Thursday, August 23, 2018

Catch and Release. Feelings, That is. #BB20

We're shifting into another phase of the game now, when the alliances start eating each other.  The Hive has already been doing that, of course, but they started that process early, dating back to the second week of the game.  But now is the time that the functioning alliance starts eyeing each other, looking for signs that someone else might make a move first.  Targeting your alliance members too early will get you killed in this game, but if you let someone else make the first move, it could be a fatal error.

We've already seen Tyler start planting Brett Needs to Go seeds with Angela and Kaycee, and JC couldn't make it any clearer to Tyler that everyone in the house is talking about him and Angela.  Tyler and JC had a late night chat where JC admitted to Tyler that he's jealous of seeing him spend so much time with Angela, but that doesn't mean Tyler hasn't made a huge target of himself with his behavior.

Angela needs to get cut soon to give him a chance to make it to the end, I think.  I've already said that if it looks like the two of them will get put on the block together, he needs to use his Cloud App to save himself, which would likely get her voted out of the game.  If he can sense he needs to use it, that is.  This is the last week he can use it (I think.) but in order to do so, he has to let Production know before either the Nomination or the PoV Ceremony begins.  I think that would be a big, shocking move in the game. I'm here for it.  Kill or be killed, Tyler.

It's another crap shoot HoH comp tonight, sounding like the one they've done twice---once in BBOTT and then again during BB19, where they have to find tickets to use for chances to roll a ball. Or something like that.  Krissie won the comp during BBOTT, and last year's cast rigged it for Paul to win, shoving each other out of the way to be the first to hand Paul all of their tickets.  Disgusting.

Anyone could win this one.  It could be Haleigh.  Or Sam.  Maybe even JC, which could be a glorious turn of events.  The competition might spill over into the live feeds, if they can't complete it before the live broadcast is over.  They still have to show some pre-PoV ceremony drama, and also the PoV ceremony.  They might not have time to squeeze it all in before the show is over.

I think it's time for a Kaycee HoH win. She said she's feeling it.  And one of the wake up calls today was the "Let's Go song", whatever that is.  Fessy said he was going to get up and dance, but he realized it was the abrieviated version of the song.  I personally like that we've had a new HoH every week, with no repeats.

If you don't know, Scottie is a sure bet to get the boot tonight. It will likely be the season's first unanimous vote.  With Scottie on the block, there is no one to blame a hinky vote on.  Or is there?

I'm just trying to make it sound suspenseful.  It really isn't.  How creepy is this picture though?  What kind of fucking emoji is that?  I thought it was meant to signify wearing braces, but Scottie seems to think it means a zipper.  Or maybe stitches.  Like a corpse.  In the morgue.

Where has this version of Scottie been all summer?

Scottie caused some minor drama on the live feeds yesterday when he was packing his bag.  When he left it in the storage room, he filled it up with toiletries that are stocked in there for the house guests.  Like toothpaste, dryer sheets, and even all of the condoms in the cabinet.  The live feeders were incensed.  The very NERVE of Scottie to pilfer toiletries from storage.  That is THEFT!  Ha ha ha.

Consider it a parting gift, Scottie.  Maybe you can get laid in the Jury house, after all.

Scottie told Kaycee yesterday that he didn't plan on showering on Thursday, and would wear the same orange T-shirt he wore all day Wednesday on the live show.  You'd think he would dress up a little for Julie Chen, but whatever.  (I just saw him wearing his purple camo T-shirt, so maybe he will wear a fresh shirt for Julie, after all.)

But back to our late night conversation with JC and Tyler...they had a very interesting chat about their college experiences.  Tyler didn't like his college classes much.  He couldn't really find a subject that interested him, and since he was having to pay for it himself, he didn't finish.  JC was surprised by that, as someone who really values his education.

JC took a lot of math classes, and has mentioned a few times this summer that he had a math professor who was his own size. He talked more about it now, saying this professor took an interest in him and gave him a lot of encouragement.  JC was worried about his grade, but the professor told him he was doing very well, and asked JC to carry his briefcase to his office as they talked.  I'm guessing a gesture like that means something to a man of JC's size, and the professor knew it.  JC also had an English professor who was blind, and somehow knew everyone in the class, and would know who was speaking when they raised their hand.  Tyler said his teachers never even knew his name, and he never spoke to any of them, not even once.  I think this discussion highlights how important it is to have teachers that really capture your attention, and make each topic a vivid discussion.

JC:  I also had a teacher named Professor Radner.  He's dead now, but that guy was batshit crazy...FISH

JC really opens up to Tyler in a way he doesn't do with anyone else in that house.  Maybe it's because Tyler listens to him, and proves that by asking questions that hark back to earlier conversations.  JC talked about how certain things bring back memories for him, particularly his grandmother.

Tyler:  The grandmother who is your size?

JC:  No, the other one.  The one who died.

JC said she was a tough lady who mowed her own lawn into her 90's, because she didn't like the way anyone else did it.  She also knew that JC took shortcuts when he took baths, so she would check him to make sure he scrubbed "all of the dirty patches" .

JC:  She had no mercy.  She would toss me around like a doll under the water.

JC can still remember exactly what her voice sounded like.  He used to carry a heavy bookbag when he was about ten and he would get rained on walking home from school.  His grandmother would meet him at the door and take the bookbag off his shoulder and it felt like the weight of the world was lifted off him.  She would cover him with a towel to dry him off and he could barely breathe with it over his head.  He can still remember that like it was yesterday.

Tyler said certain smells and songs bring back strong memories for him.  He doesn't even like to put those songs on his playlist, because if he hears them too often it weakens the memories.  (Of his father, I'm guessing.)  The smell of wet grass reminds him of football practice, and the smell of bug spray remind him of summers as a child.  (Tyler has said before he is virtually blind in his left eye from getting bug spray in it.)   JC remembers the smell of humidity in the summer, when the heat is coming up off the asphalt.

There was a moment of silence.

Tyler:  Are you thinking about your grandmother yelling at you?

JC admitted that he was.

Tyler saw us watching them, and gave us a quick wave.  I guess we have to talk about the showmance again, because there is news to report. The house guests are all being questioned about Tyler and Angela in the Diary Room, so they know it's going to be a segment on the show.

JC:  Congratulations.  Your showmance is going to be on TV.

This IS NOT what Tyler wanted to happen this summer.  (Me either.)  Tyler was on track to play an exceptional game, but this maybe-or-maybe-not relationship is going to tarnish that, because if he can't get his shit together, back where it was, his game is in trouble.  I think Angela must feel the same way, but it's Tyler who will be targeted first.  He knows it, too.

Yesterday he had a long conversation with Brett and JC where Brett was telling them about how during the first week of the game, Rachel approached him for a showmance, and kept right on trying until she left the house.  Brett said there is no way he would ever have a romantic relationship on the show, because having those kind of conversations and intimacy in such a crowded house, much less on camera is a stupid idea.  If he really had feelings for someone, he'd leave the house before then.

Brett:  And if I did have feelings like that, that would be my girlfriend.  No way would I want to do anything like that with my girlfriend in front of people, with cameras watching.

They discussed Kaitlyn, and what a chump Tyler would have been if he really fell for her, and then found she said the same things to Fessy that she did to him.  They also talked about how every single pre-show interview was pestering them about showmances.  Tyler and Brett said it was ironic that they both got cast, since both of them SWORE they would NEVER get involved in a relationship that wold fuck up their game, and lose their chance at the money.

Brett: It's not even just the money.  But think about it....there were eight women in here, and one of them is a lesbian, so right there I'm down to seven chances.

JC:  I have zero chances.  There is no one in here for me.

Brett:  Yeah, you have no chance for that.  But out of the seven women, one was married, or as good as married, so now we're down to six women. What are the chances that one of those six is going to be someone I can really feel for?  I go out all the time and see dozens of smoking hot women and don't meet anyone I like. And what do they think, I'm just going to jump on whoever is here and available?

Tyler:  Yeah, there's probably been about a hundred people hooking up in here, but less than ten showmances have made it.

(Tyler made a mistake right there, but I don't know if they caught it....he's not supposed to know much about this game, keeping his SuperFan status a secret.)

I hope Brett was trying to gently knock some sense into Tyler's head with this conversation.  Maybe it's just what Tyler needed to get his head back in the game.  Brett got asked about Tangela in the Diary Room, too.  He tried to bring it up but JC said he didn't even want to think about it.  There are enough beds in that house for everyone to have their own, so Tyler needs to find another place to sleep when his Have Not status is over.  Angela will understand if he tells her why.  Tyler knows why, too.  Think with the big head, Tyler.

And speaking of the Tangela situation, a certain someone who likes to get a certain level of attention has some information to provide regarding the Diary Room sessions this week.  Prepare to be upset, angry, or overjoyed, depending on your views of showmances in the game.

This person who provides the spoilers must have the approval of Production, because if they wanted to put a stop to these leaks, they could.  It would be easy to set a trap and figure out who the culprit is.

In this first set of tweets, the spoiler wants to crow about the veracity of a tweet she wrote way back in June, before the feeds went live. I posted it here somewhere, but she said that on Day #2, Kaycee and Tyler made a Final Two.  The spoiler says now that they haven't talked about it on the feeds, but I have seen them mention it from time-to-time, not using that term, however.  The name of the alliance is Coast to Coast, and they have a little "cee" hand motion for it.

Note that the spoiler is trying to start her own comment about that.  Except #EyeRoll.


And both Tyler and Angela have given mixed messages about each other in their Diary Room sessions.  I'm sure Angela knows that in most cases, the male part of the showmance is the first one targeted.  Just ask Jordan Lloyd, who watched Jeff leave before her on two different seasons.  And Brendon Villegas, who had a hit out on him weeks before Rachel won BB13.

Angela is the one with upside to the showmance rumors.  Unless Tyler gets to use his Cloud App this week, which would be a great showmance cliffhanger, if Angela gets sent to the Jury House to spend time with her friend Bayleigh, Angie, Scottie, and a crate of condoms.

I wonder if we'll see their families discuss the relationship on the CBS show?  There is certainly precedent for that, but never such a late-breaking flirtation with players who have a good chance of winning the season.  Usually the attractions get set off early in the game and flame out, but it's rare to see romantic interest blossom so late in the season.

Kaycee came out of the Diary Room crying, and was comforted by Angela and Tyler.  I think Tyler went looking for her in the house and when he found her crying he said he sensed she needed him.  It sounds like the DR surprised her with personal questions about being gay and coming out to her family and it took her to some places mentally that shook her up emotionally.

It was hard to get the whole story, but it sounds like Kaycee coming out wasn't as easy as it might seem, watching her be so open about it now.

Kaycee:  To me it just seems obvious, like it's obvious that I'm into girls.  But my mom still says things to me like, 'you're so pretty. you're going to meet a man who will take care of  you' but that's just not going to happen.  She's seen me with my  6-year relationship..she's seen us together, but she still doesn't get it.

It sounds like she thinks the segment being aired on TV might shock some family members who might not realize she's gay, even though she's never hidden it.

Tyler and Angela were very supportive, and said that she will be an inspiration to so many girls out there.

Kaycee:  It's hard, but JC had it hard too.....he has his own's not just me.

So, it sounds like we'll have a segment about Kaycee coming up soon, maybe even in conjunction with JC's coming out story.  She's worried about it, wondering what the folks back home will think.  She can't believe she was crying about it, laughing about her "peanut allergies".  That's what the house guests have been calling it when they get teary, dating back to Kaycee's Health Nut costume.

Haleigh is so beautiful sometimes that it is startling.  But I think she can do more in life than just depend on her looks.  She has a serious side, too.  So hearing that she wants to move to Los Angeles worries me a little for her.  I keep forgetting that she was supposed to start her senior year of college next month.

I heard her musing this week about what dating will be like when she leaves the house.  Can you imagine going back to college after being on Big Brother for so many episodes?

(Get This:  Tyler told JC last night that he might move to LA, too.  Because Angela lives there, Tyler?  UGH.  So disappointing.)

Fessy kept right on dancing in his last night on his HoH room.  He has no idea that his HoH reign is being discussed by the Big Brother authorities as one of the worst ones ever.  He's kind of like Victor, in that he just wants to compete hard and win, but at least Victor took aim at his biggest enemies (like Paulie) when he was the HoH.  Fessy just wants to be friends with Tyler, just like everyone else in that house now.

For those people who consider Angela to be a villain, I have a feeling we have no idea how much of a villain she can be.  The Zingbot himself said she was cold and heartless, and he should know.