Sunday, August 19, 2018

His Material May Be Starting to Get a Little Rusty. #BB20

Zingbot visited the BB house on Saturday, roasting everyone with a few presumably funny Zings before kicking off the Hide and Go Veto comp.  The feeds were down for at least six hours, and when they returned we saw Brett beaming from ear-to-ear, the proud wearer of the PoV medal.

Apparently this year the Veto they had to hide was some sort of Veto Folder, which was apparently a dossier of an incriminating picture of them, maybe including the Zingbot.  The basic rules of the competition usually go as follows:

1.  Players each get about 3 minutes to hide their Veto in the house, in designated areas only.

2.  Players are separated in cabanas or cubicles in the backyard so they can't communicate with each other during the comp.

3. Players each get a certain amount of time (a minute, maybe?) to run through the house, looking for hidden Vetos. If they find one, they bring it out and hang it up, not knowing whose Veto they found.  So they could have found their alliance member's Vetos, but they don't know until the comp is over.

4.  The comp is over when five Vetos have been found.  The players then gather to open up each Veto to see who hid it.

5. The winner is the player whose Veto was not one of the five found.

6. The house gets TRASHED during this process.  And there is no maid service to clean it all up, just the house guests.

Brett:  It looks like I'm burying a body...ha ha ha ha.  I look so skinny in this...but look at my arms.  They look like your's Fessy.

Fessy:  Get the fuck out of here. Lemme see.  Oh, look at your arms!

Brett wondered if they get to keep their pictures.

Brett:  Hey Heath?  Do you want me to bring it to you?

No answer was heard. But even if Brett doesn't get to keep it in the house, he'll get a big box shipped to his home in October with tons of BB goodies that Production was holding on to backstage.  Many of the house guests film themselves opening the boxes and put them on YouTube.

Brett needed this win.  It's true that even though he's on the block, he was only in danger of being evicted this week if Scottie came off the block.  But now Brett will save himself, and Scottie is destined to be evicted because Level 6 and JC want him gone, and so does Fessy, at least at this point he does.  The competition came down to Brett and Scottie in the end, so everyone was on pins and needles waiting to find out who won.   Kaycee was the host, and Brett said he was getting really irritated with her because she apparently had problems revealing the results in the manner requested by Production.  She had trouble opening the envelopes, I think.

This is the first comp Brett won, so he's thrilled, and his team is thrilled for him.  As is JC, because he's certain he won't be the one put up in Brett's place, and he can still have the pleasure of voting to evict Scottie on live TV.

But here's the important thing:  Brett will make a speech during the PoV meeting, and he gave us a preview of that speech when he had a quick congratulatory meeting with Angela in storage.

Brett:  I'm going to stand up and say Fessy, you can suck my fucking cock, because you said last week you'd never put me on the block and here I am.

Something tells me Brett's speech will sound a little different after he's had time to workshop it, as well as have a few chats in the Diary Room.  You've got to get it past the censors, Brett.

There were quite a few rules for this comp.  The folders couldn't be hidden upstairs, or in the storage room.  They also couldn't hide anything over waist-high, probably to prevent people getting hurt by climbing, or hit on the head while tearing through the contents of highly-placed cabinets.

We see Scottie all alone, straightening up in the bathroom, folding a teetery stack of towels.

As soon as he walked away, the stack fell and Scottie mumbled "that's what I get", before he tried to put the towels back where they belong.

I think he knows his goose is cooked this week, but later Sam told him she's going to try to get Fessy to put up Haleigh in Brett's place, since they think she's the only one who would be voted out next to Scottie.  Scottie didn't think that was even a remote option, but Sam said not to underestimate her connection to Fessy.

Sounds like Sam is going to try and pull out the "Haleigh is a Harlot" card to tug on Fessy's heartstrings.  Welcome to the game, Sam.

Scottie made a comment to Tyler about how whoever did all the damage is really a fucked up person.  Then he laughed and admitted to pouring "all of the liquids" on the floor.  He poured milk on the floor just inside the door, so that people would slip and fall on it, which is a defensive move, I guess.  It sounds like it was chocolate milk, and Tyler says the next time he came in to search, he noticed that it had been partially wiped up, probably because they saw people slipping and falling on it.

Tyler:  Scottie, you don't even know how bad I ate it on that floor....

Someone else poured sugar on the floor, and Fessy confessed to that.

Fessy: I saw all that milk, and I said fuck it.  I was just standing around saying where can I even look?

I think Fessy found Haleigh's Veto Folder.  She said she's mad that she had an inferior hiding spot, inside a couch cushion, I think.  Fessy said he saw that the zipper was disturbed, so that's the first place he looked..

Angela hid her Veto Folder in a plant, but then she moved it and was glad when she saw the plant had been pulled out during the first round of searching.  She ended up wrapping it in foil, and then putting it on the bottom of the oven and covering it with coffee grounds.  It looked like a burned oven, she says.

Angela:  And then Tyler found that shit!

Tyler:  Yep. I did.  It was a good spot, too.

Tyler didn't know where to put his Veto Folder, so he decided to hide it in a stack of Sam's jeans, figuring nobody would mess with her things very much.

Tyler:  I was wrong, though.

Fessy:  My plan was the first thing I would do is unzip every cushion, and then pull all the clothes off the shelves.

So I guess Fessy may have found Tyler's PoV, too.

Brett hid his winning game piece somewhere in the Have Not room, I think, and he barricaded the door to the room with every mattress and cushion in the house.  Instead of searching for a folder when it was his turn to do so, he spent every turn fortifying his hiding place, stacking even more stuff against the door.

Tyler:  I knew that was you Brett. No one else would have had time to move all those mattresses.

B is for Buzzkill.  And here she is.  Sam is not happy.  And of course, everyone needs to know all about it.

Sam, in a sad little baby voice:  I don't think it's entertaining.  I think its a big waste.

The camera pans back slowly to show us the scope of the damage.  At least they didn't mess up that birthday greeting to someone's daddy on the Pin Wall.

Sam:  They smashed my dream catcher.

(I hope this doesn't lead to the attempted murder of Brett, since Sam has clearly based many recent dreams on him.)

Just in case we don't get that Sam is upset, she picked her way over to the couch and sat there silently, clearly well into her next episode.

JC surveys the damage as the group tries to find all of the right bed parts, and put them together in some semblance of order.  He kept picking up clothing articles from the floor and dropping them in disgust.

JC:  The sad part is, I didn't even play in this comp.

JC later claimed that if he had played, he would have easily won this comp, because after Kaitlyn left, he took her box of chocolates and hid it.

JC: I've been eating the chocolates all by myself.  And even after you all did all of that today, the chocolates are still there. I just checked.

Everyone wanted JC to show them where the chocolates were, but he refused. They're my chocolates now, he said.

It was a long day for everyone, including the people who didn't play.  It's hard to just sit there for hours with nothing to do, but I think they did get to watch the house guests run in and out of the house when it was their turn to search.

Kaycee:  We kept hearing Brett yell "DEFENSE" when he was in there.

Brett was surprised to know they could hear him.  He also did some other shennannigans, too, which I'm sure Production loves him for.  Not only did Brett win the PoV, he had what sounds like an inventive strategy, and took the time to provide some comedic relief for the folks back home.

As a direct contrast, Matt played in last year's Hide & Go Veto comp, and his performance was HORRENDOUS.  Not only did he stop and eat cereal when it was his turn to search inside the house, but he and Raven's dirty drawer of used prophylactics was discovered during the frantic search.  And to my surprise, this discovery was pictured on the CBS episode.  Twice, with DR commentary about what was found in that drawer in case Granny from Oklahoma didn't realize what was going on.  Just look for the "How Much Does CBS Hate Matt?" section of this post.

Fessy wasn't much help with the clean up.  He walked around a little but might not have been too concerned if he had moved his clothes upstairs to the HoH room for the week.  JC was very unhappy, saying that whoever messed up his stuff had a personal vendetta against him.  Before you question JC's opinion, consider this:

*  All of JC's clothes were thrown on the floor, with milk poured all over them.
*  JC's vitamins were all poured out on the floor.
*  JC's deodorant stick had been rolled up and scooped out, the contents all smeared on the floor and walls.'s got to be Scottie doing that, right?  He already told Tyler he poured all the liquids, and he's been trying to put a target on JC's double-dealing for weeks now. Scottie wanted JC out of the house because they are both playing a version of the same game, and he knew JC was going to come for him, too.

WHAT ABOUT THIS:  Scottie has admitted that a major reason why he made that hinky vote against Swaggy while wearing Swaggy C apparel is because he thought that would get him trending so he would win the Power App that week.  Scottie thought this act, along with getting all of Steve's votes, would win the fans' support.  (It didn't.)  What if Scottie was trying to imitate James Huling's Hide and Go Veto habits, which James is sure won him the America's Favorite Player award during BB17?  Maybe he thought he'd at least win that prize.  Or maybe Scottie let some of his evil slip out.  That evilness that he's tried so hard to hide this summer.  Maybe I'm the delusional one though.

Fessy hid his folder behind the drawers in the blue room,  One of the rules is that you have to be able to extract it from it's hiding place within 15 seconds, and Fessy said Production made him prove that.  Haleigh said she was asked to do that, too. I think that procedure ate into their allotted time to hide it, so Fessy tried to remove it quickly and broke something.  He thinks that gave his hiding place away.

Someone said the house guests should feel lucky that JC didn't play in this comp, because the mess would have been much, much worse.

JC: Oh, that's for sure.  I would have fucked this shit up.

You can see that the sliding wall is open between the two bedrooms.  They've been leaving it open during the day, and also recently at night.  You might know that Angie Rockstar did not like the sliding wall open, and pitched at least one mini-tantrum about it.  I think she blamed Brett, as I recall, but it could have been some other spoiled white person, in Angie's opinion.

Angela worked very hard to clean up the mess.  She requested a vacuum cleaner from Production, and gave every surface quite a work out.

She was a possibility to go on the block in Brett's place, and Haleigh certainly wanted either Angela or Tyler to replace Brett, but Fessy thinks a better choice is to try to set up a Final Four with the other couple, so they could work together to evict all of the people just coasting through the game, watching the stronger players pick each other off.   Haleigh pitched a mini-tantrum with Fessy last night as they discussed this, really bitching at him as he discussed this strategy.  Dealing with 21-year-old girls can be difficult, in case you forgot.

There was a guy in the chat room last night who said he would watch a whole channel that featured Angela cleaning in those shorts.  It was funny.  And a possible business opportunity for someone.

Fessy was laying up in the HoH room for much of the early cleaning efforts, where the effort was expended just trying to clear the mess scattered about, and pick up piles of tossed clothing.  JC went up there to start greasing the skids about putting up Kaycee or Angela, saying that he's already made Brett mad by nominating him, so why take the risk of making an enemy out of Tyler if he survives the vote?

Fessy: I guess I should go down there and help clean, huh?

JC:  Yes.  Your ass is on the block next week, so you better go down there and do some cleaning.

JC wanted to make some coffee to get the energy to clean the mess, but was really upset to find that someone broke the coffee pot somehow.

JC:  Who ever did that is a really shitty person.  Because there is no way to hide a folder in there.

Angela:  I guess cold brew it is, then.

Haleigh:  How are we going to survive?  I'm already fiending knowing I can't have any.

(Production will replace the broken items, including JC's deodorant, since it's not their fault.  During BB16, the Jury came in and rifled though the house for a comp, and they really TRASHED the place, since they didn't live there anymore and didn't have to clean it up.  Anyway, Princess Victoria's necklace was broken and Production ended up replacing it, much to her delight.)

Production ordered pizza for them, since they had such a long day in the backyard and aren't really in a position to cook right now.  Haleigh realized she hadn't eaten all day, until she ate a slice of pizza.

Does Kaycee know that she has a very high chance of going on the block Monday afternoon?  In another pawn situation?  I hate to say it, but her next speech might be even worse, because she's still up in her head about the last one.

And it sounds like she wasn't good hosting material today.  And maybe her Zing hit her where it hurts.  Not everyone needs to hold the mic, Kaycee.

Fessy wondered who got the worst Zings.  Haleigh chimed in that her's hurt, and they mentioned Tyler's, which apparently included the word "crispy" and referred to Tyler's acne and arm picking.

Haleigh:  Maybe they said that because we know that's not you.

Kaycee:  Well, he called Sam "fucking crazy" so....

Tyler:  My arm picking days are over.

This is a list that someone made last night of the Zings they heard about.  The Zingbot started Scottie's Zing by saying someone with blonde hair and blue eyes had a crush on's Scottie.  I heard them rehashing the Zings this morning, and Scottie said he heard Tyler muttering under his breath "fuck you Zingbot.  this is going on TV...get out of here."

Kaycee: I had a vision of someone just straight up tackling that thing.

Tyler:  Brett almost did, running around that corner. It's top-heavy as fuck.

They all snickered, imagining being the one to inflict bodily harm on that sassy robot.  I have to think that Production has really taken the gloves off when it comes to Sam, if her Zing made it through dress rehearsal.

Tyler saw the Zingbot's hand creep around the door handle of the storage room, and it freaked him out,  he said.  Kaycee said she "held it's hand all the way back in here".  It was definitely big and scary, she said.

Brett's Zing involved being clean all the time, like a douche or something.  Wow.  Kaycee's Zing was something like "Let's a different channel."  She thinks her's was one of the nicest Zings and that she got lucky.

Brett took his slice of pizza in the Have Not room and enjoyed a moment of peace and quiet, obviously thinking a mile a minute about what would happen next.  After the HoH comp last week, live feeders were saying "oh Brett is about to cry", but those people don't get Brett at all.  After the HoH, Brett was trying to figure out how he would handle trying to disguise his vote to evict Angie.  And being quiet definitely made him look like the eviction didn't go his way, and you'll see on the CBS show tonight how he claimed to vote Kaycee out during Fessy's House Meeting.

Would a Pretty Princess clean the floor like this?  I don't think so.

Just before the feeds went down for the PoV, Kaycee, Angela and Tyler were trying to guess what the comp would be.  Kaycee guessed it would be the one with the hidden Vetos, and asked them where they would hide something (Kaycee already knew she wasn't playing in the PoV.)  if that was the competition that day.  Tyler said he didn't know where to hide anything, but Angela said she planned to put the ice cream in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then push the Veto down into the ice cream.

But we all know that the Veto would be too large for that, and maybe Tyler did, too. But he couldn't say anything, since he's still keeping his SuperFan status a secret.

Kaycee:  You guys should tell each other where your hiding place is, so you don't find the other person's Veto.

Tyler:  Hmmm.  Okay.

Shortly after that the feeds went down and I guess the Zingbot bumped his bulky ass into the living room.

Did Brett tell Level 6 about how Sam said she was in love with him?  He hasn't had much time alone to speak with them, and they've had a lot of game stuff to go over, so I'm not sure he had the time to tell them about that.  He probably will when they have the backyard on Sunday, when they can more easily have conversation about whatever topic comes up.

Basically, Sam went into the DR during her pouty stage and came back out at least an hour later in an obviously drugged, blissed-out state.  She said she understands that this competition was a classic part of Big Brother and everyone is excited they got to play it, so they may have been a little aggressive in tearing though the house to search for the Vetos.

Sam: I just get upset when food is wasted....that's all.  But I'm always upset when food is wasted.

At one point the cameras zoomed in on Brett as Sam was giggling and rolling on the damn floor, saying she might even just sleep right there, like that.  I'm guessing someone gave her a vape pen to puff on in the DR, but I'm not a licensed Bud Tender or anything.  She said later that she went in the DR and gave them "her high note", and it's a good thing the house guests didn't get to see her like that.

And here are more cleaning pictures for the dudes in the chat room.

Everyone online was criticizing Haleigh's mopping technique, saying she's never mopped a day in her life, by the way she sloshed so much water around.  The house guests think the floor is the cleanest it's ever been, after last night.

Angela and Tyler are going to need to start winning more HoH comps, because having a bond like that is going to make them a huge target.  Kaycee doesn't seem to mind, but Brett will.  Tyler needs to let Brett know that he's still Tyler's Number One, to reinforce that idea again, because things change quickly in that house and sometimes you don't see the changes until it's too late.

This morning Scottie sat at the counter in his usual spot and watched everyone communicate around him.  I think the cameras wanted us to see his blue eyes, because he just mentioned his Zing about having blue eyes and having a crush on Brett.

Scottie is turning on Haleigh now, and just told Angela that both Haleigh and Angie Rockstar hated her and talked trash about how bitchy she is all the time.  Scottie either knows he is leaving and doesn't care anymore, or he is trying to make an inroad with Angela by providing intelligence about the other side.

If Scottie just grew  his hair out and got some vocal coaching, he could be attractive, I think.  He's got a good sense of humor, he just needs to learn how to act around others in social situations.  He'd have better luck if he stayed in his lane. He could even be one of the best in that lane, with his athletic skills and TV experience.  You still have time Scottie.  There are plenty of girls out there as pretty as Haleigh who will be more sincere and authentic with you.  You just have to be the same with them.

Tyler's dad had a pacemaker and was in overall bad health, and started smoking cigarettes when he was twelve. (Wow.)  Sam asked him how he "left" and the feeds changed while Tyler talked about it.  Tyler said that five years ago he decided to try and avoid that fate, so he started eating right and taking better care of himself.

Just now Tyler was poking fun of how Kaycee was dreading making her speech on live TV last week, apparently cursing up a storm during the countdown to Julie going live to say "it's time to vote, house guests".

Tyler:  You were like, we're on live TV. I fucking hate this.  God damn it.  Damn Julie, fuck this.

They all laughed.

Tyler: Check this out Zing Bitch...I just put on sunscreen.

Tyler, Kaycee and Angela are listening to Scottie's planned PoV speech, where he is going to try to throw Haleigh under the bus, to get her put on the block if possible.

Scottie plans to mention the All Girls Alliance that Haleigh was part of, and also Haleigh making a Final Two with him, making plans to vote out Fessy.  He told Angela earlier today that he has been just playing Haleigh the past few weeks, but Tyler thinks that is bullshit because Scottie told him that Haleigh has been playing him.

So Scottie is gone, but at least he's going to go out swinging.  Splashing some dirt on Haleigh on his way out of the door.  These kids are playing hard every week, which is as much as we can ever ask of them.

Kaycee.  That stupid All Girls I look like a fucking Man Eater to you?

Sam has been very unhappy with her weight gain, and made a big production this morning about needing help from Kaycee and Angela to get her diet back on track. (She's already made this little speech at least twice this summer, but maybe she forgot about it.) She says she "never eats" in the house, so she's in a point of starvation most of the time, so when she does eat it turns to fat immediately.

I don't know about "never eating".  Just last night I watched her eat two of those HUGE slices of pizza and also plow through a bag of popcorn.  But I don't want to be the Food Police.  Once you start with the stress eating, it's hard to put the brakes on.  That's why they call it a Slippery Slope.

Fessy came out of the DR in his HoH robe and called everyone in for a House meeting.  People thought he was joking, so he had to ask them to gather several times, waving a Production card around to show he meant business.

Everyone:  Is this for real?

Fessy: Yes, it is!  I have to read this card, ya'll.  Okay.  As head of household, it is my duty to name three house guests to be Have Nots.

Everybody:  NO!  HELL NO!

Fessy:  Ok....let's see.  JC, you're a Have Not.  Now who else.....

Sam:  Not Scottie..he's on the block.....okay, I'll do it.

Fessy: Okay now I need one more....who is it......T, will you do it?

Tyler: Yeah, I'll do it.

People still didn't believe Fessy.  They thought the Have Not program was over.  (I did, too.)  Maybe they got a two-week break because of the Hacker, they say.

Fessy:  They asked me who I was gonna pick, and I said obviously JC...

Everyone laughed.  Tyler didn't even get a chance to eat today, he says.  Angela offered to trade with him but someone said the Have Not roster was locked.

JC is pissed. I think it would be fun to be a Have Not with JC, personally.  He'll be so grumpy and full of bitchy comments.

Tyler:  JC was due...

Kaycee, laughing:  Yeah, he was due.  He only had a half-week of Have Not last time, so...

(JC slept on the floor or in another room last time he was a Have Not, causing a lot of chatter in the house.)

JC gave Haleigh a heads up that Tyler told him someone was trying to get Haleigh up on the block.  He wasn't framing Tyler though...I think he was trying to point out that Tyler was not involved with the idea.  She was alarmed and asked Fessy who was up in the HoH with him, who is telling Fessy to nominate her?

Fessy: I'll tell you're gonna....well just wait, I'll tell you later.  It's been an eventful morning.

It was Sam.  Sam is trying to get Haleigh up on the block, so once again someone is starting some crap in that house that will likely influence the action during the next playing cycle.  Someone who is not in Level 6 is making a target of themselves, and starting a war with the people they should be working with.  Level 6 can just step over the dead bodies and sashay to the Finish Line, if this behavior continues.


I was looking for that post about Matt and found this, from the live show just after the Slip and Slide HoH comp last summer.  Julie showed the house guests footage from the comp for their entertainment, so we might see something like this on this week's live show. If the house guests can hear Julie talking to them, that is.

However, unlike last season, we have plenty of gameplay to go over on the live shows, and last year they were probably scraping the bottom of the barrel to find content for the show.  We didn't have little JC, though, and I'm sure the Powers That Be want to squeeze as much cheap laughter out of him slipping and sliding on the Crisco as they can.

Don't blame CBS.  Blame America's sense of humor.  And those blooper TV shows with the annoying laugh tracks.