Saturday, August 25, 2018

Life Isn't So Sweet in Candy Land. #BB20

I know I'm running late with this update, but this has been a GLORIOUS week here in Atlanta and it's been hard to make myself sit here and type.  Let's call it Fall Fever.  When you can leave your windows open in August, and wake up to find your dog burrowed under your blanket, it's like a miracle.  I don't know how long this will last, but it's putting everyone around me in a great mood.

Julie Chen let us know on Thursday night that she wasn't coming to play, giving us some classic Chenbot moves to show us what she was bringing to the table.  I got excited, because we don't see Julie's hair styled long and straight very often.

I approve of this look.  It's very flattering, and could translate well to any August office day in America, and is also good onstage.  If I had one suggestion for Julie, it would be to reconsider the collar on that shirt.  The halter look is very flattering on women with toned upper bodies, but that collar is interfering with her hair and dangley earrings tonight.

And she could sex up the footwear situation just a bit.  But it's still fine and I am not considering these suggestions to be criticism Julie, if you or your staff read this.

Scottie's look however......I don't understand what he is trying to do here.  Usually I follow the "seek first to understand, then be understood" rule of engagement (ie "Habit #5"), but that's beyond my capabilities here.  It's beyond Julie's capabilities, as well.

I'm going to blow through this live show content, because any live feed watcher knows the content was highly edited on this episode.  Usually the Wednesday night show ends with the closing of the PoV ceremony, when the PoV Stash Box is closed and all of the viewers know who will be sitting on the block on eviction night.  But this week they didn't do that, maybe for the first time, leaving the CBS casuals in the dark as to what would happen after Brett used his PoV to take himself off the block.  I guess I should say "IF" Brett used his PoV, for any of the most guillable casual viewers who may have gone to bed Wednesday night thinkng Brett Robinson lost his damn mind and decided to stay on the block.

For the live show, Production had Brett sit in the nomination chair next to Scottie until they rolled the footage of the PoV ceremony, which didn't happen until almost halfway through the episode.  Later Brett said he was sweating bullets, thinking that maybe Scottie had some sort of power that would keep Brett in the nomination chair for eviction.

Brett:  I didn't even have a speech prepared.  I was starting to panic.

And as expected, we saw the nominee's speech for the first time this season.  They've been cutting that from the broadcast every week, because it is kind of lame.  But tonight was different.  They let us see what Scottie had to say during the ceremony, which can be summarized as follows:

*  Scottie wasn't even going to bother asking Brett to save him, as that would be stupid.
*  Scottie instead wanted to address Fessy, to ask that someone who has been lying to everyone be put on the block next to him.
*  Scottie pointed out Sam, saying she was playing everybody in the house.
*  Sam expected Haleigh to be the one Scottie was talking about, so she was in shock.

But Fessy didn't do as requested, putting Kaycee on the block instead, clearly signaling to Scottie that he was signing his death warrant in the game.

Brett was very gentle as he closed the Stash Box, which surprised me.  Your stash is in good hands with Brett, apparently.

What the TV viewers didn't see is how Haleigh was part of Fessy's scheme this week to put Scottie on the block.  She is to blame, too, even though she got a Golden Edit from Production, with the teary confrontation of Scottie, who was telling sloppy lies to cover up his stupid game move, which he already knew was unsuccessful.  He told Haleigh he did it so she could distance herself from him in the game.

Um....nobody thinks that was a problem for Haleigh, Scottie.  But at least he tried something.

You could see Kaycee's nerves as she jiggled her legs back and forth, waiting for her turn to make another speech.  The edit of the episode also showed us that the Tangela segment is being saved for another episode. If we don't see it on Sunday, it might be safe to assume they are going to splice it into a Family Visit segment on the next live show.  Because they cut out so much from the scenes we saw of Tyler talking to Kaycee, and also JC.  Every reference to the Tangela showmance was cut from each conversation.  And trust me, EVERYONE in the house has been talking about it, one way or another.

I think they were trying to set up the story of how Tyler is aligned with everyone in the house, so that the casual viewers understand that before they learn how Tyler's blossoming romance with Angela will ramp up the threat level in the game for him.  But it's irritating when what we see going on everyday doesn't match the story being sold to the CBS viewers.

This was cool to see...Sam blowing out the oven fire with the extinguisher.  The feeds went down after Brett showed Kaycee the fire inside the oven, with Sam standing up way across the room.  I knew she would know how to address it, but I thought it might be an old timey solution like throwing salt in there or something.

(DO NOT throw salt on a fire.  I just made that up so I have no idea if that works.  Every one of you should go out and buy a fire extinguisher to have in your kitchen, because flare ups like this do happen.  Costco sells extinguishers in packs of two, at a good price.  I have a neighbor who splits the cost with me, because we both only need one.)

Brett said later that he usually broils the bacon for ten minutes on each side, but this fire started way before that point, so he feels lucky he hasn't burned the house down earlier.  Some fans think the coffee grounds that Angela put in the oven to hide her PoV might be the culprit, but I can neither confirm nor deny that.  I have a friend who lives in a very large metropolitan city in the US, and her weed connection is one of the local fire inspectors.  He took us out one time when I was visiting and it turns out the fire inspector can park anywhere he pleases.  He just pulled up on the curb outside of one of the most popular clubs in the No Parking spot, and we got out and walked right in, bypassing the line while our host was greeted by  name by the doorman.  Fire Inspectors have a badge to flash too, if the person at the door doesn't recognize them, which made me feel like I was in a movie, breaking so many rules like that.

So...maybe get to know your local fire inspectors, in addition to buying a fresh fire extinguisher every other year or so.

Kaycee's speech was fine.  She wasn't trying to be diabolical, which tripped her up last time.  She was just cheerful and enthusiastic, her everyday persona and was a much better showing for her.  She did mention that Scottie was "the weirdest person she'd ever met".

Scottie's speech was more of an apology, saying he was very sorry to the people he hurt this week, obviously Sam and Haleigh.  It was clear to me from watching the feeds that he got some encouragement from the Diary Room, maybe even a hint about the Battle Back, because his plan to go out with a bang changed dramatically on the last day.  Instead, he clearly started greasing the skids for a smooth return, telling Tyler and Brett that if he comes back he's targeting Fessy, and that he should never have turned his back on their group when Haleigh won HoH last week.  He also told Angela that he owes her a favor, after she kept him safe the last time she was in power.

For the second week in a row (at least), Angela was called into the DR to cast her vote first, looking surprised as she sashayed across the room.  The cameras love to watch Angela walk.  And sit.  And breathe.

(Last night Tyler told Angela that Sam from the DR told him he "drools over Angela's abs", because they were talking about her "for some reason".  Angela was surprised, and probably a bit grossed out, saying she's going to start wearing more clothes in the house.)

Haleigh did not disappoint, with her weird vision situation, looking everywhere but Julie Chen as she told her she was looking "radiant" tonight.  I actually agree with that.  But that doesn't mean that Level 6 doesn't think Haleigh is one of the fakest people in the house this season.

Haleigh needs to be more natural when she's faking it with people.  That's a skill you will need in life as well, not just the Big Brother house. Haleigh  needs to dial down the enthusiasm a few notches when she's trying to act like she likes people.  It may be easy to fake it with a co-worker that you only see in the break room waiting for the microwave, but to fake it with people who have been around you 24/7 for over two months, you need to work smarter.

This was the season's first unanimous vote, but Scottie left in a civil fashion, hugging everyone, particularly Sam, who spent at least 10 seconds murmuring to Scottie as she held him.  Brett later said that Sam has been doing this with every person who has left, really buddying up to them in the days before eviction, trying to get their vote.

Scottie said previously that he HATES the way they hold the door open after an eviction, and he planned to slam in their faces, which we were all excited for, but in the end his exit provided even more visibility for the house guests.

And Scottie's walk out was pretty cool.  He did a weird dash over to Julie, knowing that he could drop his bag on the walkway, rather than struggle to carry it over to the interview chair like everyone else has done.

They have people who can bring it to you later.  No need to schlep it onstage.

Fessy later boasted about how his HoH reign was the first to vote out someone unanimously, thinking this made him the most successful HoH of the season.

Angela, laughing: I'll be happy to vote out anyone in Fessy's alliance if he wants to put them on the block.

Yes, that is a headband on Scottie's shoulder.  I have no words.  And neither did Julie, after she asked Scottie what it was that he said to Sam on his way out of the house, clearly anticipating some game-changing enlighenment.

Scottie:  With Sam?  I told her ta ta for now.

Julie:  Oh.

Scottie also told Julie Chen a Whopper of a lie when she asked about why he tried to get Haleigh on the block.  Scottie said he thought by encouraging Sam to suggest it to Fessy, Fessy would get angry at her and put her on the block.  Scottie was just reinforcing that, hoping Sam would go up in Brett's place.

I wish Julie had smacked him with her note card, but she didn't.  Scottie knows that we know he lied, right?

(We know EVERYTHING Scottie, in case  you're wondering.  Is Scottie a live feeder?  I don't think so, but please let me know if you've heard differently.)

In his goodbye message, Fessy was his usual good-natured self as he told Scottie he did too many shady things to stay in the game.

I think the house guests get tickled when they see the other house guests in the Diary Room setting.  That's something so quintessential Big Brother, but something they don't get to see until they watch the show on TV.  Or in a good bye message, of course.

And Brett's message was as if Scottie was his long lost best friend, giving Scottie some nice warm fuzzies to take to the Jury with him.

Brett:  I'm sorry Scottie that I had to claim your vote to evict Kaycee, but it was the only way I could stay in the game for another week.

Brett has "IT" and Brett knows it.  He can command any room, and grab every person's attention.  I am constantly impressed with Brett's self-control.  He acts like a maniac sometimes, but he always knows EXACTLY what he is doing with his body and his facial expressions. He has very high emotional intelligence, which is something most Survivor winners have, I've noticed.

JC's good bye message was a strange one to me.  He also acted like Scottie was his best friend, quite remorseful about him being evicted, and totally shocked at the way it all happened.

Once again, Scottie was delighted by the way JC appears on camera, with his little accent and confident manner of projection.  If I didn't know better, I would never guess that JC worked OVERTIME to make sure Fessy nominated Scottie,  using Scottie's infatuation with Haleigh as the driving force for Fessy's actions.

This week was the week the CBS casuals learned that JC came here to play, every bit as devious as former masters of the game like Chilltown.  JC developed the plan, and he made sure it was executed flawlessly.

Yes, I just compared JC to Chilltown.  I see qualities of both Will and Mike Boogie in JC.  Conniving, devious, persistent, excellent skills of persuasion, a good liar, doesn't need to win comps, not afraid to bend a few House rules, and so forth.  If JC wins Big Brother 20, he's going to be right up there as far as winner rankings.  Just my opinion.  He hasn't gotten his due on the CBS show until lately though.  Instead, they poked fun at his accent (ie "Yatus") and his size (ie: the sitcom with Fessy, slipping and sliding) but are finally showing the audience what JC is really made of.

Look at Scottie' face watching Haleigh.  I could just move on without saying anything else, but I will add that Haleigh seemed exasperated as she said she never betrayed him (Well......) and they would be good friends when the season is over.

After the good bye messages, Julie asked Scottie what he thought, probably thinking that he would have something to say about Fessy's sour statement, and Brett's Bro-type message.  But this is all Scottie had to say.

Scottie:  Haleigh looks so small in comparison to everyone else!

Julie:  Well, okay....ta ta for now Scottie. You're headed to the Jury.

And then the real shit show began, as the HoH competition kicked off.  This is a play on a competition that has been held a few times, each time with a different little twist that makes it an interesting gamble for the players.  They will have one hour to jump into these huge tubs of "candy" to find the pieces that contain "chips".  The chips will be used for chances to roll the game ball down a chute in hopes of achieving the winning score.

This is Sweet Shot.

The chute isn't just a straight shot, though.  These swirly lollipops move back and forth, creating moving obstacles to make things difficult.

And the stripey straws poke back and forth, too, another problem to work around as they try to send their balls down the path without being smacked out of the way.

This is the goal...that little red dot on the far right of the conveyor belt.  The first person to get their ball into that red hole is the new HoH.  But if you ball falls into one of the slots with the points on the side, you can choose to leave it there, accepting that score.  Or you can try again, making the gamble that you have time within the hour to find enough game chips to roll a better score.

At the end of the show, it certainly looked like the competition started.  The house guests dove into the tubs of balls and started rooting around to find the game tokens.

Do you think the balls are clean?  Don't you think they borrowed them from some rental company that does children's parties?  If I was on the show, I'd probably jump in and participate, but I would be totally skeeved about the situation.

We see Kaycee holding up a game token, asking "is this it"? and it certainly looks like Haleigh is fighting for her life.  I later heard them saying they were worried about hurting JC, because they couldn't see him sometimes and didn't want to kick him or land on him.  I think JC is pretty solid, but anyone can break their nose if you hit it hard enough.

We learned this information later, that this was supposedly just a little show for the cameras.  But I didn't see ANY house guests just stand there as described in this tweet.  Everyone playing wanted to win, or at least do well enough to make sure Haleigh didn't win.  So even if they were just practicing, they got in there and started digging.  Only Sam looked like she was putting on a show for the cameras, but that is her usual state at least 43% of the time we see  her.

Let's put a pin in this discussion, and get back to it in a moment.

And now Julie gives us the information we've been dreading.  There will be a chance for the Jury members to return to the house, but Julie did not announce a special episode for this.  I'm guessing it will be part of next week's HoH competition, where the Jury will hold on or hang on or do whatever they need to do to be the last Jury member standing, so they can return to the game.

And just in case you're wondering, the Jury may be sequestered, but the jurors are not sequestered from each other.  They've all been talking and sharing information, maybe even figuring out the game from the tidbits Julie told them as they left after eviction.  My personal opinion is that if Kaitlyn had been able to complete her puzzle so she could return to the game, there would be no Jury Battle Back, because there would be no need for it.  But in order to have a Double Eviction at least once this season, we need another body in the house.

Usually the house guest fresh out of the house has the advantage in this competition, since they are still in game mode and have the fire to win.  Jurors who have been enjoying the Jury House life are often too soft to have the winning attitude after so many weeks stress-free.  Like Bayleigh, for instance.  During BB15, when we had the infamous "Helen was pushed" scandal, Judd told the house guests he thought Candice jumped off so she could go back to her plush life in the Jury House.  You can read about that right here.

Look, I'm as pissed off as you about this, but here are a few fun possibilities, based on what I already know is going on in the next play cycle.

* Fessy gets evicted, then eliminated from the Battle Back and Scottie wins the right to return.  Fessy learns that Scottie has told Bayleigh and Angie that he is in a showmance with Haleigh, because I really think he believes that.  So Fessy is TORTURED sitting in the Jury, imagining Haleigh in Scottie's arms.

*  Haleigh is evicted, then eliminated from the Battle Back and Scottie wins the right to return.  Scottie is a weeping sore of emotions for the remainder of his short time in the game, crying over his defeat of the fair Haleigh.

*  Angie Rockstar comes back in the house as a triumph, serenading Brett every night with her pan and spoon.

* Bayleigh wins the right to come back in the house, shrieking and chasing Tyler with blood running down her chin.  Then I wake up and realize it was all a dream.  A bad dream.  With Salt-and-Pepa and Heavy D up in a limousine. Way back when I had the red-and-black lumberjack, with the hat to match.

(I know all the words to "Juicy".  Also "Gimme the Loot".  Shout out to Artie Lange. And Biggie Smalls, of course.)

Sorry about that.  I saw this picture last week and have had Biggie rapping in my head since then.  Even the picture on Michael's jacket pays homage.

I've already told ya'll about how Tupac ignored me in the O'Hare airport and two weeks later he was dead.  Everyone was hustling and bustling in that airport, trying to get where they needed to be, but Tupac was just ambling along, his posse following behind him in formation.  Or maybe I just remember Tupac in slow motion.  Maybe it was me, slowing down to stare at him, saying "Tupac......Tupac....".

But back to reality, where real human beings are living and working, and fucking everything up.  Like all other addicted live feeders, I sat in front of my computer, waiting for the HoH competition to play out in front of me.  But that didn't happen.

And then it didn't happen some more.

This CBS spoiler (who I DO NOT believe is  a woman, by the way) kindly started tweeting to let us know the reasons for the delay.  In his or her defense, they get tons of tweets from viewers, wanting to know what is going on, so in some cases they are just providing the requested information.

These two tweets were later deleted, after I snapped a picture of them the next day.  Put a pin in that last phrase, too.  We'll get back to that.  But here the Spoiler is telling us to hold tight, that the competition would be coming back soon.

As I recall, there were a few more tweets that I didn't take a picture of, because I didn't plan to post them, but they were deleted too.  Tweets about how the Spoiler would understand if we all cancelled our live feeds, and even encouraged it so Production could learn from this experience.  And several tweets about how the "live feed switcher-oner" was not being reasonable, and was refusing to flip the switch.

This this update appeared, letting us know that the competition was indeed underway, and had already been stopped due to equipment malfunctions.  Oh, and Angela is in the lead.   What this means is that she rolled a score and decided to stick with it, making the bet someone else couldn't do better in the time allotted.  We later learned that Angela had a very high score (38, maybe?) and Tyler was right behind her by one point.  The Spoiler also said Kaycee could have won on an earlier roll, but chose to keep trying, so she must have had a score of 39.  This tweet was deleted, too, but not the one about Tyler being one point behind.

And then we saw this tweet, which was also later deleted.

At that point, I gave up on hoping to watch the competition play out.  The situation was too fucked up, and the house guests were surely talking to Production as they played, which we are not allowed to hear on the feeds.  At one point, the Spoiler let us know that the problem was those swirly lollipops I showed you earlier.  They weren't cooperating, apparently, and kept refusing to operate.

The Spoiler also said that the entire point of the competition was to induce frantic movement, with the pressure of the 60 minute time frame working everyone's last nerve as they struggled to compete.  Because everyone had to keep stopping and starting, it gave them all a chance to rest. It was such a descriptive announcement of the fuck up that I retweeted it, with a comment. And you can see what happened to that.

Another thing I was thinking is that the time delays could have let Level 6 strategize, for example noticing that Brett was very good with his aim, so they should all give him their game tokens to give him a better chance of winning.  I later heard Tyler talk about Sam's behavior.  He said she was hoarding tokens and was just taking her time ambling up to roll the ball, not even using each token.  That makes me want to shove her across the stage, and I am not a violent person.  I never have been, anyway.

The good news for the Big Brother competition crew is that there are probably job openings in the Audio Department.  If you've never worked for a big company, that sort of thing happens all the time, shuffling one problem around from department-to-department, like Musical Employees, except no one wants to get stuck with the problem.  You'd like that person to end up with no chair, but it never seems to happen.

Oh, and Angela won HoH, if I didn't already make that clear.  She would have rather Brett win, however, to do the dirty work sure to be done this week.

AND ABOUT THE SPOILER:  I find it interesting that the tweets that were anti-business were deleted.  Like the tweets suggesting we cancel our feeds, or the tweet that suggested the spirit of the competition got ruined by the equipment malfunction time-outs. Or the ones that offered a little too much opinion about the snafu.  It seems to me that Production and/or CBS is okay with certain information being leaked, but not if it makes their business practices look bad.  Only sneak peeks into what is happening behind the scenes. Make of that what you will.


On Friday I flipped around the live feed flashbacks overnight, looking for scenes to catch my eye.  Fessy and Haleigh made time for skin care routines.  Haleigh has been stressing out over the possibility of Angela putting her on the block, but Fessy doesn't think that will happen.  Haleigh CONSTANTLY chews her nails, which must not even exist by this point.

Knowing CBS, this exchange will likely be footage used to support the "Haleigh is a Strategic Powerhouse" edit on the CBS episodes. They're really walking a tightrope with these house guests, obviously trying to craft a story line for each one in case they end up making it to the Final Three.  Production doesn't want to have to serve up a season with a winner who looks incompetent.  And if Haleigh is somehow able to make it to the Final Two, I think the odds are with her to get the votes.  All of her friends will be on the Jury.

And while we're at it, I'm guessing Production would want Scottie coming back in the game, since he left trying to lay pipe for a Battle Back return. He told everyone he wanted Fessy out as vengeance if he returned to the game.  Whoever leaves this week, it's always more dramatic if the person who didn't just walk out doesn't do a U-turn and walk right back in.  The gap in time between being evicted and then playing again makes the twist interesting.

Oh, and Fessy was walking around tonight bragging about the Big Move he made, evicting Scottie who was surely the biggest threat in the game.

Angela had people in and out of that room all night, and downstairs when Brett told Tyler Angela was upstairs alone Tyler made a beeline to the room, greeting her and then coming over to lay virtually on top of her, with his head in her lap, reminiscent of the scene after Haleigh's house meeting where Bayleigh went postal on him.

After what the CBS spoiler said about how Angela might really feel, I was watching this exchange closely, to see how she handled it.  And Tyler, too, but he is usually the one to reach out to her, or sit closely.  She always leans into it, and I think she's comfortable with that. After she rubbed his back for a moment he rolled off to the side, while she sat up to watch the Spy Screen.

Then she settled back in this position, leaning towards him, as Tyler told her that everyone downstairs is antsy tonight, wondering what Angela will do.  Then they launched right into talking about the nominations and strategic plans for the next few weeks.  The basic question is if Angela should honor the Not-So-Sincere Alliance they made last week with Haleigh and Fessy.  Angela isn't sure if she should take the safe option of targeting Sam, and take the chance on Haleigh and Fessy looking out for them next week.

It's clear Tyler wants her to break the deal and go for Haleigh or Fessy this week.  I'm sure he'd rather Angela take that step, than risk the two of them joining forces with Brett, or some other end game nightmare for him.

Note that last night Angela announced to the group that they could stay up in the HoH room with her.  Kaycee immediately claimed Friday night, and Tyler wanted Saturday night, since he would have ended his week as a Have Not.  JC made an "I angry" face when he heard that, knowing that this could be trouble as far as him trying to keep control over Tyler's relationship status.  Angela apparently also said she would save her bottle of HoH wine for Saturday night, too. I'm sure she'll share with the others, and I'll bet Production will kick in some additional booze, too, after the PoV competition is over.  Nothing like some alcohol and hormones on a Saturday night to stir up drama.

It seems like Angela may be on board with Tyler's DR comments last night about his optimal final four.  Angela made a comment referring to the two of them continuing to the end with Kaycee and JC.

Tyler:  But JC has Fessy, too, so that's something to think about. And I don't think JC wants to win HoH while Fessy is still here, because he doesn't want to be the one to get him.

Earlier, Brett visited Angela in the HoH room and made comments to her about how many people hated him on the Jury, and Angela agreed the same people hate her as well.  (Clearly Brett is trying to plant seeds regarding Tyler's likability with the Jury.)  So it does seem like Angela favors Tyler over Brett, but we really can't be sure until we see her talk about it in the Diary Room.  The last time I can remember her discussing him specifically is the week when she used her PoV to save him, telling us in the DR that she would "jump in front of a bus for Tyler".

About Brett...I know he was trying to remind Angela that the Jury hates him so she will think about taking him to Final Two if she has the chance, but to me he kind of proved the opposite.  He had to remind her that Bayleigh blamed Brett for her departure after his speech exposing her power, and how he laughed at Angie Rockstar's stupidity in his good bye speech.

Angela:  But you and Scottie were okay....

Brett:  The reason he left is because I claimed his vote to evict Kaycee!  I'm the reason he left, too.

Angela even forgot all of Brett's Dastardly Deeds. And she was there.  It's very easy to forgive Brett, apparently.  Brett is a big, big threat, with blockbuster Finale speech potential.  Be afraid Angela.

Angela isn't sure what approach to just put up Sam and Haleigh, and be okay with Sam leaving if Fessy wins the PoV and saves her, or choose a different option.  The unspoken issue there is that if that happens, she'll have to put either JC or someone from Level 6 on the block next to Sam.  And that is the conundrum Angela faces.

Angela:  I didn't want to win this.

Tyler agrees, but in fact he scored one point behind Angela, and apparently Kaycee would have won if she hadn't chosen to keep trying to win the hole in one.  Angela said she's getting tired of she and Tyler being the only ones to really get blood on their hands.

Angela:  I feel like we're always saving Brett, too.

Tyler wondered what Kaycee and Brett wanted her to do when they talked to Angela earlier in the evening.  I think Angela said they didn't really give a preference, but if they did I don't remember what she said.  I do remember thinking Tyler might be trying to see if the group was going to turn on him this week, while Angela was in power.  That's not the plan AT ALL that I can see, but since Tyler still has his Cloud Power for this last week, he needs to evaluate if he needs it or not.  Can you imagine if he used it at the PoV ceremony and Angela had no intention of nominating him?  The drama that would cause?  Since no one in that house except Sam knows he won that Power in Week #2?

Tyler:  And now we can be in the same room together without people trying to come in and stop us.

Angela:  Yeah.  That was driving me crazy.  I want you to stay up here to keep Haleigh from crawling up my ass.  She's been doing that for the last five days.  It's like, why would I put you on the block Haleigh? 

Tyler:  She only put me on the block that one time.

Angela:  And she just put me on the block!  No, don't be ridiculous Haleigh!

Angela isn't sure what to do.  Tyler brought up the possibility of a Battle Back, sounding like he's trying to pretend that he isn't sure this is going to happen. I'm sure Tyler also knows a Reset or Rewind Twist can happen too, but he probably needs someone else to bring it up first before discussing it.

Tyler:  It's stupid, but what if we don't put them up together, so they both end up staying, and then Bayleigh or Rockstar comes back in here, then we're back in trouble again.

Angela grimaces.   She's in no hurry to see Bayleigh or Angie Rockstar again, after she scorched both of them on their way out of the house.

JC came in the room and Tyler rolled over to create some space.  JC clearly wants both Haleigh and Fessy on the block together.

JC:  If Faysal wins the Veto and saves Haleigh, you're going to have to put one of us up next to Sam.

Tyler:  Who would you want out?

JC:  When the nominations are locked, we can talk about that.  You know me, I'm not gonna talk about that yet.

JC started deftly planting his own seeds, letting Angela know that both Fessy and Haleigh are talking about how big a threat Angela is, and how when they had control of the HoH they wanted to put Angela on the block every week.

JC:  I'm not sharing any more information with them.  Only Kaycee I will talk to about this.

Angela ran the scenarios for each eviction, and who they think the house guest who stays behind would nominate.  JC always includes himself in the nominees, but Tangela knows they would be targeted as a duo.

Flashing forward to Friday morning, Production tried for some time to get them out of bed.  A few hours ago Tyler took a blanket upstairs to wake up Angela, but he got in bed in the dark and apparently fell asleep.  BB called them out numerous times to turn the lights on, since it is daytime, and then they needled Tyler about trying to sleep in the Have Not room.

So Tyler went back down to his satellite dish with his pebble pillow.  I'm sure JC was happy to have eyes on him.  When Tyler finally got up he went looking for JC, suspicious that JC somehow found a way to sleep in a real bed without getting yelled at, like he did that first week he was a Have Not.


Haleigh went up to the HoH to say hello to Angela, telling her that she smelled really great.  Apparently Angela got an extra-special HoH basket with some perfume in it, and Haleigh thinks the HoH baskets must get more elaborate as the season goes on.  They really hooked you up, she said.

Sam is sawing away at this melon and saying she thinks its a hybrid of a cantaloupe and a honeydew melon.  It looks like a cantaloupe to me, though.

If a cantaloupe is sweet, it's unbelievably delicious.  But if it's not, or if it's cut before it's truly ripe, it seems medicinal to me.  And not the good kind.

When Haleigh came downstairs Fessy asked her how it went, and if she's okay.  Haleigh started snapping at him, per usual.

Haleigh:  Why wouldn't I be okay?  Why are you asking that?

Fessy:  Never mind. I'm sorry.  I was just asking.

Haleigh said she only spent 5 minutes up there, just saying good morning.  (Angela got called to the DR before Haleigh even brought up any business topics.)  She wants to head back up there for a longer talk before nominations, and Fessy said "obviously".  He wants them to try and have a meeting with both Tyler and Angela before nominations, to "see where everybody's head is at".

Haleigh gnaws away on her bitten stumps, her mind spinning.  I was never a big nail biter.  I was more of a hair-twirler as I read books.  I'm left-handed, but I twirl right.  I also use scissors with my right hand, and on the few occasions I've played golf, I swung rightie too.  One of the worst days in my young life was when I had to go up to bat in PE class and I think I batted right as well.  I popped a foul that the catcher caught without even standing up.  Thank god it was over and I never had to do it again.  For one whole semester my friends and I just dressed out and then walked around the track for an hour and that was okay with the PE coaches.  They didn't want us anywhere near the field, I guess.  Fine with me.

Sam asked Haleigh to tell her a story, so Haleigh told her about her first horse, Sweetie Pie. Sam really got into that story and told everyone about a "plug", which is apparently a horse that is only good for young children just learning to ride, since it can't run fast and just stands there and lets the children crawl all over it.  Haleigh had Sweetie Pie for many years, keeping her until she died.

Kaycee said this story made her want a horse, but Sam cautioned her that a horse can live 25 years, so they are a part of the family and are a big responsibility.  Kaycee also wants to "step up her country music game" when she leaves the house and wants to listen to Angela's Chris Young music this weekend.

I'm hearing that Sam was acting super weird last night after the HoH, which seems to be her custom as people she enjoys talking to leave the house one-by-one.

JC is always grinding, and you may not be surprised about what he's up to now.  He obviously wants to pit Brett and Tyler against each other, in hopes of breaking up the Tangela Situation before the situation escalates.

JC:  You should try to flirt more with Angela this week.  Show her how charming you can be.  She loves it.

Brett:  How do you know this?  Are you just guessing, or did you talk with someone about it?

JC:  I'm not blind. I know how girls like to be talked to, and what they respond to.

(I wonder if Brett will tell Angela or Tyler about this conversation.  He is already WELL AWARE of the Tangela Situation so he might see right through JC's ploy.)

JC is very hungry now, in his last full day of being a Have Not.  He doesn't know what the stages of starvation are, but he feels he is somewhere on that spectrum.  Later, Brett shook with laughter as he recounted the conversation with Kaycee, telling her JC said "I'm so hungry, I'm in the stage where I don't want to eat food."

Brett wanted JC to tell him some stories, so JC talked about all of the free food he gets in his daily life.  The guy at Chipotle likes him, and always gave him a buy-one-get-one coupon to use on his next visit.

Brett:  Always buy one get one?  You got two burritos every time?

JC:  Yes, but not for me. I took my dad, or my boyfriend, or one of my friends.

JC also went to a restaurant once and they gave him a whole cheesecake free when he left.  Brett says he must be doing things all wrong, because nobody gives him free food or drinks. JC told a really funny story the other day about how wasted he would be every time there was a home football game in college. He never made it to the stands to watch the game, not even once, even though he always had a ticket.

JC: We used to have a tailgate party.  And there was a group...a sorority group that I don't want to say, but they were just rachet, playing loud music and dancing their ass off in the spot next to us.  I was like HELL YES and I would go over there and dance and go crazy.  I loved it.  And then I would go home and pass out and then get up when the game was over to celebrate.

This is the golden panther statue at FIU, where JC went to college.  Brett knew about it because apparently his little brother wanted to go to school there.  JC said he got drunk and had his picture taken in his Speedo, riding atop the golden panther.

Meanwhile Angela told Haleigh that she would be the pawn, after Haleigh kind of approved that choice and then freaked out about it later.  Fessy went upstairs and Angela confirmed that, saying she still needed to talk to a few people to see who would go up next to Haleigh.

Fessy laid on the HoH bed and asked who would sit next to Sam if Haleigh came off the block, apparently not registering that Angela didn't commit to putting Sam up there next to Haleigh.  You could hear Angela's country music playing low next to her on the bathroom sink.  A few minutes later Angela said she should turn it off before she got in trouble for it.   All of that music sounds the same to me, but I'm sure a Chris Young fan would have been able to Name That Tune, she had it cranked up so loud.

Angela said that Haleigh is going up because she nominated Angela, and that is the main reason.

Angela:  Unfortunately little things like that matter in this game.

Fessy gave her the hard sell again, saying that he's gone over it and over it in his head, and the best way for the four of them to get to the end is to bond together, since they are the four who are winning comps and making move in the game.

Fessy: Everyone else is just chilling, watching us go after each other.

Haleigh came upstairs  and wanted to have their meeting, so Angela buzzed the intercom, calling for "Tylee", but he didn't show up for some time. When he did he told her not to use that name, that it left the house with Kaitlyn.

Angela loves the perfume that she got in her HoH basket, but I don't know what type it is yet.  She says she'll always think of  the Big Brother house when she smells it from now on.  She even stood up to spritz the light bulbs without getting yelled at.

That's an old trick, you know, to make a room smell good. To me, that's a courting gesture, if you're expecting company.

That is Angela's friend Katherine, who Angela has discussed with Tyler several times.  She lives in Hilton Head but is from Chicago, apparently, and is the life of any party.  Angela also said her family is very stoic and isn't very smiley in photographs.

When Tyler finally came upstairs Kaycee came with him, and Brett followed up shortly, so maybe they did that on purpose, to save Angela from being badgered by both Haleigh and Fessy.

Fessy went downstairs, but Haleigh stood her ground, trying to wait out Kaycee's visit.  But I don't think Kaycee will let that happen.  Supposedly Haleigh slept with Kaycee last night, saying she wanted someone to hug her, but Kaycee wasn't down for that.  She likes Haleigh, but to a point.  Haleigh didn't seem to pick up what Kaycee was putting down.  Kaycee thinks Haleigh is very fake.

They talked about credit card fraud, and Kaycee's "smart card" which sounds like it has magical powers.  Her ex girlfriend was on the way home one night and was very tired.  She stopped to get gas and set her wallet down on top of her car.  It had $500 cash in it and of course she lost it.  She tried to drive back later and retrace the route, but that money was gone.  Haleigh has lost several Starbucks drinks and food that way, driving off and forgetting she left them on the car's roof.

I have a friend who did that with her purse, and it was unzipped, too.  She lost everything, including the Christmas gift from Amsterdam I had just given her.  It was a little silver tube with a stone inside.  The stone would soak up any perfume so you could easily take it with you without worrying about a spill inside your luggage or purse.  You just rubbed it on to smell beautiful instantly and you could reuse it indefinitely after the stone dried out.

The saddest thing is that the instructions were in Dutch, and the item was unusual enough that whoever found it probably just threw it away, thinking it was some stupid kind of pen that didn't work.  The internet wasn't what it is now back then, so getting a present from overseas used to be a much bigger deal. Now you can just buy whatever, whenever.  What a time to be alive.