Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I Don't Like the Look of That. #BB20

As far as mid-week, late-season Big Brother news goes, changes in Tyler's hair rank right up there as newsworthy.  The girls have been talking about taking a flat iron to Tyler's curly locks all summer, but Sam finally scheduled an appointment with him for a styling appointment Monday night, which conveniently wrapped up in time for Tyler's appearance on Big Brother After Dark.

I really miss watching BBAD.  I probably watch more live feeds this season as a result of losing the PoP-TV channel, but I always enjoyed the witty direction of the action, as well as the snarky comments that scroll across the screen, and the often-hateful tweets from the "fans" that also scroll one night each week.  I don't get to watch BBAD anymore, but the house guests discuss it quite often, since they aren't supposed to go to bed (to sleep) until after that night's episode is complete.

So, here is the finished product, with Angela's left arm mid-stroke, since she could barely keep her hands off his head.

I'm sure I would get used to Tyler's straight hair if it was an everyday look for him, but last night I immediately thought it made him look MUCH older.  He's only 23, but he could easily pass for 10 or 15 years older than that with this look.

This picture is a little Ooompa Loompa to me, which is something I never thought I would say about Tyler.  It's the top of his head, his eyes and skin tone that remind me of the tiny chocolate makers in this picture.

Like this.  See?  Sorry Tylee.

In fact, the lyrics to an Oompa Loompa song are ringing in my head now, which is the source for the post title. Here is a snippet...surely this song would NEVER get approved in today's super-sensitive world.

This picture is better.  Tyler and Angela show no signs of stopping their current pattern of stealing every moment they can to cuddle, and now the conversation between them is often more personal, because Tyler asks her questions like how her other relationships ended, and other fact-finding inquiries about her past.  Tyler never seems jealous about any of it, though, which probably makes it much easier for her to share the information.

Is that a tattoo on Tyler's wrist?  Or a string?  I've wondered that many times, but in this picture it's looking like a tattoo of some sort.

Angela told Tyler about her home-based business, saying that is why she has such a large apartment, because one bedroom has five computers in it and she uses it to store inventory.  She said she started the business when she was pole vaulting and one holiday season sales just started booming and she became very busy overnight.  She told her vendors and other parties she works with that she had an emergency that required her to leave the country this summer, and has her mom taking care of things for her while she's gone.  It's very stressful, she says, and she might even give it up after the summer is over.  I could tell Tyler was impressed with this news.  I don't think Angela has discussed it with any other house guests, but I'm not positive about that.

But let's back up in time a few hours.  When Sam started working on Tyler's hair, he was extremely nervous about it and covered his face with a towel the entire time, which made watching Sam's progress with the flat iron a little unnerving.  He was a real pain about it, too, obviously OBSESSING about his hair somehow staying straight forever after Sam was finished.

Oh, don't we WISH that was the case, Tyler.  Millions of men and women would gladly sign up for a straightening procedure, if we thought the results would be permanent.  This totally proves that Tyler has not had a serious girlfriend in years, because no one has ever tried to straighten his hair, or even blow it out straight, which might have been an easier option for both Sam and Tyler.

Sam was as difficult about the situation as Tyler.  There was a gallery of house guests watching Sam straighten his hair, but Sam had specifically FORBADE Angela or Haleigh from watching.  I don't know how they both complied with this rude and ridiculous request, but they did.  They spent time out on the hammock having a nice chat, actually, as Haleigh told Angela all about how Foute began and where it all went wrong.

Well after Sam was finished with Tyler's hair, he walked around in disbelief, totally freaked out by his appearance with straight hair, and he even got called to the DR to talk about it.  (The DR said he either has to let it go back to curls, or pull it up every time he goes in the DR, for continuity purposes.)  I'm sure they will work in the straight-hair footage to the CBS episodes somehow, though, and not just because of Tyler's new look.  Sam really showed her butt tonight by being so bossy, including when she decided Angela and Haleigh would be allowed to see Tyler, now that she gave the okay.  She came out to the sliding door and HOLLERED in a very BOSSY and RUDE manner, calling Angela and Haleigh in like it was time to milk the cows or something.  The girls had just been talking about what a rude bitch Sam was when this happened. 

Angela:  Can you send Tyler out here?  I don't want to get up right now.

Sam kept at her until they both got up and trudged inside.  Haleigh is like Angela's shadow now and would have stayed or have gone outside or inside, as directed.  I know we're talking about Tyler's new do right now, but I don't want to minimize how obnoxious Sam was about this.  I don't ever throw the word around, but it fits in this case, in my opinion.  See You Next Tuesday Sam.  And it was nearly Tuesday morning when this happened, so the shoe fits.

Sam:  Wait until you see what a beautiful, handsome man Tyler is won't be able to stand it....he's not allowed to stay up in the HoH room with you tonight.

Angela, looking at Haleigh:  EXCUSE ME?

Both girls were shocked and delighted by Tyler's hair, oohing and aahing over the color and how long it was.  Tyler himself was shocked to find how long it was, even though I assume he knows how far down his back it goes when wet.

Tyler has been letting his hair grow for two years, but has three years left to fulfill a bet he made with a friend, that they could let their hair grow for five years.  There's $100 at stake, Tyler said.

The reveal and reactions were just as much a part of the entertainment as the hair straightening process itself, as each new person who saw Tyler's hair came on the scene and went through a range of reactions.  Brett was initially sort of mocking the process when Sam first started, but as sections of his hair started to change, he was impressed and kept reassuring Tyler that it looked great.  Brett compared Tyler to Brad Pitt, and also Orlando Bloom as Sam got close to finishing, with Tyler's fact still buried in a blue towel.

Every person who saw Tyler went from shock to awestruck.

Including JC, but with a very different result.  JC was HORRIFIED, and kept telling Tyler he looked like a girl.

JC:  Put it back Tyler.  You look like a girl.  I liked the way you were before.

Later JC explained to Brett that he liked Tyler just the way he was, greasy and crispy, since Tyler had just come in from a day at the pool.  I think JC just saw this as one more way Tyler was getting pried away from him as he desperately tried to hang on to him.  With Tyler spending so much time with Angela alone this week, this transformation was just too much for him.  JC's reaction also deserves to be featured on the CBS episode, too.  Because as usual, JC was not shy about expressing his opinion.

JC:  Tyler looks like a 40 year old woman who is independent and takes care of everything herself.  (LOL)

Angela just couldn't keep her hands off Tyler.  She leaned over him and placed her hair over his hair, to prove the point that their hair looked just alike.  Tyler has said that never colors his hair, but from being out in the sun it gets very blonde.

It doesn't even look like him, does it?  If we're freaked out about it, the house guests had to feel like someone new moved in.

Kaycee was very involved in the entire hair straightening process, being very vocal with her support and admiration for the end product.  Tyler said that it was her turn next, to let Sam straighten her long wavy hair.  Sam said she would be honored to do that whenever Kaycee wanted.

Tyler:  And then you can walk around the house with your hair down Kaycee.  You never do that.

I didn't mention it, but a few days ago I finally heard someone ask Kaycee about her bun.  JC asked her if she always wears a bun at home and Kaycee said yes.  And that was the end of that conversation.  Wouldn't you have at least 10 more questions after that one? I can think of at least five, and the other five would jump off from her answers to the other questions.

Haleigh wanted to braid Tyler's hair, and while he wasn't happy about it, he was easier to deal with, maybe since Kaycee and Angela were so enamored with his new look. Look at them staring at him.  Shit got so crazy after just a few hundred swipes with a flat iron.

Later, JC and Brett sat in the hammock, and JC brought up the topic of not having a partner in the game, so he had no one to protect him from going on the block.  Brett said he was in the same situation, and then JC named names.  He wants Angela on the block, pointing out that Angela would never pick anyone over Kaycee, and Brett agreed that the connection between Angela and Kaycee was very strong.

Brett: I feel like Angela would also choose Tyler.

JC and Brett agreed to discuss further plans in a few days, and Brett said JC would need to be absolutely quiet about the whole thing, telling no one.  JC agreed, stressing that Angela and Sam need to go first. Brett didn't comment on who or when, and I don't know if he has repeated any of this to his Level 6 friends.  JC made sense, and Brett knew it.

Haleigh is a very fast braider----it was amazing to watch her work, and she said Tyler's hair was very easy to work with.  Tyler knew he was going to hate the braids, but was being a good sport about going through with the braiding process.

At one point JC walked in and had a minor hissy fit, telling Tyler to take it out, take it out NOW.

As soon as Haleigh finished Tyler tried to grab and untie his pigtails, and everyone tried to hold him back.  Except JC, of course.  Everybody knew exactly how JC felt about Tyler's braids.  JC's world was crumbling.

Don't believe me?  Just look.  You can feel JC's pain here, and Brett's delight.

Tyler took out the braids and had a wavy, beachy look that everyone (but JC) loved, too.  Sam kept saying that he was so handsome like this, she could hardly stand to look at him.

Yeah, I'm not crazy about it.  At one point Brett was saying he looked like Kid Rock, and Sam said he looked like one of the skateboarders in Dogtown.  To me he looks like he was sleeping in an alleyway in this picture, but it's just the angle, I'm sure.  I've seen pictures of Tyler with short hair, and that's my favorite look, next to the man bun, I guess.

Haleigh kept saying that Tyler looks like Thor.  JC's response was that Tyler looks like Thor's wife.  I'm actually not familiar with Thor, but I think Tyler looks like Thor's meth-addicted son who dropped out of boarding school to focus on his music. Or whatever.

I thought this was funny, courtesy of a clever poster on Reddit.


On Monday morning Kaycee was up and at 'em, getting ready to run the PoV ceremony.  She wasn't going to use the PoV to save anybody, mind you, but she knew she had a bunch of lines to say at the Ceremony and was nervous about it.  She joked a few times about how many times everyone would have to sit through her PoV speech until she got it right.

I told you in an earlier post about Sam's efforts to make a lemon pound cake without a recipe.  She spent a lot of time on it, even making candied lemon peel to garnish the top.  But when she was in the late stages of completing the cake, POP-TV gave the house guests a delicious present that even the Have Nots were allowed to enjoy.

Big gooey cinnamon rolls.  The good kind.  These are leftover rolls that they heated up for breakfast the next day.  Haleigh checked and the Have Nots couldn't have any of them the next day...they were only allowed to eat them during the BBAD episode, apparently.  I later heard Haleigh whisper that she and Kaycee took two of the cinnamon rolls and wrapped them up to hide in the freezer, so they could eat them the night of their Have Not feast next weekend.  Last night I heard Haleigh say that Tyler was searching for the veggie sausage patties and Haleigh volunteered to get them for him so he wouldn't discover the hoarded treats hidden right below them in the freezer.   It's fun to have a food secret in there, I'm sure.

Anyway...Sam was PISSED that POP-TV did that to her, totally making a mockery of her baking project.  I heard her say the next day that the pound cake turned out okay, not as good as she imagined it would be, but I saw JC snacking on some of it, sneaking a little pinch here and there and he seemed to like it.

It's kind of weird to me that Kaycee keeps her hair so long.  Is that a cultural thing with Filipinas?  Not to cut their hair?  It just seems like such a burden for someone who just pulls it up all of the time anyway, and who chooses a masculine form of clothing every day. Not to mention having to wear a helmet...wouldn't that hurt her head?

I've wondered the same thing for the football players who wear all of the dreads now.  Wouldn't the helmet pull their hair and hurt their scalp?

(A sneak peek of my "five questions for Kaycee about her hair" that I mentioned a moment ago.)

I think this is the first season that they've had four sinks in the bathroom.  I'm positive that this is the cleanest season we've ever had, due to Sam's influence. I even heard Haleigh say this week that she was planning to do some cleaning in there.  Amazing what being on the block does to your willingness to do chores.

JC doesn't look well, does he?  He's been looking very pale to me.  Since Angela told Haleigh that she's not the target this week,  she's been much more animated and is trying to spend time with each house guest, showing them that she doesn't plan on holding a grudge after Fessy gets evicted.

Fessy expected her to just wallow in grief all week though, and is not happy that she's doing so much socializing.  That's been Fessy's problem all season...he's not willing to build connections outside of his immediate alliance.  Yet Swaggy picked him out immediately to align with, based on first impressions alone.  That's not a good idea, future BB players.  Try to figure out if the people you align with are going to be good at the game before you risk your own on them, a concept Swaggy C still has yet to learn.  He can crow all he wants on Twitter about how he would have "cooked" everyone all season if he stayed in the game, but you're only as good as  your alliance.  And if the leader kicks off the season by playing WAY too hard, WAY too fast, then you've got a real problem on your hands.

Before the PoV ceremony Angela reassured Haleigh again that she's got the votes, and not to worry.  Tyler told Sam that she should vote however she'd like, and Angela backed that up, saying to vote however Sam feels is best for her own game.  I think Sam bought that.  But they think Sam will cast her vote to evict Haleigh, since she hates her, which will make Haleigh target Sam if she wins another HoH comp.

Level 6 doesn't need Sam's vote anymore.  At the moment, anyway.

Apparently the first stuffed Orwell they had in the house fell apart after JC kept throwing him. I think his claws came unstitched after being used as a throwing handle.  The house guests said the new Orwell replacement is a cheaper version, but I think that is the case because the stuffed owls are now on sale.  Like everything else, the product was redesigned to make the cost structure work at a certain retail price point.

That's how business works, if you were wondering.  Buy low, sell high.  Or at least high enough to pay the bills.

After the PoV ceremony ended, Brett and Tyler tried to run without wearing their microphones, but BB put a quick stop to that.  They ran back and forth while Brett recited the events of each day of the game, throwing in little details to make each day memorable.

For example, Brett would say "that's the day when we drank those beers with Steve", a fact which came in handy when Tyler wondered exactly which day Steve was evicted.  They knew it was July 5th, because they drank some beers with Steve on July 4th.  Brett is very good with all of this data, and also reorganized it mentally to teach his team the day of each eviction, so they can easily use this info to come up with answers during a competition.

At this point, the entire cast is expecting something special on Thursday night...either a double eviction or a Jury Battle Back, and if it is a double eviction the HoH competitions are usually a quick question and answer quiz and they want to be ready.

Tyler mostly listened to Brett's recitation.  It's clear that Brett has done this before, in his head.  Brett is ready for the end game, ya'll. He's had quite an arc in this game, from being on the block twice with his opponents totally blindsided when his blockmate was evicted, to his vibrant fight with Angie Rockstar, and his groundbreaking speeches on live television.  Not to mention his "anallice" moment during the first hacker competition.  Brett later said he asked the DR if they saw that, and they said they did.  Brett was so proud.

Brett is a gem in a sea of jewels this season.

Brett juiced up his narrative as they ran by Angela, saying "Day 22...that's the day that Angela kept checking out Brett repeatedly...."

Angela later told Kaycee that they needed to listen to Brett's monologue, so they could study too.

Angela: He makes each day into a little story.

Kaycee and Angela couldn't get over what Fessy said in his speech during the ceremony...I wonder if we'll get to hear the speeches on the CBS show, like we did with Scottie.   After hearing Kaycee talk about it over the next day or so, this is what I believe Fessy said as he stood up to address Kaycee, who was wearing the coveted PoV necklace.

Fessy:  Kaycee, this is Big Brother and we are on day sixty-nine, that Veto win was a long time coming for you...

Kaycee:  I wanted to say something back to him about that in my speech, but I didn't.

Angela:  No, it's good you didn't.  (because of the Jury)

Kaycee:  ...and I want to say in my goodbye message, saying 'you sitting on the block has been a long time coming, now get the fuck out', but I probably won't do that either.  I'll say a bunch in my DR sessions so he can see that later, maybe.

Fessy retreated to his saucer in the Have Not room afterwards, pouting and just marking time until Thursday.  I think he went outside much later in the day to work out, but otherwise he stayed right here, only speaking when someone came in to talk directly to him.

I did hear Fessy and Haleigh discuss that neither of them plan to watch the season when they get home.  Haleigh is going to ask her mother about the game, but doesn't plan to watch it anytime soon.  Fessy is going to wait, too, not eager to relive any of this season while he tries to rejoin life in the outside world.

Fessy believes there will be a Battle Back this week, so maybe he's just focusing on that as his chance to win this game. Or at least to stay another week or so.  He had to explain it to Haleigh several times, because she didn't seem to understand the reason why the backyard is getting locked down so early this week.

While Level 6 had the chance to speak freely, they discussed how Haleigh and Fessy ran their HoH weeks, relishing the thought that their own targets were evicted both weeks.

Angela:  If someone's pitch to me in this game started with them telling me, "you look really hot from this angle", I don't know what I would do.

(Angela is referring to Haleigh's bathtub pitch to Tyler when she was HoH, which the CBS viewers still don't know about, in Production's quest to make Haleigh appear to be a shrewd BB strategist.)

And that conversation brought up Angie Rockstar's name, since she was involved in that "pitch" to Tyler.  Brett thinks Angie was such a terrible player that she should feel lucky she made it as far as she did in the game.

For the Battle Back this week, I'm sure they will allow the evicted house guests to walk right in the house and hug and whisper to the house guests still in the game.  I don't think that part is fair at all.  But what I do like is when they all start trash talking during the competition.  You know, like yelling out information as they leave, voicing their frustrations one last time.  That will be interesting.  Before she was evicted, Angie Rockstar really got in Sam's ear, giving her a list of things to accomplish in the game, which is what seemed to really sour Sam's opinion of Tyler at that time.  It will be interesting to see how any future interactions on Thursday night go with those two.

I forgot to mention that Fessy has been telling Haleigh that he has some sort of great speech planned for the live show, where he claims he will blow up some people's games and put a lot of things out in the open.

Haleigh:  You might get to stay after that speech.

Fessy:  No, but you will have three weeks of guaranteed safety after it.

Fessy wouldn't tell Haleigh any details, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see how that works out for him, and everybody else, too.  Since he mentioned three more weeks, I'm fairly sure he is going to try again to put a target on Tyler, Kaycee and Angela, but I think Angela is going to get hit the hardest by Fessy's speech, from the clues he gave talking to Haleigh.  I think he's going to call out some nasty things Angela has said about the others this summer.  I'm sure everybody already knows Angela is a bitch, though, so I can't imagine what he thinks he is going to expose that is so earth-shattering.  Maybe he should do that now, and try to stay in the game.

(Did you know Angela was Fessy's first choice in the house, as far as romantic intentions go?  We didn't see that since the feeds weren't live that week, but I've heard it mentioned several times over the summer. She told him she wasn't interested, which may have been Fessy's first loss in the game, depending on the timing of that exchange.)

Fessy has also told Haleigh that he loves Kaycee, but is just irritated with her in the game.  I'm not sure if he told Kaycee that, but even if he did it wouldn't change anything.  After the PoV Kaycee asked Fessy if he caught any of the balls with one hand like she did.  I'm guessing that was a 'no' from him.  Kaycee said in her opening video package that she catches footballs with one hand quite often, earning comparisons to her and Odell Beckham Jr.  And we saw her actually do that in the footage of her running around the field, too.  It's not bragging if you can back it up.


I've had a rough week already.  Without making a huge deal about it, a few months ago my doggie was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, which is a situation that is not curable, but can only be contained with medication to gain another 12 to 18 months for my little sweetheart.

If your dog coughs occasionally, this situation should be on your radar, because that apparently indicates that their heart isn't pumping fluid out at the rate it should. Or something like that.  And if you count how many breaths they take when they are fast asleep, but not dreaming, it should be around twenty.  Any change from that can be cause for big concern.

OK, so I'll tell you what happened on Monday night while I show you pictures of the meal that the house guests ate on Tuesday night, as the men took over the kitchen and made things happen.

Tyler made some potato skins under Brett's direction.  Later Tyler said the potatoes weren't cooked enough, but they were good anyway.  That can be a problem with potatoes, because if they are too firm you can't really go back and fix it without changing the whole dish.

I think this salad was made to mimic a pizza, but without the bread.  Looks pretty good to me.

==>  Around 2:00 am, my dog started making hacking noises, gasping for breath.  It happened every time she started falling asleep, and apart from getting down on the floor with her to provide comfort, there wasn't much I could do to stop it.  So at 3:00 am I went ahead and made coffee and took a shower to get ready for the day, waiting for the vet's office to open so I could call them.

It looks like a DiGiourno to me, maybe with some goodies added to the top of it.  Sam later said it was funny to her that the guys cooked a pizza along with everything else they cooked.  They wanted it in case the other food wasn't good, they said.

==> I was trying to find things to do while I waited for 7:30 am to roll around, sitting on the floor holding my old dog's paw. I was going to watch some shows that are stacked up on my DVR, but I checked the live feeds first, and stuff was LIT so I watched it all play out on flashback.  Basically, Production FUCKED UP AGAIN by somehow allowing the intercom system to turn on by itself while Level 6 was talking in the HoH room.  Remember how I was just talking about how fun and underused the new intercom system was?  Well, it's not either, anymore.

You'd think after so many seasons, and so many pizzas that Production could buy them a damn pizza cutter, but maybe they are worried about somebody using it as a weapon.  You could inflict some pain with the point of that cake server, too, if you really wanted to.  Just saying.  I did hear them talk about how the kitchen knives keep disappearing, and they joked about who might be doing that, Pretty sure they can find a few in Sam's craft mess.

===>  I called right at opening time to tell the vet's staff what was going on, and they said to bring my doggie in immediately so they could give her oxygen. (!)  I asked later if it was a little mask that goes on her snout, but they indicated it was a special tent they used if necessary in situations like this.  She was hacking and coughing right there on the floor of the vet's waiting room when I last saw her.  I told her Mommy loved her and then just went home to wait for them to call me.  Luckily that wasn't the last time I saw her.  It wasn't a good way to say good bye, but I guess it never is.  This is fall tax season, so I had plenty of work to do to keep busy.

Tyler put cooked broccoli on top of the potato skins, which seems strange but it might be a good way to choke that vegetable down for those who don't like it.  I used to make a broccoli puree with some cream cheese as a way to enjoy eating it but now I like it roasted with a sauce made out of tahini and soy sauce that is delicious.

About the intercom: Everyone scrambled to get their laundry done before the backyard closed this week, and Sam had told Brett that he could put his clothes in the washer with her's on Monday night.  But as the night wore on, Brett wasn't sure if they would have the time, since the dryer was backed up with a line of people with wet loads of laundry. I watched Brett assess his dirty clothes, even asking Tyler to sniff a few shirts to see if he could wait until the yard opened back up to clean everything.  Tyler said he could, it seemed okay to him, so Brett brought his clothes back into the house so they wouldn't get locked outside and forgot about it.  Later Sam went to put her clothes in the washer and discovered Brett had removed his laundry pile. Apparently she snapped on Brett, saying something like  "so, are you too good to put  your laundry in with mine?" and Brett repeated this story to his friends in the HoH room several times, totally frustrated with Sam and her quickly-changing moods.

This is a package of ribs that Angela got in her HoH refrigerator.  They cook in this plastic bag as one of the stages of preparation.  JC said Brett looked like a surgeon as he cut the bag open. Brett admitted that at one point he wanted to be a plastic surgeon.  I can see that, actually.  Brett is the type to make that work, I think.

So, Kaycee was in the Diary Room after midnight and was asked to go get her PoV comp shirt because apparently Production is still trying to get the footage they need to finish that segment for the Wednesday night episode.  When she walked out into the house go find her shirt, she heard the discussion in the HoH room and saw the monitor lit up in the kitchen.  She said she was going to look upstairs for the shirt and then burst in the room to tell them that she heard them talking on the intercom, and that the screen was lit up.

Kaycee:  I could SEE the HoH room on the screen!  And I heard you talking!

Angela and Tyler looked panicked, probably wondering if their canoodling has been broadcast to the house as well.  This became the topic all night long as they obsessed over who said what, and who heard it.  They knew that Sam heard something, because she looked at the screen several times and was slamming things around.  The live feed cameras immediately switched to a backyard view of Fessy and Haleigh, so we missed any further conversations by Level 6 about it, and also of any conversations they may have had with Sam about it.

It makes me sick to my stomach to watch stuff like this.  I try not to be "that person" when other people eat meat, but if people knew how much suffering takes place for the animals raised in such inhumane environments, I would hope you would rethink your choices.  That's all.  There are plenty of other things you can eat, once you commit yourself to that lifestyle, which are better for  your health and also the environment, too.  No downsides to a plant-based lifestyle if you ask me, particularly with all of the exciting changes in the food industry.

And back to the intercom, of course the live feeders think this was part of the big plot by Production to expose Level 6, and word came out that you could hear "a woman in Production" laughing her head off in the background of the Haleigh-Fessy hammock scene.  I didn't hear anyone cackling when I watched it.  But I think this view gives Production way too much credit.  We have plenty of precedent to indicate that Production FUCKED SOMETHING UP AGAIN, and if someone was laughing, it might have been at something JC was doing, since we didn't have eyes on him or anyone other than Faleigh for quite some time.  Maybe this supposed cackler was high and got the giggles.  That would probably explain it all, right?

The whole theme of this season was "technology", wasn't it?  And those behind-the-scenes bozos can't even wire an intercom system correctly, or prevent an icon of Tyler's secret power from flashing up on the video screen (Sideways, too!) so many weeks ago.

So, do better people. It would be hard to do much worse.  What if the conversation that was overheard was about the game, and a real game player overheard it?  What if Brett lost a Jury vote based on this screw up?

==>  My dog came home last night, but is refusing to eat her food, only eating a bite or two out of my hand before turning her snout away in disgust.  Luckily I have learned how to "pill" her so she can get her medicine down anyway.  The vet gave me some instructions on what to look for if the hacking episode happens again, and to go to the 24-hour pet ER center about 20 minutes away if her tongue or eyes "turn blue" in the middle of the night again.  It makes me sick just to think about that happening.  But we are adjusting her meds to find the right balance and the vet is calling me every day for updates on her breath count and reaction to the new protocol.

On a related note to the rib discussion, I saw this yesterday and immediately thought about Fessy's Hamazon punishment.  Apparently Missouri wants to make it illegal to call this "ham".  I might be more likely to eat it if they didn't call it that, actually.  I've never been a fan of ham.

Looking back at it, we should have known that Fessy wasn't loaded with brain power, because he chose the "Hamazon" punishment icon from all of the others, later expressing surprise that it had to do with food. And the app's icon was a PICTURE of a leg of meat.  So, yeah.  Stupid is as stupid does.


The house guests have been calling this makeover week, and now it was Kaycee's turn.  Sam washed her hair in the sink yesterday and got to work with the blowdryer.  Kaycee wore this sleep mask so she wouldn't see the outcome before Sam was ready for her to see it.

Sam kept telling Kaycee over and over that her hair was the quality that people pay a fortune for with extensions.  She said it was so silky and soft, and that Kaycee's Surge teammates would be freaking out to see her like this.

She also said that Kaycee would get offered megabucks for a shampoo commercial, and that it was the prettiest hair she'd ever seen.  After she blew it dry, she used her flat iron to get it straight.

Finally it was time to show Kaycee, and like Tyler she has also apparently never seen herself with long straight hair before.  She freaked out when she saw it and kept pulling it up like she would with a bun.  She seemed most perplexed about how people just walk around with their hair swinging loose like this.

Sam tried to pull her out to the living room to show everyone, but Kaycee didn't want to do that.  So the group came in the bathroom to see it for themselves.  Everyone was loving it and saying she looked like a different person.  Tyler asked if she liked it and she said she did, but admitted it was a huge change for her.

Tyler said she looked like Pocahontas.  I don't know about that, but she looks like a new house guest, just like Tyler does.  Haleigh wants to braid one side of her head but I don't know if that has happened yet.

JC:  You look beautiful, babes.

Angela:  It's the most beautiful hair I've ever seen.

Haleigh: OH MY GOD!  I LOVE IT!

Sam, to everyone:  Jealous much?

Kaycee walked out among the people eating the feast and said their food looked tasty as she fixed a plate of stir-fried slop.  You can see she is still compelled to wind her hair up bun-style after so many years of living like that.  And you can see what the intercom looks like when no one is pushing the "on" button upstairs in the HoH, or when Production isn't fucking things up in that area at the moment.

Did they even replace the oven?  Or did they just clean out the inside and continue on?  I think it is the latter, after hearing the nervous "jokes" tonight about Brett telling Tyler to broil the potato skins.

This is the look Sam asked Kaycee to keep that evening, a compromise everyone is trying to stick with, since Tyler had pledged to leave his hair straight for 24 hours.

JC:  Tyler, your hair looked horrible yesterday, but it looks better now.

Kaycee, with some scorn:  I look like a girl.