Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Love is a Many Splintered Thing. #BB20

The house starts to slow to a crawl after the nominations get locked in during the PoV Ceremony on Monday.  Usually the Ceremony starts pretty early in the morning, before everyone is up, even.  But even JC was awake, waiting for signals that the ceremony would begin soon, and he's usually still in bed until 1:00 or 2:00 every day.  He has a different call time than the rest of the cast, apparently.

The camera was focused on JC's bed when Fessy was called to the Diary Room and JC's eyes snapped open.  He looks like a baby with that shaved head, so I wish he would let his hair grow back out.

A photographer named Anne Geddes is famous for taking unique photos of babies...this is what I think of when I see JC's shaved cranium, unfortunately.  Same scowl, too.

The cameras are down for the PoV ceremony, of course, but as usual the aftermath is pretty interesting to watch on the live feeds.  Tyler went upstairs to chat with Fessy after the ceremony, just checking in since Fessy thinks he and Haleigh are aligned with Tyler and Angela now.  Tyler and Angela went along with it when they proposed it, to stay off the block this week.

This morning (Tuesday) they just said if they don't win HoH this week, it might be okay, because Fessy and Haleigh are on a lot of radars in that house.  They want Brett or Kaycee to target them, so they don't have the blood on their hands.

There was some drama at the ceremony.  We haven't seen the nominees' speeches to the PoV holder yet this season on the CBS episodes that I can remember, anyway.  So I'm not sure if we'll see Scottie's speech, but it sounds like something we need to see.

Basically Scottie approached Fessy on Sunday night and made a much better argument for himself staying in the game.  It seems Fessy started to realize that if Scottie was devoted to Haleigh, and Fessy is working with Haleigh, the three of them can work TOGETHER and not target each other.  Scottie thought the best chance he had to survive the vote is if Sam was on the block next to him, since her behavior has been a big discussion topic in the house, maybe even self-evicting.

But Sam isn't on the block.  Kaycee is, because Scottie is certain to go home sitting beside her.

I hope you're happy, Haleigh.  If you were old enough to know what you were doing in there, you could have taken all of the interest you received all summer from the guys and used it to help your game, instead of ruining it.

Fessy feels like her third option, as far as preferences go.  That's not what we're seeing on the CBS episodes, but that's what I feel watching her in the house now.  She's not-so-secretly obsessed with Tyler, and wilts when Brett turns his full attention on her. She's just going through the motions with Fessy with those two guys in the house.  She's still using Company manners around those two, but she's often quite irritable around Fessy, like she blames him for liking her.

Angela was saying yesterday that Haleigh has really latched onto her since Angie left, and we can see the beginnings of it here.  Here she is putting on Angela's sports bra, ready for a full day of doing nothing, floating in the pool and giggling.  But on Tuesday she worked out much of the day, getting pretty serious about working with weights.

Sam was obviously in distress, showing clear signs of spinning off track by giggling and saying things that don't necessarily make sense.

Sam:  Well, I tried to play this game.  But it turns out there's a whole lot of stuff going on that I don't know about.  So I just won't play anymore.

FYI:  Sam's version of "playing" included approaching Fessy in the backyard and saying "I'm ready to play this game now. Are you going to put Haleigh on the block?" As well as telling Brett that she's is into him, and that he can be her backup plan.  And then telling JC when he walked in the room "Brett and I just made a Final Two, do you want to be a Final Three with us?"

I skipped some stuff in that last paragraph.  Stuff like asking Brett if they could pretend he's in love with her, because that makes the game easier for her, after he told her gently that he loves her, but is not in love with her.  And stuff like telling Brett she already had a Plan A, but she won't tell him who that is.

I wonder what those CBS episode viewing parties are like now in Sam's home town now.  If the atmosphere is still festive and all.

So, to summarize, Sam's Big Plan was to save Scottie by getting Haleigh on the block in Brett's place.  But instead, not only did that not happen, Scottie stood up and tried to cast some nasty shade on Sam, in order to get Sam on the block next to him.

I guess you can call that a Paradigm Shift.  Whatever the term, it's not what Sam expected, and the entire cast is tiptoeing around, trying to steer clear of the shrapnel from a likely explosion.

Scottie was sitting in his normal spot, so Sam came in and sat right next to him.  As far as I know, Scottie never addressed her.  They just sat like this, with Sam giving him the side eye and Scottie looking everywhere but his direct right.  It was hard to watch, probably the very definition of awkward.

I think they spoke later, maybe after a few rounds of Sam's meds, and she said she forgave him, but I'm not really sure if she realizes what Scottie was trying to do.  Shortly after this, Sam announced that she was going to go silent at 1:30 PM BBT and not speak for 24 hours.  She made this statement over and over and over again, as loudly as possible.

Outside the guys complimented the patriotic colors that Angela and Haleigh are wearing today.  They planned it, she said. Angela still hasn't filed her 2017 tax return, but says she files late every year, just paying the "penalty fee".  Did she not file an extension?  You can avoid a late-filing penalty if you just file an extension request by April 15th.  It takes me two seconds to file them for my clients, but Angela does her taxes herself, so that might be the issue.

Angela gets a lot of 1099 forms, since she's an independent contractor.  I heard her talk about her deductions, saying "most of her life is a deduction", but that is not a statement I can co-sign.  In fact, I wouldn't sign off at all, but that's not really a topic we should discuss here.

There are special rules for certain types of entertainers, and I'm sure being a fitness model can also warrant some deductions normally unheard of for us regular folk.  I know many of you are skipping over these paragraphs to just stare at the semi-naked pictures, and I understand.  I'm glad everyone hates doing their taxes.  My business depends on it.

Tyler said he needs to do his Australian tax return, but I can't help him with that.  Usually any foreign income taxed is credited on your US tax return, but that's about the extent of my international tax knowledge.

Tyler said he went to Australia to live for six months with two of his friends who I'm guessing are lifeguards as well.  They also traveled to Bali, but he had to leave after 8 days to go back to Australia, while his friends stayed the entire planned two-weeks.  I think he had to return early to follow up on the TKO interviews via Skype, or something like that.  It sounds like he told Angela what he could about that show, probably about what he was able to tell Kaitlyn.  It feels like Kaitlyn left the house years ago, doesn't it?

The news about Sam's 24-hour Vow of Silence trickled out to the backyard, and they discussed it in hushed whispers, without really saying what they're thinking.

Brett talked about how he accepted an offer to attend University of Alabama, on a soccer scholarship, I think.  I know he won some impressive-sounding honors in that sport.  But he said that only a day after he committed to the school, some devastating tornadoes blew through the state, hitting the college campus directly.  Brett had no idea if the campus still existed, so that was something he didn't expect at all.

Brett said that an Alabama football player was holding his girlfriend during the storm and the wind ripped her away from him.  As someone who spent many of my formative years with a high school/college football player, that's hard to imagine.  Being embraced by someone that big and strong feels like the safest place in the world.

She was an honors student and planned to go to law school. Instead they found her body in a field, some distance away.  Truly terrifying.  I remember that day, because the storms were travelling across the Southeast, with Atlanta straight in the path.  I think a whole exit off I-75 just north of the Metro area got decimated---a McDonalds and a gas station disappeared.

On a happier note, it seems like Hilton Head is seeing a little spike in beach tourism, as people swarm the lifeguard stands to ask if anybody knows Tyler.  There was a thread on Reddit a few weeks back where a girl said she and her mother did that very thing, and were told that "yes, we do know Tyler" and that apparently made her very happy.

Angela told the group that her parents were married on Hilton Head Island, under the Liberty Oak in Harbour Town.  All the boats blew their horns when the marriage was official.  I think this is the spot.  Tyler said it was a very romantic place to be.

Angela has said that her parents like to party, and her mom can drink her under the table.  Tyler likes to ask about them, like what Angela thinks they are doing at home, and she says they might be watching the live feeds, while her mom drinks enough wine to get a good night's sleep.  (She actually said "pass out", but I think she was kidding so I used more polite terminology here.)

Last night Tyler asked about her parents again, and she said they were probably getting ready for bed, and might have gone to dinner at Holy Tequila or the Smokehouse.  Tyler loves Holy Tequila and said that is where he ate on one of his last nights in town. He wanted all his friends to meet him there, but couldn't tell them why.  The next day he shot his BB key intro package and told the ones who were in that video with him.

I just looked at the menu and if I ever visit Hilton Head, I am definitely making a stop at Holy Tequila.  They have a brussel sprout taco! There is a place here in Atlanta that tops a black bean burger with brusssel sprout slaw and it is scrumptious.

Brett is very into body building and told JC last night that he was flattered that he compared him to Arnold Schwartzenegger.  He would love to do what Arnold did, he says.  I'm assuming he means the body building championship stuff, rather than Governor of California, or knocking up the housekeeper.  JC recommended Brett look up some of Arnold's old motivational tapes that are out there somewhere.  They're very inspiring, he says.

Brett threw some shade on Fessy, I think, by saying that some guys just work their arms, rather than taking a critical look at the areas where they are not genetically blessed.  Sometimes you need to focus on the areas where you are deficient, he says, in order to balance yourself out.  Brett also said that "abs are made in the kitchen", and that the only real way to get definition in that area is to watch what you eat and keep doing cardio work.  (Because if there is fat on top of your abs, they aren't visible.)  Brett rarely does ab exercises, because everything else he does has an impact on his core muscles.  JC agrees, saying that when he does push ups he's also trying to move different ways to get more core coverage.

Meanwhile Sam is doing what Sam likes to do....mope and be sad, desperately wanting everyone to ask what's wrong, what's wrong Sam?

This is the way I always read my correspondence, too.  It's perfectly normal to do this.  Sam is doing just fine right now.  Yep.

After Fessy's PoV ceremony duties were over, he pretty much disappeared in his HoH room, staying up there all day on Tuesday, listening to Drake.  The cameras didn't show him very much, because I'm sure they were tired of asking him to stop singing.

Speaking of Fessy, the Level 6 foursome has been trying to sneak in a few moments here and there to touch base about what to do this Thursday night if there is a Double Eviction.  (There isn't one, but it doesn't hurt to plan for it.)  They think Brett might have a different plan than Kaycee, Tyler or Angela.

Tyler wants to put Haleigh and Sam up, but they aren't sure who should get evicted if they stay on the block.  Tyler said Fessy should go up if the PoV is used, and Kaycee pointed out that Haleigh is a SuperFan, and knows a lot about what happens in the end of the game.  So they think Haleigh should go, which would leave Fessy in the game alone, so he will have to keep winning comps to stay in the game.

Angela:  That's a lot of winning he needs to do.

They'd like Brett to win HoH, so he can go after Haleigh and Fessy.  If one of them wins HoH they will still control the vote with three of them. Tyler thinks if Sam wins HoH, she will put up Haleigh and Angela, but they still have the votes to evict Haleigh if that happens.

Haleigh apparently thinks Fessy's brother, pictured here in the front, is very cute.

She likes Fessy, but he's by far not her first choice in that house.  When they are alone they are usually bickering, but they do kiss from time-to-time.  Believe it or not, this would SHOCK Scottie, who seems to believe that he and Haleigh have a budding romantic relationship.  The other night he told the group that he wanted to push their beds together, which shows how in-the-dark Scottie is about relationships.

I would like to remind you that Scottie is TWENTY-SIX years old.  But as far as interpersonal relationships go, he's closer to SIXTEEN.  Maybe younger.  I know kids grow up pretty fast today, but Scottie seems stuck in a time warp. 

On Monday night the Level 6 group celebrated their successful week by blowing off some steam playing pool.  Even though Kaycee is on the block for eviction, she is certain to survive the vote, and says she feels much more secure than she did last week.

Last night Tyler told the girls that Scottie came to him and said he thought he could still get Haleigh's vote this week, and also Sam's, so with Tyler's vote he could try to stay in the game.

Angela:  Does he even know who he's sitting next to on the block?

They laughed about how people are starting to catch on to their threesome, being sarcastic about it.  They have a hand motion they do, the "A-OK" sign, with the three fingers spread out.  I mean, Angie told the entire house about it last week in her eviction speech, but The Hive still doesn't get it?

Angela told them that the pole vaulting crowd has lots of euphemisms with their sport, mostly involved with "the pole".  She was telling Tyler that she just chalked his pole (ie the pool cue) for him, and then launched into a description of how the pole vaulters "wrap the tip" of their poles.

And the place where you plant your pole to launch yourself over the bar is called "the box".

It's just so obvious with these two.  I think Angela is better able to put on her Ice Queen face when other people are around, but Tyler can't even be in the same space with her without going all goofy and giggly.  I'd hate to see him lose the game for this, after going so far and controlling the entire season, but I guess that would make the season extra-memorable.

Tyler can still win, of course, but that tight twosome is going to make both he and Angela the first ones to die in the Level 6 Civil War.  Because with this type of connection building in that house, any other alliances they have clearly understand that they are no longer the priority.

I mean, sure Drew Daniel cut Diane Henry in the final three of BB5, but it's not like Drew was really feeling Diane.  But that's not a topic for today.

Later in the evening the entire group (except Scottie) had a funny conversation about relationships.  Note that JC is wearing Brett's "I heart Granny" sweater and unlike Brett, JC actually has room to breathe in it. Also, Brett said that for the PoV ceremony, he wanted to wear only the PoV medal and one of JC's Speedos, but he couldn't even pull them up over his knees.  He forgets how small JC is, he says.

JC:  The worst thing is when you tell someone that you love them, and they say Thank You.

Tyler: That's happened to you before JC, hasn't it?

JC admitted it has, and says that he is on good terms with most of his exes.  He has talked frequently about "Kyle", because Tyler reminds him of him, and has even called Tyler Kyle a few times.  One of JC's exes needs a lot of assurances from him, and JC said the boyfriend he had at the time just had to deal with the fact that his old boyfriend wanted to talk to JC about his problems almost every day.

Angela said she's scared to be the one to say "I love you" first.  Tyler said he's definitely said it first, particularly when he was very young.  FYI Tyler has talked several times this summer about the first time he had sex.  It happened in the woods behind his elementary school when he was only fourteen.  JC wondered how Tyler even knew what to do, and Tyler admitted that he didn't.

They wondered what Kaycee does when someone says they love her.

Kaycee:  I usually say 'ditto'. Or 'right back at'cha'.

Tyler, laughing:  I do that too.

Kaycee:  But if I mean it, I'll say it. I'll say 'I love you' if I mean it.

Kaycee is still cool with most of her ex-girlfriends, except for the girl she dated for 6 years.  (I discussed that here.)  She said that girl moved back in with her ex, so they don't talk anymore.  She said she's even friendly with her most recent ex, after they broke up last October.  They kept living together until March, when their lease was up, and that girl went back with her ex after that.

Someone:  After four years, she went back to her?

I think Kaycee moved to Arizona for that girl, but felt isolated and wanted to meet new people.  She's talked before about how she told her girlfriend how she felt, so they joined some LGBT groups to meet new people, and Kaycee ended up getting a job in a restaurant so she could make new friends.

Tyler likes to stay cool with everyone after a relationship is over, not seeing the point of burning bridges. He plans to be friends with everyone who played this season, too, saying that he doesn't think conflict will run any relationships.

Fessy:  Except Bayleigh.

Tyler:  Yeah. Bayleigh.  That was bad.

The cameras showed us how Scottie was playing pool all alone, when a very spirited and interesting conversation was taking place with the rest of the cast, just steps away.  He wouldn't have much to add to the conversation, but he could at least learn from it, I guess.

Everyone starts off with an empty Romantic Resume, but few people still have a blank sheet of paper at Scottie's age.  That's how I used to think about breakups, or even unrequited crushes---they were all building content on my romantic resume.  I've cheered up quite a few people pointing that out, telling them that going to Fiji with someone you met online six months ago and getting dumped the last night of the vacation (or whatever) is a tragically beautiful story to add to the Resume.

So for Scottie, I guess his Haleigh Story can go on his resume as an example of how not to play things in the future.  If he really wants a Real Life Relationship, that is. He might not.  You never know.

Fessy was thinking about how many exes have been watching this show, trying not to care, but still getting caught up in it.

Fessy:  They're like, he's still on there?  OH FUCK he won the PoV.

They all laughed, thinking about it.

I think Sam may have been on the outskirts of this conversation, sitting on the couch smoking, but I don't think she participated. She's not good at that.  She either likes to go off on a monologue about something no one can relate to, or she stews in an angry fashion, slamming things around.

Yesterday Sam's Big Thing was announcing that she was quitting smoking.  All day long she made the same announcement about how at the end of the day on Tuesday, she would be putting all of her cigarettes in a bag and giving them to Production.

Sam:...and they're going to put a patch on me.  I'm scared, but I'm gonna do it.

Look girl, if Jason Roy can do it, then you can.  It's not like you deserve a medal for it.  Just like your workout and diet announcements, it only means something if you execute the plan.

After the fun little evening outside, Haleigh and Fessy started arguing again.  Of course.  And it seems like it's mainly her fault all the time.  She makes a big deal out of small things.  I think it's an attempt to avoid being alone with him, actually.  Haleigh is super-rebellious and after she spends time with the entire group, she's less interested in being alone with Fessy, it seems to me.

I think Haleigh is willing to give Fessy a few bullet points on her Romantic Resume, but Fessy wants Haleigh to be a whole paragraph on his.  Maybe in it's own section. In a bold font.

Tonight the issue is that Fessy was being sort of flirty with Haleigh, saying he hopes he can still count on her, and she erupted in anger, saying "HOW CAN YOU ASK ME THAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T COUNT ON ME?"   And so on.

Haleigh is not the genius that her BB fans would like to make her out to be.  She's too indecisive, changing her mind too easily, going with the flow. Just last week, after championing her all season and calling her "Queen", Swaggy C turned on her when a fan sent him the clip of Kaitlyn telling her about her plan to put Swaggy on the block.  Haleigh said it was a good idea, because Swaggy had been talking crap about her.

Suddenly the light bulb came on for Swaggy, and he was calling her 'fake as fuck'.  She's just a girl who needs to grow up.  She's playing in the midst of a group of strong players and is easy bait for them.

Tyler being a Have Not is a great thing for him right now, because he can put some space between himself and Angela.  But that space hasn't been big enough. They thought they were fooling people, since they've been sleeping in that bed together ever since Kaitlyn left.  But now things are obviously different.

To me, the turning point was the Halfway Party, when Angela was the HoH. When the live feeds returned after the two-hour break, the two of them had clearly had some quality time together.  They were in the HoH room, laying on the bed talking to JC.  I could tell immediately that something had changed just by the energy, if not for the camera closeups of their faces as they talked. I wouldn't be surprised if they kissed during the Halfway Party.  Because something happened. And they are both trying to suppress it now. And not succeeding very well.

JC has told Tyler that if he gets in a showmance, JC is going to put them both on the block and vote Tyler off.  Probably due to game reasons, because Tyler clearly is making a powerful twosome with Angela, but also because JC has had the biggest crush of the summer on Tyler.  Sometimes Production puts items in the storage room for them, with the name of the intended house guest written on masking tape.  JC took a piece of Tyler's tape and stuck it on his own drinking cup weeks ago, he was so infatuated with Tyler.

Tyler:  JC told me he's mad about this, and he's in love with Brett now. He even took my tape off his cup and put Brett's on there.

Last night, Tyler seemed to realize that he's in deep shit, after talking about it with both JC and Kaycee.  Tyler denied it, but Kaycee said it's clear he has "feelings for the girl" and then Tyler was the one back in 8th grade, giggling and blushing as he tried to deny it.

Hopefully Tyler is trying to refocus, because he has let us know he's angry about his feelings for Angela, and told JC that he thinks she is "in love with Brett".   Tyler admitted that he "likes her a little bit", but is trying to put a target on Brett in JC's eyes.  That's a step in the right direction for Tyler.  But when he's alone with Angela he says stuff like this:

*  I have so many things to say to you, but I can't say them with these cameras around.
*  I really think I'm in this house because of you.
*  What if the two of us never met?
*  I bet we've been in the same place in Hilton Head at the same time.

And so on.  The dude is in deep.  And she is, too.  Production needs to show the CBS audience about this situation this week, to set up what is to come in this game for the two of them.  There will be consequences, I think.

Sam's Vow of Silence ended up lasting a little over three hours.  The group was snickering about it later, and said they should all have a "Silent Night" and try not to speak, either.  JC and Tyler started a pillow fight that was pretty raucous, all in silence.  All you could hear was suppressed laughter and giggles punctuated by Production telling them to STOP THAT.


So, yet another love triangle is struggling with itself.  And we haven't even considered how Granny fits into this picture.  You know, since Brett and JC are repping their feelings for her and all.

If you have to be a Have Not, being one with Sam can take the sting out, since she keeps busy concocting new recipes to make with it.  All of them start with a batch of cooked slop, of course, as the base.

Sam is trying to make a fried rice type recipe with this batch.  Is soy sauce on the list of approved condiments for a Have Not?  If so, I think making the slop edible as dinner could be easy.  If Sam was using a condiment that is not on the approved list, do you think they would stop her?

Sometimes Production has to go along and get along.  Sam has given them so much trouble that I'm guessing they are willing to let a few minor issues slide by without reprimanding her.  Just a guess.

And here they are again...Tangela trying to be sly and pretend that nothing is going on.  This is Tyler throwing something at us, to make the cameras go away.

I know it's very exciting to have those first twinges of infatuation, when your intended is giving it right back at you, but geez Louise.  Get a damn grip, Tangela.  You can be as moony as you'd like when you get to the Final Three.  If you get to the Final Three.  And I guess it would depend on who's there with them.  Because the winner of that final HoH on Finale night gets to choose who is going to Final Two with them.

And here they are again, laying in a manner where they are touching each other, yet not touching each other.  Talking about how attracted they both are, in code.  Because of the cameras.

Kaycee came in for a few minutes and they talked about their plans for the rest of the game, trying to navigate to the end . Does Kaycee think either one of them would take her to Final Two?  Tyler might.  But he might not, either.  He knows Angela has some enemies on the Jury. When they talk about the other house guests, they say "S.C", or "S.A", or "F", to avoid being heard saying "Scottie", or "Sam", or "Fessy".

Tyler told them about JC telling him that Brett made a Final Two with Sam and then included him in the plan afterwards.

Tyler: I'm still waiting for Brett to tell me about that.

Angela:  Brett hasn't talked ot me about that, either.

The second they were alone again in the room, the Love Talk started.

Tyler:  I'm trying to say what I want to say with it?

Angela:  I got it.  I don't even want to move right now.

Tyler: I don't want you to move.

Then JC burst in, demanding to know what is going on in there.

Tyler: Just going crazy.  Hating life.

JC says he's eating slop, just plain slop.

JC:  I figured since I'm a Have Not, I need to suffer.

JC left the room, and BB called out Angela for not wearing her microphone, so she ran off to get it.

After she left, Tyler threw a pillow at the wall, in obvious anguish, and then hid his face with his shirt like this.  I'm taking this as a good sign, that Tyler knows that he's fucking up big time.  Hopefully he's not going to give in and give up his game.  Hopefully he knows he needs to separate from her.

Tyler ate some of the Fried Rice Slop. It certainly looks like there is some soy sauce in there.

And JC ripped Tyler a new one, telling him that everyone in the house is talking about Tyler and Angela, even Haleigh.

Tyler protested, saying that Haleigh and Fessy want to align with them, not target them, but JC knows.  You can't fool him.

Tyler:  I swear to you that I'm in this. I'm still in this game.

JC:  We have six weeks left.  And that's a long time.  Everyone is feeling lonely, even Brett.  He talked to me all day and we're not even that good of friends.  I won't betray you, ever, but people were wondering.  You need to stay in the middle in all of  this.  I don't mean to hurt you. I'm just concerned for you.

Tyler:  I know.  I know.

(JC doesn't know about Level 6, which is really his only blind spot in the game.)

Tyler heard the sound of Velcro scratching and wondered why JC is ruining Brett's sweater like that.

JC:  You make me SO ANGRY Tyler.

Tyler laughed.  JC is funny.  Always.

JC showed everyone how he rearranged the letters to "I ANGRY" and they all laughed.  His heart is on his sleeve now, too.

JC:  I'm on slop.  I'm hungry.  I can't sleep.  I have a sunburn that hurts.  I'm angry, okay?


When I first saw these tweets, it really blew my mind.  I know that Kevin met Swaggy at the charity event in Orlando, but Swaggy couch-surfing at Kevin's home in Massachusetts really surprised me.

I know we're all sick to death of Braggy C, but the Kevin part of this compels me to bring it up.  What a cool cat Kevin is, huh?  I'm not digging Braggy's new pose here. It's too Special Ed for me.

They hit the mall together and were recognized quite a bit.  Again with the Special Ed face, too.  What the hell.

The mean look works better for Swaggy, but he'll never be as cool as Kevin.

I wish Kevin was my dad.  I think one reason why Swaggy is visiting Kevin must be to get his daughters to help him set up a YouTube channel to broadcast with Bayleigh. I guess Ika and her boyfriend from BB Canada are making a living doing that.  Will people want to watch Swaggy and Bayleigh though?

I know I don't.  I've heard enough out of Swaggy already, just from suffering through his social media posts.  Just being honest.

Last summer Kevin said some things about his life that I never posted, out of respect for him and his family.  But this post alludes to the fact that being on the show had an enormous impact on his life, and he appreciates it.  I remember him saying that as he was going through the audition process, his daughters begged him to stay home at night to watch old BB seasons with them, to prepare. But Kevin said he went to the bars and drank all night instead.  He said many times that he came on the show "for his sanity".   It's a real happy ending for Kevin, I think.  He's a great ambassador for the franchise.

And check out Steve Moses, taking these two lovely ladies out to dinner in Vegas.  Jackie sure knows how to serve up a pose, doesn't she?

This is as good a time as any to document the advice that Steve has for the cast every year.

And this girl from The Challenge keeps trying to get at Winston.  She's the girl with the freckles who doesn't seem as angry as everyone else on The Challenge.  They should take it to the DMs, I think.

Here is a picture someone on Reddit found of Brett's 21st birthday, cracking bottles of Dom to celebrate.

It's only fair to show this picture of Tyler, too, which was apparently only taken two or three years ago.  That can't be his date, can it?  She looks more like Stacy's mom to me.

There is a HUGE contingent of Tangela Fans out there watching all of this.  Some of them seem more concerned with seeing Tangela make out on camera then seeing either of them win the game, but they are a constant source of information about the duo.  They're always watching, those Tangela Fans.

This is a snippet from Tyler's pre-season CBS bio.  I hope Tyler remembers the person who filled out the questionnaire, and everything he planned to do to win the game.  Everything except "doing whatever the hell he wants", that is.  There is plenty of time for that after the season ends.