Saturday, September 1, 2018

Two Truths and a Lie. #BB20

We knew it was coming.  Most of us dreaded it.  After a week of wondering what kind of competitions we'd have and which Juror would be coming back and what that would mean and then what would happen, we finally know.  Our system rebooted and we're all okay.

Julie is triumphant in this easy black frock, with flowing locks that scream California Girl.  This dress is simple, but it fits well and looks great on stage, which would be the goal for anyone whose job is to stand on stage with millions of people staring at you.  Not to mention all of us here online in Big Brother Land.

See, it looks nice.  Julie looks nice.  She's wearing that outfit, the outfit isn't wearing her.  Haleigh actually spent quite a bit of time trying on different dresses to wear tonight, but I guess Production told them to prepare for an athletic competition.  I think her plan was to wear one of Angela's dresses, which was a show of confidence for Haleigh, knowing Angela wanted her to stay in the game.

Knowing what we know now, Haleigh could have worn a ballgown with a ten-foot train and still had plenty of time to change before the HoH comp started.  You know, if THREE HOURS was enough time.

Before the show began, we were reminded how the Ice Queen Angela put Haleigh and Fessy on the block together, which mocked the flimsy Final Four deal they made with Angela and Tyler last week.  And after all of the "Golden Child" edits that Haleigh has gotten all season, in this scene she finally got some credit for the way Foute and now The Hive have sealed their own fate being gullible and not performing a proper autopsy of their failures after each week of the game. Or one week, even.

Julie reminded us that this was a Big Night, because after either Haleigh or Fessy leave, they will have a chance to compete for the right to return in the Jury Battle Back. and the winner of that competition will walk right back in the house before the end of the hour.

Yikes.  The exciting thing about this is that NO ONE knew who was coming back in the game.  Not me, not you, not even Les Moonves.  Although technically it's possible that some of the balls used in that competition were weighted with magnets or some other helpful or hurtful substance, since each Battle Back contestant had their own assigned ball color. But I'm just making that up.  Please forget I said that.

And I'm getting way ahead of the story, by about forty minutes.

We saw a long, maudlin, long, slow-paced, long, repetitive, long and rather boring segment about Haleigh and Fessy's predicament.  I think this segment was longer than the entire time Fessy spent with Haleigh during waking hours each day this week.  Fessy basically took to his Have Not saucer all week, not wanting to do much of anything.

In Fessy's pre-season interview with Ross Mathews, he told Ross that his biggest weakness might be his pride, because he is a very competitive man.  I think he's right.  He's really a nice dude, and would be a great guy to have as a co-worker, or the bartender at your favorite sports bar.  But his temper flares when he loses, or finds himself on the losing team after a competition.  He didn't like Kaycee beating him at his own self-professed game, and he doesn't like Angela being the one to give him the boot.

We saw a scene between Brett and Tyler that was filmed as last week's PoV competition was filmed. That competition took over nine hours and as the only two players who were not competing, Brett and Tyler spent the entire time together alone in the HoH room.  Most of that time was not shown on the live feeds, but I think the entire BBAD episode that night was just these two guys talking.  From what I heard, they reached a new understanding after being able to speak uninterrupted after so many weeks pretending not to work together.  They even made a Final Two deal, with Brett saying he's so relieved to finally be able to talk about this with Tyler, saying the words out loud.

What is Tyler trying to tell us here in his Diary Room session?

As Brett went over to the HoH bathroom to wash his hands, Tyler looked at us and smirked, saying "four final twos" in a soft voice.  The studio audience tittered with delight.  It was a great piece of editing.  In case you're wondering, Tyler broke it down for us in his DR session you see above.

1.  Kaycee
2.  JC
3.  Sam
4.  And now, Brett

You notice who is not there?  Angela.  Yes, Angela.  Tyler even told us in the DR that he's in the house for one reason only, to win half a million dollars, not for a showmance.

Tyler:  She's pretty cute though.

We went to commercial and you can see how much space is between each house guest, to better fill the screen, I guess.  The seating order is pre-ordained by Production, so I assume the spacing is as well.  The thing that caught my eye is the thing you really can't see here...we saw a tight shot of Fessy swinging his knees back and forth, burning energy off before the live speeches and vote to evict.  Then the camera slowly pulled back and we saw Kaycee doing the exact same thing with her legs, as is her custom.

Then we're back and it's time for the nominees to stand and address America, as well as the house guests.  I told you Fessy had some prepared remarks that he claimed would buy Haleigh three weeks of safety.  But will they?  I don't know about that.  I think Haleigh will definitely live for three more weeks, but probably not inside the Big Brother house. Faysal gave his family, college and Orlando community some shout outs, and said some nice things to Haleigh.  And then it was time for him to throw shade at Angela.

Basically Faysal made the following points, whether or not they were accurate, clearly trying to Pull a Brett.  But what Fessy doesn't understand is that neither of Brett's great speeches changed any votes, because the votes for each Foute eviction were determined as soon as the  nominations were locked on Monday of each eviction week.  But you already knew that.  You already know more than Fessy.

Fessy Says:

1.  He knew Angela was "spoon fed" all her life because she drives around in a Range Rover and wears a "fake engagement ring" to the grocery store.

(I was like, THIS is your fucking speech Fessy?)

2.  Fessy told Sam that when he was HoH, Angela came up there and urged him to put Sam on the block, because she was always complaining about being there and was a pain in the butt.

(Sam later claimed Fessy's speech DID influence her to change her vote to now evict Haleigh, because she believed the things Fessy said about Angela.  But why would Fessy's statements have anything to do with the situation, unless Sam wanted Fessy to stay and target Angie-La-La.  But everybody knows Sam hates Haleigh, so that argument is a load of bullshit.)

As the camera pulled back Fessy was still addressing Sam, trying to be somewhat gentle, and Tyler and Brett had the facial expressions of people not wanting to be called on in class, with an added touch of Brett trying not to laugh, I think.  They didn't have to wait long to hear their names called, but instead of condemning them, Fessy wanted to provide some helpful information.

3.  When Fessy asked Angela what Brett or Tyler would do if they won the PoV, Angela said she had both of them on a leash and would tell them both what to do in this game.  Fessy likes both of them and doesn't want to see either of them "go out like that".

I can say I heard Angela make that comment about Brett, but of course Brett knows she said stuff like that about him.  She was trying to keep their whole group safe during Fessy's HoH week and she succeeded.  I did hear her push for Sam to go on the block, and also Angela's complaints about Sam's behavior, but Angela had the same goal as her comment about Brett, trying to keep her own team off the block.

Fessy later told Julie Chen he never heard Angela say anything about Tyler, so he invented that part to stir up some trouble.  So Fessy's speech really was Two Truths and a Lie, as far as I'm concerned.

And here is Haleigh making her speech, which unfortunately included looking off to stage right and telling Julie that she "didn't have the words tonight to describe how beautiful Julie looked".  The audience tittered, because that has been Haleigh's "thing" every week in the Diary Room.  For her speech tonight Haleigh basically just did shout outs, and a bunch of syrupy sweet statements about how she has loved getting to know each and every one of them.  She might feel that way someday, but not now.  It's not very sincere now, but the CBS audience eats it right up, of course.

It was a rough night for Sam, being called out like that in a speech.  And her hair has had a rough 70-something days in there, with all of the blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron action sustained all summer.  She spent hours on Thursday, getting ready for the show.

Yes, you read that right. Hours. On her hair.

Sam:  I vote to evict Haleigh.

Just after the show, Sam approached Angela and made an excuse for her vote, saying she got confused and believed Fessy for a moment.  Angela expressed irritation over Sam believing that, but not about Sam's vote.  Angela did want Sam to be the odd vote out, so that Haleigh would have at least one clear target if she wins HoH again.

Fessy did hug everybody, telling Sam "thanks for the vote" before going out onstage to meet his fate with Julie.

(Is that any way to thank Sam?  Maybe putting her in jeopardy for suggesting she's the one who did it?  Fessy was Fessy up until the last second, apparently.)

Everyone hugs when someone leaves.  It's part of the game, but after not hearing any announcements about tonight being a Double Eviction, they all started looking ahead to the next step, the HoH competition.

I would be remiss not to point out how handsome Fessy looked all clean-shaven for the live show.  I just remembered this, seeing Fessy's black-and-white scruff on the memory wall.  When a man takes the time to shave just before arriving for a date, that is always appreciated, trust me.  I can clearly remember being charmed by the fact that one of my boyfriends shaved after playing golf because he was coming over for a home-cooked meal.  You can get away with being late if you do that, and you smell nice. Not cologne-nice though.  Just clean and well-groomed nice.  Smooth.  We appreciate that.  I already follow an exfoliation program.  I don't need your whiskers to scratch me all up.

Tyler hugged Angela 100%, but she only gave back about 63%, I think, well aware of her surroundings and spectators.  Here's the side view of Sam's hair, if you were wondering.

Right after Fessy left, Haleigh told everyone that she saw Fessy's sister sitting in the audience.  After the live show ended she added that the sister was blowing kisses at the open door of the house.  But that can't be true, can it?  Production would never knowingly let an immediate family member sit in the audience of a live show if there is a chance they would be able to see each other and communicate.  It was probably some other girl trying to blow kisses at Brett or Tyler.

Julie mentioned the speech Fessy just made, asking him where this version of Fessy has been all summer.  That's a shot, but I'm not sure Fessy realized it.  I can't help but remember a comment Eric Stein made to Rob Cesternino on the latest episode of the Summer of Stein podcast.  Eric said that he has it "on good authority that casting was trying to find someone else for Fessy's spot on Big Brother" in the last days before kick-off.  And I believe Eric.  He's got the juice like that with behind-the-scenes stuff.

Fessy is just too passive when it comes to game stuff.  We saw him crowing and saying "Boi" to us after he won competitions, but he retreated into a solitary funk when things didn't go well, wrapping himself in a towel and kvetching about being in the dark.  He couldn't even answer Julie after what felt like five long minutes of hemming and hawing when she asked him what he would have done with the PoV if he won.

Based on that response alone, I think Fessy can kiss any further CBS opportunities away.  Hello Challenge on MTV!

(I have some sidebar Fessy comments about this area that I will try to crowbar into this post at some point, since I might not have a chance to tell you about them now that Fessy got banished to the Jury.)

Now it's time for the goodbye messages.  JC left a nice one, of course.  Fessy already knew that JC planned to cast his vote along with the house.

Kaycee's message was the negative one, but since it came from Kaycee, it didn't seem that nasty to me, but she definitely hit him where it hurts.  As you will recall, in his PoV speech Fessy took a jab at Kaycee, saying her Veto win was "a long time coming". Kaycee told Angela she was going to dig right back at him in her good bye message, and she did, as follows:

1.  There's only room for one football player in this house.

(Fessy scoffed at that and looked over to his right, saying "after only one win?", but of course we know she won the Hacker Comp, too.  And before he played for PoV, Fessy said he would win at catching balls, because he "does that for a living".  Maybe as a substitute teacher, Fessy, but not on the football field.  That is Kaycee's job right now, not your's.  But whatever.  He lost.  It hurts.)

2.  Fessy's eviction was a long time coming.

And here is the cherry on the top of CBS's Haleigh Cake tonight.  Haleigh told Fessy he was "her one person" and she will miss him terribly.  Well, Fessy was her only person playing on her side in the house.  That's what I think Haleigh means.  Just my take on it, but Julie sure had a different view of Haleigh's statements.

Julie:  Well, I think she wants to date you after this.

Julie told Faysal the exciting news that he would be competing momentarily to return to the game, playing against Scottie, Rockstar and Bayleigh.  I saw him snort as she listed the names.  Fessy thought it was a no brainer playing against that crew.  And because we knew what the competition was going to be after a leak earlier in the day, I thought it would be a no brainer, too.

As we went to commercial we saw Marrisa Winokur, winner of Celebrity  Big Brother, in the first row of the audience with her son Zev and what looks like some of his school-age friends.  Marissa looks nothing like Fessy's sister though. But people online think this is who Haleigh thought was Fessy's sister.

Haleigh is known to be incorrect from time to time.  This is just another one of those times.

The cast was standing by the back door, waiting to get called outside to play for HoH, when Julie called them back into the living room for an announcement.  They all groaned, and Julie asked what was up with the bad attitudes.  She told them that Faysal had been evicted, but was not headed to the Jury House yet, because Bayleigh, Angie, Scottie and Faysal were about to Battle Back it out and one of them would return to the house soon.  They would not be allowed to watch the competition, but would know who won when the doorbell rang and that person walked right back in with the same chance to win as everyone else.

Later, Tyler told Scottie that after this announcement, everyone was herded into the HoH room to wait for 10 minutes.  Then they came back downstairs and heard the crowd cheering in the audience.  I think that was when the Battle Back winner came onstage with Julie for a quick send off as they walked into the house.  I guess Production didn't want them to hear any of the action going down in the backyard.  I was actually pleased that the Jurors didn't get to come in the house and whisper to people.  Any further direct contact on either side of the conversation is a privilege only the Battle Back winner should enjoy.

Then we saw the Jury House, which certainly looked like a grand place to pass the time if you just lost a half million dollars and need a place to decompress and live a little of the good life.  We later learned that the house has six bedrooms, each with it's own bathroom.  I don't think all of the bedrooms are used by the house guests though.  I suspect the handlers use two of them, but it's just a guess.

The house reportedly has a theater, and a "jacuzzi that works", along with a basketball court and a yard full of plants and "nature". Lots of lizards, too, that Angie Rockstar has apparently been trying to make friends with.

First we saw Bayleigh alone doing yoga on a very tranquil manicured lawn.  Usually the first member of the Jury is joined quickly by someone else, both victims on a Double Eviction night.  But this time Bayleigh got to spend a week alone, but there is always a handler around, at least in the common areas, to ensure they still stay segregated from the outside world.

Then we saw Angie Rockstar show up, and she looks so thin in the Jury footage, very relaxed and peaceful, with a good tan, too.  Bayleigh was in the middle of Downward Dog when Angie came out of the bushes saying "they got me" and Bayleigh was surprised.

Bayleigh wanted to know what happened to knock Angie out of the game, and Angie said it would be easier to show Bayleigh.  The evicted house guests used to carry a VHS tape with them with footage of the ceremonies and speeches, and we'd watch them snap it into the machine and push play.  We don't know what they do now, but whatever it is does not include a plastic cartridge with tape inside.

Bayleigh saw that Fessy won the HoH competition, but I'm unclear as to how much of the Slip 'n' Slide footage they got to see.  Probably just what was shown on the CBS show, and now Bayleigh knows that somehow Angie got evicted on a week where her ally was the HoH.  Then she saw the Hacker put Angie on the block, and got kind of aggro when asking if there was any sort of Veto action to help the group out.  That part felt forced to me, like Production told Bayleigh to ask about that. And Bayleigh really put some flair into that line, chewing it up with delight. (The wrong emotion.)

Because Bayleigh should not be surprised that Tyler won a PoV comp.  But what she was surprised to see is Angie Rockstar clue Tyler in to what the correct OTEV answer should be.  And then Bayleigh was surprised again to see Angie get to the finish line first, only to find Tyler was the one holding the correct bottle of pills.  It feels like that happened three months ago to us, but it was fresh pain for Bayleigh, and still a raw wound for Angie, having to deal with it again now.

Then we see Scottie arrive, and he actually looked and sounded like a normal person.  For a moment I thought Scottie's game persona was an act, a horrible idea that went wrong, but that was not the case.  I think Scottie breaks into the falsetto when he's trying to interact with people on camera, not so much when it's a one-on-one interview.

And Scottie's non-tape presentation was another painful show for the girls to watch, once they learned that Faysal was the HoH, and knew that the Hacker competition could not be the culprit since that twist ended last week.

Scottie said he didn't understand, but when he told the girls that he told Fessy he was smitten with Haleigh they erupted in shock, saying why would you tell Fessy that when he's in love with Haleigh?

Scottie: WHAT?  HE IS?  I had no idea!  Yes, that was a terrible idea.  I did some terrible things in there.

Scottie had no idea that Fessy has been involved with Haleigh. And he was in that house with them for nearly 80 days.  And everyone else has been talking about their suspected showmance for the past two weeks.  Scottie is no Ian, and not a Steve, either.  And he WISHES he could be an Andy.

Oh, and there was some sass going down when Bayleigh admitted that she flew off the handle when she was in the house, but she asked Scottie if what she did in the house was worse than what Rockstar did with the PoV.

Scottie:  No, what Rockstar did was worse.

Angie Rockstar:  At least I wasn't spewing blood out my mouth.

Touche Angie Rockstar.  Touche.

The Jurors were presented with this bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries.  The card told them they would be competing to return to the game, along with whoever was evicted next.  Julie asked them later, just before the competition started, who they hoped would show up to join them.  Scottie said he hoped it was JC, since he thought he could beat him in the comp, but suspected Brett would show up next.  The girls expressed surprise at this, because both of them were stuck on their Anti-Tangela groove.  I guess they can enjoy continuing to talk trash about them, or at least Angela, since Faysal has so many opinions about her now.

Later, Angela was surprised Faysal knew anything about her, because she's barely talked to him about personal things.  Haleigh admitted that she knew what kind of car Angela drove (Angela told her.) but said it was wrong for Fessy to judge her for that, because Angela has worked really hard to earn her money.  I am compelled to remind you that the week Angie Rockstar was going on the block, Haleigh and Angie trashed Angela up and down one side and then another about driving that car. It was part of the "pretty princess" and "entitled bitch" series of rants that we all enjoyed watching on the live feeds.

Oh, and Angela said she thinks Fessy got the "fake engagement ring" story from when she told the group about a bad car accident she was in on the way home from the grocery store, I think.  The guy who hit her was actually driving a rental car that he rented under a false name, so that real guy with that name was initially blamed until he could clear himself.  Or maybe he's still struggling to do that, because Angela says he leaves her HORRIBLE messages, saying she's ruined his life, but Angela says she has nothing to do with his identity theft.  She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And I think the ring fits into the story because someone involved with the accident assumed she was married because they thought the ring she was wearing was part of a wedding set.

So it was all a big SO WHAT in the end. And about what Fessy said about Angela leading Tyler and Brett around on a leash, Brett approached Tyler about that and said after thinking carefully about it, he thinks Fessy made it up, because if he had real dirt to spill, he would have approached the two of them and tried to make a deal.  Brett is being WAY too generous here with Fessy's game instincts, because the boy didn't really have many at all.  In the end Fessy's downfall was all about girls, being salty about girls beating him, and being salty about Scottie having eyes for Haleigh.

Julie threw us out to the backyard, where we see some colorful balls floating in the air, telling us that Bayleigh, Angie and Scottie were out there waiting to see who would join them.

They already knew what this comp was about, because it's been featured on the show at least twice.  That is why Scottie wanted to see JC show up, because this comp would have been unwinnable, and very unfair for JC to play.  I'm guessing JC's assigned color of balls would have been dropped down much closer to the ground if he was out there playing, but that wouldn't have helped him with what he needed to do with the balls once he pulled them down to use them.

Basically the house guests needed to grab their balls out of the sky, then race up the little stage you see there and drop the balls into their tube.  The first player with four balls in their tube must run across the yard to ring a buzzer, and then they're headed back to the house to play the game.  I'm pretty sure somebody lost this comp once by not remembering to hit the buzzer, but I don't feel like looking it up right now.

Anyway, this is Big Top Drop, and as a viewer the handful of minutes it took to play out was a very stressful time for me.

Scottie and Fessy were neck and neck on the first round trip, with Fessy just snatching his red balls out of the sky, and then we saw him calmly lean over and drop his ball in the tube.  It was hard to see that and then imagine how things would turn out.  Fessy had every right to win this.  He had a huge advantage over the others, with his stature and long arm reach.  

But he missed a few.  We heard the audience make surprised noises when Fessy's balls bounced away from the tube.  (I'm sure the Jurors will talk about that for WEEKS, with Fessy assuming he was America's Sweetheart, probably a shoe-in for America's Favorite.)  But then when Fessy had two balls in, suddenly everyone caught up.  Julie was calling the game, saying "Bayleigh has two balls"..."Scottie has two balls"....and then the unthinkable.

Julie:  Rockstar has two balls.

And then Fessy really started to panic.  He was hanging over the bar, dangling his body in a manner that looked dangerous.  And this messed him up, because the arm that held the ball wasn't steady.  He was trying to balance and not aiming properly.  Whatever Scottie did in this competition, he had the time to look over and see the mistakes Fessy made, because he described them just moments later, inside the house.

In the blink of an eye, Scottie won.  And the camera coverage showed that Fessy was the expected winner, but I'm sure they put Scottie next to him since that was the biggest chance for a close finish, with prime camera coverage.

They hugged him, and the girls seemed happy.  Fessy wasn't that happy, but I'm sure he was pleased that at least a girl didn't beat him.  I forgot to tell you that the first thing Fessy said as he came out on the set was to apologize to Scottie, calling himself a dummy for doing what he did.  So that's something good right there.

The next day Scottie told Haleigh that the Jurors, at least the ones he spent time with, agreed to all vote for the same person, which would sway the vote to pick the winner.  I guess they already accepted that all of them would be on the Jury, based on that decision.  Scottie said each one of them would choose someone and say they would never vote for them, and whoever was left would be the person they will all vote for.  I hope they change their minds about that ridiculous strategy.  It would be a shame to have such a great season soured by such a bitter Jury.

For example, what if Sam wins.  Good grief.  She would go straight to the top of the Horrible Winner's list, that's for sure.

Were you just thinking "whew, we got through that live show successfully!"?  Well, don't think that, because as Julie came back from calling that intense competition to throw us to commercial, we had a good two seconds of silence. Julie's lips were moving, but there was no sound.  At least they corrected the problem though, probably as simple as flipping a switch to activate the right live mic.

I'm an accountant, and I just figured that out.  If they move this Production to Atlanta someday to take advantage of the burgeoning local Entertainment Industry action, maybe I'll apply for a summer job.  Call me Allison.  My resume is right here, at this address. Maybe Julie and I could go shopping together too for live show looks and accessories.  We'll put the shopping trip on Les' tab.

Julie took a quick moment to chat with Scottie just before he re-entered the game.  He told her he planned to work with Tyler and Julie was clearly frustrated with that answer.  I expected her to slap him in the head with her note card, out of anger.  But she was happy to hear that Scottie wants to team up with Tyler to evict Angela, who Scottie says "seems to be causing all of the problems".

Scottie really got robbed by not being invited to join Foute, didn't he?  Because clearly he started Foute-ing way before The Hive.

Julie:  What's going through your head right now?

Scottie:  My head? R for redemption.

What is that supposed to mean?  Once again, Scottie uses lyrics or movie lines or whatever else to express himself when a normal human response would have been so much better.  Like this:

Scottie, as a normal person:  Julie, I am so excited to win that comp and I'm going in that house to do everything I didn't do the first time.  I want to thank you, and CBS, and all the fans for their support.  I'm going to make you all proud!  Do you have any advice for me Julie?

But alas, that was not the case.

The doorbell rang and everyone ERUPTED when Scottie burst in the house.  And before you say their reaction was fake, I can tell you they were all generally THRILLED that anyone else didn't win the Battle Back. Even Haleigh knew that Fessy was bad for her game.  Scottie can be her "new person" now, giving her a fresh start.

I think the camera crew almost forgot the show is still live, because as Angela made her way over to greet Scottie, kind of tugging down her short skirt and walking carefully in her high heels, the camera almost did a close up of her body. They almost did that. I could feel it.  I won't go into my story again about visiting the control room during an NBA game and what they focus their cameras on.  Let's just say a few of the screens were not trained on action happening on the court, but instead on the sidelines, where a team of NBA dancers pranced and shook their pom poms.  But it was a simpler time, when it was okay to focus TWO camera angles on the dancers' various body parts.  All of you guys really had it made back then, didn't you?


But I digress.  Everyone greeted Scottie and it was a very sweet reunion.  I'll bet JC was PISSED though.  Scottie would not have been his pick to return, that's for sure.  Scottie told them about the competition and then Brett clearly interpreted the situation in a way that Scottie is unable to do.  Scottie has a lot of information in his head, but passing it on to other people under pressure is not one of his strong points.  He needs to slow down and breathe.  And not react.

Brett:  So the challenge was having to drop the ball into the tube, because the ramp increased the distance.

Julie told us to tune into the live feeds to watch the HoH competition play out.  The CBS spoiler told us later that it would take a few hours to "reset the yard" for the next competition, and to test the equipment, which is a new program implemented last Tuesday.

I just made that last part up, but I wonder if CBS is yanking their chain back there, after two live HoH comps were cause for an ass chewing from the network.  Like I said, call me Allison.  I don't want Les Moonves to call me because I'm scared of him.  But anyone else please feel free to make that call.

As soon as the greetings were dispensed with, the house guests started peppering Scottie with questions, which carried right over to the live feeds, which came up almost immediately after the show ended.  Tyler asked Scottie when the Battle Back happened, probably thinking that he's had to compete every week like Victor did in BB18.  Scottie told them that they greeted Fessy right after his interview with Julie and were all blindfolded and taken to the Battle Back competition set to play immediately.

Get This:  Scottie was not aware at that time that he had just been in the BB backyard playing Big Top Drop.  But he's not a live feeder, so how would he know?

Scottie wanted to know who was responsible for Fessy's exit, and Angela was proud to claim credit, saying "I got rid of Fessy for you".  And you know that Scottie believes her about that, thinking that he might have a friend in her.

Before they even left that area of the house, Tyler peppered him with questions about the good bye messages--did he get to see all of them?  Did Fessy?  Scottie said he did see all the messages, and later said Brett's message was the best one.  You will recall that Brett apologized to Scottie in that message, but told Tyler that he left a scorching speech for Scottie (and every other evicted house guest, too), so it's not surprising that Brett told Tyler what he really said, before Tyler heard it from Scottie.  But now Tyler knows Brett is trying to get Jury votes.  And Brett knows he knows.  They both know Brett took creative license with what he's telling the others.

It's fun for us to discuss that, but it's not really fair, game-wise, for Scottie to blow their cover like that.  This sort of consequence is what will lead to bland, boring good bye messages, because you never know who is going to be talking about it to your competitors later.  The stuff Scottie could make up would be the juiciest of all, right?  Making up lies in a dastardly fashion?  Maybe Brett will make up lies and tell more lies about Scottie telling him. C'mon Brett. Get crazy in there.

Brett also extracted the information that the Jury gets to see all the speeches, too, and at least part of the competitions.  So....look for more speeches from Brett, and maybe Tyler, and whoever else wants to win this game.

Then JC had a question. He wondered if Scottie went to the Jury House, or was he sequestered.  Scottie said he went to the Jury house, and indicated it was a sweet crib.  JC asked about Bayleigh and Rockstar, and Scottie immediately said something that caused us to see the fish tank on live TV.  When we returned Brett was shushing Scottie as you see here, and someone said you can't say that now.  I thought maybe Scottie gave the address to the house, or said something verboten like maybe they all Skyped with Swaggy C on Sunday afternoon.  (NO.  I just made that up.  RELAX.)  But I think Scottie said the girls BLEEPED when they saw him, or said BLEEP BLEEPITY BLEEP.

(Casual CBS viewers don't know this, but Scottie's language can be just as profanity-laced as anybody else's in there, maybe even more since those are often the only words in Scottie's sentences that I clearly understand on the live feeds.)

And then the show was over.  And Julie Chen's dogs were barking.  We have a Max Mara store here in Atlanta too, Julie. Just saying.

The HoH competition didn't start until well after 1:00 AM here on the East Coast.  I went to sleep before that, leaving the live feeds running on my laptop.  And I woke up shortly after it began, I think.  They were spinning on ropes like we've seen in many other competitions, spattered with paint and struggling to not be the first one off.  The person who won that honor was JC, followed by Sam shortly afterwards.  Scottie's fall was a surprise, because he seemed comfortable up there, running his mouth happily until he started spinning uncontrollably.  There was a huge lattice-topped pie that was slapping them around and Sam told Scottie to grab it with his arm to stop the spinning. But instead that threw Scottie off balance and his feet flew right out from under him.  That left Haleigh up there trying to beat Brett, Kaycee and Tyler.  She looked strong though, standing still and hugging the rope close to her, to minimize the centrifugal forces.

Brett held on as long as he could, but his weight made standing up to spin quite difficult.  And Kaycee chose to squat down low, as taught by her "Asian mama", but when she dropped it was just Tyler and Haleigh.  Haleigh looked VERY strong until an encounter with that huge pie hurt her neck.  After that there was an obvious decline in her stamina as she shifted, stood up and squatted down, and groaned every time that pie made contact.  Her final moment is already a GIF, because she got hit HARD by that damn pie, making Tyler the new HoH.

Haleigh's fine though, the CBS spoiler told us.  She was checked by the medic to be sure she did not have a concussion and was cleared to return some time later.  As usual, after the HoH comp ended we had a live feed break for some time to allow Production to issue instructions.  For example, sometimes they tell them not to shower or change until they've gone in the DR to get footage of what they looked like after the competition, disheveled and smeared with sweaty paint.


The next day Tyler took meetings with everyone in the house, trying to pretend that his mind wasn't already made up to nominate Haleigh and Scottie.  We even got a rare DR leak on the live feeds that actually told us key information, as a guy asked Tyler if he's thought about his nominations yet.

Tyler:  Oh I don't know. Probably Scottie and Haleigh.

DR Guy:  Well I'm sure we'll talk plenty about that later.

Tyler: Yeah, I'm sure we will.

They did talk about maybe nominating Sam, or maybe JC, but of course Tyler isn't going to do that.  Those are two of his four Final Two people, you know.  I don't think Tyler plans on taking either one of them to the end, but he'd like them to take him if the choice is up to them.

And that's the point of Tyler making all those deals, to cover his bases. It's how you play this game, using your social skills to blaze a trail when your competition abilities aren't able to save you.

Haleigh's got a game to play as well, sticking like glue to Angela and Tyler and telling them how much Fessy was irritating her last week by isolating himself and being so pouty. She's trying to show them that she's not holding a grudge, and can be an asset to them.

She realized that she'd probably go on the block, so she focused on trying to get Sam in the seat next to her.  And she mocked Fessy's speech about Angela, of course, letting them know she had no idea about what he was going to do.  She's a tough girl, but they are about eight steps ahead of her, and know every word that she says is just Haleigh trying to stay in the game.

Tyler's hair is back to being curly, of course.  They will probably save that footage of his makeover for a week when things get slow. Just like they did this week by dragging out that footage of JC making Colombian Hot Dogs wearing only a Speedo.

Tyler's HoH robe is red this time, but I don't remember seeing him wear the robe the first time he was HoH, for two weeks way back in June.  He didn't get pictures or a letter back then, which is the fate of the first HoH for as long as I can remember.

He used his one-on-one sessions to gain information, asking questions and then listening carefully.  He also tried to spend as much time with Angela as possible, sometimes locking the door to give them a few more seconds of contact before manually unlocking the door to claim it was "stuck".

Tyler and Angela are also keeping a daily count of how many times someone tries to cockblock them, or refers to their showmance.  Sometimes they count right in front of the person as they come in the HoH room.  I heard Angela tell Tyler today that she doesn't like to count Kaycee the Peanut as a cockblocker, because she's so sweet to them and doesn't seem resentful.

(Pssstt Angela....Kaycee is Tyler's top Final Two, his real Final Two.  And Kaycee trusts that.  It might even be true.  We don't know for sure yet, until it happens.  IF it happens.)

Sam rang the bell and asked if Tyler was alone.  He was.  And where was this hairstyle of Sam's on the live show night?  Doesn't this smooth style look thousands of times better than the do she sported on Thursday night?

I can't hear you talking, but I feel you saying "Yes, it does".  And I agree.  Less is usually more.

Tyler immediately told Sam not to worry, that she's not going up no matter who tries to make that happen.  I'm pretty sure he told her Haleigh threw her name out, but I'm not positive.  That wouldn't surprise Sam, though.

Sam was happy to see pictures of Tyler's dad, and his mother Charlene.  Sam's spider Charlene is named after Tyler's mom, you know.  Tyler's comments about his HoH stuff was sad to me.  He told Sam that he didn't really know his stepfather very well, and didn't have any step brothers or sisters from that relationship.  Sam was surprised that Tyler's dad had grey hair.  She didn't expect that, she said.

Why is one of Tyler's pictures him holding Orwell?  Was it that hard to find a picture of Tyler's friend Foster, who is quite active in his support of Tyler online and obviously signed the release?  Or Tyler's lifeguard friend Lane, who is the girl running Tyler's Twitter account this summer?

Tyler also said he's really not that close to his mother, either, which might explain why she told America that Tyler has "never surfed, because he's from right here in the Midwest".  Tyler does surf, and talks about it when discussing his life in Hilton Head.

Brett visited Tyler's HoH room in the time leading up to nominations.  Today Brett said they should take this time in the HoH room to study their game data, including the days of each significant event.  Tyler agreed, and the two of them went through each big event, and the day it happened.  Tyler did not know, or said he did not know, which day he made his nominations the first time he was HoH, and Brett said he thinks it was Day #5.

JC came upstairs and was chock full of ideas for Tyler, namely making sure Scottie takes a seat on the block as soon as possible.  JC also had some cautionary info about Brett, saying that he was downstairs talking about Tyler's showmance with Angela and gossiping about where she might be sleeping this week.

JC:  You need to be careful with Brett, Tyler.  He's not as dumb as Fessy.

JC suggested that Tyler tell Scottie in his speech that the house has been very peaceful lately, so he needs to put him on the block to keep it that way.  Tyler agreed, saying he can also say he's giving Scottie the chance to play for PoV, since there are still two people who won't get to compete to win the Veto this week.

Tyler is very real with JC, telling him that he needs to stop freaking out so much.

Tyler:  You were down there crying in the shower and saying you wanted to go home.

(No doubt due to the talking to he got from Production that day, but I just want to finish this post so I can eat dinner sometime before midnight.)

I will say JC has said a few times that when casting was trying to persuade him to sign the contract and join the cast of this show, they told him it was going to be the best summer of his life.  And he disagree with this statement now.  Strongly.  He usually spends his summers out of the country, he said, drinking all he wants and going out to have fun.  This isn't fun, he said.  They lied to him.

Scottie finally came upstairs to see Tyler, and the nomination ceremony actually kicked off during their talk, interrupting them mid-visit to start the nomination process.  Scottie must plan the timing that way, to be the last one in the room before the ceremony, because he was in this same spot when he visited Fessy in his HoH room just before he was nominated then.

Maybe Scottie should have changed it up this time.  Maybe Scottie isn't capable of understanding that.  Tyler didn't tell him that he's going on the block, but he didn't tell him that wasn't going to happen, either.  In fact, most of their conversation was joking around.  For example, Tyler said last night during his HoH room reveal he almost demanded to know who cast that vote to evict Haleigh, mocking Fessy's actions the week Scottie went home.  It was then that Scottie told Tyler that Brett apologized for his famous "Fuck It" admission, lying about his vote and ultimately convincing Fessy.

Tyler made sure Scottie heard everything Tyler said in his own good bye message to Scottie, including some self deprecating comments about how he sucked a little less than Scottie that week.  Tyler was obviously trying to figure out if Scottie got to see an unedited version of his good bye message, and it sounds like Scottie did.

Tyler wondered what the girls are like in Jury, and Scottie said Angie Rockstar was much calmer than she was in the house, enjoying the lovely house and chasing lizards.

Tyler also told Scottie about how Faysal and Haleigh approached Angela and him last week to make a Final Four alliance they didn't take seriously, and how Haleigh pushed to get Scottie on the block.  This was new news to Scottie, of course.  Tyler also mentioned that everybody keeps accusing him of having a showmance with Angela, trying to be proactive about the rumors.  Scottie has said that Bayleigh and Angie Rockstar were talking about this in the Jury house, and blabbing nonstop about Angela's caustic good bye messages to them. 

Maybe Scottie should try keeping his yap shut this time around, but it's already too late for that.  Tyler knows just want to tell Scottie to send him off to the Jury with new information about action inside the house.   But what will Tyler do about Angela?  Since he knows the Jurors still hate her, she might be a good Final Two partner, after all.  But if Tyler is the one who takes Angela out of the game and gets credit for that from the Jury, he might earn their votes of admiration. 

I guess it will all depend on who is in power in the coming three weeks, and what they choose to do with it.


The rest of these pictures were taken since my last post, whenever that was.  I don't know what was going on here, but I like the picture so I'll leave it here.  Needless to say Brett was probably cockblocking Tangela at the time.  I heard Tyler tell Angela today that JC and Brett are irritating him because both of them are telling Tyler what the other is saying about Tangela, but both are blaming the other for it.

Is Tyler trying to plant Brett seeds with Angela?  Brett is not Tyler's pick of Final Two, particularly after learning that Brett lied to him about the goodbye messages.  Tyler is lying to Brett about stuff, too, but Brett doesn't seem aware of that.

They watched Sam cook something with the frozen blueberries that Tyler got in his HoH freezer.  JC watched her scoop out lots of Crisco and was bitching about it.

JC:  Look at all that fat!  We're all going to die in here.

These are the slop cookies that Angela has been making that everyone loves so much.  Even the non-Have Nots say they taste just like brownies.  Kaycee had asked Production for some vegan protein powder since she's sensitive to milk, and they got chocolate powder, which is what makes these new cookies so delicious, it seems.

They told Scottie about them within an hour of his return to the house because frankly, that's become the kind of thing that is Big News to the house guests.  New food is a big deal when you're locked up, I'm sure.  I've watched that show. I know about the commissary.

Kaycee wanted to try baking one big cookie in a cake pan, like brownies, but it took longer to bake and she seemed surprised by that.

Tyler took a moment alone to whisper with Kaycee about how people keep saying he has a Final Two with Angela.

Kaycee:  You mean JC is saying that?

Tyler:  No. B is saying that.

Kaycee:  Dude, nobody has any idea we made that deal on Day #2.  Every time Angela tries to talk about making a deal with me, even hints about it I change the subject.

(So, Angela DOES NOT have a Final Two with anybody.  Shocking, right?)

Brett isn't just going to lay back and take it. I'm not sure he will take a shot at Tyler until more people leave, but by the time he wins HoH, if he wins HoH, he just might be ready to make his move.

Sam has now given up smoking for a full week, and seems to be handling it well now that she's somewhat accustomed to wearing the patch.  She had an interesting conversation about the welding in the house.  Apparently when she's been walking around staring at stuff she's been looking at the way metal is connected.

For example, each of the panels along the balcony on the loft is welded on there, as are the LED panels on the memory wall.  She used a lot of technical language but it was interesting to listen to, until the DR called her in, likely to shut her up about it. It was something I've never heard before on the live feeds, and I wanted to hear more.

Haleigh did what she does best, and most often.  She told Fessy she went a whole day without chewing her nails, but I'd need to see 24-hour coverage on Haleigh Cam before I believed that.

I'll have to tell you my info about Fessy in another post.  It's almost tomorrow, and I have barely been able to acknowledge today.