Monday, August 27, 2018

Bitter, Party of Two. Or Three. Maybe Four. #BB20

The live feeds were down for over nine hours on Saturday while the PoV competition played out.  This is only the second time that Tyler has not played in a PoV.  The house guests were guessing that it would be the BB Comics competition, but that wasn't the case at all.

PoV Players:

Angela - HoH
Haleigh & Fessy - nominees
Sam - chosen by Haleigh
JC - probable random selection
Kaycee - probable random selection

Tyler - host

When the feeds finally returned, Kaycee was the PoV winner, and was quietly celebrating her win with Angela in the HoH room.  This is all perfect, Angela said.  Kaycee competed first, and then had to wait around for hours while everyone else took their turn.  When Fessy's score was announced, Angela said she was trying to hard to read Kaycee's expression.  Kaycee knew she beat him, but must have a great poker face because I later heard Haleigh comment on how she had no idea Kaycee won because her face was so stoic.

Fessy is demoralized downstairs, and is having a hard time believing that Kaycee beat him, and only by one point.  It sounds like this may have been a new competition, and was a time trial played individually by each house guest, which always takes more time.  They had several rounds of play, perhaps eight, and each round featured balls or "squid" flying at them from one of several different unexpected directions.  I think all they had to do was grab and hold the items, and Fessy says he couldn't get a squid until Round 6, I think, because the squid came falling down on them.

I think Kaycee said she figured out to catch the squid in her mouth, so she could hold on to the balls she already caught.  That was a key learning that it sounds like Fessy didn't pick up until much later.  From the patch on Fessy's costume, it looks like a spaceship was involved in dropping all of those squid.  And how can they be actual squid if Fessy is getting in bed before changing clothes, or even taking a shower?  Haleigh was also unshowered during this conversation, sprawled across a bed.

Haleigh and Fessy both assume Kaycee won't use the PoV (She won't.) and Fessy says he's ready to go home now.  Kaycee said that she knew this was the comp for her, and if she couldn't win it then she can't win anything.  Her win was particularly sweet because both she and Fessy are offensive receivers on their football teams.  I think they had to really hustle and maybe dive for a few of the balls, making quick reaction time and agility key attributes to win.

This poster really hit the nail on the head.  Fessy got beat by girls this week and it's killing him.  He knows he should have taken a shot at Angela when he had the chance.  Just last week, when he sent home one of his allies instead, in case you don't remember.  Or want to forget it.

And let's talk about Brett and Tyler.  As the only two house guests who did not play for PoV, they waited out the comp all alone in the HoH Suite for over nine hours. They likely slept most of the day, and listened to Angela's music, but they were not allowed to do that during BBAD.  That episode featured them talking, so that the POP-TV viewers would have some live action to watch.

This situation allowed Tyler and Brett to reconnect in the game, and apparently they discussed JC and realized that he's been trying to pit them against each other.  It was just JC's bad luck that this happened, because I'm sure he would have much preferred to be "stuck" in the HoH room with Tyler for nine hours, or even Brett.

Spoiler Alert:  JC was NOT happy to be slapped on the head with squid, real or fake.

Tangela fans will know that Saturday night was supposed to be the night that Tyler and Angela drank her HoH wine and spend the night together as part of Tyler's first night after being an HoH.  But part of making that look acceptable was Kaycee sleeping up there on Friday, with the appearance that they were taking turns enjoying Angela's HoH reign.  But Kaycee didn't do that, so Tyler ended up sleeping downstairs after Level 6 stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, anyway, enjoying their success.

And Angela's wine.  They enjoyed that too, even though they had to hide it from Haleigh when she came upstairs to catch them in the act.  Before you think that is mean, Haleigh certainly didn't share any of her HoH wine with them, and they remember that.  And Angela was complaining about Fessy and Haleigh just barging in and helping themselves to her snacks and music without even asking first.  It's so rude, she says.

On Sunday night, Big Brother gave them one bottle of wine and three cans of beer.  Yes, that is how stingy they are this year with the booze.  Due to the Have Nots, there were five people who were able to join in the revelry.

I forgot to mention that Angela had to name three Have Nots on Sunday afternoon.  It was Kaycee's turn to be a Have Not for the second time, so Angela named Haleigh and Fessy as Have Nots too, completing this week's roster.  So, the Faleigh lovebirds will not be enjoying the joy of sharing a bed this week, which will be the week they are split up.  Which might be just as well, since their bed probably smells like squid now.

(The Battle Back can change everything, though, at least for a week or so.)

Angela felt horrible about making Kaycee a Have Not since this was going to be a victory week for her, and she hoped Brett would step up and take it instead.  Apparently he weakly offered to do it, but in the end it was Kaycee's turn.

Sam said she wanted some wine, please.  Remember that.  We'll get back to it momentarily.

JC said he was having a sad day, and said he requested alcohol twice that day, the last time just a few minutes earlier while he was laying in the hammock.  Apparently the BB Rule Book says that if you pester them for alcohol, you won't get it, but these clowns still don't understand that you have only to request it in the DR.  Some seasons got booze every night by just politely asking for it.

JC:  Thank you Big Brother for this.  I really needed it.

Last week after the slip and slide HoH debacle, POP-TV gave the house guests a basket full of soothing spa-like items, including a large container of lemon-scented lotion.  Sam has been talking ever since about wanting to make a lemon pound cake, inspired by wanting to "eat the lotion".  But then she was a Have Not, and is only able now to start her baking experiment.

JC came upstairs and was HEATED about Sam pouring at least half the wine bottle into her water jug.

They watched Sam move around the kitchen, sipping out of her bottle, while JC railed on her, really venting about his frustrations with her.

JC:  I want to drink some of that wine!  She just took the whole thing for herself!  And I have to tell you that all of her shit everywhere, laying around.....I am so SICK of us having to move it for a ceremony or to just sit at the damn table!  I want to just take my arm and throw it all everywhere.

Angela:  You don't like the clutter everywhere.


JC wishes they could hear all of the things that he says in the Diary Room. Tyler said he can't wait to watch the show, but JC says many of the things he says have to be repeated because they can't air them with all of the cursing.

Angela: I wish we could see a blooper reel after this.  I have to redo things because they ask me to say it again without the word 'fuck'.

Enjoying making them laugh, JC went over to the TV screen to get a better look at what Sam is up to, starting to raise his voice about how mad he was at Sam.

Angela:  Let it out JC.  Release it.

Tyler and Angela were giggling at him as JC put on a show for them, saying he was so sick of dealing with Sam and all of her trinkets and trash scattered everywhere.

Then they saw Sam look up and stop what she was doing.  They realize Sam heard him, so JC starts to cover up his rant by starting to rant about Angela and Tyler, making it seem like it wasn't just Sam who is the source of his irritation.

JC:  Oh, and I HATE Tyler.

(Right.  That's totally believable, JC.)

Haleigh came up to join them, and they discussed how pissed off with JC Sam was earlier this week.

Angela:  She didn't want to talk about your back hair, JC, so when she was mad she told the cameras "okay...I'm ready to come in and talk about JC's back hair now" and she went in the DR and came right back out. They were like, thanks, but that happened weeks ago and we don't care now.

(I heard Brett describing some sort of situation with Haleigh's toes a few weeks ago, and I think I see what he was referring to here.)

All four cameras quickly changed to Fessy in the pool, as Angela talked about Production.  Fessy is on the block with his girl and is a Have Not.  And a girl beat him at a competition he thought he would ace. Even Haleigh said when she saw the comp, she thought there was no way anyone could beat Fessy, before admitting that Kaycee is an athlete, too, which probably angered Fessy even more.

Upstairs they talked about skinny dipping in the ocean, and how liberating it is.  JC said he knows he has skinny-dipped in the ocean, but he can't remember which country he was in at the time, an  answer that Tyler loved.  Tyler knows that JC is live feeds gold, because how can he not be?

JC also talked about the nude beaches in Miami, and how one of them has a side that is "totally gay". Angela said that would be the side she wanted to go to, so she felt more comfortable, even though girls would be looking at her.  JC said the gay girls on the nude beach are absolutely beautiful because everyone in Miami works out so hard, and most of the girls have boob jobs.

JC:  Those girls are just walking around naked.  It's incredible.

Kaycee:  Well, we need to go there then!

I'm sure you saw the Tangela segment on the Sunday night CBS episode by now.  I think it was very well done, and accurately presented the tone and reality of the connection between the two of them.  Tyler and Angela reluctantly like each other, and being so chaste about it can only make the feelings stronger, in my opinion.  And it also will make it easier if one of them makes a game move against the other.

CBS still has PLENTY of chambered footage of the two of them to show in the coming episodes, such as the MULTIPLE occasions of where they jump up and move away from each other when someone else approaches, or Tyler asking her out on a date when the show is over.  Or Angela telling him that her parents will surely throw a party for them at their house in Hilton Head.  Or Tyler asking Angela when her apartment lease expires, and  his comments about moving out the California. Or the two of them discussing their astrological signs, wondering if Kaitlyn could tell them if their stars are aligned.

They can even do a whole segment about JC and Brett trying to cockblock them, and JC being jealous of Tyler's affection for Angela.

Yesterday Angela was saying that she doesn't know how to act around Tyler to make people happy.  If she pays too much attention to him they get angry and make comments.  But if she ignores him in the kitchen, for example, that looks even worse. It's so awkward, she says.

Tyler:  Oh, I'm awkward as fuck all the time anyway, even in my normal life.

Angela:  No you're not...

Tyler: In my head I'm the most awkward person around, all the time.

Both Tyler and Angela have NO intention of going any further with this while they are in the house. They both know her family is watching the live feeds, and neither wants the cameras to capture them kissing or taking things any further.

It's refreshing, after the shit show of carnality we saw last summer.

Even if one or both of them end up getting the boot a week from this Thursday, CBS still has numerous episodes left to show America what is going on between these two, even coining the phrase "Hilton Head Hotties", which will surely make them both cringe.  Tyler even said last night he's ready for something new to happen in the game, to draw the attention away from the two of them.

Tyler:  It's so crazy.  I really feel like I'm in the 8th grade all over again.

I think this showmance is going to be CBS' new Jeff and Jordan, more wholesome then Cody and Jessica, and certainly both with a much better shot to win Big Brother.  I wouldn't be surprised if their future TV appearances together are already being scripted.  I am not a showmance fan, but I like this one.  I like the fact that it didn't start until halfway through the game, and I love the fact that they're both acting with restraint, getting to know each other slowly, using their time in the house to let the feelings grow.


Over the weekend the Level 6 alliance members finally had a chance to just hang out and talk like friends, without having to pretend they are on the outs with Brett, or aren't all working together.  Kaycee, Tyler and Angela all made guesses as to what Brett's job really was, with him giving clues, asking them to remember the theme of the season.

They know it is technology, so they guessed CEO of a tech company, and a few other things before Brett proudly told them he was a software engineer and I'm not sure they even understood what that was.  (I know I didn't.)  Brett explained that he is the liason between the sales force at the software company he works for and their customers, who often need someone to translate and explain exactly why their company needs to buy Brett's product.  According to Brett, it is one of the leading products of it's kind, used by many governmental agencies and top corporations.

Angela's brother has some sort of job in IT security, and Brett says he guarantees that he is familiar with Brett's product.  Brett was very excited to finally discuss this, and gave his whole story about how he stayed in Alabama after graduation, getting an IT security job on campus and still partying his ass off like he did before graduation.  Then I think he started getting serious about bodybuilding and realized he wanted to do something else.

Angela said she told Sam about her pole vaulting background at a time when she was trying to build trust with her, to deepen their connection in the game.

Angela: I told her, and she listened for a moment and then started talking about herself.  I don't want to tell Haleigh though.  Let her find out later.  But we should tell JC about it all together.  I can't wait to see his reaction.

Angela was miffed when Brett told her that Haleigh had been in pageants before.  They did so many girly things together that she is surprised Haleigh never mentioned it.  Apparently Haleigh told Brett that she was in the Miss Texas Junior pageant, or something like that.  Later they were trying to chug the wine together and had to hide it when Haleigh came upstairs and they discussed the pageant news in more detail.  They also know about Baleigh being Miss Missouri and doing so well at the Miss USA pageant.  The news that Baleigh won Miss Congeniality hung in the air for a moment, and Angela said she should have been better able to keep her composure in the game, since she was a pageant girl.

Angelat told them she entered the Miss San Diego pageant as a lark once and came in first runner up, I think, but didn't enjoy all of the preparation it took.  Believe it or not Kaycee's mom forced her to be in some pageant when she was young and she hated it.  Her dad knew it and they laughed about how Kaycee was throwing a football around while she waited for pageant events to start.  I think Kaycee's parents were divorced.  I know she came out to her dad in high school and she said he was cool about it, but she only told her mom a few years ago and her mom still has trouble accepting it.

(FYI - I saw the picture of Kaycee in that pageant a least a month ago but decided not to post it because it didn't seem fair to Kaycee, so please don't send me links in the comments.  TIA.)

But this conversation with Level 6 basically focused on the secrets they've been keeping.  I don't think Kaycee had any secrets to share, but they wondered what it was like for the evicted house guests to learn more about them.

Brett:  Yeah.  Like Winston and Rachel already know!  They already know about me.

HERE'S THE THING:  Is this really a big deal, what Brett really does for a living?  I don't think so.  I doubt Winston or Rachel understand it any more than we do.  It's not like Brett was very candid in his preseason interviews about who he worked for and what he does.  I guess the biggest cause for concern playing against him would have been the fact that he routinely meets with executives of big companies to help push the sales.  That is a skill that I wouldn't want to compete against, wrapped inside Brett's body and personality.

I wonder if Brett's story made Tyler reassess his own goals.  Brett said he just packed his truck and drove home to Connecticut.  His family was in their place in Florida so Brett just stayed there alone and I guess started looking for a job.  He said he loved his job and was so excited every day, reading an update first thing in the morning about the latest security threats.

Brett said that he'd like to get involved with politics, but it sounds like he's interested in influencing policy rather than running for office.  He said that the public has no idea how vulnerable they are, and that if someone wanted to hack into your phone to jack your pictures and communications, it's very easy to do.

Tyler:  It just goes to show you, sometimes when you just pack up your shit and leave, things have a way of working out.

Brett had to quit his job to come on Big Brother, and was cryptic when they asked if he could get it back.  He said something like based on what he was told but can't discuss, he thinks he will have opportunities waiting for him.

I'm unclear about exactly how he was cast, but it sounds like his job was a factor in being cast on BB.  He made a statement about how it was just dropped in his lap--I think he may have been scouted on Instagram.  Brett said for 18 months prior to coming on the show his main focus was his job, rather than chasing girls or partying all the time.  I guess he must have been working out, too, from the looks of it.

Then Tyler came clean about what his "secret" is, but I'm pretty sure he has already mentioned it to Kaycee.  I heard him mention it to Angela a few weeks ago, so I think Brett is the only one who didn't know about this.

Tyler:  I was on another show called TKO with Kevin Hart.  That's how I got cast.

Brett, shocked:  YOU KNOW KEVIN HART?

Tyler:  Well, I do now.

He told them he was contacted by someone who does casting for 'Are You The One' some time ago, and then the same person called him months later about TKO.  (He talked about this at least a month ago by the pool with Haleigh.  She was approached for the MTV show, too, but neither of them were interested in appearing on it.) Tyler told them that is the reason why he cut his two-week Bali trip short, because he needed to return to Australia to do a bunch of Skype interviews in the middle of the night.  He taped TKO on May 19th, I think he said.

Brett:  Oh, so THAT is why you joined our cast at the last minute.

Tyler started to describe TKO after telling them that it's a new show that started airing sometime since Big Brother started.

Tyler:  It's five different people doing....FISH.

It's safe to say that Tyler's announcement to Brett was more exciting than Brett's announcement to the group.  It was easier to understand, and also had the punch of a celebrity connection.  I wonder if Tyler told them when the feeds switched about all of the stoner jokes Kevin Hart made about him.  I do think being on TKO ignited Tyler's chances of being on BB, but he DID NOT tell them about his SuperFan status, and how he almost made it on BBOTT.

And speaking of the stoner jokes, why didn't the Zingbot use that topic for Tyler's Zing?  Instead of making up shit about how greasy and nasty he is?  That Zing didn't connect with ANYBODY...not the CBS viewers and not the live feeders, either.   The Zingbot pretended to be ordering food at a drive-thru, asking for extra greasy, extra crispy "with a side of zits".  WHAT THE FUCK?

He was halfway there with the drive-thru scenario, and saying "extra crispy".  Why not just throw in a reference to being baked, too, and be done with it?  Or make a stupid surfer joke?  I will remind you that in BB16, Derrick's Zing was about him being ugly.  Which is certainly not the case.  Maybe the winners always get a shitty Zing.  Who knows.

In this shot Level 6 was looking at the Spy Screen to see Sam sitting on the stairs.  Brett said that she is talking crazy down there and was setting up camp on the stairs.

The cameras show Sam, who is eating and talking to us, but not looking directly at us.  I was surprised to hear that Sam seems to have some sense of the BB online community, as sad at it is sometimes.

Sam:  So now you can all talk about how many calories I'm eating, and how I look like shit and whatever else you want to say.  If you think I'm crazy now, trust me you have no idea.

Tyler came downstairs to ask her what was wrong, and to do a little strategic placement with his comments.  He told her that Haleigh and Faysal were pushing Angela to put her on the block this week, but Tyler didn't want that to happen, and neither did Angela.

Sam:  Why would they want to do that?

Tyler:  Because it's not them.  They didn't want to be nominated.

Sam:  I'm so confused.

No, Sam is not that confused people.  Don't be fooled.  We're not going to get some sort of Evil Genius Diary Room session with Sam claiming to be playing everyone, including Production all summer.  But she might end up getting dragged to the end anyway, and has had the presence of mind to reach out to the evictees in their last week of the game.

And speaking of bitter evictees, Haleigh and Fessy had a moment of clarity where they realized that they have been doing someone else's dirty work when they each were HoH, sending home their allies and realizing how bad their games have been.  They both pledged to vote for Sam to win the game if she makes it to the end, a bitter pill indeed.

I have a hard time believing that, because Haleigh is very open to persuasion and can easily be influenced in another direction.  I can't believe Dr. Will wouldn't read the Jury the riot act if it looks like they are so bitter that they will elect Sam the winner of this season.  Or maybe Will will throw off his microphone and storm offstage, not wanting to be affiliated with a show that would let that happen.

Fessy:  How lit is that Jury House going to be though?

That pretty much sums up Fessy's attitude at the moment.  He made a comment about how the two of them could walk out together that some fans think means that he wants Haleigh to quit.  I think he meant that if it is a double eviction, they could both be evicted and travel together to the Jury.

The intercom system is a new feature this summer that has been underused, I think, but is sure to be the new improved version of the Spy Screen in future seasons.  It gives them a two-way view of what is onscreen, and allows them to do some funny things.  It also lets them see more views of what is going on in the kitchen, which I love.

During his HoH, Fessy went over to the intercom and blasted a few bars of his Drake music throughout the house, which WAS NOT appreciated by Production.  Here JC is hitting the button off and on, making some strange noises and laughing.

Sam was laughing, too and you can see that she was able to see the HoH room while the intercom system was "live".  After nominations Angela was antsy up in her HoH room and buzzed the intercom saying "Tylee" to call him up there.  But other times she just hit the button without saying anything, trying to get her teammates to come up to the HoH room to see her.  She would watch the Spy Screen to see Kaycee, Brett or Tyler in the kitchen, and then walk over and push the button to signal them that she wanted company.

I would love to see how JC would abuse that intercom system if he was HoH, ordering people around and insulting them.  So fun.

JC had a very bad Have Not week and was extremely frustrated about having no hot showers, and being so hungry.  It sucks for him that he put so much time in all summer developing relationships with both Fessy and Tyler, only to see them both toss him to the side for their girlfriends.

His strategy has taken him a long way, but I think the Battle Back will hurt his game, no matter who comes back in the house.  A big topic of conversation has been how he will act when he's on the block as a pawn, or as the target.  JC has said he will raise hell, and I definitely believe him.

After the PoV players were picked on Saturday morning, the girls were astounded by Fessy's actions when Haleigh got to pick who she wanted to play for her.

Angela:  He said, 'don't pick Brett', so she picked Sam. Sam and Haleigh hate each other!  Sam would never save Haleigh if she wins.  Fessy just didn't want to compete against Brett, and that is so selfish.  He totally screwed her over.

Kaycee:  I didn't think about that until just  That was really bad.

Later, Haleigh visited the HoH room and Angela told her how she felt about Fessy's actions.  Haleigh said she didn't realize that, and her reasoning for picking Sam to play PoV is that she felt they could beat her easily in the comp.