.  I'll bet CBS is competitive with NBC about snapping up potential reality stars like Faysal.

*  Fessy told Tyler that he did VERY well in his Survivor audition, and kept moving forward in the process until he got to some of the final, probably most important interviews.

Fessy:  I had an interview with that guy who is the host.....who is that....and I guess that didn't go well..


*  So, Jeff Probst didn't like Fessy.  Or didn't think he was a good fit.  Or maybe Jeff got pissed that Fessy didn't know his name.  HOW CAN YOU WATCH SURVIVOR AND NOT KNOW WHO JEFF PROBST IS?  I can see Fessy being really cocky in his interviews, because he was getting a lot of attention from the top shows and as we all know, Fessy is a huge Fessy fan.  But Survivor has cast PLENTY of cocky contestants in the past, so it must have been something else that disqualified him.

*  Earlier this summer, I heard Fessy talk about how the Survivor casting people asked him if he was interested in Big Brother.  It must have been late in the game for BB19 casting, so they asked him if he wanted to come out and be an alternate for last summer's show.  If you don't know, plenty of past house guests have also been alternates, like Frank Eudy (BB12 and BB13, I think), Dan Gheesling (BB9---a dodged bullet for Dan, no?) and even our own Tyler Crispen for BBOTT.

Fessy:  They asked me about being an alternate and I said "nah".

*  And this week on RHAP's Summer of Stein podcast, Eric Stein said he "had it on good authority" that Fessy almost didn't get cast on BB20, because they were still looking for another potential house guest to fill his spot. But he made it, and the rest is history.  At least it's this year's history.  What happens from here, we don't now, but Faysal has talked about moving out to California.